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Tomb Raider Salvation (Part 1) - Prologue by Gabriel Oliveira

Adriel 10 10 10 10
Alien Autopsy 9 9 10 9
Ceamonks890 7 8 8 9
DJ Full 6 7 7 7
Don007 4 5 7 8
Gerty 6 8 7 8
janachorider 7 7 9 10
Jay 7 7 8 8
JesseG 6 9 8 8
John 8 8 8 9
Jose 5 7 7 8
Kiva 7 9 9 10
lokky99101 7 7 9 10
manarch2 5 7 7 7
Manymee 7 9 10 10
MichaelP 5 8 8 8
misho98 8 10 10 10
Orbit Dream 6 6 7 8
Phil 8 8 8 9
Rambo 5 6 6 7
Ryan 5 8 8 8
SlyRaider 9 10 10 10
Tolle87 7 8 7 9
Torry 4 7 8 9
totizedger 5 8 8 8
release date: 31-Jul-2014
# of downloads: 208

average rating: 7.80
review count: 25
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file size: 419.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Home

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"As soon as the level loaded up i knew what i was getting in the ever so familiar mansion location with the bright setting and background music tracks that are perfect to relax and explore in, the mansion in layout and structure is very familiar to the TR2/3 one but also has TR legend/anniversary vibes in terms of style, textures and obviously music. a lot of the gameplay revolves around finding objects and keys to open new areas etc which is be expected but theres some enjoyable tasks and puzzles here which stopped the level from getting stale or tedious. i enjoyed the puzzle and the gymnastics in the gym, the timed run from the assault course to the kitchen was challenging but fun as was the timed task in the freezer and the platforming from chandeliers to ropes to reach a previous unaccessible ledge was also a fun task. so if i add all this up with great textures, lighting and atmosphere then theres not a lot more i could ask for in a house level besides longer gameplay because it was a bit short and i didnt want this one to end so soon" - John (12-Jul-2021)
"Although I do remember giving a brief overview of the individual levels in the full Salvation levelset in my mammoth review for that one, I don't think I elaborated a whole lot on the earlier installments so I decided to do that now, while my memories of them aren't too fuzzy. This first one is a typical Lara's Home setting, so not entirely that appealing to me, although the bright, cheery looks and textures do lend a certain spark to it. Everything is present and correct, from the gymnasium to the assault course and the most exciting part was the brief battle with the cyborg in the outbuilding, while the object placement wasn't too shabby. As a scene setter, I suppose it works, but otherwise the raid isn't too exciting." - Ryan (25-Jan-2020)
"It is a level of Lara's mansion, like so many others, but there are some structural changes to make this one unique in a few ways. Lara will rope swing to a key beneath the foyer window, and search under an excessive amount of pushable blocks in the attic. Decorative objects are the strongest aspect of this level to help make it feel like a home. Texturing is also very good overall, although there are just a few applied with the wrong proportions. Lighting is a bit dull, there is a little dark/light contrast but I would like to see more, as well as much more color variation. I can't say it is a terribly exciting start to this adventure, but it is a pretty decent home level to kill some time in (and a cyborg...nice investment, Lara!). 29 minutes." - JesseG (19-Sep-2019)
"I commenced this level set full of anticipation and found myself terribly let down within the first ten minutes of this level. Whilst I do not particularly mind Home levels this one had too much going on necessitating much back tracking to find another switch or key or recently opened door. Some of the switches and indeed the key placements were to my mind silly as no one would place such things so and it looks as if the author just randomly placed these to frustrate the player and increase the length of the level. Naturally you commence with nothing in inventory so you need to stock up for the adventure ahead and whilst seeking out these items you stop to bake a cake? Really? The one enemy you must defeat to get yet another key (or plug in this instance)is a cyborg but you need your guns first so evade and come back to him later. This level should have been a simple 15 minute run to provision the back pack but it turns into an hour long slog just to remember where Lara put her keys to get out of the manor." - Torry (28-Jul-2018)
"Gabriel Croft gives us here a very nice remake of the Tomb Raider II Lara's Home. I believe all that's missing is the zip-line at the end of the assault course. :p I don't like so much how Lara is running, but I think sincerely that is the only negative point I can note in this first part. It is a very good training level to begin a new Lara's adventure! Good puzzles (though I'm still wondering how a cake can open the attic's door - but that's just a detail), amazing lighting effects, well managed soundtrack (Crystal Dynamics manors) and very nice textures. This level merit fully this 9,6/10!!" - SlyRaider (12-Nov-2016)
"This Prologue was a perfect Start for these level, although the story around her lost key a little bit silly is. G&P: The Puzzles were fun and not to difficult. EO&S: There is only one enemy, but he has a good design. The Secrets were findable and the Objects (mainly keys) were well placed. AS&C: The music was perfect for the mansion and the mansion was overall pretty good. L&T: The lighting fit the mansion very well and the textures were perfect." - Kiva (25-Aug-2016)
"As home levels go, this is a nice one. It was recommended to me on my search for bright and easy-ish levels, and that is precisely what this is. Gameplay in a home level can never be too amazing, but I liked it overall. Being a bit OCD I carefully arranged all the pushables in the attic to go in all the niches, fully expecting to be rewarded with a secret for this, but alas, no secret. That was a wasted opportunity. Otherwise puzzles were easy and things were findable. E/O/S; nice touch bringing a cyborg in for combat training. Deco objects were beautiful and I don't remember any secrets, were there any? A/S/C: Perfect. Chilled, sunny, beautiful. L/T: Perfect. So much care has gone into making this a beautiful level. This little level intrigued me enough to download and play the next two parts of this custom game. Review for Treasure Island to follow." - Manymee (14-Jun-2016)
"Perfect level if you wanna chillax. Lara's backpack is empty and you have to fill it to prepare for travel. This is the concept I fancy! I really like creative way of showing Lara's home and using it as 'start' for a set of level adventures. It's one of most bright / shimmering visions of Lara's house I ever played. Luminous corridors filled with clear and pretty textures. Ornate ceilings and play of light, glossy pleasure for eyes. The music is from Anniversary. And I must say I love this choice of sound. It's just perfect if you want to just sit back and feel at home. Level is rather short and I wish it was longer. Simply because it's awesome and I would want to keep playing. So, the only bad sides; too many medipacks (but it makes sense if this level is 'preparation' to next ones and they shall be connected in one pack), sometimes weirdly places textures (which is acceptable but I have OCD with these and always notice). I just picked up some bad sides for the sake of picking them. The level was very cool for me, decorous and delightful." - Alien Autopsy (11-Feb-2016)
"From 1996. and the original game, I've considered Tomb Raider to be not only platform/adventure, but also a very logical game.Not necessarily puzzling, but certanly logical.That's my point of view so I apologise to the builder for what's about to come. Usually, story is not something I care much about as long as gameplay is good, but I really have to comment on this one.So, Lara has to go to save the world and she feels perfectly ready and capable of doing so.......Too bad she lost her keys so she has to solve a kindergarten problem and get out of her home first.To summarize - Lara locked her front gate, went inside the house, threw the gate key to the unreachable ledge, went back outside, locked her front door and lost that key too.Personally, for all- important mission, I would never assign somebody who manages to double-lock himself between his own house and his own front gate.Jokes aside, it's a too much contrast with world-saving mission on one hand and Mr.Bean-like problem on the other. About the level itself, it's a good reincarnation of Lara's home.Considering it's only a prologue to the series, it serves it's purpose of introducing you to Lara's not so typical movement&animations.Texturing is very good, lighting could have been just a little better with more variety and little less brightness but generally the level looks very nice.Gameplay is ok, considering it's a home-based level.It's pretty easy and relaxing but it suffers from same thing as the story - sometimes it simply makes no sense.You have to bake a cake in order to open the door, you have to kill your own assistant in the area labeled "Combat Training" in order to advance (and he's doing his best to kill you too...Could that training sequence be a reference to the opening scene from first Tomb Raider movie?), you have many meaningless pushable crates....There is a gym where the builder tried to implement a puzzle and I can say it was good effort, although still pretty easy.All in all, if you're planning to play whole series (as I do), than I recommend you to play this prologue level, it has enjoyable looks and simple non-frustrating gameplay, so it won't take you much time and it will help you warm up for the rest of the series." - Tolle87 (18-Jan-2016)
"A typical home level with nicely rearranged furniture and combat training. Could be limited to a title cutscene flying through these and totally skipping the attic. In the author's place I would do just that and gain more time to focus on the main adventure instead." - DJ Full (17-Jan-2016)
"I will admit that I really enjoyed this level The lighting was good also I really did enjoy the athmosphere to this manor level. The manor was nicely decorated and the garden was nicely decorated I did enjoy looking for the hedge maze key as its not in a hard to spot place at all and also realising that in the maze was front door key was a nice surprise." - lokky99101 (16-Jan-2016)
"Unlike most reviewers I actually enjoyed this level. It's perfect to relax to in the end of the day. Nothing too hard, nor to easy - I overlooked some stuff and had to double check in order to find them. The manor, the garden and the training area look amazing - everything is textured and lightened properly, the atmosphere reminds of the Crystal Dynamics' TR games and I guess that's what the author wanted. The gym segment is one of my favorites. I found all three secrets and finished it in less than an hour. Recommended if you're looking for a good looking manor raid." - misho98 (12-Dec-2015)
"This Lara's home level doesn't bring us something special. The environment is pretty bright, and you can admire the high resolution textures (but not well applied in small surfaces) and well builded objects, but I found only the same gameplay as usual: going here and there pulling switches or searching for keys to open doors. If you like levels to admire the marvellous decoration you can take a try." - Jose (23-Jan-2015)
"I'm usually fine with Home levels but the problem is that this is one of the Lara's Home levels and i've been playing the original Lara's Home many times and this makes it very tedious to play through. Lighting is done well if not a bit too bright. Gameplay mainly consists of running around pulling switches to unlock a door that leads to a keyhole or another well hidden jumpswitch which is pretty boring. The maze is as always not very fun to navigate and should have been replaced by something new and fresh. There is a decent timed run to the kitchen spicing up things a bit, and the pushable block puzzle in the freezer were one of the higlights. Baking the cake to open a door was confusing as that makes no sense at all. Only recommended for those who have not yet seen Lara's Home, otherwise not recommended." - totizedger (24-Oct-2014)
"A home level is a home level is a home level - and hence I still do not really enjoy playing them as they largely consist of rather boring and tedious exploration of a location we have just visited too many times in the past 15 years. This 30 minutes raid is no different in that and it also adds the rather illogical element of baking a cake to open a door... yeah, right, exactly what I would do at home... The acrobatics in the gym and the one Cyborg to battle added a little bit of fun and there are 3 secrets to find, but other than that it is all about nice and bright and clean looks and good use of fancy objects. Not more, not less..." - MichaelP (23-Oct-2014)
"There is indeed not much what one can do with a house level. It did look very pretty though and the tasks weren't too complicated to do. I found it a nice interlude in between the some levels I picked out that had nasty timed runs. Got three secrets and I took my time to see every nook and cranny in this house." - Gerty (20-Oct-2014)
"Shows few nice textures and effects don't make a level good... after all it's the manor and gameplay is heavy boring and there's really nothing making it worth to play not recommended." - Don007 (14-Sep-2014)
"The scores to date run the gamut from mediocre to superb, and I suspect that this level deserves to be rated somewhere in between. My own scores are somewhat higher than they perhaps should be, but I feel the builder should be rewarded for providing a raid in which the outdoor portions take place in a beautiful, well-lighted setting under clear blue skies. Such levels are entirely too rare these days. Anyway, what we have here is a fairly typical house level with levers you pull in one place to open doors in another place, giving us the inevitable backtracking characteristic of such levels. Gameplay is linear as well, so it's hard to lose track if you're paying proper attention. I used Nina Croft's walkthrough, however, which cut my playing time to less than 40 minutes. The environs are easy on the eyes (both outdoors and indoors), there's only one enemy that I can recall, and all in all this is a welcome change of pace from the dark somber levels that have become standard fare for most of our builders. Recommended." - Phil (02-Sep-2014)
"For a home level I think this one makes what it was supposed to. Somehow here I think it was a little low rated just because it's a home level (usually home levels and bonus ones are not very well seen through here). Usually home levels have not a very complex and challenging gameplay but they are fun and classic.The scenarious and everything were well done. Guess the author should have released it with other levels in a pack to get better general rating." - Adriel (24-Aug-2014)
"I can't really agree with most of the previous reviewers until now. Surely this is a competently designed level, with some neat textures used in here and a couple of nice effects, but bottomline this one stays a home level and not among the best of them either. Especially the gameplay left me fairly want after finishing, because most of the time it's a simplistic search type of level and you have to use a lever to find a lever and so on. There are admittedly some attempts to distract from this kind of gameplay, with the timed run into the kitchen, the small block puzzle in the freezer, the rather cute idea of the pistol training and - most of all - a fairly interesting block puzzle in the training room, but those felt few and far considering the 20 minutes it took me to finish this level. The looks are actually quite solid in this level, with a decent use of textures and lights (although there are several mistakes as results of wrong wall segmentation and the outside lighting is a little flat) and aptly used objects. Still, the design doesn't feel overly detailed and the home just appears to be a reimagination of the classic TR 1-3 one, so there's not much to speak of in terms of innovation. Also, the overall sounds disturbed a little because the background switches between two or three quite noisy tracks, but the atmosphere is still quite nice. Overall, it would've been better if the builder had spent the time on his upcoming levelset instead with this one, because - more or less - this is just another home level without many own ideas, although, as already said, it's definately a better interpretation than most other home levels. Found three secrets." - manarch2 (04-Aug-2014)
"After recalling having my good share of fun with 'The Forgotten Tale', which the builder in question helped contribute towards creating alongside Adriel(despite a number of issues), how does this return to all-too familiar territory hold up in comparison, as the first of five planned parts for a massive project? Well, for one thing, the level design and overarching gameplay don't really do enough to break the mold of Home-style levels(revolving a lot around finding a particular item or switch needed to open a door). And if you're not a fan of this particular genre of levels to begin with, then this release most likely isn't going to change your mind. Also, as well-chosen as the ambiance tracks from TR Legend and Anniversary are, having them swap from one to another whenever you enter the gym area, does shatter the immersion ever so slightly and snaps you out of the experience, before getting pulled back in again(or at least, this is how it went down with me anyway.) If you're still intrigued about giving this one a go though, you'll be rewarded with some absolutely beautiful visuals that help go a long way in making an old locale feel like new again. Textures, lighting and object choices are also handled very effectively(with some excellent aforementioned ambiance choices that combine to create an atmosphere that can really draw you in) and having the trees outside blow in the wind alongside a new combat training area with a cyborg to test your pistols on, were little touches that I liked quite a bit. In conclusion, I had a rather enjoyable time with this level, clocking in at around 45 minutes with all the secrets collected as I explored for the next item needed to progress. Is it completely unoriginal at the end of the day though? Of course it is. But just as long as you aren't too bothered about visiting another Core-style Croft Manor for what feels like the umpteenth time and go in with reasonable expectations, I can guarantee that you won't regret the experience for this one." - Ceamonks890 (04-Aug-2014)
"There's only so much you can do with a Home level,but this builder should certainly be credited with attempting to squeeze as much gameplay as possible into the tried and tested scenario.Admittedly,the whole 55 minutes didn't particularly have me on the edge of my seat;but the effort on the part of the builder was clearly there,and that was commendable. It's all back-and-forth stuff,but it's never difficult to follow;and the construction is solid and well textured (although a touch too bright on the whole).Objects are well placed,although their collision gets a little irritating at times;while secrets are present and correct;and the lone enemy serves more than one purpose.Overall,it's relaxing and well made entertainment for those who enjoy this sort of level." - Orbit Dream (02-Aug-2014)
"The first part of what is apparently to be a series starts out quite appropriately in Lara's mansion. House levels are not exactly most players' favourite genre, but at least this one looks most appealing and the gameplay is fairly engaging, albeit a bit of a key collecting exercise. Lara does a lot of exploring, which involves much to-ing and fro-ing (not least in that blasted maze), but at least she takes the time to bake a cake and do some major tidying up of the boxes in the attic. There are also three secrets to find, which, amazingly enough, I did! Perhaps not, in itself, the most exciting of levels, but as a scene setter for further adventures I think it works well enough." - Jay (02-Aug-2014)
"Alright,let me say this is a good improvement on the autor as he had learned more about levelbuilding. the first i love is the atmosphere with a sunny garden and blue sky,definely on of the best.the house well... its unoriginal but is still look good except maybe a bit for the gym.the gameplay feel a Little boring but still good i reccomend this level only for home levels fanatics." - janachorider (02-Aug-2014)
"Gameplay & Puzzles: I really hate house levels that mostly have no gameplay at all. There are a few ideas like a few puzzles and timed runs, but mostly this level sends you from one place in the manor to another. Only passable as it's an introduction to a serious game. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: I counted one enemy, but it has a nice hideout. The objects fit to the setting, but there's nothing special about them; the three secrets were too easy to find. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: Nothing special too because taking the classic manor atmosphere and using new textures and objects still reminds on the classic manor, just a bit more modern. The sounds are annoying because it switches between 2-3 audios. Lighting & Textures: The textures are well placed, well there are a few misplaced ones outside. The lighting is very bright, a bit too much so and it isn't strong enough. Total: 6/10, disappointing after playing the last level of the builder, he can do better." - Rambo (02-Aug-2014)