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Aspidetr Easter Time 2012 - Easter Monday by Ranpyon

AdamR 7 7 10 9
afzalmiah 9 10 9 10
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
BlackWolfTR 10 9 9 9
Christian 10 9 9 9
DJ Full 8 7 8 7
Gerty 7 8 8 8
HaniHeger 5 6 8 7
High Priestess 10 6 10 9
Jay 9 9 10 10
JesseG 9 9 10 10
John 8 8 9 8
Jorge22 9 8 8 8
Jose 9 9 9 10
Josey 9 9 9 9
manarch2 9 9 10 9
MegaGamer 8 8 9 8
MichaelP 7 9 9 9
misho98 10 10 10 10
Mytly 8 8 9 10
Orbit Dream 7 7 8 8
OverRaider 10 9 10 10
Phil 10 9 10 9
Ryan 10 10 9 9
Sarikman 7 8 9 9
sonnyd83 9 10 10 10
Steven Svorticher 10 10 10 10
TheStig 8 9 9 9
totizedger 7 9 9 9
vandit 8 8 8 8
release date: 08-Apr-2012
# of downloads: 295

average rating: 8.83
review count: 30
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file size: 55.53 MB
file type: TR4
class: Easter

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Good Easter level that starts with a train journey together with Kurtis Trent. Then you end up in a larger area with a mill which eventually opens the way to a large cave with an Easter temple. There are no enemies, but more puzzles and a lot to explore. The tasks are not really difficult but you have to walk around a lot to find all items/levers, especially the crowbar-switch is very well disguised as bushes. Not everything is always logical like for example shooting a glass of orange juice to open a door?!!! The river at the mill could have been made more accessible, so it's a bit tedious to navigate through the low water. You don't get a masterpiece but a good hour of peaceful puzzle fun mixed with a nice atmosphere." - vandit (16-Aug-2022)
"A very good easter themed custom level consisting two levels made by Ranpyon.

This custom level consists two levels in it. First level is set in train and second in spring valley and caves. Gameplay is interesting and there is a lot of exploration. Lot of things are pretty hidden so you need to have eyes widely opened. I loved the ideas and tasks. For example scaring a lady with spider to get to a key or using a bucket to grow vine to climb up on it. So the tasks were really clever and creative. There are few puzzles that are nice. There aren't any enemies.

Design, Atmosphere & Sounds
Design is very good. Textures are pretty diverse. Lighting is warm and pretty good too. Architecture is very well done. Hills and caves are realistic and not boxy. There were some underwater cracks though. Atmosphere is awesome. Charmful spring and easter vibes are present. I love how there was so much of nature in this level. Whole level is wonderfully decorated with different stuff like trees, plants, flowers and etc. Usage of sounds is good. I loved the ambient with chirping birds, it really gave me huge vibes of spring.

This is a very good and probably one of the best easter levels out there. I definitely recommend it for pleasant raid :)" - BlackWolfTR (18-Apr-2022)
"in this level it starts off in a very quirky way on a train as Kurtis has decided to take lara on holiday but leaves lara doing all the tasks on there while he waits for her to bring him cake. Now If you have a walkthrough at hand and your not shy about using it then i think you'll have a nice time playing this lovely little level, if you dont or dont want to use a walkthrough then i said good luck to you! as i think its nearly impossible to know what to do with the bucket of water or that there is a secret lever hidden in a plant or that some windows or furniture on the train are for you to interactive with without any kind of clue lol. luckily i realized that it was going to be one of those type of levels quickly so i was able to not let myself frustrated if i didnt know what to do. The task with using the wind up spider to scare a passenger out of a seat in order to get to a key was just inspired! so funny as well haha, when the train bit is over you get to an outdoor area with a cottage with some item collecting and using and a couple of pushable object puzzles. the third part of the level is a bit more interesting with a gorgeous underground cave area with a lovely lake and swans etc, in this part of the level its mainly about platforming around the area finding switches for ropes and swing branches to use in order to get to the temple area where you'll find a few more little puzzles such a mirror room and a pushable object task before the level ends. this level has a lot of great visuals and interesting, quirky and funny ideas and because of pure variety or locations with great atmosphere and music thrown in it was a very relaxing and enjoyable experience" - John (14-Oct-2021)
"Indeed a very peaceful level, when I was younger I loved playing the train level, even though after it, I never managed to do anything in the next level, indeed I never would've though about the hidden ladder, or the high lever on top of the house, or that the pitchfork was grabbable, and that it was a crowbar too, oh and of course that there was a lever in the middle of the nothing very much hidden as well! You already see where I'm going right? As much as the first level was very smooth with minor difficulties, seems like the builder wanted some more challenges in the second level, but that was not what we had here, only just supper random stuff trowed at our faces. The cave part was better, still with some difficulties like the previous level had some too, like with the hidden key, in the water for no reason at all. The puzzle where this key was needed made no sense too, why did the moon was one block to the left? We'll never know. A very nice and calming atmosphere, really liked it, the sounds were great and relaxing too, that one song that played on the train level I really liked it when I was younger, I even downloaded it and listen to it until today! So thanks for that. This level could've used some more cameras and spots for Lara to look at, to telegraph the player what it needed to do, would've made the need to look at a walkthrough much less frequent. I noticed that in the cave part, there was an attempt to make some more realistic lighting, with shadows in places where the light wasn't supposed to hit, unfortunately, it didn't quite work, not only the contrast between the ambient light and the shadows was far too great (the ambient light should've probably been darker for a cave), but no reflections were considered, which is especially crucial in a room with such a broad quantity of water. The end had no closure felling, maybe some flyby camera could've helped it." - HaniHeger (06-Aug-2020)
"An amazing Easter level, full of imagination and serenity. Level 1, Trip by Train contained a nice code puzzle and an inventive way of using a mechanical spider. Level 2, Valley of the Mill had two main areas full of sneaky puzzles. Great fun and highly recommended." - Ryan (20-Jan-2016)
"Well, I know I'm a bit late for Easter, but I felt like playing this level, you know, because I was bored. So my favorite part was the overall atmosphere. It was peaceful, but rarely, not the great. Even though the game was a bit lagging somewhat boring, I had a good time with this level. So overall, a peaceful level that should be great to play around Easter. Recommended." - MegaGamer (09-Jul-2014)
"Peaceful, lovely to look at and a nice place to explore is how I'd sum up Easter Monday. Gameplay is pretty solid, but at the same time is pretty well balanced. Lighting & texturing are of a high standard as is the musical selections. I must admit I preferred the second green valley level to the first one set on a train (playing train levels in trle always makes me feel motion sick!). Really nice custom objects used here too (the trio of gems you use for the end puzzle are lovely). The scary spider & little spinning flowers to show the order you needed to active floor tiles were also all nice custom touches. All in all I netted 1 and a half hours of Easter Monday. I could probably shave 30 mins off that for running around the last part of the level a bit mindlessly rather than figuring out I needed to use the flour from the mill! Recommended. Stiggy" - TheStig (19-May-2014)
"Even though im not a fan of train levels the first level certainly is a very good one. Scaring the girl was hilarious and the creative lever puzzle to open the door was a very good idea. The second level is set in a beautiful valley and a cave. What i didn't like so much was the location of the crowbar lever because it was too well hidden and made me run around the place for a long time. The cave area though had some very nice moments like the mirror puzzle, flower puzzle. Recommended" - totizedger (24-Apr-2014)
"What an excelent easter level. It is in my opinion the best easter custom level ever so far!!! I was amazed of this adventure, such beautiful areas, such good ideas, i liked music choise, i liked gameplay and puzzles, i liked everything except one secret which was in my opinion a little unfair. Very high recommendation. 10/9/10/10" - OverRaider (24-Dec-2012)
"Despite being exquisitely constructed and filled to the brim with quirkiness,this is most definitely a "only play with the Walkthrough close at hand" type of level.You know the sort:lots of assorted objects scattered about; some of which are interactive and do stuff,others not.Places where the builder knows fully what to do,but the player is provided with not a single clue (that oh-so-unfairly-hidden near- invisible crowbar-lever hidden inside a bush surrounded by two dozen identical but empty bushes!);objects that only interact when you stand next to them at a quite specific angle.It's all mildly irritating,and that really does a disservice to the builder who has put together what is otherwise an enchanting,good-humoured and often startlingly inventive little adventure.The Train prologue(although suffering from all the aforementioned flaws) is funny and endearing,with some really neat concepts played out within the 15 minutes it lasted.The second level is more tranquil and expansive,and beautifully textured.The atmosphere of rustic peace has been well captured,but suffers from a dearth of camera clues and indications of how to advance. Objects are incorporated idiosyncratically,and secrets are there if you explore thoroughly (although I was more concerned with just getting to grips with the elusive gameplay).Music is delightful everywhere,and the 'three puzzle Finale' has been very well devised. All in all,those with keenly observant lateral-thinking minds will undoubtedly adore this peaceful adventure - I came very close,but too much recourse to the Walkthrough somewhat deflated my enthusiasm." - Orbit Dream (24-Aug-2012)
"This started not so good as the lagging at my end was tremendous. But I got through it. Overall I liked it very much apart from that sequence where Lara froze and I couldn't continue apart from a savedgame provided by someone from Levelbase, when using the keypad. The second level also was lagging and luckily no timed runs because that is pretty hard to do then. I wondered around a fair bit figuring out what I was supposed to do, but I got there in the end. Just put on your thinking cap and you will be able to figure it out." - Gerty (23-Aug-2012)
"There is plenty to like about this seasonal offering. The initial train level is brief at about 10 minutes, but shows really nice and original ideas which are beautifully set in scene, especially the "spider moment" is a great highlight ;) With your three crystals in the bag, you then move to the next level, first exploring a luscious valley and then a stunning cave area. This is where the gameplay gets a little obscure at times, bordering on the unfair (like the crowbar lever in the bush) and that did spoil the fun a little in this part that lasted about 35 minutes for me. But despite a few gripes, there are still great ideas brought to life, as you need to get the mill going or solve the three quick puzzle rooms to place the crystals. All in all, quite a unique adventure that I enjoyed playing a lot, despite coming too it a bit late after the actual Easter season..." - MichaelP (16-May-2012)
"This is a lovely two-level treat. The first level is a surprisingly interesting train level. As I have mentioned in another review, train levels are very limited, and therefore tend to be rather similar - but not this one. It has a number of cute and innovative tasks, like opening the windows of the train, a keypad code hidden in a recipe, or the best bit in the whole game, scaring a woman out of her seat using a mechanical spider (hmm, I think I'll try that during my daily commute ;) ). A couple of the tasks are a bit obscure, like shooting a glass of beer to open a door, or shooting a broken bench. The music is rather annoying, especially the song that plays when you use a button in the dining car.
At the end of the train ride, Lara and Kurtis arrive at a gorgeous valley with a mill at the centre. The tasks here are less enjoyable, though wandering through the beautiful valley is a treat in itself. I disliked some of the cheap tricks like the overly hidden crowbar lever or the swim-through wall (granted, the latter is only for a secret). The second half of this level takes place in a lovely cave with a building at the end. The environment is once again beautiful, and the tasks are better, like climbing around the sides of the cave, or a trio of puzzles to place the crystals you picked up in the previous level. I like the idea of the eclipse puzzle very much, but the execution is buggy, as the door wouldn't open even when I placed the pushables correctly. Fortunately the bug disappeared when I reloaded and redid the whole sequence.
Overall: A beautiful and charming levelset, which makes me want to check out this builder's other levels as well." - Mytly (06-May-2012)
"It was pure pleasure playing this level. The texturing, lighting and objects were all perfect, may be the most beautiful natural setting I've seen in any game - TR or otherwise. You begin the level on a train journey with a note from Curtis. There's an amusing bit with a spider. After the train, you're in a green valley, and have to get a waterwheel working, and after that, you enter a cave and have to place several items in their required pedestals. Unfortunately, there were some bugs including difficulty climbing into a crawlspace above vines, and speed. I did have to consult the walkthough several times as it wasn't always obvious where to look, e.g. lever under a bush. I've given 9 for the gameplay aspect because of this." - sonnyd83 (03-May-2012)
"I took a break from playing TRLE levels recently but started playing again now and I had to play this Easter level from one of my favourite Easter level builders. I was really impressed from the very beginning of this game already, the train looked magnificent! I loved everything about it but lowering the windows was pretty hard to know what to do because they all look the same. The gameplay was very nice though, some nice back and fro, enjoyable for me. The second level was amazing. Again I loved it from the moment I saw it, the trees were placed perfectly and the little mill in the middle was a nice touch. The whole big field looked great and I liked the little sheep too :P. The gameplay here was also nice but there a VERY well hidden lever switch which took me some time to find. After this area you get to a very nice cave with a little island with a tree and a big place that looks like a temple of some sort. I loved it in here too even though it may get confusing at times. In conclusion I loved this double level-set a lot and I can't wait for more levels from this talented builder. Recommended." - afzalmiah (01-May-2012)
"Finally, a builder whose mindset doesn't default to darkness. This two-part level is a sheer joy to play, and it seemed so short until I looked at my game clock at the end and was astonished to see that 75 minutes had passed. Time flies when you're having fun. For some reason the textures seemed a bit crude in comparison with other levels this builder has given us, but everything is so crisp, clean, colorful, charming and bright that I didn't mind this at all. The first segment is a brief train level with a nice twist -- using the mechanical scarab to spook a female passenger away from her seat so you can pick up a key. The second and more elaborate segment is an idyllic adventure in and around an old mill out in the country, followed by a visit to a beautiful lakeside temple. No traps, no enemies, perfect for the season and a delightful raid. High recommendations." - Phil (28-Apr-2012)
"An excellent couple of levels I appreciated very much. Basically I'm not a fan of Easter levels, but I recognize the style of this author's like for the level of the last year. Originality in the puzzles, in the way of disguising some switches or secrets.. or the difficulty to understand where an object should be used. The most difficult example is surely the one with the crowbar switch hidden among bushes.. I admit I wouldn't have found it without using a walkthrough! Rather than the example of the beer glass to shoot in the 1st level. Excellent the puzzle with the number code or the hint given by Kurtis for other 2 puzzles. Personally I love levels developed in trains and it's usually difficult to create something complex, but this author with 4 wagons was able to surprise me. Starting from the first one we find 2 closed doors, chairs, windows and Kurtis.. as I played a new game I asked to myself: and now what should I do!? Very nice the ideas of the pushable tray and the mechanical spider. Now I'm not about to speak about all enigms, but even in the 2nd level there are enough making you confused eheh. About other enigms I was more able to solve them considering I remembered the style for the Easter previous level, but some things still keep difficult. Congratulations! About the 3 secrets I found the 2nd one (the easiest) and the 3rd one by myself, while the 1st one..well.. it was too hidden and when I read I remained without words :) I've noticed a certain affinity to the level of the last year according to the global structure: 2 big areas: the 1st one where you've to find lots of switches and objects, the waterfall connection and the exit in the new great area where you have to do a few more things. The last 3 enigms of the 3 doors are nice, even if very easier than the fact of searching hidden stuff. Excellent atmosphere, places, lights, textures, decoration objects, particular musics. I appreciated both the 2 leves and I've nothing to complain. It was delightful to play!" - Steven Svorticher (26-Apr-2012)
"Not really one of my type levels. It is beautiful, with nice objects, some new ideas (like the mechanic spider) and a nice code puzzle. There is no adventure here and no traps. The only way to kill Lara is from a fall or by ending her breath underwater. I didn't enjoy too much the puzzles, as what I really found as puzzles were the code and the eclipse room. Everything else is too easy and obvious. Also, few things are well hidden in the level and that may make you playing for hours. For examble, a hidden lever in the grass. I don't think that things like this are good, because I can't see no point in searching every possible spot because it might be something. There should be some clues about few things. The atmosphere of the two levels is very very nice. Well done. I would rather some more music tracks to be played and the exploration would be more relaxing. The places are nice and you will enjoy walking around them. Perhaps a little bit more work with the lighting could do it better." - AdamR (20-Apr-2012)
"This is a beautiful levelset, well textured and has nice lighting. It is pretty peaceful and very hard to get killed. In the first level, Kurtis (who is really very thin, even more than Lara is) gives Lara a letter and that's how you get the first clues about what to do. In this train level you have to open some windows, break a seat (a bit unatural, ho can a seat fall into pieces by one bullet) move a pushable. What is really interesting here is the way you have to learn the code for one door. By reading a recipe and using the numbers you are seeing. Very good idea. An also great idea is to scare a woman with a fake spider. These two things were my favourite. The second level is in a valley with a mill. Nice textured areas, but a bit monotonous. You will sure feel lost in it, because you won't know what to really do a lot of times. I spent a lot of time going here and there till I found out that a green thing among the grass is actually a lever. The second part of the level is underneath the valley, in a cave with a lake and swans. This place could be more beautiful and the lighting could be more colourful (after all it is an Easter level). This place is not so frustrating as you can easily figure out what to do next. Some nice jumps and at last few nice puzzles, but very very easy. Also, here you might not find a key because it is hidden beneath some plants in the water. In this levelset some items and levers are better hidden than the secrets. That is very annoying and it may take lot of time till you find them. The last puzzle with the eclipse may have some bugs, because the door opened for me when the moon and the sun were placed in very different places than they should be. All in all, it is a beautiful level, with nice objects, good atmosphere, but the gameplay could be boring for many players, some objects are annoyingly hidden, the music could better, but also you will see some nice new ideas. Almost forgot, I don't know why the author placed a glass of beer that should be shooted by Lara in order to get a door opened. How can that be possible?" - Sarikman (17-Apr-2012)
"Many thanks for this beautiful game, full of creative novelties. The cutest points, at least for me, were the funny use of the mechanic spider and the easy but lovely and unusual puzzle of the spinning flowers. I didn't enjoy so much, though, the great difficulty in climbing slippery ramps to arrive at the trapdoor concealed by a tree branch, once opened; the too well concealed crowbar lever, at the mill, and key, at the temple; and I have also a big complaint: who would imagine that breaking a good glass of perfectly iced (or so I hope) beer would open a door? And why spoiling the beer instead of drinking it, I'd like to know? What a shame... Nevertheless, the game is a very good job, and I have not found any of the reported bugs (see forum). Congratulations!" - Josey (14-Apr-2012)
"A lovely easter level. Let me start by saying you don't need to know Italian in order to enjoy the level - you should be able to figure things out on your own. The gameplay was lengthy and had some memorable moments, such as the use of a certain spider and the secret rabbits that were fun to find (I actually found all of the secrets for once!). Brace yourself for some sneaky puzzles here and there, too. The custom objects are creative and well done. The atmosphere is set to feel quite natural, especially in the second level. I also found the texturing and lighting to be great. Overall an enjoyable and relaxing set of levels that you will not forget quickly. Finished in 1 hour and 13 minutes." - SSJ6Wolf (14-Apr-2012)
"Trip by Train (8-10-9-9) - 15 minutes: Some people do not like train levels because the gameplay can be very pedestrian and uninventive because of the limited space, and I must say I also am a bit biased in terms of that, but once there are a few nice touches as in this level the biases are soon vanished. The start was simply wonderful with such an inventive usage of levers I have never seen before, and the exploration of the train was masterfully done with a passenger you have to scare away, a broken bench, creative usage of a raising block, code puzzle and so on. Some parts were a bit too obscure for my taste though, as it's very random to by luck shatter the glass, and picking up a key under a bench was a little bit buggy. The overall atmopshere was great, with a lot of details also in the areas off the train, nice sound usage (the one sound triggered by the button was a little repetitive and enerving though) and charming decoration.
Valley of the Mill (9-9-10-9) - 30 minutes: The ambience in the first level was already stunning, but if possible this level felt even more beautiful to me, both the actual valley and also the stone cave with oriental touches. There is a huge amount of trees in the first area that can cause your computer to lag a bit, but it's nothing unbearable and it at least serves for an especial great atmosphere, in combination with the fantastic river and the mill. The quest for two cogs is quite demanding as it's possible to run through the valley for a long time before having achieved anything, but if you concentrate on gameplay rather than the gorgeous setting, you can actually get through much quicker. Gameplay also includes letting a mill start to work, a small block puzzle, watering some plants in order to climb them and - the only negative aspect of this part - a nearly invisible crowbar lever that I found unfairly hidden. After entering the cave setting the gameplay rather is based on a lot of jumping and more substantial puzzles as there are three side quests after placing the fluor, an ingenious eclipse puzzle, a mirror room (as always one of my favourites) and a flower pad puzzle reminiscent on "Tomb of Seth". The texturing in the caves was in my opinion faultless and very realistic, the valley was maybe a tad too monotonous in that case but it's not really a bad thing. I loved the great tree and the swans swimming in the water, and thus can forgive that it's actually possible to reach the "end of the world" using the rope. Found three well hidden secrets.
Summary: Ranpyon has definately improved a lot since her first effort and I found this even much better than her latest X-mas game. The imagination used for all those objects and settings in the two levels must have been enormous, and the areas really are all well designed and with a fun gameplay. I at least wish that we get to play a Ranpyon level every Xmas and Easter, but wouldn't be aversed if she now thinks about something bigger. 45 minutes, highest recommendations." - manarch2 (13-Apr-2012)
"What can I say? This is a very nice Easter level divided in two parts, both of them winners due to imagination and the use of objects more than anything else. In the first part, on a train, Lara has to find "standstill" Kurtis a piece of cake because he's hungry and in the meantime open windows to get out of a carriage, find a code hidden in a recipe, frighten a lady with a mechanical spider (good use of the mechanical scarab!) and a few other things so she can find three crystals she'll need at the end of the second level. The second level, set in a valley and then in a cave, starts out by seeming a bit too cryptic but once everything's rolling Lara's, erm, on a roll. Watering the plants so she can climb them is a fine example of the aforementioned imagination I spoke of at the beginning. So there are trees that look like they're floating, so there are places where Lara can't proceed (in the water, it happened to me once), so the swans don't really look real, so what? All in all, a few perfectionisms aside, this is a level I enjoyed and I'm sure you will too." - Jorge22 (13-Apr-2012)
"(Ledvel 1):I like this train-levels, that naturally are characterisized by some running to and fro. Kurtis is hungry. Lara has to bring him a piece of cake, otherwise he won't give her a winding key. A cocktail-recipe gives her a keycode opening a door with a mechanical spider behind, that Lara needs to frighten a young lady and make her leave her seat hiding another keey leading us to the next level. Unique gameplay with very nice ideas, I played it with a smile on my face. Atmosphere, sound and camera-settings are nearly perfect. With three gems in her backpack Lara and Kurtis move on to a beautiful valley with a mill. (Level 2) After having eaten his cake Kurtis is not quite helpful anymore. Lara has to place the gems here to finally get a great blue egg. But there's still some work to be done. Puzzles become a little more cryptic here. Sure enough: The water mill has to be activated. 2 cog-wheels have to be found, a very hidden crowbar-lever must be found, what only can happen be accident. Whine has to be watered before Lara can reach a crawlspace. She must flour before she can reach another area. This last cave is absolutly beautiful. Outstanding game!°" - Christian (12-Apr-2012)
"JUST GREAT. The Easter bunny dropped us a nice gift this year. This little adventure is just perfect. Lara start in a train with Kurtis to search 3 secrets cystals. The level is short but it's a good prequel with an exellent gameplay, not to hard and playable by everybody. The second is more difficult but not really hard, Lara visit a small farm with sheeps but the BIG surprise a the big cave ... just WHOUA. The architecture is just giant, like a real cave. The gameplay is very original and some swith and object are very well hidden (normal for a easter day ^^). There are a very good use of the textures, there are wonderful. The level is not really dark (of course for a easter level ^^), I never use a torche. So to conclude, a very beautiful little game. Very recommended. Thanks a lot Ranpyon." - BigFoot (11-Apr-2012)
"This is one amazing Easter levelset! I really liked the first level set in the train. You really have to try a lot of stuff in order to find something. The idea with the woman and the mechanical spider was very funny. I restarted the first level because I kept falling of the train accidentally but even so the level wasn't so long, but was entertaining and atmospheric. The second level was in a beautiful valley with waterfalls. The gameplay in here also had some new ideas like watering the plants so Lara can climb them and the puzzle with the flowers in the cave was very good. This level took me about 40 minutes. Recommended!" - misho98 (10-Apr-2012)
"This is the very sort of level set I look forward to at Easter time because it encompasses the sort of Tomb Raider experience I most enjoy - that of pure, unadulterated adventure with no pesky enemies and traps to interrupt my exploration. The three diverse areas spread over two levels are an absolute joy to immerse yourself in. I love levels set on trains although there was a bit of to-ing and fro-ing but with a new element (Kurtis and a few passengers) and a very funny addition of the female passenger forced to flee her seat when Lara releases a mechanical spider. The second level is bright and sunny countryside and not too challenging and the second part of this level sees a return to the China element with the inclusion of some beautiful peaceful swans to set the ambience. This is definitely a worthwhile Raid and one I shall not be recycling for I fully intend to replay this in the future. Recommended for children too (even those over 30) :D" - High Priestess (10-Apr-2012)
"This fabulous Easter level begins with a train ride and I simply adore train levels. This one is full of wonderful custom objects that really make you think about what to do next, as Lara seeks to fulfil the tasks set by Kurtis to while away the time, and the use of the spider really made me laugh. The journey was over all too soon and the action moved to a water mill in a beautiful valley and a huge cave with a somewhat oriental building where Lara gets to place the crystals she collected on the train. The second half of the adventure is also full of great custom objects and delightfully inventive gameplay. A super level for any time of year really." - Jay (10-Apr-2012)
From author's readme: "The level is peaceful, without any enemy or trap, and it can be played by children, too."
Oh, yes. You only can break Your neck and all other bones by sudden being ran over a train :D
It's been a long time since I've last seen so inventive switch as the one initiating this level. Bravo. Also, my compliments for the clockwork beetle, although it would be easier for Lara to JUST ASK for the required key... As well as for the pushable - a real-life trouble for a train steward, although it would be much more realistic with a looped "EXCUSE ME!!!" sample while struggling with a bunch of people filling every centimeter of a crowded corridor, making it impossible for Lara to pass. In the end, I left the cart next to the driver, but he wasn't hungry.
Train levels got us used to possibility of grabbing the roof edge. Here, I tried it several times and always failed, except the ladder parts. I wonder why such limit was implemented. Was it intended or not? Anyway a bit frustrating.
While the train was only a prologue prepared by Kurtis (and obviously a group of hard-working devotees who built both the railway and the train), the mill level is the actual one. I was stuck several times for a stupid reason, but somehow I liked to be stuck in Ranpyon's previous Easter level, so it wasn't a big problem to me. Of course, I should have expected the valley is not everything, and soon I found a passage to an underground cave with a swan lake (those birds and rabbits chose a weird place to live in), however I was a bit disappointed the world structure follows exactly the same pattern as presented in The Rainbow Eggs (a sunny valley + a lawn + a river + a cave). I even wondered if the place wasn't copied and refilled with new objects. But the overall architecture impression was rather pleasant, plus I found refreshing some memories from last year a quite nice idea. Maybe this layout will become characteristic for AspideTR Easter Time. I wouldn't have anything against it - and I think I am already waiting to see a similar valley next year. Only with greater gameplay density. Yes - this time, the plece feels rather empty - we only solve one main puzzle in the bright area, and other one in the cave. I know Ranpyon can do better. And the BUCKET riddle was... well... I don't know what it was, and I don't even know if I liked it or not. I recognized many objects, especially from Trix's ATO and Nadine's Mediterranean wads, plus a lot of other authors. Sometimes variety of topics reaches the extreme value - for example we have an eclipse puzzle few steps from the botanic one. But the whole level is so messed up that it all forms a kind of awkward and not disturbing unity. Harmony is maintained. Except Kurtis, who definitely is "unemployed", and doesn't do anything for the whole 30-50 minutes (measured depending on if You get stuck or not).
In the cave, lighting is sometimes unexplainable, and it gives rather disturbing shadows here and there. One rabbit right is quite annoying to get because of a flyby triggering as soon as You fail. I had to wait three times until it ends before I got the rabbit and could progress further. And finally - now I'll say about one detail which does not matter to anyone, but I find it nice if it is implemented: if a game is supposed to end with picking up an artifact, please delay the ending 2-3 seconds, so I can get into the inventory and see how the object is called there. Yes, I know it's rather my weird problem, but I simply enjoy if I am able to do it.
Easier than the previous level of this author. Maybe too easy. There could be less trees lagging the game, and more interactive objects. Anyway, birds singing, water flowing, overall relaxing. Recommended as a nice, short break." - DJ Full (10-Apr-2012)
"This time the author made a very good job with this two small levels. Not a very no-lineal gameplay like her last one where you could run around and around hours looking for something. Even so there are some hidden objects difficult to find. Also in the train there is a key difficult to pick up, even if you do the tasks properly. Environment is very nice, and I liked some puzzles in the second level. Excelent objects and good effects; cameras are well placed too and secrets well hidden. You'll be really surprised sometimes with the natural developing of the things and the original ideas. Highly recommended." - Jose (09-Apr-2012)