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Temple of Aeolus by Chronicles5

alan 2 2 3 2
bERT 1 2 4 2
CC 2 2 2 2
Dimpfelmoser 2 1 1 1
DJ Full 2 0 0 2
eTux 1 0 0 0
Gerty 3 3 3 5
Jay 3 2 3 2
Jose 1 2 2 1
Josep 5 4 5 4
Kristina 3 2 3 4
Leandro 1 1 1 1
Magnus 2 0 0 1
manarch2 2 1 2 2
MichaelP 3 3 3 1
Momster 4 5 4 4
Orbit Dream 1 2 1 1
RaiderGirl 3 4 3 3
Ryan 2 3 2 2
Sash 3 4 3 3
Torry 4 5 5 3
Treeble 2 3 3 3
release date: 09-Jun-2001
# of downloads: 68

average rating: 2.33
review count: 22
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file size: 13.03 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Well, this level was indeed short. All rooms are big, blocky, with stretched and repetitive textures. There are only some dogs and bats as enemies, and all the ammo provided wasn't of much use. It's a bit hard to know which doors opened after pulling the levers. There was a single boulder that wasn't a threat at all because it rolled all the way forward instead of coming towards Lara. You never get to use the guardian key but get it just to make more gameplay. Not really recommended." - alan (27-Jan-2020)
"Incredible, even when it's his first level, how a builder that later will build excellent levels rating higher than 9 can debut with a level so bad like this. Very simple architecture, missing and stretched textures, paper walls, empty rooms, no puzzles to solve and only levers to pull and, the worst, you're forced to exit the game each time Lara dies or you want to reload. At least it's a short level and I couldn't see nothing related with Greece. Of course, at the end the game crashed before I could use the key. Forgettable." - Jose (14-Dec-2017)
"A poorly made debut level from a builder who went on to create some excellent levels. All the usual beginner mistakes are present: stretched, repetitive and missing textures, dull/nonexistent gameplay and no load screen so you get thrown to your desktop when you reload, regardless of whether you die or not. Oh, well, I won't elaborate and since the builder did make better levels later, I suppose everything worked itself out in the end." - Ryan (19-Nov-2016)
"Despite the title, there's nothing remotely temple-like about this 15 minute level. In fact, the textures are a strange mix of library/Scottish castle and not very well constructed at that. Gameplay is minimal and rather disjointed and there are some bats, dogs and scorpions to shoot - another rather eclectic choice. It's really mostly of interest as a rather poor debut level from a builder who would go on to produce some very fine levels indeed." - Jay (12-Jun-2016)
"There's little point in pulling this level apart,as it was built a very long time ago by a builder who has since put together some classics;so chalk this one up as a part of a very steep learning curve.Awful texturing;no lighting;a complete lack of atmosphere;tedious gameplay - you name it,it lacks it; but never mind,we all had to start somewhere." - Orbit Dream (21-Jul-2012)
"Huge rooms with interesting but streched textures. Gameplay was linear, but you had to search quite a lot to find the door you've just opened. The room with spikes and fire was interesting, however I expected more from the room the message talks of, as it promised to be hopeless or so, but it only was a little maze. The ladders in the library were unmarked and the game had many crashes, the final one is the end. 7 minutes of rather boring gameplay." - manarch2 (10-Mar-2011)
"This level is rated too high. Definitely. It should fall to the very bottom of the list. The readme states you're gonna find some artifact and use it to see Partenon as your reward of finishing the game. The sad truth is you really get the key, but you're unable to place it in its slot, because the game crashes when you approach the puzzle hole. BTW, the final grate next to it is only a door imitation, so there is NO Partenon here. Instead of it, you run through some oversized rooms, full of stretched book textures. What do they do in the wind god's domain is as great mystery as the complete lack of wind in this place. SUMMARY: There is a writing on one of the blocks in this level: "Abandon hope all ye who enter here". So players, keep in mind the constructor warned you personally not to touch this level. At least he was fair with you. But this is the only one good thing." - DJ Full (28-Oct-2010)
"A really peculiar situation going on here. Settomb tom Highland castle textures Egyptian dogs and scorpions in a huge castle with a roofed building inside. I can see the concept central structure has gate that needs to be opened side corridors and rooms have what you need to do this simple. A first attempt at level building from an author who went on to create much better levels later." - CC (10-Oct-2004)
"Clearly a level by someone learning to work with the editor so stretched textures here and there a triangular texture missing and a spiked boulder trap that can hardly be called a successful trap. But just making big rooms can create some kind of atmosphere as it does in the two big library rooms one of a regular kind and one of the labyrinth kind (not too hard). You sure do not want to look for a good book in this one because there's 2 nasty doggies running around. The author does show talent furthermore with the one camera sequence: well done. Shame about the game crashing though when dying and also before you're able to use the last pick up." - bERT (03-Mar-2003)
"This was over before I knew it so short was this level. Main goal is finding the Guardian Key and that room just pissed me off as there are spikes popping out of the floor and also fires. Nothing major I agree but there is no loading screen so you will be thrown to your desktop. For the rest there is no way you can let Lara die unless you are doing silly things with the girl. The boulder that comes tumbling down is of no threat. Pushing levers and having two huge library looking mazes to travel through is all you have to do. Shoot a few dogs some scorpions and bats. Before entering the guardian key the level ends. The lighting is very bright and the textures although repetitive I liked but sadly some were missing. 02-12-2002" - Gerty (07-Dec-2002)
"No load screen but a big maze. Do I need to say more? OK I admit I had a bad day at work and I would have needed something to cheer me up and this level certainly doesn't fit the bill. You find a couple of UZIs but there are only two dogs and a few bats as enemies. The castlesque textures are rather repetitive or missing altogether while the gameplay revolves around pushing some levers and avoiding a few unannounced spikes and fires. Yep you guessed it a fairly dispensable level but it's mercifully short." - Dimpfelmoser (01-Dec-2002)
"This was a rather boring adventure that lasted only 10 minutes. The rooms were simply HUGE and obviously the textures were stretched. It's incredible that in the few 11 rooms this level has there were enough rooms to have wafer thin walls. There was a kind of maze (which was very easy) and a few traps that you don't know exist if you don't die first. This author has improved a lot in his latest levels so you might check those instead of this one." - Treeble (07-Nov-2002)
"Strange temple one really HUGE empty temple. There are 4 areas off the perimeter of this big square temple one a climb up avoid a rolling boulder to jump on the roof. This for a bunch of pickups. Another was a library of sorts where you need to push a lever and fight off a couple of dogs. The third area had the very out of place 'Irish sign' with lots of crates from a storage area. In here you are swarmed by bats and more scorpions than Sherman's army marching on Atlanta to push yet another lever which then opened a fourth area. This was a big square tiled room a trap of sorts from which you picked up the guardian key which I by the way did not use. Back to the third area to an adjacent room and push a lever which opened the grate allowing entrance to the center of the HUGE temple and thereby end the level." - Momster (08-Sep-2002)
"This level has it all! Streched ugly or missing textures wafer-thin walls useless weapons and a very very simple gameplay with no puzzles and last - no load screen (that means - the level crashes to desktop when Lara dies or finishes the level). A typical debut level sadly." - eTux (01-Sep-2002)
"This looks like someone's first go at using the level editor. Your objective is to find the guardian key and escape with it. Along the way you'll encounter two dogs a flock of bats and some scorpions but you'll find plenty of weapons and ammo lying around on the roof and elsewhere. There are a few huge rooms with nothing in them except for one lonely switch and a smallish maze where you'll find another switch. The only challenge is in the room where you find the key - there are many spike and firetraps and since the game crashes every time you die you'll want to try very hard to miss them. The lighting was fine but the same few textures were used everywhere and they were usually stretched. The one thing I did like was the flyby showing the sign 'Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here' even though it's not really true about this level." - RaiderGirl (22-Jul-2002)
"Seemingly set inside a castle although this is never fully established this 15 minutes level just did not hit the mark. With large quite empty rooms some enemies that could have been used much more entertainingly perhaps in the maze and a booby trapped room that threw me back to desktop with each death this level held nothing of any real interest for myself and I was quite glad when it finished." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"A very short 10 minutes level which resides in huge rooms with stretched textures. A series of standard enemies to deal with (bats scorpions dogs) and a few levers to pull and then go search for which door it opened (some cameras could have helped here). It also has a small maze if you are into those." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"Another simple level you will complete in under twenty minutes. The idea is to find various switches to open doors in a central square room with a building you need to enter. On the roof of this building is a veritable arsenal although the pistols will do just fine because all you meet are a few dogs some scorpions and some pesky bats. At the end I had a guardians key but the level ended before I had opportunity to use it. This is one of those levels that will drop you to the desktop every time Lara dies. Unacceptable." - Torry (21-Jun-2002)
"A short not too linear game there is a little of every thing. A couple of suggestions to the author: Texturing needs improvement probably is one of the aspects that has more impact have in the quality of the level. The walls rooms can be divided up to 5 sections to texture and the textures can be selected in 16 32 48 and 64 tiles to get excellent results in the texturing. Review carefully the level before distributing to fix those few un-textured surfaces and flat walls." - Josep (21-Jun-2002)
"Unfortunately we do not have a zero score because the atmosphere lighting and textures of this level really would have deserved one. And the gameplay is so simple. A really bad level in my opinion." - Leandro (21-Jun-2002)
"This level takes eight minutes to complete there isn't anything challenging in it whatsoever and the textures are stretched. The texturing is rather bad overall and I don't understand why there are so many bookcases especially with so many stretched books. Every time Lara dies you get kicked out of the game lucky the level is so easy. There are a couple of easy enemies and a small maze but the end couldn't have come sooner." - Magnus (21-Jun-2002)
"Temple of what? Because all I saw was huge empty rooms with no objects and a couple of dogs. The textures in all of them are distorted and in the main room if you can call it that poor Lara looks so yellow. When I read author's notes I thought oh is it a maze because it says if you get lost you might be stuck there for a long time. Excuse me! No way you can get lost or stuck. Only four to five doors to open a couple of levers with scorpions and bats and the guardian key. The doors in the middle of that yellow room open and the level ends. It's quite bad." - Kristina (21-Jun-2002)