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20x20x20 Challenge - Mini Adventures - India by Tombraider95

alan 8 9 9 10
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 7 9 9 10
Don007 7 8 8 9
eRIC 9 9 9 9
Gerty 8 8 9 9
Jack& 8 8 7 9
janachorider 9 8 10 10
Janny 9 10 10 10
Jay 8 9 10 10
John 7 8 10 8
Jose 9 10 9 10
manarch2 9 8 9 9
MegaGamer 10 10 10 10
MichaelP 7 9 10 9
Minox 8 8 9 9
Mman 9 10 10 10
Nina Croft 9 9 9 10
Orbit Dream 8 9 10 10
OverRaider 8 9 10 10
Phil 9 9 10 10
Rainmaker 8 9 9 10
Rambo 8 8 9 9
requiemsoul 9 9 9 10
Ryan 9 9 9 10
SeniorBlitz 8 9 9 10
TombExplorer 8 9 9 10
release date: 03-Aug-2013
# of downloads: 236

average rating: 9.05
review count: 27
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file size: 51.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: Jungle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Well If your looking for a TR3 Indian jungle style level that is what we get here when it comes to the textures, great atmosphere and sound as well as the enemy encounters. The gameplay however is completely original and involves a lot of fun and challenging platforming, however a lot of this platforming can be quite obscure and really not obvious at all so a walkthrough may be required a few times. what I enjoyed the most was the traps, timed run, use of the quad bike, movable block puzzle and the exploring around such a enriched and varied environment. The only thing I wasn’t a fan of was the tired and re-used textures from tr3 India at the beginning but thats probably just personal preference and the rest of the level plus the gameplay and exploration more than makes up for this" - John (15-Jul-2022)
"57 minutes spent here in this welcome atmopsheric jungle level where every respect of levelbuilding is done well. It is atmopheric and i found the gameplay inspired and enjoyable. This said it seems i found a shortcut as you can finish the level without using the quadbike (you can jump from the high ledge with the torches and fire emitters to where the quadbike is supposed to take you for one of the two main quests) , i do not rate down for it was fun all the same. For such a map of this dimension i found there was quite enough enemies but they are not of an afterthought as they are well placed and used. A very good time in India." - eRIC (28-Mar-2022)
"Here we are back another Mini Adventure from Tombraider95. This time we are going to explore India and I have to be honest: despite I hate TR3's india with a passion(I just dislike the textures and atmosphere in general), this level was LOVELY. The author managed to grasp the feeling of India in one greatly crafted 20x20x20 level. The level is Beautiful, we can't really say much more about it. But I would just jump to the only think that convinced me the least about this level: the gameplay. Most of the time it was very confusing, some levers were very well hidden (I remember one specific jump-switch after a double rope) and at times I didn't understand where I was supposed to go. The level has also some pushables sections, which lengthened the level a bit(luckily, it is not a matter of 5+ minutes). The secret was very well hidden despite me being able to find it pretty easily. Overall, this level was such a good level that in my opinion should be played by everyone at least once, because it is the best India Level I have played, as for now. Good job on that, Tombraider95! Recommended? Must-Play. Difficulty? Medium. Duration? 45-55 minutes." - TombExplorer (30-Oct-2020)
"What a beautiful scenario. Everything looks really nice. You get to explore this jungle looking for some keys, solving puzzles, killing tigers, vultures, guards, snakes and the shiva statues. Everything gives that TR3 feel. For a small space, it's pretty fun and I can recommend it to anyone." - alan (18-Aug-2018)
"This is a very pretty and well done adventure in an India- type of setting, the puzzles are very fun and even in the limited space the author could create some wonderful set pieces, the fight with the sheevas at the end was also challenging and an improvement over the last boss fight in the other games Mini-Adventure games. There are some enemies for you to shot and secrets for you to find (more than one this time), my only complaint is that driving the jeep in the narrow space you have (since the box puzzle just so happen to be right in the middle of the road you have to drive through), but, that’s it, you should play it if you want a fun ride full of lively environments and good gameplay." - SeniorBlitz (17-Nov-2017)
"This level provided me with more entertainment than I anticipated, considering the apparent restrictions of the contest. You get a picturesque jungle environment to explore, a fair amount of gameplay tasks to accomplish, consisting of treetop exploration, two block puzzles, a torch sequence, a short quad bike ride, a rope swing, two thistles to find and a boss battle. A wonderful little gem that I can highly recommend. 45 minutes." - Ryan (07-Jan-2017)
"This is surely the only 20x20x20 level I have ever found lagging, so I had to drop it until I get my i7 back... as a result I returned after 6 months and 2 weeks and had to start over xD - but not once only as it appeared: I did something rare, no idea what, so the trapdoors went out of sync. Normally one should raise while another falls, but they were raising and falling in the same moment what made it impossible to visit the left hand lake. Nonetheless I proceeded with help of a hight tree shortcut. Meanwhile I also found an unintended pass from the torch puzzle area to the left lake (dead end as it later appeared). Then I did some banana jumps instead of pushing the blocks to the end, but this was minor compared. When I then checked the walk, I was like "wait, what quad? was there a quad?", for it appeared I finished the game totally skipping both the bike jump and the key for it. Among all of these I somehow failed to locate the sole secret, though hidden very clasically - as usually, a found shortcut implies more outbox thinking and decreases chance of reading the builder's will. Since I missed a lot and still enjoyed the game, I assumed it's rather good - but nonetheless I then played from the start to figure out the path the author really wished from me to follow and to make sure I got every pickup he wanted me to collect. The Kali goddess must have ripped all snakes off her head because the total struggle took me 520 savegames (!!!) yet was well worth it, for I was desperate to know everything. Again, I think a bad level wouldn't have made me that curious, in that case I just wouldn't care. And it's sure TR95 has a great touch to build organic sceneries, already emerged in his formerly built canyon level. I think he somehow sensed the Khmer topic of BtB14, so he took a 20^3 exercise of a small-scale room arrangement before his contest attempt got fully subkhmerged - what apparently worked well for us all. SUMMARY: Has all the things right except from several shortcuts and one access denial. Was immersive enough to prompt me to a separate investigation playthrough. One of these levels I should have betatested but I didn't what now turned against me. Recommended." - DJ Full (16-Apr-2015)
"Beautiful! Beautiful! This level is just magnificent! I just loved this level! I'm absolutely speechless! I don't know what else to say... Recommended!!!" - MegaGamer (19-Apr-2014)
"What a beautiful game. It's rather small, though I ran from one point of the level to another too much. It does look very great but could have had greater tasks/objects in it. But for a restricted adventure this is nearly as good as it can get, well done." - Don007 (19-Mar-2014)
"just stunning,the best india setting that i have played despite being to short." - janachorider (06-Mar-2014)
"It's a short level, but very well built, I found a shortcut to avoid having to use the motorbike, but I released the motorbike to do the proposed gameplay. The end is quite difficult with the two statues that come to life. Very good" - Minox (06-Oct-2013)
"A solid little jungle level although it took me over an hour to get through. Enemies were placed very well and the climbing and jumping one had to do was not too difficult once you know where to go. One small push puzzles and even a smaller bike ride (jump). Using a torch and later some swimming to get the final artefact you needed. But before that you have to battle two fierce Shiva's, you got to love that. Found one secret. There is one big NO in my book and that is why are there no binoculars?" - Gerty (16-Sep-2013)
"Gameplay & Puzzles: The gameplay is really good for a level with such a small size, it has a reasonable length. I wasn't very much stuck in this level but the actions are challenging, still nothing outstanding. I liked the quadbike ride in its shortness, and the usage of the torch, and the times runs very much. The finale, despite of the shiva fight, was a bit of uninteresting, and could have been kind of more dramatic. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: The enemies are a nice addition, even the piranhas in the pool, but maybe one could have found a way to lure them away? That would be ingenious. The objects give this level a natural feel and the traps do their job. The sole secret was a bit unfairly hidden, I had to guess how to get it, but it was a challenge. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: I repeat myself, for such a small map, this is really great. The architecture is good, one hardly notices the restrictions (at the top a bit). Can't get myself to give it full marks though, as I want to see great large areas therefore, so this has to do with the restrictions only. Still, cameras and sound are good, but not really outstanding. Lighting & Textures: My favourite category in this level, the textures are very well done and lights were good. Found some things that could have been improved, but the high resolution jungle textures are really well applied. Total: 8,5/10, a beautiful and interesting level." - Rambo (15-Sep-2013)
"So I decided to give a chance to this 20x20x20 challenge level becasue it has rating above 9 and also I personally prefer jungle class of levels. Author had some limitaion challenge when building this level because of rules (one big room) and even though it`s very creatively builded with nice atmosphere and very enjoyable gameplay (lots of to do in a relatively small area), saddly no new ideas in terms of puzzles and gameplay, just lever here and there, a key to find, some pushblock puzzles, torch, bike ride, some artifacts to pickup or jump sequences also timed run and many more but all these things are creating nice little challenge and I really liked it! The only secret was very nicely hidden plus the pickup item was very useful for final boss battle. In my opinion not every enemy was nicely placed(snake here and there, a soldier ambush or bird attacking when you jump on trees) but this was just a minor thing. I couldn`t find texture mistakes and the whole area is eyecandy (perfectly lit as well). Ambience audio is chosen perfectly for the scenery. I don`t regret that I played this level and many thanks to Tombraider95 for creating this fantastic little (45 mins net play) adventure. 8/9/10/10" - OverRaider (11-Sep-2013)
"This is a marvelously good-looking level. The lighting is spot on from start to finish, never too dark and never too bright. I haven't educated myself on exactly what a 20x20x20 level is, but I assume the builder starts with built-in restrictions of some kind. If so, the limitations were not at all apparent to me, as I spent a full hour exploring the glorious Indian jungle environment, assisted by walkthroughs provided by the builder and by Nina Croft. Perhaps I should have saved this one for last, as I suspect that the remaining three 20x20x20 levels will pale by comparison. But perhaps not, in which case I'm in for a real gaming treat. Highest recommendations for India." - Phil (23-Aug-2013)
"Time ago, when I was beta-testing this level I said to the author: "You have to teach me how you can set up such a gameplay in a small area like this". It's a mini-adventure, but there are a lot of tasks to do in a well builded environment with a TR3 style; very entertaining. Was a pleasure for me replay this adventure again even when I already know what to do. Perhaps you miss some cameras when doing certain tasks or you have to backtrack a bit if you missed something, but the level is very enjoyable and highly recommended. Excellent, Brad." - Jose (21-Aug-2013)
"Almost perfect little jungle level! Tons of interesting gamepays and dozens of small tasks packed in the smallest map possible, but the geometry of this small map is excellently built that you actually have an impression that the map is much, much larger. We have a temple with Infada Stone hidden inside and protected by two Shivas waiting for Lara to enter. In order to open this temple, we need to find two Thistle Stones in two lake areas adjacent to the temple. In order to collect them, there are many tasks to do: to swim through the piranha infested lake, to unlock the quad bike and drive it across the lake, to swing a few ropes, move a few blocks, climb a few trees, lit a few torches, beat a timed run and kill some endangered animals (tigers), vultures and guards. And all this in approximately half an hour of gameplay. I have never seen a better used space and better built jungle than this. Lighting and textures are superbly and perfectly applied, gameplay is as fluent as it can be and this game is simply recommendable for everyone and definitely deserves to win this year's 20x20x20 competition." - Nina Croft (17-Aug-2013)
"A classic jungle level, with the requisite tree climbing, piranha infested waters, crocodiles, tigers, Shivas etc., a small block puzzle, a regrettably short quad bike ride and a morsel of swimming. It lasts less than an hour, but seems packed full of enjoyable gameplay, suitable for all but very inexperienced players. If you like TR3 jungle style levels, I can heartily recommend this as the atmosphere is extremely well created and the wonderful music present and correct. A small level, but a very large slice of nostalgia." - Jay (09-Aug-2013)
"Again a pumped up game over 9.30 !! - is worth this game Hall off Fame enter ?? cammon u know - i know not worth but judjing bye the marks u give should be no ?? ..... cammon is a good game but not worth over 8.5- 9 Mark beside is very short too ....realy is nothing special in this one ... some jumps some lever pulls at a relative restricted at size area ....." - Jack& (08-Aug-2013)
"This is a nice level which brings memories from TR3's India levels. It is not a very challenging level. It has nice slope jumps and many times you need to use roll when you are jumping. I always love this kind of jumps. I didn't like that many times it was not so straightforward what to do. You may end up walking around the rooms without seeing the solution. I felt kind of confused at the beginning. Anyway, it was nice moving around at places which reminds India. The textures and the lighting are placed very very nice. It was nice riding the quad bike, but it didn't last. You need it just for a jump. I also couldn't find out how to move backwards with it. The statues was a nice add and they worked nice, but I don't know why, I didn't enjoyed the fight with them as I enjoyed them back in TR3. They moved a bit differently. Maybe it is just in my mind. I don't know... Something a bit annoying was the lack of camera changes when you were using a lever. I can't say I didn't like this level. I enjoyed it a lot. I just whished few things were more clear and the quad bike ride would last longer." - Rainmaker (07-Aug-2013)
"This level is an object lesson in how to cram as much gameplay into a restricted area as possible!You will get to know the Indian Temple and it's immediate environs very thoroughly indeed,as you're sent back and forth on your numerous quests,criss-crossing the limited playing area from lever to jumpswitch,pushable block to monkeyswing.In a sense,this is also the levels only real let-down;as it's all about retracing your steps over and over and over again.Granted,the playing area is pretty small;but it didn't help that one particular lever opened two doors instead of just the one,which caused me to run around like a headless chicken for quite a while.In all other respects,this was a hugely absorbing adventure.The contstruction was exemplary,as were the texture placements;while lighting created the perfect mood,enhanced admirably by the well-cued music.Enemies kept things spiced up,and I was so impressed at how one large room (which is essentially all this level was) could keep me fully occupied for 75 minutes." - Orbit Dream (07-Aug-2013)
"There's a bunch of new objects and textures here, and this is possibly the most beautiful India level I've seen, with lighting and objects near-perfectly placed to accentuate the visuals and make the place feel bigger than it is. I'm not a fan of hard-collision Crocodiles but they are a tiny part of the level and can be trivialised so it's not really an issue here. The design makes great use of the space provided and there's gameplay in just about every corner without it feeling crowded. It's moderately challenging with some stuff that makes you think but nothing too brutal. There's a little too many block puzzles, and the Quadbike jump is quite frustrating due to a lack of a reverse, but it seems the designer understood that as there's only one jump needed. This is easily my winner of the contest, and a must-play even outside the context of the contest." - Mman (06-Aug-2013)
"Probably the most beautiful nostalgia trip I've ever been on so far. The visuals and music are absolutely spot on, and the gameplay is mostly classic TR raid, and it's simply charming. I had to smile every time I step onto a ledge where a boulder instantly flattened Lara, because this is exactly what TR3 Jungle was like. Surprise traps, piranhas, and ever-present rain. And I absolutely loved it. I was tempted to give this all 10's, but there was quite a bit of confusion about this level that could only be resolved by backtracking, and that's not really all that fun. But other than that, hands down a magnificent level. I hope this builder will one day release a level set much like this one because I have a feeling it will be very well received." - Janny (06-Aug-2013)
"I love this serie!. TombRaider95's MiniAdventures are very enjoyable ,gorgeous original, with medium difficulty and very recommended. Well Done!" - requiemsoul (05-Aug-2013)
"Another beautiful great level to begins very well August. Lara is in India to search a mysterious artifact hidden in a ruins complex in the middle of the jungle. It's with a very nice pleasure we discovered a perfect tr3 atmosphere with musics, news amazings india textures and objetcs. The gameplay is not very hard and even if some objects are very well hidden I thinks the begginers can easily play this fabulous level. The game is also not very dark and the lighting is very nice and even better than the original india in tr3. 1 secret to found, very usefull for the end with the two boss. 49 min through this "little" level just build in a 20*20*20. Congratulation Bradley for this nice stroll in India." - BigFoot (05-Aug-2013)
"This is an impressive little adventure, set in a truly stunning environment that you will enjoy simply wandering around in without doing anything else. Once you have admired it enough, you are then dealt with quite a few enemy encounters, a few mild traps, simple push block puzzles and a very mini Quad bike ride (or actually rather just a jump) - before it all culminates in a fight with two Shivas. Very enjoyable for the 45 minutes it lasts! (1 secret)." - MichaelP (05-Aug-2013)
"Even if there are levels in the competition that come close gameplaywise (Mask of Enoemos) or atmospherically (Lara's Mansion, this level even tops those in any regard and also is the most well-rounded effort, thus being my personal favourite with quite a margin. The jungle atmosphere is just fantastic with great use of modern TR 3 reminiscent texturing and lighting and everything seems to naturally fall into place. The only thing I did not like was that one could really see the limitations of the contest, with obvious boxy map borders, I thought this was better solved in The Tiger's entries in the previous 20 competitions. While the overall design is rather simple (find two thistle items to open the door to a boss fight and the quest item) I found the exploration of the relatively compact area rather chilling, and a very nice dose of interesting tasks (lots of jumps, a multi-stage pushblock puzzle, good usage of the torch, timed runs) are even increasing the enjoyment factor. I was baffled by the creative usage of the quadbike within such a small map and added an extra point just for this great idea. I beta-tested this level a while ago and now seeing that several issues are solved, I must say that with the limitations of the editor beared in mind, this is a fantastic adventure. 30 minutes on second playthrough. More please!" - manarch2 (04-Aug-2013)