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Relics of Power (Part 2) by Seth94

billie2001 8 8 8 8
Chesinios 9 9 10 10
DJ Full 8 9 9 7
Gerty 8 8 9 8
Jay 8 8 9 9
JesseG 9 8 8 8
Jose 7 8 8 8
lokky99101 8 9 9 10
manarch2 7 8 9 8
Mert 8 9 10 10
Mman 9 8 9 8
Nina Croft 8 8 9 8
Phil 9 9 9 9
Rambo 7 8 9 8
Ryan 9 8 9 9
release date: 17-Jul-2015
# of downloads: 166

average rating: 8.48
review count: 15
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file size: 166.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
  • There are still a number of missing camera cues in this adventure, but at least this issue wasn't as prominent as the previous adventure.
  • I never would have guessed where to use the Lair Key. Plugging a puzzle item into a texture feels like watching a key disappear into a painting.
  • As before, there are a number of challenging timed runs and trap sequences - sometimes combined - that Lara must contend with, and I found these enjoyable. The areas with moving walls of spikes are particularly tight, as is the chamber with the descending drill.
  • There are also a couple of puzzles that I also liked. The pushable blocks are usually used in simple ways, but the maze with the doors and switches was pretty intense (maybe a little too much so) and I had to do some map drawing to get through.
  • The weapons are easier to find this time around, I found them all except the Desert Eagle. This was a much appreciated change as there are quite a few tough enemies to fight in close quarters.
  • The lighting still lacks variation, especially in the first two levels, but some colors emerge in the second half of the adventure which is good.
  • The texturing is solid. It helps that there is more variation in the environments this time, so the textures do not become an eyesore like in the previous adventure.
  • The architecture gets the job done - from the town streets to the zoo, sewers, and caverns of various sizes, it gives a good raiding vibe.
Time: 3 hours 39 minutes | Difficulty: Very Hard | Rating: 8.25/10" - JesseG (23-Jan-2023)
"This time we play in environments out of "It's a Madhouse" and "Reunion". I loved the first two levels using the French Zoo textures, a theme rarely used. I also liked the sewer parts with the two basins. The gameplay is mostly exploration, with some enemies, either humans or animals) and it has a good flow. At the third level the game becomes far more complex with harder enemies and exploration, but more interesting tasks. At some point towards the end of this level I felt it overstayed its welcome a bit. The fourth level is much shorter and I enjoyed the preparation for the intense battle with the final boss. I had only two grenades left, but plenty of shotgun and uzi ammo. The atmosphere is very good through all the levels, so are the sounds. Texturing is good, lighting less good though. Although challenging, mostly in terms of exploration, the difficulty never surpasses the skills of the average player. Recommended." - billie2001 (09-Aug-2021)
"The second section of this series takes Lara on a whirlwind journey through a classy French zoo and the Catacombs beneath. This section is eerily reminiscent of the "It's a Madhouse!" and Reunion sections. The gameplay follows the same format as the previous, only this time it is more puzzle focused with some tough battles (particularly with the poisonous mutants and the mutated spider) to fire up the action quotient. Exploration again plays a big part and after claiming the next relic, Lara journeys to Egypt for Part 3..." - Ryan (22-Apr-2017)
"Pistol skip on pickup completion, my perfect combat balance is not here, however sane people may do fine with much more ammo given and occasionally conserved. But again, horribly wrong, we miss two strong weapons and only find tons of bullets for them - is there any reason I missed together with them? On the other hand we get much more tactical advantage on our foes, and there's much less unfair health loss in general. Scenery is also a trade-off: less grandious than in Part 1 but more diverse in return - and again made of perfect texturing but almost absent lighting - you should all examine how Trix lit almost identical tiles in The Lion Sleeps Tonight because THAT is perfect and if builders checked it before attempting to light anything, a lot of immersion could be saved. Some more fitting statics make me grant an extra point for atmosphere... or objects... damn, so many reviews and I still don't know... Uhhh... I got stuck once in the beginning, with the yellow key placed on the green leaves - just avoid these things, I know the colors nicely correspond but that square is most unfocused one. I only didn't get stuck with the Lair Key because I was crazy enough to press Action next to a painted hole which I didn't even believe to be the real one - and it was, possibly very lucky for gameplay rating. A word about inbetween pushables, doors and switches - yes they are numerous but all interleaving and arranged very fine, and SOMEHOW I didn't lose track of things happening in far parts of the map, what MIGHT be a sign the series should be played in release order (is there really any which shouldn't?). Very suspiciously, none of those limestone pushables bored me - possibly I have calcium deficiency, so I'll get some asap. Before that, the game ended with another pickup but I sustain what I said - in case of a series the tension can be held, so I only want the full conclusion in the final part. I think if what I pointed out here repeats in Part 3, which I'm attempting within minutes, count me in for betatesting of Part 4 - because this is another project which feels like I should have been supervising since the beginning. SUMMARY: A good piece for Lost Artifact fandom, just remember to memorize doors so you recall them when shown as next destination." - DJ Full (28-Jan-2017)
"Part 2 was not as good as Part 1 in my opinion but still nice to play overall. In this Part the player will be in a TR3's "It's a Madhouse" like environment combined with the London Sewers and "Reunion" from TR3 Gold. Gameplay was once again good. But what i disliked was the Door/Switch Maze. I would have never been able to figure it out without the walktrough. However the Objects were really good and fitting. The Secrets were once again very well hidden as i only found 3 out of 10. Atmosphere was perfect, especially in Level 3 in the huge room with the pit. The Lighting was also better. Pretty much no Texture Errors and overall it's recommended to play this game." - Mert (10-Jan-2017)
"This part of the set goes back to the zoo/France theme of Lost Artefact; the design is overall stronger than the first set, especially in the later levels, although the lighting is still a bit varied in quality. This part is also helped by using a rarely used theme; as a result it feels more fresh and ends up with some unique feeling areas and designs. The gameplay finally breaks the pattern of the author's earlier sets and actually gets better as it goes along; the start is a bit uneven with some pointlessly hidden keys and switches, but from the second level onwards it, with the occasional exception, starts to find a more even flow that it maintains for the rest. An improvement on the previous set and probably the author's best so far overall, hopefully that continues into the upcoming releases." - Mman (08-May-2016)
"Have to admit I still like what Richard is making. Of course I got lost in a big way, couldn't remember half the time where I had to go next but I was prepared for that. Took me quite a while to finish it but I am glad I played this level set. It is a big adventure and I was also glad that I had some grenades left for the fight with that giant spider. I still love the TR3 textures, objects and enemies. Of course there are a lot of levers you have to pull and back and fro is sometimes a must. It is called exploring I think? I hope Richard has another level for us in the pipeline." - Gerty (05-Mar-2016)
"Wow! What an adventure! There are some interesting push-block puzzles but the gameplay was not so good for me. Even when TR3 was always my favourite TR official game, I found lots of backtracking here and also an excessive use of switches, ladders and crawlspaces. Why all that ammo for the uzis and the desert eagle? I didn't find that guns so at the end I had to fight with the giant spider only with the pistols. The best of the game is the good use of the cameras, the correct texturization and the TR3 tracks in strategic places. Even when I found enough flares, many rooms were too dark for my old monitor. Even so I enjoyed this adventure and I can recommend it for all those TR3 lovers. Good work." - Jose (28-Oct-2015)
"This builder definitely knows how to use maximum out of TR3 engine. When you look back to his first TR3Gold levelset and this sequel, you can only be impressed by the imagination that reused them and brough out something even more developed than the original game. These levels are equally complex, long and require from you to think and play diligently. TR3 Gold has been remembered as one of the most complex and even hardest original games. The builder made equally good levels and used the potential of the wad even better than the original builders. The game is equally fluent, engaging, beautiful and well- thought of, that is for sure. I am eagerly waiting to play the sequel. If you decide to play the game without the walkthrough and without any tip, you'll have a headache, I guarantee you that. The levels are really complex, starting from a way to use the water raising/lowering system in the urban area to get to your goal, to finding a way to dispose of an immortal enemy. Everything is cleverly thought of, the main focus here is on the puzzles. The game becomes hard to play on the third level, which turns out to be the longest and most complex. At that point you'll run out of ammo or health reserves, or both. So that would be one major weak point when it comes to the gameplay. Be careful when choosing the weapon and using health supplies. Another flaw would be unfairness, because you have to deal with huge toxic mutants in a small passage or small dark cave where every step you make can be your last one. Either more powerful (explosive) ammo, or more medipacks, or more space in these cases. Overall geometry is good, we can see that the builder tried to build a game that really resembles TR3 phase, and all you can see in the level has already been seen, but it does not matter at all. The game is not much decorated, but it is nonetheless realistic and you have the feeling of being really there. Seth94 uses lighting and sound very well, and there are also many camera shots and hints, which is extremely helpful in these long and complex levels. Lighting is acceptable and textures are well applied, with a couple of minor mistakes, but overall impression is extremely well. The small French town, the sewers, the cave with toxic waste, everything is well realized and the space is well used. A must-play gameset, I can recommend this to all, except maybe for absolute beginners, because this game is not easy to finish. But nonetheless, highly recommendable!" - Nina Croft (19-Sep-2015)
"This is one of the few high-end releases I've played in recent memory without benefit of a walkthrough (as I was playing it for the very purpose of writing a walkthrough), and I found it to be an enjoyable and extended raid. The gameplay in the first three levels is quite complicated, and I spent a couple of hours in each one trying to figure out how to progress. Oftentimes you can see areas you need to get to through windows or bars, and it's just a matter of opening up the way to them. This necessarily means a plethora of levers and switches, but I had this satisfied feeling of accomplishment (yes, even for one playing in god mode) upon concluding each level. The fourth and final level is little more than a bit of dessert to polish off the main course. After a couple of harrowing runs you meet up with a death-dealing spider that throws lightning bolts at you in rapid succession while you go about the business of removing the barrier that allows you to engage it in a fair fight. After this, the game ends rather anticlimactically. Although flares are provided in ample quantities, ammunition is doled out quite sparingly and you need to conserve your supplies as much as possible. Those poison-injecting monsters that appear (as I recall) in every level appear to prefer close quarters, and I was never able to kill one before taking on the appearance of a drunk, requiring me to use up one of the limited medipacks. I encountered something unusual and worthy of note near the end of the third level. After dispatching the first mounted knight, I found that the other one was buried in the ground at a 45-degree angle as if mired in quicksand, forcing me to reload. While challenging, everything here is accessible to the player of moderate skills, and I look forward to every release bearing this builder's name. Highly recommended." - Phil (15-Sep-2015)
"Gameplay & Puzzles: Enjoyed my time here but a bit less than before. The gameplay is good but a bit long-winded and not as intense, but with original touches anyway. The puzzles are good but not too creative. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: The enemies are well used as well as some objects, liked the zoo level (never got to play the TR3 Gold game). The secrets are nice to find. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: Nice and nostalgic areas with great architecture and good use of sounds adn cameras. Lighting & Textures: The textures are as well chosen as before and the lighting is good too. In general the last two categories are equal to the last part so not much to say more. Total: 8/10, again solid and complete but perhaps a little less good than the previous part." - Rambo (22-Aug-2015)
"I played it twice and on the second time I found all the Secrets, I really enjoyed the Game. The Time Trails where even fair and the Last Boss kept me busy. Thanks for the game, hope you make the rest soon. Chesinios" - Chesinios (10-Aug-2015)
"I really did enjoy this level set and if you are a tomb raider 3 gold fan this is a level set that i would really there were loads of things in this level set that reminded me of tomb raider 3 gold the boss fight was very challenging i even tried to do the boss fight without using a medipack but for me it is impossible the atmosphere is amazing but unfortunately i was only missing 2 weapons by the end" - lokky99101 (07-Aug-2015)
"Trust Lara - there she is in a picturesque French village and which particular local attraction does she go scampering off to visit? Yes, you guessed it - the sewers! Perhaps she has a rat fetish or something. There's plenty to do in the sewers mind you - far from a boring visit - although I have to say I was much more excited by the trip to the zoo in the second part of the level. Now that's my idea of a sightseeing trip - just a shame Lara ended up slaughtering the inhabitants. The last couple of sections of the game turn into a bit of a bloodbath as the mutant enemies certainly take their toll, poisoning Lara if they get the chance, and there's one hell of a boss ending too. Treasure every medipack you find! If at times I felt the game slightly overstayed its welcome, overall I enjoyed myself and those lovely TR3 Gold textures are always a pleasure to see. One to be played at leisure rather than galloped through." - Jay (25-Jul-2015)
"Another very commendable effort of a very diligent builder. There's not much difference to the quality of his latest game, with the skills being used just as well as usual in nearly every aspect. I especially liked the new interpretation of the zoo level from TR 3 Gold and the large grim cave settings towards the end which are very atmospheric, but all areas are done with enough care so that the game feels professional, and it's also pretty fluent with a few slowing down moments like a hard to spot key and tiny cracks you have to find which are okay. The gameplay is the only thing that is maybe a tad less inspired as the previous game, with a few too many levers to be used and not that many interesting tasks in the first two levels - the third level is quite better in that regard and the final level has a very thrilling and well conceived boss fight which is not easy if you try to use no medipacks. Few minor texture mistakes like incorrectly segmented wall tiles (visible e.g. on ladders) are not very devastating. Found all ten decently hidden secrets in 2:20 hours of solid entertainment in atmospheric and nostalgic settings which are certainly worth a try." - manarch2 (19-Jul-2015)