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Search for the Golden Skull by kevindatsun

afzalmiah 6 7 5 4
Blue43 5 4 5 4
Ceamonks890 4 5 5 4
Christian 5 5 4 4
DJ Full 8 8 8 7
dmdibl 6 5 6 4
eRIC 4 4 5 3
Gerty 4 5 5 4
Jay 5 4 5 5
JesseG 6 4 5 4
Jose 5 5 6 4
manarch2 4 5 6 5
Mary 6 5 4 1
MichaelP 4 6 5 4
misho98 6 4 6 4
Nomad 5 5 6 6
Orbit Dream 4 4 4 5
Ryan 4 4 5 5
Steven Svorticher 4 5 5 4
TheStig 5 4 4 5
release date: 05-Mar-2012
# of downloads: 66

average rating: 4.85
review count: 20
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file size: 66.08 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Short, cute, straightforward. Nicely lit which brings contrasting textures together. I felt welcome here. Then the last room tried to deny it but failed anyway. Recommended." - DJ Full (11-Dec-2023)
"This is a technically fine but rather underwhelming Egyptian level of around 25 minutes. It progresses without any real challenge up until halfway through the first level when it gets slightly more tricky with a moderate length underwater maze, some easily passed boulder traps and it all culminates in a boss fight against a giant scorpion that isn't especially tricky but just tedious and rather annoying especially given the limited moving space. Environments are fine, although not very impressive. It just comes across as pretty average." - Ryan (14-Apr-2018)
"Maybe it is because I have been playing the newer and weirder ones out there (this was like a homecoming for me) but I think this level is fun. Nothing particular is different from the loads of generic egyptian levels (besides the boss fight), and there are design faults like boulders falling down from solid ceilings which I hate but gameplay has a pleasant flow, so it doesn't bore or confuse the player. Action is plenty and exciting - the dogs attack in packs of four, and the fight in the end releases the adrenaline. Even though it is obvious that a big fight is ahead of you, I wasn't expecting that scorpion demigod hybrid. I don't know if it is common or not but this is the first time I saw that enemy. Quite a fun fight, it is one of the rare occasions a level forces you to use the uzis, I was getting bored with using shotgun and explosives. The downsides are, the surroundings and decoration are too bland, and the secrets are very easy to find." - Nomad (10-Oct-2017)
"This time the author brings us their take on a more traditional tomb raider adventure. I have to say that things do feel better resolved for it from the get go. Yes it's certainly not taxing, but it found it never the less to be a pleasant 40 minute adventure. Room structuring is pretty good. All of the replacement sounds & music seem well chosen. Lighting is good. Texturing is ok, but needs a little more care in places. Gameplay wise it's the familiar territory of levers & keys. It was pretty obvious you were going to be thrown a challenging final battle towards the end given the amount of medi-packs & ammo being thrown at you. My biggest criticism is reserved for the secrets however...which are directly on your path hidden in plain sight. Room for improvement, but getting there. Stiggy" - TheStig (13-Apr-2014)
"This release has legitimately the same pros and cons that I brought up in my review for the builder's previous levelset 'Land of the Zombies Remastered'. So go check out my review for that, swap the zombie apocalypse setting in that series of levels for Egypt, and you'll know the vast majority of what I like and don't like about this levelset too. This time around though, we're in a more traditional Tomb Raider situation in Egypt, exploring three levels within one tomb for the famed golden skull alluded to in the main title(with secrets being embarrassingly easy to find for even the most inexperienced spelunker). Once we've retrieved our main prize, we end up having a tedious boss fight, with what seems to be a mix of one of Cleopatra's Guardians with a giant scorpion from TR4 before walking out of the tomb and having the game simply end. Overall, much like the builder's previous outing, if you're looking to play a series of levels that doesn't really tax your mind too much for a change, then this levelset might have something for you. Otherwise, steer clear and play something else more attuned to your tastes." - Ceamonks890 (14-Mar-2014)
"Being stuck in another level, I decided to play this one. Nice little raid and I was glad for this interlude as I had my fill a bit of all the new stuff, pretty and awesome as it might be, but I was encountering nasty bugs and glitches all over that game. Not so in here though. It is a straight forward 3 level game, all quite short mind you. Do gather every bit of ammo you see laying around (mostly in plain sight), as you do need it to fight the boss. You encounter lava pits, popping up spikes and boulders. Textures could use TLC, the lighting could use some tweaking and secrets are just on your path." - Gerty (12-Nov-2013)
"A 30 minutes adventure divided in 3 levels , the first one which is the longest with the Tomb of Seth textures, the other two with the Tutorial tga. Very straightforward and easy , one has mainly to deal with spiked balls , spikes traps , jackals , make easy jumping over lava , collecting uzi clips so to deal with the end boss which took quite some time to kill. The setting is quite rudimentary , the secrets are not hidden very much, the level is not unpleasant , with good sfx sounds (I like this Lara model)." - eRIC (06-May-2013)
"We find 3 short levels. In the first one we find Seth tomb texture.. I know they can't offer so fantasy because they are too boring for me, but it's worse the way the author applied: in some points they miss, sometimes they aren't corrected and too often walls, ceiling and floor are the same.. lights aren't used well.. I think the inner places are too lightened - not so real. In the 2nd and 3rd there are tutorial texture applied in a better way, but I think creativity misses. A positive aspect of these 3 levels is the use of the cameras and the 3 flyby representing a nice tentative from the author.. the atmosphere is quite flat, except for lava rooms that I appreciated more.. this makes lower the 3rd mark. An other thing: the typical Seth tomb puzzle hole where you fill the Horus eye - floor and ceiling would have been better if adjusted appropriately to avoid empty spaces. Maybe in the second level some object architecture-forniture was filled to decorate: not bad. So graphic, lights-texture are not so good, so the player hopes in a good gameplay-enigms.. neither that. Ok for some traps - spike balls (and a great problem - it's wrong to fill a spike ball invisibly in the ceiling without an opening from it - if you want to hide the spike ball it's better to create this opening and hide it by using the shadow, but it's not real to put invisible in the OCB and so the spike ball falls from nothing!), ok for the room with the valour 4 in the ocb for the spikes in the floor where you have to jump in a few safe tiles.. ok for jumping on some tiles above lava, but insufficient elements: time trials, harder challenges, enigms and secrets which you find like sweets!? And that room where you find 2 key-puzzle in 2 near tiles!?!?!? There aren't so many switches and anyone more hidden or any pushable? Any fantasy enigm? No, nothing. Enemies: dogs and the boss as a giant scorpion much stronger.. a bit of patience and strategy and you'll defeat it. Globally I think something learnt in the manual was put, but fantasy misses, there's to work. My valutation would be with lower marks, but I want to precisy why I make them higher: Gameplay: 5 Enigms: 3 enemies-objects-secrets: 5 (only thanks to the boss for the 5) atmosphere-camera-musics: 5 (thanks to cameras) lights-textures: 4 (thanks from the 2nd level)" - Steven Svorticher (16-Apr-2012)
"A trip down memory lane for me as I had built my very own first level with the Tomb of Seth textures and objects more than a decade ago and many of these elements are used here as well. The three (short) levels play in about 30 minutes in total and could also be called spikes, lava and jackals as these are all in abundance. Nothing really challenging though and very linear progression from room to room with a few jumps and traps to manage. And then it call culminates in a neat boss fight where I did use up all 810 of my collected Uzi ammo to get rid of the beast." - MichaelP (13-Apr-2012)
"Nothing special. Quite linear gameplay with not that much creativity. Shooting some dogs and collecting uzzi-ammo for a final scorpion-boss is all there's to be done. Atmosphere, lightning and textures are mediocre. A nice finger exercise for everyone." - Christian (24-Mar-2012)
"I thought this was better than the author's last level. Lara is told to collect Uzi ammo for a final boss battle, so part of the play here is looking everywhere for pickups. Starts simply, but then there is a sort of water maze and spike traps to liven things. Three very short levels of about thirty-five minutes total. At one point Lara couldn't place a guardian key, because an overhanging statue prevents her from approaching a receptacle. She had to crouch and crawl to get near a wall, something I don't remember her doing before with a blocking statue, so I learned something, even if the setup is questionable. There were a lot of ceiling balls falling down, but if Lara is cautious almost all those balls end up falling right beside her, not on top of her head, which was polite. By the end Lara had 750 Uzi rounds, and was loaded with medipacks, for an expected protracted battle, but she had plenty of rounds left at the end of the fight. The author knows how to set up camera shots. As a learning level for the author all well and good, but the author should look at how similar textures are placed in other levels, as it is texturing choices, alignments, and lighting that could be improved." - dmdibl (10-Mar-2012)
"I found this level to be a nice peaceful level even though there is a large scorpion as a boss. The level set was a pretty nice game and it is better than the builder's previous levels. The gameplay was pretty good and easy. There wasn't exactly an area that I got stuck on but there was some places where I had to stop to think for a little while. Even though this level was pretty good I did think that there was a few bad things about these levels. One of the things that wasn't very good was the texturing. There was some nice placed textures but I thought there were more badly placed textures. For example there was sand on the floor and there was clear wall on the walls. Also some textures were too tight or stretched. Another thing is that the lighting wasn't the best in a lot of places and some areas were too bright. Other than these problems the levelset was a pretty good adventure and you can tell that the builder is improving gradually. I know this builder will make great levels in the future." - afzalmiah (10-Mar-2012)
"This is a short (approximately 35 minutes, despite being in three parts), linear, fast paced traditional Egypt style level. There are a few simple spike traps and boulders to avoid and lots of jackals to shoot (one of which appeared to drop some uzi ammo which was a nice thought) and a giant scorpion thrown in as a boss ending (although it ended up running into the scenery so really didn't present much of a challenge). If you are new to raiding, or indeed just fancy an uncomplicated and quite relaxing game in a bright and cheerful setting, this might fit the bill." - Jay (09-Mar-2012)
"Seeing the video in the bonus folder you can make an idea about this levels can offer you. Simple architecture and no effort with the textures, simple gameplay based only about pulling switches, placing artifacts and some jumps. Secrets are very easy; enemies are only jackals and the final boss in the short final level (hard to kill; I keeped all the uzi ammo and even so I was lucky the boss got stucked against an obelisk to shoot with the pistols a long time after the uzis were empty). Some old musics and some flybies in several places complete this short adventure." - Jose (07-Mar-2012)
"For the first twenty-five minutes,this level was plodding along with total predictability and complete ease;but then came a moment when the author seemed to think "Hang on.This is all too straightforward;let's raise the ante!",and the challenge quotient was ramped up considerably. First off was a puzzle receptacle which was very nearly impossible to reach (a daft idea for what constitutes a challenge),then a sneaky rolling boulder,a spike gauntlet over fire,a lung- busting underwater maze;and,finally,an extremely resilient and unusual Boss as the Finale.If the pace of the last 10 minutes had been maintained throughout,I would have scored considerably higher for Gameplay.No such conjectures over any of the other categories,however,as they were no more than adequate at any point. Beams of sunlight shafting out of an ordinary ceiling;secrets that just sat there in your path;and unimaginative (but capable) texturing throughout.Flat average,when all is said and done." - Orbit Dream (07-Mar-2012)
"For a series of 3 levels it's a pretty sure adventure at 28 minutes. Gameplay was decent overall, with its lava pits, spikes, and boulder traps to avoid. The ugly parts were the underwater maze and some buggy shimmy cracks. The boss fight, while it was pretty engaging, was unnecessarily long and you have to shoot for something like 5 minutes straight to down the thing. The secrets were way to easy to find and I hardly noticed I had found them until I checked the stats screen. A very poorly placed statue blocks a puzzle receptacle and you have to "glitch" your way into its collision to place the pyramid item. Atmosphere is hurt by paper-thin walls. The texturing is pretty poor and some areas are very wallpapered. Overall it needs work in all areas, but makes for a somewhat engaging Egyptian raid for the short time it lasts." - SSJ6Wolf (07-Mar-2012)
"The first thing this builder should take a look are the textures, the were all badly applied he must know that he can rotate the textures so that they fit better and look nicer, it is not a good idea to set textures with the " texture wall" buttom, im not saying this buttom is uselesness but after that you can rotate the textures one by one, YES! on by one, i remember one room lara entered and she suddenly was in black, but the room was light enough, so how could it be possible?. IF you are looking for something good-looking you can search in other level this is not the case." - Mary (06-Mar-2012)
"Average level, quickly textured. I don't really mind the textures, but in some places like the water area in level one it was looking bad. Anyway, the gameplay was good, it featured some platforming and shooting dogs. There was a statue blocking the key hole and it was kinda hard to put the key. The end boss was freaky and original, but after the uzi ammo is over, it takes ages to kill it with the pistols. I hope to see more and better releases from this builder." - misho98 (06-Mar-2012)
"After his last pack the builder now provides a three-level game with Settomb textures and objects. The first two levels are longer but quite linear and there is only one point where it could be possible to get stuck. The textures in the first level are not so good - wallpapered, streched, missing etc. and the lighting also could be improved a lot, mostly it's non-existent but in some areas Lara turns black but the room is still bright. You can see some improvement in the second level with better looks and some nice fixed cameras (the one in the first level rather was annoying). Most of the time you will be searching for levers and quest items, escaping some not very intelligent placed boulders and fight dozens of jackals, but there are also some decent spike traps to overcome and again a nice boss fight, this time with a modified scorpion, to do. At one place it is impossible to place a key if you don't use a trick and crawl under it, then stand up, which could have been easily avoided by placing the object higher or make it shatterable, which at least would be a nice gameplay element. The placement of the skull rather was too easy and the very, very short third level only consisting of finding the skull and the boss fight could be somehow spiced up a bit. 5 easy secrets, all in the first level, and one is really impossible to miss so it would be better to use a pad trigger instead of a normal one. All in all an uneventful 25 minute level with too easy gameplay and partly amateurish looks." - manarch2 (06-Mar-2012)
"Well there is not much searching to do here, neither for most of the secrets or the golden skull, as everything is in plain view. The game play is straightforward and easy. A bit of lava jumping here and there, an underwater labyrinth, a couple boulder and spike traps and that's about it. The enemies are hordes of brown dogs and a rather nasty and very hard to kill boss at the end of the level. The look and feel is classic Tr4 tutorial level-like and texturing is a bit of a hit and miss. There are several stretched ones and also a couple of un-textured areas with misplaced textures in between, Object placement was also a bit strange, especially the one above the receptacle should have not been there as it made it nearly impossible to place the guardian key. Overall it is not too bad and definitely good enough for a quick run in between, but clearly a step backwards from the re-mastered zombie level released by the builder earlier." - Blue43 (06-Mar-2012)