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20x20x20 Challenge - A Night at Ardhis Sandscapes by Martini

Akcy 8 9 9 10
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
Bogey 8 8 9 9
Ceamonks890 8 9 9 9
Christian 8 9 9 9
Cory 7 7 8 10
DJ Full 8 7 9 9
dmdibl 9 9 9 10
eRIC 7 9 9 10
eTux 7 9 8 8
Gerty 7 8 9 9
Jack& 9 8 9 10
Janny 8 7 8 9
Jay 9 9 10 10
Jorge22 10 9 9 10
Jose 7 7 8 8
manarch2 7 8 9 8
MichaelP 8 9 9 8
Minaru 9 9 10 10
Mman 8 9 9 10
Mytly 8 9 9 9
Orbit Dream 9 8 10 10
Phil 9 8 10 9
Ryan 8 9 10 9
Shandroid 8 9 9 9
sonnyd83 9 10 10 10
Soul 8 9 10 10
Taras 9 10 9 10
TheStig 8 9 9 9
Torry 6 7 7 8
release date: 15-Sep-2012
# of downloads: 164

average rating: 8.77
review count: 30
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file size: 35.74 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Sorry but I did not like this at all. Do not mess with Lara's animations unless you are improving them. A step backwards is exactly that. This inhibits game play and just serves to annoy the player. I understand the reasoning behind this as we are on another planet with a heavier gravity field but oh my, give me anti grav boots then. Also why does shotgun ammo look like crystals? I was happy to see Lara kept her combat shorts on under all those feathers (which were ridiculous if you ask me). Another annoyance is that you must do things in order to be able to proceed. Not an issue IF the author took the time to disallow access to the areas that needed to be done second and third. As it stands you just run around like a headless chook until you simply give up and are forced to consult the walk through. This then takes all the fun out of it and many, many authors are guilty of this." - Torry (24-Aug-2018)
"The alien atmosphere in this level has been captured very well. It looked incredibly realistic. This was a short level, so gameplay can't be scored very highly, although it was involving. If the "To be continued" message holds true, then I am looking forward to it." - Ryan (23-Feb-2016)
"This certainly sets itself apart as something different. The alien locale is beautifully crafted and full of original and unusual plants & architecture. In terms of gameplay the main thing you'll need to wrap you head around is that gravity seems stronger on this world. This means Lara's jumping distance is significantly reduced. This takes a little getting used to initially but thankfully you can significantly extend your jump distances by sprinting before hand. You are also limited to a single weapon, but the ammo provided was more than sufficient. I don't think I played the last floating islands section as intended as I managed to get by without collecting the gem to open the door. This left me a bit baffled about the lever which melts the ice until I read the walkthrough! All in all I netted just under an hour from this level, not bad when you consider it's set in a space confined challenge. I do hope that the author will continue as promised at the end of the level :) Recommended. Stiggy" - TheStig (20-Mar-2015)
"It's a lovely adventure that doesn't seem like it's even part of a size-limiting challenge. The areas seem large, but it's all squeezed into a surprisingly small space. Every room is filled with gameplay, but it's all quite samey. There is a lot of basic jumping and platforming, with a rare trap or enemy encounter. I felt that the only puzzles were finding where the door you just opened is, which is a shame, because the level is designed and textures so beautifully. If it weren't for some sound bugs (where music was played every time I ran over the trigger tile) and the age-old camera mistake, where the builder shows a door opening, but not where the door is, then it would have received full marks in that category too. Enemy placement is quite good, but you only encounter them three times and you can just run past them if you feel so inclined. Objects were placed nicely, and I didn't find secrets (but I don't know if there were any), however, due to the length of the level, I don't feel that I can really give top marks. Overall, a really nice level that's easy to playthrough, especially if you like jumping (which I do). 35 minutes, 0 secrets." - Cory (27-Jul-2013)
"Very, very impressive little level this one. Actually not so little given its duration of about 40 minutes and it is time well spent. I really like the mix of new objects, funny outfit for Lara, good choice and use of audio to support a rather dense atmosphere. There are nice flybys too, a teleporter gets used and the few enemies are placed to great effect. As others have mentioned, I hated the change to Laras moves and even though you quickly get used to them, I felt it rather takes away from the entertainment factor than add to it. The floating island section is great fun and the wheather change a really ice idea. It says 'to be continued' at the end... all I can say to that is: Yes, please!" - MichaelP (03-Jan-2013)
"This level is much longer. Dennis warned me about it and yes, there is a fiendish bouldertrap in it. What I didn't like is that he changed the movements of Lara, she cannot jump up a 4 click block anymore. Just stay away from her original jumping moves, at the moment, I can even jump higher than she does. Don't do that Dennis, I rather have you work on the swing movement as that went sooooo slow. Funny was to see Lara wearing her old fashioned shorts underneath all the feathers." - Gerty (19-Dec-2012)
"I can't believe I've missed these 20x20 levels. I enjoyed every minute of this one. There's a great deal to do here considering the size of the setting. Gameplay includes fighting a few giant snakes, and spiders, locating 2 Topaz crystals, placing movable items on corresponding squares, many switches. What makes this original is the fact that it takes place in two different areas, one is a cavenous underground zone, and the other much shorter one is some floating islands where the weather changes at the flip of a switch. I was impressed by the use of objects and textures, I particularly enjoyed the flame holders on the walls. Level of difficulty is just right. Took me around an hour to complete." - sonnyd83 (12-Dec-2012)
"So much variety on this small level that I wouldn't believe it can fit in 20. And it isn't, according to the forum the builder exceeded by two squares, but the consensus was that that's too small to bother. The first thing to notice is that we are on a heavier gravity planet. A few times before builders changed the gravity but they've always made it lighter which allowed spectacular bigger jumps. To my knowledge this is the first time that a builder went the other way, and I'm very happy for it because it can increase the difficulty, we need to rethink our habits that are second nature by now, namely the assessment of distances and heights of jumps, good idea, it brings a new aspect into the game. But the builder must learn his own physics well, as there are some shortcuts. A very effective flipmap when we turn off and on the heatshield, at least I guess that's what it was considering that monster of a star above. I also liked the snowing at seemingly room temperature when it's on, different gravity, different atmospheric pressure after all, besides nobody said it's water snow. Good music, especially in the floating islands section, but the volume should have been turned down a bit for the music to serve as a nice background, not elbowing its way to the front like in the official games lately. The third dragon made me jump out of my chair, nicely done. I really enjoyed my time here and looking forward to the full game." - Akcy (27-Nov-2012)
"Here's another great little level by The Tiger. The place looks good, Lara looks adorable in her little feather skirt, and I really enjoyed working my way through this level. I would have liked to see more use of the new moves. I didn't use the crouch when sliding move at all, maybe I was supposed to. Most of the time, I liked how sprinting caused Lara to jump farther, but you always need a good amount of running space, which can affect when you can use the move. It made a lot of sense though, since sprinting would help you jump farther in real life, so that's cool. I am really happy that the author is continuing this level. I think there is a lot he can do with it. I am ready for a full The Tiger adventure!" - Shandroid (17-Nov-2012)
"Sometimes it's like a little version of Forgotten Scribe, with its blueish colors, well-chosen, softly ornamental texturing, organic cold walls sculpted with precision, and not a sign of TRNG overusage at all. New controls and gravity make a training phase, so important for a game to feel like a completely new one. Plus I suppose this idea is unique so far, so it's even more worthy to play this minigame, especially because animations created in order to simulate weight on an unfamiliar planet are made so professionally that I almost feel Lara's guts suffering from indigestion problems - those real astronauts have - and I want the author to make a cutscene of those in the full game, with Lara having to find an antidote. Bring it on, Dennis, and make it even more realistic. A must-play." - DJ Full (30-Oct-2012)
"There are many risks when one wants to do something out of the ordinary, so it's pleasant to see when a builder tries and succeeds. If one goes for the "out of this world" experience, he/she should embrace it fully and not just have regular Tomb Raider level in a wacky costume and setting. While I'm skeptical about some of the details in TheTiger's plans - he has certainly gone about this the right way overall. I wasn't too crazy about reinventing the wheel regarding the gravity intensity - and still hope I won't have to play an entire multi-level game with this particular set of moves/limitations, but it does fit the story, and to my own surprise I did not mind it that much some five, ten minutes into the game anymore, where I imagine a lot of credit goes to the builder for being smart in how he built these settings. Speaking of which - the surroundings, colour schemes, choice of objects all support the fantasy feeling of the place superbly, showcasing the author's technical mastery of the editor well. If not accounting for the new way Lara moves, the tasks are pretty run-of-the-mill with performing jumps, flicking switches, moving objects in their rightful places and so on. It's a nice way to ease a player in the weirdness of it all, but I hope the builder attempts something more ambitious in this respect for the full game. A switch manipulating the entire atmosphere around you was a nice gimmick, but took some suspension of disbelief - and I am not a big fan of the 'shallow falls' in floating island settings (though this may have been imposed on the builder due to the specific nature of this challenge) - firstly because it robs them of their impact, when you do (inevitably) fall, and for more practical reasons - I like to have enough time to actually reload before being taken back to the title level. Overall - one of the best interpretations of a fantasy setting in a Tomb Raider level I've seen to date, hope to see more of it from the author." - eTux (20-Oct-2012)
"At first, I was sceptical about this level because of the 'increased gravity' idea, as it mostly results in confusion between what jumps are possible and what aren't, without any real payoff. It does add to the idea that this is an alien world - though the sky with the blue giant star conveys that more effectively. However, the level grew on me while playing, and I particularly loved the floating island section. The changing sky in that section is very cool. The alien-looking plants are great, and add to the atmosphere considerably, as do the lovely red lamps that give the level a unique look. Unfortunately, the atmosphere is adversely affected by the music, which can be jarring at times. I don't know why Lara would choose to explore an alien planet wearing a feather skirt, but I'm sure she has her reasons. ;)
There are some moderately tough jumps in the floating islands section, and the sprint jump move itself can be tricky the first couple of times. The puzzles are a bit dull: there are a couple of minor pushable puzzles, but the second one can be skipped; other puzzles mostly just involve finding appropriate switches/artefacts for various doors. I was dismayed at seeing the hydras again in this level (after a negative encounter with them in the previous 20x20x20 level I played, The Crystal of Power), but luckily these are not hard to defeat as you can tackle them one after the other, and you already have your trusty shotgun - or you can simply avoid them.
Overall: This is undoubtedly the best of this batch of 20x20x20 levels. The idea is interesting, the locations are beautiful and the gameplay is mostly enjoyable. Looking forward to the full version!" - Mytly (07-Oct-2012)
"In this short but sweet level, we get a preview of what's to come in TheTiger's upcoming levelset(Many Worlds, One Sky), which is currently unreleased at the time of writing this review, giving us the opportunity to explore a completely different world, utilizing the skillset and tools of a Lara who slightly differs from the one we're typically used to playing, who's out on her first ever adventure. This world's version of Lara comes from a more tribal background, with her using tools that appropriately reflect these origins. The main objective of the level is to collect two 'Topaz Falcons', which are required to open a trapdoor leading to a water-filled corridor, which in turn leads to a new area, but we are left on a cliffhanger beyond this point(which will be resolved when the aforementioned levelset from the builder is released.) Now, on to the gameplay. From loading up the game to the title screen, you instantly know that you'll be in for a real treat. One thing that players will notice upon taking control of this Lara, is that her jumps have been toned down a little in order to look more realistic(some of the animations edited a little to reflect this approach, such as the swan dive or when Lara is grabbing a ledge.) Now, this is an innovative but problematic change for those of us coming in, after having recently played a levelset with the typical TR jump setup in mind, which can be hard to get used to at first, but give it time and you'll get the hang of it, adding some nice challenge to the game, which can be quite satisfying to get through at certain points. The lighting, texturing, object and music use are all used very effectively, creating an excellent strange yet familiar otherworldly atmosphere as a result. The ability to change the weather in one room, helping you to progress through some parts of the environment, was a nice touch that I liked quite a bit. While there are no secrets to find throughout this brief raid, I didn't mind it in the slightest, as I was too focussed on admiring this achievement of a world that TheTiger has created, with your only opponents being giant spiders and hydras who stand in your way. Overall, this is a level which is just right in terms of difficulty, not too easy yet not too hard at the same time. Though there will be many players who will dislike the more realistic jumping implemented in this level, this is one level that is definitely worth your time, especially if you're looking to play a level that's different from the usual themes." - Ceamonks890 (01-Oct-2012)
"I think this level is a diamond in the rough. Although a lot of things are still not fully developed the idea and the concept have opened a whole new way of gameplay that may be used often in the future. When I started the game I felt pretty weird about the new way gravity worked and, despite I liked the realism,I thought is was going to be difficult to get used to it. However the gameplay was easy and convincing, and the movements were fluid. Jumps were not hard and neither were the puzzles, but for a demo-like level to show this new way of playing it was good. Nevertheless I was expecting some accion apart than battleing the enemies. The environment also surprised me. It was different from anything I have seen before even thogh it was not especially complicated. The music was shocking, perhaps a little too much. But I likes the tension it gave me. So please, try developing more this new gameplay because I really think is one of the most original and innovative ideas right now." - Minaru (27-Sep-2012)
"This is a quite beautiful short level. TheTiger has shown before that he can create spectacular environments, and this level is another proof of that. The audio is good, but maybe a bit exaggerated. Regarding game play, there are some well placed traps and enemies, and a few nice movement puzzles. It is not very difficult. Lara's jumps has been changed, as if Lara had become much weaker and maybe put on some weight too. The strength of gravity seems to be about the same as usual in TRLE, though, despite the author's reference to a "new gravity system". I'm not sure that it is a good idea to make such changes. The new animations are not really problematic, but do they provide any significant advantages (apart from being somewhat more realistic)? The level is a bit buggy. For example, a platform (a raising trapdoor) in the space area looses its ability to support Lara if you reload from a savegame. On the other hand, this platform is rather useless anyway. At first, I played the level to the end without finding the gem. Going back to look for it, using savegames, I found that collecting the gem involved a rather spectacular path (which shouldn't be missed), but that it is otherwise a superfluous task. There are couple of visual bugs too. Some (open) doors appear and disappear from view, depending on where Lara stands. It is impossible to see which menu item is selected, when coming directly from the start screen, as the text is completely black and the selection highlight is done by blinking/fading to black. The snowing (snowing in space!) can disappear when reloading from a savegame. This level should benefit from some polishing, but there is nothing that is particularly frustrating, and this is really a nice, good-looking level." - Bogey (26-Sep-2012)
"A level of fine workmanship and attractive environments, puzzles valuable, and objects, such as switches that turn, well packaged. I loved the atmosphere of the floating islands but I have lived as a limit the gravity that weighed on Lara and that prevented her movements even easier. Generally I don't love this kind of innovation. The textures and lights are masterfully arranged." - Taras (25-Sep-2012)
"No objection to this cool work from this author. Good scenaries and a great environment. Even if Lara is exploring another worlds, the new movements force to many players to try many tasks several times with special tricks. Also in the snowy area with the floating ledges and dense fog often you can't see climbable walls or ledges to go even with volumetric fx disabled. All this do the gameplay slow and sometimes frustrating. Not recommended for novices." - Jose (21-Sep-2012)
"The first thing I noticed when I started this adventure was that, although Lara looked the same, she had gained weight. A lot of weight. Surely the feather duster she wore around her waist had nothing to do with this. Anyway, the increased gravity forced certain changes in gameplay, but once I got used to it I found it not to be a major distraction. I managed to get to the outdoor area on my own, but I then found myself hopelessly confused (translate: stuck). Manarch2 came to the rescue with a walkthrough that still awaits posting, and I learned from it that I had done certain things in the improper order. Using his directions I went back and everything then fit together quite well. I'm not quite sure what a 20x20x20 challenge is, but it certainly doesn't mean 20 minutes of playing time. I spent at least twice that much time here, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I'm sure that Bigfoot salivated when he reached the outdoor area, because it's eerily reminiscent of his Martian levels. I look forward to more levels from this builder. Highly recommended." - Phil (20-Sep-2012)
"A polished gem of a small level with just about everything right. Lara has a new outfit, feathers or something from the local fauna, and a snazzy new shotgun. Here the hydras are easy to shoot. The landscape has a lovely otherworldly feel to it, and the somewhat heavier gravity of the planet doesn't take long to adjust to in recalculating jump distance. Because of the level's size restriction, there is a slight compressed feel toward the end, but the author indicates that this is really a demo for future levels. Good lighting effects, helpful cameras, satisfying game play, and an all around winner. A few flares would have helped to spot one of the essential pickups. A really absorbing and fascinating look at another world, and I can't wait for the full levels of the continuation." - dmdibl (20-Sep-2012)
"Well a interesting mini game ....... is some new moves on it ..some gravity ... basicaly u need to find 2 gold fuses ... one particulary can be found at a huge suspended floating area wherr u need to climb up pull a switch and later place a pushable + find a gem too to open area for the seconf fuse ....... once u put the fuses .... a trapdoor open is hard to find the place .......... but once u find it u dive into a water chute ..... and soon the game ends abruptly- with continued message .a bit too short was the game but enjoyable ........ nice game and moustly with very good visuals .....i wait for continuation ...." - Jack& (20-Sep-2012)
"I love Lara's exotic new outfit - what appears to be a feather skirt worn fetchingly (and modestly) over her shorts, teamed with a bikini top. Just what every bold adventuress needs when she's being harassed by hydras. This is an exciting adventure, with some truly lovely scenery and delightful textures - notably the re-textured swing poles - and it was good to encounter quicksand again as it's not something we come across very often. One of the most interesting aspects of the game is Lara's reduced gymnastic abilities. Perhaps we should assume she's ended up on some heavy gravity planet as her jumps are definitely curtailed, which I kept forgetting and consequently casting her to her death on several occasions. Considering the size constraints of the build and the comparatively short length of the level, there does seem to be a lot packed into it, including an always exhilarating floating islands type setting. Great stuff." - Jay (20-Sep-2012)
"Laras jumps were modified, new moves so as sprint-jumps were added by the author. A nice game with real creative ideas. All in all two gems have to be found to find the exit-trapdoor. But a lot of tasks have to be done before; a snowy floating island scenery has to be changed to a hot hell that has to be frozen to exit the section. A well created part of a formerly larger game. Sound effects are great, the atmosphere convinced me. Highly recommended." - Christian (19-Sep-2012)
"It's a bit weird to experience a Lara that jumps so little as opposed to her usual jumps as opposed to the low gravity jumps I've seen in a few levels. But she does manage. The level as whole is excellent in my opinion. I liked several things about it, namely the use of the mechanical serpents, the looks of the snow, the floating islands part with its varied actions and the wonderful changes in the sky, the coloured teleportations, the branches as poles and the snow being used as a swamp. No enemies (safe for the serpents) but who needs them when a level can live up all by itself? I never get tired of saying that when it's well deserved... And it certainly is in this particluar case. It does end a bit abruptly with the "to be continued" underwater indication but that certainly beats the abrupt endings with Lara sliding down into the dark, so who cares? Yes indeed, if it's to be continued, I'm actually looking forward to it." - Jorge22 (19-Sep-2012)
"Certainly I have (by change) saved the best for last. This is a level that doesn't seem to be of this world. The creativity gone into all those new features is enormous, like a plethora of objects including a fancy new outfit for Lara, texturing being new all over the place and of course the new gravity although I think this one might divide players. Of course, from a technical viewpoint, it is well done, it enhances gameplay as you have to find other ways to get through the room geometry and lastly fits to the climate of a foreign planet, but it can be highly confusing for players who are familiar with the "classic" moves, especially when it comes to challenging jumps (but most should be used to it until then). The atmosphere in this level is nothing but great: Perfect sound usage, perfect flybies, varied settings even within the strong limitations and very good and complicated architecture and a really cool setting. The texturing was mostly of the same standard but sometimes there were a few cracks in them, nothing bad, maybe the ladder and monkeyswing textures could have been a little clearer; at one point there was an unmarked ladder, but it's obvious we have to go there. Lighting was very realistic and strong throughout. I really liked how the map slowly unfolded and you're getting deeper and deeper into the areas, the gameplay, even if not really ingenious save for the "changing setting" lever that was brilliant, was pretty engaging throughout with a couple of pedestals to spot, platforming and a few traps and I never felt any bit of boredom while playing; maybe a few more enemies would have been better as you only fight hydras and spiders (well placed though) given the fact that there is much ammo provided. At the end there was a bit too much to and fro when using the crystals and it might be not so clear where the trapdoor that opened is located as you actually never need to get down in that pool, but that's actually all I can complain about it. Maybe a few secrets would have been nice, but that's of course hard to execute due to the limitations of the contest and the still pretty large gaming area. Spent half an hour of pleasant playing in this level. Highly recommended!" - manarch2 (18-Sep-2012)
"'Astounding' is probably the word which best sums this level up.From Lara's dense-gravity animations;to the alien nasties;the beautiful environments;the spectacular 'floating island' area which alternately freezes and heats up;to the well-graded gameplay,which increases in challenge as the adventure progresses.Aside from a lack of secrets,this other- worldly adventure of 50 minutes duration absolutely has it all.Not only undoubtedly the best of the three levels of this particular 20x20x20 challenge,but a great adventure in its own right. Don't miss it!" - Orbit Dream (18-Sep-2012)
"There's a quite original theme here, as you explore some strange alien ruins, including one elemental-themed area with a unique sky. The atmosphere is excellent and only let down a little by the contest limitations resulting in the locations being relatively small scale, but even taking that into account it's almost hard to see how this was managed within the contest's limitations. All the new/modified objects also fit well.
The gameplay of this map is quite different, with many new animations and higher gravity, the latter seems kind of an odd choice as Lara having much smaller jumps actually has the effect of limiting the gameplay possibilities a lot, in the context of this contest it's an interesting way to get more bang for buck in smaller rooms however. There's a variety of gameplay tasks and a very interesting flipmap concept at one point (related to the sky I mentioned earlier). The only real issue is how abrupt it is; rather than some sort of climax it just ends on a "to be continued", but the rest is good enough to make up for it. Of the three maps in the contest this is probably my favourite." - Mman (17-Sep-2012)
"Rating this level is kind of hard for me. All in all it's really great - some may even call it a masterpiece - but I have to admit I was expecting a bit more and thus was slightly disappointed. Now I can't blame the author for not meeting my VERY high expectations (well - somehow I can, as it was HIM who posted the amazing pictures of "Many Worlds, One Sky" :P) and so this won't affect my rating but I still wanted to mention it here, as I know that Dennis can do a lot better - especially in terms of gameplay. Now for the review: Lara (who looks really cute in this adventure - fans of FFXIII be pleased) has to explore a surreal planet called "Ardhi" and the first thing a player will notice is the changed gravity-system. It takes some getting used to it at first but turns out way more realistic than anything we saw so far in any TR-game. In the end I even "missed" it in klona's level, which I played right afterwards so kudos to that :) While I loved the looks and the overall atmosphere of this level (loads of eye-candy covered in a subtle fog), gameplay was a bit too straightforward for my taste. The areas seemed to be fully explorable at first sight but in the end there was mostly one way to go and just when the game finally started to pick up the pace, it ended rather abruptly. I can't go into detail too much now but if there wasn't the very creative elements-puzzle at the end, I would have given a 7 to this category. That said I think gameplay is one of the few things Dennis can still improve (and I hope he will in MWOS ^^); everything else is top-notch - starting with the excellent choice of music, right through to the great flybys and the realistic architecture. Recommended" - Soul (17-Sep-2012)
"I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one who got excited when Many Worlds, One Sky showed up in the loading screen. Unfortunately, the level turned out to be rather disappointing for me. Now I know that my own expectations muddled up my experience here, but I'll try to keep as objective as I can. Most of the time you'll spend the level getting from one point to another, throwing switches and collecting bits you'll need later. And that would be fine and dandy if Lara didn't move like she had packed on a few pounds. I appreciate the need for innovation and such, but limiting the player's abilities will almost always make them feel frustrated. Failing to jump a gap that Lara would normally find easy-peasy sent my teeth gritting. Now I'm not a big fan of the alien landscape but I admit that the textures and overall graphics look nice and unique. Definitely interesting. But I've said before that just because a level looks beautiful doesn't mean it's a masterpiece, and this level does the looking part right. I wish I would have found the gameplay more exciting, but the only part I remember as standing out the most was seeing through the game geometry by accident. The puzzles are alright, and so are the enemies (though the jump scares tend to get old) but there's nothing special about the gameplay, in my opinion. I also encountered a couple of bugs where the game crashed for no reason and the music began to play long after I have killed an enemy, but luckily these don't affect gameplay too much. Still, despite my disappointment with this level, I'm still looking forward to Many Worlds, One Sky when it will be released." - Janny (17-Sep-2012)
"Quite a good level , around 40 minutes for me , set in a different and atmospheric setting , where many if not all objects and textures seem new to me. Anyway everything is harmonious and lovely , the lighting is well done too, not on the bright side but you never need any flare which are absent. The absence of flares and binoculars and the limited ammo are never an hindrance to enjoy the level. You never feel you'll need any or more of these. There is no great puzzle to solve but the gameplay is quite good on the 'mild' side, fluent and not really predictable. If I had small criticisms it would be the visual bug with the double doors when they are opened as they tend to disappear out of sight, the climbable surfaces although indicated as different could have been more evident, and I am not sure the jumps where the player has to hit one more key on his keyboard is quite welcome. This said , beautiful and original work." - eRIC (17-Sep-2012)
"The second level By TheTiger is just exellent. It take place in another planet around a giant blue star and a little white moon is the sky, just that, I say" it was a level for me" ^^ There are also a few new moves and a new version of the original ... maybe because Lara was young. But it was a real challenge to play with theses remakes of the originals moves. The new objects and the outfit are wonderful, just love the feather in Lara's outfit. Like Dune, Ardhis is I supose a sand planet and the textures are just beautiful. Sand, rocks, temples ... perfect choise. There are also a link with the big adventure "one world one sky" and I suppose this level will be add in the entire adventure after, just exiting to play it, the screen on the net look very good. To conclude, a perfect science fiction, fantasy level in a distant planet and I hope play nearly the sequel of this game. Not really hard and not really dark, this level is perfect for everybody. Very recommended." - BigFoot (16-Sep-2012)