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BtB2014 - An unexpected Adventure Phimai by Amethyste

Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
Christian 8 8 9 8
DJ Full 10 9 9 9
Drakan 9 10 9 10
eRIC 7 8 8 8
EssGee 8 9 10 10
janachorider 9 8 9 10
Jay 8 8 9 8
JesseG 9 10 8 9
Jose 8 9 9 9
Josey 8 10 10 9
LarangL 9 10 9 9
m.julien 8 10 10 9
manarch2 7 8 8 7
MichaelP 7 8 8 8
Mman 9 8 9 8
Mytly 9 9 9 9
OverRaider 6 8 9 10
Phil 9 9 9 10
Relic Hunter 7 9 9 9
Ryan 8 9 9 9
Treeble 7 8 8 8
release date: 02-Aug-2014
# of downloads: 123

average rating: 8.73
review count: 22
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file size: 93.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cambodia

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A nice raid that covers all the bases. Combat against crocodiles, tigers, shiva statues, monkeys, skeletons, and snakes. Dodging flames, boulders, spiked logs, lava, swinging monkeys, a spiked wall and leeches. Some nice timed runs and a mirror room to overcome. All this across some ruins and temple areas that may not be the most stunning architecture, but are nicely decorated with lavish greenery. An excellent entry overall. 55 minutes." - JesseG (07-Mar-2021)
"It pretends to be an ordinary quest to open a door but in fact is a risky attempt of meaningful opposition to usual looped design - it strays so far from the main room you eventually doubt if you're on the right path, so it feels exceptionally great when you finally return and study the final explanation. I'm gonna give it a 10 just for this wonderful plot twist. Visuals could be better - this package makes it difficult to use colors, but among some inferior locations we still get places with a strong idea behind, passages not as simple as in most of levels, and lighting contrast sometimes better than in acclaimed projects like of Bigfoot. I would say this is a very underdog level of the competition and Amethyste deserves more attention, so in the next order I will take a look at her Persian level. Good game." - DJ Full (04-Jul-2019)
"Sometimes I really enjoy levels that don't make you have a headache. This one is perfect for that. Easy and linear level but very entertaining. Many tasks, some nice traps and timed runs. Enemies are not a big challenge, but enough to spice up your journey. A good point also for the secrets. Only textures could have been chosen differently and also some bad objects collisions, but nothing to complain as it's BtB. So, a nice level for a recreative moment." - LarangL (21-Jun-2016)
"I enjoyed this short and sweet entry. It is an easy level with nothing to tax the inexperienced and should be accessible to all raiders. Well thought out secrets, lighting and textures. Not much in the way of puzzles though." - Ryan (03-Feb-2016)
"Perhaps not a masterpiece, but I've really enjoyed this level. Nice environments, no hard tasks, easy gameplay and good atmosphere. I only missed some more guns and ammo to deal with the enemies but even so you can get rid of them ony with the pistols with no problems. Recommended." - Jose (01-Feb-2015)
"From reading the reviews I expected this one to be a walk in the park. I found it to be anything but. One hour and eleven minutes after starting, and with constant reference to Dutchy's walkthrough, I finally hit the finish trigger. It was a crackling good raid along the way, and I found the lighting to be impeccable. I strung it out over several days, playing other levels in the meantime, so the details have become a fog in my brain, but my overall impression was favorable from start to finish. If it's a debut level it's a remarkable one indeed. One more level to go in this extraordinarily successful 2014 BtB. High recommendations." - Phil (22-Oct-2014)
"I particulary enjoying playing this btb game. Amethyste has build a very sweet stroll through temples, caves and even gloomy places and for the secrets hunters a special setting with more surprises. Not very hard even if sometimes some objects and switchs are very well hidden. A very nice use of the enemies and trees objects like a real place in Thailand. The secrets are also easy to find. The various game of cameras are great and reveal step by step what we need to do. I have enjoying the various audios and atmosphere sounds use during the adventure. The last aera of the level is very well build and I think it's maybe a pity we can't visit it. So to conclude a very good level not very dark and not very hard and playable by everybody even by the beginners. Congratulation to the author. Very recommended :)." - Bigfoot (06-Oct-2014)
"There's a decent temple theme here, with nice lighting and object use. On the other hand certain objects feel a little off lighting-wise and/or are floating, and it feels a little cubic on average, however, it's never offensive and maintains a decent level of quality. Gameplay is enjoyable; mostly linear but with a well-paced string of challenges that aren't especially hard but remain engaging and never things down (although some of the hidden entryways could slip you up if you don't keep an eye out). I liked the small twist on the multi perpetual boulder slope challenge in particular, which adds a simple extra element to monitor that makes it more complex. The three secrets I found seemed a little perfunctory, with two only requiring a minor trip off the main path, but there's one I missed and the end has an extra for those who find all four, so maybe there's more to it (and I may revisit to see). For those who don't care whether they play in order I'd say this actually makes an ideal starter map; not too difficult or vague, with visuals that aren't the best but don't offend, and decent use of many of the new objects. This kind of works against it in the context of the contest, as it lacks a particular wow moment or element, but it also means it's likely to be an enjoyable experience for most who play it with nothing to put people off or spoil later-played levels in the set." - Mman (04-Oct-2014)
"Aside from the impressive initial area where a bit of exploration is required , the rest of the level is quite straightforward , with a reentrance at the end. Most of the areas do not offer multiple tasks and feel underused , what the player has to do is rather obvious after a bit of observation. I did appreciate the classic challenges in the middle part of the game though, the rolling boulders room, the timed run on pillars before the fires emit again , the jumps room. None of the tasks are difficult , the very few stuck moments were caused by openings not spotted immediately. Good setting , some areas were built with more care than others , lighting could have be improved in some rooms which have too much thick shadows. The author used many audio triggers and at the right time mostly, but I did not found the level very immersive. Good level overall." - eRIC (17-Sep-2014)
"Having passed sometimes very easy tasks in a quite simply structured, but fast paced game Lara finds herself back at the start with two artefacts in her backpack. She is rewarded in a nice secret-room before she finally leaves the Little adventure. As an initial flyby promises, we'll find a game full of charming areas. A lot of rooms and courtyards are looking interesting at a first sight thanks to a lot of obiects - most of them greenery. So it is sometimes a bit disappointing that there's not really much to do in these areas. Well, the rooms could have been used better sometimes although there are also pleasant exceptions: A generously timed run over burning blocks, an easy jumping sequence over some slopes and blocks. All in all I missed ideas here. But with well placed sound effects, good camera setting and beautiful environment a nice and pleasant ambience is created, although lightning is not always convincing. Not my favourite game in the 2014 competition but absolutly worth playing." - Christian (17-Sep-2014)
"What a lovely change, to have something that one can completely immerse in, and not have to run off to stuck forums to find out about some obscure clue. I can see that for some expert players this might play out as a bit too easy. But for me, this level was pure joy and is a master class in atmospheric lighting. You really do get the feel that you are exploring an ancient Khmer Temple ruins. The use of the wad objects is also to be admired and I get the feeling that the function of the objects and textures has really been respected by the builder in this level. The builder could have given some more flares, and although I did run out of them, I didn't really need them in the end because the level is so well lit. The audio cues felt absolutely right for each situation. Flybys were very panoramic and camera clues were informative and given just when I needed them. What more can I say....... a pleasure to play." - EssGee (15-Sep-2014)
"For me this one of the easiest BtB levels this year, as it just kept going with hardly every wondering what to do next. And if it was not immediately obvious, then there was always a crawlspace nearby behind which you found the next required lever or item. That said, this is also a bit of the issue with the gameplay - very predictable and always a bit of the same kind of actions to do. Even the timed fire run, the mirror room or the boulder/fires room that at first glance look like a challenge are all very gently on the player and easy to master. The atmosphere and looks vary - as there are very stunning areas with a lot of attention to detail and great use of vegetation, objects and lighting effects and then there are many rather bland and grey connection pathways through which you move from one part to the next. After about an hour you will then be back where you started and likely leave this place with a smile on your face." - MichaelP (13-Sep-2014)
"Very good.the settings are wonderful the light is flawless and the gameplay is not bad." - janachorider (05-Sep-2014)
"Well, what an interesting level! It begins easily enough, with each task well indicated and few perils. But don't believe that this easy life will go on forever. There are challenges ahead! And I must confess that I didn't think it was very easy to escape a certain spiked wall... Frankly, I liked this game. It is not perfect, for some challenges are a bit clumsy (it was very easy to evade those boulders, for example), some places are too dark or have an excess of vegetation/obstacles (see the place where the critters appear, for example), and when Lara opened that trapdoor and climbed up to pick up one of the secrets, she found meaningless holes through which she could not pass. But there are also very beautiful places (ah, those waterfalls...) and several smart and creative instances; I appreciated that joke about the Serpent Gem, for example. After picking up the Ornate Lion Key, Lara sees clearly this secret on her way back, and her first impulse is to jump there to pick it up - but it is not necessary at all, because a wall opened beside the movable block, at the other side. Cute, isn't it? The music is also good, the timed sequences are good fun, and I enjoyed very, very much, the premium granted to the player who finds the first 4 secrets - it is almost a bonus little level, and very interesting, too. Nice job, congratulations!" - Josey (05-Sep-2014)
"I had a good time playing this nice btb level. Cambodian atmosphere is really present in this level, good use of the textures and objects. The level gameplay was smooth and linear with sometimes some traps on her way. This level don't propose very hard challenges and complex puzzles but a cool ride. It can be played by everybody. I would have liked more epic ending sequence. Anyway, a very good level! 8/10/10/9" - m.julien (01-Sep-2014)
"This is a fairly linear but solid entry for the BtB-Khmer contest. The environments are generally well crafted but gameplay often boils down to finding the hidden spot to proceed. The way it is built makes the gameplay very simple, whenever you get to a new area you pretty much already know what to expect and (occasionally) where to look. Near the beginning you're allowed to climb to the roof of the main temple and you can reach the end of the world from there - it's there just for a secret, but still. Collecting all the secrets open up a door with one final task for the green orb, I think it's the first time I ever get to one of these "extra" rooms in a custom level mostly because I'm never actively looking for secrets. Anyway, this is your usual adventure, it's far from a bad level but nothing really stands out. 60 minutes, 4 secrets. 08/14" - Treeble (01-Sep-2014)
"I'd have to echo what the other reviewers have already mentioned about this level; the setting and atmosphere of this level are definitely its strongest points. The temples and jungles are crafted with care and the use of lush vegetation and appropriate sound cues make the place pop visually and establish a relaxing atmosphere where visiting each new room is a pleasure on the eyes. On the weaker front is the gameplay, as the majority of the gameplay is composed of hunting for switches. While each room is quite nice to look at, they end up feeling bare when they are used mostly to conceal one switch or item before moving on the next room. There are some nice ideas to spice things up like the boulder room, yet the boulders don't pose much of a threat and can be easily evaded. The timed run over fire platforms, and the slope sequence over lava are steps in the right direction of providing more exciting gameplay, and I wished the level had more of those kinds of challenges. On the other hand being an easier level is definitely not a bad thing combined with its brisk pacing, and this level can be more enjoyable after playing some of the tougher entries. The author also did his/her best trying to make use of the space in the rooms by way of the secret hunt which was fun to do. Not bad overall as I spent a nice, relaxing one-hour long raid here. Recommended for players of all skill levels." - Relic Hunter (30-Aug-2014)
"This is definitely one of the gentler entries in the competition and none the worse for it. The gameplay is quite linear and should be achievable by most players, whilst still being diverse and enjoyable. It was actually quite nice at the halfway point in the competition to have a contrast from some of the more challenging levels. Nicely made, fast paced and entertaining, but you might just wish you had a machete to hack your way through some of the undeniably lush bits of vegetation." - Jay (20-Aug-2014)
"Well I must agree with manarch2 about this level as gameplay in here is really mostly boring. You will pass from one area to another area very quickly and only required things to do in each area is mostly just pulling the lever. So right at the beginning, which by the way is relatively huge area, you only need to climb the ladder and use a switch to open a gate and you can go to another area where there is another lever but this time also some enemies will attack Lara, and so you go and go on visiting various areas and rooms just to climb some another ladders, use another switch which open another door and/or reveal the puzzle/key item. There are also some rooms with traps but nothing really challenging even some sloped blocks room and timed-jump sequence but it was just too easy. But! This is so sad because the atmosphere in this level was for me very nice also I liked lighting very much here and textures as well (there are some stretched textures applied in some rooms but it was rather intended and for me it didn`t look bad at all) and I liked background sounds in most areas (but I also think there were just too many background ambiences changes between rooms) and also liked soundtracks in specific situations. Another strong point in this level are secrets, well some of them are just too easy and relatively in your way but some of them are well hidden, but what I want to say is it is worth to find all 4 to get access to the last one as it is the only challenge in this level. This level is really nice in terms of atmosphere and objects are very well chosen and placed so that I enjoyed this level in this aspect also I liked some beautiful moments like the flipmap revealing "nature" in one "mystic" room and there are some nice moments too. All in all this level would be a lot better if the areas would have been polished with more creative and challenging tasks and puzzles, also if those 2 easy secrets would have been better hidden and better use of background music. Well this level might be very enjoyable for the players who like easy challenge but I also can recommend this level for everyone as nothing here is frustrating and also for the beauty of atmosphere. Playtime 57 minutes and found 5/5 secrets. 6/8/9/10" - OverRaider (17-Aug-2014)
"I'm sorry that I can't jump on the bandwagon of the previous reviewers so far, but this level does not really belong to my favourites of this year's BtB. I'll start with its good things - it has a quite nice atmosphere, spiced up with nice use of sound and cameras and the object design is quite good. There are a bunch of effective enemy attacks (I didn't mind the rat swarm appearing every time I ran onto the trigger tile), and the quest for the secrets is well done, especially the final room which offers a nice mini quest for the last secret. The gameplay flows along nicely, with particularly nice use of traps. But there were also way, way too many areas where you just have to find a hidden lever and just move on to the next room, many areas aren't used to their potential if you ask me and as a result the gameplay feels too easy and almost dull for my taste. Even some traps don't pose much of a challenge. The looks also leave things to be desired. While overall solid, this level bears a lot of things that feel quite rushed and should have been improved - the architecture is fairly blocky (only the many objects hide this a bit), the texturing is not quite polished with many rooms having some compressed textures and there's a bit of wallpaper effect (e.g. in the first flipmap room that otherwise was a nice idea). The lighting is also a bit weak and does not really help, being quite greyish and indifferent in the level, a bit more colourful settings and contrast certainly would've helped here. Overall though, this is another good level of the contest, and certainly has a number of reasons to be liked. 40 minutes." - manarch2 (14-Aug-2014)
"Very nice level, well textured, well-lit and beautifully decorated with many objects. The gameplay is pretty easy and if the 4 secrets are discovered, we have access to a secret room for the 5 th. Congratulations." - Drakan (11-Aug-2014)
"This level is a great introduction to BtB2014. It has everything: gorgeous Khmer temples covered with lush greenery; pleasant gameplay which moves at a brisk pace; excellent atmosphere; and an enjoyable side quest for secrets, with a charming final secret room.
The gameplay mostly involves key and switch hunts, though there are some good traps, some not-too-complex puzzles, and a couple of fun timed runs as well. The level design is rather linear, but that's hardly a bad thing. For instance, after getting both the artefacts for the temple seen at the beginning of the level, I was just wondering how to start the long trek back to it, when I opened a gate that led right to the exact spot where the level began (though that does beg the question how Lara originally reached there). The only problem I had in this level was with a monkey swing that required somewhat obscure moves to get to.
The plants in the BtB wad are used to their fullest extent here - sometimes a little overused, as they can occasionally make getting around in the lush outdoor areas difficult. The enemies are well-spaced out - you never have to face more than you can handle. I must have missed the MP5 somewhere, since I found ammo for it, but not the gun. However, I could still tackle all the enemies with the trusty pistols, and run away from the skeletons.
Overall: I expect this level will be one of my favourites in this BtB, and perhaps one of the winners as well. Recommended." - Mytly (06-Aug-2014)