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A Trip to Egypt by Crash82

Alantos 6 4 5 7
Blue43 5 6 6 6
Cory 5 5 6 6
DJ Full 5 6 6 6
dmdibl 6 6 6 6
Dutchy 6 5 5 6
eRIC 5 3 3 5
Gerty 4 5 5 6
Jay 6 7 6 6
Jose 6 6 6 7
manarch2 5 6 6 5
MichaelP 7 7 8 7
Obig 4 5 4 4
Orbit Dream 5 6 6 7
Ryan 5 5 6 6
sonnyd83 6 6 6 6
Steven Svorticher 5 5 5 6
TheStig 6 6 6 7
release date: 01-May-2012
# of downloads: 88

average rating: 5.64
review count: 18
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file size: 126.34 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"An entirely basic but entirely correct level except missing rollingball sound. Some scenery could be more open and the ending properly is but I would move the finish few squares ahead." - DJ Full (14-Mar-2017)
"A passable, if not exactly exceptional classic Egypt level. The walk icon seemed rather superfluous as it made no difference regardless of whether it was active or inactive. Nothing taxing gameplay-wise, collect a few artefacts, pull some levers, move a couple of blocks and despatch an unnaturally hard dog (if it was intended as a Boss fight, it wasn't well thought. More of a time filler, but otherwise unmemorable." - Ryan (12-Nov-2016)
"A pleasant if short level here from crash82. Consists of traversing various rooms with a final conflict involving a strange blue wolf/dog creature towards the end. Structurally it's not bad & lighting is well attempted. Texturing could perhaps be better. I had a curious anomaly where Lara couldn't sprint (she got locked into walk-mode whenever I tried). Music was a little jarring, with the choices & durations really needing some work here. Completed in 31 minutes. Not bad, but definitely needs more time to get a more polished product. Stiggy" - TheStig (05-Jul-2014)
"This level at first with the Burial Chambers and Tutorial textures reminded me some of the Egyptian levels built in 2001 , with its simple gameplay set in intricate inside rooms. And I wished it would have been completely 'old school' as some of the new or retextured objects do not fit in. Double doors or pushable blocks textures should be in harmony with the rooms and not jarring with them. I wonder what are those few custom audio tracks ? Piano in a tomb is not really convincing , neither is a glass wall. I had some chuckle with the strange dog , whoever has created this enemy may have been on LSD (j/k) I laughed a bit less when realizing it took a while to be killed. All right , aside from these oddities , the level fairly simple is rather pleasant to play , and secrets too easy. A question : what if the player does not pick up the Hand of Orion placed on this spikes holes patterned tile ? And the type of riddle 'choose the good lever among 4 without any clue' should be proscribed in any level [28 minutes]" - eRIC (06-May-2013)
"This is not a bad attempt at a level. The level as a whole is rather enjoyable, but gameplay is quite basic, with simple pushable block puzzles and a few jumping and shimmying tasks. Enemies were used sparingly, with a weird blue dog being the highlight of the level. There were few, if any, cameras, and the atmosphere created was rather basic, while texturing was quite sound, and lighting was either practically non-existent or just too dark. Secrets were ok, but, as has been stated in other reviews, one was too buggy. Overall, I enjoyed the 20 minutes I spent here, but it contained just one too many pushable block puzzles for my liking. Recommended if you're looking for a quick and easy, but still quite fun, raid." - Cory (25-Jul-2012)
"This old school Egypt level was a nice raid and turned out to play really well for me. I was expecting more bugs from reading the previous reviews. The only really irritating sequences were a secret crawl space where it was nearly impossible to get out of because of object placement and the blue dog that took me six hundred rounds of pistol ammo to kill. Other than that and besides a few illegal slopes, the level was simple to play and very straight forward. Textures, lighting and atmosphere were on the decent side, but I personally would have chosen more fitting sounds for some of the sequences. Overall not bad and very easy definitely recommended for the beginner - a more experienced player might get bored here. I personally enjoyed the half an hour I spent in this level (31min, 4 secrets)" - Blue43 (03-Jul-2012)
"In my opinion this has not been tested. First of all this builder tries out a new feature with a"walk" icon while walking. This is pretty buggy as Lara at the start from the level only wanted to go forward. She plain refused to turn, jump or to do anything else. Had to restart the level a few times to get that out of her system. Then there is a bug with a secret, couldn't get Lara out of the crawlspace. Also another bug; Lara couldn't crawl period when she had a flare in her hand. Textures could use some attention, loads of cracks showing. Whish that people would spend a bit more time on the game itself than fooling around to make new gadgets, Pity though." - Gerty (27-May-2012)
"I think we are all a bit spoiled in this day and age of custom levels and hence this level here is in my opinion actually underrated. It is clearly Crash's best effort to date by a long shot. Very solid and classic Egypt style, fairly linear and not really any challenging tasks, but I enjoyed the flow it has and the occasional small touches, like when the scorpion appears near the beginning or the mummy wakes up in one of the nice looking treasure rooms. The intended boss fight with the 'barking dog from hell' was a bit of an annoyance though, as you can simply stand in the alcove and hit the shoot button for a way too long time while you wait for the beast to fall over. The other big annoyance is the 3rd secret which you can get but then cannot get out of the crawlspace again - at least I could not manage that task. So yes, maybe a bit too much crawling, maybe a few too dark corners here and there, but overall a pleasant and classic Egyptian raid which I quite enjoyed for the 30 minutes it lasted." - MichaelP (19-May-2012)
"A return to the 'old-school Egyptian' style of level- building (albeit with Tomb of Seth textures instead of Tut1)and 'full ahead' linear gameplay. This is not a poor effort,by any means;it's just that there's very little remaining within this type of scenario to pique a players interest for too long. In this case,I became bored about 10 minutes before the end of this 35 minute adventure. Everything has been put together reasonably well.Textures are generally alright,although compressed on numerous occasions;lighting is mostly about dark shadows,although effective use is made of bright shafts of light on occasion;gameplay is all about finding how to open the door leading to the next area;and (with the exception of a particularly hard-hitting blue Hound) the whole Tomb is a strangely peaceful place.All in all,a fine level for the less accomplished player;but not particularly memorable for anyone else." - Orbit Dream (18-May-2012)
"A trip to Egypt is a level that shows us nothing new and nothing too interesting for an advanced tr-custom level player. The creator used ( as I have seen ) mostly textures and objects from the original TRLE wads with some minor additions. I can't say its bad done, but it's seen so many times in other levels and it's not very motivating to play such games. The gameplay was simple with just a few tricky parts. The environment was nice designed and lighting was descent. Generally it's a nice level, but for players who are looking for something new and more creative stuff, it won't be enjoyable." - Alantos (14-May-2012)
"Nothing special in this egyptian level: the same old tasks, the same old traps, the same old textures... I've heard that there is a problem with a star you can't retive if you miss it, but it's very difficult that you can miss it. There are some original musics, but some missed sounds too. Easy to play and easy secrets. And no much more to say; playable but not very interesting." - Jose (07-May-2012)
"This level started as a trip down memory lane for me with quite a few original wads used and presented in a more modern way with new moves, a new Lara outfit, but also some odd features like putting Lara in permanent walk mode (pressing X gets you out). There were a few decent puzzles - the classic four-lever puzzle where only one is not deadly and some small block puzzles. But at some time, around the middle of the level, I thought the builder ran out of ideas and the gameplay was getting more and more uninspired. The worst aspect of this level is the fight against the nearly immortal bull where it takes you many, many hundreds of pistol ammo and, if found, the few shotgun rounds, made worse by two actually immortal mummies so that you often hit them instead of the bull, plus many illegal slopes in this room. Some dead ends when not finding crucial items could easily have been avoided, as well as the non-marked pushable trigger in one of the later rooms. The texturing also got worse and worse with some badly squeezed textures and also many mistakes in non-blocky rooms; the sound usage was generally nice but there were few missing sounds for levers. I found four secrets which I found nicely placed, but one of them was rather unfair as it's only luck to get out of the crawlspace after finding it. Finished in 25 minutes." - manarch2 (06-May-2012)
"A fairly brief trip actually - 35 minutes for me - in a traditional, if somewhat less than opulent, Egyptian setting. If you're in the mood for a fast paced, uncomplicated, traditional raid then this could be ideal fodder. Certainly, it would be good for a less experienced player, as the only slightly difficult task to achieve might be dealing with the large blue dog-like creature, who really, really did not want to die so poor Lara had to leap about like an idiot, whilst trying to avoid sighting on the two mummies who were doing their very best to get in the way. Apart from that, there's nothing surprising about the gameplay, but it's a pleasant enough way to pass half an hour or so. I found four secrets, but I have no idea how many there actually were in the game - probably a lot more, knowing me." - Jay (06-May-2012)
"One of those usual and short trips, communicating not much news. Let's start from environment, graphic etc. The level has got some TR4 textures, among which Burial Chambers, Catacombs and Tutorial, and maybe something Anniversary. Lights are used in a good way, while textures.. not bad, but repetitive and sometimes with imperfections. We find a part which is identical to the beginning of Burial Chambers plus the next corridor.. but the spikes traps, originally put in TR4, aren't in this version. Nice building of the rooms, even if some crawspaces don't give the feeling of reality. Atmosphere: so and so. We've a TR4 theme, but other musics chosen by the author too.. there's a particular egyptian music used during a fighting against a blue monster of 4 legs and 2 mummies. No flyby or screen; for that I lower the score. Graphically I think it's nearly sufficient. Gameplay- enigms.. I didn't find amazing or funny parts - just UW spikes triggering only by pulling 3 of the 4 UW wrong underswitches, a static trap - no time trials, nothing to enjoy if we consider enemies.. the only fighting whose I spoke above is very annoying.. we've got some shotgun ammo and we have to use so many pistols ammo.. the problems are: 1) the enemy to defeat is really too strong.. we need lots of ammo and we've got no other weapons but shotgun; 2) there are also 2 mummies, so the targeting changes according to Lara's position and movements making you lose time, ammo, health and patience.. I used manual targeting; 3) the area isn't so large for a so great fighting. Some object put as decoration, whose some of them as obstacles, considering you get out from a crawlspace and a bug is born if you aren't at the boards of the ledge. I found 4 secrets, really too easy.. more fantasy is needed. Puzzles: ok, better than gameplay, but.. you find an object to put in a near keyhole or farther but always intuitive.. otherwise you push-pull blocks to put in differently textured tiles.. a room where you jump on 3 differently textured tiles to open a gate, avoiding the other deadly ones... nothing new anyway. There are a few new moves ..there's also the fixed walk button.. and unluckyly I already use it to look.. so I was forced to change it. Globally I think the author should use more stuff, even because it isn't his 1st level. Sorry, but I didn't like it particularly." - Steven Svorticher (06-May-2012)
"I can’t suggest this level to anyone. There are big mistakes by the author,that you can’t forget to a very beginner author too. There is one place where the star textured floos -those are spikes on the other levels. Here if you step over it, you can simply avoid them. You can avoid them on both side. But there is a star, that you’ll need later. And the star will be visible only, if you step on these floors. The main problem is that if you avoid the star, you can’t go back, then can’t continue the level. I can’t see any advancing about the texturing too. It’s a great example, there are level authors who making worse and worse levels under power. But the amount is not necessary, you know. Moreover I don’t think this level was tested by anyone, because a tested level can’t be as buggy like this. The four secrets aren’t well hidden, so you can find them easily, there is no challenge." - Obig (05-May-2012)
"Old school raiding, levers and gates. Old egypt setting and not too bad. Many wrongly rotated textures, but the point where you could come to a dead stop with the hand of (Orion?) near the start was not OK. Trying to avoid jumping onto an "obvious" spike tile (in the rest of the level it actually was), you slide down a slope and no return possible. No way back out of a crawlspace after getting a Secret. Please have your levels tested before release... What's up with the icon when lara walks, she's tuned into a robot? So where were the "back-up/jump/run/swim" icons? Easy level for all." - Dutchy (04-May-2012)
"I suppose this is a fine level. Everything mostly works, and the level map has a good touch with a dividing route which Lara finally returns to. It was the flawed details that made me unhappy. Texturing is sometimes odd. In the level editor, there is always a problem with aligning textures that are over a doorway. Here the author tries to avoid this by bringing down textures from the ceiling, so if a wall is stone blocks, the textures over a doorway will be those of a brown ceiling, a discontinuity in the wall. This is a solution to misaligned textures, but looks odd. Texturing isn't perfect at other places. At one spot Lara shimmies over lava, then can reach a secret in a crawlspace behind a lion statue. But it is difficult to get out of that crawlspace: when Lara edges out she suddenly ends up standing back in the crawlspace with her upper body in rock. Which brings up the secret use of keys. No mention is made in the read-me file, but the author has implemented Ctrl-Z as a walk toggle, and Ctrl-X to cancel walk. The trouble for me is that I use Z for crouch. So in one of the first rooms Lara pulls up on a pillar, and while hanging (Ctrl), press crouch (Z) to pull into a narrow space. I found that Lara went into permanent walk, and trying to use Left or Right keys now made her sidestep. I had no idea how to get her out of this, tried Escape, and Ctrl, and Shift. This really put me in a foul mood for this level, and I hope this isn't causing me to be unfair. Eventually I discovered that Ctrl-X cancels the walk, but the solution for me required changing the crouch key to A instead of Z (even though I kept hitting Z as a reflex). At one point Lara is in a room with a blue horned dog beast, and two mummies. Lara seems to target the mummies but not the blue beast--the Look Key cycles aim from mummy to mummy--and there is no red to indicate the beast is even being hit. Repeated bullets appear to have no effect. But in fact killing the beast is exactly what Lara has to do, and if she positions herself so that the mummies don't draw fire, then after a while it will drop. I noticed from a query on the forum that Lara can bypass an Orion Hand, slide down a long pole, then need that Hand to open a door. But the author has designed the level so that there is no way to return if Lara misses something. In the end I was a little unhappy with every review category, although this level is actually in line with many early custom levels built on Egypt. I did appreciate the ending. It is all too common to conclude with Lara running up a narrow passage toward light at the end, to hit a finish trigger while still in the tunnel. But for this level the author provides a spacious well-lit outdoor area that Lara enters, and I for one felt relief, and as Lara crosses the game ends." - dmdibl (04-May-2012)
"It looks like all the textures and objects used here were from the original TR4 game. The puzzles consisted mainly of finding several items such as an hour glass, and putting them in the required slot, pulling blocks and levers along the way. I think there's a few traps to avoid such as toxic water and boulders. The highlight was a boss fight with a wolf like creature. I thought this was the end but was only half way through, which was different. I did like how it wasn't always obvious on what to do, e.g. pushable block near the beginning - I thought it opened a door, but it didn't. The objects were all used very well and there's plenty of medipacks and ammo to pick up. Texturing was mainly good but lighting was too dark in many places." - sonnyd83 (01-May-2012)