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The Great Egyptian Wall by 911

Ceamonks890 5 5 6 5
Cosmos 5 5 6 4
DJ Full 3 4 5 5
Drakan 6 6 6 6
Gerty 4 5 5 4
High Priestess 5 4 4 5
janachorider 6 6 7 7
Jay 6 7 6 7
Jose 5 5 6 5
manarch2 3 4 4 4
MichaelP 4 5 5 4
Orbit Dream 3 4 4 6
Phil 6 6 6 8
Ryan 4 5 5 5
SeniorBlitz 5 6 5 5
sonnyd83 5 6 5 6
totizedger 3 5 5 4
release date: 17-Oct-2014
# of downloads: 129

average rating: 5.09
review count: 17
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file size: 30.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is little more than a rehash of the official Great Wall, and unfortunately it's clear that it isn't one of the better efforts. The gameplay is predictable, the textures are rushed (there were a couple of occasions where I thought the surface of the water was higher than it was, due to the missing textures) and a couple of the flybys are badly executed. There are a couple of enjoyable moments involving those boulder traps, spikes and spiked walls, plus a timed run at the start, but overall I wouldn't put this too high on my recommendation list. I think I preferred this builder's other Great Wall remake." - Ryan (15-Jun-2018)
"Rehash of “The Wall” from Tomb Raider 2, it is a neat idea, but, sadly not that polished, I guess it is a good pass time though." - SeniorBlitz (21-Dec-2017)
"Another copypasta of the same topic watered with cracks yet embraced in friendlier lighting so I could easily duplicate my ratings given to the previous incarnation, but no - the author added even more killing improvements, and literally. Supposedly he didn't know the hint skeleton can be moved away so not only I got impaled but before that happened I also wasted a dozen minutes on searching for the second Ankh through the whole neighbourhood - and believe me, You cannot tell the intended access of extra unplanned exploration here. If these towers are really supposed to be accessible, I would place the Ankhs on the top of each one, while the pool, already known well for 18 years, could serve as a secret zone (I was lacking a bit of these). Still this feel like a minor underthought compared to the dogs ambushing Lara during pushables - in the name of all Chinese Egyptian deities, please don't do such things. A bit of sruggle for a crucial pickup is sometimes needed but it must be fair. And please allow a way back for such pickup in case of overlooking it - what in this case is very easy - so people don't get stuck forever... well maybe not forever - they still have DOZY for the worst. At the good side, the level can be noted for nice placement of pillars and crates - but the portals leading in/out of the level are random and the bridge, though not that random, leads to nowhere. SUMMARY: Even more crazy than the previous remake and I can already imagine the following ones: a Venetian edition with gondolas in the dino pool, a mine edition with drills popping out of walls instead of spikes, an Indian edition with baboons on the bridge (plus savegame crash), or an Atlantean one with floating mutant pterodactyles ambushing from the towers. If something can be imagined that easily, there is no point to make a level about it, unless they're all thrown in a series and filled with eels deliberately to annoy people... wait no, I didn't say the last." - DJ Full (18-Apr-2015)
"I think that "The Great Wall" from TR2 was one of the levels with more remakes. In this case there are some changes in the architecture and new textures, but few more. Moving rocky surfaces near the water rooms, invisible block in front of a door and any other small defects. Jackals and mummies for the enemies and I didn't find secrets. Playable but don't wait for puzzles or new features." - Jose (03-Mar-2015)
"Sadly this one was a bit poorly executed and rather sloppy. Textures were missing, some are stretched and some were squashed, and some enemies appeared out of thin air (which always make me laugh). As we all know the Great Wall, there are no real surprises here though." - Gerty (28-Jan-2015)
"I did for a moment think this WAS the Great Wall of China and was going to comment on how Egyptian it looked! This took me half an hour to complete. Essentially it is the Chinese Great Wall with Egyptian textures. The main difference being that there are 2 alternate routes through the various traps, the new route being full of dogs which annoyed me a little being in such a confined environment. There appears to be a lot more water to swim in than that in China which I enjoyed. The quality of texturing is fairly average and the lighting is also brighter than in China which is a bonus. No real comment regarding the sound as it is all standard. Quite an easy adventure for a Sunday." - sonnyd83 (01-Dec-2014)
"Here's a little 25-minute time waster to beef up your review count. It's quite the trapfest, with a sequence midway through that will test your jumping skills a bit. I kept looking for that second ankh near the beginning until I took a peek at manarch2's walkthrough and learned that the left receptacle was not only a decoy, it was a deadly trap. From that point gameplay flowed relatively smoothly until you abruptly come to the finish trigger. I didn't recognize the commercial level that was remade Egyptian style for this one, but no matter. This is a level to play, promptly forget and move on to the next one. The lighting was good, however." - Phil (31-Oct-2014)
"It doesn't take long before it becomes evident that this is yet another version of TRII's The Great Wall,given an Egyptian makeover.Although there have been many even more pointless versions,this twenty minute outing provides very few surprises (saving a booby trapped lock and a sort of Star Gate at the end);but nonetheless exhibits many moments of slapdashery - the lack of usage of the Crack mode for all the underwater sequences;missing textures;the End Of The World which you are positively invited to ogle at on numerous occasions;camera's which go flying through walls at great speed.These factors,combined with a less than discriminatory usage of objects(I can just about accept jellyfish in a desert oasis;but not a Jules Verne airship pointlessly hovering overhead)get in the way of an already rather weak adventure. Perhaps if the author had concentrated rather less on downloading as many neat objects from TRSearch as he could lay his hands on,and spent more time on the actual graphical polishing of the level,it would have been more entertaining.All this being said,there were still some fun moments - the tight timed run;the slightly modified rolling boulder challenge;the spiky gauntlets;and the massed jackal attacks.They all provided some much needed entertainment - but a lot more needed to be done to make this properly entertaining." - Orbit Dream (28-Oct-2014)
"Having replayed the original Great Wall (of China) in TR II dozens of times, I am always willing to see the area constructed differently but aside from the differing objects, enemies and the inclusion of sand & water, it didn't feel that dissimilar to the original in terms of getting from A to B in practically the same manner with just a few adjustments. I think in order for this level to be improved by any builder, it would essentially have to be a lot longer and with more challenging, additional puzzles and areas to explore because frankly, it has been done to death by every avid Raider. Most of us can now complete the original blindfolded so it needs a lot more work to make it something Raiders can revisit with a modicum of enthusiasm. The lighting and textures were refreshingly different (being set in Egypt this time), but the gameplay sadly felt a little old hat." - High Priestess (26-Oct-2014)
"This level is a remake from the original TR2 level with the use of egyptian textures. The problem with remakes is that they often are much worse than the original resulting in an often tedious experience. Adding water to the area where the dinosaur previously were was a really bad idea. Gameplay is mostly the same as in the original and the changes are not much to speak of. Enemies are replaced with jackals and mummies where one of the mummies stood there alone not being able to do anything. Lighting is decent and enchances the atmosphere slightly. This level may be entertaining for those who haven't played the original but for me i'd rather go play the "The Great Wall" from TR2." - totizedger (22-Oct-2014)
"This level is short (20 minutes), it has many shortcomings, missing textures, stretched, very conspicuous cracks. Some enemies rather wrong place like that dog that falls from the ceiling. Large areas but not much to do there except get a puzzle." - Drakan (22-Oct-2014)
"Much like the builder's previous 'Great Wall' remake from last year, this follows practically the same principles as the original level from TR2, only this time taking place in an Egyptian setting with appropriate objects, enemies, textures and musical tunes included to boot. And while that may sound like an interesting proposition for a re-imagining of a classic level on paper, in practice it comes off as rather lazy and considerably half-hearted here, with the basic level design being completely unaltered and offering barely anything new to surprise any seasoned veteran player who hasn't already played through the 1997 original a million times over the past 17 years. So overall, only really worth a passing glance at best and nothing more." - Ceamonks890 (21-Oct-2014)
"This is already the second retextured version of the Great Wall from this builder, this time it's even less inspired with a lot of missing and wrongly placed textures, much less detail in the architecture and gameplay (which shortens the time even more) and some badly applied cameras which shamelessly go through walls. All enemies are replaced with jackals (and a single mummy), all puzzle items with one Ankh, there are no secrets to be found - honestly the only passable things are the mostly decent lighting, the halfway entertaining trap gauntlet and a few out-of-place, yet nice to look at objects. The 10 minutes it lasts are not recommended though." - manarch2 (21-Oct-2014)
"I played this back to back with the authors previous release, as I had quite enjoyed myself there, but this level here is rather a waste of time. It combines the use of the Egyptian package of the authors previous level with the 17 year old original TR2 Great Wall architecture, but in a fairly sloppy way (some missing textures, poor enemy Placement) and hence offers no real surprises in the maximum 20 minutes you may spend here." - MichaelP (21-Oct-2014)
"[Gameplay & Puzzles]: This level originally served as a very short introduction to TR2, and as such it wasn't particularly challenging. This is no different. There was a slightly redesigned puzzle towards the end, involving a pool of water where the dinosaur originally was (I definitely preferred finding the dinosaur over this, felt like true exploration), and a "condensed" version of the trap rooms were also present, but kind of badly executed. There was a huge bug with the water/land borders, caused by having flat land on the same level as the water. [Enemies, Objects & Secrets]: Dogs, more dogs and two mummies (one of which was completely unnecessary). It would have been much better if the spiders were replaced with Scarab Beetles (like in The Mummy), eagles kept the same, possibly a Cheetah/ Wild Cat at the beginning. Keys were replaced with Amulets (or Load, apparently). Overall, the quality of the objects were quite good. [Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras]: I thought it was quite interesting to see the Great Wall of Egypt. The sound were taken directly from TR:TLR, so I suppose in that respect, it fits the Egypt setting. I would have personally chosen to go with the TR:A Egypt soundtrack since it's modern. Small bug with the camera in the trap rooms, I couldn't see where Lara was going as the camera was locked in one position, but I generally reloaded it and it went away. [Lighting & Textures]: This is way generally quite poor. One or two missing textures, loads of stretched textures and overall, a really obvious wallpaper effect going on. The quality of the textures were quite good, but I thought they could have been applied much more consistently. Lighting for the most part was quite good." - Cosmos (20-Oct-2014)
"Perhaps a strange choice to recreate the gameplay from TR2 Great Wall with Egyptian textures and objects, but at least at twenty minutes it doesn't outstay its welcome and the spike wall traps are still enjoyable. There are one or two sloppy application of textures etc., but overall it's fairly easy on the eye. By the end of it though, I'd definitely seen far more jackals than I cared to." - Jay (20-Oct-2014)
"Well this level is just the great wall from TR2 but in a egyptian setting and almost everything is the same so i can't add anything more that this:improve your levels!" - janachorider (18-Oct-2014)