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Aqua Sahrym by Kosmos Level NextGen Thierry Stoorne

Ader 10 9 9 10
Adriel 10 10 10 10
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
Christian 9 9 10 10
Daffy 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 10 10 10 10
Gerty 8 8 10 10
Hedteur 10 9 10 10
IvanTRFan 9 9 10 10
izzynoodles 10 8 8 10
Jack& 9 8 8 10
Jay 9 10 10 10
JoeTheCrazyGamer 10 9 9 8
Jorge22 9 10 10 10
Jose 10 10 10 10
Leraf 10 10 10 10
manarch2 8 10 9 10
McRaider 9 9 10 10
MichaelP 9 9 10 10
Minaru 10 9 10 10
Mman 9 10 10 10
Mytly 8 10 9 10
Orbit Dream 6 7 10 10
OverRaider 9 10 10 10
Phil 9 10 9 9
raikutee 10 10 10 10
requiemsoul 8 9 10 10
Ruben 10 10 10 10
Ryan 10 10 10 10
Shandroid 10 10 10 10
young Lara Croft 9 10 10 10
release date: 28-Sep-2013
# of downloads: 231

average rating: 9.57
review count: 31
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file size: 186.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

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Reviewer's comments
""Did she make it or didn't she..." I may have played this before, the fact being I never got to review it, so here goes a belated review (on the flip side, I may not have played it. Did I or didn't I...). Quite an interesting one, it's on the Hall of Fame after all, absolutely eye candy and rather player-friendly, yet still enticing. A few memorable moments, namely the fight against the greeneries and the subsequent beanstalk run-for- your-life moment, among several others. Really enjoyable. I only thought the final tube puzzle might have taken hours of trying without the walkthrough - there really was no need (i did try to do without for a while). The last Oriental-oriented (lol) part somehow doesn't look displaced. I had a problem with the saves, but it still kept saving somewhere nonetheless (it would have been a total nuisance in other, more complex, levels, perhaps making them unplayable; it was not the case). But it's Hall of Fame, what can be added? Really nice." - Jorge22 (21-Jan-2021)
"Pretty good looking level. The textures plus the sound effects make you really feel the atmosphere of the level. And even tho I'm not a fully fan of watery-theme levels, I really enjoyed this one. Puzzles were really enjoyable to do. Took me a little while to understand the pipes one, but I liked the challenge. I totally recommend the level, worth every minute of play." - Leraf (27-Apr-2017)
"A very awesome levelset; a shame it's so short. The imagination that has gone into this game is astounding. The theme and atmosphere is unlike any other TRLE I've seen and the sounds and ambiance have a very soothing aura. I don't want to spoil the end for others, but it definitely makes you wonder the outcome. This is definitely one of my top faves and I highly recommend playing. Took me around an hour and a half to complete." - izzynoodles (11-Apr-2017)
"Some serious French building talent have joined forces to bring us a breathtakingly beautiful and occasionally head-scratching adventure. I am amazed by the effects possible with TRNG these days. Hardly any enemies but that's fine by me. The puzzles kept me occupied. Don't miss it!" - Ryan (22-Feb-2016)
"This level is one that the designers clearly took their time to build, The beanstalk timed run was a highlight of this level for sure. Along with some amazing new animations." - JoeTheCrazyGamer (11-Jan-2016)
"A wonderful map, textures are obviously the best point of this level. A short, but really nice adventure to keep a good time with some puzzles, enigmas and of course, traps. The level is generaly well made and it will make you feel somehow calm because of the atmosphere, but some things are not what they look like in this level... Finished in 2 hours, oh and last thing, I loved the cliffender !" - Hedteur (09-Jan-2015)
"I am pretty sure that the use of FLEP is not without some sort of bugs/glitches. Not that the builders can do anything about that but as this is the third level that I am playing and uses a FLEP I am getting a bit weary. Still haven't been able to get that Gem after slaying the Hydra's so I better keep that save as an extra, just in case I want to go through it again. Too dark on my end and although I found Flares it wasn't enough. Also my screen was bumping up and down every time Lara started to move. Then what I really didn't like was the NO SAVING zone, and of course I died and had to do that pipe puzzle all over again. For the rest it is a great adventure, good atmosphere and great objects. Nice pipe puzzle that had me scratching my head but once you know how it works, there will be and"aha Erlebnis"." - Gerty (10-Sep-2014)
"This is an entirely unique theme, with a strange underwater ruin that seems to evoke a couple of cultures while feeling like something entirely new, there's great object use and a lot of new animations and other bits of "Next-gen" content. I didn't like the new bars for health, air etc though as they blended into the blue atmosphere too well and were near impossible to see when near-empty (which is when they should be most visible). Outside of that it's near-flawless visually, and I liked the way the place has a visible exterior that's shown in certain flybys. Gameplay makes use of a lot of NG elements as well, but isn't too demanding although you need to pay attention at times. I felt the new elements occasionally made things a little gimmicky (with things being simple once you've worked out how something new works) and some of challenge comes from hidden switches, but it still has plenty of classic Tomb Raider stuff. Despite all that it's relatively humble in length and is over in the duration of a decently long single level. The ending is surprising, and makes me wonder if it's supposed to be some sort of sequel hook. A very strong release, and it's relatively short length and average challenge level makes it a must play for most." - Mman (22-Feb-2014)
"This is an amazing collaboration between three talented builders. The best part about this level is its beauty: there's tons of eye candy wherever you look, especially in the 'Organic Cathedral' level, with its colourful plants. Titak's otherworldly plants are put to good use here, especially the giant beanstalk (last seen starring in 'Hell's Arboretum' in Underworld UB3) that forms the centrepiece of the level. The pagoda room in the 'Flooded Ruins' level is another unforgettable place. There are also a lot of structures built outside the explorable map, and visible only through the windows or during flybys. For that matter, the two cutscenes also feature gorgeous places that aren't explorable. I really wanted to explore the temple seen in the opening cutscene, and managed to do so by fiddling around with the level files. I do still wish it had been part of the normal gameplay, though.
The music is lovely - I especially like the track that plays in the pagoda room. The ambient sounds, though, can be a bit distracting, especially the one that is probably meant to be whalesong, but actually sounds like a yowling cat, which kind of ruins the atmosphere a bit.
Gameplay varies from excellent to obscure. There are several great tasks in the game, such as climbing up the beanstalk and then getting down it in a hurry; the timed run to get the electron cell; the building of the bridge in the pagoda room, etc. On the other hand, the pipes and ring puzzle at the end is an exercise in obscurity - even with Lara's hint, it's not clear what you're supposed to do. Add to that the lack of cameras, and you wind up pulling levers pretty much blindly. I solved this puzzle entirely by accident, and I'm still not sure what the logic behind it was. I ran into a bug after the fight with the hydras, when the spikes guarding the artefact wouldn't retract; fortunately, it resolved itself for some strange reason when I picked up a medipack in that room. Lara has some new moves, but they're rather underused.
Overall: A stunningly beautiful level in a unique setting. Recommended." - Mytly (02-Dec-2013)
"This beautiful level was really wonderful to look at and to play. I loved the whale sounds, lovely music, and the soothing sound of Greenkey's Lara voice..yes! an English Lara, not German, but the most amazing part of this level was the atmosphere. The best levels make you feel like you are experiencing the place, and this level oozed with atmosphere. Had the level gone on for a really long time, I would not have liked the waves in front of the camera when Lara was underwater. This made it hard to see. The puzzles were fun and timed runs challenging, but not terribly difficult. At first I wasn't thrilled with the very tight runs to safety, but after I realized where the heck to go, it was a cool aspect to the game. Not much for enemies, but the one boss fight was a tight space thriller. I was very impressed with the ending, with the place falling apart and the final cutscene that makes you fearful for Lara's life. I can't say I have ever played a level that ends quite like this. This was very imaginative and addressed something I have actually thought about.."what if Lara gets herself in a predicament she can't escape from?" Excellent work by all the builders involved, please build again! :)" - Shandroid (24-Nov-2013)
"A nearly perfect adventure, professionally built, details well elaborated. The atmosphere of this underwater-temple is absolutly convincing, sounds, lightning and graphics are nearly perfectly placed. Convincing effects in a stunning environment, well created tasks - especially the 'ring-puzzle' - make it to a highly recommended adventure, zhat could have lasted longer." - Christian (15-Nov-2013)
"I really liked the tone of colors in the level. Unlike drab, yellow, dirty sand ruins, this turned out to be aqua - water based. The graphics were rich and vivid, and the animations were cool to see. Voice acting was outstanding, but the new sounds were a bit different. I really liked the gameplay, but there should've been more enemies... really liked the boss fight in the Cathedral though. Could've added an endgame boss as well. I haven't found 1 secret through my expedition in the Aqua Sahrym lol xD. I guess the secrets are really "Secret". The textures were well implemented and the lighting wasn't bad, but great. The level wasn't perfect (no level made in TRLE has been perfect yet) but this level was still amazing. Nice 2-leveled game to play, recommend it for pros and secret lovers! Some rooms actually brought back nostalgia from Tomb Raider II (The Deck level). 9.5/10." - young Lara Croft (03-Nov-2013)
"Never let it be said that I question the credibility of those claiming to have played this level in an hour or less, but even with Dutchy's walkthrough telling me exactly what to expect and what to do each step of the way, my game clock registered 1:48 when I hit the finish trigger. This is a remarkable effort, not so much for the gameplay or the lighting or the ambient sounds (more about those later), but for the special effects and the other-worldly setting reminiscent of EssGee's most inspired offerings. It's definitely off the beaten track, so I wouldn't relish playing levels like this one on a routine basis. But for the sheer joy of experiencing all the capabilities of the current building tools - made real through the fertile imaginations of a truly professional team - you can't beat this one. Lara's voiceovers were well done, although I didn't care for the unladylike grunts she issued while performing routine tasks. The music selection was effective, but I found that constant seagull-like cawing in the background most annoying. The lighting is such that I could see what I was doing, but the overall effect is darker and more somber than I would like. To me, this is a level to be played with a walkthrough close at hand so you can enjoy the beauty of everything around you without having to think so hard about what has to be done next. Come to think of it, I wouldn't have gotten very far without the walkthrough, because many of the puzzles here are elaborate, complex and more than my aging brain can handle. A wonderful production and a sure entry into the Hall of Fame." - Phil (30-Oct-2013)
"A wonderfull two-level adventure for about an hour of gameplay. It starts with a interesting cutscene and takes us to the underwater structure deep under the ocean, where we visit surprisingly various themed locations, from some kind of bothanical garden to far east inspired pagodas. Everything with a mix of technology. Gameplay in this one is balanced beetwen exploration, puzzles and action with some "run for your life" timed runs which i really liked. Difficulty level isn't too high except for a certain "boss" puzzle, it was a little unclear for me as what to do with it, even thought there is a nice hint system. Graphics in this adventure are beautifull, with great texturing and blueish lighting which adds a lot to the "underwater" feel, i loved the water reflexes around the windows. Objects are also great, with amazing plants, various pipes and oriental stuff. Enemies are rare, but there is one interesting fight for a certain object. I didn't like some of Lara new sounds but her speech was really well done. There are several cutscenes, animations in these are sometimes a little glitchy but they are still great to watch. Overall, i enjoyed this custom a lot with its great graphics, atmosphere and flowing gameplay. I recommend it to everyone." - Ader (14-Oct-2013)
"Now that is what I would call an immersive experience indeed. From the cinematic intro to the professional looking credit screens this is an adventure that lets you forget that we have people building these TR custom levels in their spare time, as a hobby, for the world to enjoy, for free. The whole look and feel of this underwater temple is truly remarkable - the graphics, the effects, the epic flybys, the choice of audio are all just perfect. There are also a few interesting structural touches, like the Hint system, which I think work really well. The gameplay as such maybe starts a bit on the simplistic side and then later on tries to be very clever and that may not always work for everyone. Personally, I liked the timed passages a lot and also figuring out the pipe puzzles was great fun, but I hated the hydra fight (also had the save bug there and had to re-do it a few times), even though it is quite easy to manage with the right strategy. The pagoda area with its Asian style atmosphere is breathtaking and the whole gameplay around that seemed more interesting and coherent to me, despite the fact that there was maybe a bit too much swimming around to do. I had another design problem towards the end, as it is actually possible to pick up the final artifact right out of the fire without Lara burning (and hence trigger the timed run without having the pipe puzzle solved), but who would even try that, right? ;) Bottomline, I had a fabulous time here and it is yet another masterpiece of custom level history [80 min, 1 of 3 secrets found]." - MichaelP (12-Oct-2013)
"What can I say that has not already been said. A really amazing level!" - raikutee (12-Oct-2013)
"This is a project flooded with inventions, of which animated windows, reflections, custom cutscenes and gas particle effects are the most stunning, while the underwater effect is the most disturbing, just like it was in Reflection of Eternity. Apart from that unrealistic (yet made for greater realism) sprite, nothing managed to annoy me throughout the whole game. Yes - You CAN save during the Hydra fight sometimes. Yep - the spikes tend not to hide after this fight. But this is not enough to drain any single point from max for gameplay. Speaking of minor glitches reported by the authors - I somehow didn't mind, and in the end I'm very positively surprised that I finally got the game I could enjoy in its bulk. It might have been caused by Titia's plants, TheTiger-ish texturing/lighting batch or several psik-ish hi-tech devices, but if these familiar things bringing nice memories were the only good features, the game would only end up as poor merging of nice ideas - while it did not, as there's much more to sink in. From the very beginning, I felt like guided by an invisible angel, caring for me not to miss anything or not to remain bothered for too long. I'll be honest: I didn't have time to play this game today, but as long as a whole bunch of videos is being converted right now at my PC - totally frustrating thing - I couldn't have any better idea than to play TR. This is not a situation making me after solve riddles. Today, without usual persistence, I wouldn't be able to deal with the switch puzzle without a hint. Using simplier words - I don't care about anything except that freaking conversion. But the proper hint was in its right place, surrounded with many other clues kindly provided by Jennifer, so even without proper conditions, the game was still fully entertaining for me. I often pressed the 'H' key not for a hint itself, but just for pure pleasure to listen to Lara's voice, everytime wondering how it's been executed - and each time it was excellent. I also enjoyed the fact that, together with Lara's frequent lines, there were no supporting character dialogues. That resulted in perfect isolation feeling - it seemed Lara felt so lonely that she started to talk to herself. SUMMARY: Brilliant, awesome, epic and atmospheric. Even audio channel interference doesn't disturb, and the cat meowing tops everything. A must-play recommended for everyone." - DJ Full (08-Oct-2013)
"A level that can be finished in an hour or less but with good gameplay, textures with effects of water on the wall and objects that fit perfectly. A short level that the player really enjoying the ambience and atmosphere .. a level to keep in mind and want to see a continuation with slightly larger rooms ... thumbs up for the team!" - McRaider (07-Oct-2013)
"I really expected this level to last a little bit more, it was a pitty for it to be so short, I was truly enjoying it. First, the different puzzles and riddles were amazing, especially the pipes one. I had to take a note pad to understand how it worked and then it was a piece of cake, I loved it. I only found two of the three secrets and I think I know were the last one is (the mirror room, something to do with the fire and the torches) but I couldn't find out how to solve it. The mixture of submarine world, botanic garden and futuristic technology was pretty cool, this traits really fit all together. The music and the cutscenes were marvellous, but the ending was somewhat confusing. I still don't know if she died or if she managed to reach the surface on time. I need some enlightment here. There were some parts in the game that didn't allow you to save manually. I don't know if it was made on purpose but it made me kind of nervous even though there are no particularly hard tasks. I must say Lara's voice was too loud (only when crashing, jumping or doing actions, not the one used for hints or notes). In any case, this game is great and I hope it has a sequel or something. I recommend it for everyone! Good work!" - Minaru (06-Oct-2013)
"I have the big luck to test this adventure many years before the official release and even at this moment it was one of the best adveture I have played. But now, with the news amazing things built with Meta, scripts of TRNG, it was with Mists of Avalon one of the best adventure of our trle community. The two levels of this adventure are just wonderful and are exactly the kind of levels I love building (A closed world with a hostile environment around, the water in this game, and Lara in security). The greenhouse is amazing, I really enjoying the Mandragore moment with the torch and the fight with the three plants for the crystal and of course the final time run. The flooded ruins is also exellent with a perfect mix of easy and challenging gameplay. I think my personnal moment of the game is in the very end when everything falls apart. And for the fisrt time in a epic game a tragic end for our adventurer (or maybe a sequel ????). Don't forget this game, it's a jewel of the editor. Un grand bravo Ó nos trois franšais et MERCIIIII." - BigFoot (06-Oct-2013)
"this is a epic game ......nice ride ....with a particulary very tough pipe puzze at the end ....and somehow a abrupt ending ......... nice graphics ....... time to time anojing fixed camera ........ good game all in all" - Jack& (05-Oct-2013)
"Aqua Sahrym, a really interesting and gourgeous game with a promissing idea to take Lara to an underwater utopia. Gameplay: Really good, the scenarious are big and provide some exploration but the gameplay is linear at certain point. Only simple things to discover despite the huge scenarios, and the scenario exploration occur somehow linear to me. The gameplay contains very nice and creative stuff, timers, interactions with the scenario. The hints are very good too, remind me of next gen games I played lately. Gameplay is perfect for me Enemies,Objects & Secret: Secrets provide challenge. The battles were enjoyable. There could be more action, but I think everything was on the right measure here. I perceived some kind of animation error in a submarine in the Organic Cathedral level. Atmosphere and Lighting/textures: The atmosphere is wonderful but not perfect. Some water textures weren't moving in a realistic way. Sometimes there are dark areas, but for the idea of the level the illumination fits perfectly. The music and the cameras made an epic work here. Textures were nice placed! The level was not perfect in all points all the times, but evaluating the whole work done here I won't take off any points. Congrats for the authors!" - Adriel (05-Oct-2013)
"To slightly paraphrase the opening sentence of a review by Mulf - this level was basically blue. Actually,it was entirely blue from beginning to end;which was something of a matter of taste - but it worked well enough here.What also worked superbly was the fantastic architecure and lighting (every area impressed;but the Pagoda room was nothing less that beautiful!);added to this some good voice acting and excellent cut-scenes,and you have a really slick and accomplished piece of work. What disapointed,on the other hand,was the actual style of the gameplay.To begin with,I am not a great fan of Lara's new animations (call me an old fogey,but the originals were much more natural)and especially not the 'improved' save system,which had an annoying tendancy to come and go at will - especially in the challenging Hydra room,where saving should have been an absolute essential,but either didn't happen or (worse) created level crippling bugs. Enemies were otherwise absent,but their place appeared to have been taken by an overuse of objects,which not only gave a decidely over-cluttered appearance but also got in the way of progression a little too often.The last straw for me,though,was the absurdly over-complicated final puzzle;which just brought everything to a complete halt (at the exact point in the game when it should have been at its most exciting!) I greatly admired the skill with which this two-level set was built(of that there can be no doubt);but I also hated large parts of the game,and couldn't wait for it all to end. It just goes to show that you can't please everyone!" - Orbit Dream (05-Oct-2013)
"Dice the intro level is already blown away by the movie. Then start the game and then we plunged into an imaginary world superbly constructed by the authors, the atmosphere created in this level is a true masterpiece. The gameplay is varied and inventive with some difficulty that require little skill, I think the hydras and the delay of a large tree (Which I did not get) descent. Otherwise the whole tasks are accessible to most of the players and it is pure pleasure. Congratulations (and thanks) to three authors and I highly recommend this level really out of the ordinary!" - Daffy (03-Oct-2013)
"What do you get when you bring together some serious building talent? Well, for a start you get a visual feast, with each new area appearing even more stunning than the last. Objects are brilliant, gameplay is varied and entertaining, but not too difficult to exclude the majority of players, Lara gets to use her new moves and the music is well chosen. Let me also not forget to mention the excellent voiceover work - a very authentic Lara. There's also a little audio file in the background that sounds almost exactly like one of my cats snoring - I had to keep looking round to check whether or not she was asleep. The only drawback for some players might be the lack of enemies, but otherwise there really should be something to delight everyone in this excellent game." - Jay (02-Oct-2013)
"Very good, inventive, fun, with a almost perfect atmosphere and a amazing soundtrack ... but a bit short and easy ... I missed more and complex puzzles, and more action would have been wonderful. Recommended." - requiemsoul (01-Oct-2013)
"Having only noticed several screenshots of this level before, I was already sure to play a masterpiece, and concerning all those great objects, looks and new features, my expectations were met. The design of this level is absolutely magnificent and the two levels are simply beautiful, with a nice, if sometimes a bit overwhealming, blueish atmosphere (I'll explain later); there were few enemies but at least perfectly put into scene and the quality of the objects is hard to describe, creating a totally different impression in this game. The lighting might be a bit dark at times but it's never impossible to see anything, I think it's quite perfect throughout the whole level as well as the texturing; both together make up for a very fresh look and feel. But there are also things that are left to be desired, especially the gameplay. I don't blame the various tasks here, because each of them is quite interesting and fun to solve (especially that great lever puzzle near the very end or the plethora of timed runs and pushable puzzles in here) but this level is nearly as linear as it can get, meaning there's only one possible route where to go next and thus I didn't quite immerse myself into this level. I can quite understand why another review said this level was too easy for him, the exploration could have been a little more intense in this level. For example, the way up in the cathedral should have been designed that there are more choices and not only one obvious path to the top; or add more options to find the gems for the bridge creation. Maybe this also would have prolonged the a bit short game time a bit, this level ended way, way too early in my opinion. Also, I think this level somehow suffers from the overusage of new features. I'd rather like to see some more of the various large-scale areas from the far else than the blue fog, to be able to fully appreciate the great architecture. The water reflections on the wall are definately a bit too intense and sometimes I even could see reflections "floating" in the air. Apart from that, I don't have much to fault and in general this is a masterfully crafted adventure and a definitive must-play, especially for the very unique design of this level. Found one secret in exactly an hour of net gametime." - manarch2 (30-Sep-2013)
"An absolutely unique TRLR adventure by the three builders from France. Highest degree of NGLE handling shows forth throughout the game . This lost underwater world is surely worth exploring all its secrets and plots . Albeit rather short it has the cartridge to ignite the rocket sending it up into the hall of fame already on board. Jenny`s voice sounds as beautiful as ever and the pipe puzzle is just a marvel . Unfortunately the Pix-Folder containing 6 Bitmaps necessary to display the load/save functions in the game were not included in the download package and have to be added manually . Despite this minor issue the game deserves only one big stamp : TEN !" - Ruben (30-Sep-2013)
"It's impressive all that expert builders can make with the new tools. The environment is fantastic with all those incredible objects and a very good use of lights and textures. I liked a lot the nice melodies too, and the perfect cameras and flybies. The last puzzle with 16 moveable pipes is extraordinary. I also liked the on-screen help. The secrets are very hard to find. Only missed some more enemies and action. I take my hat. Highly recommended." - Jose (30-Sep-2013)
"Kosmos, the creator of Moonlight Legacies (winner of the btb steampunk competition), Thierry Stoorne, creator of Lara Croft and the Holy Grail (one of the very best masterpieces of trle world) and a new builder Level NextGen (who started up this project Aqua Sahrym) joined together and brought to us this fantastic little adventure!!! I just can`t describe how much the atmosphere took my breath away! Absolutely breathtaking!!! And what make it even more fantastic are details and special effects. I try to never spoil anything important or epic from game in my review so I am not going to say anything more about this matter. I can just say there are many, exciting, impressive, breathtaking... My only complain about this game is that it was too easy for my taste, well I am not saying it was so easy, so I try to explain it a little bit: maybe this will sound little bit strangely but I love stuck moments, I don`t say I like stuck moments every five minutes but in my opinion there should be at least one complex task in every custom level, which take players occupied some time. Well this adventure is very enjoyable and creative and what is very important it can play and enjoy every player!!! There is one very clever lever puzzle at the end and gameplay is absolutely fantastic through whole time. I had problem with saving or loading and found out that the pix folder is missing so for those who can`t save and load, go to community forum and download necessary pics (perhaps the download link on trle is fixed with pix folder already?). This little adventure took me above 90 minutes and I`ve found 2/3 secrets (there are also 3 easter eggs, well I wasn`t lucky and havn`t found any :D so time for me to replay soon). I am very glad that this project was brought to life and made us players happy raiding, thank you very much!!! 9/10/10/10" - OverRaider (29-Sep-2013)
"A level really beautiful. The objects, textures, sounds and atmosphere are spectacular. The puzzles are very ingenious. The cutscenes and flyby cameras are very good. But there are very few enemies. There is a bug and I could not save game manually. And the level is too much short." - IvanTRFan (28-Sep-2013)