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20x20x20 Challenge - Traps Galore by AoDfan

Ceamonks890 8 8 9 8
DJ Full 7 8 8 10
Drakan 9 9 8 8
Jay 8 8 8 8
Jose 7 7 7 8
Klona 10 8 10 9
Larabiker301 9 9 9 9
manarch2 8 7 7 7
MichaelP 8 8 8 7
misho98 10 8 9 8
Mman 8 8 8 9
Mytly 8 7 8 7
nerdfury 10 8 10 7
Nina Croft 9 9 8 8
Orbit Dream 8 8 9 9
Phil 9 9 9 8
Raider99 9 8 10 9
Rambo 8 6 7 8
Ryan 8 7 9 8
Sethian 9 9 9 10
TimJ 8 7 9 9
Torry 7 7 8 6
release date: 26-Dec-2014
# of downloads: 148

average rating: 8.24
review count: 22
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file size: 42.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This complete level centers around the three button sequence puzzle from TR4's Giza section and to conquer this puzzle there are clues in each room but apart from the first room, these clues are in alcoves high in the ceiling and you can view these with the binoculars. The issue I had was that whenever I tried to use the binoculars the game would crash to the desktop. Hence I had no option but to refer to the walk through to complete this somewhat challenging level. My other complaint is why does it need to be so dark? You had to light flare after flare after flare just to find things and ensure you did not miss a lever or jump switch. Yes, you get plenty of flares but this really annoys me. Hence my downgraded lighting score. The traps in the tile were ingenious. Oh nothing we had not seen before but the placement and combinations were well done. I spent a good hour or more here but that was mainly due to the continual referral to the walk through." - Torry (03-Nov-2022)
"For once I will disagree with DJ Full as I think this short level had exactly what it needed to keep the player engaged and excited during this quest: the repetition of tasks. You know what you will endure and you can therefore anticipate and go forward with this feeling of "ah! knew it" and a sensation of achievement. I agree that going back to the hub to be greeted yet again by jackals became a bit tiresome, though. The thing I would criticise this level for is rather the secrets. You need to enter the wrong sequence with the switches to get access to one of them and the last one requires an action to be performed before your enter the room it is in. I prefer when you see a locked secret and need to find a way to reach it in the vicinity. Only one timed run had music. This was by the way an horrible sequence as none of the trapdoors or pillars where placed comfortably to make jump after jump, but it was still manageable. I admit that I did not realise immediatly that you needed to go back to the first lever to extent the time for the trapdoors and in hindsight I think this is pretty smart and unusual. This room had also one of the few flyby cameras, which was rather cool and synchronized with the music. It is also worth noting that the author managed to integrate a nice cutscene where Lara digs something with a showel. The HD Font was also a nice touch. To summarise, this is a short level full packed with traps and action, but aimed mainly to experienced raiders as you will only have access to the pistols to fight strong enemies and will deal with some nasty traps." - TimJ (11-Aug-2022)
"This is a Giza level mainly based on Underneath the Sphinx, with the same concept of a 3-button sequence opening various trap and puzzle areas. The visuals are fine; they don't do anything especially notably new with the theme but it keeps up to the standard of the original game and doesn't betray the limits it was built under (outside of being quite cramped, but that fits with this theme anyway). The gameplay fits both the name and the nature of the level it's inspired by with a series of different traps and other dangers, along with a nicely done "mini-boss" at the end of each branch that puts a small twist on the enemies and/or arena. Once you work out where the door "codes" are, or trial and error your way to a solution, the progression is quite smooth, although some of the individual challenges are quite difficult. Doesn't do anything especially fresh with the theme, but it's a fun level with a decent mix of challenges in a relatively short duration." - Mman (29-Aug-2021)
"What is this? A variety of creative traps and puzzles, without ever feeling overwhelmed by vast areas, too much directional choice, and spaghetti-like non-linearity? For me, please! I loved the gameplay, from start to finish, so much, with my favorite sections being the flipmap spiketrap puzzle to grab the metal blade, as well as the waterskin puzzle (with a fair clue). I appreciated that the builder used cameras to provide hints for upcoming traps, used sound cues very well, and that the player needs to carefully study their surroundings for clues to proceed. The texturing is very polished, as well. Things I didn't like: sliding block trap rooms appear twice, and there's really no need for that duplication; the environment is lacking in decorative static objects to bring it to life; there are no other weapons aside from pistols; and finally, although the builder provides adequate flares, the darkness becomes an eyesore after awhile -- a mixture of dark and brighter rooms would have been more engaging. Still, though, the gameplay is top-notch. *tips hat* 10/8/10/7." - nerdfury (01-Nov-2020)
"Another really cool level by AoDfan for the 20x20x20 challenge, and this is so much more than the last one was. It’s not even noticeable that this is built within some sort of 20-squares-challenge limitation, because unlike the last level which was really just one puzzle in a large stacked area, this passes for a full-blown level in its own right.

The Gameplay & Puzzles were great, and paired with excellent Lighting & Texturing, this becomes a true nostalgic experience from the days of TR4. I know most of us are sick of TR4 and Egypt, but I happen to be partial to the Giza location, and I don’t think we get it too often in custom levels. The entire experience is crafted so well, with so much attention paid to detail, that it could easily be slotted into TR4 and pass as one of the main Giza levels. I enjoyed every minute of this challenging little level, and was only truly frustrated with a very evil timed run over platforms and fire. However, the satisfaction one feels when finally succeeding dissolves that frustration entirely.

Once again, the author get’s really creative with Secrets: one of them gets it’s own little special room; another one becomes its own trap-filled side-quest; and a third one involves a switch that is easy to miss, and then a really clever act of taking a risk, helped by a static skeleton on the floor as a hint. On that note, I really liked how the author made use of the skeleton objects and how nearly every pickup was paired with one. I would also like to point out the author’s special care to detail in giving us a nice new font, and a beautiful inventory/save/load/pause menu background. All of this really makes the level feel like part of a major release, as if it were the winner of a BTB competition using only the Giza TGA and WAD as the limitation, but still being a full-length level with lots to do, rather than ‘just’ a 20x20x20 room challenge. Well done!" - Sethian (20-Aug-2020)
"This is indeed Traps Galore (although not as overloaded as you might think). It's based around the three button sequence puzzle from TR4's Giza section. It's rather dark, but provided you can overlook that, and the fact that the rooms are rather empty, it's a rather satisfying and enjoyable level, with some nice tasks to accomplish within its 45-minute duration." - Ryan (23-Feb-2017)
"Oh dear ... the name of this level bugs me so much - it should be 'traps' not 'trap'. There - now that I have got that off my chest, I can discuss the level itself.
This is a pleasant little level built using almost solely the resources of the Giza levels of TR4 - the old textures, objects and puzzles make for a nice dose of nostalgia. The level centres around the sequence puzzle (the three button puzzle) from the 'Underneath the Sphinx' level of TR4, though in this case, there is initially no clue for the button combinations, so you have to try them blindly until you get one that opens one of the two main gates. Once you do that, and gain access to the room where you have to place the shaft keys, you do get clues for the doors opening the routes to the four keys. This 20x20x20 level too uses the hub-with-multiple-offshoot-rooms layout (as does Palace of Himeros), which works quite well for this kind of level. The tasks for the four keys are nicely varied, though, as the level name suggests, the emphasis is on traps. The enemies can be a little tiresome: the demigods and hammergods take a long time to kill with the pistols - there are no other weapons to be found. There are some good bits, such as the tricky multi-stage timed run and the twist on the water balance puzzle (in which you have to deliberately pour the wrong amount of water initially). The digging scene is nicely done as well. The rest of the level, however, feels like the builder merely rearranged bits and pieces of a TR4 level, without trying to put his own stamp on it.
The looks of the level are decent enough, though not particularly memorable. The main room looks nice due to the light rays. Overall, though, the rooms are all nearly plain cubes, with very little interesting architecture or decoration. The lighting is occasionally a little too dark as well.
Overall: A nice level, with a few enjoyable bits, but recommended mainly for the TR4 nostalgia factor." - Mytly (17-Apr-2015)
"This is a really nice Egyptian exercise in lighting and texturing - I see a lot of skill put into them, there's no room which would have them underdone. Though I must say repeating similar rooms and corridors, no matter how pretty, must become tedious sooner or later. I also felt a lack of some more open space (not larger, just OPEN, at least from the above), for I seemed buried in a crypt all the way through - but I recently played some things which made me forget the original game was called "TOMB Raider", so it's also good to have one which reminds of it. Gameplay suffers from repetitivity as well. As much as I like the sequence switch non-linearity, I think it's not good when all subquests follow the same scheme of 1) choose mission 2) solve trap 3) kill a boss 4) grab the pickup. Such scheme is only good with many preparation things put inbetween, and it can't work when a level is that short, because each next boss feels more like an ordinary enemy. Some composer once said "when everything is big, nothing is big" and who wants to produce good progression should write these words in some must-look place (a toilet door comes to mind), because disobeying this rule causes a chain of failures not to repair. In this case when an enemy loses importance, engaging in a long fight is perceived as pointless. So it directly follows to feels like an especially naughty slowdowner (does such word exist?) that Lara didn't take anything but pistols for a level packed with demigods. I guess she wanted extra challenge, but it turned against her. I remember when, in old good times, my father entered a room when I was dealing with Cain's levels, and saw Lara picking up a stack of dozen shell boxes. Seeing her leaning towards the ground again and again, he asked me "Did it hang?". I'm sorry for this painful comparison, but here fighting a (mortal) hammergod brings similar impressions as Lara needs to repeatedly hop upwards 12 times or so until the guy is dead and we can stop caring about the shockwave at last. You would think at least some minor enemies balance this a bit, but they not - for their reappearance at each return to in the hub stops to be surprising at second or third time. Eventually, and on the contrary, something of this game I really enjoyed: the digging cutscene. It's so good it makes me wanna bury my own with a shovel (and plant even more carrots for masking) until I dag it out for revision. Also, I don't recall any tightrope walk in previous Temple of Horus settings, and I think I've never seen a hanging spikeball used together with squishy blocks yet. Secrets were useful as well (though as I said, I would add an extra weapon as one). SUMMARY: It might appear I didn't like this level, but notice I just complained about gameplay, for in terms of audiovisuals it lacks nothing - and if the beginning and ending could feel really good, I believe the author only needs to work on the middle so it's memorable the next time and the result surprises us all. The readme says "avoid shooting in the trap room". Which one? I failed to find out, but you may try if You have a spare hour." - DJ Full (14-Apr-2015)
"Another good level from this contest. This time you'll need to defeat 4 bosses to get 4 shaft keys and your final prize. The level is very dark but at least there are enough flares. Of course there are a lot of traps to avoid, the timed runs are not easy but doable. The rooms are well textured, but they are empty with no objects or furniture and the architecture is simple. Even so the gameplay is entertaining and fluid, tasks are not bored and what I really missed was an extra gun to deal with the numerous enemies. Not a masterpiece but enjoyable anyway." - Jose (24-Mar-2015)
"This was indeed quite a nice agility test, organized around the three switches puzzle that sends you through the map collecting four shaft keys and each route has a series of traps to master for you and a tough enemy at the end of it. I found none of the areas too hard or too frustrating, which is a good thing, but somehow it did feel a bit repetitive after a while, despite the variety in the tasks. It is also a bit too much on the dark side, but ample amount of flares is provided. The highlight for were generally the timed sequences which are at times rather inspired. Good and solid 40 Minute adventure that will brush up your skills if they got a bit rusty over the years..." - MichaelP (06-Mar-2015)
"What a great short level this was! Such a small level, possible to finish within 30 minutes, but still packed with action, puzzles, jump sequences, and of course, traps, and again, dozens of different traps.The gameplay is extremely fluent and placed in familiar context we already seen in last TR4 levels. Sequence puzzle with three buttons already seen in TR4, water-scale puzzle as well, four fights against demi-gods, clever and complex triple timed run, everything familiar, and yet, everything brand new and relatively easy to accomplish. In every room there is a new surprise and the builder used the given space cleverly. Nothing is over- or underdone. Geometry is maybe too simple and the textures are well known, but still, this level has given me everything I want to find in a classic TR4-style adventure. Objects are few, enemies are many, so you won't complain. Secrets are cleverly hidden and not too hard to figure out. Atmosphere is great, the story is well developed and I particularly liked the light beams and teleporters which really made sense here. Cameras are also helpful here, and that is also a highlight. I give a bit lower review in this category because the overall atmosphere, objects, enemies, textures etc. are already seen and no innovations in that area. But apart from this, I have only words of praise. Great little adventure you will want to play again. This builder has proven that he has a great potential and that he can build a great level even when using already seen and well known wads and puzzles. He has also proven that he knows how to achieve a balanced, fluent and meaningful gameplay. Highly recommendable!" - Nina Croft (10-Feb-2015)
"Gameplay & Puzzles: Good series of puzzles, jumps and timed runs, the time felt very short as there is always something to do. I found it to be a bit too linear and thus not so memorable but it's at least fun. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: Not so overly good category here, there are a few boss fights and a few other enemies, but only the classic objects and nothing quite new to see. The secrets are well hidden. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The atmosphere is dark and very apt, there's a classic temple feeling, but the room design is not very detailed, architecture is most simple. Sounds and cameras are okay. Lighting & Textures: The texturing is very clean and quite fitting overall, the lighting is nice too and maybe even because it is dark, I found it was not disturbing. A bit simple maybe, but overall good and nearly faultless. Total: 7,25/10, a fast and fun adventure." - Rambo (20-Jan-2015)
"Here's a fun-filled raid that took me about an hour (because I was writing a walkthrough along the way, assisted by the builder's posted walk where he took less than half the time). It's one of those levels where you keep coming back to a hub room to push a row of buttons in different combinations to open different gates. What really sticks in my memory is an ingenious timed run near the end that requires pulling down three wall switches (one of them twice) to raise timed platforms and extinguish pillar flames. Even when you know exactly what to do there's a certain amount of changing directions that requires some platforming skills, so I saved periodically in different slots and made it through okay. I really shouldn't fuss very much about the pervasive darkness, because plenty of flares were provided. Still... Anyway, I had a good time here and can give this level a high recommendation." - Phil (19-Jan-2015)
"Definitely an apt level title (although not quite the gauntlet I was expecting),this is an exhilarating (often curse inducing) succession of tough-ish Boss fights;tight and challenging timed runs;and trap survival. There are very few head-scratching moments,and never any doubts as to where to go next;but I enjoyed the 'five different zones' style of gameplay,where you return to a hub room after every successful little outing.Enemies were plentiful;textures were well placed but a little sombre;while lighting erred on the darkish side.This is an action packed outing,which took me fifty-five minutes to complete;and (as with the other levels in this particular challenge) exhibited absolutely nothing to remind you that there were actually restrictions placed upon the builder - a confirmation of the talent involved!" - Orbit Dream (10-Jan-2015)
"Another stellar release from the builder in question that relays a lot more on your natural wits to traverse through increasingly brutal eponymous traps and obstacles(rather than blasting the whole way through for a nice change of pace), with utilization of both original TR4 assets and custom assets(such as the swingpoles), handled to great effect. And while I would have preferred if the overall difficulty of the last timerun in the level was toned down a little bit alongside giving a tad more variation in the textures and objects, its rather difficult to fault what is essentially for all intents and purposes, a rather solidly built adventure. Highly recommended if you enjoy brain teasers with a mainly fair but challenging difficulty curve." - Ceamonks890 (08-Jan-2015)
"This is a level where you explore different areas off the hub room, which is a style I'm particularly fond of, possibly because I have a tendency to get badly lost in other types of set up. The classic three button combination is used to open up four different areas, in which you get to perform various tasks to gain shaft keys. There are a few old favourites here, such as the water skin puzzle, and some equally classic enemies, with the twist of being able to kill the hammer god - luckily. It's fast paced and jolly good fun, with some quite tight timed elements as well as the traps and puzzles. The atmosphere is fairly sombre with occasional bursts of colour, but that's no bad thing as one really doesn't need too much distraction from the gameplay." - Jay (08-Jan-2015)
"I wish something like this was in the original Tomb Raider IV instead of Underneath the Sphinx. This level isn't really hard, but it contains many traps and tricky jumps which aren't too easy either. They were set up really great like everything else. However, I didn't enjoy repetitive "boss" fights as they were overpowered and had to be killed with pistols only, but the builder provided us enough medipacks so it wasn't really a problem. I haven't found all the secrets, 2 of 3, probably going to re-play to find the last one! Atmosphere was great, really faithful to the original! The level was nicely textured, but lighting at some spots seemed too strong. Overall, it is a small, really enjoyable classic adventure worth trying!" - Raider99 (06-Jan-2015)
"Traps galore indeed. This lovely and uh...very fast paced adventure starts off with Lara sliding in to a Tomb Raider 4-like tomb where the player is tasked with using three very large buttons in order to open six gates, four of which, contain one out of four puzzle pieces that are needed. The gameplay consist of dodging and evading traps ranging from spikes to moving blocks of death along with very complex and simple timed runs alike. But really, that's about it. They won't cause you too much trouble but will most likely need more than one run to get the hang of them. Puzzles weren't too complex and they weren't too simple either. They consisted of simply a thinking mind. Enemies were pretty well rounded but the bosses were a tad bit difficult due only using pistols. I can't say for sure if I had just overstepped a secret that contained a different weapon but the pistols were all I had, albeit, they bosses are just Tomb Raider 4 standard demigod bosses. Atmosphere was standard tomb and I really have no complaints here. Some areas seemed as though it could have had more work such as the bigger areas with spikes. Lighting was alright as well but could have been better in some areas. Texturing didn't seem too bad as I couldn't find any issues with them. Overall, definitely a fun adventure and is recommended!" - Larabiker301 (05-Jan-2015)
"This was a really enjoyable level from start to finish. It nicely combines the classic TR 4 puzzles and objects and puts them into a new context, such as the three buttons and a very nice variation of the waterskin puzzle (I won't spoil it here). There were many very detailed and as a result quite challenging trap areas and of course a few tricky timed runs to solve here too, with a triple timed run over several trapdoors and fire pillars as highlight here which I found very much fun. Maybe the repetition of the enemy fights (kill a very hard boss after each tour with pistols only) was a bit pedestrian after a while, and the cramped space to explore and the one-sided gameplay (with all those traps) don't really create the most immersive experience, but in a compact level like this whose aim is to entertain to the point, this doesn't really matter much. The looks are solid with cleanly applied textures, yet feel a bit boring and uniform as they don't differ much in the various rooms. The lighting is a bit too dark too. Overall the architecture is not very complicated but works quite well here, the atmosphere is nice with good use of sounds and a few nice cameras, yet the looks tend to always stand a bit behind the gameplay - which is not a really bad thing IMO. The three secrets are fun to find and after 25 minutes I actually found this to be a very fun and, nor too little nor too much, challenging adventure." - manarch2 (02-Jan-2015)
"This level 20x20x20 is very well built with many puzzles to solve. There are also some timeruns where you have to be pretty fast, but they are feasible. Level classic in true tomb raider. Excellent!" - Drakan (30-Dec-2014)
"The Trap Galore has to be one of the most immersing classic adventures to ever exist. The Gameplay and puzzles are the main attraction and source of entertainment in this installment. There are many kinds of enemies and are well dispersed in the level. The secrets are intelligently hidden. I only remember finding two secrets, and the third one, I assume, is behind a door I could never get to open. I noticed the level was lacking objects, some areas could've used some. The lighting and textures recreate a strong classic atmosphere many people will definitely yearn for in AoDfan's Trap Galore." - Klona Croft (30-Dec-2014)
"What a great classic raid! It combines some TR4 puzzles with new moves like pole-swinging and walking. I really like levels in which there is a hub room and some sub-rooms where you collect different items. You can choose whichever route you want first, it all depends on you. There's also some mini-bosses and other enemies like scorpions and dogs, some difficult but fun time runs and some traps for you to avoid. There are other interesting stuff but I don't wanna spoil everything. Textures could've been rotated better at some places but it still looks good, the lighting is pretty dark but you have enough flares. I think more objects could've been used to make the tomb a little richer, but overall it looks okay. I recommend this level to everyone who's looking for a classic adventure!" - misho98 (26-Dec-2014)