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Lost Seraph by Ram16

Bigfoot 9 10 9 9
Daffy 9 9 9 9
DJ Full 8 8 9 8
dmdibl 8 8 9 9
eRIC 6 7 6 6
Gerty 7 7 7 8
Jay 9 9 9 9
Jose 8 7 7 9
Josey 10 8 8 7
Kosmos 9 9 9 8
manarch2 7 9 8 8
MichaelP 7 8 9 8
misho98 8 8 8 7
Mister-B 9 9 9 9
Orbit Dream 7 8 7 8
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 8 8 8 9
sonnyd83 9 8 8 9
Taras 7 8 8 8
TheStig 7 8 9 8
release date: 01-Jun-2012
# of downloads: 177

average rating: 8.15
review count: 20
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file size: 49.28 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"The beginning might seem too minimal but it's cute. From there we're taken on a progressing trip through various environments and gameplay kinds. There are two serious spikes of difficulty where I would be clearer as a builder. I also don't approve of the final secret. But overall the thing is nice, I would even call it a small adventure. Can give it a go." - DJ Full (11-Dec-2023)
"Unlike some other reviewers, I quite liked the eclectic texturing mix from different environment, particularly Cistern and Roman. The blue flares were nice too, although they weren't the best at lighting the path. Also, Lara has new animations, particularly for opening a gate manually and transferring from a ladder surface to monkey bars. There's nothing too tricky here save for a few boulder traps and the highlight was sending boulders down slopes and placing them in the required place." - Ryan (09-Jan-2017)
"A really nice level here from Ram16 with a few features that I've never seen before. It's visually interesting throughout, with really nice colour applied. Texturing is good for the most part too. Game-play wise there's a few extra moves to deal with. Being able to push blocks at that speed is soo much better! :) I'm not 100% convinced about some of the extra animations which look a little rough (like jumping onto the ladder from the water, or Lara's stationary animations). The lifting & crawling under gates in the light puzzle room looks a little more successful. I also noticed a few script issues (with on-screen instructions being confusing or perhaps just improperly translated). In any event this are all really minor quibbles. The game-play is very accessible and should not trouble most players. That said I did wander aimlessly for a jump switch hidden in vegetation at one point towards the end! All in all I netted 1 hour 43 mins from Lost Seraph. Definitely worthy of your consideration. Stiggy :)" - TheStig (10-Aug-2014)
"It seems Lara has raided very dirty places lately and caught some fleas , or perhaps she was anxious this adventure will give her some trouble as she now has tics , she scratches her head and can make another silly move when standing too long. I wonder what kind of animations creators will produce next , Lara scratching her butt while performing a roll ? On the other hand she now can push and pull movable blocks very quickly. But onward with the review : This author learns quickly , at least certain things. This second level is more ambitious in terms of puzzles , and some of the new possibilities are on display here, which do not make this raid much more exciting from my viewpoint , with the exception of the possibility to reach a monkeyswing from a ladder which works very well here. I wonder why the hint for the new animation to raise a gate is not correct , it is written"press action & arrow h(e)igt(h)" when what you have to do is"press the arrow height then (and only then) press also action" ! By the way isn't there any people who could have translated hints and storyline in correct English ? Well as I've said already , some puzzles are good and there are some good ideas along the way , I quite like the placement of the 2nd half of the cartouche at the beginning , some platforming was fun , and the boulders traps were also fun to outsmart. The two short mazes were not bad either. On the other hand , I think it is not good gameplay to present switches to the player , switches that he should better not touch at first. There is a few playability annoyances such as illegal slopes , the collision of the fences underwater , Lara would not shift a corner of a shimmying section without reloading a savegame , and some things sneakily hidden do not make your game more enjoyable. The setting is undefined , I think the author should really stick to only one theme in a level , as this one also does not have much consistency. Background audio loops are also not a strong point for the atmosphere in the outside areas (which do not look real and convincing by the way , you can easily reach the end and top of the world or monkeyswing under thin ceilings). Just like the texturing , the lighting seems to be worked on randomly. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Enemies are generally placed well to annoy Lara , some of the skeletons can't be killed so Lara has to move fast, the 2 'scorpion kings' are scary in a good ambush, there are other enemies as well and many things for you to be busy. If you like straightforward raids with puzzle areas following action areas , and so on , without minding getting stuck a few times , you may enjoy this one." - eRIC (29-Sep-2012)
"Lost Seraph reminds me of how they built much of the old levels. A nice level but without excessive demands. The puzzles are good and fun, the lights are excellent but the textures have some errors and are a bit outdated. I liked the animation of Lara which raises the gates but a little less than the swimming. I recommend it to those who want to take an hour of entertainment." - Taras (24-Sep-2012)
"There is a very significant improvement in comparison to the previous Ram16's level. Rooms are well furnished and rather well textured. The architecture in some part is elaborate, with slopes in all directions, but some rock walls are too straight, it lacks a bit of realism. Some enemies are tougher (scorpions) and skeletons bother Lara, forcing the player to stay always in movement. Gameplay is fluid, including a splendid puzzle in the middle of the level (find where to place three rolling balls). Secrets are well hidden, I have found only two of them. Ram16, I'm waiting for your next levels eagerly and I'm sure you will approach more and more perfection. Keep up the good work !" - Kosmos (04-Jul-2012)
"Funny how sometimes a level can irritate you as does this level. Lara is twitching way too much in my opinion. It might be funny when you see it for the first time but actually it did irritate me from the start. It doesn't add anything and worst of all there is no credit whatsoever to those people who made those new moves. I know I am spoiled that way because I've seen some builders go out of their way to make the new moves perfect and this builder couldn't be bothered (and they are far from perfect). Most of the males are colour blind, that isn't something I made up, that is a fact; so better use strong colours when doing a colour puzzle. Gameplay on its own is not bad at all, it is a bit sloppy (naming the Seraph a breast plate is an example). Enemies are places very well even if some skeletons couldn't be shot from a ledge. For the rest this isn't luckily a difficult level so explore all you want. It could use some more camera hints though." - Gerty (25-Jun-2012)
"I played this level a week or so ago and somehow forgot to review it immediately after finishing it. I've reviewed the screenshots and the walkthrough, and many of the details have already vanished from my memory. I suppose that says something in itself (take your pick between the level and my mind), but I recall having a pleasant time here, although there was nothing about it to make me stand up and shout. The lighting was good, which is always a plus. So was the gameplay. I'll probably never get tired of the traditional Egypt settings, so if you share this sentiment you'll enjoy this level. The D&G team has provided its usual reliable walkthrough for those of us who rely upon such aids." - Phil (25-Jun-2012)
"Great level, far better than the builder's first one. Good challenges, you may stuck if you don't find the well hidden levers at some areas. I liked the pushblock puzzle after the water maze. Texturres could've been applied better, but they still look good. The atmosphere is great, it feels like a classic TR with some new elements. It took me about 1 hour to complete it. Recommended!" - misho98 (23-Jun-2012)
"We begin this outing in the middle of a bone dry desert with a river of lava flowing elegantly through it, looks quite apocalyptic. There's plenty of cacti and dead trees to add to this bleak atmosphere. Quality of texturing is of fairly high standard, and is certainly better than an average Egyptian level, most Egyptian levels I've played take place indoors in a tomb but this one has gone for the outdoors, so is quite original. First main task is to open a gate with a cartouche piece, whilst avoiding skeletons and using some ropes. This opens up access to what looks like a Greek temple, atmosphere here is different to previous area, with a nice looking waterfall, palms, etc, feels like a oasis in an otherwise barren and desolate wasteland. Not much to do here, just some giant scorpions and collect a hand of Sirius, then avoid some rolling balls. The sound overall is fairly good but a few sounds are missing and pushable block sound occurs too early. There's a switch here which serves no purpose but to confuse. Once you've pulled a jump switch and placed the hand, the mood changes yet again, to an underground cave system, with lava. I like the giant rats, and the lava looks better flowing in the darkness. Another area, which I have reservations about as there's way too many ladders, is opened up. Just a rolling ball and skeleton to take care of here, but then a rather impressive rolling ball chase. Lighting throughout is more than adequate as you have flares, which look a little brighter than usual. There's some collapsible blocks and invisible le blocks to contend with soon thereafter. An underwater maze follows this, and it's difficult to stay calm here as it's not always obvious where to go, the texturing looks a little like a sunken boat from TR2. I like the sound made when blocks are lowered, sound like something mechanical is causing it to lower. This leads another outdoors area with more palm trees and what looks like a puzzle with some patterns on the walls. The flyby is nice here accompanied with a familiar soundtrack. This area has 3 balls which need to fall to trigger something, although I don't like the texturing on the rolling balls, in between are flying skeletons, a but of shimmying, pole vaulting, and jumps, a very Egyptian looking area with a pushable block you have to raise up, and some switches behind doors which Lara has to lift up. Final ball is released after a monkey swing and avoiding some flames. Then we enter an area which resembles the Catacombs/Cleopatra's Palace levels of TR4, I don't think they look any better or worse than those levels. You must find a way to get to the top floor whilst taking care of skeletons. The Seraph artefact lies ahead, but whilst you watch the flyby and listen to new TR theme music, skeletons are chopping away at you! A switch signals the end. I like the acknowledgement of those who contributed to this level in Lara's diary. One feature I did like is the text hints when Lara has to use new moves, also the text formatting is a good choice. I also like how things are not always too obvious, I.e. you have to search round a little, although some camera hints for certain switches would be useful. This level has quite a mix of different areas, which seems odd to place together but they seem to work well. Net gameplay 1 hour 30." - sonnyd83 (23-Jun-2012)
"The builder has definately improved a whole lot after his somewhat oddly thrown together debut. The setting is now much more consistent and believable due to fitting usage of mostly standard Egpytian textures (that change more and more to custom made ones but this time in a decent way), the gameplay still pretty linear but fun due to a few nice puzzles, some challenging trap sequences that were unnecessarily disturbed by strange elements thrown in (pressing MAJ as proposed by the building to climb on monkeyswings from ladders doesn't work - the only possible way is using Shift; a new door opening animation that was nice to see once but boring to execute again and again due to the pretty hintless puzzle). While the atmosphere mostly was very decent, it sometimes lagged a bit of polishing - e.g. with too low rock textures at the start so that you can see the edge of the map. The most interesting aspect of this level clearly is the whole lot of new animations Lara can perform, like the new kind of swimming, the faster block pushing - this alone adds a point to the second category - and some rather nice animations Lara performs when standing still. There still were a few gameplay issues that prevented from getting a higher score here, as the mentioned hintless (?) lever puzzle, a too well hidden switch in the three- boulder room and the pretty boring underwater maze. Found three secrets that were easy-medium to find, one with an unmarked ladder I never like, and finished this game after 55 minutes. Recommended if you search for a competent and not overly taxing level, but best with the walkthrough close by." - manarch2 (22-Jun-2012)
"Definitely a step up from the authors debut level, this hour long adventure offers many very good looking areas with fairly strong colours and a largely linear gameplay that culminates in a complex puzzle with three rolling balls that need to be found and pushed to their rightful place. Very well designed this one! The level features a few modern capabilities, some of which work better than others. I like the standing still animations of Lara a lot, but some of the other new animations were a bit awkward to do. I also liked the rather fancy flares glow. What I did not like to much were the at times overly sneaky hiding places of jump switches, the end of the world effects near the very beginning and the rather pesky skeletons that you could not shoot off ledges everywhere despite your shotgun. A bit of an odd choice to use invisible ledges in one area but then clearly mark them with floating pickups (?) and maybe a few too few camera hints along the way and never a good idea to have a maze (albeit a small one) followed by yet another little maze. But all of the above are really rather minor gripes in a generally very enjoyable level to play through, especially when you can take a quick peek at the walkthrough when you are stuck for too long with the next elusive jump switch. 3 secrets found." - MichaelP (15-Jun-2012)
"This is a level filled to the brim with good ideas.It also has a few fairly awful ideas,which do their best to negate much of what is good;but don't let that put you off,as it's actually a damn fine achievement,which would be eminently enjoyable provided a Walkthrough is present.Several instances of an unmarked pushable block within a myriad of non-pushable blocks;or a colour-coded puzzle where some of the colours didn't actually match those in the provided clue;some dodgy custom body movements - these tend to take some of the fun out of the experience.On the other hand,an exceptionally sneakily placed puzzle receptacle;a highly effective and well-devised multiple rolling-boulder/pushable puzzle conundrum(the undoubted centre-piece of the adventure)and a general fast-pace to much of the gameplay are very solid indications of a gifted builder.The environments progress from being somewhat simplistic to begin with,to becoming quite spectacular as the adventure goes on;while enemies are placed at just the right moments to make life a little more bothersome.Lighting and textures are generally well done,and sound and camera's are used unobtrusively but effectively (except for Yello's 'The Race',which was an extravagant master-stroke!) The few aforementioned irritations could prevent the level from fully appealing to you - so keep that Walkthrough handy." - Orbit Dream (13-Jun-2012)
"A very good game, this. Congrats! I loved the puzzles and the new Lara moves, so gave a 10 to Gameplay & Puzzles. As to Enemies, Objects & Secrets, I would give another 10 for Objects & Secrets, but a 5 to Enemies: they were too big, tough and numerous for Lara's health, obliging my poor self to a all-guns-and-kits cheat in order to continue. (At that dark red, scaring area, I didn't even see what the enemies were, because Lara blasted them immediately, but I could see that they were very BIG). As to the rest, the appearance of reality is not so great, can be improved; I would lack some camera clues, if the result of using a switch was not obvious in the majority of cases; and I heartily agree with dmdibl about Lara's head scratching (lice, perhaps?) and other small movements - they certainly were overdone. Nevertheless, a recommended game, that's for sure. A very nice display of creativity." - Josey (08-Jun-2012)
"If I had to pick just one word to describe this level, it would probably be 'pleasant'. This is somehow a most player-friendly level, that makes it a pleasure from start to finish. The varied gameplay is always enjoyable, the puzzles are well devised and the surroundings attractive. Enemies are skeletons (don't miss the shotgun very near the start), flying skeletons, jumping spiders and huge rats, but medipacks are generously supplied if Lara does take some damage. There are impressive new moves on display, most welcome of which for me is the ability to access ladders from water, and everything just moves along at a smooth, fast pace. It's all very achievable, provided you don't miss some of the cunningly well hidden switches. I had a very good time and can't wait for more adventures from this builder." - Jay (07-Jun-2012)
"I had the pleasure of the tester of this second level Ram16, like many I have seen great advances in this constructor. The decor and atmosphere are very successful. The gameplay is fun from one end to another level and one of the many skeletons me a little uncomfortable in my progression but that's part of the game Congratulations to the author strongly and the next!" - Daffy (07-Jun-2012)
"A very nice and enjoying little level by a french author. I really enjoying the new moves and the many puzzles and it's very good to open the door with our hans and not with a switch. An exellent and very original surprise ^^. The level is not very hard and not very dark and we are an exellent mix of textures. There are a few enemies (and many ammos)and the new flying squeleton is very nice and good. So to conclude a very nice level playable by everyone even for the begginners. Finish in 1h05 with all secrets :) (3). Thanks a lot Alain for the game." - BigFoot (06-Jun-2012)
"The improvement by the author is astonishing; it hardly seems that this polished and technically advanced level could be by the same person who made a debut six months ago. There is intricate design, plus new moves for Lara, such as the always helpful pull from water directly to ladder, or a new combo where Lara lifts a gate upwards and then side rolls beneath it. A gameplay highlight is an area where Lara exercises her skills to push two rolling balls down onto trigger tiles. But there is a third rolling ball, and this is where things get too clever. There is a jump switch so thickly covered with foliage that it is impossible to find. I was warned about this on the forum, and so had Lara blindly jump into heavy foliage, where she snags a jump switch that I never actually saw. This opens the way to a well-presented color puzzle, featuring new Lara moves. The trouble is players are looking for pink and black, and none of the walls or alcoves displayed those colors on my monitor (green and red were obvious). There is a lot of good design work, but it feels like it can crowd Lara into cramped corridors, especially evident in a compressed swimming maze where Lara snags on dividing metal grates. Lara often gets blocked by a closed gate and has to go back for a hidden jump switch. As for enemies, I never managed to shoot early skeletons off a ledge. This is most annoying after a ladder jump and lava area, when Lara yet again hits a closed gate and has to go back for a sneaky jump switch. A pesky skeleton harasses her while she searches, then while she tries to figure out how to approach the jump switch. Lara has a shotgun, the author provides two wideshot ammo pickups, but try as one will there is no way to shoot that skeleton off a ledge. So Lara shoots the skeleton, then runs to gain a free moment for the jump switch, but the skeleton is on her so fast it seems attached to her by an elastic band. Overall I was left feeling that many places had a high order of technical achievement. There is a bit too much Lara head scratching. It's nicer to see what is going on, and have Lara show off her stuff with pole and monkey swings and jumps, as when she pushes down the first two rolling balls. Playing time was something over an hour. I really looking forward to the next levels by this talented author." - dmdibl (05-Jun-2012)
"We can see a good advance from this builder in all aspects. First you can live new movements for Lara and explained while playing :-) some creative puzzles, well decorated scenarios, etc. On the other hand I missed the shotgun near the beginning and not near the very end, some explosive gun to blast the last annoying skeletons and not too hidden switches (at least the areas are not too big) and more variety of enemies. The secrets are well hidden and tasks are not hard. Good work!" - Jose (04-Jun-2012)
"A nice couple of levels with a duration of 1 -2 hours. Fairly linear gameplay awaits the player with nothing too difficult to be achieved here. Searching for well hidden jump switches was the only thing that stopped me advancing a lot quicker. The player has to overcome block puzzles, switch puzzles and lots of hunting for various items. Enemies consisted of skellies, rats and spiders but a lot of ammo is positioned around the level. Unfortunately the only weapon I found was the shotgun. I would have wished for more camera hints when throwing switches as it was often not clear what happened and I found myself running around unnecessarily looking for something that had changed. But overall this was a thoroughly enjoyable level." - Mister-B (02-Jun-2012)