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Jungle Ruins - The Return by GMac

DJ Full 9 9 9 8
eRIC 9 9 9 8
Juno Jim 10 10 10 10
manarch2 8 9 9 8
Mman 9 9 9 10
Ryan 9 9 10 9
Torry 10 10 10 9
release date: 10-Feb-2014
# of downloads: 228

average rating: 9.18
review count: 7
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file size: 173.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Jungle

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Reviewer's comments
"Another great one from GMac ! Nice long game, not so complex that I have to keep reading the walkthrough..." - Juno Jim (12-Oct-2022)
"I remember little of the original Jungle Ruins series as I played most of them 15 or more years ago so this seemed rather fresh to me and I must say it was entirely absorbing and kept me away from the humdrum of the real world for an in game time of six hours but three days in reality. ( Also thanks to Izzynoodles for her video play through which helped me out on a few occasions). I must say I really enjoyed this level set and my only criticism is that it was too dark in places but you did have sufficient flares to cope. One thing I did not like was the med packs changing into weeds around half way through the level set. Just made them harder to spot and what for I ask? Loved the whole concept, execution and the validation of just what a good raid should be. The take on the Lost Valley was also well thought out. Even though the basic layout was the same as the original there were so many side quests that it took on a new purpose entirely." - Torry (27-Feb-2020)
"Don't remember a lot Jungle ruins 2 & 3, but aside from the texturing there is a few other things that are different, some gameplay bits have been changed (spikes instead of fire burners for instance) or even added. As often in Gmac's level sets , the first levels are easy then the challenge increase a bit. Also more custom objects are found in the last levels with for example Monkey keys, Raptor eyes or T-Rex poo. In almost all levels there at least a torch puzzle and a timed task (generously timed). The flybys and the use of the guide appearing more than once in some of the levels , are well done. In the looks department , sometimes there is some great atmospheric vistas but the textures and the texturing itself disappoint a bit : in some rooms a same texture can be used both for the ground and the ceiling , in a few places some textures are distorted and the texturing could also have more variety. Some of the levels are really good. My favourite : Temple of water , Caves of water , the big room with many ledges in Temple of the Snake Stone, and Return to the lost valley ; my least favourite may be Jungle pools, which tells me that Gmac's levels in Jungle ruins 3 are far more interesting in general than those in Jungle ruins 2. Good set of levels that i enjoyed (re)playing but i regret the texturing of Jungle ruins 3. For info Izzy Noodles has made videos of these levels and that helped me a lot in the most enigmatic passages of the level "Temple of the Snake Stone"." - eRIC (24-Sep-2019)
"I don't get it. Not only it fragments the two best episodes of the series but also simplifies the entire design, so it feels inferior both storywise and scenerywise. As a remake it went wrong but it's still a solid game for the quality of separate levels." - DJ Full (02-Jul-2019)
"Now, this is a bit of a unique "entry" into this long series. It's not actually an installment as such, it's more of a compilation game, containing as it does GMac's contributions to Jungle Ruins 2 and 3 with a definite spruce up in the graphics department thanks to the Next Generation textures. This doesn't hinder the series in any way, the only thing it might do is confuse the storyline a bit as you might have a sense of deja vu when returning to familiar territory. I have taken into account the slightly cruder textures of Jungle Ruins 2 compared to 3 so my scores haven't changed much, but that's not necessarily a criticism of the game itself. It still looks attractive and the atmosphere and gameplay haven't been spoilt in any way, making it a wholly worthwhile experience." - Ryan (14-May-2019)
"Perfect examples of how to make your levels look more professional but less attractive with a visual "upgrade". At least there are glimpses of visual variety from time to time but mostly they are the builder-typical "fifty shades of grey". Especially the Jungle Ruins 3 levels rather suffer from the new looks. There are only slight changes in the gameplay and overall structure, less enemies and secrets but slightly improved object design. It's also a very strange idea to release only some levels from two games in one package, it makes things very incoherent and disturbs the storyline IMO. I at any rate could've done without those remaked levels, but perhaps others will find something to like about them. There's so much latent potential in the builder's work but there's somewhat no will to really put more than required passion and creativity in them added to ... you know what ... which for most of his works wasn't enough to create masterpieces, sadly. Because of a rather quick playthrough I found only four secrets in 2:35 hours." - manarch2 (25-Nov-2016)
"This will be a bit of a turbo-review as, while I didn't play this (or the original Jungle Ruins sets) too long ago it was still long enough for my memory to be a bit fuzzy. As the description mentions this is all of GMac's maps from JR 2 and 3, with RaiderX's still to come. While there are changes here and there the gameplay is mostly the same so general comments on that can be gotten from my JR 2 and 3 reviews (although this being purely GMac's levels does change the pacing quite a bit comparatively), and my ratings are derived from my reviews of them taking into the account the improvements and also the slightly lower quality of the JR 2 levels compared to 3. Jungle Ruins 2 in particular really benefits from the visual upgrade, while I think it's a bit grey it's still much more coherent now that it's based around a general theme and not constantly swapping textures, and that makes the quality gap between JR's 2 and 3 much smaller. Hopefully RaiderX's maps aren't too far off, as then all the JR sets will be brought up to classic status." - Mman (14-Jul-2014)