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LB Advent Calendar 2014 - Fireworks by Talos

AlexCroft 9 8 10 9
billie2001 6 7 9 8
Chel 6 6 10 9
DJ Full 6 8 7 8
Dreamfall 7 9 10 8
Gabriel Oliveira 7 9 10 9
Gerty 6 8 9 8
High Priestess 8 8 10 10
janachorider 7 8 8 8
Jay 8 8 10 9
JesseG 5 8 9 8
John 5 8 9 7
Jose 5 7 7 8
manarch2 4 8 8 8
MichaelP 5 8 8 7
misho98 7 8 9 8
Orbit Dream 6 6 10 9
Phil 8 8 8 8
Rambo 4 8 7 7
Ryan 8 8 10 10
TheStig 6 8 8 8
young Lara Croft 5 7 10 10
release date: 19-Dec-2014
# of downloads: 178

average rating: 7.83
review count: 22
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file size: 42.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: Xmas

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"In my opinion this level is really amazing, the usage of musics is excellent, the atmosphere is peaceful, rooms are made pretty well and the entire level is complicated and challenging. I liked it very much. Congratulations to Talos, who made a very good work, I enjoyed this level very much. Fully recommended, especially if someone wants to play custom levels that give kinda Titanic vibes." - AlexCroft (10-Apr-2023)
"A different Christmas environment as Lara celebrates Christmas on a cruise ship. A short level, made longer by completely unintuitive gameplay. I had to look at the WT several times. Not the best offering from this builder." - billie2001 (02-Aug-2022)
"Lara is on a ship out at sea and explores it in search for fireworks. The hunt is easy going, as might be expected in an advent level. No harmful obstacles are present, it is mostly just running back and forth as Lara collects keys and other cute items. For me it was perhaps a bit too light, and the only engaging moments were the fleeting pushable puzzles scattered across the level. Without the walkthrough I would have never guessed where to use some of the items, and that includes the sneaky wine bottle Lara has to place standing behind the pedestal instead of in front of it. The game is visually pleasing, with a nice contrast of lighting between the indoor and outdoor areas, although a few of the outdoor textures suffer from wallpapering. The green curtain texture is also inappropriately used as a climbable surface. Either way, not a bad choice if you're looking for a festive little jaunt at sea. 41 minutes." - JesseG (21-Dec-2021)
"visibly i was excited straight away, i loved that gorgeous horizon, the festive setting at night aboard this cruise ship and lara fits right into the occasion with that glamorous dress as well, loved the backing track music switching from uplifting and cheerful and then dramatic and solemn with the titanic music. after i started exploring around a bit i found myself getting a bit lost and confused within a few mins and unfortunately this became the norm very quickly and i just didnt know what i could interact with or what was a pickup, what was a shootable and the only clues you get are camera ones for the opening doors but even after seeing that i was like where the devil is that? haha. i soon realized that i had to use a walkthrough and slowly became quite disappointed with the gameplay because theres just no fun puzzles, traps or fun tasks here and although i did find use of some of the objects very clever and unique i got tired of running around backtracking and placing items in obscure places. its a nice level to look around and initially explore but make sure you have that walkthrough nearby!" - John (18-Aug-2021)
"So this level is modeled after the ship level in Legend of Triton. It's a festive, holiday themed level, and the ship is decked out with presents, a large Christmas tree and other nice decorations. Atmosphere, environment, costumes and NPC designs and placement are what make this level stand out, and they're definitely my favorite aspects. The gameplay is what killed me. There are a few puzzles in here that weren't at all intuitive and I only found the solutions when I abandoned trying to logically do things and started standing in front of random things and either shooting them or pushing them. The piano and the lifesaver were the two most confusing ones. Even though I recently played Legend of Triton, I still got turned around on this massive ship more than once and spent way too much time running about. That's on me, because my sense of direction is just horrible. I really liked the fire extinguisher puzzle. I was confused about what to do with the Heart of the Ocean and the Music Scroll. I liked what was done with regards to giving the two ladies these objects, but I felt like there wasn't really any indication or clues that it was what needed to be done in order to progress. The bottle of wine and the captain made sense, on the other hand. Overall it was fairly unique in approach, but I like Erika's other levels much more than this one." - Chel (21-Apr-2019)
"I really liked the idea of this level, the ship is well done, the atmosphere is really good that what made me like this level." - Dreamfall (16-May-2018)
"A nice festive adventure aboard the MN Revenge. Beautifully decorated for Xmas. I wouldn't have thought to push a piano or open a lifeboat (the walkthrough helped me there). Nice background sound." - Ryan (25-Jan-2016)
"Short level with outstanding atmosphere and some beautiful scenarios. Enjoyable tasks if you know what to do, but for me lots of the objects were new so I got stuck plenty of times and that was kinda annoying. Textures could've been better but they didn't do much harm to the level overall. Lighting was great though. Took me like 30-40 minutes of net gameplay to finish it and in the end I liked it. Check it out!" - misho98 (05-Dec-2015)
"Great little adventure on board of a cruiser, celebrating Christmas. Adorable as it was, I got lost so many times. I did found some so called elusive levers I had to pull but then I had to search where I had to go. Have been over this ship so many times and as there is a lot of backtracking involved if you don't know what to do or where to go. But I got there in the end. I very much liked the Titanic music in the background. Will have another go at it much later but this time with the walkthrough nearby." - Gerty (18-May-2015)
"Wow, I found this little gem in the featured levels which I constantly refresh to see if anything catches my eye. This one immediately appealed to me - so much so that even though I have completed it, it's staying on file for a later date :D I know technically this wasn't named the ill-fated Titanic - for a start it never saw a single Christmas -but I was astonished at the high level of exquisite detail. From the luscious carpets, to the main staircase which featured the infamous clock and the spectacular decorative, domed glass ceiling. The Estate Rooms were even accurate in terms of their decor. I also loved the smaller version of the Cafe Parisian (I can only assume this was what it represented), even though it looked a little delapidated :P The only downside was, as others have mentioned, the obscurity of certain objects like a lifebouy as a switch and having to move a piano to activate a door elsewhere. I would never have located the secret had I not resorted to a video walkthrough which I had to watch in order to find the keyhole for Deck A. This was frustrating - numerous signs pointing us to the stairs for Deck A and B but the complete absence of any staircases. However, I was enjoying the terrific ambience (often just standing on deck admiring the view of the moonlit ocean), that these things didn't really mar my enjoyment too much once I was able to find help. The girl to which you have to give the Heart of the Ocean diamond I recognised as Rose from the film immediately. The almost identical dress, scarlett swept-up hair and white gloves. I strongly recommend this "diamond" for all lovers of everything related to Titanic!" - High Priestess (26-Apr-2015)
"What's a better way to spend New Year's Eve than to sail through the winter night over freezing waters on an ship filled with RMS Titanic memories? Well, possibly none. Wow, even the real Titanic objects and textures were used here! If I was the author, I would add the captain watching a nearby iceberg from the bridge. And a pun of Molly Brown who wished for some more ice in her drink as the referred iceberg moves behind her back outside the window... Wait, you don't remember that? Well it was a deleted scene and good it was, for as much as it would work in this game, it would have ruined the movie. Finally I would add Rose's nude picture and laugh at outraged people. Anyway, the looks are good enough without it. As for the music, at first I switched to the "nooooo, not this song again" mode, then I got melancholic and that remained to the very end, though I don't quite like the concept of always-looping music. I know the instrumental background was merged with ocean/ship sounds and two pieces of music were exchanging to prevent monotony, but after some time I took my headphones off anyway. Don't worry, I kept putting them on at trigger points to check for accompanying local audio, and I heard a quite interesting bit of it (though I would prefer the opera singing to shatter the door instead of opening it... but there was a key bottle nearby so maybe better not to do it indeed). While the gift is nicely wrapped, it has at least two surprises which were too explosive for me: I missed one switch in the very beginning and another one near the end, and since once again the never-mind zone isn't cut off until the puzzle is solved, instead getting the supposed relaxing seasonal exploration I almost felt like those people running for lives through a maze of narrow corridors, which btw have no logical structure - I don't know which category the structural incoherency of level falls in, so let's say it's "atmosphere" and I think I'm right: for example it doesn't feel real if You get on the bridge from the inside lounge through the living quarters. Or from the promenade deck into the ballroom through the boiler room... Eh wat?! You don't need to be a Titanic fan and know the layout of watertight doors to feel something is wrong. Of course it could be worse - the level could eventually hit that iceberg and require an underwater backtrack through these corridors as they get flooded... Thank god that didn't happen! Nonetheless, even the always-dry deck took me too much time to get unstuck, and even shooting Leo's picture didn't get a desired effect (no safe with a secret Oscar pickup opened in Cal Hockley's cabin), so even though the idea of no-walkthru run managed to float, the ending of the level left me incomplete. SUMMARY: Don't miss a switch in the beginning and You might enjoy. This was a good attempt yet I wish betatesters have bashed the author a bit more. NOTICE: This review has triple screws, sorry if they were too sharp but I had no other choice. HARD TO STARBOARD!!!" - DJ Full (17-Apr-2015)
"I did play this one shortly after Legend of Triton and while I enjoyed the return to the ship and can appreciate the effort to provide a level for the Christmas season, I was glad that I chose to follow the walkthrough on this one to get through it in 20 minutes. The gameplay here is frankly just very poorly and unfairly designed. Many of the tasks are completely obscure and just impossible to guess and even though this is a short level (when following the walkthrough) the backtracking is a bit annoying. Really only a level for those players who enjoy trying to 'guess the builder's mind' in terms of what to do next and how to do it..." - MichaelP (27-Mar-2015)
"Very hard to play this ship level. Going here and there always through the same places finding (if you're able to find) a lot of new objects you never know where to use, and also another objects you don't know they can be used. The level could be much better if the author place some camera targets when approaching to that last objects and also place camera shots when picking up an item so players can know where to go to use them or look for their "receptacles". Even when you find the captain you got problems to know where to use the wine. Better play it reading the walkthrough." - Jose (16-Mar-2015)
"Gameplay & Puzzles: Very boring and very easy gameplay that is rather pointless, no real puzzles (some strange ones), no jumps, backtracking... even worse than all other levels of this builder. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: The objects are very nice overall and understandably no enemies, the secret was a bit strange but okay. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: A bit chaotic use of sounds and architecture is very cramped and not always realistic, fairly boxy at times, but the general chilly ambience was good. Lighting & Textures: Textures are solid yet a bit wallpapered, not well put together, the lighting is okay. Total: 6,5/10, objects and some textures are good but the rest is not quite that well worked." - Rambo (14-Feb-2015)
"This is a remake of one of this builder's recent levels, but new gameplay has been added in keeping with the Christmas spirit. Some of the required tasks are a bit obscure, to say the least, but once you know what you're doing things seem to progress in a fairly logical manner. As far as downloading is concerned, I'm experiencing this more and more these days with my antivirus (AVG), so I intend to note it in my future reviews whenever it happens. AVG alerted me to a probable Trojan horse in the exe file here and refused to download it. When this has happened in times past I simply copied over a tomb4.exe from an earlier download, but in this case I couldn't even do that ("access denied"). I was forced rather to transfer everything to overwrite the files in another folder with an existing tomb4.exe so I could play the game. I don't know what's causing this, but it needs to be addressed. Anyway, I enjoyed this game and recommend it for the season." - Phil (05-Jan-2015)
"I'll be honest here, i liked the level just because is a ship but the same ship from "legend of triton".i don't have a problem with that but i feel the gameplay was boring and some of the objetcs weren't obvious.also, the ship isn't realistic the wheelhouse is in direction of the side of the ship and part of the architecture was bad but still a good level nonetheless." - janachorider (05-Jan-2015)
"I'll admit I'm glad I stuck this one out as initially the glamorously outfitted Lara seemed only to be traversing the grimy dark areas of the ship at first. Thankfully as you play on it opens out into considerably luxurious accommodation, but get used to seeing the bowels of the ship too as this level contains lots of backtracking. One the subject of gameplay the most challenging aspect is that you'll probably never come across allot of the custom objects before (and thus understand what use they might have!). I can't tell you how long I aimlessly wandered around looking for a fire-extinguisher for instance not realising it's tucked away in a life-boat under a cover on deck! For many though this novel approach will definitely add to the appeal. Quite fun overall, liked the soundtrack, lighting was good throughout). My completion time was 1 hour 23 mins but tbh a good chunk of that was me missing an obvious path of progression. Stick with it, enjoy the ship and all the nice little touches everywhere and as always dip onto the forums if you get stuck. Stiggy :)" - TheStig (26-Dec-2014)
"I have to say that I love to play with Lara using this opera dress. Very nice level with a incredible soundtrack and atmosphere. But a very hidden jump switch, the key that the woman drops in the hall (for me it was hard to see that she dropped the key, maybe a camera would help here) and the final puzzle hole that Lara have to put the wine bottle (it's hard to guess that you have to go to the back of it to insert the item) made me put a lower rating at gameplay & puzzles." - Gabriel Croft (24-Dec-2014)
"A charming revisit to the second level of the builder's Legend of Triton, although this time festively decorated for a New Year's Eve party with lots and lots of things to admire here as the choice of objects and textures is quite great, but - it would have been much more charming if ... you guessed it from my ratings ... the game would have had at least a bit of interesting gameplay. Don't get me wrong but even if it's Christmas and those levels have to be seen as nice gifts (which they are), it would be dishonest of me to neglect all the issues I had and call this kind of gameplay fun. It's exactly of the sort that lets you wander around the whole level, searching for obscurely hidden items or really unobvious usages of objects (pushable piano, boat you have to open, music scroll placed on a woman...); you won't find puzzles in the regular sense here and apart of running from one room to another there are no creative tasks, nothing in the style of "how might I get to the next room" or "how to climb that ledge over there", just dull progression from room to room and the problem is always to know in which area to go next. Another problem concerns the large amounts of backtracking required at about halfway through the game: The game is split into two main areas, and there's a fairly long path that connects those two, and if you find one item at the end of one area you often have to return to the very end of the other one, and if you missed something... argh! In all honesty, if I gave it a higher rating in gameplay, it would be simply injust against other level designers. Out of the spectrum of unobvious object usages, there are admittedly a few nice ideas like the fire extinguisher and the heart of the ocean, and the nifty Titanic allusions still work nicely in here. The sole secret was fairly oddly hidden though and doesn't quite make sense. Maybe the overall architecture feels a little cramped and just like another reviewer I didn't like the odd stair constructions, but the atmosphere itself is quite well done and I found myself quite soothed into the ambience. The sounds still should have been handled differently as it's still a continuous loop, this time consisting of several tracks which are lined up together. Overall, it might be a more decent raid for others with a walkthrough in hand, but for me it's just a fairly uninspired experience at least gameplaywise. Maybe I'm just demanding too much from those levels, but then, the two other 2014 advent levels have shown it's not so hard to create an entertaining game and are for me much better in that regard. As an advice to the builder, maybe you might want to play some more levels like Lara's Raiding Again or The Copacahuana Idol, just to name a few, for some inspiration concerning gameplay - as said, all the other aspects are handled pretty well already. 20 minutes." - manarch2 (23-Dec-2014)
"If you played Legend of Triton by this author, the ship will be familiar, with its amusing Titanic references and large areas to explore. This time around however, Lara is visiting on New Year's Eve which means the vessel is beautifully decorated and the atmosphere is especially festive. Excellent use is made of unfamiliar objects which keeps the gameplay interesting - I was especially impressed by the fire extinguisher - and Lara's interaction with her fellow passengers is equally inventive. A delightful way to spend just over an hour in a festive and gorgeous setting. Take the time to admire the romantic moonlight on the ocean and enjoy a glass of wine with the captain (I'm sure he'll be only too pleased to share)." - Jay (20-Dec-2014)
"Not a fan of ship levels(must insert the reminiscent nightmare of Maria Doria in TR2 which I dread to this day) but due to the appealing atmosphere I couldn't pass it up. Loved the level building and use of epoque objects the setting has a definite charm and grandeur. Things that I was simply disappointed by where the unconventional objects which Lara could interact with and ..... the stairs! My objection would consist of the constant backtrakking on those uneven stairs. A luxurious ship for all those social classes couldn't have proper stairs, it's kind of contrary. Due to problems in gameplay I have to lower my rating, sorry about that, I was entertained enough though." - young Lara Croft (20-Dec-2014)
"This is an absolutely delightful concept for a seasonal storyline,and the decor and atmosphere of this elegant Edwardian steamship is completely adorable.Lara,dressed suitably for the New Year's Eve Ball,needs to get to the Wheelhouse to collect the titular fireworks so that the occasion can go off with a bang;and her quest for the wheelhouse key is what this little level is all about. Well,I say 'little';but the interior layout of the ship is so labyrinthine that it'll probably take three times as long as is theoretically necessary.It's also rather contrived,as the elegant Ballroom can only be accessed after a swim in the pool and a run through the grubby Engine Room (past signs telling you that only the crew are supposed to be there).Pushing a Piano to a stool is a rather implausible way to open a nearby door (especially as all the others are opened with keys or a suitable kick);while one Life-preserver out of half a dozen is actually a switch.On the other hand,I loved the use of the fire extinguisher;and the general gameplay pattern of 'give something to someone who really needs it,and get something useful in return as a reward' is fun and gentle.The texturing is superb,as is the lighting;while the choices of music are apt (even the Titanic theme isn't overly annoying) and often entertaining. A placid little quest which positively oozes charm;but it may be more relaxing with the Walkthrough." - Orbit Dream (19-Dec-2014)