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Emperors Tomb by Martin Stuchlik

afzalmiah 1 3 0 1
bERT 0 1 1 0
Blue43 1 1 1 2
Ceamonks890 0 1 0 1
Charles Kane 2 2 2 2
Christian 0 3 0 0
Cory 1 1 0 2
DJ Full 0 0 2 3
dmdibl 0 3 1 2
eTux 0 1 0 2
Gerty 0 2 1 1
Glouglouton 0 1 1 2
Jay 0 3 1 2
JesseG 1 1 1 1
JoeTheCrazyGamer 0 1 1 1
Jose 0 1 1 1
Lara_Fox_Croft 0 1 2 3
manarch2 0 3 1 0
MichaelP 0 3 2 2
Mister-B 0 0 0 0
Mulf 0 1 1 0
Orbit Dream 0 0 1 2
Ruben 0 3 1 1
Ryan 0 2 1 2
SlyRaider 1 0 1 1
sonnyd83 1 3 3 4
Steven Svorticher 0 2 1 2
TheStig 1 3 1 1
Torry 0 0 1 0
Treeble 0 2 1 2
release date: 12-Mar-2012
# of downloads: 92

average rating: 1.08
review count: 30
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file size: 8.65 MB
file type: TR2
class: Joke

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This was also recommended to me by Tripadvisor just like Lara in the Bronx. First the positive news, at least you get a car in this one to drive around in. On the negative side, you seem to be stuck high in the Tibetan mountains I guess with no path downwards so I had to order a helicopter to get me down again. Ah well, you do have a ticket to visit the tomb so I guess the builder gives you what the title says." - bERT (30-Sep-2022)
"The vehicle looks nice, the alternate room concept sounds promising, but unfortunately there's not much else." - Charles Kane (03-Apr-2021)
"Unlike the builder’s only other level (Temple of Jaguar), this is not playable in any meaningful sense; nor can it be regarded as a demo of anything, other than the fact that this builder has a knack for modelling vehicles, which is very much in evidence in Temple of Jaguar as well. Maybe the vintage car that is this level’s sole point of interest can serve as a basis for a vehicle to be featured in the epic adventure set in the 1930s that Plesiosaur is hopefully working on." - Mulf (04-Feb-2021)
"Sorry but I simply do not understand why something like this is even released. IF it is a test level then nominate it as such. Nothing top do here with paper thin warriors lining the second room that also do nothing." - Torry (20-Oct-2019)
"Just drive around an area that is bigger on the inside. Thats it really." - JoeTheCrazyGamer (09-Jun-2019)
"Definitely what would be otherwise listed as a test level, this is a quick showcase for a remodeled snowmobile. Looks generally good, too, for a test level. 5 minutes. 05/17" - Treeble (28-May-2017)
"Nothing to do but drive a car (retextured snowmobile. Nice vehicle though, but still not a real level." - Ryan (09-Jan-2016)
"Empty level..." - SlyRaider (10-Sep-2014)
"Well, there isn't much to say about this beginner level. You find yourself in a painfully blocky area with a random temple at the center that's bigger on the inside than out, and is full of two-dimensional statue sprites and a random polygonal 3D one at the end. With a rather pointlessly placed old-school car(in the snowmobile slot), plenty of missing textures, a non-existent atmosphere and no actual fun gameplay to experience, there is little reason to even bother with this, unless you're a reviewer or someone who wants to personally complete all the releases on the site. Otherwise, best avoided." - Ceamonks890 (24-Jul-2014)
"Less of a joke level, and more of a technical exercise I suppose. Nice drivable car. No finish trigger & a few incomplete rooms built in a curious tardis like 'bigger on the inside' manner. Completists only. Stiggy" - TheStig (13-Apr-2014)
"Well, there's not much to say about this level. You ride around in a car, see an army and get on top of a roof if you want to. This is clearly a beginner's effort which contains no finish trigger. I gave a 1 for gameplay because you can ride in a car. Not recommended unless, like myself, you just want to increase your review count." - Cory (25-Jul-2012)
"Ok, the car is kind of cute; the terra cotta army however is two-dimensional. Nothing else to do then drive the car and try to die." - Gerty (24-Apr-2012)
"A mini level or it would be better to say a realization of some rooms with some TR2 texture. No gameplay, no enigms, no secrets, no enemies, some static object too similiar, insipid atmosphere. Maybe the only positive aspect is the nice building of the car as snowmobile; while the worst thing is the unreal construction of these few rooms: there is an outer room with the mountains as horizon and in the centre of the room there is a corridor connecting with the other inner rooms. How is it possible if in the other part of the central corridor there is still the outer room and this is situated at the same level of the inner one!? It's impossible. Yes, of course, that's a joke!" - Steven Svorticher (16-Apr-2012)
"The optical illusion of the spacious temple is nice, as is the car replacing the snowbike, but the inside bits look a bit rushed - or if they were made this way intentionally, I did not get what they were supposed to convey. The cardboard cutout stand-ins for the terracotta army did look a tad funny (some cheapskate emperor, this one was!). If it's a joke level in the sense that it conveys an idea, I think I get it - if it's supposed to be funny - someone should let me in on it... it's so lonely being the only one who doesn't get it :(" - eTux (15-Apr-2012)
"While Moritz gave me a screenshot of this particular level, I thought it's a must-play for me. And Moritz also said it's definitely one. Unfortunately, he seemed to have misunderstood my preferences. I love boxy levels with oversized rooms filled with awkward texturing and fluent gameplay. This game presents an opposition to everything I've just mentioned: I managed to play it all while buffering a video on YouTube. Meanwhile, the vid is still buffering while I'm typing this, due to slow net at home I came for Easter to... btw HAPPY EASTER TO ALL OF YOU FOLKS AND FOLKESSES! Errr... sticking to categories: average texturing, average architecture, no gameplay. It's all just a model. A rare case when lack of secrets and enemies reduces fun to zero, and even a funny motorbike doesn't help at all, even though it's always good to hear that old-school engine sound. Plus one point for atmosphere, as the building resembles pagoda more than any other object. SUMMARY: I think there's no worse situation in levelbuilding than when a builder is convinced something is pretty, while it is not at all. Martin: I believe if You leave this way of thinking, stop building primarily in order to create something pretty and just free Yourself from all pressure chains, You will do good in the future, as texturing of this level really indicates such possibility. Good luck and Happy Easter to You as well." - DJ Full (07-Apr-2012)
"Gameplay: Drive a car around nowhere, and run through a few rooms with no finish trigger. Objects: A poorly textured car, one-sided stone soldiers, and a statue. Atmosphere: No cameras or substantial layout. Textures: I counted 11 unique textures. That should cover everything." - SSJ6Wolf (01-Apr-2012)
"This is not even a real demo, as there is nothing to do at all. Lara can get into the vehicle and drive in a circle and that's about it. A few test rooms with TR2 textures surrounded by the end of the map. Not worth the download unless you are a completist and have to play everything out there." - Blue43 (19-Mar-2012)
"This level is a waste of time. There is nothing to do, nothing to collect, no puzzles and no enemies." - Mister-B (18-Mar-2012)
"I'm not sure what the purpose of this was. You start off outside a modest looking pagoda with a vehicle, which isn't really required. You then enter the pagoda which is much bigger inside than out and walk/drive for a short while then you come to a room with a statue and that's about it. The large number of statues as you first go in are not 3D and are invisible from behind! The texturing I think is not too bad with only a couple of bad textures. Lighting was non existant and the end of world was clearly visible. I've given it 1 point for gameplay since you get to drive around. Why do they allow demos to be listed here? I only want to play full games, not a couple of rooms!" - sonnyd83 (17-Mar-2012)
"Yes, Lara can climb on top the pagoda, and the nice car is a re-textured snowmobile, but the terracotta warriors would be better set behind glass, where Lara can view them, but not walk among them to spot their two dimensions. Only a few rooms without any play. The effect is similar to the Area 51 alien saucer in TR3." - dmdibl (17-Mar-2012)
"Reading the readme file it talks about new "exciting" TR2 levels. If next levels are like this sure that I'll never play it. The only feature I've seen worth to consider was the new car; rest of the environment was excessively simple and there is nothing to play. Even fails to be a demo. Bored." - Jose (16-Mar-2012)
"It's a lara in 3 boxes. And i don't know how i reached the roof of the pagoda. That increases by 30 percent the life of this level. Streched textures, no end and one magical moment now you can have extend your house without a change on the external dimensions. Only a joke level." - Glouglouton (15-Mar-2012)
"There isn't much to say about this very small level. The only actual gameplay is to drive a jeep to places where there are mercenaries and stuff. I understand that this is a joke level and I think if the builder tries to make a serious level it would be pretty good but this joke level isn't that brilliant." - afzalmiah (15-Mar-2012)
"Indeed, Lara in 3 Boxes, that describes this quick glimpse of what the author is apparently working on rather accurately. The car works great and is fun to drive, but there is really no adequate space to drive in the three rooms offered here. The pagoda and terracotta army look ok, but plenty of textures missing to give this a holistic feel, so we take it as an initial view of what may be coming later that we could all probably have done without, but no harm done as the download is small and it will only take a few minutes of your time to check this level out." - MichaelP (15-Mar-2012)
"first time I've to talk in a general way about this level: Nothing to do, and two minutes exploration, if you go in and around that "pagode". Gameplay&puzzle:Nothing to tell 'cause nothing to play. Ennemies objects and secrets: Lara can go through some 2D objects...Just the car and the the statue in the "temple". At the outside when I made lara run to the pagode she was deflected, I suppose that was the "2D statue" collision inside the temple. Atmosphere sound and camera: no camera, no sounds, just an almost good temple design. Lighting and textures:no real lighting, but some TR2 textures from "temple of Xian". No so bad placed, but quite repetitive... So, now we know the builder knows how to build TR2 levels, I suppose he's gonna give us a real TR level! Good luck to him, and of course keep working!" - Lara_Fox_Croft (15-Mar-2012)
"I can well understand anyone who gets excited about working with the NGLE but wouldn`t it be better to keep it secret until a level is worth a public release instead of sending the spam out to the rest of the world ? This is not even a joke level , it`s just a waste of time ." - Ruben (15-Mar-2012)
"The trouble with joke levels is that they are seldom funny and I'm not sure this could even be classed as a demo, given its extreme brevity. No gameplay to speak of, the surroundings are so-so, but I must say the car is fabulous and I really hope to see it again." - Jay (15-Mar-2012)
"the grade "3" is for the car. It's indeed a little joke. The terracotta-army looks nice, the pagodada-joke made me smile. The author should have made a level out of this idea before releasing it" - Christian (15-Mar-2012)
"For a quick and quirky little blast I suppose this was just about worth releasing; but aside from the TARDIS-like Temple and the neat little car there's absolutely nothing else worth mentioning,nor indeed seeing." - Orbit Dream (15-Mar-2012)
"The levelinfo page actually gives a full description of the level. I must confess I liked the remodelled jet-ski as Lara sits correctly in it and everything fits. Also, the pagoda that actually is larger than it looks from outside is a nice idea. There is not anything more to admire - untextured walls, not very well placed textures on the textured spots, strange terracotta army paintings that get invisible when you go behind them. The level only lasts maximum two minutes and it even doesn't have a finish trigger and absolutely no gameplay. The worst level released since a long time." - manarch2 (14-Mar-2012)