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Lara at the Games - Bubsy 3D by Alex Chap

Angel_K 7 5 8 6
Ceamonks890 5 4 4 4
DJ Full 7 6 8 7
Gerty 6 7 6 6
Jay 7 6 6 8
Jose 4 5 4 5
Larabiker301 7 6 6 8
lilutong 7 6 6 5
manarch2 4 5 4 4
MegaGamer 8 8 9 9
MichaelP 4 7 7 4
mugs 6 6 5 5
OblivionJaw 5 5 3 3
Orbit Dream 7 7 5 7
Phil 7 7 6 8
Rambo 5 5 4 5
Ryan 6 6 6 8
Wolf7 8 8 8 8
release date: 03-Jul-2014
# of downloads: 136

average rating: 6.03
review count: 18
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file size: 143.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Joke

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Unique in its concept, this is a 9 level game based on an old 3D game and despite the 9 levels you will complete it in about an hour max, as each level is brief. I enjoyed the creativity behind this, but it suffers a lot from repetition and outstays its welcome pretty quickly. I mean how many scorpions do you want to shoot, how many simple platform jumps do you want to repeat and worst of it all, how many slow tightrope walks do you really want to make. There are 2 secret rockets in each level to pickup and a (sort of) boss fiight with a raptor about half way through, but admittedly, the highlight for me was the added series of quirky death scenes along the way, so make sure you die at least once in each level to experience those." - MichaelP (05-Mar-2024)
"It's a strange level- this sticks to the authenticity of the original game it's inspired by, and even with the silly additions, deaths and all around the gameplay isn't as good as it could have been. Frustrating at some points too as some things just happen without any control- the run was a nice change but was weird to actually use and the fall damage was unpredictable. Overall an interesting decent quality level that you can get a peek at if you want." - OblivionJaw (05-Dec-2023)
"I did not know the author attempted a Lara at the Games before having provided us with one of the most amazing games of 2020 (Kula Raider), bringing us the infamous Busby 3D with some, err, interesting results.
I praise a lot the gameplay, you will be asking why, well I am gonna provide you the reason: this game is extremely creative, because it is applying the level design and overall feel of the original game, adding even some adorably creative death scenes (I count as objects).
It is obvious that considering it is a remake of a bad game, it will not exactly shine in terms of Atmosphere and lighting, but I am praising how similar and almost equal it looks to its original counterpart. Call me crazy, but it is really true. One of the question asked for a review is in fact "Did it seem real?" Yes, I did feel I was playing bubsy with some probably better physics for sure, and that is what really matters at the end of the day.
If you are looking to experience the wonderfully bizarre, try this one out. It is also pretty short, 45 minutes and you are done, believe me. Wolfy Regards," - Wolf7 (30-Oct-2020)
"I would say that this level gives me a brand new experience-- -I have not played a level like this!The music and textures are creative.So, it worth playing." - lilutong (11-Sep-2019)
"This is definitely outlandish and whether this is your kind of thing or not, you have to admit it is certainly something different. I have never played the original game that this is apparently based on, but it does seem faithful to those old platforming games that were all the rage years ago (and still are now). Despite the amount of levels, this isn't a very long game at about an hour's net gaming time, so it won't take you ages to get through. I could have done without the looping music tracks and the repetitiveness of some of the platforming exercises, and the custom textures are down to preference, but this was an amusing little jaunt, although it definitely won't be to everyone's liking." - Ryan (27-May-2018)
"It's a noble goal to remake one of the worst games to give the main hero some more recognition. I wonder what's next - Big Rigs? Daikatana? Superman64? Catechumen? I have two big things against this release: 1) all info should be kept in a single readme, 2) all game elements should be consistent in style - in this case what disturbs is not cartoon stuff like the author presumed, but elements left realistic: global rule is to always throw out or adjust whatever doesn't match the concept. For instance in the graphic aspect I wouldn't use the dogs or the police car, and for the puzzles I don't think Bubsy was doing tightropes and sentries. Not a matter of approach but of fix, the cutscenes could be done better because it's not always clear what kind of death we see, and some camera hints would help a lot - I bet they're lacking just like they were in the original game, but I also bet the original game had everything happening in plain sight (tell me if I'm wrong). SUMMARY: This is a serious attempt but I'm still waiting for a day when Alex creates something totally consistent as I know he's able to." - DJ Full (08-Mar-2017)
"this level is not as bad as the original game, I did watch a video of the gameplay of the original game and it was quite ugly and unplayable, but this level is much better, even if you will not find an original of special gameplay, everything is really simple, but quite nicely set." - Angel_K (26-Dec-2015)
"I thought that this set of levels was more long, but once you know the trigger tiles, the deadly tiles and the general dynamic, you can realize that the levels are short and often you can avoid many tasks to finish them. The gameplay is poor, pressing buttons walking over tightropes or teleporting to get access to new rooms. Enemies I can't kill only if I stay in the same tile were not for my taste too. Where are the cameras and extra musics? The cartoon textures are monotonous. There's an effort from this builder and a new concept of a TR adventure can be, but perhaps good for the old 3D game lovers; not for me. Anyway I think this author has enough skills to build very interesting "normal" levels in the future. I hope so." - Jose (09-Jan-2015)
"Never played Bubsy but this is one quirky level. Not so much a fan of this kind of gameplay but you can see that Alex does put a lot into it. He has a certain kind of humour and a way of approaching the editor that not many do. So keep on it and they may even grow on me." - Gerty (02-Oct-2014)
"Gameplay & Puzzles: Sometimes confusing and buggy, sometimes quite interesting and creative gameplay that is something different, I really felt like playing an old school game like many years ago. But nothing here is very serious and difficult. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: As the textures are, the objects fit well and the enemies, which are few, are fun to battle off. The rocket secrets are often easy but sometimes good. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: I think there is some good work here but the builder has done too much here, the sound is annoying, I changed it, the cameras are too quick (intended perhaps) and the monotone colours aren't really nice to see. Lighting & Textures: Textures are interesting although monotone, and aid gameplay. The lighting is not that bland as I thought from such a level, but it is a bit indeed. Total: 4,75/10, good concept but some more could be done to it." - Rambo (16-Sep-2014)
"This game has so much more to it than meets the eye, initially. Alex put a lot of thought into this game and it shows. It has a definite cartoonish flavor to it and the music reminded me a lot of the old Mario games, but it's a lot of fun to play once you sort out all the trap-workings. I had a very hard time understanding the dialogue so I may have missed some important instructions regarding those traps. I found myself having to rely on the walkthrough quite a bit. I thought that there was probably too much sameness in terms of level structure. I can understand that joke levels are like this - it's just one of the things that I don't particularly like about them. Seen one scorpion, you've seen 'em all, if you get my drift. Variety is always a good thing. I enjoyed playing this one so I recommend it." - mugs (07-Sep-2014)
"This is something entirely different and, love it or loathe it, you have to applaud the quirkiness of it all. I've never heard of the game character on which this is based so am totally unable to say how much of a homage this is, but it's certainly an amusing concept and must surely be one of the longest raids in the joke category. I confess I put off playing this as, from the amount of TR4s in the data file, I assumed it was going to take hours and hours to get through. Wrong! There may be several sections, but they're all quite short and readily achievable. It's extremely colourful and cartoony and the gameplay is readily achievable so it should be suitable for anybody that fancies a chuckle really. By the way, it's worth sacrificing Lara's life from time to time, just to see the amusingly inventive death throes." - Jay (23-Jul-2014)
"Alex honored me with a specific request to write a walkthrough for this one, and I hope I did it justice. As others have noted, it's bright and garish as befits a joke level. I had never heard of, let alone played, its namesake, but you get a fairly entertaining romp of about an hour's duration (each of the segments lasting 10 minutes or so). And it's not always as easy as you might think. There's a particular jumping sequence with a T-Rex stomping about in the background that I found quite vexing, what with those beach balls poised to flatter you a la Marksdad. The secrets are represented by rocket pickups, and I managed to miss a number of them before Alex graciously pointed out their location so I could complete the walkthrough. A rather fun change of pace." - Phil (23-Jul-2014)
"I have the feeling the builder ultimatively failed in his quest to make this the worst game ever released, as it's far away from calling it "bad" at all. It's a rather quirky and funny game, with many resemblances to the early platforming games (I'm sorry but I didn't know this specific level in particular). While the gameplay elements are really nothing special (mostly you'll be searching around for a button to free the way in this or that way), I rather enjoyed the time spent in this level, mostly because of the variety of the levels, the (sometimes messed up) animations, death scenes and hilarious allusions. Compared to the builder's last games, there aren't any really serious bugs in it (only some random death squares which aren't marked). From a technical viewside, this level never really excels, mainly because of the functional geometry, flatly coloured textures and missing lighting, but this just fits to the level's theme and I can't really fault it much. Same goes for the pretty enerving background audio - which luckily differs every few minutes due to the leveljumps. This game also doesn't outstand its welcome, despite having about 8-9 levels in it the net gameplay time is just 35 minutes, and while this game neither deserves very low nor very high marks, there are far worse ways of spending half an hour than with this unpretentiously enjoyable level." - manarch2 (07-Jul-2014)
"Oh god Alex, why did you have to make a tribute levelset based off one of the absolute worst official video games of all time? For those who aren't aware, Bubsy was basically designed as a mascot character to compete with Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog, ripping off both of those titles and several others without having even a sliver of originality to offer itself. And let's just say, that his 3D debut on the original PlayStation practically cemented the final nail in his coffin(with ugly graphics that resemble an early 3D tech demo, atrocious controls, bad camera, uninspired gameplay and most importantly, a protagonist with a voice and attitude so awfully grating that you'd wish he'd die and stay dead). Worst of all, it came out in the same year where classic titles like Crash Bandicoot, Resident Evil, Super Mario 64 and even TR1 were ready to make their mark on the world. Anyway, you're probably wondering how the builder has managed to capture this rather 'infamous' piece of video game history in the level editor. And in my honest opinion, he's captured that rather well(although that is by no means a compliment.) While the camera and controls aren't even close to the actual Bubsy 3D game's level of bad design, nor do Lara and any of the enemies in question resemble the actual characters from that aforementioned title much, everything else from Bubsy 3D(including the textures, forgettable music, remade level designs/death scenes and awfully grating voiceovers from Bubsy himself), are practically here and accounted for. Unfortunately however, I think the builder went just a bit too far in making this release an intentionally bad game. The death scenes for Lara(functioning as their own separate level files here), look even more lazily animated than Bubsy 3D's scenes(which is quite an unintentional accomplishment in itself), level design can be confusing to navigate around at times, gameplay can get real boring really fast and in the end, it's just not a pretty series of levels to look at. In conclusion, while I understand that the builder made this levelset as a joke to make something worse than, 'Lara in a Box', you should never ever try to create games in that mindset(and my apologies to the builder for simply not finding this release as funny to play as he'd intended). So now that this is out of his system, I hope Alex Chap goes back to further improving his skills in the editor, as I'd prefer to see better releases from him, not worse ones." - Ceamonks890 (05-Jul-2014)
"This was definitely one wacky level that I enjoyed thoroughly. Gameplay consisted of running around and locating about two specified rockets that are placed throughout each level. This was enjoyable but soon, it ends up being the same thing each level, then again, I think that was the whole premise of things, anyway, their could've been a bit more tasks to accomplish. Regardless, gameplay and puzzles were okay and I did have a ball watching the various death scenes the level set featured. I personally favor the train level and the diving expedition level. Enemies consisted of small scorpions, canines, large scorpions, and dinosaurs. I have no discrepancies here as this was executed alright. There a lot of objects used and they add to the theme of the level so a great job on that. Atmosphere was on the iffy side, while the atmosphere seemed right for this type of level; it did kind of get a little stiff and boring after a while. And along with the gameplay, you do seem to notice it after a while. Though, I kind of stand on the fence with this because with some levels, I think adding atmosphere would've ruined it with the texturing and decoration already added. The lighting was on the okay side, again, the lack of lighting seemed to benefit the custom set rather than hinder it. The texturing was the main part of this level with some new textures being added but some levels could have been spiced up like the dome level. Overall, this is a enjoyable custom set that homes in on old gaming mechanics you most will find entertaining and enjoyable; I enjoyed my stay and you might too. Time 1- 1.5hrs, Difficulty easy," - Larabiker301 (04-Jul-2014)
"This is a tricky one to score,as it's another distinctly AlexChapian (a new word,meaning 'enjoyably off the wall') custom level,where the concept is considerably stronger than the gameplay.(How,for example,can Atmosphere be accurately rated for a level which is designed to look like a bright cartoon?) In this case,I actually admit to owning and playing the original Bubsy3D way back in 1997;and,at the time,hating almost every moment! Whatever one may think of the garish textures and intrusive music in this custom level,they are completely sympathetic to the original;while gameplay also stylistically matches the 1997 release,while actually being better in terms of its relative brevity! In other words,you run back and forth across a blindingly vibrant surreal landscape;collecting pick-ups;doing lots of platforming and slow tight-rope walks;and shooting colourful enemies.In contrast to it's inspirational source,the various levels presented here are quick and never outstay their welcome.Each has a slightly different theme (one is underwater;another takes place on a train);there is plenty of humour;the animations have been creatively modified;and some of the acrobatics Lara is compelled to perform are great fun (especially the fall off the rope and resulting scamper down a very steep slope). This is absolutely not going to be everyone's cup of tea;but Alex impresses with his high concept ideas,and willingness to adeptly create whatever he finds amusing;regardless of what that might be." - Orbit Dream (04-Jul-2014)
"Here we have another level from Alex Chap, and again, a nice step up from the previous levels. So I read the first review that was on here and... I basically agree. I basically have the same thoughts as larabiker301. I'm not going to repeat everything that Tarik said because that would be redundant. I agree with the first review and I have the same things to say. Overall, a fun and wacky custom level. Recommended. Keep the levels coming Alex! You are just on FIRE with your levels :)" - MegaGamer (04-Jul-2014)