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The Peridot of Sinooh by Jungle Raider

Ceamonks890 6 7 7 7
DJ Full 8 7 7 6
dmdibl 7 8 8 8
Eelkemama 8 8 9 7
eRIC 6 8 6 5
Gerty 7 7 7 6
Jay 8 7 8 7
Jorge22 5 7 8 8
Jose 7 8 8 8
manarch2 6 7 8 7
MichaelP 8 9 9 8
mugs 9 8 9 8
Orbit Dream 7 7 7 6
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 7 8 8 7
Sarikman 7 8 8 7
Taras 8 8 9 9
Topixtor 7 7 8 7
Torry 8 8 9 9
release date: 15-Oct-2012
# of downloads: 89

average rating: 7.51
review count: 19
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file size: 45.45 MB
file type: TR4
class: Jungle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A veeeery draft but still complete Ghana-inspired raid, focusing rather on action than on adventure. We get all plot elements here, only in a stub form. I think the fire timer was too tight and the water ambush was unfair but the damage was permissive enough for me to go no-med. A level which plays better than it looks. The builder has the correct ideas, he just needs to take more time and love to word them." - DJ Full (05-Dec-2023)
"I found this 40 minute raid quite entertaining with nothing too difficult to accomplish. Even the lava room which appeared almost impossible at first glance, can be mastered if you commence the jumping sequence in the middle of the first sloped block. From there it took maybe a dozen tries to complete the jumps. The maze had me perplexed for a little while but I finally found the pick up and the short bike ride at the end was nice. Graphics were great and the whole atmosphere grand. Nice." - Torry (20-Jan-2020)
"This is a solid, action-packed and fast paced debut level that was fairly enjoyable to play through. Gameplay is linear, although a few of the actions you need to perform are quite difficult (the extremely tricky lava jumps in particular). However, the majority of the puzzles and sequences shouldn't require more than a few tries to solve successfully, but I could have lived without the pitch dark area, the tedious labyrinth and the nauseating earthquake. Those aside, it's an enjoyable level with a few nifty moments and should occupy your time for around half an hour." - Ryan (23-Dec-2017)
"Here is an entertaining level to take some good moments of fun. No difficult gameplay with easy tasks, easy secrets, a nice environment and a good atmosphere. The level is not too long, but enough to take some fun. Only near the end, in the room with the boss I didn't need to kill him and get the artifact Lara was looking for to continue playing: running around the small area, for some reason the doors opened and I was able to escape without the item in Lara's backpack (strange). A small ride with the bike at the end also was a good detail. Recommended." - Jose (08-Mar-2013)
"A dynamic 40 minutes level with rather poor visuals, as texturing and lighting are not very good, but on the opposite the game is enjoyable most of the time, especially the lava room with some pointy jump and escape from rolling balls. The labyrinth , although not too big , is a bit of a let down to the degree of entertainment that this level can give. I did not mind much the earthquake that lasts a few minutes at the end, the ambiance is a bit too noisy , and the secrets too easy. Regarding progression , what I would have appreciated is wall levers to be better marked with a different texture or an appropriate object , as it was only the fact of not spotting a couple of them that made me stuck for a while ; for aside from that , what must be done in this fluent level is rather clear. The builder has displayed the new possibility of making rooms poisonous , maybe it would have been good to indicate that these rooms were different and that a challenge awaits the player here. Also the clue with the adventurer 's notes was too vague for me to solve the puzzle fully logically (what side represents angels and what side represents demons ?) Anyway a level that plays generally well and a solid effort for a first." - eRIC (22-Feb-2013)
"Is it Peridot or is it Temple? Anyway... I feel quite divided because this game has some excellent moments and even the to-be-avoided-at-all-costs earthquake at the end is ok together with a few things that make me not be able to believe the level was betatested at all. Most importantly: the lava lake part with two caves filled with poisonous gas when I actually don't see how it's possible to have enough medipacks to make it through. I had to use the medipacks cheat (by getting back to the start) in order to continue a game that otherwise I was enjoying. I admit. I confess. Because there was no other way and because it's not something I ever do. Authors should also be careful not to use those grenade guns that tend to explode on Lara, it's not the first time I see it. Other than that, the game is neither simple nor complicated and it's stimulating, including the challenging lava lake jumps and boulders that take some tough practice and even though the holes with spikes in almost total darkness in the following part are basically unnecessary as the labyrinth can be a bit boring. There is a tough boss to deal with near the end and the aforementioned earthquake with a great swan dive followed by a short bike ride. That was all cool. Unfortunately, taking into account the lack of playability near the start, I can't rate it very highly gameplaywise... Don't think you need a walkthrough. You actually need the cheat and that's a very weak point even if someone comes along to tell me I could have made it if I were a psychic and somehow managed to avoid all the soldiers before the poison gas..." - Jorge22 (01-Feb-2013)
"Another level that I would deem underrated to date, as it is quite an excellent piece of work with a very modern feel to it. You spend about 40 minutes in this quest and the strong points are towards the earlier part with some nice jumping and timed action in a lava room and a few clever ideas for general progression. Later on the author made a few poor choices by adding a fairly boring maze and a highly annoying earthquake, both of which any decent beta tester would probably have advised against. The boss fight is well conceived in principle but made too easy, as you can just stand beside a block, put a weight on your keyboard and go away for a coffee ;) Still, a very good looking and well conceived adventure and I look forward to more from this builder." - MichaelP (02-Jan-2013)
"I thought this was a superb game and I heartily recommend it. It has one pretty tough bit of gameplay in the lava pool area, but I finally made it with some useful tips from the walkthrough. The rest of the gameplay is lots of fun and challenging, as well. Lara is, of course, after the periodot and she will face some goons with the same idea along with enemies of the animal variety. The venue is beautifully crafted, but there could have been more careful texturing. Jungle Raider has lived up to his/her name - jungles are your specialty and it shows! Can't wait to play your next adventure. Well done!!" - Mugs (08-Dec-2012)
"If I would guess.. this level is made by a guy; how they love shooting.. There is some quite tricky jumping over lava, nice rolling boulder puzzle but also a very annoying earthquake, that made me very nauseated. The maze, sorry but I just don't like them and this one was very tedious. Could have used a few more medipacks though. Texturing could use attention as well as the lighting. I would advice this builder to take care of that in his next adventure as the ideas he has are not bad at all." - Gerty (03-Dec-2012)
"This is a thoroughly competent level that's quite fun to play. I learned of a posted video, which encouraged me to prepare a written walkthrough. As a result I took more time than I normally would have, logging just over an hour of net playing time. Everything is quite lineral, and the gameplay takes you progressively through different areas where you perform tasks to gain access to the next area. The only sequence of unusual difficulty took place in a lava room, where you have to back flip to a slope, slide and jump to another slope in such a way that you jump off facing forward. That requires a slight left midair curve, followed by a right midair curve to grab the edge of a third slope. This took me a number of tries before I could get it right. Enemies are rather few and far between, and you can avoid killing the guards in the base camp where you begin the level and thereby save a bunch of ammo. You'll need that ammo at the end to dispose of an unusually tough boss. Right after that you trigger an earthquake that lasts for the remainder of the level, but at worst it's only mildly annoying. And any kind of looping music usually gets on my nerves after a while. In this case I turned down the music fairly early in the game and got along quite nicely with only the standard sound files. The positives, however, far outweigh the negatives. Recommended." - Phil (29-Oct-2012)
"A nice game with good ideas. The rooms and areas looks nice. But I miss often the right lighting and the textures are sometimes the textures are squeezed or compressed. The cave is very dark. There are also nasty spike traps. Enemies are snakes, eagles and a demigod. Also soldiers (but only if Lara herself is mad). There is an earthquake at the end of the game. It is too long. Lara has to ride her bike with the earthquake." - Eelkemama (26-Oct-2012)
"Another fine debut showing definite promise, often with interesting rooms, and some acrobatics for experienced players. The trouble is that after well-done jungle and lava areas, there follows a room that is way too dark. Next is a maze, for which the author had second thoughts, and so included a marked diagram of the maze, indicating an essential pickup. So maybe the maze idea should have been scrapped entirely? Then there is a bike ride that ends with a good screenshot of Lara jumping a gorge with the bike. But for that end there is also an earthquake constantly shaking the screen. There are poisonous side caves, and I didn't even realize that the first was poisonous until Lara died. There is nothing to indicate that those side branches of the cave are deadly, so a hapless player is almost certain to have to reload from an earlier save. There was a lot of reloading savegames in this level; I guess I'm more of a fan of anticipation, rather than surprises that end up killing Lara, including boulders on her head. The author is skilled, there is good design and texturing, so I'd like to see a second level with things coming together a bit more." - dmdibl (20-Oct-2012)
"It is a short level but good quality.The gameplay flows easy, there are't great difficulties and in some places is particularly fun. The textures are well applied and the lights, although some rooms are too dark, are placed in the right places. A half hour passed pleasantly." - Taras (18-Oct-2012)
"Here we go with my first review, for the first level of this author. Yes, it isn't a "fantastic level that you will never forget", but is still pretty. I liked the idea of solving a (simple) puzzle with the help of an "unlucky adventurer", but this is not the only part of gameplay i liked. I also loved the puzzle with the desert eagle, it was original in my opinion. The use of traps was good, and the enemies were placed good too, but i think those speed tests with the levers on the lava part can be odd for unexperienced people, as well as the first jump part in the same room. Well, this jump was odd for me too, cause there wasn't a obvious logical way to do it, and i wasted a try wondering if the little flat area on the second pillar was the answer to the problem, but it was only a wrong texture. I think i saw some minor texture errors like this around the level, but it is normal for a debut. The geometry was ok, and the textures of Legend fit in the place, so i scored a bit higher the atmosphere, but the lighting was a bit... Absent. I scored 7 anyway, as some shaders are seen and i did not notice very bad spots, except the cave. The light was not a probem as many flares are given and i liked the hidden spike pits, but i really did not see that torch, so i think the torch was the problem, and not the light. The labirint was not very difficult as the author lighted it with multiple colors, so when i finded the item it was not a very big deal to return. The medipack supply was not so little as some reviewers (and the author itself) said, but is certainly not good for beginners, as the enemies can suck all your life with no problem. The only big deal for me was, in the final part, to go out of the water, because a soldier was shotting me and the other was firing granades that always killed me, even with full healt. That small bike ride was nice anyway, but, again, the cliff part can be difficult for beginners. Now let's see the boss room, as there is a big problem. I think the author wrongly applied the door trigger, because if you step on a palm spot all doors opens and you can escape without doing anything really. Anyway, after the boss kill and artefact pick, you must run in a big cave and do an acrobatic jump in the water, wich i find awesome. Overall, a nice debut that is worth to play if you are a bit experienced player, and can be frustating if you aren't. Oh, and... that background music... it is frustating too after a while." - Topixtor (18-Oct-2012)
"To start off, the enemies, objects, music and textures fit the theme that the builder is trying to give off in this level for the most part(although I found things like the Japan-style motorbike, tigers and the infamous lava room to feel out of place.) FUN FACT: There are actually no wild tigers living in Ghana in reality, so I think the builder should have done a little more research, regarding what types of enemies that the player would face, in what is meant to be a Ghana-type level.) Gameplay in this level can be a simple walk in the park most of the time, with puzzles and finding secrets not being all that challenging to figure out or retrieve. Unfortunately, there can be some seriously bad difficulty spikes from time to time, whether that be fighting enemies(due to a lack of available medipacks), a frustrating time-consuming trap(like the two boulders or the life-draining levers in the lava room for example), a very confusing maze or the non-stop earthquake towards the end of the level. The lighting has also not being given enough attention with it falling flat in many areas, as well as being too dark to see where you're going at points, making you easily miss an important item that you need to progress at one point, therefore giving off a not so convincing atmosphere as a result. Overall, a pretty decent debut level that may offer some challenge for hardcore raiders, but if you're a player like me who had to ask for a save file at one point(thanks vinnyvis for providing that very save file by the way), this is probably a level that's best played only once and never be played again. I hope in the builder's next release, that he takes the feedback from this level into account when designing his next levelset. Maybe then, he could create a level that could be played and enjoyed by raiders of all skill levels." - Ceamonks890 (17-Oct-2012)
"For the most part,this is a thoroughly enjoyable adventure - Lara outruns pursuing boulders,swings over deep pits,performs fairly tricky jumps over lava,solves a nifty rolling boulder puzzle;but a gradual litany of minor irritations begin to build up (very flat lighting,an annoying earthquake and a perfectly tedious maze) and you almost become disillusioned with the whole thing...almost,but not quite;for the personality of the builder succeeds in shining through and ultimately saves the day. Perhaps it was the well-paced fly-by;or the careful texturing;or maybe even the exciting Finale - but the entertainment value remained high despite the obvious flaws.It's a fun little adventure of 40 minutes,and everyone should give it a go." - Orbit Dream (17-Oct-2012)
"Another very decent debut level - it's great to see so much new talent emerging of late. This is a good, fast paced, medium difficulty raid, with plenty of action going on. Medipacks are fairly tightly rationed, but if you take care (and don't battle the blokes at the beginning of the level, just leave them alone and they will reciprocate) you should manage to get through quite comfortably. One of two of the agility tests are not for inexperienced raiders, but otherwise nothing too onerous. Nice little boulder puzzle at one point, an exciting boss ending and a final short bike ride. OK, I could have done without the maze (I can always do without a maze) and one of the rooms was way too dark, but my only real plea to the builder is no more earthquakes - I don't like to finish a game feeling nauseated. Apart from that I really enjoyed the level and would definitely recommend it." - Jay (16-Oct-2012)
"A level reminiscent of TR Legend as quite a few in the recent years, and actually this kind of atmosphere is somewhat worn out by now, even if the level's appearance is quite nicely done with good sound usage (there were one or two missing animation sounds though), solid texturing though little effort on the lighting that seemed to bland. I also didn't like the pitch dark area in that regard. The very fast-paced gameplay is quite fun with only a few real negative sides, such as the maze which seemed kind of superfluos although the builder has provided a map, the mentioned dark area and the fact that it's possible to grab the final artifact without killing the boss - I presume it is possible, since there also is a lever I never used. The boulder puzzle with the adventurer's hint was quite nice in its simplicity and I enjoyed the jumps across the lava room and of course the short but interesting escape with the bike. Still, there is nothing overly taxing in this level that "only" moves on and on which might be my biggest complaint. Found two easy secrets in 25 minutes." - manarch2 (16-Oct-2012)
"I am very glad to see new people making their levels. This debut level is a nice try. Actually, you won't see many beginner's mistakes here. The level is beautiful with nice textures, mostly taken from TR legend. Since I was a beta tester for this level, I have to say that the author made it more functional. The level is more about exploration, but you will find some demanding and challenging parts, like the lava room with the difficult slope jumps and the boulder traps, or fights with many enemies and of course the boss fight with the monster from TR Legend. I think it is the first time I see this monster in a custom. It isn't working perfect, but it surely does its purpose. The gameplay is simple, with not so hard to solve puzzles. In addition, there are two not so hard to find secrets. Just keep your eyes open and you will spot them easily. What I think is needed for this level are more lighting spots and shades. They would make the rooms more beautiful. There are very few. Also, it's a pitty that if you don't solve the boulder puzzle right (which is a very nice puzzle and well hinded), you will be trapped in that room, but the author thought to inform us in a readme file about that. You will also find a short bike ride (which I hope it would be longer) in order for Lara to escape. All in all, a well textured level, with few hard parts and some nice fights and also few disadvandages which I think will get better in later works of this builder. Good start Jungle Raider..." - Sarikman (15-Oct-2012)