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Neptunes Lost Palace by rufierto

Adngel 6 3 9 9
AnnaM 8 6 9 9
Christian 8 7 7 8
DJ Full 7 7 8 8
Drakan 10 9 9 9
Jay 9 8 9 9
Jorge22 8 8 8 8
Jose 8 7 7 9
Lara_Fox_Croft 9 8 8 8
manarch2 7 7 9 8
Nina Croft 8 7 8 8
Phil 9 9 9 8
Rambo 7 7 8 8
Ryan 9 8 8 9
sonnyd83 10 9 9 10
vandit 7 7 8 7
release date: 09-Aug-2015
# of downloads: 162

average rating: 8.05
review count: 16
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file size: 55.20 MB
file type: TR4
class: Rome/Greece

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I like this level, played it once some time ago and now again. The revisit was fun again because of the new objects and the not everyday setting. The path is not always obvious though. Recommended." - vandit (25-Jul-2022)
"Another level I hadn't played. It's travel along very mazy areas, devoid of any enemies except for several gladiators in a row, much about discovery and a lot of platforming. I thought the textures looked a bit rough on the edges (albeit solid), but I did like the occasional mosaics in pool areas. It does have action and it can get a bit puzzling at times. It was enjoyable while it lasted, before the sudden ending." - Jorge22 (17-Nov-2020)
"My second review ! Great level, with an amazing atmosphere and music. Took me about 2 hours, with no rush, slowly enjoying the play. I want more !" - AnnaM (27-Aug-2020)
"I think the ambience of this level is an A+, nice mood, pleasant compositions, memorable themes for each room. Also they combining plataforming and game parts nicely. Unfortunately other aspects didn't cause me such good impression. I´ve miss some cameras showing the consecuence of some switches and keys. Puzzle objects were thematic, but their location or presentation was something "random", and the enemies... It's what I most missed in this level. Some of action and adventure in general." - Adngel (18-May-2020)
"This is an incredibly enjoyable level that took me 38 minutes to complete. Some of the rooms are imposing and beautifully made with a nice choice of Greek textures and objects. The gameplay isn't neglected either. There are some fun block puzzles, jumping around on fire cages while trying to avoid burning poor Lara and some tricky spike wall gauntlets to avoid. A fulfilling gameplay experience and highly recommended." - Ryan (19-Nov-2016)
"Another good level from this author. There's certain backtracking in the gameplay (ex: I reached the top of the arena area without release the rope) but usually the game is entertaining and tasks are not hard. I missed some more enemies in several rooms, also I missed some more musics and cameras when pulling switches. In the final room with the Stonez the UW chain to open one of the high doors was unuseful for me and there's not a good idea place the keyhole to open the door for the treasure room so far and without a camera or flyby. Even so I can recommend this level. The best, the architecture and texturization to create beautiful areas. Good work." - Jose (03-Nov-2015)
"A large hall with a few underwater tasks in the beginning, a quite predictable torch-puzzle and a lot of running to and fro. The most challenging part is a diving sequence with moving spiked walls and a crowd of ninja-fighters attacking at the same time. Gameplay is quite obvious and easy, camera hints sometimes could have been helpful. Atmosphere is convincing, lightning not consistent: There are some areas with unprofessional work in this concern but also some stunning areas evoking this rare 'wow'-effect (e.g.: throne room). All in all a convincing work!" - Christian (29-Sep-2015)
"A very nice little level that takes an hour to finish. Linear gameplay with just enough work to do, starting from the torch quest combined with the raising block, swimming through a rather easy maze, extinguishing a fire using Waterskin, pushing a block to flood a pool, jumping across burning cages (can be skipped on one occasion - just use the key and jump back to the central stone structure above the throne, jumping sequence across the burning cages can be entirely skipped here, that's a glitch the builder did not notice). However, I missed something here when it comes to gameplay. Enemies, perhaps? Apart from a bunch of gladiators you have to dispose of at one point, there are no enemies here. Also, it took me ten times to reload my previous save when I tried to extinguish the fire, which did not go out but burnt Lara instead. The gameplay is very fluent and easy, puzzles are easily solved and you can hardly get lost here, despite of a couple of camera hints missing. Overall atmosphere is okay, music was a bit overdone here, although I enjoyed it and it fits well with the surroundings. Lighting was sometimes great, sometimes dull and illogical, but texturing part was superb, I really liked it. Geometry is also simple, but still eye- pleasing and realistic. I expect many great levels from Rufi in the future, as this one shows that he knows what he's doing. Maybe this level was built too quickly or finished too soon, I got the feeling that there is more to follow. In any case, this level is highly recommendable, as it is easy to finish and very satisfying, despite its flaws. Even the beginners can finish it with a little effort. A nice way to spend one hour of your leisure time. Great work, Rufi!" - Nina Croft (20-Sep-2015)
"Gameplay & Puzzles: Good but a bit easy gameplay, there could be more challenges and variety. The few puzzles are good but could be extended. But there are some good tasks and nice traps. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: The gladiators bunched together to one room as only enemies are a bit strange, it seems the builder didn't find more fitting enemies for it. The objects are good, the one secret a bit easy. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: Good atmosphere here, not excellent because there are only good but not impressive areas, the architecture is nice, but a bit too simple - not squaric but missing variety in the rooms. The sounds are okay, not always liked them. The flybys are good, I liked the one at the start, but clues are missing a bit. Lighting & Textures: Texturing is solid and often beautiful, found one missing texture. The lighting is not flat but slightly indifferent from room to room. Total: 7,5/10, a good but not totally great level." - Rambo (01-Sep-2015)
"This is a remarkably complex level that requires very little backtracking. The visual amenities are quite appealing, and I was able to enjoy those while any time otherwise required for thinking was relieved by Dutchy's always reliable walkthrough. I had to turn down the volume on several occasions, however, as the heroic Georgian music was overdone and quickly got on my nerves when it continued long after the heroic-inducing action had been completed. Those flaming chandeliers were a nice touch I've never seen before, and although Dutchy warned us how to avoid getting set ablaze this never happened to me. I stopped being so cautious with the jumps as the game wore on, and I didn't find myself ignited a single time. You'll have to navigate a wicked spike-wall swim a couple of times, and this is probably the most difficult part of the game. I messed up the pushpiece puzzle near the beginning and was about to reload and try again (the passage gates had closed, blocking off my maneuvering room), when I happened to step on the trigger tile and the puzzle was "solved." Maybe Lara has gained weight over the summer. Anyway, this is a nice little raid that took me about an hour and a quarter to complete, even with the walkthrough to guide me along. Recommended." - Phil (23-Aug-2015)
"Level easy enough, it is only in the room where we had to find the trick to light the urn I searched long enough before you find. I did not know this way. Otherwise it is a nice and pleasant level with a nice end in the beautiful throne room. Congratulations." - Drakan (16-Aug-2015)
"Another very solid offering in the cancelled group project. The gameplay is quite detailedly constructed and with the room connections the builder managed to create a certain thrill, wondering what will be around the next corner. The tasks itself are entertaining (like the moving underwater walls or the pushable puzzle to flood a pit), but perhaps a little too much on the easy side overall; a few more timed runs (I can only remember the one for the secret, but I might've forgotten one) and challenging platforming parts (the middle of the chandeliers is easily avoided). There are a few missing cameras, but I didn't have a problem with that until the one combined with the treasure room key - why is a nearby door to a completely useless area opened up when the important door is rather far away? The puzzle in the cellar of the dining room can also be half-skipped when you push the first block back twice (or more) so that the fire emitter doesn't start. Still this is an entertaining and mostly fluent level that keeps you on your toes. There are only a handful of gladiators as the only enemies in this level, which are too cramped together to one spot - perhaps a few other and more enemies and also more secrets than the one found directly at the start would've spiced the thing up more. The object design is very apt for the setting though and there are some very nice looking examples. Atmosphere is well created in this game with very nicely constructed rooms, use of sounds and flyby cameras is very good and, even with a few gripes, the texturing and lighting are fine enough to create a good feel. Concerning the latter, I agree to DJ Full that there's a certain inconsistency in the texturing that is slightly disturbing, but overall the quality of the textures is strong enough to cover a few shortcomings. Still, the lighting tends to be rather uniform and sometimes lacks contrast, although I quite liked the general use of colour. Overall a game in a rarely seen setting and thus certainly worth a try. 35 minutes." - manarch2 (14-Aug-2015)
"As the title suggests, there's quite a bit of watery action here, not just swimming but also a rather good puzzle to flood a room. The gameplay is a pleasing mix of agility, traps and puzzles and flows along well. Enemies are non-existent up until the unexpected arrival of five gladiators, but that's it. The surroundings are lovely, with some excellent textures/objects (especially the fire cages) and good cut scenes and well used music round out the game nicely. A thoroughly enjoyable experience and a definite must-play." - Jay (13-Aug-2015)
"This level has been damaged in the process and bears some scars of a not quite finished product, but while rufi, similarly to many builders around, was worried a lot about reflections and minor stuff like this, I found my own problems of a completely different kind. Maybe I should really have had that final beta run through it, because I stumbled upon all unintended access or reversed progress possible to find. Another thing is one of the countless cases where secrets are treated like a totally optional and unimportant part while for me it's always a major reason to raid at all. The shotgun requires some detour, has its own location with a special getaway through a previously noticed gate, also it's quite useful for fighting but the problem is no other special pickup appears throughout the rest of the game while multiple places would allow it which are underused instead. But neither of these is the most important, while the major inconvenience is feeling of inconsistency originating from a bit of each category. For instance, the texturing is just decent but very often a totally single-patterned wall is suddenly interrupted with a highly-detailed mosaic. Same for lighting: I like how the shading was used to cut off the places a player wasn't supposed to visit, also the fires bring some contrast and the waters transit smoothly to dry surroundings, but on the other hand all the ambience seems to have the same RGB no matter if we are in the dining room, the dungeons, the hall or the throne room. More variety of schemes and contrast in colors would be very needed. Eventually, the enemies: is the place lost or isn't? If the palace is abandoned, why to suddenly get attacked by a bunch of gladiators which should already exist in form of bare skeletons? If they emerge from opening cages, where is the one who can be blamed for locking them in? And who fed the fishes in the aquarium if the surrounding throne room shows no signs of life? But the variety still appears in form of special appliances from time to time, and also in various categories - we have a custom intro sequence followed by a very creative way of lighting the fire, then some custom puzzle items and few decoration items, all of these designed particularly for this game. But most of all I liked the hanging crates made of plain geometry - basic structures yet used with advanced skill. SUMMARY: All the elements which should fill such ancient level are here though often out of place. Sometimes I was confused but in the majority of time I was attracted to something. I can't agree this level can beat the River Raider and I believe rufi is yet to show his really best, but some unique things are applied, the feeling of progressing deeper into the palace guts is correct and the game eventually ends up rewarding with the prefinal (????????) Skribblerz Stone taken from the pedestal. Recommended." - DJ Full (13-Aug-2015)
"First of all I have to say that I do enjoyed this level, the gameplay was good, even if sometimes you could get stuck in a room having no idea about what to do. There is also a serious lack of cameras showing what a switch does. The fire to light without torch for instance was not that easy to find, thanks to the "stuck in level" forum. The ambiance of the level was quite nice, the textures were not bad at all even if some things could have been better, like some textures (not really seamless)the waterfall texture was strange, with moving rocks, maybe an object or a special effect could be better as waterfall. the gameplay still quite simple and I just really enjoyed some things like underwater spikewalls (even if a bit hard and based on luck). I found a small problem when lara is walking up of the cages (with fire inside) she can't walk normally, she makes a step and then stop... This is a ngle problem I also encountered in my last level, if my memory serves me well it was an condition trigger or something like that.I saw that the stone is a "load" object in the inventary. the ennemies are quite out of place, I could understand if lara encountered some angry and hungry animals but humans is a bit strange for an old temple. I found the first secret by accident, trying to find my way, I did not used the shotgun or the crossbow for ennemies, shotgun was quite useless. The scenery was really nice, the intro and the throne rooms were amazing. the lighting is nice, but a bit too dark in some places, I tried to play it on a bus, but it was impossible because of the light from outside. I did need to play in a dark place to be in a good game situation. All in all the level was really pleasant but not really perfect but there is no serious problems, so it is not perfect but not that far." - Lara_Fox_Croft (13-Aug-2015)
"I know a good level when I see one, and this is definitely a good level. It took me literally all day to work my way through it, although officially it was 2 hours! The action takes place in Neptune's Palace, I had to Google this as I couldn't remember who Neptune was! Sounds similar to Poseidon. So the theme here is water, and there's plenty of it and visually it's stunning. Many of the objects have a watery theme such as the fish statues spitting out water. I loved the giant aquarium near the end, but took me some time to figure out how to get in. The texturing is professional with only the odd mistake, and I felt like I was in a real temple. The puzzles are really well designed. My favourites are the use of a weapon to set something alight, using the waterskin to get rid of flames, the whole thing with the boxes with flames inside them and getting across them, and of course the fight with the knights. There's also some ingenious use of rising blocks to achieve whatever needs achieving, There were a couple of dead ends where you get stuck, so save regularly. One of them was near the start where you pull a skeleton near a pushblock, but once you pull the skeleton, you can't move the block! The same audio track was used throughout, other than a couple of epic interludes at certain points. Highly recommended." - sonnyd83 (12-Aug-2015)