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LB Advent Calendar 2013 - The Pocket Watch by mugs

Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
Ceamonks890 6 6 5 6
Christian 7 7 8 9
DJ Full 6 5 6 6
EssGee 7 7 8 8
Gerty 6 8 8 7
High Priestess 6 5 8 8
janachorider 6 5 6 6
Jay 7 7 8 8
JesseG 6 8 8 8
JoeTheCrazyGamer 4 7 8 9
John 6 8 8 7
Jorge22 7 7 7 7
Jose 7 8 7 9
Josey 8 7 8 9
Larabiker301 7 7 8 9
manarch2 4 7 8 7
MichaelP 5 7 8 7
misho98 6 8 8 8
Nina Croft 8 6 8 9
Orbit Dream 5 8 8 9
Phil 7 7 8 8
Rambo 3 6 7 7
Ryan 6 7 8 8
Shandroid 7 10 10 10
sonnyd83 7 7 7 9
TheStig 7 7 8 7
tomb20 10 10 10 10
totizedger 5 7 8 7
Treeble 7 8 8 8
young Lara Croft 3 7 8 9
release date: 09-Dec-2013
# of downloads: 153

average rating: 7.35
review count: 31
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file size: 112.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Xmas

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"What a lovely city level. While I've never been (and don't intend to, ever) so have no idea whatever the real life counterpart looks like, I appreciate this level tries to rebuild part of a famous city into the constricted limits of the TRLE and as far as my opinion goes, it works well. I thought it was funny how you get money from an ATM and give it to a homeless person, and then proceed to break in to different shops to take what you want, in this case being a bike and the watch for a christmas present. Pity you get to the end of the world when you finally reach the rooftops of the buildings, but otherwise this was a solid raid and a very envolving atmosphere. 15 minutes. 12/23" - Treeble (30-Dec-2023)
"A bit of a mixed bag here with this level in terms of enjoyment. I found myself running around this town a lot trying to find something to do before i eventually i gave in and looked at a walkthrough, which i had to do several times to be honest. Some tasks are very clever like re-arranging objects in order to progress with a vehicle and others are hidden or very obscure, like the where the crowbar is placed, the placement of a ladder to use or that only one of the many many shop doors actually open. I liked the setting with all the town covered in snow and the layout of the gameplay was a welcome surprise as well! as i thought id just be in and out of shops all the time really not jumping around on rooftops and ledges or riding around on a motorbike which is cleverly needed for progression. Overall i feel like this level could of benefited from a few camera or lara look clues and some more content as it can be fun at times but its over too quickly. oh by the way what has happened to lara recently? im not sure i approve of her stealing someones bank card and then their money from a atm to give to a beggar, i mean he didnt even seem grateful! haha" - John (21-Dec-2021)
"I remember playing this level, but not how it went - so, I gave it another go as if it were the first time I played it. Set in an icy and deserted New York city, near Rockefeller Centre, it's clearly an old school level, with lovely colour choices. Short and sweet." - Jorge22 (27-Dec-2020)
"A very pleasant and fun Advent level, which sees Lara in Rockefeller Center to purchase a pocket watch for her friend. For purchase read breaking and entering. Clearly Lara has misunderstood the true spirit of Christmas as she sneaks into a vacant parking lot to snatch a crowbar, uses a lost ATM card to get a wad of cash to give to a beggar who gives her a key, breaks into a shop in the dead of night to steal a bike, which in turn allows her access to the rooftops, where via a hatch, allows her to steal the pocket watch and end the level. The audio tunes helped set the atmosphere and overall, I had fun. 16 minutes." - Ryan (09-Aug-2016)
"This TRLE had very little Puzzles and Very Little Secrets however this is still a Really Enjoyable level to play during Christmas. Having Radio City Music Hall in a TRLE was a good feature too. Took About 30 Minutes to Complete" - JoeTheCrazyGamer (13-Dec-2015)
"A pretty short misadventure of 17-20 minutes involving Lara going through a lot of trouble, in order to get a pocket watch from a closed shop for a friend's Xmas present. While the sole ambiance track used, the texturing, objects and overall level design reflects the time of year perfectly, other aspects of the game's design don't fare quite as well. For one thing, there are barely anyone in the city beyond a newspaper seller(who wishes you a Merry Xmas as you pass him by) and a hobo(who you need to pay cash to, in order to get a key.) Given that this level is supposed to take place on Xmas Eve in New York City, wouldn't there be a lot more people out and about? Another main problem of mine is that the lighting used is very inconsistent throughout, with Lara's model having shadows over it one moment and then suddenly none whatsoever in another. Little pet peeves, such as the lack of sound effects beyond Lara's own footsteps, no snow falling from the sky(despite there being plenty on the streets) and the comparatively low-res horizon, does shatter the atmosphere considerably but not to the point of completely destroying the illusion. When all's said and done though, this is still a fun relaxing little level to play after a long hard day. While the gameplay itself is simple, that is by no means a mark against it as it's very much appropriate for the timeframe it was released in. If you're looking for a quick and simple Xmas raid without having any enemies to worry about, this is one level definitely worth a look." - Ceamonks890 (07-Jan-2014)
"well this level didn't impress me very much.there is too much light even for the rockefeller centre and the gameplay is not very interesting but it has good music and a perfectly xmas atmosfere its strange because i have seen better levels by this author especialy Ramla well i still hope she doesnt give up on building levels she is very good." - janachorider (02-Jan-2014)
"Lara finds herself at Rockefeller center (been there myself a few times near Christmas, it is quite lovely looking) to get a pocket watch. The readme says she wants to purchase it but it really seems to be breaking and entering to me. Anyway to accomplish this Lara helps a homeless man and steals a moped, which needs a path forged ahead for it to bring her to the rooftops. The town area looks nice and the objects are used well, but overall the level would probably have benefited from more intense lighting. Besides the one secret there isn't much to explore once you've put the pieces of the quest together. Overall a short level with a cute idea to power it. 33 minutes." - SSJ6Wolf (26-Dec-2013)
"Trust Pat to come up with this little romp for the Advent calendar. Your main goal is to get hold of that pocket watch and if you do, you have to use it. I'm still giggling when I think of it. For the rest exploring is very high on the list and in that way you will gather the so needed tools to get to your goal. Nice use of objects and it does bring us players in a festive mood." - Gerty (23-Dec-2013)
"I really enjoying this nice adventure. There are very goods ideas like the card, the money and the homeless and also the motobike. Some poeple say the game is short but I think not, I have spend near 1hour (specially for the secret) through it. The are a wonderful choise of textures and I really enjoying the lighting, not dark and not to clear like a real big city in the night. Thanks a lot Pat for this very good adventure." - BigFoot (22-Dec-2013)
"Great Christmas level, the gameplay wasn't perfect but it was relaxing and enjoyable. The city was built nicely, most of the level was well lightened and textured, there were some mistakes but you can overlook them. Loved the music, it took me about 20 minutes to finish the level. Recommended if you're looking for a short Xmas raid through a good looking city." - misho98 (20-Dec-2013)
"Here is a lovely, short but sweet Christmas level from my friend, Pat. Excellent NYC surroundings, but everyone except a homeless guy and a newspaper salesman is home. There is not too much to do here, but you will need to think a few times. Beautiful music sets the mood. This one will only take a few minutes to complete, but worth it." - Shandroid (18-Dec-2013)
"There's a watch Lara wants for her friend. In most of Advent games she would just take a crowbar and smash the shopwindow protecting the desired item, but either this game is different, or at least the glass is bulletproof. As follows, the crowbar is used to break into ANOTHER shop and get a bike from there for a ride through some streets flooded with carols in nice guitar arrangement - I always was against clearly melodic background, but when I heard more than one song looping I found them really pleasant. Unfortunately, right after the first (and last bike puzzle) is solved resulting in throwing Lara on the rooftops, she falls on the watch through a trapdoor and everything ends. So yes - if You know the way through the level, it might be finished in 10 minutes. But if You get stuck with the crowbar, it might even take 50, so I have against this game exactly the same thing I had against Ramla: a sudden leap of difficulty without any camera hint associated might make You stuck in a point which was intended to be rather obvious. Also I can't agree the lighting is perfec, because only some simple shadows are applied and the lanterns seem not to work at all. I liked the lone secret, but as long as the way to get it is buggy, I can't give any points for it. SUMMARY: Another game of mugs that I couldn't rate high, but it has that Xmas mood indeed due to lanterns, ornaments and narrow backyards, plus houses of NY wrapped in metal gratings carry some classic GTA memories. Recommended as a short break from a longer break :)" - DJ Full (16-Dec-2013)
"I like The level very much. The gameplay and puzzles are great. The objects and secrets are easy to find. The atmosphere are good. The sounds and music is good because a sound problem of a secret.the camera: great. And finally the lighting and textures are excellent. Congratulations for this level Mugs!!! I like the Christmas levels so much. Greetings!!!..." - tomb20 (14-Dec-2013)
"Gameplay & Puzzles: not really existing, I liked the bike tour but finding and using a handful objects for a couple of minutes is not really gameplay for me. Did anyone really need 50 minutes to finish this? Enemies, Objects & Secrets: The only thing I can rate is objects, enemies don't belong in here (correctly) and the secret is not even marked as one, even if it is a bug, I didn't like that. So, the objects are good but there were collision bugs and the bike gets stuck easily. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The town is well crafted and architecture is good, but the setting could be larger than it is because the map end is clearly noticed. At first I liked the sound but it never changed so that was pretty annoying. Lighting & Textures: I have to split the rating up to textures (9) and lighting (5) which pretty much says all. The textures are full of colour and greatly fitting but the lighting is rather bad. Total: 5,75/10, fitting for the season, but the christmas mood doesn't distract from some obvious shortcomings." - Rambo (12-Dec-2013)
"I must say that i liked this little christmas raid pretty much even though it doesn't have the best gameplay in store, but what it does have though is a good atmosphere. Playing this when it's christmas and all is such a delight, hearing those christmas songs gives such a good feeling. I think that the surroundings were nicely done and properly textured. It was a very easy raid but also an enjoyable one. Do give this one a try :)" - totizedger (12-Dec-2013)
"A well-dressed cityscape all dressed up for Christmas that is fun to explore with some fun tasks to do. In the spirit of Christmas, there is nothing overly hard to do, so playable by all. Gameplay is pretty straight forward and logical with some unique ideas. It's a bit short on gameplay components and pans out at about 20-30 minutes of gameplay, which is perfectly suited for an advent level. Go play and get in the Christmas spirit." - EssGee (12-Dec-2013)
"Perfectly pitched Christmas Level. No baddies, plenty of exploring to do. Took me 50 mins to finish :). Thanks Mugs & Merry Christmas. Stiggy" - TheStig (11-Dec-2013)
"A nice town level arranged around a beautiful square with some backstreets. There's not really much to do in this short Christmas game. Only two rooms are accessable in this town, a nice bike ride and finally entering a shop completes this Little Christmas gift. The quitar Sound is the best component of the game." - Christian (11-Dec-2013)
"A short, nice, soothing Christmas game, a perfect way to spend a half an hour on a cold stressful day. Environment (a city center) is well built, lit and textured, gameplay is easy and puzzles are also very easy to figure out and very logical. I particularly liked the moment when Lara gives some money to a beggar on this street (it's Christmas after all), and obtains a key from him as a sign of his gratitude. A short bike ride is very nicely created, including short, easy and logical pushblock puzzle. The only secret in the level is also not so hard to find. There are no enemies, or pick-ups in that respect. The level is well decorated, just like Christmas :) Many thanks to Mugs for this level. It is not a master piece, but it is definitely soothing and a perfect anti-stress fun for this time of Advent." - Nina Croft (11-Dec-2013)
"Oh how lovely. Half an hour of Advent fun in a lovely, snow covered New York setting in search of a suitable gift - the eponymous pocket watch. It's a calm, peaceful, thoroughly enjoyable exploration, with a short scooter ride and a couple of interesting objects to use along the way, all to the accompaniment of some soothing Christmas music. I'm in a perfect Christmas frame of mind now." - Jay (10-Dec-2013)
"I was really looking forward to the first level offering in this year's advent, and finally the time has come. This is not an epic level by any means, more like a cute little Christmas gift that just manages to please in its simplicity. The town setting is rather convincing as such and I liked the nice usage of texturing here, as well as all those objects which do their job well. Maybe the lighting could have been better, and having Lara bump on an invisible wall on the rooftops should have been avoided. Gameplaywise, there's rather little to speak of, but certainly enough to entertain for seven minutes of net gameplay time. I liked how you can see the quest item right from the start and have to find another way in, and the bike/block puzzle was a rather inspired task, but otherwise this level remains a fairly simple object hunt. Nonetheless, this is a pleasant little offering with charming music and cute voiceovers which should just keep you into Christmas mood, so thank you very much for it." - manarch2 (10-Dec-2013)
"There was a certain feel about this Advent level. It was calm and relaxing to play and throughout; although I got stumped once, it still was fun to run around looking for whatever. The gameplay consisted of basically finding objects to progress through the level but you had the company of peaceful Christmas instrumentals in the background. The puzzles weren't hard and were easy to complete. No enemies but she has guns for a reason (surprised everyone didn't come to hear gunshots). The way the author used the lights were great although a few areas left Lara looking bland but that didn't hinder my fun at all. You can certainly tell the author really put effort into these textures as well as the atmosphere. Overall, this left me feeling in the Christmas Spirit. Recommended- 20-30mins; Difficulty - Novice; Secrets - 1/1 (read the readme for additional info on the secret)" - Larabiker301 (10-Dec-2013)
"Another good level from mugs, as usual with a good archichecture, a nice environment and beautiful musics for the season. The gameplay is not hard, but the level is too no-lineal and often is difficult to find the correct path to continue advancing, like the jump to get the crowbar. In that sense I missed some more cameras and hints (example: when she's near the ladder). Anyway a level to enjoy and take a relaxing time; if you are not in a hurry it's an ideal level for you. Recommended." - Jose (10-Dec-2013)
"This is a very pleasent little seasonal offering;well-crafted,with a very good use of custom textures;and a handful of interesting moments.The snowy street atmosphere has been well caught,while the use of music relaxes and never becomes too intrusive.Aside from a rather glitchy run around some rooftops,this little adventure entertained perfectly well - until it ended abruptly without my actually having picked up the Pocket Watch of the Title,and with the feeling that something more ought to have happened (a closing Fly-By,perhaps;or a 'The End' caption.) It was an ending so abrupt that it made me wonder if I'd actually done things in the correct order;until I realised that the name of the adventure was,itself,an indication of the level's conclusion.Perhaps the understandable lack of enemies robbed the level of an exciting Finale;but I felt that it needed just a little bit more. Definately worth playing,though;and the overall craftsmanship and attention to detail on display throughout is thoroughly pleasing." - Orbit Dream (10-Dec-2013)
"Here's a 20-minute piece of fluff that's a nice change of pace from the standard fare of shoot 'em up raids that take us past one peril after another. You get a backdrop of soothing Christmas pieces played on solo acoustic guitar while you explore a quaint snow-blanketed town square. It's a good thing there are no cops around, for Lara commits several felonies in the short time she spends here. First she finds someone's ATM card lying on the ground and uses it in a nearby machine to get some cash. (To her credit, however, she gives it to a beggar.) Then she burgles a joint to liberate a motorbike, which she uses to place herself in a position where she can break into a store to steal the pocket watch that she coveted as the level began. Let's see, now -- misappropriation of personal property, two counts of breaking and entering, two counts of grand theft, and probably reckless driving on top of that. If I did all that, I'd be looking at five to ten at least. But for Lara, it's all in a day's work. This is the first purely Christmas level we've had in quite a while, so don't miss it. Recommended." - Phil (10-Dec-2013)
"Thank you for this nice little Xmas level, Mugs! It is short and easy, but has a couple of smart things to do, and stands for a lot of fun. The park view is a feast for the eyes, very beautiful indeed. I found only a little drawback: if Lara backflips from the ladder when she is lower (or higher?)than she should be, she passes through the catwalk and the container below. Btw, it was sneaky to put two or three containers that couldn't be climbed or moved for lack of space, and afterwards, when the player was apt to bypass all containers, lo and behold! three or four of them had better to be moved, for the sake of Lara's health. Quite a Mugs' trick, isn't it? And I'm ashamed to say that I needed the Forum people once, for I didn't see that crowbar at all, and was quite lost. As to the music, it was so soothing and pretty that I almost forgot that it was continuous. Nice job, and a very happy Christmas to you!" - Josey (10-Dec-2013)
"This is just about right for the season! Mugs gives us a wonderful little romp in snowy New York, with soothing Christmas music playing in the background as you explore the place to make your way towards that pocket watch that taunts Lara from right behind the window at the beginning. The tasks to accomplish are few and not difficult at all, but with the included search and explore phase I still spent a relaxed 30 minutes here (and then just over 8 minutes on replay). I do remember the Rockefeller Center as a slightly higher building than what features here and I did wonder where all the masses of people are that usually queue around the skating rink ;) Thank you, Pat, for a nice little present behind that Calendar door today!" - MichaelP (09-Dec-2013)
"I love almost all of the Christmas levels and this was by far no exception! I like to get away from jungles and dank, dowdy old tombs and into urban life once in a while. Initially I just wanted to explore all of the alleys, nooks and crannies before being remotely concerned about locating objects so I could do some window shopping ;) A great level to get us in the mood for Christmas, thank you, Mugs!" - High Priestess (09-Dec-2013)
"Enjoyed the level building , the music and atmosphere , but the play time was cut short, wish it there was more to keep me up. Enjoyable but very short." - young Lara Croft (09-Dec-2013)
"I've been looking forward to the first of this years Christmas level releases, and of course, I was not left disappointed. This one is just full of charm and sophistication (and that's just the builder!) I enjoy a city level if it's compact like this is, and not too difficult. I do however think we should point out that Lara appears to have become a bit of a rogue in this level, stealing credit cards, mopeds and of course pocket watches, quite a haul, then there's breaking and entering without permission, and criminal damage. All in a days work for Lara Croft! This took me an hour, if it was supposed to I don't know, but I missed the obvious jump switch cum ladder, actually that was quite a good addition, along with the little garbage bin puzzle allowing Lara with her ill gotten moped across the water. The background music is relaxing. No cameras to speak of, nor enemies." - sonnyd83 (09-Dec-2013)