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Another Business Day by vinraider

Cosmos 10 8 9 10
Dick 10 9 9 10
DJ Full 8 9 9 10
Dutchy 9 8 9 8
Gerty 9 9 9 9
Jay 10 10 10 10
Jose 7 9 9 10
Larabiker301 9 9 9 10
manarch2 8 7 8 8
McRaider 10 10 10 10
MichaelP 9 9 9 9
nerdfury 10 9 9 9
Orbit Dream 10 10 10 10
Phil 9 9 9 10
Rambo 8 6 7 9
Ryan 9 8 10 10
Samu 9 9 8 8
SeniorBlitz 9 9 10 10
Topixtor 8 8 9 9
totizedger 8 7 8 8
trplayer 9 10 9 10
release date: 24-Sep-2014
# of downloads: 91

average rating: 9.00
review count: 21
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file size: 51.60 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I enjoyed this level rather more than the somewhat overblown Tomb Raider Requiem that followed. From gameplay to lighting and texturing there really isn’t anything to criticise, but then TRR did take greater risks and set the bar higher with its wide range of settings and gameplay. Here, things are more confined: gameplay is mostly about the platforming - with a difficulty setting that was just about perfect in my opinion. Texturing is restricted to a single Egyptian palette of high-resolution textures - all neatly applied. It’s time we got something new from Vincent ;)" - Dick (05-Jan-2022)
"(10) Gameplay & Puzzles: Initially, I wasn't that keen on the gameplay -- what with an underwater maze, followed by an overwhelming number of places to go (once you reach the first waterfall area). However, once I chipped away at the map layout, the gameplay remained interesting and engaging going forward. The difficulty level is just right -- definitely challenging in terms of platforming and traps (I just loved all of the curved jumps), but not infuriatingly so. The builder mixes up various tasks perfectly, with adrenaline-based tasks flowing in-between the chill exploration in a smooth manner. I have many gameplay highlights, to include the crazy trap gauntlet with wall spikes, blades and flames; the 2 lava rooms; the underwater current puzzle and the long timed run with 3 pushblocks. All of these were just pure delight for me. (9) Enemies, Objects & Secrets: While I don't consider combat very fun in general, there were some very cool fights here, namely the 2 giant scorpions in close quarters, and the thrilling final boss. The jackals were a little too weak and it wasn't interesting to keep blasting them throughout the level. Decorative objects were used beautifully, particularly the waterfalls. A great selection of traps too, especially the custom moving wall objects. Why were there no secrets? While the uzi mini-shrine area was neat, the game layout could have supported a number of interesting and difficult-to-reach secrets, so it's a shame that the builder didn't even touch this area. (9) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The atmosphere is of the highest quality and I often found myself just standing around, marveling at the architecture. Sounds were used well, including TRA music cues for thrilling moments or discoveries. Camera hints were generally good across the level, although I was not a fan of the initial super long flyby when entering the waterfall area. It was certainly beautiful but it wasn't helpful in giving a nudge to the player on where to go next. When entering that initial waterfall area, the player actually has access to many, many additional areas (including the large outdoor area) and I really think there should have been a guidance camera on where to go next, or less it's too overwhelming in terms of directional choice. (9) Lighting & Textures: The level looks stunning and very polished. A minor issue is color usage; aside from the 2 lava rooms which are reddish, all other areas generally look "washed out". I know it's an Egyptian texture-set but regardless I would have liked to have seen more color variations and color themes. Bigger issues than the color usage are the flare bug, underwater cracks, and wallpapering at times. Overall, I just loved the thrilling, challenging gameplay, and Another Business Day truly was a spectacular debut. 10/9/9/9." - nerdfury (23-Jan-2021)
"Another great job from VinRaider! Trully a classic level! Classic level in a way where you get lost AF! Some "square rooms" could use a little bit more decoration so you can identify more easily which door you want to go in ( not everybody spend his time checking the compas) Classic VinRaider level in a way where there is some "how the hell am I gonna do this jump?" moments, some "phew...ended this timed puzzle with 0.5 sec to spare! great job me!" moments and some "how one can be so sadistic?" moments. Not a long level, especially if you are better than me, but definitely interesting and challenging." - trplayer (13-Nov-2020)
"Classic raiding at it's best, I enjoy how casual the story is, there aren't any in-game cutscenes, however the simple plot fits with the level, there is no world ending threat, only a hidden temple to explore to find Lara's MacGuffin of the day, the setting is quite atmospheric, textures are well applied, lighting and other visual elements are well done (Egyptian levels are an old TRLE staple however here it is executed well enough where it isn't much of a problem), the level gives you the option to tackle different objectives in the order you want, while there is a somewhat optimized order which you can collect the four relics needed to unlock the final area, it is never warranted and following your own path won't hinder your experience, there is a lot to enjoy on the gameplay department too, with some tight platforming sections that will test your reflexes and your timing, none of this goes to the point of being pixel perfect though, and in the case of enemies there are more than enough medipacks around to keep you healthy, fighting the final boss was a lot of fun, the Pharaoh's Mask guardian uses Seth as a base, I always wanted to fight Seth in a actual combat scenario instead of running away from him like in TR4, he has a lot of powerful attacks and the arena is also quite dangerous which lead to a challenging but satisfying fight. Give it a try if you want an atmospheric Egyptian level with a lot of challenge!" - SeniorBlitz (25-Jan-2020)
"A great debut for the author with this excellent level!! the gameplay is very good with different challenges in an environment very atmospheric . Congratulations vinraider for this debut and now waiting for a new adventure!" - McRaider (03-Jan-2017)
"What a marvellous and absorbing debut that was! Tricky but doable challenges, great atmosphere and great textures and lighting. There could have been some secrets. Still highly recommended." - Ryan (07-Feb-2016)
"A great and well rounded Egyptian raid here of about 90 minutes. It starts a bit badly with a small underwater maze area, but opens up quickly from there into a great looking large environment where you have plenty to explore. In your various quests for the four pyramid beetles, you are treated to quite series of fun slope and pole swing jumps - never too easy, but also not too hard to manage. A definite highlight for me was the three-lever-timed-run, again not too hard, but very well designed (managed to complete it with 5 seconds to spare on 2nd attempt). And then of course the trapped sequence with the big rotating blade area and the final boss fight. Enemies are a minor factor and simply thrown in every now and then and easy to get rid of and secrets are unfortunately completely absent, but as said, I found this a nicely balanced and very entertaining raid that I can only recommend for others to play." - MichaelP (29-May-2015)
"What a great debut! One of the best I ever saw. About two hours of net game, I think more than four hours of gross game. A very complete level with hundreds of tasks to do. Architecture and environments are fantastic, very well made and textured. There are some nice flybies and cameras wont help you too much, but they're well placed in correct locations. I was agree with the enemies too, but at the end of the game I had to shoot Seth only with the pistols. Where are the flares? I think I found only a pack and when I wanted to use it, the flare bug appeared! The gameplay is not very lineal, but even so you will not have to return to the same places (except to the main outside area) more than once. In that sense, the worst was the very tricky tasks you need to suffer often, reloading and reloading excessive times, and trying to time the best you can sometimes less than a second to get survive or another times only a way to proceed; example: in water room when you take the running jump to the slope in the corner to jump and grab the pole with the fire emmiter in front, you can't slide/hoist up/backflip with twist to grab the pole, and also you can't jump backwards and jump forward from the slope to grab the pole, simply you're forced to take a running jump with twist in midair, not a nice task for many players; another tasks require very perfect movements to get success. And so with another nasty tasks along the entire game. I think this could be the cause for which this level have only been played and reviewed by a bunch of expert players all around the world. Perhaps this is what the author wanted..." - Jose (24-Feb-2015)
"This is an uncommonly good-looking Egyptian level, but it's also quite difficult and horribly complex. You'll find most of the usual trappings here, beetles that need to be pried off walls and inserted into the sides of a small pyramid to obtain the artifact inside, scorpions, rotating blades that rattle and wobble as they turn, spike-trapped jumping exercises, and the like. Some have complained about the pixel-perfect precision required for some of the moves, but with Dutchy's typically reliable walkthrough instructions I had only moderate difficulty making my way through. Total playing time was slightly less than two hours, and the lighting was well balanced throughout, allowing me to enjoy the scenery without having everything bathed in garish brilliance. Speaking of light, this builder has a bright future ahead of him, and I don't at all mind retreating to "old school looks" if he continues to give us attractive and challenging raids such as this one. Highly recommended." - Phil (24-Oct-2014)
"I'm still clapping for the experience of classic platforming brought back here. Some will call it "pixel-perfect", but it's not. It's exactly like it was years before, when custom levels were entertaining and players wished for more of such things. And yes, I think it's players' fault the builders keep lowering difficulty, so when one appears with an ambitious sequence, he gets bashed instead of praised. Fortunately, not all the authors get caught in the spiral of challenge denial, and here's one of them. There is only one path through every single room, and considering the amount of jumping around, I imagine how difficult it could be not to leave any unintended shortcuts (no, really - I literally bow to the master skill in that aspect I've seen utilized here). There's a certain place where skipping a switch results in redoing certain things, and even without that You have to do a monkey swing twice, but this is the only design error, and the whole rest is purely brilliant. All the way through, sandy fog and balanced soundtrack smoothly surrounds Lara as she solves four independent locations in hunt for several black beetles. Unfortunately their layout is non-linear in theory only, for a certain order is much quickier than other ones. But a real pity is the occurence of flare bug, and the substitutional binocular usage takes twice as long. SUMMARY: There's a bit of inconsistency, and the flare bug is rather annoying, but the platforming nostalgia and climatic mood are irresistible. I think everybody who is brave enough should play this game, of course having in mind the shortest pickup order." - DJ Full (11-Oct-2014)
"I enjoyed very much this debut level, which has great action packed gameplay in egyptian setting. It doesn't include any dull moments in my opinion, and it offers constantly interesting tasks for the player. Most of the tasks are different kind of jumping tasks including a lot of traps that are used in nice combinations to create some really tough situations. I liked also very much the very long timed run, underwater current puzzle and the final boss battle, which made a good ending for the game. The surroundings are also textured and lit very nicely, although they may look sometimes slightly uninspired but good anyway. I think the waterfall area which you access in beginning of the game was one of the highlights in terms of environment design and more areas like this would have made the already creative environment even more unique. I noticed that there's also a flare bug in this level but fortunately it's not a big problem since the areas are rather bright, so you don't really need flares. All in all, it's a really well constructed debut level and I'm looking forward to playing more enjoyable levels from the author in future." - Samu (08-Oct-2014)
"An impressive debut level by Vincent as this is not just a typical egyptian raid. I was a little bit skeptical at the first part of the game because of the simple architecture but after the underwater maze it gets a lot better in terms of visuals. Perhaps a bit monotonous lighting at times but the texturing is nicely done though. The rooms could have been more colourful as that would have improved the visuals a lot. I still think the place felt quite authentic anyway though. Gameplaywise consist of many challenging jumps and traps especially one where beginners may struggle a bit. I absolutely loved the spiked wall sequence for example. Enemy placement is solid but not particularly inspired. This level has no secrets which would have been a big bonus. The level ends with a fight against your old pal Seth. Overall an impressive debut by Vincent and im looking forward to what he will build in the future." - totizedger (08-Oct-2014)
"There's not much I think I can add from what other reviewers have stated. This custom level is definitely up to par with classical Egyptian raids that we love here. From the beginning, I was a little skeptical with the simplistic architect and design but, after a while, the level begins to spice up with some nice exploration and some sneaky traps. You won't have a difficult time here although some traps will require a bit more skill and there's one move that is required by the player for progression that some may find to be a bit too difficult for them. Regardless, this level still attempts to be player friendly and handles itself well. The lighting and texturing of this level is superb and definitely brings out the atmosphere of the level. The enemies weren't sparse but were your average Egyptian pack enemies such as small scorpions, canines, and crocodiles. The highlights are definitely the amazingly contrived timed runs and traps that this level has to offer. Overall, you'll definitely enjoy this level if Egyptian raiding is what you're into. Time-2-3Hr, Secrets-0/?, Difficulty- Easy-Medium, Recommended!" - Larabiker301 (06-Oct-2014)
"Gameplay & Puzzles: The gameplay is set up well with lots of things to do to find the four beetles, there are many challenging jumps and moments to enjoy in this little game, but the puzzles are uninspired not very fun and creative. There's too much long jumping parts and, as needed, not a mix between everything, the outside halls and the scorpion room were most boring. But the part with the spike walls is perfect! Enemies, Objects & Secrets: It's rather weak compared to the others in fact. The enemies are boring placed and too easy except Seth and there are no secrets (a good game like this should have). Only the objects and for most the traps are good here. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: Also rather weak with one room looking just like all others and the same colours used in each room, the sounds are few and the cameras at least good everywhere. The only room with good colour is the room with Seth. Lighting & Textures: The best category with very very good texturing and good lighting, I'll put the missed colour change in the other category because the lighting is good in each room. Total: 7,5/10, very good for a debut but with room for improvement, to make it not so repetitive. I believe that the builder is able to do much better other than the high grades suggest." - Rambo (02-Oct-2014)
"Wow what a great debut level and I am glad that my trusted friend Dutchy could do that one timed run for me, as I just couldn't make it. It is the nasty one with the spike walls, but for the rest I could manage every tricky jump and pole swing and more that this builder threw at us. I even might add that the way Vincent made the animation of pole swinging is exactly how they should be. The sprinting of Lara was indeed a bit strange though. As for the flare bug, that is a bit sloppy, I might add. It is not a straightforward level but also not that complex that you loose your way. Just remember where you've been and where there are more areas you haven't been. I'll be keeping an eye out for this builder." - Gerty (01-Oct-2014)
"What a splendid level, great looking, great atmosphere although there could have been a bit more color accents here and there. Music wise there could have been some more dramatic music effects here and there. Texturing was well done, never did a wrong texture catch my eye. What did annoy me was the sprint animation, there is something really weird about it. Like running with the handbrake on. Lot of exploring to do before you get the correct route through the level. There was the Flare bug, a beginners mistake.. too many emitters active the same time, easily avoided by de-activating them when you leave the area (and close the door behind the player). Very nice jump series. Some trap sequences were a bit over the top, but always doable after a few tries. I don't think there were Secrets Ian, never saw anything I haven't visited or left over closed doors... so... Keep on building like this and you have me for a player again." - Dutchy (29-Sep-2014)
"The next-gen egypt location is always welcome in my raiding list, so I instantly downloaded this level and launched it. The welcoming outside oasis, as well as the first 2-3 minutes of gameplay, were warming both in terms of graphics and gameplay: Simple, pretty flat lighting and geometry, and simple platforming/swimming/exploring tasks. But after entering the flooded room, and after the flyby accompanied by that timless TR1 theme, a giant explosion of challenging tasks, jump sessions, awesome- built rooms and scorpions takes place. Enemies certainly aren't the main obstacle in this game: they are weak, but omnipresent and very well placed (even if I would have liked some more of them in some places). Talking about traps, they are placed mainly in one sections of the level, complete with a difficult gauntlet wich includes blades, spikes and very diifficult to dodge flames. No real puzzle is seen there, but this is not a point against the fun. Much entertaining platfroming needs to be done in this debut, but unfortunaly sometimes you are forced to do it more than one time, and I'm not exactly talking about one jump or two, but one or two entire jump sessions, wich become tedious after a while, consisting mainly in monkeyswing. But the strange fact is that the builder actually gave a shortcut after having done it the first time, but you need to find a lever to obtain it, and somehow I missed what that lever has done as no camera clue was used here, but since it was very near... it actually could be only my fault... Anyway, you still cannot reach again some places, and backtracking is present also in other cases. The timed run room was a big mistery for me: three movable blocks are seen there, but ther is no need to move them at all, unless you want to make the timed run even more difficult, as for me the blocks were already in a perfect position to not wast any time. I don't understand why the uzis and the granade launcher were not listed as secrets, as I haven't found any "official" secret in this level. Also, talknig about strange things, the location of the level is strange: we need to find a passage under an oasis to arrive in a outside temple beneath it? That was weird in my opinion. Interesting the adding of the "broken beetle" at the start, preventing players from going away before having found the crowbar, but making it usless wasn't a nice idea in my opinion. Lighting and textures are very good, but sometimes, expecially the lighting, aren't very convincing, while the architecture is stunning and varied. The apotheosis of the artistic soul of this level is near the end: The pyramid, touched directlu at it's summit by the sun, accompanied by a fitting Legend tune, was just stunning. Next, we have a fantastic fight against Seth, and the arena where we get to fight was really, really nicely done. Minor glitches and bugs are found in the whole level, but nothing important, expecially for a debut. It's always a pleasure when a debut level is that good. A good day starts in the morning!" - Topixtor (29-Sep-2014)
"This is truly impressive for a debut level and I can't remember having more fun obtaining four beetles. I mean, I knew I was going to like the level when the first thing to happen was finding the crowbar - what could be more likely to put me in a good mood. This is very well made, which tends to indicate a lot of practise on the part of the builder before releasing his first level - a very sensible (and merciful) judgement call. This could in fact easily be taken for the work of a seasoned builder and the gameplay is the equal of the visual effects in every way. Marvellous use is made of swing poles, slopes, fire emitters etc., and anyone who loves a bit of a challenge in that department will be very happy indeed with this game. Some of the traps are quite tricky (and there's an incredible sequence with a three switch/fire emitter timed run which takes a bit of doing) but always a joy to achieve and exceptionally well thought out. As far as I'm concerned, raiding just doesn't get any better than this and I loved every single minute of it, right down to the final boss ending with Set. Two hours of superb entertainment." - Jay (28-Sep-2014)
"I wasn't too sure what to expect before I started, as this is the first level from the author, and there isn't any helpful screenshots to give any initial impressions on the quality. First 5 minutes didn't really give much else away either. You begin the adventure in a small oasis area, followed by some complex looking tunnels that you have to swim back and forth through. Once you open the first door, you get a glimpse of the true talent behind this level. The level was very much in the style of the TRA Egypt. I must say that the level is very well textured, everything looks crisp and sharp and the lighting is applied evenly. There were some interesting and cleverly executed puzzles, some punishing but rewarding traps and great use of enemies. I thought that there seemed to be more medipacks than I needed initially, but then in later portions, I found myself heavily relying on them due to the damage caused by the traps. Overall, this is a fantastic level, and actually one of the better Egypt levels I've played. It's really small, taking me just over an hour and a half, but well worth every minute." - Cosmos (27-Sep-2014)
"Another business day, another quite good level for the players! This level managed to keep me entertained from start to finish after nearly 50 minutes and the fun factor is really high in here. Lots of sometimes very elaborate and tough jump sequences, often in combination with challenging traps, to solve here, a few puzzles and a lot of exploration. In total everything works together very smart without being too fast paced. The long timed run is fairly ambitious, but neither of the blocks actually have to be moved, I think more could be done with the concept, and overall the builder could have been a bit more brave in his puzzles (I liked the underwater current one, more like that please!). Unfortunately, there are no secrets to find in this level which could really add to the overall experience, but getting the uzis was fairly rewarding and not quite obvious either at least. The enemy placement is solid yet not overly inspired either, and I had to wade through a door in the mud which didn't raise correctly, that was fairly confusing. The atmosphere of this level is great, lots of detailed and neatly combined areas with good architecture. The inclusion of audio is rather meager though and cameras could be a little more clear in showing where to go next. Texturewise there are almost no technical faults in here, the whole level looks very clean and professional, some rooms have a bit of wallpapered design and the lighting is a bit monotonous at times, yet not overly though as there are very nicely coloured areas as well. Overall a successful debut level, for the next one the builder could try out some more new concepts maybe - but a level like this isn't unwelcome for sure." - manarch2 (27-Sep-2014)
"I loaded this up wondering if it would be yet another 'quick and easy Debut level',but after one hour and fifty minutes all I can find to say is 'Wow'.Just 'Wow'. Alright,I suppose I have to write a little more;and it was tempting to deduct one point in the second category due to my inability to find any secrets;but,then again,I'm sure there must be some hidden in this gargantuan adventure somewhere and that I was simply not paying enough attention.Perhaps it was the breathtaking visuals that distracted me;or the gorgeous lighting;or the wonderful atmosphere. More probably it was the second-to-none Gameplay;which hovered awfully close to 'expert' at times,but was generally never as tough as initial appearances suggested but instead allowed the adventure to be filled to the brim with the most wonderfully varied cornucopia of tasks and challenges. Vast;intricate;even cheekily misleading at times (that useless broken beetle which almost seemed to laugh in my face when I attempted to insert it in the relevant receptacle).Possibly the best Custom Level I've ever played;certainly the best Debut." - Orbit Dream (26-Sep-2014)