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Laras Adventure Remake by Eelkemama

DJ Full 6 8 6 7
Don007 7 9 7 8
Jay 9 8 8 8
Jose 6 8 8 9
manarch2 8 8 7 7
MegaGamer 10 9 10 10
Minox 9 9 9 8
Phil 9 8 9 9
Ryan 9 8 8 8
Tolle87 8 9 10 9
Zentralfriedhof 9 9 9 9
release date: 30-May-2014
# of downloads: 120

average rating: 8.32
review count: 11
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file size: 86.20 MB
file type: TR4
class: South America

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"You might be into Elke's style or not, but it never changes - draft rooms, minimal lighting, random simple tasks interrupted with unnecessarily obscure interactions, all of that covering the entire game and making it really hard to get immersed. This style relies much more on resource pack used than on builder's skills and indeed, the best things here are textures and audio - but otherwise it was boring since the first room till the last, I feel like playing the same thing from her for a millionth time, and I can only view this game as optional. I wouldn't complain if I saw any learning curve but let's be honest, she's not even trying." - DJ Full (05-Jul-2019)
"The first two or three levels, while still entertaining, haven't really changed from the original game I played last year. Still plenty of hidden switches and jump sequences, not many enemies (although, to me that's not a bad thing), and a solid South American setting. However, the third Home level has transformed from a very brief taster to an entirely new and quite challenging level , with the addition of a guide (who's close to useless as she only lights two torches). If you're undecided as to which version to play, I'd recommend this one, so my scores are almost the same, although both are solidly made." - Ryan (01-Oct-2017)
"I don't know how the builder didn't add a savegame so players don't need to replay the previous whole adventure again to finally can play a fresh level. In the gameplay there are the same defects as before: very tiny items too hidden between the grass or on the floor lying anywhere; also sometimes players can abandone an area without all the necessary items to continue playing, getting totally stucked. Except for this, the remaining features are in the line of this author, good architecture and texturization, good use of the cameras and flybies, nice musics and environments and good puzzles here and there. I missed some more enemies this time. So it's your choice if you've already played the original adventure if you want to replay the first three levels only to play a new custom level." - Jose (29-Aug-2014)
"Very nice level. We must seek, as many objects or levers are close but not necessarily visible (hidden behind a poussable or grass). This level is easy and doable by all. Congratulations." - Minox (07-Aug-2014)
"Fun level with lots of new objects. The game should not contain so many hidden levers, it was hilarious! Other than that, room design is not as great as in better games. Recommended but not among my favourites." - Don007 (28-Jun-2014)
"I will start the review by saying that I did not play the original Lara's adventure level. I noticed that this was a remake, so I decided to download it because remakes are usually better. I think I was right. this was a reeeeally fun game to play. The overall gameplay was great and intense. The puzzles also added a nice touch to the gameplay. The author did a nice job placing enemies, which also helped make this game fun. The atmosphere and textures were beautiful and realistic, and also well lit. Overall, a really fun game to play. Recommended." - MegaGamer (20-Jun-2014)
"It hasn't been that long since the original version was released, so the details were still fairly fresh in my mind while I played the remake. However, there have been some significant changes in the first three levels, and the fourth level has been considerably expanded, so that we now have two short levels (one and three) of 20 to 30 minutes each, and two full-blown levels (two and four) that each required the better part of an hour for me to complete. There are additional secrets as well (all of which are in the first three levels), and a few of the existing ones have been relocated. The builder apparently took some of the criticism of the original version to heart, as she has removed the first invisible key from the second level (unless she has made it really invisible this time). However, she has left the second key in its original location and has done nothing to make it more discernible. Since I knew it was likely there, having played the original version, I simply stood where it was supposed to be and hit the action key to pick it up without ever having seen it. And by the way, it does little good to admonish someone to play with open eyes if those open eyes cannot readily detect what they're expected to see. Moving on, in the third level there's an interesting twist where you stand next to a Lara doppelganger and draw a shotgun that I never picked up (so at some point it must be added to the player's inventory). The fourth level is where gameplay differs most strikingly from the original version. Instead of a tidbit lasting just a few minutes you have a complete level that could easily have been released as a standalone. There's also a neat touch here, where if you try to enter the mansion with your lighted torch, it disappears before you've taken three steps. In all, you get a couple of hours' worth of solid entertainment from a solid builder. Recommended." - Phil (09-Jun-2014)
"This is perhaps the better offering compared to the builder's latest, if most of it unfortunately wasn't seen already. Yes, there are some additonal gameplay elements to the better with some more puzzles, more and better secret hideouts (still rather easy compared to the actual gameplay path) and the looping musics are cut down at least to some extent, but the original game is still rather fresh in my mind, which can be a bit of a downside, but the quirkyness and the fast-paced-ness of the level made up for it. At least the last level is nearly entirely new and offers another half or so hour of decent raiding, for which I will raise the marks slightly. It still suffers from a relative lack of dynamic lighting and a rather blocky appearance, but has a lot of interesting smaller and larger tasks to solve. I'm still not sure what the pushables in the sentry gun room should do, as they are a fairly misleading clue, and the hidden block in the caves is just a bit too well hidden, but all the other tasks aren't overly obscure. If you decide to play one of the two recent versions, I'd suggest you this one, which is the more well-rounded of the two adventures. 1:15 hours, 9 secrets." - manarch2 (07-Jun-2014)
"Nice, classic and well done adventure for lunch break. Fun!" - Zentralfriedhof (04-Jun-2014)
"Very enjoyable 4-part experience.I really like the architecture and ambience, from Peruvian nature, caves and temples to Lara's home.Every level has it's own theme and it's special in it's own way.Whole story is imagined like some kind of a fairytale, with appropriate main menu and ingame music.Overall, atmosphere is definitely the best aspect of this level.Gameplay is also good, with same good well-thought puzzles, some very imaginative tasks (like playing hide&seek with gatling gun or making a snowman) and many, MANY hidden objects and levers.If you get stuck, that means there is one tiny little part somewhere on the landscape covered with bush that hides object or switch you need for advance.Maybe it's a little too often, but at least it will make you find most of the secrets:) (I got 8/9).There are few enemies, some natives, bats and wolves.Not much, but enough to keep you awake and put a little action.Bottomline, play this level, you won't regret." - Tolle87 (03-Jun-2014)
"It was fun to play this level again. It has been revised and tweaked a bit here and there, but the main difference is the inclusion of enemies now this is no longer an 'Advent' level. It's still far from a blood bath, with only the occasional native or bat to deal with and the action still mainly entails finding well hidden switches and working out clever puzzles etc. Where it really diverges from the original game is in the final section at Lara's home. In the Advent version this was a short addendum that merely served as a seasonal reminder. Here, it has been expanded into a much longer and more challenging section that I found highly entertaining. Well worth playing." - Jay (02-Jun-2014)