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A Short Adventure by kettie

cho7 8 7 7 7
DJ Full 6 5 5 5
eRIC 7 6 5 6
EssGee 6 6 6 6
Gerty 4 5 5 5
Jay 6 6 5 5
Jose 6 6 7 6
manarch2 5 5 5 5
MichaelP 6 5 4 4
Orbit Dream 6 7 7 8
Phil 7 7 8 8
Ryan 6 6 6 7
sonnyd83 7 8 7 8
release date: 20-Apr-2013
# of downloads: 68

average rating: 6.08
review count: 13
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file size: 53.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: Venice

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Well, not "short" short, but it's about average length for a single level such as this. It's not too bad for a debut, if a bit too simple in places. The textures are quite bland and environments are rather similar, but they're adequate enough for a more gameplay-focused setting. I quite liked the way the rooms and corridors connected and the way you ended up back in familiar places from different directions. The gameplay, while mainly centered around key hunting, had a few slight hints of creativity with an extended bike ride, a couple of mirror rooms and flipmaps. It's a good enough effort for what it is. However, I did almost get caught in an illegal slope, but somehow managed to jump by chance back to the bike, so I would say take extra care not to jump too carelessly." - Ryan (10-Feb-2018)
"One creative thing is unpredictable use of flipmaps, but the rest is very simple and has basic misconceptions like walk-through walls or many keys usable in the same keyhole. Repetitive lighting, texturing and geometry don't allow the Venetian pack to do its best, though thanks to its resources the scenery looks somewhat pleasant. We can do some puzzles but the game could be about anything and could in fact happen anywhere. Still, the builder tried various things so I'm curious about his/her next game." - DJ Full (27-Jan-2016)
"This 30 minute level is a curious mix. We are presented with Trinity's slightly raunchy bikini-clad Esk character, exploring a very blocky environment that is vaguely Venice-based, more so because of the use of the BToB Venice textures rather than the minimalist architectural design. The level is largely a case of progression from key to key to torch to mask, then do it all again. Also thrown in, we get to buzz around on a little moto-scooter. I didn't explore every possibility, but it seemed to me that you could get into trouble by taking the scooter to places that you could not get it back from. Not an ideal situation given that it is required to ascend the final slope to finish the game. There are no weapons and no ennemies (sorry that's enemies). Despite the run-of-the mill squarish design of most rooms, the textures are applied without much stretching and the lighting is bright. But why would you apply roof tile textures to water tunnels? That's just wrong. I guess it's a nice light interlude, but I just didn't feel any particular sense of achievement after crossing the finish line. The builder shows potential by mastering some of the core concepts of level-building, but needs to be a bit more creative with their room design. Fine for a quick non-stressful raid." - EssGee (20-Jun-2013)
"There are some defects in this level, but I don't know how you can die driving the bike if you approach to a switch or a keyhole. Simple architecture, I think textured with the "Texture walls-ceiling-floor" buttons, the gameplay was bored only running here and there looking for keys to open doors or the very long monkeyswing around the room, but the mirror rooms gave a good touch though. The absence of enemies, guns, traps and puzzles makes the level a bit lame. But I think this author has potential and we'll see in the future..." - Jose (21-May-2013)
"Very nice small level with a pretty lara in bikini (but is it Lara?). Nothing difficult, just find the keys to advance in the game The ending is a bit abrupt. This is a good first level." - cho7 (10-May-2013)
"I don't think the scores to date do this level justice, so mine are a bit higher. The gameplay is actually quite engaging, even though it does consist in large part of finding keys to open doors, and so on. The methods by which progress is accomplished, however, are varied enough to provide a full-length level that made me put on my thinking cap in a couple of places. The fact that no stuck thread has been established to date tells me that most players have been able to find their way with little difficulty. The readme says that the level is intended for children, but judging from Lara's attire - which is, shall we say, rather stimulating - the builder must have had post-pubescent children in mind. I'm at the other end of the spectrum, a dirty old man am I, but I must say that I enjoyed some of the fixed camera shots and the climbing sequences. Anyway, for several reasons I had a fun time here, and I especially appreciated the well-lighted environs. A welcome change of pace from the grueling BtB levels." - Phil (24-Apr-2013)
"Talk about setting expectations low with the level title, as you get 30-40 minutes out of this short adventure and it is a nice trip down memory lane back to the BtB Venice package. This debut shows a lot of promise, as the author has mastered the basic techniques of building a series of simple puzzles into a generally cohesive environment and even includes some of the neater tricks, such as two mirror rooms, the fire element puzzle and a few eclectic flipmap effects. You can even do some of the tasks in different order or omit completely, but overall the flow is pretty obvious and involves a lot of the usual find key or artifect, then use key or artifact and then again and again type method, which quickly gets a bit boring. I found four secrets (one double secret so to speak) and these were nice room additions to the map, which is always a plus. On the downside, the texturing and lighting is rather careless, or rather effortless and not much time went into that work. Also the rooms, while well connected are all rather square and bare - and the ending is rather abrupt. Still, solid fun for a debut with a few good ideas, so looking forward to more from this builder." - MichaelP (22-Apr-2013)
"Well, shortish anyway. The readme says this is a level designed for children and certainly there are no weapons/enemies, just a blonde girl in a skimpy bikini and what is mainly an extended key hunting expedition. It would certainly be a suitable level for anyone completely new to raiding as the action is very easily achieved and, on the plus side, there is a cool Vespa to ride. Otherwise it's just simple climbing and swimming, finding a few artefacts and using a torch a couple of times. Nice to see the mask and wine objects from the Venice Back to Basics though." - Jay (22-Apr-2013)
"I did not had high expectations when starting this level where we play with another female character than Lara, the looks of the level with a much colored ambient lighting while being rather neat (well if we can overlook a missing texture somewhere here) were not that engaging , with square rooms and you get repetitive texturing at times , the gameplay also seemed to revolve mostly around finding many keys and other key items and placing them. But later on , it started to become more interesting , as I started to appreciate the author's good work to make things fall into place using reentrances in areas already visited , assuring you can't be stuck. The Vespa is put to rather good use , there are some flipmaps and 2 easy mirror rooms. Found 4/5 secrets , liking quite the placement of one in the 'tower' area. Eventually , this peaceful and not very atmospheric level , yet rather dynamic , without weapons nor enemies and with a repetitive background audio, was found rather entertaining by someone who is not a child :] Technically without many faults anyway. 40 minutes." - eRIC (21-Apr-2013)
"The readme says, this is for children, there are no enemies and no weapons. Sorry but I started this up and seeing Lara in her skimpy outfit, it cracked me up. For children with an outfit like that? It says more about raging hormones though. Honey in which Lalaland do you live? Missing texture, cracks, illegal slopes and the fliproom at the end didn't match up. For the rest do keep your eyes open for small keys. A lot can be done without the Vespa but you do need it twice and please do save before you decide to drive in another area as I got stuck and couldn't get out." - Gerty (21-Apr-2013)
"Not as short as I suspected, but this level can still be finished in under half an hour. Unlike other recent debut releases, this level is thankfully brightly lit but texturewise I didn't really like this level because there are many walls that were textured with the "texture all" button even if it surprisingly looks acceptable most of the time, and there were a few misplaced or even missing textures. In comparison, I found the lighting to be rather well done though, but it's relatively uniform in my opinion. The gameplay is rather easy most of the time and I was only stuck shortly before discovering one door actually could be used as a ladder; there were definately too many items to find at the startand sometimes you'll find the same item more than once in this level. After the initial key hunt the level got a little better, with a (not overly inspired) bike ride, a few flipmaps and two mirror rooms, some room connections especially involving the bike were quite good. Found all five secrets - but I still don't get why the task to find two of them were exactly symmetrical and in the same room - and spent 25 minutes in here. Not bad for a debut but not too involved and gripping either." - manarch2 (20-Apr-2013)
"Actually this is not an especially short adventure at around 45 minutes,and is even potentially confusing at times,so it may not be as suitable for children as the author intends.Basically,it's a hunt for keys and masks;and (providing you locate the underwater lever at the very start) its pretty fast moving and occasionally inventive(the mirror ceiling was a very nice touch!).Puzzles are always straightforward,but the Scooter is used rather well,and there's a pleasing sense of the level opening up logically as you progress,always leading you back to the hub room at opportune moments.The atmosphere is fine,even though the location is somewhat contrived;but the looping dramatic music becomes extremely intrusive after a while and prevents the adventure from being a completely placid experience.All the same,this is an interesting debut;and I look forward to more from the builder." - Orbit Dream (20-Apr-2013)
"We're told that this level is for children, but I think Lara had other ideas when she decided on what to wear (or should I say not!) This adventure takes place in a semi-Venetian style setting with Venice textures, but some of the rooms are a little too boxy in appearance, and the lighting is bizarre, you will be overwhelmed by colour here! I had to use flares in places, just so I could see again. The use of textures is very good, but some wallpapering. With regards to the gameplay, you get two sets of the same tasks, collect a multitude of different coloured keys, open multitude of rooms, find some wine (of all things), set fire to it, find and place a mask. Mask object looked really good by the way. We are treated to a nice bike ride, which you can use with nitro. I notice Lara dies if on the bike and tries to go up the slope in the water room. The sound is mostly standard and the background track does repeat a little too much and is in my opinion unsuitable for a Venice level, also some doors have bike sound with them when opening. Recommended. Game time was 45 minutes." - sonnyd83 (20-Apr-2013)