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Lara's Stroll by Daffy

Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
Christian 10 9 9 8
DJ Full 8 10 8 9
Jack& 9 10 10 9
Jay 10 10 10 9
JesseG 10 10 8 8
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 10 10 10 10
Josey 10 10 10 9
Lizard Queen 8 10 8 8
manarch2 9 9 7 8
MichaelP 10 9 8 8
Mman 9 9 8 9
Phil 10 9 10 10
raikutee 10 10 9 10
Rambo 8 10 6 8
requiemsoul 9 9 9 8
Ryan 10 9 9 9
Topixtor 10 10 9 9
release date: 07-Jun-2013
# of downloads: 177

average rating: 9.21
review count: 19
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file size: 62.80 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I came across this level after viewing the renewed HOF page and thought I should start playing some of these. I was intrigued by this one when reading the builder’s intro where there’s no story, no fancy architecture… just pure gameplay. What I liked about this level: 1) The use of boulders blowing up mines, opening up areas. 2) AOD Lara outfit. 3) The secrets are hidden but don’t take you too far from the main route. 4) Navigating the paddles that try to push you off platforms. 5) Very few enemies. 5) Auto moving pushblock puzzle igniting explosive cannon shots… that was cool to watch! 6) The jump sequence over flames for the 4th secret was fun! 7) Thought it was very cute to put “footprints” where the player should stand to do a jump off a sloped block. What I didn’t like or needs improvement: 1) I missed hearing background music. I didn’t realize that I cared that much about it in game until it was absent. 2) Got irreversibly stuck behind a stack of timber and had to reload to a previous savegame. 3) Despite the very cool object animations throughout, the actual gameplay started getting a bit repetitive with jump switches and keys. 4) I would never have known that pushing a block into an alcove would light a flame for the torch. Conclusion: As the builder promised, a very fun level to play focused on gameplay and inventive object animations! Appropriate for average players familiar with TR moves." - Lizard Queen (15-Apr-2021)
"Boulders, flames, werewolves, flying skeletons, spikes, hammers, rotating paddles, pistons...if an average person faced all these obstacles I doubt they would describe the time spent here as a "stroll". But this is Lara we're talking about, and after all of the adventures she's been through, this is just another Tuesday for her. The level description speaks for itself – players won't find much immersive content here, rather they will find a series of simple rooms packed with engaging gameplay. Besides what I've already listed above there are also some nice pushable block puzzles, timed runs, target practice, and use of a few torches. I had fun watching the different objects move around, sometimes I felt like Lara was part of a Rube Goldberg device. My only criticism is that a few switches are missing camera cues, thankfully this is pretty minor thanks to the straightforward level design. 1 hour 31 minutes." - JesseG (07-Apr-2021)
"Not a level you gonna enjoy everytime you try it - make sure to be in a riddle mood because what a riddle it is! If you're ready, it will reward you with tons of great customization and unusual music application. If only it was less a trap array and more a story, and if only it was less roomy and more landscapey, it would also be my cup of tea, because in the end I appreciated it but also got really tired.... I wish I was able to sync my mind with Daffy's because he builds stuff as great as it gets but in a dimension completely parallel to mine and in style completely discording with what I like to play." - DJ Full (19-Jul-2019)
"This is an action packed little adventure. The gameplay is the main selling point here, because although the tasks required to progress are mostly linear, they never reach a level of tedium, due to the sheer variety and challenge they provide, as well as a couple of ingenious touches to spruce up well-worn gameplay formats like the rotating paddles and the final torch and roller puzzle. The secrets are mostly hidden well and are enjoyable to hunt down. Like Michael, I wasn't the biggest fan of the music used here and found it slightly unfitting, but aside from that, it provides a definite amount of entertainment for the 75 minute duration." - Ryan (09-Jan-2018)
"At first I was a little disappointed that this level goes back to purely abstract design after the developing theme and setting in Escape in the Pacific, but the strange industrial complex in this level still feels coherent in it's own way, although it has a bit less feeling of structure and is mostly a linear series of challenge rooms. The gameplay does build on the style of Escape in the Pacific though, with a bunch of events and gameplay sequences that do some things I've never seen before while also maintaining a good flow. I do think the lack of overall structure lets it down compared to EITP though. Another great level, but I hope the author experiments more with stronger theming and narrative progression in the future." - Mman (13-Mar-2014)
"As the author stated, he had wanted to provide demanding gameplay and so had desisted bringing environment and atmosphere to perfection. In deed some areas and textures are looking a bit monotone, lightning could have been improved at some places. But the author's priority was laid on gameplay and in that concern he did an outstanding job. The main-theme seems to be movement. Everything moves: Burning tiles, knife traps, moveable boxes are moving themselves, lorries light torches - in nearly every room we find new (moving) surprises making gameplay quite various, but also a bit demanding. It's not a level for beginners. The variety of gameplay makes this level to such enjoyable. Highly recommended to advanced players!" - Christian (09-Jan-2014)
"Everything in this Level seems to move. I really enjoyed this consistent element of gameplay that carries you through the almost two hours you can spend here, if you are not rushing through. You get funny rotating pads, moving burners, very harmful rotating blades next to floortiles that push you towards them, pushables that push themselves, and much more. While this sounds challenging, it actually is not, at least not for a reasonably seasoned raider. It is entertaining and diverse without being excruciatingly difficult and that makes this Level a pure fun to enjoy. Maybe there are a few too many jump switches, some of them sneakily hidden and I did not like that two of the cute dragon secrets were hidden behind walkthrough walls. Also the texturing is rather more functional than inspired, although lighting and cameras are done very well. Music is always a matter of taste and while I enjoyed listening to the tracks, I really felt they did not fit the Levels atmosphere at all. None of the small gripes impacted the fun I had with this one though, so very highest recommendations! [1:52, 7 secrets]" - MichaelP (22-Oct-2013)
"Gameplay & Puzzles: No doubt, this is a fun game and the tasks are very original and challenging, but that doesn't mean I'm going to give a 10. For me, gameplay has to be more than just a series of tasks, this level is hilarious linear and you won't get stuck because of not knowing where to go (because of the tasks maybe). I remember someone saying a good comedy is not a series of jokes, and he's right. But for puzzles, I nearly can't fault them, maybe sometimes a bit too easy but all creative. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: Here I really can't fault anything. There are very few enemies, but I don't miss them here. The objects are stunning, and are the main ingredient for the fun tasks. All of them, the moving hands, the moving fires, fantastic. There are many (7) secrets and well hidden, I even missed one the first time. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The rooms are solidly constructed, but I think that was rather easy because everything is rather boxy. No way to compare it to real masterpieces in level design. I've mixed feelings about the sound, it's funny but I would have liked more ambient tracks. The cameras are okay but nothing outstanding and not many longer flybys. It's not a work of beauty. Lighting & Textures: Good work here, though it doesn't help the atmosphere. Textures are well applied, only few mistakes, more colourful textures maybe would be good. The lighting is solid and more colourful but not really realistic. Total: 8/10, fun, yes, but not a classic." - Rambo (15-Oct-2013)
"The title of this level is somewhat misleading, as what we have here is a good old-fashioned trapfest that's hardly a stroll in the park. It's an invigorating trapfest, however, with many innovative opportunities for dying, and I had a grand time for the nearly two hours it took for me to finish. Everything is visually appealing and well lighted, a combination that never fails to warm my heart. An added boost was some Creedence Clearwater Revival music from my college years, a tribute to us old timers. There are some timed runs and jumps past thumpers and flame blowers, among other things, but there's nothing a player of average skills can't accomplish. My review count is down this month because I'm playing a couple of epics (Edisode Zero and League of the Dragons), but I'm glad I took some time out to enjoy this delightful adventure. High recommendations." - Phil (30-Jul-2013)
"ohh yes ..... was a while since i write a review ..i was surprised good game built my friend Daffy ...variated gameplay - without being frustranting - very important .....and very intuitive ..... u never get this one .......and time to tine challenging but not at hardcore level so anyone can enjoy this one ...bravo my friend ..." - Jack& (11-Jul-2013)
"I must say I liked and found Lara's stroll more inspiring than Wacky, while using some of the same (and best) ideas, namely the running flames. There's no story, ok, but who needs a story when the gameplay is so varied and so nicely built in a way that it's simultaneously thrilling and accessible to all? And are Lara's adventures in any way comparable to, say, Max Payne, story wise? I liked it a lot this way and didn't miss the storyline one bit. There are several rather inspired moments, of which I'd like to make the mine cart room stand out. And of course I enjoyed the CCR (coupled with just a bit of The Who) tracks a lot. Another thing I usually forget to mention but which is a plus in my book is if you have to go somewhere among spikes, thumpers, flames, blades, whatever, when you've finished the task and have to go back the traps aren't working anymore, which is really player friendly and only happens once in a while in this world of mostly sadistic?/realistic? builders. Highly recommended for everyone." - Jorge22 (20-Jun-2013)
"I really wanted to give a full ten in every category, but some rare and hard-noticeable graphic faults didn't let me to. I want to give a hint not only to daffy, but to every builder: i know it is difficult to not include any paper- thin wall/ceiling in a level as I am building a level too, but when possible, simply add a click to the ceiling or REDO an intire room to avoid to inculde them if they are not intentional. As far as I played, i learned that if somewhere there is a paper-thin wall, hidden by hundred of rooms between one and another, after a labyrinth, after a slide, after a minecart ride, after the intere level, it will be somehow noticeable. In this case, i found a paper-thin ceiling thanks to a dead baboon who clipped trought it. Whatever, let' see other aspects of this MASTERPIECE: The gameplay is a better and more varied version of Wacky's one, and it's simply amazing and epic. I noticed a bug: in the outdoor room with the cannons you can enter the room with the rolling barrels even without pulling the lever in the pool after you activate both buttons. After those rooms there is a room with swinging traps, I found it difficult to avoid them, i think it is impossible, but I really don't care about those bugs. The simplistic look of the level is anyway pleasant, and probably better for the gameplay, and lighting is amazing, maybe a bit too bright as from the skybox the level is set on night, i found the lighting more convincing in "wacky". The new objects are fantastic, beautiful and original as every other thing in the level, even the well hidden secrets, and I simply wanted to replay it right after I ended it. Few levels gave me this desire after playing them the first time. Simply beautiful, a must play. Did I mention that the level is beautiful?" - Topixtor (15-Jun-2013)
"It's always a pleasure to play Daffy's levels. Well, it could be only 'cause I like the style from this author; I don't know. Here there are a lot of new objects and innovative ideas; never frustrating or too hard it's very nice to play and entertaining. Also I'm a fan of Creedence many years ago when I was young, so this level was really a gift for me. Only found a small defect in the small room with three torches: the invisible block in fron of the exit door if you don't pick up the torch first (easy to solve placing two doors, inside and outside). Thank you very much Philippe for this small jewel. Highly recommended." - Jose (14-Jun-2013)
"Short but very enjoyable and smart level. Excellent music selection. CCR !. Good Job!." - requiemsoul (14-Jun-2013)
"This Lara's Stroll is another good example of our telented Daffy. Like Wacky, we can suppose the game is situated in another imaginary country. The good point of this game is certainly the amazing gameplay. We discovered many news traps and few challenging puzzles. The use of the many NG options is very well and give a nice look of this little Lara's very dangerous Stroll ^^. We can also discovered a lot of news objects, like the "spanking machine", the mines and others greats animatings and statics objects. The secrets are not very hard to found but sometimes very well hidden. Like "Wacky", there are news originales musics and we can discovered some of them follow sometimes flyby cameras and give a funny look to the level. The game is not really dark and there are a perfect use of the textures. I spend 1h 12min with Lara in this wonderful adventure. So, I just recommended this game ... maybe more difficult than Wacky (but nothing impossible), you certainly spend a very good moment with Lara, werewolfs, monkeys ... and fews amazing news surprises. Thanks a lot Phil for this adventure." - BigFoot (13-Jun-2013)
"Great level all around. I dropped 1 point for cameras as it would have been nice to show the first time you pull a timed switch what you did. Other that that, I think we have a classic hall of fame, even though it is shortish." - raikutee (13-Jun-2013)
"Wow, loved the choice of music - talk about reliving my youth. If you've played 'Wacky' recently then you'll find much of the same type of gameplay here, albeit a bit more challenging. In other words, prepare to be vastly entertained by some really well devised traps and puzzles, whilst being impressed by the wonderful custom objects - of particular note, the fire emitter that moves up and down a pole, water paddles and the fire buckets, all highly original and inventive and I bet you can't wait to see what I'm talking about now, can you? Wait no longer, go and play this super game right now. Highly recommended." - Jay (13-Jun-2013)
"What you get in this level is exactly what the builder already explains on the levelinfo page: A very linear level with (very) creative tasks embedded in a visually standard environment with rather functional architecture. The latter should not discourage you to play this level, since it's all about the gameplay and this is indeed highly imaginative, with creative usage of objects like the rotating hands, the blocks, the "fire transporters" and the moving fire traps, which lets this feel like a fun kind of an assault course. Textures are very solidly applied, though somewhat monotonous and way too greyish. I did not have the feeling being in any concrete setting in here; the room connections are as functional as the architecture and areas are placed one after another. Even if the sound choice was most interesting the music tracks vanished way too quickly when entering the next room. All in all this level might be even the best level from this builder gameplaywise, but it lacks the atmosphere that made his last two levels special. Still recommended without any reservations." - manarch2 (11-Jun-2013)
"A "very linear level", says the author. Well... I'd like to see a lot more of this linearity. "I'm not trying to make a work of architectural art", says he. Well... THAT'S what he has made, and, besides this, also a work of pure creative art. See that amazing sequence of the "telepheric" buckets, for example... In fact, the only thing in this game that didn't deserve my total and inconditional approval was the lighting: I found it a little dark. This darkness, however, was amply compensated by the author's overall brilliancy." - Josey (10-Jun-2013)