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The Lost Temple of Zeus by Lakota

Amethyste 8 7 6 8
Christian 7 8 9 9
Daffy 9 9 10 10
DJ Full 8 9 8 10
dmdibl 8 9 9 10
Drakan 9 9 10 10
Gerty 8 9 8 9
izzynoodles 9 8 10 9
Jack& 8 9 9 9
Janny 7 7 8 8
Jay 8 8 9 9
JoeTheCrazyGamer 10 10 10 10
Jorge22 8 10 10 10
Jose 8 10 9 10
Lara_Fox_Croft 7 7 10 8
Leeth 7 6 8 9
LOTRKingluis 10 8 10 8
manarch2 8 9 9 9
MichaelP 8 9 8 9
Minaru 8 8 9 9
misho98 8 8 8 9
Orbit Dream 8 9 8 9
Phil 9 9 9 10
Ryan 9 8 9 9
Shandroid 9 9 10 10
TheStig 9 9 9 9
Zhyttya 7 6 8 9
release date: 15-Aug-2012
# of downloads: 184

average rating: 8.68
review count: 27
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file size: 182.97 MB
file type: TR4
class: Rome/Greece

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I don't know why but I was drawn to the pastel colours in the game - to me, it gave a nice ambience. Visually stunning details and decorations. A chill adventure with interesting puzzles and the odd area here and there which puts your jumping skills to the test, I felt there was no need to put the prompts to save your game before these moments as it removes from the Tomb Raider experience. Fantastic choice of soundtrack. Took about 2 hours to play" - izzynoodles (22-Aug-2022)
"This is a really awesome and has some really awesome Traps and enemies, and I know this may be Controversial but i loved the of Limited ammo in pistols and the game ended with a really cool hydra battle. I loved that the game would often tell you to save." - JoeTheCrazyGamer (04-May-2019)
"Nice Custom, a lot harder and longer than two previous. I really like the first level, other levels are good, but I don't like catacombs vibe in Tomb Raider. Lots of traps, save hints and two hard timed runs. Really, great work, but enemies may be more diversified." - Amethyste (10-Mar-2018)
"There are a multitude of misconceived moments throughout this two hour adventure:nicely set up traps that can be easily bypassed with simple curved jumps;an excessive use of generally redundant fly-bys,to the accompaniment of overly epic music;a gameplay structure which rigidly consists of two sidetracks at a time,in order to get two important pieces,each containing two physical challenges in order to obtain them (and generally a small side-quest for a secret);and an enemy gladiator ambush every three rooms or so. All of which would seem to imply that I didn't enjoy this level very much - but think again;as the gentle predictability combined with always imaginative trap and puzzle combinations,and sheer fluidity of gameplay all ensured that this was the most fun I've had in a custom level for many a month. The lighting and texturing is extremely fine and evocative;and the atmosphere lends the adventure a certain grandiose aspect,quite in keeping with the traditional TombRaider of old.The timed runs and trap gauntlets were often invigorating,and the adventure built to a decent Boss confrontation and subsequent reward. It's very simple and straightforward;but undeniably slick,action-packed and fun-filled entertainment.Give it a go!" - Orbit Dream (12-Aug-2016)
"I'm going to point out a lot of things that i think need to be mentioned, but i did enjoyed, a lot, the level itself. What really saves the game at the end it's the entertainment. So once more, just like Lakota's previous game, the music overlaps and usually is too epic for the situation, which sometimes goes on for too long. Overall the game was just too easy, didn't represent a challenge what so ever. What seemed to be the most difficult part of the game is EASILY avoidable by just jumping through the pillars and jars on the sides (well actually i'm kinda glad that's possible, rope walking + timing the flames is not friendly at all! Lara will sometimes randomly unbalance, and if you're unlucky, she'll do it right at the time where the fire is off). The easy puzzles combined with only two sets of enemies (being mostly the guardians) results in monotonous game play. That's actually one word to describe the level: monotonous. Every time, you have a main room that requires two pieces, which are located in sideways areas. Every time! The whole game had that concept continuously repeated...but the high 7 on the game play represents the enjoyment you'll experience. Yes is monotonous, same old thing over and over again, but it's fun and pleasing. In the end i actually recommend this game, for a VERY casual game play." - Zhyttya (24-Mar-2016)
"It was a fun level but a bit to repetitive. Always the same enemies showing in the exact same way in a predictable place after a "go left then right picking keys to open in the middle". It was always the same design in every room. The level it self was a beautiful place to be, but the puzzles were way to easy and, as the tradition in this author, some of them were easily avoidable. There was some nice details like when you fire up the ZEUS name or the "moving flames" but besides that, nothing special. The grab animation was a bit awkward, the music overlaped it self sometimes and the explosive vases turned them self way to annoying after some time. Other thing that i would just remove was the "save warning", since it kinda spoils the experience, I rather have it before i shoot any vase in this game. The final fight it's a bit of a disappoint, since it was something recycled from this author previews level (like some other things as well) and it was to easy and the room seemed to empty. Still, was a joy to play and I will recommend this level if you really want a casual experience." - Leeth (24-Mar-2016)
"This was relaxing and fun to play. An Anniversary style Greek adventure with great atmosphere and gameplay. Not much variety of enemies, mostly gladiators and skeletons. Still recommended." - Ryan (26-Jan-2016)
"Oh well well! How will I start to review this amazing piece of art? Let me see... About the gameplay and puzzleing, I had to give 10 points for it is astonishingly well done, in fact, it was one of the best games I've played in a while! Immersive and addicting gameplay, easy to notice what to do (yet challenging) and the fact that you had to find ammo for your pistols gave an extra special spart to this game, making it different to the TRLE we use to play. About the enemies, objects and secrets I gave an 8, high because the objects were very well positioned, adding a nice greeke feeling to the game, and the secrets were spot on. However, it is an 8 and not higher because the enemies were quite repetitive, in fact, there were only 2 enemies and 2 bosses. The atmosphere, sound and cameras ... another 10 of course! The game really transmits some greeke history to the player, aswell as the cameras were well positioned (including the flyby cameras). But it was not these 2 that made me give a 10 to this point, it was the sound, the musics, the OMG IT IS GLADIATOR SOUNDTRACK thing that made me chill 3 times in a row at the menu. And at last, the lightning and textures, which I gave an 8 not because of the textures, for them all were beautifuly used, but because of the lightning, were some areas did have too much darkness with it and others too much colours (some rooms looked like a circus honestly). My end review: 9/10, to be played and be enjoyed by all!" - LOTRKingluis (26-Jun-2015)
"Despite some initial misgivings I really did come to enjoy this level. Visually it's excellent with well structured chambers, traps and good use of vertical space. Gameplay wise it's a mixture of puzzles and being pounced on by armored guards and skeletons. Where I was a little concerned was the fact that all forms of ammo were limited. Thankfully despite this the supply throughout the level was generous enough to complete it (though I did get very low a few times early on). Most of the music comes from Tomb Raider Anniversary & fits the locale perfectly, though it is perhaps over-dramatized in places. One feature that I do feel was overused was the exploding vases. Once or twice is fine, but as raiding them is pretty much your only source of ammo it did get a little tire-some. Overall though game play is pretty well balanced, and provided you conserve your ammo should be accessible to everyone. I like the fact that you do have to really go off the beaten track for the secrets too which demonstrates that the author thinks out and plans their spaces well. All in all i netted just over 2 hours 15 mins from The Lost Temple of Zeus. A very worthy level that should be on your play-list. Recommended, Stiggy :)" - TheStig (04-Mar-2015)
"A very pretty game beginning with easy temple exploration, then guided through a series of traps until a final challenge in the last level. However it's almost totally filled with explosive vases that become annoying after the 5th or 6th instance, as well as dozens of Greek soldiers emerging from behind every second corner so only the first one is a surprise. Also I think the author has overdone the soundtrack dramatism a bit - drums and choirs would suffice at climax moments, not at every single ambush. I'm particularly satisfied with secret design: classic layout of three per level, two or three useful pickups in a single hidden location, and many of those places are decently crafted so a pleasure to discover. I couldn't find anything wrong in the lighting technique, and the materials used for texturing are the best possible, however I think the pillars used in countless number are too smooth and sometimes too bright, as well as the fish statues. I liked the usage of new moves to improve agility challenges. Puzzles were mostly "go left -> go right -> unlock the middle -> repeat", but the Greek alphabet motif filling the last part of the game was a highlight, as well as the lion heads getting new functions (all in all the final level was the best). There are some shortcuts, but they are only confusing in a single room with four pushable blocks, while everywhere else the path is clear and not a trouble to follow. SUMMARY: A bit tedious if You decide to break all the vases... but You don't have to. The rest is a pretty, enjoyable raid with some new cool features. Recommended!" - DJ Full (10-Oct-2014)
"This is a nice series of four levels that I actually find a bit tricky to score, because on the one hand it is very professionally done, with modern look and feel and smooth progression - on the other hand it lacks a bit the element of surprise, meaning as a player you soon figure out the mechansim with which the builder has designed the maps and almost know already what will expect you behind the next corner. There are nice flybys although some seemed a bit slow and lenghty and there is nice audio choices but they often seem overdone and inappropriate for the moment they are triggered in. What I thought could be a problem for me turned out not to be one: the limited ammo even for the pistols. There is actually enough pickups throughout the levels - at least if you keep shooting the partly explosive vases - and I quickly forgot about this limitation. Secrets are a Highlight in this adventure, as there are many and they all have their separate rooms. Enemies are nicely re-modeled and objects used to great advantage. There are a few very decent gamepley moments with timed sequences or traps, but I certainly hated the tightrope parts. It all ends with a not too hard fight with three hydras and a nice outro movie. Bottomline, a nice and easy adventure of about 2 hours that just happens to be a little too predictable." - MichaelP (08-Nov-2013)
"This manufacturer has real talent. On a visual level crossing its level is true happiness, the rooms are very well textured and perfect lighting, this gives an excellent atmosphere of play gamaplay is often symmetrical but still fun to play. There is a very good compromise difficulty, everything is playable without're too easy. The only gripe I could do (like other players) is to have limited ammunition guns but that does not justify me down notes. Congratulations Lakota is a very good level." - Daffy (01-Jan-2013)
"I found this a hard level to review, gameplay wise there are parts I really liked and some parts not at all. But that is the name of the game I guess. I also found some ways to avoid some of the traps, what made life easier, although they should have been spotted by the testers. Some of Lara's movements I didn't like, as they were sort of not quite finished, I take it that this builder downloaded a Lara figure and didn't tinker on her animations. Most of the boxes with my pet peeves were ticked. I hated the patronizing warnings that one should save. Nasty fixed camera, some I understood but a lot were just plain nasty, I got the feeling that Vincent figured out how that worked and placed them almost randomly. Still mystified by one block puzzle although I did finish it. The other one almost at the end of the game one could push the blocks through the fire pots even when they are flaming. As for the limited ammo, with the old LE if you didn't shoot most of the enemies the game would crash (perfect example is Tomb Raider Peru from Idealist), this engine can handle more, but I find it still a pain in the behind to leave enemies for what they are, so for me the limited ammo was a real bummer at the start of this game. For the rest the game looked good, lighting and textures were done pretty well. Enemies were places also very well and you can avoid most of them. A few new tricks were added to spruce things up, so if you have a bit free time I for sure would try this one." - Gerty (27-Sep-2012)
"I always enjoy this author's beautiful levels, and was really looking forward to this one, even if it did take me a while to get to it. This is indeed wonderful to look at, and game play has new aspects, with Lara's new moves and treacherous exploding pots. All and all a good adventure and recommended. Players just have to get used to shooting pots from across the room, and be sure to find most secrets for their ammo. I dropped a point in game play mostly for technical problems. I checked the forum, and looked through Phil's helpful walkthrough, and nobody else seemed to have experienced these issues. But in the first level there were fire pillars where it was impossible to restore a savegame, and I mean any savegame. I think it had to do with construction of the tiered pillars. If Lara is clinging on a pillar side and I made a savegame, then the save/load function became inoperable. Every time I wanted to reload it was necessary to shut down the game, restart it, then load a save from before the fire pillars--the left side pillars leading to the secret. There were other issues that were minor annoyances, for example text "Use ALT to go up," insisted on remaining on my screen for the rest of level one, and when other text appeared telling me to jump off a pole forward, it was impossible to read, superimposed on that first text (I used the walkthrough to find out what the pole-jump message said). Fortunately the remaining three levels of this set were problem free, although I have to echo Phil's comment about the overuse of heroic music, and frustrating fixed cameras when all players want to do is look around. The scenery here is the best the author has created, with some excellent choices for textures inside the temple. The author has used more varied game play here to add interest. Camera work and good lighting are to be commended. The difficulty will be right for most players. Great fun." - dmdibl (13-Sep-2012)
"Gameplay&puzzles: maybe I was really unlucky, but when I reload my game Lara die, die and die again beacause of an explosion but when I saved here nothing explosed... So it ruined the gameplay for me... Sometimes the whole screen turned into a black out, just lara and some objects were visible, I can't explain it it was strange, when I past to one room to another the screen was black. Enemies objects & secret: Objects were really nice, good objects, all was objects were nice. I loved falling light rays, but I've made the same error to you, limited ammo is a kind of error, first time before one of the two trident in the water room with the first squeleton I didn't take the first secret, (the shotgun was a secret) but it was a big mistake, because without it I cannot kill the squeleton, so I cannot move the pushable in the same room...Secrets and limited ammo were not my piece of cake...But objects were really cool! Atmosphere sound and cameras: I loved all the atmosphere, sound and cameras, just perfect! I loved the cutscene at the begining . Lighting&textures: Lighting was really nice, not to dark, not to bright, perfect, but the textures were not so perfect, I've seen some textures compressed in the water room(secret water room) and into other rooms, where the ceiling is not "flat" and finally the "black out" between rooms was a big problem, I think it comes from textures or something like that. To conclude: a nice level, but with few error, I think this builder will be a great one." - Lara_Fox_Croft (02-Sep-2012)
"Pff, I made it but I don't even know how because I left one of the three final mechanical serpents alive. I'll explain and it must be the one and only huge mistake I found in this otherwise great game: there is one shotgun in the game and, as I finally checked in the walkthrough, it's right at the start and it's part of a secret, a secret I somehow failed to find. The shotgun is about quintessential to destroy these beasts and get what you've been looking for: Zeus thunderbolts. So, what happened was I used all of my explosive ammo, then my pistols ammo and finally my normal crossbow ammo until I was left with nothing but a still live serpent and - oh, miracle of Zeus! - the thunderbolts ready to pick up. Amazing, isn't it? Other than that, I actually loved the game: the grand architecture, the general atmosphere, the exploding vases and every task in between. Very nice to look at and very nice to play, even for the not so seasoned raiders. Tightropes aren't my thing but that's ok. And the horseman is one of my pet peeves but you don't even have to defeat him, you can merely leave him behind. All very good then and highly recommended. I'll just have to lower the rating in gameplay because a supposedly indespensable gun comes only as a secret that may not be found, right at the start where you're in no way ever going back..." - Jorge22 (31-Aug-2012)
"I love these beautiful, next generation levels that really make you feel like you are there. This level is just gorgeous, with great textures and objects, complete with perfect audio selections. The builder decided to make this level more challenging by limiting all ammo. I figured this out after killing the first gladiator, woops! If you find the shotgun, and conserve ammo, you will have plenty left to finish the game. I enjoyed the level immensely. The puzzles weren't hard and the timed runs were definitely doable. Lakota is nice enough to put a timer on screen which I wish every builder would do. This is my kind of level and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Great job, Lakota!" - Shandroid (27-Aug-2012)
"Excellent level of Lakota. It is quite easy and a very high quality graphics. The pieces are well constructed and very well textured, lighting is perfect and goes well with the level, as well as audio. Objects are very beautiful. I loved the last Lara takes to finish the level. Highly recommended." - Drakan (27-Aug-2012)
"This is an inordinately eye-pleasing adventure, consisting of four interlocking parts. I was able to make my way through on my own, so the level of difficulty is fairly low. I missed several of the secrets along the way, and I'm grateful to manarch2 and vimmers for providing the necessary information to pinpoint their location. I encountered none of the bugs mentioned in the various threads, and everything proceeded quite smoothly for me. I did find some fixed cameras to be annoying, and the builder's penchant for triggering heroic action music every time an enemy appeared, or whenever a challenge was presented (whether mundane or reasonably difficult), wore on my nerves after a while. Too much GMac influence, I suppose. I played for the purpose of writing a walkthrough, so I didn't keep track of my time, but I feel that each of the four levels took about 20 to 30 minutes to complete, making for a well-rounded adventure. This one is well within the reach of almost all players, so I can recommend it heartily." - Phil (27-Aug-2012)
"Great level! It's very enjoyable even if the ammo is limited. I almost didn't use any weapons, I think I killed only one enemy and the hydras. This game featured more jumping tasks than puzzles. I really liked the puzzle with the torch. I think there's enough ammo but I hated those exploding vases. Lots of enemies, even if your ammo is limited. Objects were used perfectly, I only found eight secrets. Some of them were hidden very well, other were easy to find. Atmosphere was great, but the music was too dramatic at some spots. The fly bys were too long, but they are perfectly swowing what you have to do. There are some unrotated textures but the lighting is perfect! It took me 1 hour and 20 minutes. I didn't wanted it to end. Recommended!" - misho98 (21-Aug-2012)
"The level starts with some expressive flybys and we start with a nice timde run over some columns. No time to rest, we are chased by some wraiths in very well created environment, supported by great sound. After this very promising ouverture I expected a real great adventure, but I have to admit that I got more and more disappointed by gameplay. If I (!) don't need the stuck-thread (except in case with a bug) something will be a bit too easy..... Ammo is limited. If you liked to finish the game you'd better keep your ammo for the final fight and avoid the enemies (skeletons, horsemen) on the way. There a lot of hints to save your game, 'challenges' are announced with dramatical soundeffects that are out of proportion to the severity of the tasks. Everything should be easily doable also for beginners. Gameplay is straight forward, the way through the level is much too predictable, puzzles are too easy. I found a bit boring and uninspired gameplay in very well built environment. If the author put mor e care into gameplay, we would see great works from this builder." - Christian (19-Aug-2012)
"interesting game ........ i dont agree that u get short on ammo ..... iff u find all secrets .....u find plenty off ammo... and medipacks ... i dont find only the shotgun .. but i doo it fine with crossbow + explosive arrows ...... + the trusted pistols ....... i killed the 3 hidras the end and still remain 480 bullets at pistols ...... after get the zeus artefact game ends shortly ....... is good game with some timeruns ...... not tight .... some agility acrobatics .. some boulders avoid . a little bit from everything ........ wich i was like particulary is that u never get stuck iff u folow the story and pay atention at screenshots ...... pleasent game i think playable for ecerybody with good visuals and some puzzles too not hard bye the way ..... recomanded game ...." - Jack& (19-Aug-2012)
"I have found this game pretty challenging because of the ammo limitation and the explossive vessels. First it was a little bit tough to ignore the enemies, but in the end it was quite easy and also that way you could save shots for your final task. Next the explosive vessels: in the beginning it was fun, but when rooms were small and you had to be miles away, aim, shoot and not get killed by the fire it started to get boring. Especially when there was nothing inside. Puzzles were good, somehow a bit too easy. Some of the spike-jump-grab parts were easier than the music suggested what made some moments too exagerated for what you were doing. However, I loved the music and the atmosphere. The general aesthetics of the game is good, everything is beautiful yet it gives the feeling of being too clean taking into account they are ruins. Some bugs could be spotted through the game, but none of them prevented you from getting to the end. In the end is exactly where I had more problems. The crosbow and the shotgun were secrets and that let you only your limited-ammo pistols to defend yourself. As I did not find the shotgun you can imagine how hard it was to defeat the hydras (only 150 bullets were left). So, limitating the ammo is not a bad thing, in fact it made a more realistic gameplay as you had to choose which anemies to kill and which not just in case you need more ammo latter. But in the final stage some extra ammo should have been provided, as I almost though I was not going to be able to end the game. Apart from that, I enjoyed it very much and it even seemed short. Good job, thanks for all!" - Minaru (17-Aug-2012)
"Fed up with running to the stuck threads every five minutes or, even worse, having to wait for a walkthrough to make sense of a level? OK then, this one's for you. It's virtually impossible to get stuck in this game, even if you're me, and please don't for one moment think I mean it's boring; it isn't. In fact it's one of those games I found it hard to stop playing. The temple is huge and imposing, but the gameplay is logical and fairly linear so there's no frustrating disorientation or confusion. Enemies are mainly gladiators and occasional skeletons, but pistol ammo is limited so it's advisable to avoid the enemies whenever possible to conserve your firepower for the three hydras at the end of the game. I found I had more than sufficient pistol and shotgun ammo to deal with them by that time and an enormous surplus of medipacks. Be careful when shooting vases as some of them explode and can kill or seriously injure Lara if she's standing too close. It's worth trying all the vases however as there are goodies to be found, even in some of the explosive ones. Secrets are also well worth finding for the firepower, although I never found the crossbow, but really didn't need it. It's nicely built and well lit, with a slightly misty, dreamlike atmosphere. If I have one quibble, it's the lack of variety - all areas look very similar, the only variation being spikes versus fire emitters. There are plenty of traps to avoid, agility tests, including timed runs (generously timed) and pole swinging and a few puzzles for good measure. Everything is readily achievable and I would unhesitatingly recommend this for players of all abilities. Most enjoyable." - Jay (17-Aug-2012)
"The two last levels by this builder were fun but lacked a certain something in it (at least for me), but with this game Lakota shows he is on the right way, though this level is not fully to my likings. This four-parter has even better looking areas with good texturing and lighting efforts, interesting enemy and object design and again a very fluent and challenging gameplay. I really liked the way the builder uses audio tracks to warn the players in dangerous situations (enemy attacks, boulders, fires) and the camera work also was pretty good, even if there could be a sound different to the background audio during the cutscenes. What was not so good was that there were a couple of obvious texture mistakes, luckily very few and only if you explore some rooms (too) carefully (like I did), but I also didn't like the pretty monotonous setting so much as during the four playable levels you only explore inside areas that look pretty sameish in every level. Regarding lighting, there also was a mix between pretty interesting usage of colour and also some rather bland areas. And what about some more variety in terms of enemies? Until the final hydra fight the only enemy kind are the knights which often took pretty long to kill and after the fifths or so I rather ran away from them, also to save the limited pistol ammo (don't worry, there is enough to finish this level). On the plus side, the sidequest for 12 secrets is pretty engaging with a couple of nicely hidden ones even if some of them were easier to find than finding the route to progress. The gameplay in this level is slightly better than in the builder's other releases as there were a couple of interesting puzzles added for good measure but still much more could have been made out of it, especially as most of the time you are facing a crossing with two routes and each of them holds one artifact you have to gather - this setup is certainly not the worst gameplay idea but in this game it is certainly overused. Also, the builder could add a little more "depth" to the levels as they moved on and on in a very linear fashion and the net gameplay time did not differ much from the actual gameplay time as you are never facing more complex tasks. All in all, this was still a very competent and beautiful level and good fun for the 100 minutes it lasted. Recommended. P.S. to the builder: I think you should look up how Zeus is spelled with Greek letters." - manarch2 (16-Aug-2012)
"I think was not a good idea to limit the ammo for the pistols, 'cause in the first parts of the game it's easy to get out of ammo and you'll be helpless to fight with the enemies. Yes, it is necessary to discover the secrets (of course, secrets are easy to find) which contain the shotgun and crossbow, because only with pistols I see quite crude to finish the game. It is also necessary not to waste ammo and leave something for the end, 'cause the 3 final bosses require many shots. The truth is that it is very easy to play and it's hard to get stuck. I found a couple of errors in the design, one of them in the room with the 4 movable blocks, which is not necessary to disable the fires to access the upper floor and another one in the room with the heads of lions in the wall, which is not necessary to activate the horizontal poles to reach the other side, you can jump and the poles are there, invisible. Moreover, texturing and lighting are very well crafted, excellent in that paragraph. Perhaps a bit of abuse of those "heroic" musics appearing often and each time you enter a room or see any enemy. I also missed some puzzles that make you think a little. They are otherwise quite entertaining levels, with a very attractive environment and an exquisite design. Recommended. Many thanks for this hours of fun." - Jose (16-Aug-2012)
"Throughout this level I found myself always bouncing between loving and hating it. The gameplay is usually what made me lean towards the latter because, besides maneuvering past traps, there's not much gameplay to speak of. Everything is an exercise in patience, as if the goal of the level is seeing to what extent you can inconvenience the player. Now don't get me wrong, I love traps; sequences like the rapid-fire spike trap in The Great Wall are really fun to play, but introducing traps, immortal enemies and limited items is just overkill. My main thoughts during this adventure were somewhere along the lines of "boy, the temple of Zeus sure is evil." It's a beautiful looking level, but it's been spoiled by constantly having to run, and the load of enemies you can't kill or shouldn't really use your limited ammo on. One thing I love about the TR universe if getting to slowly explore a nice ruin, but doing that with timed doors or wraiths or the un-killable at your heels is pretty impossible. (Seriously now, show of hands, who here ever enjoys playing with wraiths or those undead enemies?) It's exciting for a while, but at a certain point it starts being incredibly frustrating. Like having to push and pull blocks and navigate corridors when enemies are racing each other to get to you, like they're trying to win some prize for a game of Whack-A-Lara. Even most of the pickups are placed in jars that explode and eat a chunk of Lara's health-bar the moment you try to open them. The textures were beautiful, but they tended to be too same-y and dull (either gray or faded blue). And I can't believe I'm going to complain about this, but the lighting was too bright throughout the level. You can almost always see right across the room, something you shouldn't be able to do when you're underneath a temple. But let's get to the good stuff. The music was appropriate for the Lara slaughter-fest and gets that heart beating. The droning background sound usually changes to one of those peppy songs from Underworld whenever you're about to get ambushed or in trouble. Which is going to be a lot of the time when you always have one enemy stalking you. Also, major props to the builder for positioning those swinging polls so that they're actually usable and not bug-ridden. This is probably the only level where polls have worked like actual, solid objects for me. I'm also bumping the score a little bit because the bug where the soldier's horse disappears, leaving the poor guy riding nothing but air had me in stitches. It's, hands down, the most entertaining bug I've ever encountered." - Janny (16-Aug-2012)