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Relics of Power (Part 1) by Seth94

billie2001 9 8 9 8
DJ Full 8 8 9 7
Drakan 9 9 8 8
Gerty 8 8 8 8
Jay 8 8 9 9
JesseG 8 8 7 7
JoeTheCrazyGamer 10 9 10 9
Jose 7 7 7 8
Josey 9 8 9 8
Larabiker301 8 9 9 9
Leeth 6 6 7 6
lokky99101 9 9 9 9
manarch2 8 8 9 8
Mert 8 10 9 9
Mman 8 8 7 8
Nomad 8 9 9 9
Phil 9 9 9 8
Raina Audron 10 10 10 10
Rambo 8 8 9 8
Ryan 8 8 8 9
Xela 8 9 9 8
Zhyttya 7 6 8 7
release date: 13-Jan-2015
# of downloads: 147

average rating: 8.31
review count: 22
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file size: 166.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments

Starting with this review I'm going to try a different review format that should be easier to digest, so here we go:

Bugs/Functional issues

  • The quadbike lacks the ability to go in reverse. This means players can get softlocked simply by driving into a corner or wall. There is no OG game that handles vehicles this way so I'm pretty surprised by this little detail that can have disastrous consequences.
  • The statues you fight at the end are glitchy, I got softlocked because one of them started walking into a wall and I could not target it. I got around this by adding the grenade gun to my savegame, thankfully that could still make it explode.


  • The areas are large, but not always rewarding when it comes to exploration. It is easy to keep running into dead-ends, which can be discouraging to the player.
  • Speaking of rewarding exploration, there is a lot of ammo to find, but I never found a single weapon to add to my arsenal, even though I also found half of the secrets in this game. I understand hiding away a powerful weapon or two, but don't risk forcing players to be stuck with just the pistols the entire adventure and make all those ammo pickups useless.
  • The maze in the second level was just a painful way to increase gameplay time, I would have scrapped that and just laid out the challenges it contained one after another.
  • At least half of the switches are missing camera cues, even timed ones, giving the player unnecessary guesswork.
  • The receptacles for the fragments at the end were really hard to spot.
  • It is a coin flip whether vines are climbable or not; textures should be consistent in terms of whether Lara can grab onto them or not. Same thing with death tiles, where a certain metal grate texture sometimes kills Lara but sometimes doesn't.


  • The pushable puzzles were pretty enjoyable. Sometimes it's less of a puzzle and more of a trap sequence, with flames or darts to dodge as you carefully consider your pushing and pulling.
  • I also enjoyed the challenging timed runs (one of which forces you to run through spikes, which may be a turn-off for some players) and traps, although there were two blades that took me many times to get through without dying. This is not an adventure for the feint of heart.


  • The rooms are a bit too large and empty, they could be easily scaled down without losing any content.
  • The texturing is decent, but comes off wallpapered in some places. The same textures being used in almost every level also becomes an eyesore after several hours.
  • The lighting is okay but never changes throughout the adventure.

Time Spent
3 hours 34 minutes

Very Hard

" - JesseG (18-Jan-2023)
"TR3 Lost Artefact (Scotland) vibes. Although built with the TR4 engine, it looks and feels completely like TR3. The gameplay is authentically classic, and although there is nothing innovative, it is very engaging and has a very good flow. Puzzles are mostly pushblocks but there is still some variety in their use. I was very happy to see those Highlander warriors that I don't think I've ever encountered in a custom level. The atmosphere is very good and the TR3 sounds and music scores excellent. Some more camera clues would be appreciated. The textures are well applied but four levels with the same textures feels a bit repetitive, but the engaging gameplay makes up for it. Lighting is ok mostly, sometimes flat, definitely needed some improvement. The difficulty is easy/medium and suitable even for beginners. Recommended." - billie2001 (07-Aug-2021)
"This is definitely one of the best TR3 inspired levels I have played over the last 10 years. The levels are big but progression is smooth while it still gives you a few head scratching moments - how do I get up there? I never felt like I needed to look into a guide and figured everything out eventually. I really like how the creator shows you the bigger scope of the level when you find switches - you can see the adjacent area clearly through transparent bars. I especially loved the trek back to the start when you had to jump across the river, reminding me of similar part in River Ganges level when you wanted to get to the secret. The inspiration by TR3 is obvious and it feels authentic. I also commend the author for using many audio cues, which are usually underused in many TRLE levels. It fulfilled everything what I expect from a custom level, it is fun to play but challenging! 10/10." - Raina Audron (06-May-2021)
"A very well made adventure that takes inspiration from the Lost Artifact's Scottish levels. It is obvious the builder has a talent in designing complex areas which combine perfectly be it natural stuff like waterfalls and rivers or man-made like castles and bases. I was never fond of these Celtic style textures for some reason they just felt bland and here we have a galloping amount of 4 levels built using them. But here they weren't boring and the atmosphere did the trick for me to immerse myself, particulary thanks to the rain that pours over Lara on the outside areas, and to the fact that the level is based on a real location. Gameplay is not lacking as well, it is not exceptionally brilliant and the first two levels have an over-reliance on switch pulling but at least they are not in illogical places so I never felt like I was doing a chore. The magic was in the last two levels, particularly Excavation Site is tons of fun to explore and play. Though I couldn't help but think that the guys who Lara was in opposition with did all the work, they located the entrance to the site of the Shield, built up facilities around it, brought in engineers and excavation tools and digged around, and Lara just came and used them, took the shield and got out. Well maybe the group was a secretive organization who planned to bring the end of the world by raising the Knights of the Round Table using Arthur's shield and unleashing the zombie knights upon the poor world, that makes things easier and justifiable. Anyway I am rambling on, after the awesome Excavation site the last level comes which is true to the Tomb Raider spirit. After a very enjoyable fight with two huge guardians, Lara finally picks up the Shield and the serie ends. The duration of the adventure is just the right amount it did not bore me and ended at a perfect time, one more level with the same textures would put me off. I could give 9 to the gameplay but I decided to give it 8 because there was not enough variety of tasks in the first two levels. I sucked this time at secrets finding only 4 of 13 and didn't find the shotgun as well causing me to desperately search for medipacks around. Recommended!" - Nomad (17-Apr-2020)
"This short level is amazing, It reminds me so much of TR3 Gold and I hope this level reaches the HOF because it deserves it. The only issue is seth removed the thing where is shows pickup in the corner, But it is meant to be based on TR3 so i'll forgive it, Highly Recommended. 38/40" - JoeTheCrazyGamer (27-Mar-2020)
"The first part of the series takes Lara through Cornwall. The Scottish textures from the Lost Artifact game are among my favourites, so I was glad to see them used nicely here. Some of the rooms are rather bare and dark, although thankfully this is balanced out by the nice use of nostalgic TR3 music tracks. You may also find yourself slightly bored with the sameness of the surroundings, but luckily there are some varied tasks to accomplish. Looking forward to Part 2 now." - Ryan (21-Apr-2017)
"Now I know what people must thinking as in why did I decide too play part 2 and 3 first rather than start with part 1 and the truth is part 1 never really appealed too me but boy was I wrong it had brilliant level design and also full of interesting traps and enemies like the highlanders which for some unknow reason I have a fear I don't what it is I just find them scary. But the boss battle at the end was brilliant it was so clever that it kept you on your toes all the time trying too figure out what too do with the lever switches and how too kill the knights. Brilliant adventure cannot wait for part 4 which will be out in the next couple of days." - lokky99101 (25-Mar-2017)
"Lost Artifact vibes all the way thanks to the same textures and TR3 audio tracks, but some larger and more regular structures cross it over with the overwhelming mood of Jungle Ruins - it's all more than enough to get immersed. I was never stuck, I particularly liked the switches which open nearby mechanisms however separated by some obstacle so it forces a lot of effort to find the way in but also gives the immediate solution. Lighting is a bit underdone, another game where I look around but cannot differ walls from wall openings, that is simply wrong. More than that, things almost always attack you with tactical advantage and without a warning like in Sacred Emerald but even worse this time, you get all the ammo but no weapons, a story of pain and frustration - however still doable without medikits, I just don't like this style. I guess all these bullets, and also time invested in finding all secrets, will now be wasted unless the next part starts from a savegame. All I got instead was the uzis with constantly lacking ammo, so was there any point to include them at all either. One minor local issue I found in the maze of the 2nd level: we can see a pack of bullets down through the grate, what suggests we missed something, while in fact we didn't - quite confusing. Another crack in gameplay could be the key dropped in level 3 - I guess the mysterious tune playing in the room with the guy was supposed to ring a bell, but in fact no other enemy drops a thing, so that was one single body I didn't examine... thankfully I was wise enough to understand I did this whole huge part for "nothing" so I went back to check it again. The final thing to complain would be despite of epic sceneries most of corridors end with a switch, another issue exactly copied from The Sacred Emerald. The ending is a pickup, therefore no ending for me, and a straighforward indication it's best to play these parts in order, and proceed straight to the next one. I only hope the very final part will have some aftermath after we get all the pieces, to at least have time to view them in the inventory. SUMMARY: A very solid and mostly satisfying level. Except the lighting it's a masterclass on how to do classic stuff - it could be great if the now-built Part 4 managed to time the release together with the next CaC." - DJ Full (27-Jan-2017)
"I love levels which resemble the classics. Especially TR3. The Gameplay was a lot like in TR3 yet still varied enough. The only thing i didn't like was the Labyrinth in Level 2. That one took me nearly 20 minutes but it was cleverly designed. Secrets were very well hidden, i only found 6 out of 13 and the object placement was very nice too with enemies from TR3 Gold. The Lighting could have been better but i won't complain because that's how Lighting in TR3 Gold was and that's what Seth94 wanted to accomplish in this game. Almost no Texture Errors. Highly recommended." - Mert (10-Jan-2017)
"Like the author's other sets this one is a homage to a specific original game, in this case The Lost Artefact. This time though, rather than making one giant set, they've focused on smaller pseudo-episodic releases (starting with the Scottish setting), which I think is a better move for allowing gradual improvement. The lighting and design here generally does a good job capturing the TR3 atmosphere, although it's a bit flat at times, but compared to The Sacred Emerald the leap in lighting, atmospheric work and faithfulness the leap is very clear. There's also a lot of work to make it feel like TR3, from the sounds to the animations to removing certain moves (namely shimmying around corners), although I think removing item previews was unnecessary. The gameplay is generally good, but it still leans a little heavily on more tedious design at times, with occasional switch hunts in large areas and long block puzzles, it's generally good though. Like the other sets so far I felt the latter part was weaker than the start (with the second level being the best), but the last level is mostly fine and short enough to not make things get too stretched. In most areas this is another improvement, but it's a shame some consistent issues are still present to a degree." - Mman (07-May-2016)
"This game really sets up the Tomb Raider III atmosphere, which will definitely make you hungry for more if you're a fan of TR3. Whole game set was made with the tr3 wad by the looks of it, but with the TR4 engine. The music was wonderful, such as the scenery. I did felt at some points that the game was a bit empty and had a lot of roaming to do, a few annoyances such has the puzzle block on level 3 (tedious) and the hitbox from the fences that emerge from the walls. Unfortunately i had a massive bug at level 2 that made me force to skip the level entirely...i checked the walkthrough and reviews but none had any sing of that bug. What happened was that the intermittent flaming blows...were not intermittent for me. Turning the level impossible to cross since i had to pick up a key through that path. Despite these things i still enjoyed playing a lot this game. Totally recommend for any TR3 fan." - Zhyttya (09-Apr-2016)
"This really was a TR3 experience with some of the things i loved the most on that game missing. But lets talk about the game it self. It had a great platforming with a lot of straight "easy to solve" puzzles full of back and forward use of switches, witch made the game a bit to repetitive (and the box puzzle on the third level was a bit to easy to solve for the time you waste just moving blocks around). And the almost "blend" scenery didn't help either on the experience. The lightning could be a bit better, i don't know why but it was one of the levels that i had to bright up my monitor. Was fun to play, with low texture quality hurting a bit but it was tolerable, and would recommend this level if you just love platforming" - Leeth (09-Apr-2016)
"The same old style from previous levels, a TR3 adventure with the TR4 engine this time. You can really enjoy some ingenious tasks and puzzles, but many times you'll find dead ends and you'll have to reload. I you've played previous adventures from this author you know what you will find: the classic TR3 game, rolling balls, spiked traps, timed runs, old enemies, TR3 Gold textures... As usual, rooms are too huge with no objects or decoration; only floor, walls and ceilings with rude architecture. Also I don't know why the author didn't use hig resolution textures. Good atmosphere with classic themes, but sometimes I missed more cameras to show far triggers. Near the very end, one of the giant bosses got stucked against a wall; I was about 5 minutes shooting him only with my pistols (where is the desired shotgun???) and finally decided abandone the game. TR3 lovers will enjoy this adventure." - Jose (01-Apr-2015)
"Again Seth made another epic (although this one has only 5 levels) so prepare yourself again for some old fashioned raiding. Still like it a lot, even if I had to retrace my steps as I couldn't find what I needed or I just didn't remember. Please, pretty please try to get the binoculars in, as I had a hard time sometimes to find the right way to move forward because some places are rather gloomy. Nice puzzles and varied enough to keep your interest peeked. Haven't found all secrets I saw when I hit the finishing trigger but who knows... might replay this at a later date. Textures could use attention and the lighting as well. For the rest I was glad I found two small shortcuts that did save me some climbing." - Gerty (08-Mar-2015)
"This is an enjoyable four-part adventure that's up to the high standards set by this builder's earlier releases. However, I had a far better time playing the first two levels (while writing walkthroughs for them) than I did the last two, which I found too dark and too cramped. The surroundings are comparatively bland here as well, so the darkness didn't cause me to lose much aesthetically. There are assorted enemies scattered about, but the focal point in progression lies in figuring out how to get from Point A to Point B. The secrets are very well rendered as well, and much of the fun and sense of accomplishment in this game depends upon locating them. In this regard I had to have some much-appreciated help from manarch2. High recommendations." - Phil (01-Mar-2015)
"Tomb Raider 3-like is right. From the very beginning to the very end, does the author do a excellent job at portraying a Tomb Raider 3-like adventure. Everything down to its little crevices like the scotland textures from the Gold adventure. Now that being said, there are some discrepancies. Gameplay consists of running around, dodgind a few traps here and there, locating keys and switches and a few odd but neat water leveling with some box puzzles thrown in between (the box puzzles aren't that bad and require little to no thought). But, after awhile, it all starts to become monotonous. But that isn't really a problem, unless you have 3-4 levels of it...then it becomes a drag. The enemies are on the difficult side this time around. I couldn't get past a few areas because of the amount of baddies with guns doing a number on my health. I don't blame that (I like a challenge). It's the number of health packs that I couldn't seem to find. I had to start a save over because a trap required me to lose a lot of health in order to bypass it. Some secrets were kind of in plain sight while others were totally hidden. I could only find five and I knew at some point that I had missed some very good valuables because I kept picking up ammo for weapons I didn't have. All I had were the Uzis. The atmosphere is the best part of this level set as you can really see the author put time and work into these caves and country sides of Scotland. The architecture of the last two levels are completely beautiful. Lighting on the other hand, could use a bit of work. Some areas were just dull in one color while other areas were bland (only a few). Texturing didn't seem too bothersome but some were squashed (nothing too bad). Overall, this is the best homage to the Tomb Raider 3 custom set that I've ever played. The level design is just astounding and I especially enjoyed the caves. And there's a nice little treat at the end but for those who couldn't find any the other weapons will just think of it as a minor annoyance. I highly recommend this!" - Larabiker301 (15-Feb-2015)
"A very enjoyable TR3 game. I liked specially the Excavation part, and only disliked that labyrinth of the second level and the tough ending fight. Although there are no difficult puzzles, the gameplay requires quite a lot of observation and some expertise for tricky jumps and traps. You will be surprised sometimes when, after being stuck, you suddenly find out that the solution is very easy and that you played the fool. I would also say that it would be desirable more medikits, ammo and camera hints, but perhaps my eyes were not open enough. In resume, play it, because it's guaranteed fun." - Josey (09-Feb-2015)
"Gameplay & Puzzles: Very authentic and also nostalgic game, the gameplay and the puzzles are nothing quite special but in total the impression is quite good, it's varied and entertaining. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: I liked the recreation of enemies and objects, sometimes there could be something different but it's faithful and strong. The secrets are fun to find, only a few are too easy. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The best part, very good architecture, good sounds and a few nice cameras, the atmosphere is very nice in all levels. Lighting & Textures: Sometimes a bit too bright lighting and a few texture mistakes but overall very good, each area looks quite fine. Total: 8,25/10, a complete adventure that nicely reminds on the gold levels of TR3 without being a remake or boring at all." - Rambo (07-Feb-2015)
"I have very fond memories of the TR3 Gold levels and those lovely 'Scottish castle' textures have a definite feel good factor for me so I found myself really enjoying all the exploring, especially in the initial two sections. Perhaps by part four, I was starting to flag a little, as the areas and gameplay don't vary all that much from beginning to end, but overall it's a fun game and an excellent homage to the original TR3. Well made, attractive settings, good variety of tasks to achieve, some timed elements (not too hard), plenty of monkey swinging, climbing and squirming through passages. The enemies are well placed and not too tough (in fact the Highland warriors seem positively frail) up until the boss ending with two far more robust creatures to deal with. I picked up quite a variety of ammo, but didn't find the relative weapons to go with it all, probably because I missed an embarrassingly large number of secrets. I also found it to be quite a logical game - not one of those that have you lost, confused and possibly waiting for the walkthrough to come out. In fact I didn't get stuck very often, nor for too long, which made a nice change. You should definitely give it a go." - Jay (05-Feb-2015)
"This is a very enjoyable throwback to the TR3 expansion. Better yet, the levels are aptly composed to be both fluid and varied. Puzzles are switched up throughout the level-set, keeping the player on their toes. Traps can be a bit tricky from time to time, and add that extra bit of challenge right when it's needed. Unfortunately, the variety seems to fade as the final couple of levels roll around. Not to the point where it becomes boring, but it is noticeable. The scenery is wonderful, usually providing a large area to explore and solve at the player's leisure. And it reminds me of the levels in the TR3 expansion, so bonus points there. Lighting is a bit stale in some areas, but it never breaks immersion. I did have one bug in the last level, where the final bosses would not fall over when killed. I had to redo the area a few times to complete the level. Made it through in about three hours. I'd highly recommend downloading this one." - Xela (22-Jan-2015)
"This adventure reminds me why I liked tomb raider. This is a tr3 style adventure with all old ingredients tr series. Textures, traps, Lara ... This proves that there is still nostalgic for the 1st tr. I loved this adventure that reminded me very much the beginning of tr. What I do not like to do are the long climbs, long monkeyswings and shimmy, and there are many. The textures of monkeyswing are not highly visible and there is little camera. There are very large areas with openings in height, not very visible and it must be observed (besides, I regret that there is no binoculars, they would have been very useful). I recovered ammunition for MP5 and desert eagle but I did not find the corresponding weapons despite having found all the secrets. I had a bug in the end, during the fight with the 2 awful, after charging, I had only one fighter, the other had disappeared from the room. I rebooted an old backup to complete. for fans of the first tr certainly." - Drakan (17-Jan-2015)
"A thankful decision of the builder to not create another epic-sized levelset and instead concentrate on mostly enjoyable parts in each level. Just as we come to expect, this is a very faithful hommage to a classic game (this time TR 3 Gold) and everything concerning object and texture rebuilding and placement is very apt. At times texturing could be slightly improved and the lighting is a bit flat (e.g. in the library parts), yet it's very authentic and warm in other places, overall the presentation is smooth and clean without much to fault. All levels spread atmosphere and even with quite a few longer connecting passages, there are always a few highlight areas in each level with great architecture and overall nice sights. The cameras that are restricted for clues are working fine, the audio tracks are always very much fitting. Gameplaywise, the builder concentrated more on enjoyable parts which cuts down the level sizes slightly, a good choice if you ask me, and overall I had a very pleasant time from start to finish. The puzzles, while mostly of the block puzzle kind, are varied enough and the gameplay only gets a little repetitive towards the end. Maybe a more trap-based last level (and in general some more varied traps) would have created an even better feeling to it. As this level is a slight step upwards vs the previous set, it might be bit of unfair to award this the same scores, but the rating scale doesn't allow me to refine that. Overall, it's a very enjoyable adventure that certainly will keep you entertained for quite a time. Found all 13 secrets in 2:25 hours." - manarch2 (16-Jan-2015)