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Catacombs by rowadie

Christian 8 7 6 7
Cory 7 7 8 8
DJ Full 8 8 9 9
dmdibl 7 8 9 9
Drakan 8 8 8 9
eRIC 6 7 7 6
Gerty 7 8 8 7
JaayStation 8 8 8 8
Jay 8 7 8 8
Jose 7 8 7 7
Josey 9 8 9 9
manarch2 6 7 8 7
MichaelP 8 8 8 7
misho98 9 8 9 8
Mister-B 7 6 7 7
Orbit Dream 7 7 8 8
Phil 8 8 8 9
Ryan 8 8 8 8
sonnyd83 8 9 8 9
Steven Svorticher 8 8 8 9
TheStig 8 7 8 8
release date: 16-Mar-2012
# of downloads: 67

average rating: 7.79
review count: 21
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file size: 25.26 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cave/Cat

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A very good, self-explanatory level. We just pass through, not finding any artifact. I'd guess it's an escape level we have to get out from, but in the end we slide further down so maybe it's a prologue to some sequel. Recommended." - DJ Full (10-Dec-2023)
"Apart from the final with the chrono not very simple, this level is relatively simple with many platforms. There are big rooms but not many things to do in it, it's quite linear. It is well textured (I saw a missing texture) and relatively well lit. I enjoyed doing this 1st level of the author." - Drakan (28-Oct-2019)
"A solid, enjoyable level in the classic Catacombs format. The only things that have changed are Lara's holstering sounds and the shotgun and Uzis have had their sound effects changed. Aside from those, and an absence of wraiths, everything about this level screams classic at you. You also get a fight with two horsemen in a dark room and a tricky timed jump sequence to end the level." - Ryan (13-Nov-2016)
"A great beginning here from someone who clearly took the time to study & understand the editor. It's well structured, balanced, nicely light and pretty well textured too. I think my favorite space is probably the lava cavern. A debut level exactly how it should be done. Gameplay is pretty good (and had me jump a few times too!). Did find the timed run at the end quite tricky though! Netted just under an hour's gameplay. Looking forward to playing more from this builder. Stiggy :)" - TheStig (13-Apr-2014)
"I still like the original Catacombs , so this level was welcome. Not too long , and giving the feeling to have a duration superior to its actual duration , maybe because the last third was a bit uneventful , anyway adding nothing to the satisfaction that was there so far. Fortunately the level ends by a timed task that is the only real challenge of the gameplay which is on the easy side , rather balanced and fluent. The builder manages well enemies , pickups and musics, the looks are correct and pleasant , even if texturing and lighting could be improved. Do not expect too much , but anyway a good level." - eRIC (24-Aug-2012)
"With this level you can see that there is nothing wrong with the original LE, it all depends on it how you translate it into a level. Nice debut though. Textures could use a bit of attention, even saw one piece missing. I surprised myself in doing the timed run in two goes, the first one I failed, as I didn't had enough health while catching fire. Missed one secret but that is fine with me. There is enough ammo to get all the enemies. Hope you don't scare easily as some of the traps made me jump in my chair." - Gerty (23-Aug-2012)
"This is a very decent level by a first-time builder, using only the catacombs wad (my favourite wad). Here is a level that just keeps expanding. First, you go through the level trying to find the portal guardian, then when you place it, you realise you still have a lot to do, like ascending a giant structure. Gameplay is fun and flowing throughout, although there were one or two puzzles I didn't quite understand. Puzzle items were occasionally well hidden, but never hidden too deviously. The atmosphere created was very good, and the cameras used were helpful. Texturing was accomplished, as was the lighting, and helped to make this a very enjoyable raid. I think that if rowardie keeps building, they could become a very accomplished builder. There is a tight timed run at the end of the level, but it wasn't too difficult to achieve. Recommended if you want a fun and not too difficult level to spend 45 minutes in." - Cory (25-Jul-2012)
"The things I enjoyed most about this level were the architecture and the size of the level. You think you must be at the end by now, but a whole new area opens up. I feel this level should be judged for what it is, a level made using only original TR textures and objects, and not be underappreciated just because it's not 'Next Gen' enough. With that in mind, I think this was a fantastic TR4 level, the textures were varied, the architecture was well built with vast areas to explore, there were just the right number of baddies including crocodiles and harpies, and horsemen, and lighting was almost flawless. The main goal is to locate and combine 2 ites and cobine them, then further locate some stars, then leave. Other main aspects of the gameplay were avoiding a rolling spike at the beginning, quite a bit of swimming, avoiding the odd spike or boulder, and there was a slope with spikes and boulders coming down in quick succession, which I've never seen done like that before. The main difficulty I had was the ridiculous timed run at the end - this was not fun and resulted in me having to try at least 50 times. All secrets collected and level complete in 1 hour 26 (although it was probably twice that!)." - sonnyd83 (04-May-2012)
"A more than satisfying level well grafically realized.. I've found only a couple parts where textures were inaccurate, a little triangle let black because of the missing texture and in a wall some textures were put entirely and not half, appearing so fuzzy.. but can these 2 particular things ruin the author's effort? Surely no! Let's analize the good aspects. Lights are placed correctly, right shadows or lights from the ceiling. Good use of enemies among which skeletons, harphies, crocodiles and mechanical men. I found 5 secrets, all very simple for me.. gameplay quite fluent, not difficult.. anyway there are harder parts such as the one with the Seth blade or the final time trial where you have to get burnt necessarily making more difficulty, rather than narrow underwater passages where you have to deal with crocodiles. Very nice the room where you have to sprint to avoid consequential spikes. Very good atmosphere and the creation of overlapped room. Also enigms are effective, considering the vastity and quantity of rooms.. just a couple of things I haven't appreciated: the way to find the crowbar and how to get the 2 stars.. the proceed is too simple, but globally I don't complain. One only flyby.. putting more would have been better, but it's ok! Globally not perfect, not excellent parts keeping in mind, but very good job anyway! 8,5" - Steven Svorticher (16-Apr-2012)
"A very solid debut level, very classic Catacomb style, about 45 minutes long and competently designed and built. Not many surprises here per se, but I liked the way how you keep encountering the typical enemies (always fun blasting skeletons with the shotgun) and then get a few tinmen added for good measure. Progression is rather fast pace but then the archicture gives some surprises as well with increasingly grand scale rooms in which you maneuvre high ledges. Add to that a nice little side quest for 5 golden skull secrets and you have a nice and well rounded adventure. Great talent here, so onwards and upwards to the next one for this builder please..." - MichaelP (16-Apr-2012)
"This is a solid catacombs level that I enjoyed a great deal. It brought back to mind the first BtB competition, and I daresay that this level would have placed fairly high in the rankings if it had been introduced then. That timed run near the end was really a bear, and even with my best time after numerous efforts (assuming I chose the most efficient route) was barely enough to allow me to squeeze past the closing door. And that double receptacle for the Portal Guardian was not a design mistake at all; the builder set it up that way so that if you chose one receptacle, you would be treated to an additional secret. If you chose the other receptacle, you would forfeit that secret. Except for that timed run mentioned above, everything here was rather straightforward, and if you explored every area thoroughly there was little risk that you would find yourself stuck. One of the reviewers said he couldn't find the shotgun. I found two (although I missed one of the five secrets), which indicates that persistence pays. A nice debut. Recommended." - Phil (05-Apr-2012)
"A classic and very enjoyable game; I was missing them. Some bugs were found by me, notably one when two skellies could not jump a ground opening (to be shot by Lara, comfortably poised on the other side) and stuck in their unprofitable attempt, jumping and jumping without ever arriving there. This was very funny. I also considered somewhat excessive the number of skellies in this game - after some time, they become quite previsible. But there is no mistake: the game presents few novelties but is great, play it!" - Josey (27-Mar-2012)
"This level took me about an hour and uses original textures and objects but all in all it's solidly built. The timed run towards the end was a challenging, but I succeeded. The level name is quite common and was actually used in Tomb Raider 4, so I think the author could of came up with something better but that's the only thing I can fault and the level itself was a joy." - JaayStation (20-Mar-2012)
"This is a nice, fast paced, hour long level with a traditional catacomb setting. The enemies are crocs, skellies, harpies and tinmen and medipacks and weaponry are readily available for dealing with them. Portal guardians, stars - the usual artefacts to find along the way and some swimming, climbing and spike/boulder traps to deal with. The only thing that might put it beyond inexperienced players is a timed run right at the end, but otherwise it should be accessible to just about everyone. Apart from one or two dark areas, it's light, bright and solidly built - definitely an accomplished debut and a builder to look out for in future." - Jay (18-Mar-2012)
"Another interesting debut, a classical catacomb-level, solidly built with some creatve ideas concerning gameplay. So we have a nice starting-sequence with a rotating trap, we have boulder traps, a parcour with spikesand a real hot timed run. Tasks are not that difficult, gameplay is straight forward. It's good to see that the author has learned while creating this nice level.In the end we have quite another quality as in the beginning. Sometimes we have some irritating camera-views, atmosphere, lightning and textures are solid, but nothing outstanding. Quite recommended." - Christian (18-Mar-2012)
"Great classic adventure! You can get quite lost since there are lots of task to do, but if you find the right way you'll see that everything is very entertaining. Classic atmosphere, objects, textures - what's better? I never found the shotgun but I have found some ammo for it. I guess I overlooked it? Anyway, if you're looking for classic, fun and not very long adventure - this is the right choice." - misho98 (17-Mar-2012)
"First time builder;smallish download;original trle wad = walk in the park..? Actually no,as this is a very impressive debut,and showcases all that is still good about the original LE.Everything is present and correct:good atmosphere;well-placed objects and enemies;decent lighting;very capable texturing;and a gameplay which gradually ramps up the difficulty quotient as this hour long adventure continues.The only disappointment was the unexpectedly abrupt ending,which came with two pieces of a puzzle still apparently missing (unless that was a double- blind by the builder;in which case,I would advise against doing it again,as it could easily be misconstrued as an error). There is a good variety in gameplay,from effective rolling boulders and rotating spikes;to enjoyable jumps;plenty of generally linear exploration;and a surprisingly tricky timed jump as the Finale.Full marks for the attempt to make the Metal Horsemen into a fearsome foe,even if it doesn't always come off - one attack in a dark room with accompanying musical sting actually proved quite frightening.Here's hoping that this builder's level is the first of many." - Orbit Dream (17-Mar-2012)
"This is a debut level, but soon establishes a solid appearance, and has a lot of professional touches. I appreciated the author's use of texturing and lighting. For instance, there is much three-dimensionality to areas, and upper portions are bathed in sunlight through ceiling openings, with lower portions gradually darkening, although never to excessive shadow. I would much rather play this than a drab and dreary vision that some have of catacombs (in this level there are dark spots and lava, but all of it appropriate). There appear to be additional catacomb textures, and everything fits. There are five secrets, and engaging, not-too-demanding play takes about one hour twenty minutes. Lara has to carefully explore, work out routes, and battle skeletons with shotgun, as well as deal with crocodiles and harpies. I enjoyed this, the large room near the end is good, where Lara has to figure out why jumping to an obvious spike tile isn't the way. This area provides a lot of opportunity to look around, and see what lies ahead. But at the level end, I was left with a feeling that there might have been more such anticipation, maybe a few more directing cameras, and sharp warning music at two danger spots. If Lara is in a typical catacombs room, and spots a push button at its end, it is one thing to have a warning shot of music. It is another to have her run blithely forward and be crushed between slamming pillars: the surprise or shock value only lasts for a couple of seconds. One of the fire "gags" was fine, but setting Lara alight (if briefly) is never amusing to some of us. Since Lara was burned near the end, it meant ending the level with an unsettled feeling. But this is a recommended play, and I anticipate professional levels from this author in the future." - dmdibl (17-Mar-2012)
"When I found the first secret near the beginning of the level I thought:"this level will be a piece of cake", but later you'll realize that it's not so simple (not so difficult though). Good debut with a solid gameplay where you'll look for some artifacts, do a variety of tasks and avoid some traps too; but never too hard to advance if you explore all corners. The timed door near the very end was the most tricky task I found, but doable if you calculate the jumps to land onto the top of the final pillar without grab. Enemies are basically skeletons, harpies and horsemens, and there's enough ammo and medipacks; no explosive gun needed. Secrets are not difficult to find; there's not readme file so I don't know if I've missed something (I found five secrets). I found a missed texture in the huge room (small triangle) and some defects in small surfaces, but generally the environment has a good look; also the lights are well worked too. Definitively a new builder who can give us good satisfactions in the future. Good work!" - Jose (16-Mar-2012)
"This is a old catacomb level straight out of the old original TR games. This level takes about 45 minutes and ther is nothing really difficult to achieve. The timed run at the end was the most challenging thing to do. Enemies consisted of crocs, skellies and the like. There were quite a lot of them and towards the end they got to be quite tedious. I finished the level with a sense that I had missed something. There were two receptacles for Effigies but I only found one. Also the game ended so abruptly that I was surprised it was over." - Mister-B (16-Mar-2012)
"A fairly fast-paced 35-minute raid through some decently built catacombs with partly a little too flat lighting and not very imaginative gameplay, which mainly seems to consist of running around, flipping a few levers, finding several items and avoiding a few traps. Some parts are pretty nice, as the staircase where spikes come down and Lara has to run away from them, the fire trap that actually isn't one and several non- catacomb objects like the moving doors and the blades which were quite a surprise. The cameras and the sound were quite well applied (only one cutscene had missing audio) and a nice atmopshere enhancer as even the architecture is qutie nice. There were quite a bunch of skeletons to shoot down and a few secrets to find, of which I somehow only found two. A nice debut, wondering what the builder does in his next level - maybe something more individual now?" - manarch2 (16-Mar-2012)