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LB Advent Calendar 2012 - A little Gift (Remake) by Ranpyon

Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
Christian 8 9 10 9
DJ Full 9 7 9 7
dmdibl 9 9 9 9
Jay 9 9 9 9
John 8 8 9 9
Jorge22 8 8 8 8
Jose 7 8 10 10
manarch2 8 8 9 9
MichaelP 7 9 9 8
misho98 8 9 9 9
Orbit Dream 7 8 9 9
OverRaider 8 10 8 9
Paulina Haminara 10 10 10 10
Phil 8 8 9 9
Ryan 9 9 9 9
Sakusha 9 10 10 9
Shandroid 9 9 10 10
sharnilal 8 7 8 8
sonnyd83 10 10 10 10
young Lara Croft 8 8 8 9
release date: 07-Dec-2012
# of downloads: 240

average rating: 8.82
review count: 21
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file size: 43.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: Xmas

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"another great mansion level that i enjoyed despite the lack of traps, vehicles or enemies, i just loved some of the unconventional ways of travelling to different rooms or parts of the mansion here, it has a great beginning in the snowy atmosphere outside to get you in the mood for the festive season, there is loads to explore and the puzzles and tasks were a joy because there is both elements of an old style mansion hunting experience but with fresh ideas in a fresh house level environment, i do think this level could do with some more camera or " lara look" hints though because about 3 or 4 times i just couldn't figure out what to do without a walkthrough. i enjoyed the torch puzzle, library and swinging outside and where that swimming pool takes you was a nice surprise. great textures and lighting, loved all the objects and furniture felt really warm and cosy. for me, making and playing house levels are just to die for, and i certainly had no idea there was so many good ones to play in the xmas section of this site, this is another one to add on my replay list" - John (24-Apr-2021)
"There is something special about this level I will definitely remember it for long time. The atmosphere is beautiful and gameplay was really enjoyable. Perfect for the season." - Paulina Haminara (25-Nov-2019)
"I don't know what the similarities are with this level, having never played the original, but I can safely say, that as a new level, this stands nicely on its own. Nice Christmas melodies, nice sounds and nice gameplay. Perfect for the season." - Ryan (13-Mar-2016)
"This felt much easier than the original level. I remember having lots of stuck moments with the old one and even if I didn't remember most of the tasks, I finished this one fairly easy. Anyway, it'S great, I love the big house and the decoration in each room. My favorite gameplay moment is probably where you have to monkeyswing from one balcony to the other one. Finished in 40 minutes, perfect for the holidays!" - misho98 (11-Dec-2015)
"The base of this level is the same that the old level, the same house, almost the same objects, similar gameplay... The areas are very well designed, with all kind of details, a good appearance and excelent texturization. Atmosphere is quite good, with the wind blowing in outside areas and appropriate musics once in a while and perfect cameras. Really not my style of level going here and there looking for items and thinking where to use them, but sometimes are some hints on-screen to help the player. A fantastic and very professional work anyway." - Jose (24-Apr-2013)
"It's Easter, for me apparently the highest time to play some Xmas levels. Especially because I once got stuck here and now I finally got a chance to get un-stuck, and I managed to do it. I finished with mixed feelings, because of the second secret. I don't even regret I missed it, because I know it's not even worthy to bother looking for fake walls. Please Ran, don't make such, because neither does finding one help anyone improve skills, nor can it train players' luck it strongly depends on.
But for the prevailing most of the game, all was fine. The action takes place in a comfy, densely furnished house among the snowstorm, we enter and exit the building many times during the play, and every time we get out, the soundtrack changes to whizzing and blowing, what intensifies the inner peace of the house. Here in this little environment, our primary goal is to make a little girl's dream come true by giving her a teddy bear. Weird thing that bear is acquired in the same house the mysterious kid lives in, so it's very likely we give her a toy which already belongs to her! Never mind. Santa's job is difficult, why not to make it easier? All in all it appears we more help than disturb - through baking some meat and putting ornaments on a Christmas tree, decoration sequence of which is admirably faithful: step by step, we watch the tree gather new and new features everytime we visit the central room with another ornament found. Magnificient!
I'm recently a batch lighting disliker, but what to do? People seem to forget how important the contrast is. Actually, this is a PRIMARY feature of lighting which brings life to a game. It would be good if a swimming pool surrounded by windows had brighter spots next to them than in the central pool. It would be desired for the ambience in this almost outdoor place to differ from the one in the basement! It's not only important to SEE anything in a level, but - apart from saying it's easy to make, as we get it even if an author doesn't touch the lighting buttons at all - the lighting does have to make sense. What a whole bunch of builders seems to consistently avoid.
SUMMARY: You know there's an Easter Bunny in this Xmas level? So why not to play it straight now? OK, I know now the BTB might interfere... but why not to interfere with BTB? When You will have enough of celtic knots and frozen flames, get here and find that bear. Recommended!" - DJ Full (01-Apr-2013)
"I played this one on Christmas Eve, and it was a thorough delight for the relatively brief 35 or 40 minutes I spent here. If it's a remake of an earlier level, I didn't feel the least bit cheated. Enough has been changed to make this an essentially new gaming experience, and it's perfect for the season. Every time you're obliged to go outdoors to get to another part of the house, you're greeted with a whooshing blast of wind that effectively chills you to the bones. I'm glad for this reason that most of the gameplay takes place indoors. The music is appropriate to the occasion, and the builder had the good sense not to provide any looping tracks, which to me are never welcome. The only mild objection I have is that the lively music in the flybys was turned up a little too loud. If this level doesn't get you in the holiday spirit, nothing will. Merry Christmas, everyone!" - Phil (25-Dec-2012)
"Quoting my own review from the original level which was the author's debut 2 years ago: ... I am not very fond of what I call the Lara's Home level concept: Running around the house, up and down, left and right and around, trying to find the right key of object to open the next door at the opposite end etc. As this is essentially what you get here, it is not quite my kind of level,... This statement still holds and I am also not a big fan of remakes in general, but admittedly, the makeover has improved the level in terms of look and feel - even though two walkthrough walls remain (one for a secret). The entire house setting and the rooms and objects look very convincing and given I spent only 30 mins of exploration here this time, it was a very welcome little intermezzo in the Christmas season." - MichaelP (24-Dec-2012)
"Very nice and enjoyable christmas level but i expected more from this builder. I know she can do a lot better as i played her previous two levels which are fantastic. There are good ideas and puzzles in this game and nice christmassy atmosphere. With no doubt one of the best LBAC level this year!! Recommended. 8/10/8/9" - OverRaider (24-Dec-2012)
"I have truly enjoyed playing this Christmas level. Lara's search for Christmas tree decorations really put me in the holiday spirit! The snowy forest was gorgeous, and the home really felt like a cozy shelter from the blustery winds outside. The author really excelled with the use of objects, including the notion of using Christmas decorations as key items to insert into a tree, the notion of shooting a ceiling decoration so that it could become a usable swinging rope, and the use of a remote control to have the TV screen move (with a Chipmunks song added to the mix). It was also exciting to see Christmas treats as medipacks, and Lara used her heroism to fulfill a child's wish of having a teddy bear for Christmas. I highly recommend this level." - Sakusha (23-Dec-2012)
"a nice remake. The task is to ornate a Christmastree and finally to add a present under it. A lot of things have to be done in several areas of the manor, after having started in a very cold and windy environment. Atmosphere is perfect. Every single detail is worked out preciously from this very talented builder. Keys often are nearly invisible, there a long ways to go to and fro. Sound and camera-hints are perfectly set as lightnig too. Highly recommended!" - Christian (19-Dec-2012)
"I loved the first level and I loved the remake! Lots of fun things to do in this Christmas level to find a gift. I got confused a few times, but that's a good thing, it is not so easy that you fly right through it. The mountain house is gorgeous and well designed. There are some neat additions like what to do with the Christmas lights hanging outside the house. My only wishes for the level would be a few more secrets to find and more nice Christmas music. I would have rather listened to music (or given the choice with the stereo), than the clock ticking, but that just may be me. I hate ticking clocks, even if it is more realistic. Lovely level to be played be everyone who loves Xmas levels." - Shandroid (16-Dec-2012)
"After finishing this level I went back and re-played the earlier version to get a comparison and it is clear that this builders skills at both puzzles and interior decorating(!) are developing well. J I enjoyed the updated look of the house and the use of different puzzles in order to accomplish the ultimate task and although the beginnings and ends are the same, the in-between bit - the bit that matters - was a lot more creatively thought out and very much changed from the original even though conforming to the same basic map. Well, done." - sharnilal (11-Dec-2012)
"I can see why the author would feel this level was worthy of being remade. Appearance and various effects have been updated and improved, such as the exploding oven, or TV and remote control featuring a Chipmunk song. In fact, even though the broad outline of gameplay remains much the same, many of the details are now different. Lara no longer pushes a table into a kitchen (which felt odd), but now has a more sensible use for that table. I think the pool and swimming crevice are better done, and swinging on Christmas lights as a rope was nice. Maybe I'm just used to this, but everything makes more sense. I loved the ending with Lara decorating a tree with lights, tinsel, Christmas ornaments, and a star to top it all. The family will appreciate that Lara has packaged up a teddy bear gift. (Lara has also shot out windows, destroyed a painting, and blown up their oven to make a mess in the kitchen, but these things happen. It's the thought that counts.) Those who have played this before will find it goes quickly, and that it leaves a nice lighthearted and pleasant feeling for the holidays. A beautiful Christmas gift from the author." - dmdibl (10-Dec-2012)
"I thoroughly enjoyed this delightful Advent level the first time around and was only too pleased to try out the remake. As far as I can recall the earlier version (and given that I lose track of what I've done in a level before and after lunch I could well be totally wrong) the new version has been altered quite a bit. There's plenty of exploration of the lovely house and grounds and some nicely sneaky gameplay, but generally speaking the hints when Lara 'looks' at things are sufficient to keep you going without being stuck for too long. There are of course no enemies, but Lara does have her trusty revolver for the odd spot of vandalism on the windows etc. It's certainly put me in a lovely Christmassy mood. Sheer delight" - Jay (09-Dec-2012)
"It was a pleasure to replay this little Christmas gift with all the modifications that make it as good as new. I have a vague recollection of the first version, so I can't really compare but I do remember, for example, one had to push/pull a table with a tree on top to a location in the kitchen for no apparent reason: that's gone, changed into something much clearer. I enjoyed it and how can one not enjoy these little Christmas gifts? My sole and main complaints is how puzzled one can get in order to place several things on the Christmas tree because one has to be in the exact position (but that's an old problem)and how one has to shoot from an exact position (again)when shooting at, say, destructible paintings on the wall. I liked it when the oven exploded at the start! Not an explosive level though, just Christmassy and I find that quite satisfying..." - Jorge22 (09-Dec-2012)
"Well, when god created the heaven and earth, I think he was using this as a template! It's almost perfect in every way, hence the 10/10 across all areas. I never had the pleasure of playing the 2010 original so didn't know what to expect, which is a good thing. The main aim is to decorate a christmas tree and find a teddy to give as a gift. There's a lot of going back and forth throughout the house to get items you need. The outdoor areas have some nice winter scenery. Every object here is created beautifully, there's so many examples, it's hard to mention every one. I liked the brief cartoon on the TV, the fish tanks, fireplaces, and christmas lights. I have a reservation about the swimming pool area, I think this would not pass building regulations! The house above should have maybe a couple of pillars supporting it at the very least. The lighting is very subtle and not over or under done. Ranpyon has not just created a level here, but also a work of art, much like her easter level. 2 hours it took me to play, but could be done in less." - sonnyd83 (08-Dec-2012)
"As always in each Christmas, I wait a Ranpyon level. And this year we are the beautiful surprise to re discovered a new version of her first level. Personnaly, I don't really remember the first version but I am sure there are few new surprises (like the TV :)). The level is not really hard and not really dark, It's I think one of the easiest levels of Ranpyon, so playable by everybody and even by the bigginners. There are also no enemies and no traps ... some peoples doesn' like this but personnaly I prefert a quiet christmas level without weapons in hand. The textures and the objects are perfects (kitchen and bathroom)and ad a wonderful christmas atmosphere in this beautiful little house. Congratulations Ranpyon for this beautiful little gift and THAAAANKS a lot!" - BigFoot (08-Dec-2012)
"Not having played the original,I have nothing to compare this with;but taken on its own,it does everything you would expect of an Advent level,and does it very well.The construction is absolutely first class,while music is used effectively,and the objects (especially the Television)are superbly incorporated. What is harder to reconcile is the (typically for this genre) gameplay which veers from the logical (put a gift into a wrapped box),to the obscure (using a TV remote control to open a door elsewhere in the building - although a text hint is kindly added) and the downright unfair (one interactive Christmas box among a myriad static ones;and which can only be opened if Lara is standing at a specific angle - as is also the case with the placement of the Tree decorations). This is the sort of level which could be completed in around twenty minutes with the aid of a Walkthrough;but which took me almost three times that long.Nonetheless,the degree of charm (especially the use of The Chipmunks)helps to alleviate much of the frustration from the many stuck moments.For those who adore these sorts of levels,this will no doubt do the trick." - Orbit Dream (08-Dec-2012)
"Despite being aptly named as a remake, this level isn't as tedious as I expected as most tasks are new to me and I still love the nice setting of the original game. I found this level to be more mature than the debut released nearly two years ago. The atmosphere is almost perfect in this level with great use of sound, custom objects and fine texturing and lighting; maybe the outside loop was a little annoying after some time and here and there the game could've benefited from a few more cameras so those are the reasons why I'm not giving it full score, but it was close. As another small gripe there were some small problems with the lighting (creating some odd cracks in the walls), but that's about it concerning visuals. Gameplay flows nicely along although not being linear at all as you have to go up and down and around the large manor and some things are rather sneakily hidden, like some windows or pictures being shootable and some not, or a not so obvious present box that can actually be opened. I liked the rather cute usage of the remote controller and the oven sequence much. What I didn't like was that there still were two walkthrough walls; although one of them is no problem at all while the other leads to a secret (this one was at least hinted in the original version). Getting the other secret is also pure luck if you ask me, but they're secrets, and thus they can be as well hidden as the builder likes, well that's my opinion. Summary: A well-rounded 35 minute level that perfectly fits the Christmas climate, although I plead for something completely new next time." - manarch2 (08-Dec-2012)
"This little level was very much enjoyable. Overall the atmosphere and setting was nice. The level was simple yet at times I got a bit lost, maybe because this remake was introducing new objects and new ways of interaction. What I liked was the design of the level and how the level builder chose to 'decorate' the rooms. The gameplay, although short, was a nice experience and it maintained that Chistmassy feel and look." - young Lara Croft (08-Dec-2012)