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Pachamama by Ram16

DJ Full 7 8 8 8
Drakan 10 10 10 10
eRIC 8 8 9 8
Gerty 7 8 8 9
High Priestess 8 8 9 9
izzynoodles 8 8 9 9
Jay 9 8 9 9
Jose 6 7 8 9
Josey 8 8 8 10
manarch2 7 8 9 9
Nina Croft 8 9 9 9
Phil 10 9 10 10
Rambo 6 8 8 9
Ryan 8 9 9 9
sonnyd83 8 9 8 10
Stranger1992 9 10 10 10
release date: 25-Oct-2014
# of downloads: 110

average rating: 8.59
review count: 16
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file size: 93.60 MB
file type: TR4
class: South America

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Reviewer's comments
"I very much enjoyed this levelset. I found it a little on the tricky side and a lot of exploration is needed to spot hidden paths and switches, which seemed unnecessary to have to do just because a lever blends right into the wall textures. A lot of effort has been put into the atmosphere and environments which really sets the tone when in a sunny open area in contrast to moving into a darker temple area, very beautiful scenery. The ending is incredibly strange; never have I pulled a lever just to end a game! A firm challenge. Took me around 3+ hours to play." - izzynoodles (06-Dec-2022)
"A stand-alone level that gives you much raiding for you money. At the end , i was a bit exhausted and there are several reasons for that. In each new area there is a chance to get stuck or at least to observe careafully what can be done. Jumps switches blending well with the surroundings is fair, what is less are the wall levers blending too well for there is no static object placed around them for realism. The builder has also used several times pushable blocks generally for secrets only , they blend super well with the surroundings for there is no lighting around these blocks , that is clever ; the downside is that there is no lighting. The lighting is pleasant in the outside areas , but in the second half of the level dome time is spent in undergrounds with no lighting and the binoculars are used often. Finally another thing that does not help to create a fluent progression is the vegetation which at times is annoying, blocking your way or your sight. There is some fair and user friendly aspects to the level too , for example the few timed tasks are not very tight and enjoyable, and a timeless sand texture indicates that the switch is timed ; another thing that was very appreciated is all the new moves put to good and intelligent use and they were not difficult. The torch puzzle , the mirror room, and other bits of gameplay were enjoyable as well. 2h32 - 5/6 secrets. Probably the type of adventure that is more enjoyable on a replay." - eRIC (17-Oct-2019)
"I don't like when a level persistently nags me to notice how awesome it is, and here it happens a lot: you enter a new location, get overdramatic music and a cheaply rolling flyby, veeery slow so you're forced to watch every corner - but meanwhile the crucial spots are very obscure, you will miss a lot of stuff and go back too much, wondering how many of these identical pushblocks a flare is yet about to reveal. The worst examples are: 1) a jumpswitch in the beginning of the second unit - simply unfair, I literally tried everything but still failed to guess I'm supposed to turn around, a neat requirement for a secret but not for a crucial piece of interaction; 2) the second Golden Key, completely out of focus while the opening door misleads you into thinking the location is complete; 3) the wall crevice, not only shadeless but also masked with plants to make it harder; 4) the switch in the waterfall valley which is lit identically to the wall, therefore hard to notice even when you stand few squares from it. Because of such stuff, and object/geometry collision very often standing in the way, the progress is artificially slow even in little rooms and I finished way too much tired than I should have, for a very little reward - you just don't end a level with pulling a switch, there should at least have been a cutscene showing Lara give the idol to that guy who requested it. I also found one possible stuck point: if you do the water flipmap too early you may be left without ammo to shatter the underwater vase, because the nearby bullet pack becomes inaccessible until the puzzle is solved. There's also something wrong with the natives - they take a lot of your health before even attacking, by mere running towards you, what made me reload numerous times. The bats take four shotgun shells, was that really needed? On the contrary, the giant spiders are absolutely harmless. I of course liked the natural setting, custom objects and sometimes perfect sound but it all just must fade in light of the issues. SUMMARY: A pretty level but mostly choosing obscureness over innovation, which - if extant - is often misapproached or buggy. If I was the builder I would just revise this level, fix the issues and wait for 9+ because why not." - DJ Full (01-Feb-2017)
"There are a lot of hidden objects sprinkled throughout this large level. If it's not a movable block, it could be a switch or keyhole, so be wary, keep an eye out and be prepared to use flares or binoculars to distinguish them easily. It's a gorgeous looking level, with great atmosphere, thanks in no small part to the sounds of the birds calling and the water flowing. There were a few too tricky manoeuvres to overcome for my liking, but otherwise it was fun and accessible to everyone." - Ryan (21-Jan-2017)
"This is a great looking level and enough pick-ups to get you through. Not that there are that many enemies but the tight spaces you sometimes have to fight them makes it a bit hard. For the rest I found it sometimes very confusing. There are quite some levers to use and keys to find, that is not it, what threw me off a bit is that the levers blended in so well that I sometimes missed them completely. The jump levers are mostly hidden in dark spots, so using the binoculars and or flares is a must. The flares you also need to spot the pushable blocks. There was one jump I just couldn't make, that is the one where there is an emitter and you have to jump to a pole. Lara just wouldn't grab the pole, no matter how I tried. I noticed that I wasn't the only one, so I grabbed a saved game from the stuck thread. There is some back and fro but it is doable. Well done though" - Gerty (12-Jan-2016)
"What a nice two-level set! I immensely enjoyed it, but still, gameplay review has to be reduced to 8. As I read the reviews of other players, I noticed that most all of them expressly admitted using the walkthrough. As I wrote that walkthrough, you'd think that I was at least one person who instinctively solved all the puzzles and found all the pushblocks and switches herself. However, it is not the case. I would have never found all switches and pushblocks myself without the Stuck thread on the forum. So, even the writer of the walkthrough did not do it all by herself, that is how this aspect of the game is cleverly hidden. I spent literally hours in the starting area until I discovered that Lara can climb from monkey poles to the ladder above! I was so mad at the builder because this move was so illogical and unnatural, but I fortunately did not quit playing it. And it is a great game, apart of this illogical move of Lara's. Yes, the switches and pushblocks and wall torches are well concealed and there will be tricky jump sequences, even tricky climb sequences, tight timed runs and interesting puzzles. A mini-adventure packed with good action, cleverly balanced, good platforming with quite a few challenges, hard enemies and exciting traps. The overall vista is eye-pleasing but the builder did not overdo anything. Everything is well balanced, there are enough pick ups to help you along the way. However, in one thing the builder definitely overdid something. There are far too many switches and doors to open, as the game does not have any common goal except to open this door and find that pushblock/switch/whatever. Linear, but well built and interesting from the beginning to the end. I highly recommend this game to all, with a warning for beginners: it can be pretty hard at moments. Ram16, you really did a great job there. There are some things to be polished, but this is still a great level. I hope you will keep building and produce a Hall-of-Famer next time!" - Nina Croft (25-Sep-2015)
"The real name of this level should be "Hidden". All is hidden here, hidden switches, hidden pushable blocks, hidden openings, hidden keys... This force the players to explore carefully all the corners and makes the gameplay very very slow, always with a flare in hand or using the binoculars. Also I think there's an abuse of the switches in both levels (I think near a hundred or more?). Where are the puzzles? The only real puzzle I found was the five switches puzzle, and perhaps pushing the balls into the niches. No more. The remaining tasks are only about exploration, exploration and more exploration (with some gymnastics too). The unmarked monkeyswing seems to be made so players can get stucked. Also the timed run to the trapdoor was excessively tight. There's enough ammo to deal with the enemies, but very few medipacks; at the end of the second level I was thinking to find a boss or a harder enemy, but through the levels there are only natives, big spiders and some bats (very hard to kill!). The best for me was the very good use of the cameras and musics, nice texturization, convincent architecture and well worked lights. An adventure to play reading the walkthrough." - Jose (04-Mar-2015)
"This is a new and beautiful level Ram16 created. Carefully in texturing, and lighting and not always easy to find puzzles. There are some levers that are very well hidden and difficult to see if we are not careful. The part "outer Jungle" is sumptuous and pleasing to the eye. The end of the game is a little steep but may be a harbinger on. Hopefully. Congratulations." - Drakan (04-Feb-2015)
"I really loved this level ! :D why?: 1: there were a lot of puzzles and some mazes 2: The levers,movable blocks, openings were very well hidden, which made it a real challange. From the beginning till the end it was a real challange to find out what to do next. Sometimes I really couldn't find out, but you had a walktrough to fall back to, so that didn't matter 3: It was a very origional level, with a lot of different rooms and very origional ideas. 4: What I also loved were the hard to kill mobs, limited ammo and health/medipacks, which made it a real challange. 5: The secrets were very well hidden 6: The sounds were nice, sometimes those birds/apes? sounded very peacefull and sometimes very scary. The music was nice too. The design is beautifull not too gloomy/dreary. It was even a very bright and colorfull level. The details were very refined and everythin has a nice finish. It doesn't look like a home made level, it looks like a real new tomb raider game! I only have two little drawbacks: 1: the end of the level was challenging, but it ended really siddenly. I pulled a lever and all of a sudden I was in the menu. So something like a cinametic or walking trough a door/sliding down a hallway or some text, or even just a : 'end of game' text would be nice. 2: The storyline could be a bit better. But again I had much fun playing this level , Thanks for creating this!" - Stranger1992 (27-Nov-2014)
"This epic adventure took me 3 hours 45 to complete but I must have spent twice that or at least it felt like it. The gameplay is too obscure in so many places, I had to have the walkthrough open throughout the game. My main complaints are the pushable blocks and levers being almost or actually invisible. The blocks blended in so well with the walls that you can not distinguish without flares. If it wasn't for this, I would enjoyed it much more. There is a lot to tell with regards to the gameplay, in both levels you need to collect some cog wheels to open doors. There is a lot of time spent negotiating cliff faces with finely tuned jumps. There are a few puzzles, examples would be the first level where some switches have to be pulled in a certain order, or rolling balls being used to trigger a door. The second level had a nice mirror room with lava, and emptying a lake to get a good view of a shatterable vase. So it wasn't bad if you knew exactly what you were doing. You had to fight giant spiders, tribesman, and bats throughout. I was expecting a final showdown at the end when Lara had collected the pachamama but there was just a few natives, and perhaps a good thing as I had very little health left. The visual side of the levels was very impressive. My only complaint here was the second level where some rooms seemed out of place, e.g. they looked Egyptian and didn't blend in well. The second level was very visually appealing and was set in a rainforest with birds twittering and butterflies fluttering. The first level was inside the temple more with a few underwater tunnels. There were a few camera's but were there to show the player where to go more than to show off the level. Sound was standard from TR5 and TR4, they were used well, but I would suggest more up to date sounds. A pretty solid game but more easy to spot objects would be helpful." - sonnyd83 (23-Nov-2014)
"Gameplay & Puzzles: There are some good tasks in this level but mostly it's quite repetitive, as others said, you arrive in an area and there's nothing to do, well there is but you have to search years for it, you arrive in the next area and it's the same. This is not my favourite type of gameplay. Also you don't really explore the areas, just find the hidden things and get to the next area, it's too linear. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: Good enemy choices and placements here, I enjoyed the fights which are well created, the objects are fitting well. Nothing really special here though. The secrets are fun to find. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The areas look quite well, but it's not a coherent experience and you notice too often this is a created level, the basic design of the areas is squaric (not the architecture itself) and the levels have a patchwork design where the rooms are just put together some time. The sounds are very nice and the cameras are quite well done at least. Lighting & Textures: The textures are nearly faultless and they look very good, the lighting is very good too, sometimes a little bright but everything fits together in this category. Total: 7,75/10, a solid but a bit annoying level." - Rambo (17-Nov-2014)
"Decidedly, the soft beauty of this jungle has nothing to do with the Araguaian rainforest, believe me; I should know. The same goes for the blue butterflies; there should have been mosquitoes, instead. But undeniably, the result is quite beautiful, and I loved the panoramas of this game - although considering that there should have been less banana trees, for the sake of gameplay. In fact, even forgetting the outdoor views, I think that the rooms were realistically worked out with nice results. And in terms of gameplay, I am always very glad when I play a game where everything works fine - horizontal swing poles, passages from monkey swing to ladders, rope jumps, etc. - and this is the case here. Nevertheless, I cannot approve losing myself at almost all rooms because I cannot see what Lara has to do, and in this game playing with both eyes wide opened is certainly not enough: the light is very good, but switches always match perfectly the pattern of the walls, jump switches are very well hidden in dark places (btw, it was very naughty putting that JS so near a mortal swinging blade and in the vicinity of two immortal skellies), I certainly would not have found the lava cave's gold key without the walkthrough, and if Lara has not an enormous amount of flares she can forget the mission and go back home, because she will not be able to find all those invisible pushing or collapsing blocks. Really, the most difficult part of the game is finding important switches or levers or blocks, because the puzzles are easy, the timeruns and jumps, manageable, and the enemies, very tough, but killable, with only a few exceptions. In resume, play this game if you are patient and love to raid beautiful, varied and nicely done places - or with the walkthrough in hand, if you are of the impatient kind." - Josey (17-Nov-2014)
"Finally, finally, a jungle level where the builder was not under this inexplicable compulsion to shroud everything in inky blackness. This delightful two-part adventure has a little bit of everything, but the best part for my money was enjoying the lush surroundings while making my way through the amply-lighted countryside. While there are some challenging tasks sprinkled throughout the raid (some of which require implementation of Lara's new moves), Nina Croft's detailed walkthrough describes everything down to the last conceivable nuance to keep even a relatively new player from becoming bogged down. I finished in just under three hours and wished there were more. The ending is rather abrupt, with the routine pulling down of a wall switch, as if the builder had grown weary and had decided simply to bring it all to an end. I'm surprised there are so few reviews at this rather late date, because this is a gem that everyone should savor. Highest recommendations." - Phil (15-Nov-2014)
"If you get stuck, you probably should light a flare as there are some sneaky, well hidden switches and moveable blocks liberally sprinkled throughout the level. It's beautifully made, heaving with atmospheric, lush jungle scenery, sprinkled with the cries of exotic birds and populated by some tough enemies that take quite a bit of bumping off - even the bats seem to take more ammo than usual. Despite the undeniable heavy reliance on hidden pushable bits of wall, the gameplay still feels quite well rounded and fast paced, with a medium difficulty level and seems shorter than it actually is. There are some very individual, inventive touches such as the light beam to enhance Lara's jumps, which had me quite baffled as I was using it in every possible way except the correct one. Sigh. Highly recommended." - Jay (01-Nov-2014)
"This is a quite attractive and partially beautiful two-parter that I enjoyed for the very authentically designed outside areas. The textures are carefully applied as well as the warmish lighting, it only could have a tiny little bit more contrast but it's very good nonetheless. The atmosphere is quite good, sounds and cameras are applied with great care, but sometimes I felt this is more like a series of great-looking areas that don't fully merge together neatly - the room connections are rather simple as you move on from one area to another. But that's a fairly minor thing. The only really conflicting aspect is the gameplay. There are some more inspired moments such as intriguing jump sequences, the mirror room, a good use of the torch and boulders, nice (if somewhat random) traps and decently applicated new moves, but most of the time you'll just search for the next horribly well hidden lever or shatterable ball, that aspect was certainly overdone. There's a certain sense of fun in searching well hidden things in here but when the gameplay barely relies on anything else it unfortunately just grows tedious. The enemy placement is rather effective, but there's not much variety (only tribesmen and spiders). The pickup animation is messed up slightly and some objects aren't placed correctly (like the waterfall inside the pool), but the overall object design suits the atmosphere well and there are some nice custom ones used here. The secrets (with only one exception) are very well placed too and quite a challenge to find. Overall a pleasant raid though very eye-candy-esque locations that suffers slightly from too well hidden things. It ended fairly abruptly and strange (Lara pulling a lever...) after 70 minutes." - manarch2 (01-Nov-2014)
"Although a spectacular level to immerse oneself into, it was not without it's problems - for me at least. But first let me say what a very pleasant and ambient jungle level this was as well as highly original. The problems for me were both personal (as in ineptitude) and technical. Firstly I abhor so-called "Banana jumps" not only because they are unrealistic/illogical but also because due to that factor, I am hopeless at executing these jumps so I needed a lot of practical forum help when it came to completing these jumps. The second and by far worst "bug" problem was in the complete disappearance of the second Northern Star key. I found the Golden Key and returned to the keyhole to use it. This opened up the gateway to the mirror and burner room where I prised the fist star key from the wall. I placed that key then spent the next day and a half in limbo when playing - retracing every single part of each room in search of the second one. When offered a savegame I saw the second key quite clearly - in an area I had revisited several times. But in my game it was simply not there - on the front of a block and clearly visible in the save I was sent. I posted my savegame in the forum so others could see for themselves lest they were in any doubt. For that reason I had to knock one point off because this marred my enjoyment and precluded me from venturing any further for a very long time. It wasn't so much gameplay at this point but game suspended due to "poor visibility" regarding the elusive second star :D That said this was an otherwise very enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing raid and a longer one than I expected in spite of the bug I encountered." - High Priestess (29-Oct-2014)