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Land Beyond Dreams by Gabriel Oliveira

Adriel 10 10 10 10
Casual Raider 8 10 9 9
DJ Full 7 8 8 9
Fabio 8 9 10 9
Gerty 8 8 8 8
Jay 8 8 9 9
John 8 9 9 8
Jose 7 8 8 9
Larabiker301 9 9 9 8
manarch2 7 8 8 8
Manymee 8 9 9 10
MichaelP 7 8 8 8
Orbit Dream 8 7 8 9
Phil 9 8 9 9
Rambo 6 7 8 8
Ryan 9 8 8 9
totizedger 7 8 8 8
Virginia 9 9 10 10
young Lara Croft 8 7 8 7
release date: 29-Jun-2014
# of downloads: 260

average rating: 8.39
review count: 19
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file size: 299.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Fantasy/Surreal

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"i remember playing land beyond dreams 2 and thinking how polished the inside of the house was and how beautiful the outside area is with gorgeous lakes flowers and swans. In this first level i see visibly things are much the same im glad to see but more interestingly the tasks and puzzles inside the house and its exterior are mostly different which of course despite the mostly object finding makes it still a fresh experience, as does the excellent added mini levels leading off from the main mansion hub here! The mini levels areas are both a welcome change of environment and of gameplay with lots of fun tasks, traps and pushable object puzzles, the environments, textures and lighting are very varied, bright and eye catching making this level overall such a delight to explore around in as the areas you play in are always changing. After completing the mini levels you have to find 5 switches back in the mansion before you then return to defeat the boss of the level whose has been causing so much chaos in the story. I thought the story with the cutscenes and voice acting with lara and the other character was very good and definitely gets the player involved and interested in the aim and motivation of the game and it was so much fun!" - John (11-May-2022)
"A very enjoyable level set, packed full of beautiful surroundings. We start in Lara's mountain house, where the main objective is to gain access to the land beyond dreams. To do this, Lara must open five gates located bear the waterfall in her front garden. She must explore her house to do this, and includes finding a few keys and the revolver and sight. Once she reaches the magical land, she comes across one of its inhabitants who informs her that their once peaceful land is in danger. Lara returns to the house to find five levers mentioned in a note left by her father and then defeats the boss. Overall a fun level, even if the looping audio didn't appeal to me all that much." - Ryan (17-Aug-2016)
"Sweet, happy raiding! I am fast becoming a fan of Gabriel Croft. I just like his way with outside environments so much, plus he ticks my box for relaxed raiding every time. First of all, Lara had an excellent voice. The house level was easy and intuitive, although I must say that the layout reminded me very strongly of another house level I've played in the past - which one, I don't remember, but the pool by the side, water in front and general 2 level design were nearly identical. That bit aside, it was fun and easy to get to the next level. There was an apple in a shed where I couldn't get to and flares in a skeleton that I couldn't pick up. Generally, textures and ambience were lovely and pleasing to eye and ear, though as per usual the looping music was a bit too much at times. Nathan McCree had it right you know; just a bit of music here and there for emphasis. The story was sweet and I had ample supplies to get through it. The one thing I did not like was Rosemary's Baby OST. It felt entirely out of place in this wondrous, fairytale setting. Highly recommended for happy raiding days." - Manymee (28-Jun-2016)
"It seems to be damning with faint praise to say that this was one of the most pleasant custom adventures I've ever experienced - but it's a completely accurate summation.There are three actual levels,and they are uniformly bright;colourful;pleasing to the eye (but not necessarily to the ear,as the looping ambient music tracks are perhaps an acquired taste);and almost completely relaxing (the very few enemies pose little risk to health).There IS a story-line;but it doesn't really commence until about an hour in.Up until that point,you appear to be playing a House level - replete with all the standard quirks of that scenario (levers for opening doors,placed at the opposite end of the map from the doors themselves;an important pick-up lying arbitrarily around amongst flowers in a rather vast landscape;cooking a Pizza causing something to happen,somewhere;oh look,there's a Toaster in the Kitchen).Level Two is basically linear,with fast-moving progression through interesting but easily dealt with environments;while Level Three is a return to the House,but with a pleasing twist.Everything is resolved;the story is completed;and only the Boss Finale stands in the way of the Finish Trigger - and even that is strangely peaceful,as it's all over with just a few shots. Overall,this is a smart and creative experience;and thoroughly recommendable for those who want to be absorbed for a couple of hours without the need to light flares,conserve ammo,ponder too much,or experience any tension or bloodshed." - Orbit Dream (13-Jun-2016)
"We're pretty busy in well lit and colorful environment with nice storyline wrapping but puzzles are so quick and easy that I couldn't help a feeling it all proceeds too fast. The beginning felt like Alice in Wonderland but it didn't sink in too much, the clown threat didn't seem serious enough and the mission didn't feel important because of that. One should allow time and effort to deepen immersion, what would also leave some space for secrets which could be used in the final fight, in such case renderable more challenging. Still a good game and Pai does excellent job as always." - DJ Full (07-May-2016)
"Again a nice fairy tale level. There are some small flaws but as it doesn't hinder the gameplay I forgive Gabriel. There is a multitude of levers to pull so keep your bearings and remember what you saw where (not my forte I have to admit). Textures could use some fine-tuning and the collisions on objects are a bit strange but all in all the placements of them made it looking good. There are not much enemies and that suited me well. So for something relaxing, have a go at it." - Gerty (21-Jul-2015)
"Gabriel sure has improved a bit on his building skills but still has to do some refining when it comes to gameplay. The first level is basically a Home level with a lot of levers to pull and when i say that i mean "ALot". Also there are the obscure things you have to do for example a toaster activating fire which i've seen before but still it is rather odd. The second level is better with a few smaller puzzles to deal with and better gameplay overall, Items are though easy to miss as they usually are thrown away somewhere on the ground blending in with the textures esecially the green colored key which took me some time to find and just happened to stumble across laying on the ground. The music playing over and over again in the desert area gets annoying after a while so i had to turn it off temporarily. The third level takes you back to the house again for some more lever pulling but this time you get clues about which levers that activates something. At the end you get a rather easy boss fight to deal with and then you are finished. It's nice to play a level with a story as all levels don't have one. Overall a pretty good effort and it's definetly worth a look." - totizedger (15-Jul-2015)
"I thought it was quite remarkable that apparently this adventure was built within only two months. While it does show in places with fairly simple architecture and texturing and lighting, this generally conveys a nice and friendly storyline through which you can play along relatively stress free and just enjoy the scenery. The first part (25 min) is essentially a home level, with the usual ingredients, ie a myriad of switches and doors and obscure actions to trigger things. But the whole outside area is really beautifully crafted. The second part (35 min) is an initially not so friendly 'Land beyond Dreams' where you get to kill a few scorpions, a crocodile and a few natives along the way. There are a few smallish puzzles to solve and plenty of linear running around through corridors, as well as rather many trapdoors to open. The looping audio is nice but will likely get on your nerves after a while. You then return briefly to the house (10 min) to find 5 switches based on a given clue, before you get to fight the bad boss (5 min) and save the land at the end. All in all, a well rounded adventure that you will go through with a smile - so definitely worth a look." - MichaelP (16-Jun-2015)
"Very efficient this builder, with two levels made a four-level adventure. The tasks in the house are similar to other house levels, running here and there pulling switches or looking for items to open doors. The country level was more entertaining, with some puzzles but even so I never liked that important items were thrown anywere; I was very disoriented when I pulled the jumpswitch and heard something but I found nothing to do. A very colorful level, with pleasant musics and very few enemies, correct use of the cameras and no secrets to be found. Good work." - Jose (07-Jan-2015)
"Had a very good time playing the level.It was very good to explore this magical land and to enjoy this story. Sometimes things could be more elaborate but it was ok for me. There weren't excesses in this level and I recommend it." - Adriel (30-Dec-2014)
"A charming and wonderful work, Land Beyond Dreams is a virtual quest for salvation. Lara has to save the magical fairies from a demonic villain that stole their homeland and exiled them somewhere. Good things about this levelset: atmosphere and surroundings are lovely. In proportion , about 85% of this adventure was well built and there are no glitches to encounter. Gameplay is fluid and consistent, I had to use a walkthrough on some parts because I got confused to where I needed to go to find certain switches. The downside would lay probably in the resolution of the final level... the villain was so easy to kill. Lara slides down a slope and she ends up in this room with checkered walls, I didn't even move from my landing spot and I could kill the enemy with my guns. I guess the trigger was supposed to be there but wasn't placed correctly. Another downside would be the desert level which took away some of the magic from this set, I just didn't find it fitting. Don't let my review influence you, it's just my opinion, this is a very entertaining adventure." - young Lara Croft (26-Oct-2014)
"This levelset is really out of fable. Even the first house- like level has fairy, unreal atmoshpere. It only adds to the charm of this custom - it is really wonderful in visuals. Voices are heard very clear and they fit the characters, music adds another layer to atmosphere, though it may be a bit peaceful at times. Textures, objects and lighting are a very strong side of this level, as I said it looks beautiful. The only thing I didn't like in this level was a little too much of key finding to open access to other small areas and little too few traps, chalenge jumps etc. But overall it is really good level and I really enjoyed playing it. Had to use walkthrough once as missed 1 item. Recommended for all who like fantasy levels and smooth gameplay based on sightseeing, some puzzles and item/leverage finds." - Casual Raider (14-Aug-2014)
"Well...where do I begin? This was a lovely adventure that takes Lara through a fantasy world full of mystical locations and other-worldly beings and entities. As exciting as it sounds, it is. The game begins with a FMV (something which is rarely seen in the level building community) and from there, you know the rest of the game will be professionally done. The game is kicked off with Lara, in a swimsuit, in her a old home (it seems like a home from her childhood or something). The rest of the gameplay is simply, locate this and that to progress. But, you do it in such as fashion that you aren't the least bit bored. The aesthetics are beautiful with some areas needed a bit more work than others. I was able to reach the end of the world but I doubt a few others were. The enemies fitted the level well. Atmosphere was spot on and there was never a time where I thought I was somewhere else other than a mystical place which was the point of the story. Although one place seemed to be inspired by an Egyptian theme. The second level is just as full of gameplay and aesthetics as the first one. Not much is to be said that hasn't been said by other reviewers. This is just a game that shouldn't go unnoticed so don't pass this game. Overall, this game is pretty unique and you should definitely play it. Time - 3-4hrs (probably longer), difficulty - Easy/medium, Recommended!" - Larabiker301 (06-Aug-2014)
"Nice to see a very well designed custom like this one! It begins in Lara's house in the mountains, where you must find hidden switches and items to go to the next level. The story is very pleasant. Gameplay and puzzles are ok, but nothing that special, same for the enemies and objects (no secrets in this game). The atmosphere is very good, fits with the summer theme in the first levels and "stormy" present in the last ones. Soundtrack is very good and also, fitting with the theme used here. Cameras: ok, Lighting and textures are very good too. I'm giving this level a high rate because I love it and its very good indeed. The lighting, atmosphere, textures, objects and the story caught my attention. Lara using a bikini is very unusual and very nice. Congrats to Gabriel Croft!" - Virginia (31-Jul-2014)
"For the summer holiday I want to play some games with few reviews, for some others maybe don't even need more (I mostly review levels which I think need another or more points of view). Gameplay & Puzzles: There's a story which is nice, but also too much levers and few puzzles, so overall too easy and boring. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: No secrets and only a handful of enemies, but many custom objects which look rather good. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: Architecture is a bit simplistic, but the level is quite colourful and interesting to look at. Sound is nice but the music is repetitive, and cameras are quite good. Lighting & Textures: Plenty of good textures used here and barely a mistake, only the lighting could be better at parts, but it's solid after all. Total: 7,25/10, a successful fairytale setting but a bit boring in the gameplay." - Rambo (30-Jul-2014)
"I've always enjoyed levels such as this one, both for the visual amenities and for the ample lighting they provide. Your tasks are divided between Lara's estate and an adjacent dream land, and progression is rather straightforward and linear. My chief stumbling block was distinguishing between trap doors that you pull down and those that are opened by other means, but for the most part you're able to keep moving if you stay alert and keep your brain in gear. Enemies are few and far between, and this combination of beauty, ease and tranquility make this an ideal adventure for new and/or young players. There are four levels, with the third seeming identical to the first, and the fourth seeming identical to the second, but there are four TR4 files in the download and they have different names, so I treated them as separate levels for the walkthrough. The impact of any story line was largely lost on me because of the blank screen I saw at the beginning and at the end. If there was something I was supposed to see as well as hear, it didn't work on my computer. I suppose this accounts for the unusually large download size, which was three or four times as bloated as it should have been. Flares are profuse, but hardly necessary because of the generous lighting. And don't get me started on looping music tracks. Anyway, this is a thoroughly enjoyable adventure that I can heartily recommend." - Phil (29-Jul-2014)
"Lara starts off in typical (for her) holiday attire - a fetching yellow bikini accessorised with pistols! Still, at least there are no enemies around and the scenery is absolutely beautiful. I found it a pleasure to search the house and grounds full of lovely flowers and butterflies and exotic fish and swans in the stream, in a quest to locate the secret entrance to the land beyond dreams, which looks pretty much like Egypt initially, but soon morphs into something rather magical. There's a brief return to the house for Lara to change into a blue bikini and throw five switches to access the means to restore water to the land beyond dreams. Light, bright and full of gorgeous objects and textures, this is rather delightful. Unicorns, anyone?" - Jay (14-Jul-2014)
"A very beautiful and magical level set that is definitely a must play. The gameplay consists in finding several items and switches around the places, solving some puzzles and killing a few enemies that show up in the second and last level. The magical level is very interesting, the "deadly candy" pool challenge was simple, but very good. For me, the gameplay was too easy, but at the same time it was fun and I found myself stuck in some parts. It was very nice to see some story, fmvs and flyby sequences/sounds of Lara talking with yourself or other people. The textures had a good use, same with the objects and enemies. The atmosphere of every single level looks perfect, well as the soundtrack. I highly recommend this level set!" - Fabio (14-Jul-2014)
"It's a real pleasure to see a levelbuilder caring for a decent story, complete with opening and ending FMV and a nice story being implemented once you've reached the eponymous dream land. A strong storyline always make the experience more enjoyable. In general this is a very nicely designed game, with many eye candy areas in each level, and despite not everything being quite perfect one can see the builder's skill refining. The manor level has a bit of obscure gameplay, meaning lots of object interaction that isn't very obvious and many well hidden items, but its somewhat clear goal of opening five doors in a water passage makes it more enjoyable and the setting isn't all too large to make it utterly confusing. There are only very few (and fairly easy) puzzles though, and overall the actions aren't very involved. The next level takes us to said dream setting, which has a multitude of various settings wildly changing between Middle America, Asia and fairytale, but it works in its way and even if there are several too long (way too long) passages that make the gameplay dreary, there are some interesting puzzles. Overall the difficulty is very easy, and there could've been a few more platforming parts or timed runs. In a short trip back to the manor, there's a nice paper chase to be solved, I still don't understand - did the levers appear magically? Were they existent before (probably so, since Lara's father mentioned them) and why didn't we notice them in the first level? Although it's a rather nice idea, the logic behind it is still lost on me. Afterwards we return back to the land beyond dreams and finally solve the last part of the quest. In all levels, the looks are fairly pleasing to the eye and the rooms are solidly constructed. One can see there's more care for some "highlight" rooms than for others, with fairly rushed rooms interlinking them, and here and there the builder could've cared for a more careful segmentation of the wall tiles which results in texturing mistakes. I also was a bit enerved of the background audio used which should have been more ambient rather than the music used in here, which could've served better as a one-shot trigger. There are not many enemies, but they are aptly chosen and well placed. The object design is nice, with many custom objects put to good use here. Maybe in the next game there could've been a few secrets to make the experience even better. Overall, this is a very pleasing level that has its ups and downs, but stays pretty enjoyable overall and true to its fairytale-like inspiration. 65 minutes." - manarch2 (13-Jul-2014)