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Tomb Raider Salvation (Part 2) - Treasure Island by Gabriel Oliveira

Adriel 10 10 10 10
Alien Autopsy 6 6 7 5
Allicya 9 10 10 9
Ceamonks890 8 9 9 9
DJ Full 7 7 7 7
Drakan 9 9 9 9
Gerty 7 8 8 8
Jay 7 7 8 8
JesseG 8 9 10 8
John 7 8 9 8
Jorge22 5 6 6 6
Jose 7 8 8 8
Josey 8 8 10 10
Kiva 8 9 10 10
manarch2 6 7 7 7
Manymee 9 9 9 10
MichaelP 8 8 9 8
misho98 8 8 10 9
Nina Croft 7 6 7 7
Orbit Dream 8 8 8 9
Phil 8 8 8 9
Rambo 7 8 6 7
Ryan 7 8 8 8
SlyRaider 9 9 10 10
Tolle87 7 8 8 8
Torry 6 7 9 10
totizedger 6 7 7 7
young Lara Croft 8 8 9 10
release date: 27-Jun-2015
# of downloads: 45

average rating: 8.06
review count: 28
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file size: 419.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Jungle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"If your hoping for the first level of this game to ease you in gently then you'll be happy to learn that the gameplay in this jungle level is quite basic and simple and i really doubt you'd need a walkthrough. Although it is a short and easy level, the tasks here involving platforming, exploring, traps and enemies were mostly enjoyable but not engaging. The visuals, atmosphere, environment and setting are just really fantastic to play in, so much effort has been put into these aspects! The second level called the river rapids definitely improved on gameplay for me,despite still being short in length with the use of the boat, and the more challenging platforming, maneuvering and exploring around of these deadly rapids and its tricky jumps clearly being the highlight of the level! i rarely get to see or explore in this type of environment so it was quite refreshingly fun, you also get a enjoyable torch task involving spikes here as well to add a bit more variety. The third level in this set offers longer and more varied gameplay including more challenging platforming across gold lava or in treetops for example, more difficult and dangerous traps, timed runs, push-able item puzzles, yeti monsters and even a TREX to fight with! after we find and insert all the masks the setting changes to a dark valley with temple areas for a little bit more exploring and a final boss battle, once again i commend the effort in objects, lighting, textures and atmosphere here as it really does feel your in the jungle and this particular level is less straightforward in general especially with finding the masks in whatever order you like. Overall a good level set for players that enjoy mostly light or simple gameplay in gorgeous jungle areas, any players needing more of a challenge might struggle with the first two levels but personally i still had a nice time." - John (10-Apr-2023)
"Part two is a reasonably entertaining jaunt around an attractive looking, though rather confined jungle environment with a surrounding river. The gameplay is mostly very simple, although spiced up every now and then by a surprise enemy jumpscare or mildly challenging trap, although it doesn't reach any heights of great excitement and it's almost too flowing at times. Not that that's a bad thing as the tasks are clear-cut and intuitive (and the dinghy ride was a smart addition), but it became a bit repetitive in this case. But still, there are worse choices if you're looking for a generally easygoing raid." - Ryan (25-Jan-2020)
"An enjoyable set of 3 jungle levels. Gameplay includes good use of a motorboat, plenty of climbing sequences, combat, and traps. A few more puzzle sequences would have rounded it all out wonderfully. Decoration is nice and lush, but the spike traps have collision that is too wide, causing excess damage to Lara. Cameras are used very effectively. Lighting has the same comments as I had for part 1. Texturing is nice, but a few areas feel a bit wallpapered, particularly the rapids, and it's also hard to tell which water is solid or not. 1 hour 34 minutes." - JesseG (23-Sep-2019)
"Part 1 Heart of the Jungle: Here we again have another switch hunt in various formats that necessitates tracking over previously traversed ground on multiple occasions. Enemies are armed thugs and a few tigers. This should have been a 15 minute level but with all the doors to open and then the effort involved in finding those doors the journey becomes wearisome and the level expands to just over an hour. There is a pull-able half block that you need to move and I had not seen that particular object before so without the walk through I would still be running around trying to figure out how to get out of that damn jungle. The secrets are simply not worth the effort as all you find generally is a med pack or a packet of flares. Foliage is everywhere which obscures your vision so you need to take care not to miss anything. I was always expecting a snake to pop up from within those bushes but no, apparently no snakes in this jungle. Part 2 The River Rapids. This level provides a bit of fun but more frustration. The vista you traverse in the boat is huge and the trick here is knowing where to stop to explore and where to motor on by and without the aid of the walk through you will simply flounder about until the second coming. White water is not your friend and there is a sequence of quite tricky jumps from stone to stone to traverse a passage of white water on foot that leaves you exasperated and questioning the authors parentage. Secrets in this one are hidden by walk through or swim through tiles so you have no clear idea what is traversable and what not and the reward yet again is simply not worth the effort. I again took well over an hour on this one just trying to find the Sacred Statues to open doors. Part 3 Forgotten City of Gold. If you thought the first two levels in this set were confusing then hang on to your shirt as this one is worse. Do not even attempt this without the walk through close at hand. You are tasked to find the four Ritual Masks and each side trip is more confusing than the first. You fight what appear to be snow leopards (in the jungle) and Yeti's that look more like Doomsday out of the Superman animated series. Secrets are again hidden behind walk through walls and the half block movable makes a reappearance. Once you place the four Ritual Masks you still need to find your way out of the Jungle and battle a Shiva that explodes. Now overall this was visually stunning. The amount of detail in this level set is by far the best I have seen but oh my, it is simply far too confusing and the player has little hope of completing this unaided. Sure make it tough but not so much so that the player considers simply giving up and trashing it." - Torry (01-Aug-2018)
"A very nice beginning of adventure which give us the desire to go on with another parts. I loved so much puzzles times which remember the real first Tomb Raider puzzles! I less like the level with the dinghy than the others, but I guess that's a matter of taste. Settings are very beautiful and rooms are good organised. The lowest good: enemies - sadly, the enemies aren't much reactive and go around. Some of them turn on themselves when they're shooting Lara, like TR4 enemies. Too bad. And... there is Shiva. The only boss I saw who hurries in a wall, and stay inside. But, to put an end to this review, I want to say that, in spite of these little problems, this 2nd part could have be part of a world from a Core Design's Tomb Raider! Congratulations to Gabriel. :)" - SlyRaider (16-Nov-2016)
"Another solid entry by Gabriel Croft here, as we venture off into the jungles of Thailand for yet another artifact to add to Lara's personal collection. And what an entertaining hour and a half-long adventure it was! Gameplay whilst simple in execution, knows when to shake things up and offers a moderately fair challenge all-around, ensuring that boredom is next to impossible(with quite a good number of memorable moments sprinkled throughout the levelset's overall length). The rest of the overarching presentation is just as impressive, with effective texturing, exquisite lighting, appropriate music/ambiance choices and very convincing enemy/object utilization combining to create a highly immersive atmosphere within a world that just feels properly lived in. Don't get me wrong though. There were times where I wished the level design was a bit more non-linear and once or twice, the selected ambiance/music choice for certain sections got a bit too loud for my liking. But these are merely personal quibbles that shouldn't deter anyone away, from playing this quality experience. Highly recommended!" - Ceamonks890 (13-Nov-2016)
"This was a really fun level to play. the enemies had a nice redesign and the atmosphere was amazing, you felt like playing a TR Anniversary Level." - Kiva (27-Aug-2016)
"Excellent level with many things to do. The graphics look great and the texturring is very nicely done, all contributes to the atmosphere. I would add the small complaint that there are way too many plants on the grounds, sometimes I couldn't see the enemies' positions whilelaying in a hole and shooting. The gameplay is pretty good and items are plenty, I never ran out of medipacks while dealing with the bad guys, but the repetitive 'fetch the statuetes quests' were a bit too many, so some other items would've been nice to find. Over all very enjoyable!" - young Lara Croft (01-Aug-2016)
""Gameplay&Puzzles represents the creativity and technical ability needed for coming up with and designing the Puzzles & Storyline." There was certainly not the level of technical ability in this game that makes other levels so outstanding, but I am missing another aspect that should be measured: the fun aspect. Granted, the gameplay and puzzles here are not hard to do and were in part rather overly simple, but that does not mean it wasn't fun to play. Quite the opposite, actually. It felt like a classic TR1 in new and beautiful clothing. I had spades of fun. Therefore I'm awarding the Gameplay section a 9. E/O/S: While the enemies had interesting reskins (the tigers were adorable and the yetis made to look like earthen elementals from World of Warcraft) they were easy to kill and bugged out a lot, so I'm giving them 8 points. But what I fell in love with here is atmosphere of the jungle which has been beautifully created, with lots and lots of plants, but not so many that you couldn't find what you were looking for. Secrets were findable and rewarded useful objects. Pluspoint for the T-Rex! So much fun. :D A/S/C: Atmosphere is marvellous. The builder is from Brazil so he may just have a little more idea how to convey a jungle feeling than some who live nowhere near a jungle. I especially loved the water and how and where he placed it. Sound gets a "Meh" from me as I do not enjoy a constant, repetetive soundtrack, however lovely it may sound. It's simply too much. Camera was always on point, giving helpful hints. L/T: Wonderful. The entire level sequence is bright enought to be played without flares and filled with colour and just a lovely bright atmosphere; the textures are very good, if sometimes squashed on small triangular textures (is there even a "planar texturing" option in the LE?)and while some may have felt them to be too "samey", for me the impression was one of clarity. I simply liked them overall. All in all, judging by the fact that the first 4 levels this builder submitted all had very poor reviews, I say kudos to you Gabriel, for sticking with it and not giving up, and giving us this lovely adventure. And now on to play the last part :)" - Manymee (14-Jun-2016)
"I have mixed feelings about this one. It is unique and can be really fun, but not consistently. I had many "aww" moments, which I enjoyed. Especially liked the beginning, lush jungle and of course boat sequence. I absolutely adored the river level (can I please take a moment to appreciate these beautiful lilies and fresh blue water out of the tropical dreams). It brings a bit of Tomb Raider 3 Pacific nostalgia while feeling fresh at the same time. In the end of river level it started to feel kinda... 'blocky' though and the jumping sequences were getting a bit annoying. Some textures looked out of place/did not suit the atmosphere of the level. After River level I didn't enjoy the gameplay as much. Yes, the pace was nice - but then it started to tire me in the longer run. It felt like something was missing. I didn't like the textures and enemies in the last level, it felt creepy/weird - perhaps that was the feeling that author was going for on purpose. Just not in my taste. Some textures were amazing and almost photorealistic, while others were watered down and pixelated and did not suit when put next to these pretty ones. But overall, the whole adventure was fun. There were some nice ideas in this project and some choices that left weird aftertaste. I feel like it could have used some polishing and I look forward to play more creations of this author as I see some nice potential here." - Alien Autopsy (30-May-2016)
"A fast-moving three-level adventure,which never gets particularly tricky - although several of the puzzle solutions were a tad obscure (set fire to a skeleton;push a block that looks static).Nonetheless,a combination of plentiful (although occasionally buggy)enemy placement;zippy boat ride;jumping challenges and variety of oriental locations all ensured that I was kept busily entertained for 140 minutes.The architecture was deceptively unambitious;as lighting,high-res texturing and (especially) imaginative object placement often deceived the eye into believing you were exploring areas far more intricate than they actually were.An overuse of shafts of light was a little distracting early on (exactly how many suns does Thailand have,anyway?);but lighting was nevertheless beautiful,and complimented by a solid use of music and cameras. This was a very pleasant,immersive and none too challenging level-set;and I recommend it thoroughly." - Orbit Dream (09-May-2016)
"I really liked this three part adventure. It has luscious and bright settings, a rather fast paced and easy flow and yet enough diversity to not get boring or tedious on you. I spent about 20 minutes in each of the first two parts and then almost 40 minutes in the third. You get to kill tigers, bad guys and maybe a few too many Yeti guys in part 3. There are a few traps along the way to spice things up as well and 9 secrets that are not too tricky to find. The boat is always a plus and well used in part 2. So, all in all, well rounded and enjoyable. Recommended for a relaxing raid." - MichaelP (11-Feb-2016)
"I finished this game an hour ago but if you asked me about its locations I would only be able to instantly recall the river base and the T-Rex room, the only places which were atmospheric enough. I see this was to be a realistic lush-green jungle but there's a subtle difference between following the laws of nature and throwing a thousand plants into rooms which often lack the top border. Also subtle usage of fog to highlight humidity would do better than brightening all the place so it looks like frozen. Same for enemies: it's wise to place them so every death matters rather than to apply a constant ambush, often buggy including the final boss. There's a also a kilometer-wide gap separating "tasks which cause no trouble" from predictable puzzles with pickups re-used over and over, and I wasn't even able to grab the final prize, which is even worse than a pickup ending. Secrets are helpful indeed though a lot unbalanced, I finished with 24 medikits but run out of shells anyway. Audio fits. SUMMARY: This one was very likely released too fast, without enough care put into it - all the necessary elements are existent here, but every single one could be done better. Yet the further I played the more improvement I saw and my hopes for the next part are still high." - DJ Full (18-Jan-2016)
"After completing the prologue, I had the idea what to expect so I wasn't surprised with decent looks and simple gameplay.Unfortunately, if such gameplay is expected and justified in Lara's home level, the same can't be said for serious ones.This three-parter is clearly inspired by certain parts of TR3 with it's jungle/river/ruins surroundings.Texturing is ok but not perfect, it just seems like "texture all" was used in many places, especially in areas that were obviously built just to connect different parts of the level.Fortunately, objects were well used so it gave more variety to most of the rooms.It may look random in some areas, but overall it compensated bad sides when it comes to visuals.There are a few mistakes with end of the world that even affect the gameplay during some jumps, the floor below raising blocks is wrongly textured in most places so it blinks....Nothing too big, but noticable.Gameplay is not very unspiring, but it's pretty easy so it can pass as decent.Typically, you search for levers and items, than you go back where you came from to reach new areas.There is a boat section in second level, but it looks like it's forced and unnecessary.Simply, some parts of regular water are made deadly and you are given a boat to pass them and that's it.As the other reviewers stated, third level is significantly better than the others with it's hub-room concept and four different areas around it in search for ritual masks.There are many enemies, including people, tigers, some weird apes and T-rex.The strange thing is that T-rex is the weakest of all and it can be brought down with one shotgun shell.Tigers are also dead after few pistol rounds.Final Sheeva boss is buggy and it will simply freeze in the corner and let you kill it.Audio tunes sound good but strange at the same time.It kinda sounds like "regular" tunes are placed into ambience-music slots so it provides some strange effects.Overall, recommended level.Beginners will have a good time, experienced players will not get bored.For me, it's enough. Now, I will say something directly to the builder - You've developed your own style, your levels are decent and if you learn from your mistakes you will become even better.However, we all need a feedback from players so that we can make our next level better.Real friend will tell you about your mistakes instead of discrediting you by automatically marking your every level with highest marks.You are good enough that you don't need that ;)" - Tolle87 (18-Jan-2016)
"A simple custom but I found it very fun to play. Nice brazilian levels! No complex and big areas except for the last levels in the game. Very classic. 9 to gameplay and puzzles because its very fun, nice challenges, medium difficulty but I found some bugs, like Sheeva not attacking Lara, stuck in the walls, etc. 10 to enemies, objects and secrets - they're very nice and fits very well to the level design. 10 to atmosphere, sound and cameras: they're perfect! Play and you will see. 9 to lighting and textures: very well used, anyway I found some minor issues with some textures. Conclusion: A few bugs, but I hope the author can fix them in the future projects and the levels will be way better. Recommended!" - Allicya (21-Dec-2015)
"After loving the prequel I decided to try this out and I'm so happy that I did. It does have some flaws but overall I think it's underrated. My favorite level was the second one, I loved the boat segments, but I also think that the builder could've done a lot more with it - that's why I downgraded the gameplay a bit. I also enjoyed the third level especially the T-Rex segment. I was slightly annoyed by the monkeyswing segment with the fire though. Also I loved the usage of the final boss, but in my case it got stuck in the walls and I killed it effortlessly. The surroundings looked great most of the time, haunting atmosphere especially the stormy night in the end. The game took me an hour and a half to finish as the third level was the longest. I recommend you to check this game out - nothing too hard with lots of platforming, shooting and some blocks to push." - misho98 (13-Dec-2015)
"This level looks great but the gameplay lets it down a bit. It is more about finding levers and keys than anything else. There is some exploring and also some nice jumping and even using the dingy was not a bad idea. There are enough goodies to be found to get you through. The Shiva you have to kill at the end is rather buggy. So better have a save ready as I had to do that part a few times because he just walked to a corner and froze in a corner and I couldn't get pass it to kill it. The trick that did work is shooting it and back hopping slowly to the corner so I finally could, worked like a dream." - Gerty (11-Nov-2015)
"The same style from this author, simple architecture and a gameplay based about gymnastics with few and very easy puzzles. Only found a hard task: the monkeyswing with fires. Perhaps there are too many monkeyswings in the whole adventure, but the level is usually entertaining. There are enough medipacks and flares, but I missed more ammo for the shotgun, and another extra weapon to deal with the well balanced enemies. There's a good use of the cameras and sounds, and even when the textures are not well applied in triangular surfaces, the environment is nice and well ornated. Recommended for all those who want to play a level without complications." - Jose (26-Oct-2015)
"When a player downloads a level built by Gabriel, he/she knows what to expect: a richly decorated level with more or less linear and easy gameplay and one or two tricky jumps. And that is exactly what we get here. Now, in my opinion, knowing what to expect from a level before even playing it is never a good thing, but maybe some will disagree. Anyway, we get three levels here, all three heavily decorated and sometimes even too heavily. The overall geometry is very simple, the rooms are all blocky and rectangular and the builder tries to compensate for that with a heavy use of decorations, but it still does not help. The builder should definitely improve the geometry of his levels in the future, and use decorations to make the geometry more realistic or beautiful, but not to make the geometry itself. When it comes to the gameplay, I must say that the gameplay on the first level is ridiculously easy: see a door here, climb up to pull the lever, then climb down to go through the door. The second level which also includes a boat is a bit better developed in terms of the gameplay, but it also contains many errors and bugs. Instead of playing and jumping and driving the boat, you actually have to struggle to bypass or fix the bugs that pop out of nowhere. The third level has much more elaborated gameplay, including pushblock puzzles, climbing sequences, traps, enemies, but it still lacks the substance. It can be challenging at a time (e.g. when monkey swinging through burners), and it also has its bugs (Shiva fight being the worst). I did not enjoy the burning statues placed in worst places imaginable (e.g. where you have to fight a mutant and jump around to avoid its attacks or swing on a rope directly above the burner etc.). Enemies are tigers, mutants, a T-rex, a buggy Shiva, and heavily decorated rooms make things much worse in fighting than it should. However, there was one great moment when it comes to enemies: first level, when you used the lever up on the tower and have to climb out of the water to reach the door... A tiger attacks here, and it scared the hell out of me when it attacked. That was a really nice touch here. I gave a lower review for objects, because they are used to hide the problems and flaws of geometry, which is not a good thing at all. Secrets are mostly easy to find, I think that even a beginner can find them all without the walkthrough. Overall atmosphere is spoiled with blocky geometry and heavy decorations, sound is sometimes dull (Lara walks on the wooden tile and it sounds like walking on stone). Cameras and camera hints are okay, nothing overdone, and sufficient. Lighting was average, nothing special, and textures were nicely selected, but not always well applied (too many cracks, for example). OVERALL IMPRESSION: This level is perfect for beginners, as it is very easy (with a couple of tricky parts on the third level and couple of buggy jumps on the second). Puzzles are also very easy, if existing at all. It was not a bad way to spend two hours of my leisure time on these levels, but if Gabriel really wants to enter the Hall of Fame one day, he should really improve the geometry and puzzles in the future. I highly recommend this level to all beginners and all those who want to take a break from playing hard and complex levels." - Nina Croft (25-Sep-2015)
"I won't lie and say I got really bored while playing this set of levels but, quite frankly, from other reviews I was expecting much, much more. The game seems lo lack some purpose. Bugs haven't been avoided. We've seem so much better textures lately. It's simultaneously varied and repetitive if that makes any sense to you. The gameplay isn't particularly original nor interesting. Other than that, even if it's not astoundigly beautiful as I was led to believe, it is what is it is and delivers what it does, although with maybe too many yetis after a while and you already know you're going to meet them when you enter some new room. Great thing in its own league, it's not at all cryptic and you don't get stuck, so it's probably a good game when you're tired of scratching your head and pulling out your hair with much better (but much less player-friendly) levels." - Jorge22 (24-Aug-2015)
"Thanks for this nice, beautiful, refreshing game! It was a pleasure to play, and I liked specially the second level (well, I love boats...) Tasks are mainly simple, although the game's not devoid of challenges, and the third level is more demanding. Perhaps there's an excess of kinds and number of enemies, but there's also a satisfying variety of tasks, much joy in finding the secrets, and many beautiful places. The jungle is a feast for the eyes. Play it!" - Josey (27-Jul-2015)
"Gameplay & Puzzles: Not very challenging but varied in the tasks, I think it's okay but nothing too special. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: The use of enemies is good but the mummies are totally out of place. I liked the object design and the secrets are rather good, at least not all too easy. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The atmosphere did not work for me well. The rooms are often basic with simple design and are rather boring and dull, some rooms are not high enough. There are some better rooms but overall only few. Lighting & Textures: The lighting is okay, could have more contrast sometimes. The textures are not always well placed but it's okay overall, the effect is decent but still it does not help for the atmosphere. Total: 7/10, playable but moderate in everything." - Rambo (18-Jul-2015)
"Once again I find myself between the extremes represented by the previous reviews. I don't consider this three-parter to be Hall of Fame material, but I do believe it offers a good, solid raid with reasonably engrossing gameplay against a backdrop of visually attractive surroundings. The most difficult part for me was getting past those flame blowers in the third level, but vimmers has pointed out a reliable method for doing so. I was writing a walkthrough while playing so didn't keep track of my time, but I suppose the first two levels took about a half hour each while the final segment required a bit more than that. No one else has commented on this, but in my game that shiva near the end made a beeline for the nearest corner and stood stock-still while offering no resistance or offensive threats, requiring me to fill its belly with shotgun pellets much like shooting fish in a barrel. Not much of a challenge there. Otherwise, lots of fun in a lush jungle environment. Recommended." - Phil (16-Jul-2015)
"Given the notes, I was not think to do this level, but fortunately a friend convinced me otherwise. I want to thank him because I appreciated that level, for me it is underestimated in the notes. Certainly there are some imperfections but noted it under 8 is for me very wicked for the author. The best for me is the first, although the canoe course in the second level is very refreshing, given the heat wave lol. There is anyway a lot of work from the author to give us a good relatively easy entertainment. Maybe a little too easy at times but it takes something for everyone. I also liked some objects with contrasting textures (big medic, shoes lara ...). To make absolutely. Congratulations." - Drakan (16-Jul-2015)
"Lara goes on a new adventure to Thailand. The first two levels are the weakest gameplaywise because it's mostly about finding keys or pulling levers to progress which gets repetitive after some time and also there is no real challenge either. The third level however improves on these two by being a bit more varied, still more could have been done with the gameplay like more puzzle solving and less pulling levers/using keys. Textures are very nice but sadly have not been applied very well which is a pity, also you can see the end of the world very easily which really ruins the authenticity of the location. Sounds are used very well most of the time. This levelset is not very challenging and therefore i recommend it for beginners." - totizedger (11-Jul-2015)
"This three parter is mainly jungle set, which brings with it the usual need to explore quite thoroughly as anything could be hiding in the undergrowth. It mostly wasn't, but it could have been! The first two sections felt very much like a shooter to me as there really were a lot of guards around and gameplay was otherwise very simple and repetitive, even with the addition of a speedboat in the second part. The final section appealed to me more; the action still very straightforward, but there did seem to be more variety and the 'City of Gold' textures were a pleasant change. The enemies too, although still fairly numerous, were more interesting - yetis, tigers, a somewhat surprised looking T-Rex and a final Shivah. Yes, an odd mix, but I quite relished it after all those boring guards. I had to laugh at the T-Rex moment; after taking him out with a single shotgun blast, the dramatic music went on for ages. Clearly, he was supposed to be a lot tougher than he actually was. Not a bad level if you want something undemanding." - Jay (05-Jul-2015)
"This game is probably the best this author created until today. You will not find difficult puzzles to solve, the atmosphere fits with the level design, a tropical look in the first two levels and in the third one the atmosphere starts to get dark and lonely, what continues fitting pretty well. The soundtrack is incredible and very relaxing, in the combat we can listen to action music and some classic tracks some other time. Fits very well to the levelset too. Enemies appears just like in TR2, not difficult but fun to battle, this is a game with a very well used combat. The gameplay is very fun, and linear in the first two levels. Thank you Gabriel. Recommended for players who always enjoy a great jungle adventure." - Adriel (01-Jul-2015)
"I am starting to repeat myself with those levels, but they simply did not receive enough care to be rated higher by me - if the builder is tetchy because of my grades, he still has his friendly stakeholder who supplies him with the marks he likes to see. This time, it's even worse than before - the gameplay is most uninspired most of the time, especially in the first two levels - do a bit of mainly ridiculously easy platforming, find a key or a lever and pass through to the next room. Even the boat ride wasn't very thrilling, although it could and should have been. The third level is thankfully better with some more diverse (easy) tasks and smaller puzzles to solve, but it's not very imaginative in those regards either. Despite some nice texture sets being used in this game, the visuals fall off because of the rather poor application of many, many textures and rather bland lighting (the third level at least has a few better lit rooms). There are many rooms with a rather boxy appeal, even the natural looking areas, and the end of the map is not properly disguised (at one point I even bumped against the top of the map). The best for me were the rather good choice and use of sounds, but in combat situations they are playing way too long, and a few fixed cameras. The builder tried to cover some of the "sins" with an overuse of objects, which did not always work well (putting aside the possible view problems) because the texture mistakes and the end of the world are still very much visible. Anyway, the choice of objects and textures worked rather well and extenuates the technical problems. There were maybe a few too many enemies and especially the third level felt a bit like a shooter, I'm not sure if some enemies and objects fit well here like the mummies and the Xian statues that felt out of place. The final boss froze for me the first time around so I had to reload an earlier save. Overall this can be a decent raid for beginner players and maybe even others who don't expect the grand raid they've been searching for so long, but there is still a vast space for improvement at the builder's to come up to Hall of Fame material. Of the nine secrets I found the walkthrough wall ones are not very fair, the others are rather easy. Took me one hour to finish." - manarch2 (28-Jun-2015)