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English Countryside by Bigfoot

Ceamonks890 3 5 3 5
Christian 6 7 7 8
DJ Full 5 6 6 5
Gerty 5 6 5 5
Jay 6 6 7 7
JesseG 6 6 5 7
JimmyBeon 6 5 7 6
JoeTheCrazyGamer 9 6 7 6
John 6 7 6 7
Jose 5 6 6 6
Larabiker301 2 3 2 3
manarch2 3 5 5 6
MichaelP 5 6 5 5
misho98 7 7 7 8
Mman 3 3 2 2
Mulf 3 4 4 3
Orbit Dream 3 3 4 4
Phil 7 6 6 8
Ryan 4 5 5 5
Treeble 5 6 6 6
tuxraider 5 5 5 4
young Lara Croft 6 6 4 3
release date: 29-Dec-2013
# of downloads: 114

average rating: 5.25
review count: 22
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file size: 28.80 MB
file type: TR4
class: Home

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A fairly standard home level, and not surprising also an early effort from the author (building a manor level, remake or otherwise, is almost like a rite of passage to most TRLE builders). The new textures are fun and mesh well with the originals ones. Gameplay has you questing for a handful of items, a couple of which are behind walkthrough foliage walls, and there's a fair share of backtracking involved — but with manarch's walkthrough, lost time wandering aimlessly is kept under control. 20 minutes. 12/23" - Treeble (30-Dec-2023)
"As I said in the Scottish Countryside review I was going to miss this level as that set was supposed to be a remake, but this seemed to be completely different, so I thought I may as well finish with Bigfoot's releases. This is their first level that got recovered later, and it shows, with a house setting (and a little outdoors near the end) that's almost entirely flatly lit, although the texturing makes use of some custom textures and colourful edits to give it some flavour, even if it's not especially coherent. The design is almost entirely box rooms, with little in the way of notable architecture, although the objects at least fit the theme even if the overall structure makes no sense (in a random way, rather than an intentionally bizarre way)
The gameplay is very simple but simultaneously kind of frustrating due to the main challenge coming from near-invisible pushblocks and non-solid walls, there's also some major backtracking towards the end even if the level is small enough that it's not too long (although the multiple ladders don't help). Despite this you can see some method in the madness hinting at the author's potential, like how the double-hidden push blocks both lead to the same type of item and subtly hint at the other in the process, or how the enemy placement hints at or (in one case) outright tells you where the non-solid walls are; and those walls actually didn't give me much trouble. If you check the walkthrough or hint images in the zip if you're stuck rather than literally bang your head on the walls it's also very short so it doesn't take too much investment to see through to the end. Even the weakest of Bigfoot's other releases are a big improvement on this, but it's short enough to be playable for those who want to see where this author started." - Mman (25-Jul-2023)
"According to the info file this was the builder's first level (older than the first submitted level). And it's bad. The textures are ugly, it's very blocky, the architecture of the house makes no sense, the gameplay is full of annoyances (like hiding things in ways that are simple but make them tedious to find). There's no reason to play this, unless you want to see the builder's amazing growth." - tuxraider (30-Jun-2023)
"This one had a nice concept, it's just a Shame it's execution was flawed. Puzzles were confusing and very difficult for the sake of being difficult, the amount of important items that were hidden in a wall in a bush was silly. But hey I got through it. Objects - again, too many hidden in silly locations that are not easily accessible to new players. Atmosphere - was OK, but not great when the mansion is so crazy. But it wasn't so bad that it hurt my brain. Textures - they were good, but not as consistent as they should be. Conclusion - an ok mansion I was able to complete, unfortunately I had to use a walkthrough to do it, but I wish I didn't need it." - JimmyBeon (09-Jun-2021)
"what a strange house level i just played, the layout is definitely original and its seems lara really likes to have multiple indoor pools in her home lol. the gameplay as usual with home levels is about finding objects keys or levers to progress and while this level does have this, i was not bored at all, it was quirky and unpredictable because you never knew what kinda room you were going to enter next! the textures and textures of objects are a strange mix i have to say, but you know what its nice to see something different and i like bright colours, even though this doesnt have the best lighting and textures i liked it. the things i didnt like was the lack of puzzles, and traps and the fact there are unfair walk through or crawl through textures leading to objects that you need to progress but with no hint or camera hint for it so i only discovered it by looking at a walkthough and also there was just a bit to much backtracking forth and back for my liking some more camera hints are needed here. the only enemies i encountered with warthogs and at first while i was intrigued by a motorbike and looked forward to riding it, it turns out its only use is to get through a sloped corridor to progress, i mean that a clever idea but i was hoping to use it more, i was hoping to jump on that horse at the end but no suck luck either, overall i enjoyed the level but again a little too short for me and i think almost impossible to play without a walkthrough" - John (07-May-2021)
"Im surprised this Home Level got a low score, I really Love it. I enjoyed how different it looked from other Home Levels. This one stands out. The backtracking was really good. It was done well but with a few minor issues with lighting and textures and there were no secrets (that i found) but overall not bad. 29/40" - JoeTheCrazyGamer (18-Jun-2020)
"I found this a nice little level to play in between the testing I’ve been doing lately. Nothing complicated, just a nice raid through a huge house where a lot of swimming pools are on different floors. Sylvain says it is his first but even then it a rather nice one at that. Gathering Golden Stars and some Gems and you are on your way. The pushables are very hard to spot and the walkthrough walls are always a big no in my book. But as I stated before, it is a nice raid." - Gerty (12-Oct-2017)
"This is a level that was lost by the builder from his computer and then found and released. This level is kinda iffy but this builder has done so much better in his later releases. Backtracking and walkthrough walls are present which are a bit unfair, but the builder picked up afterwards." - Ryan (08-Apr-2016)
"Bigfoot warned us about some wrong tiles, but these were almost not a problem for me - of course there were some misrotations, but texture types vary on a decent level, some of them are quite unique and even the completely default lighting brings, instead of disturbance, nostalgic mood of a stricte classic manor level. What is a REAL problem is gameplay. Half of the playtime is backtracking along the whole map, three times if You skip nothing - but the last is extremely hard because of wall-equaling pushables, walk-thru walls and a lack of hint about what the revolver shot does (well maybe there's a hint but instantly broken by drawn weapon). Only thanks to four hintful pictures attached, I didn't run in circles for that long and I could enjoy the nice ingame soundtracks, classic crowbar puzzles and some warthog fighting until the final chalice pickup... oh, and there's also a short bike ride :) SUMMARY: Confusing as hell, but still enjoyable. Shows first signs of the builder's puzzle-focused design, so anyone searching for Bigfoot's origins should play it." - DJ Full (28-Jan-2014)
"Now, while I understand the idea of builders wanting to preserve their work for future generations, I personally think it would have been better if BigFoot had never bothered to release this earlier level of his after all this time(since his latterly-designed works are of much better quality and more worth your time overall.) While it may serve as an interesting beginning for builders of all ages to dissect and contain some decent texturing and object placement to look at and admire, that doesn't make the enjoyment factor any better. The gameplay is completely monotonous, involving either the tedious collection of out-of-place gems and golden stars, pushing some blocks or pulling a switch of some sort in order to gain access to an unrewarding relic in the form of the Holy Grail, ending a bit anticlimactically. Lighting is quite flat throughout, the few boars used feel like they were just added in to give the player something to shoot and with the lack of a constant ambiance track or sound effects beyond Lara's own, the atmosphere is practically non- existent. Only really worth playing if you were ever curious in how BigFoot began his career into the more successful builder he is today." - Ceamonks890 (08-Jan-2014)
"To be a first level is not a bad level. I never liked the phantom walls, except for a secret, of course. Also force the players to go from the beginning to the end of the level several times is not very funny for many players. There are some defects with the textures, of course, but the appearance is not bad. A good "debut" from a good builder." - Jose (06-Jan-2014)
"A nice and enjoyable level, sometimes cryptic and confusing(pushable blocks) but overall light gameplay. Wasn't a fan of the textures and lighting, but I understand it's of of his first builds." - young Lara Croft (05-Jan-2014)
"How fascinating to get a retrospective look at the first level from someone who turned out to be such an excellent builder. There are small glimpses of the potential lurking in this early work, but it's easy to see the huge learning curve displayed between this and subsequent levels. Interesting therefore more for what it represents that what it actually is, although if you like mansion levels this is certainly pleasant enough and hardly overstays its welcome." - Jay (02-Jan-2014)
"Looking at the authors previous levels and glancing at the reviews that have already been posted about this level, there's not much else to say about it. This was supposedly junk but ended up here anyway and which was already stated (but I'll state it again) that this could possibly serve as inspiration for young and newcomers to building; that potential does exist in everyone. I might be able to add a little something extra that hasn't already been said. Gameplay consisted of running around which is the norm in Tomb Raider and finding lever switches. Not much, but it's something worth looking at. The player then has to find a few trinkets here and there. But backtracking is a different story; there's a lot of it and for such a short level...The only enemies that are present are boars which spices up the level a bit and gives the player something to do other than run around. Objects are well placed and give off a home feeling. Secrets are non-existing. The level seemed to take me to a TR1 nostalgic feel so I don't know if that was intended or not. The lighting was bland, of course; it didn't really matter afterwards. Overall - This level was lost by the author but found and posted on the net, therefore I recommend beginner builders to take a look at this level, then play the author's other levels to compare and contrast. Total Time - 20-30mins, Difficulty - Easy (Most likely have to look at the walkthrough in order to progress through a few areas) Secrets - 0/0 Recommended." - Larabiker301 (02-Jan-2014)
"I guess it shows the confidence of one of our best custom level builders out there to release an early work that was recently uncovered on a fan's harddisk. If anything it may serve as encouragement for new builders to show how big the progress can be if you stick with it and practice and expand on your talents. You get about 20 minutes of running around in a rather colourful manor with several pools and despite the (slightly annoying) backtracking and the (rather very annoying) walkthrough walls, it is all basic raiding fun while it lasts. Even a custom bike gets used briefly at the end. Try it for a bit of nostalgia and review it to thank the author for being brave enough to show us his early work." - MichaelP (01-Jan-2014)
"I once found an early level of mine in the deepest recesses of our Hard Drive;and,like BigFoot,decided to release it into the community,with few modifications.In my case it wasn't a significant act,as my other levels hadn't scored particualary well and so it hardly looked out of place within my level listing.In BigFoots case,however,his previous offerings have been so exemplary in every respect that this re-heated early release can only sit there amongst his other levels,looking a little like something unpleasant lying on someone's beautiful Living Room floor.It's not that it's bad(although the prolific use of walk/crawlthrough walls is totally unfair to the player - even with a clue provided for one of them,in the form of an emerging pig).It's that its quite uninvolving;full of dull back-and-forth progression,and rather scrappily built (excepting a decent looking Library).The music choices do their job and provide some needed humour;while the chosen textures make a change from the ones usually associated with Lara's Mansion.Nonetheless,the interior layout is contrived and repetetive;while lighting is generally absent.The fact that the Holy Grail is ultimately located within a particularly nondescript room pretty much sums up the tone of the whole level - not bad as such,but quite unremarkable." - Orbit Dream (30-Dec-2013)
"I'll say it right away - reviewing this level is rather pointless. As correctly stated from the other reviewers, the builder has proved to have done much better in his later releases, and there's nothing denying the builder's strength, not even this debut which the builder released more as a gift than to receive great marks. In hindsight I'd say this level might have been more apt as an Easter level, with nice and colourful texturing that even makes up a bit for the missing lighting. The gameplay is not really this level's strength as it's all about finding and using levers and items, plus a short bike ride at the end. I really did not like the ever lasting backtracking in here especially since some camera hints were missing; the walkthrough walls did not quite help that - but I understand the builder could not change that and appreciate the included pictures to help. Overall a cute effort which doesn't pretend to be much better, but which is - apart of the gameplay - a rather decent efforts. 15 minutes, no secrets." - manarch2 (30-Dec-2013)
"A cute level where you explore a labyrinth of a house and gardens. The texturing was decent overall, but more dynamic lighting would have made it look better. Either this is Lara's house and she egotistically hung up tons of pictures of herself, or she's raiding someone else's house, and the owner has an unfortunate obsession. Either way the place is riddled with fake walls that Lara can walk through, but thankfully the author was kind enough to provide some pictures hinting to the locations of these walls, as well as the camouflaged pushable blocks. Besides that there is not much to do except shoot some wild boars infesting the gardens, and collecting different antiques to get your way to the holy grail. The ending left me confused. 45 minutes." - SSJ6Wolf (30-Dec-2013)
"I really enjoyed this level - it's not perfect and by looking at the screenshots from the builder's other levels I guess this one is built earlier than them but for me this is a short fresh home level with fun to do tasks. I loved the room, the textures were very colorful and positive. I didn't liked the hidden places with plants. If it wasn't the help provided with the level I would never figured that out. I loved the library and the pool room above it. The motorcycle ride and the few enemies are also a nice touch to it. Not hard at all, but you have to keep your eyes open. Recommended, it took me about half an hour!" - misho98 (30-Dec-2013)
"Don't deprive yourself of savouring the gameplay to its fullest extent by looking at the zipped help files beforehand, or else you may find out too early that this level is a two-trick pony: it does pushables that look exactly like a bit of wall (twice) and walkthrough walls (also twice). Apart from that, its main attractions are backtracking from one end of the map to the other (several times), a very brief and fairly pointless ride on the motorbike, and shooting a few specimens of a species invading the English countryside (of which, incidentally, we don't get to see a lot, as 98% of the level takes place within a rather rough-and-ready TR1-style mansion). So I'm not sure why the author, who is known for exponentially better ware, thought it advisable to exhume this early attemptperhaps as an inspirational example for budding builders? Quoth one highly active reviewer recently: "It's good to see a well-regarded builder releasing an undeniably rough-edged fledgling work from several years ago,thereby illustrating that level-building should be all about entertaining the players as opposed to striving for the highest possible ratings." Such is the case here, if we disregard the bit about "entertaining the players". Players will not find anything in here that they haven't seen too many times before." - Mulf (29-Dec-2013)
"As in the case of Sponge not long ago, this is a formerly lost first effort by a builder who has since come to be recognized as one of the best artisans in the field. Indeed, as a maiden voyage this level has a few annoying aspects that the builder would not likely repeat if he were releasing it today as a fresh creation. There are unmarked pushblocks, walkthrough walls and the frequent need for backtracking, traits which stand out even more starkly in view of the brief (20 to 25 minutes) net playing time. On the other hand, everything is cheery and brightly lit, which is something I invariably appreciate in a level. Manarch2 has provided an early walkthrough which I used to avoid becoming bogged down by the foregoing deficiencies. Nice for a pleasant diversion." - Phil (29-Dec-2013)
"A very short level; three golden stars and two gems have to be found in one of Laras mansions to receive a grail in the end. That's some pushing of several moveable blocks hardly dissimilar from the static ones,shooting a daimond, exploring a bit the greenery and a short bike ride in the end. Gameplay is eather linear without any challenges. The rooms are looking very similar, a library extended over three floors is the higlight of this level, that could be a starting sequence for a real adventure. Atmosphere is not that convincing, colors seem quite unreal. We have already seen quite better works from this talented author." - Christian (29-Dec-2013)