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Escape from the Base by levyhgb

alan 9 9 8 8
Ceamonks890 8 8 7 8
DJ Full 5 8 6 7
Gerty 8 8 7 8
Jay 8 8 8 7
Jose 6 7 6 7
manarch2 4 5 4 4
MichaelP 6 7 7 6
Miss Croft 9 10 8 9
Nuri 9 8 8 8
Orbit Dream 8 8 7 8
p1kaa 6 7 7 8
Phil 8 8 8 8
Rambo 6 6 5 4
Ryan 7 8 7 7
The Snarky Lesbian 8 5 6 6
Torry 8 8 9 7
totizedger 5 7 5 5
Treeble 7 6 8 8
release date: 26-Oct-2014
# of downloads: 168

average rating: 7.11
review count: 19
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file size: 11.40 MB
file type: TR2
class: Base/Lab

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Very short level, you need to get the cards to get out of the level, at first you choose to go left or right, you can just avoid the flames and go between them to not get burn, and proceed with the level, not my favourite there, I think it would be better if there's no flames or at least replace it with a door. very straightforward level, secrets not to hard to find too, bunch of enemies and jump spots. short and fun 7/10" - p1kaa (12-Jul-2021)
"This level is actually fairly nice, outside of some visual glitches, the level being called “The Great Wall” ingame and subsequently receiving the Great Wall background noise of blowing winds that does not fit in this level. Right of the bat I immediately sequence broke the level by going through the flame jets on the open side, I thought I was supposed to because there was a pool directly behind them. Then getting back was a bit difficult but not impossible. However it resulted in some odd issues in the room on the opposite side. The placement of some of the enemies is very peculiar, especially the Flamethrower guy on the left path that attacks you as you exit the water. Whether or you can defeat this guy before he fries you is down to RNG, which feels really strange. I did not find the golden dragon secret, and when I later tried to find it with the guide it did not work. According to the guide the trapdoor is a phantom, but it was solid at every point I tried jumping through it. I will however add that even if it did work, I’d use a differently colored tile instead, there is nothing in this room that gives off the idea that this trapdoor could be fake for some reason. Also the level end looks like it leads into an out of bounds area, which is a bit weird. Otherwise this level was very interesting, and avoided some issues other levels have, like too many med kits or pickup bloat. I can’t wait to play your future levels." - The Snarky Lesbian (16-Feb-2019)
"Classic TR2 raiding in this one. Watch out for the flame thrower guys although I had no issue with them as the Uzi gave me the edge. There is a bit of to and fro-ing in this and a couple of hard to see alcoves but once you get going it flows rather well. At the start go right first, if you go left it makes no sense and you need to then undo all what you did to be able to proceed." - Torry (12-Apr-2018)
"This is a nicely built TR2-level based on the off-shore rig. There is nothing to complain about, Lara escapes a base filled with some enemies, puzzles and also some tricky secrets. A classic level!" - Nuri (23-Feb-2018)
"This is a pretty enjoyable TR2 level. If you're a fan of the original Offshore Rig section of that game, you should enjoy yourself here as this is highly reminiscent of those levels. The enemies come pretty thick and fast here (particularly a scuba diver, a baton-wielding thug and flamethrower combination while climbing out of a pool with a buzz saw, no less!). A couple of the timed runs might put inexperienced players off, but everything should be easily accessible otherwise. Found only two secrets as the Gold Dragon grate was solid for me and I didn't find a way to open it." - Ryan (04-Jul-2017)
"I'll start this review by fully agreeing with DJ Full on the account of the flamethrower placement. Curious thing is that I had a bit more luck: I managed to climb out of the water while he was backwards, and with the Uzis I killed him before he could turn around (all the while the guy with the baton was pushing me hitting me, but he wasn't as menacing a threat so all was well). I then climbed up to the vent above and for some reason, I couldn't pick up the chip piece the baddie dropped there, so I had to reload my last save which then proved my luck had run out. It was back in the water and I could not replicate the same feat again. Ultimately it costed me two whole large medipacks to climb out, shoot him down with the Uzis while being ablaze and then dipping back into the water. This is a pity, however, because everything else was rather fun and an engaging quest for two keycards. I also had just assumed I was supposed to run and jump over the flame emitters, and in fact did so twice because of the trapdoor in the opposite wing, only to realize said trapdoor was necessary to reach a button to disable the flame emitters in the first place. No big deal, however, as the flame emitters aren't as 'catchy' as they are in the TR4 engine. 30 minutes, 2 secrets. 05/17" - Treeble (28-May-2017)
"Getting attacked by surprise is one thing, you die and learn. But when I was fried by a flamethrower guy while pulling out of the water, I had to resist a compulsion to switch this off. Such hopeless cases just make me wonder. What sits in a mind of Homo sapiens to make us do such things? How far did we devolve as a species and what atrocities will we yet commit despite of being capable of greatest empathy and beauty? Also, for the zillionth time we get a fake non-linear layout, what means "feel free to progress in any order but choose wrong and repeat", in this case to add more repassaging to what is already inevitable - left, right, left, right, left... Oh we also get an almost surely skippable golden secret which is the first in order so if you want the bonus you will replay... in the end a 30-minute map takes half a day. The most precious thing in life is time... and I don't have time. However if you know the map you may enjoy it by getting all the pickups what brings the balance close to fine, so just take Phil's walkthrough and notice two praisable things: the nice tower getaway and the tower itself, a structure which would even apply in a top level." - DJ Full (06-Feb-2017)
"Good gameplay, enemies and secrets, it's entertaining. This is the classic gameplay of TR2, with those tough enemies, who I hate, especially the flamethrower. I found 2 secrets: the silver and jade ones. I couldn't find the golden one, I had realized that the trapdoor was closed, but I never had the idea that it was a "ghost trapdoor". The textures in the room with the timed switch for the secret (where the alert sounds) are a bit strange, like the ones in the ceiling, and the wall that is texturied as a ladder, but it is not climbable. Some cameras are used well, and the atmosphere is like the base of the Offshore Rig level. Recommended for everyone who likes TR2, like me ;)" - alan (28-Oct-2016)
"Some Classic TR2 nostalgia. Let's start with the gameplay, it's a bit strange because if you go left instead of right at the beginning you can do certain tasks in the wrong order which obviously is unintended. No real surprises or anything like that but it's a nice and classic raid. Only one of the secrets were well hidden and it was the jade one which involved a nice timed run i really liked, the others are easy to find especially the stone dragon which is easy to locate and the gold one which i couldn't get because because of the trapdoor not being open. Enemy placement is pretty inspired and they are positioned so they can deal a lot of damage to you. When it comes to textures it's as usual not as good as we would like but you know it's TR2 and not much can be done to make it look very nice, it's decent when considering the limitations of the TR2 engine. I recommend this level to people who love classic TR2 gameplay." - totizedger (24-Jun-2015)
"When I started I went to the left side and jump over the flames, doing all taks I could and pulling all switches, so when I went back and through the door with the wheel, the trapdoor was open and I was very disoriented. Except from this, the gameplay is fluid and entertaining, with a good design connecting some rooms; perhaps too many enemies to shoot but enough weapons and ammo. Cameras and textures are correct but some flybies and musics could be added. Not a jewel but sure good for the TR2 lovers." - Jose (04-Mar-2015)
"Gameplay & Puzzles: This is a bit strange sometimes but there are some nice tasks, nothing really special and some shortcuts. Liked some TR2 things and a few block puzzles but it's fairly easy too. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: Some nice enemies and objects, nothing special here again, found all secrets but the gold one was very strange... Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: Architecture is mixed as some things are simple, but the rooms are well connected. Sounds are not really great and cameras are not often used. Lighting & Textures: Very simple texturing, some missing textures and missing lighting. Not very good. Total: 5,25/10, sometimes good but rather simple and not memorable." - Rambo (07-Feb-2015)
"Another 30 minute long adventure from the past by this builder who sticks with the old engine. It brings back the memories of frogmen and flamethrower guys and it has a few ice ideas around connecting rooms and sending you back and forth. But it is also a bit flawed in the gameplay options, as you can do things before you are supposed to do them, for example by going left at the start and simply running through the flames into the water behind them. Still, it is clever in the way it is all built and will provide some fun for those who enjoy the nostalgia of TR2." - MichaelP (27-Dec-2014)
"I rather had fun with this one although I still don't like the flame-throwers. They give me the creeps. There are some timed runs but luckily they are not too hard to do. I had to consult the walkthrough for the secret # 2, as I would have never guessed that one could pull up a closed trapdoor. And I did look everywhere to find a way to open it after I know there was a secret in it. Oh well..." - Gerty (12-Nov-2014)
"Good level! A classic and nice moment of the TR2. Good gameplay, easy and fluent. The idea of the level flows intuitively and enjoyable. The game flows smoothly too. The environments are well designed and they evoke a sense of nostalgia of the Lara in the TR2. The game has no innovation, nor intended to be sophisticated but perhaps the idea is simply this: to evoke the classic TR2 with some moments of delight. Nothing else. Recommended." - Miss Croft (12-Nov-2014)
"While this release may not try anything distinctively new or even try pushing the limits of the engine it runs on, this Oil Rig-themed level is still sure to please nostalgic players, with a satisfying amount of gameplay variety more than making up for the overall sameness of other design elements. So, if you're in the mood for a walk down memory lane and got an hour or two to spare, this is one level that will more than easily entertain you for a bit, depending on how long the experience will last during your initial playthrough. Highly recommended." - Ceamonks890 (10-Nov-2014)
"Not sure about the ratings of the other reviewers, since IMO it was not the rather accomplished and decent TR 2 level I expected when loading this one up. The gameplay is merely more than basic, with very little in terms of innovation to be seen here. There are some sweet usages of blocks that tend to be repetitive, two or three timed tasks (one for a secret) and overall there are some unorthodox ways of progression, but it mostly left me feeling want and there's no really sophisticated puzzle or a greater sense in this level. One thing that was pretty good in this level was the placement of enemies which are really effective, it evokes a nice classic feeling. Most of the already few traps, however, don't pose much of a challenge sadly. One of the three secrets is solidly hidden (the one with the timed run), but the other one is totally obvious and I had to miss out on the gold secret because it obviously includes jumping through a trapdoor that remained solid for me. The room design also is just a little more than basic; while several room connections are decent enough, the rooms itself feel rather bare and square and each time the builder has tried to add a little diversity it didn't really work. Such as in the "control tower" - the end of the world is nearly unavoidable but seeing parts of other areas through the windows destroys the atmosphere - or in the pool area with the fan, where the very same problem occurs on the lattice textures. Texturing is okay, yet mostly repetitive and occasionally feels fairly bland, while the lighting is mostly untouched which only adds to the blandness. It's odd enough the other reviewers didn't really mind all those things, but for me this is mostly a step downwards in the evolution of this builder. Took me 20 minutes to finish." - manarch2 (09-Nov-2014)
"If you like TR2 levels, you're in for a bit of a treat with this action packed offering. It lasts less than an hour, but it's fast paced fun, with thugs round almost every corner (including the infamous flame thrower bloke), traps, timed runs and puzzles. OK, the graphics seem grainy nowadays, but as far as actual gameplay is concerned, this is quite sophisticated for a TR2 level and of course the good old nostalgia factor always seems to kick in - for me, it's the sound files; just the sound of a door opening takes me right back to those heady early days of raiding. Nice one." - Jay (05-Nov-2014)
"I fired this one up thinking it would be a quick and laid back respite from some of the more intense levels I've played lately. Wrong, so wrong. Actually, it maps out quite neatly if you play with eyes open and your mind in gear, but since I rarely enjoy such a favorable combination I had to resort to outside help in a number of places. Marksdad came to my rescue more than once, so his contributions have been duly noted in the walkthrough. The way to the second secret is through a phantom grate. Easy enough. If it works, do it. But since there's another phantom grate near the end that can be lowered if you take the time to play as the builder intended, I'm wondering whether the same is true for that second secret. If so, I never found a way to lower the phantom grate that should have been blocking access to it. (Also, I found ammo for weapons that never showed up for me.) Anyway, I had a better time here than I usually do when playing TR2 levels, and my game clock registered about 45 minutes at the end despite the fact that I was writing a walkthrough along the way. Recommended." - Phil (05-Nov-2014)
"This is a pretty neat and immersive Off-shore Rig TRII level.Although the limitations of the unofficial editor throw up a few glitches here and there (and the graphics are fairly unsophisticated by today's standards) there is plenty of meaty gameplay to get your teeth into;including a couple of pushable object puzzles,some interesting progression in a room with a tall central cage,and a few hair-raising enemy confrontations (including a positively evil encounter with a frogman,shotgun dude and a flame- thrower guy in a confined space containing a nasty buzz- saw!) The aforementioned glitches include a few graphical problems in confined spaces;and an unfortunately buggy trapdoor which will cause many an unsporting player to complete the level prematurely. I thoroughly enjoyed the way all the various areas became interconnected as you progressed,allowing the backtracking to be progressively shortened;and the gameplay kept me absorbed from first moment to last. A highly entertaining hour-long adventure." - Orbit Dream (03-Nov-2014)