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Behind Closed Doors by CelticGuard

alan 9 9 9 9
BlackWolfTR 9 9 9 9
Ceamonks890 7 8 8 8
DJ Full 8 9 7 8
dragooncroft 7 8 9 10
eTux 8 9 8 7
Gerty 8 8 8 8
Jay 8 8 8 8
Jose 7 8 8 9
LOTRKingluis 9 9 8 8
manarch2 8 8 8 8
MegaGamer 10 10 10 10
misho98 8 9 10 8
Phil 9 8 9 9
Rambo 8 8 8 8
Ryan 8 9 9 8
The Snarky Lesbian 9 9 9 10
Treeble 8 9 9 9
release date: 08-Aug-2014
# of downloads: 127

average rating: 8.49
review count: 18
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file size: 49.50 MB
file type: TR3
class: Base/Lab

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Reviewer's comments
"A very solid TR3 level set in TR5's New York theme. One of the better levels of this engine for sure. Gameplay is engaging and pretty challenging in some places. There are numerous lasers and turret guns that hinder our lives. We will encounter several fun tasks and puzzles to solve. I really liked some of the clever ideas this level had to offer. For example I liked the idea with the "thing" that rolls to the dynamite and when it hits it explodes and kills Lara. However potential of the driving robots was not fully used in my opinion. Their purpose was only to get the secret. I feel the level missed something though. I'm not exactly sure what but perhaps a story driven during the game? Or maybe moments of surprise and tension? The overall design of the level is very strong. I love the colourful usage of lighting which fits in this environment when used properly. Lighting in hallways felt pretty flat though. Texture usage is good and diverse despite few minor hiccups such as cracks. On the plus side, the customization of some objects. All in all it's a very good level with futuristic atmosphere of TR5's New York levels. I can definitely recommend this one :)" - BlackWolfTR (16-Sep-2022)
"Truly a gem. Despite being built for the TR3 engine, this is completely based and inspíred by the VCI levels in Chronicles and the transition is not only smooth but also perfect. Ok, maybe we could have done without the laser traps (not the moving ones, but rather the thin instant kill ones), but otherwise this was a very engaging and surprisingly straightforward adventure. This is the first time I've ever seen a custom font in this engine, but customization goes way, way beyond the usual. Pretty much every object has been touched up one way or another and this granted a special flavor to the level. The shiva statues, for instance, have been replaced with multiarmed cyborgs, who then proceed to drop VCI Keybits as per the source levels. There are quite a few different tasks on your way to the Bolt of Zeus, such as clever platforming, hoarding a few key items, resisting the urge to gun down a soldier in the security room, a pushblock puzzle and also an ingenious timed sequence. The selected audio tracks are a bit uncommon for TR standards but generally fit the level perfectly. Bottomline is, if you enjoy base/VCI levels, you'll definitely have a good time here. 65 minutes, 4 secrets. 01/20" - Treeble (19-Jan-2020)
"At first I didn't enjoy this level at all. The traps seemed unfair: unavoidable lazors, gun turrets, and several of those runaway wire machines that, in all honesty, I only got through by a random glitch that occurred where one went right through Lara. But as the game progressed (and I ignored the urge to give up), this level became a lot more enjoyable. The atmosphere was excellent, giving me throwback TR5 vibes. Enemies were placed appropriately throughout. I did encounter some odd glitches with the frogmen where their harpoons were rendered useless, and at one point they were swimming out of the water! I also managed to glitch through the wall in the room with all the drills. The items were unique and the final boss(es) were a real treat. I felt once I got past the room with the wire machines, the game became tastefully challenging." - dragooncroft (03-Oct-2019)
"Now I picked out this level to check out TRLE's backcatalogue of TR3 based levels, and kind of educate myself on them because I never enjoyed TR3 much myself. But this level really taught me some manners.
This level is beautiful. From the outside it is a normal office building interior, but the deeper you dive into it's core, the more odd things you find. High tech engine rooms, labs, Alien goo filled areas and diving areas to jump, swim, crawl and push crates through. It is really quite colorful, and I appreciate that, especially with me previously assuming TR3 is just supposed to be a bit drap in it's color scheme. But this level alone just seems to sport all colors the engine can give out.
The pickups are well designed, the ratio is a bit behind the amount of enemies and time traveled, forcing you to really think about which weapon to use in which environment. Especially with the med kits being just barely enough. I ended this level with only 1 large med kit left. Though I tend to safescum a bit here and there and try to squeeze all possible value out of my medkits, so I think the amount presented is fine currently. And I really dig a challenge in terms of ressources and enemies. The final bosses are fairly easy, but after about 1h 30m I think that was just right. In fact all of the enemies are fairly well placed, and there aren't a lot of Bullshit positions.
The flow of gameplay is also fairly good. You go back and forth quite a bit, but the backtracking is never really bad and it usually feels obvious what do next, maybe occasionally you will have to run around a bit, but it all works out fairly well. There is some unique mechanics with the cameras as well (don't draw your weapons if you want to avoid the alarms) that took me a moment to understand, same for the area with the generators. But this level has custom music in many places, so it all feels very fun and interesting to play. Thanks a lot for this nice level!
Time taken: 1h 40m; Secrets found: 6 of 6; Med Kits used: 4.5." - The Snarky Lesbian (27-Feb-2019)
"If you like the “old school” this TR 3 level might be the one for you. It is a VCI level, not really my cup of tea but nevertheless I had a good time. It can be a bit confusing at times, if you are like me and get lost by all the corridors but it is never too hard or too difficult. Secrets are an extra and you have to work to get to them. There are of course very well placed nasty enemies in here and a tip; leave your best weapon for the final, it’ll make your life much easier." - Gerty (23-Jul-2018)
"A TR3 level based on TR5. If you're a fan of the VCI environments in general, then you'll doubtlessly enjoy this one. This time, instead of the Iris, Lara is on the trail of the Bolt of Zeus, but it's fiercely protected by guards with guns, rifles and bats, scuba divers and retextured giant shivas, so walking away with the prize will be no mean feat. My favourite parts were the progression inside the rooms filled with toxic liquid, the block puzzle partway through and outwitting the gun turrets. A very decent TR3 level." - Ryan (05-Jul-2017)
"A game where we're supposed to be smart and it would make a TREMENDOUS difference if we knew it in advance, because otherwise the guard hint seems just like a standard warning to kill the guy asap - so how to guess the opposite is required. This, numerous traps and overused platforming sequences were a bit too tiring to me, and the place feels mostly cramped without a bit of air, but everything else is just fine - this could be a legit entry to Create a Classic." - DJ Full (08-Feb-2017)
"I enjoyed this level a lot, there gameplay is nice, with challenging jumps, deadly traps, tough enemies... and a boss fight! It looks nice, like the VCI section of TR Chronicles, and made with one of my favorite types of levels: TR3. I love Lara and her catsuit, indeed city and base levels are my favorite kind of environments too. Recommended, even more if you like this type of levels like me ;)" - alan (14-Jan-2017)
"My recollections of the author's Nocturnal Monsters are hazy and limited only to a fleeting image that the reviews and the few pictures on the website provide, but there still is something immensely satisfying, when comparing them with my experience in Behind Closed Doors and seeing not only an ability to grow on the author's behalf but a proof of that growth in the shape of a much improved level. By choosing a canonical, but unconventional setting from Tomb Raider: Chronicles repertoire, and posing a question I've since learnt to subdue in my playing experience ("What's behind all those closed doors you never open?"), CelticGuard presents a very compelling adventure that, depending on your approach, will result in a roughly hour long net gaming session as you explore the unexplored parts of the Escape with the Iris level's office building. While it starts "safely," if competently enough, I was genuinely surprised by some of the game's more ingenious gameplay moments, and modest reliance on my least favourite aspects from the TR3 engine. Perchance this speaks more of my rusty gaming skills, but I found the level to be pleasantly challenging, and moments, like getting guards to shoot protective glass (while possible to do so yourself, this would alert nearby turrets), a clever timed bomb trap that you have to defuse while you're encircled by those rotating electric machines in a circuit, and a sequence wherein you must deactivate a protective force-field from the artifact you're searching for before you are able to pick it up, offer a surprising office/base adventure densely packed with interesting content. Bar the very end, where you're confronted by a creative transformation of the Shiva statues into cyborgs, enemies comprise guards - but of special mention are the 6 secrets, the path to which is usually clear, but offer nice additional challenges, that are very satisfying to complete (the electric-circuit-bomb-room one comes to mind), or offer the alternative of either choosing the easy secret-less way, or the more challenging one with picking up one of the 6 golden roses. The looks are competent, and lighting pleasantly colourful, but, either due to some intrinsic problems with the TR3 engine or the author's approach, probably the looks make up the least successful aspect of the game, as the lighting can at times fall flat and the setting feels maybe a tad too boxy, with some texturing errors to boot. But all in all this is a very small detractor from an otherwise enjoyable game that truly shines in nearly all of its gameplay moments." - eTux (01-Oct-2016)
"VCI levels were one of my favorite from Chronicles so I decided to give this one a try. It has some very challenging tasks that don't seem too hard in the beginning but then you find yourself dying all over again lol that was my case at least. The puzzle with the four switches and the bomb was very original, the platforming in the room with the poisonous water was also fun with some very tricky jumps here and there. Not a big fan of the pushblock puzzle with the trapdoor though. Another highlight is the ending with the two bosses that I also have never seen in any other level before. I like how you have to do a few extra tasks in order to get the secrets. There's all kinds of enemies. Especially the divers add a lot to the diversity in the level even if they are only a few. The atmosphere - catches the TR5 feeling perfectly, good choice of music, camera hints are given whenever needed. The visuals are pleasant for the eye, nice use of the VCI textures and the underwater areas even monotonously textured still looks great. Finished in an hour, challenging but very entertaining." - misho98 (27-Dec-2015)
"A much better crafted TR3 release from CelticGuard that utilizes a lot of VCI assets from TR5 to great effect, with some solid texturing, lighting, enemy and object application only helping to compliment the general level design and atmosphere as a whole. And while the gameplay itself can at times be a tad too obscure for my taste, that didn't really put a damper on my overall experience too badly, and I hope to see more from this builder in future. Highly recommended!" - Ceamonks890 (31-Jul-2015)
"Here we have a good level with a TR5 style. Good architecture and better texturization with some puzzles to solve. The gameplay is sometimes confused, with backtracking and a lot of rooms to explore; dangerous tasks with many laser traps, machine guns protecting the paths, many enemies to shoot... Definitively a good recreation of the VCI labs with some special effects and a convincent environment. The last room with the two "shivas" (excellent transformation) was a good ending. Sure, worth to play for many players." - Jose (27-Jan-2015)
"Gameplay & Puzzles: Good classic gameplay with some good puzzles, alarms to avoid and jumps. There's nothing exciting about it but it is very nice to play and challenging enough. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: There are nice enemies that are quite tough to fight, a good boss fight,, some nice custom enemies and good object placing. I will always like those moving machines. The secrets are good but a bit easy. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: Classic TR5 atmosphere, well created for a technically TR3 level, the sounds used are nice and the cameras, for their limited possibilities, as well. It's a bit cramped and there are many blank corridors but a level like this can't do without. Lighting & Textures: The textures are faultless, maybe can be more creative but the placement is nearly perfect. The lighting is flat/bright at times, sometimes it's quite well done but not everywhere. Total: 8/10, well designed nostalgic raid, everything which is needed is there but not much more." - Rambo (21-Oct-2014)
"For a TR3 level this is an astonishingly good raid. It's based, I believe, upon one of the later levels of TR5, and it has a number of challenging moments. What caused me the most frustration and multiple reloads was that sequence involving those four indecisive street sweepers with the electric whiskers. Even the tip provided by the builder in his walkthrough (move one of the block to impede their progress) didn't keep them at bay long enough to allow you to do what needed to be done. After that came some difficult jumping sequences in a large room with a deadly floor. As the game neared completion I really liked those restructured shivas that held the missing VCI key bits. I was surprised at the end to see 1:50 on my game clock. Time flies when you're having fun. And of course, being a TR3 level, darkness wasn't an issue for me, as I had the option of adjusting the gamma in game. Sure wish that function was available for TR4 levels. Recommended." - Phil (26-Sep-2014)
"If you're a TR3 fan then you really are in for a bit of a treat with this one. It's a sort of variant on the Escape with the Iris storyline and all the fondly remembered elements are present and correct - lasers, guards, robots etc. It's obviously fairly well littered with enemies, as befits the genre, but there are plenty of other things going on too, including a block puzzle and some fairly gentle platforming. The boss ending also contains a couple of really beautifully re-textured Shivas. It's certainly a nostalgia fest and, considering how few TR3 levels are being made nowadays, it's lovely to see such a decent one." - Jay (05-Sep-2014)
"The first offering of the builder had a few quite interesting ideas, yet couldn't be called a serious level. This one, however, is, and a fairly successful at that. The quite ambitious concept worked well here and the TR 5 settings are well transferred into the TR 3 engine, that never ceases to impress me. Everything's in this level is well created all-around - the gameplay is fun and fluent, without being too easy, and there are a couple of good puzzles along the way, although the block puzzle with the machines is only for a secret. The larger pushable task is quite well done, as well as the jumping sequences and laser traps that have to be negotiated. The only downside was the use of the first bolt, I had to backtrack quite a bit because there was no camera hint on what to do with it and I just moved on. The enemies are well used, especially the machine guns, although there should have been a way to get through them without being hurt. The retextured shivas are also a nice addition. All the secrets are very nice to find, often you'll see them from a different place and have to work your way to them, which is often quite easy, but those including the alarms are quite tricky. The looks are what you'd expect in this setting, some VCI levels tend to be a bit flat in the lighting but this one has received thorough work on that. Everything felt like being on its correct place in here, and while there's no really outstanding area I found the atmosphere to be quite well done, the sounds are also well applied. Overall a qutie strong effort especially for a TR 3 level, I hope to see more of this builder in the future. 45 minutes." - manarch2 (23-Aug-2014)
"Okay, so before anyone thinks I'm crazy with the tens, just listen to me. This game really isn't bad. It's probably one of the best TR3 levels on this site! The gameplay was unique, challenging in a way where the game is entertaining, the storyline was interesting, the game was just great! The bugs weren't serious, and I never ran into that creepy bug where those divers were floating like ghosts :p The enemies were well placed. Like one second, everything is peaceful, and another second, I'm like "OMG GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE LARA!" or "DIE YOU EVIL WITCH!" It was epic :D The atmosphere and textures... just... WOW. It feels like you are actually back in VCI, raiding it again to go even deeper into the building, and the textures really fit with the setting. I also enjoyed seeing Lara's catsuit remade into a "TR4" like outfit. Overall, great game. If you think you have what it takes to go through a nice challenge, give this level a try. I really think this level deserves some more attention. ;)" - MegaGamer (19-Aug-2014)
"One of the best tomb raider 3 games I've ever played. This one combines amazing architecture, enemies positioning and secrets! The secrets in this game are amazingly well done! Each room as a glow of its own, and the game kept on going very addictive through it's pretty hard gameplay! I must say I really felt the nostalgia of VCI back on me... Great gameplay, athmosphere, cameras, enemies, secrets and objects. I just wish it had one or two more medipacks... and the secrets were less difficult and non-hp losing necessary. Loved the plot twist at the end. The bosses were amazing but should have been harder to kill Congratulations CelticGuard, I'm your fan" - LOTRKingluis (12-Aug-2014)