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LB Advent Calendar 2015 - Pegasus Fairytale by Mr XY

Bene 8 8 9 10
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 7 7 9 8
Jay 8 8 10 10
JimmyBeon 8 8 10 10
John 8 8 10 9
Jose 9 9 9 10
Loupar 8 8 9 9
manarch2 7 8 9 9
MichaelP 7 9 9 9
Mytly 8 8 9 9
nerdfury 8 10 10 10
Phil 9 9 10 10
requiemsoul 7 8 9 9
Ryan 9 8 9 10
totizedger 7 8 9 9
young Lara Croft 8 8 9 10
release date: 23-Dec-2015
# of downloads: 195

average rating: 8.79
review count: 17
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file size: 44.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: Castle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Short and sweet comes to mind after ive played this level, The setting, layout, atmosphere and both lighting and textures are just stunning, the music was so enchanting and relaxing and it really was a joy to explore the areas in this gorgeous snowy castle area. The gameplay was enjoyable as well and with such clever and fresh puzzles and tasks i was definitely impressed here! There is a lot of platforming and tricky jumps which i enjoyed, tile puzzles, pushable object puzzles, torch tasks and even a jump scare and some cool timed runs but no real traps or danger unfortunately. It was great to have kurtis with you as your guide and companion to help show you the way to go or to open a few doors for you, it would of been great to have some dialogue between them or for them to ride that unicorn at the end together but you cant have everything lol Anyway it was a great level that id certainly replay again" - John (25-Mar-2022)
"I really nice level that was short, but sweet, very sweet indeed. Gameplay and Puzzles - The puzzles are simple and fair, but some are harder to find than others. Like the symmetrical plant pot one. Took a bit of time to understand. Enemies, Objects and Secrets - Very rounded, the secrets were nice to find and weren't difficult to find to be honest, but were still rewarding all the same. Unfortunately i found a bug in the raised block area that can soft lock you if you haven't made multiple saves. Atmosphere, Sound and Cameras - These points were all top notch, the location in winter and the secluded temple all spoke out to me. Part of me wishes Kurtis wasn't there as I like feeling alone in secluded worlds, but it didn't detract me from loving the level. Lighting and Textures - the textures were sharp and inviting, and the lighting was used very well here, i have no complaints about it to be honest. Conclusion - wonderful level." - JimmyBeon (06-Jun-2021)
"(8) Gameplay & Puzzles: As much as I love crazy banana jump sequences, I also like to chill in levels every now and then, and Pegasus Fairytale is a splendid fit for that. The exploration, puzzle-solving and platforming is quite straight-forward in this <1 hour adventure, but gameplay still remains engaging from start to finish, and never did I feel myself getting bored despite the lack of challenge. Progression is smooth and mostly linear, and my favorite aspect was how an initially simple platforming sequence towards the end of the level turns into a much trickier sequence once Lara is holding a torch. (10) Enemies, Objects & Secrets: Not rating the enemies aspect -- object decor was lovely, and I quite liked the mini-puzzle involving a vase that looked a bit different to 3 other nearby vases. The 3 secrets all had very different methods of retrieving them, which I enjoyed. (10) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The castle and ruins atmosphere was spectacular, with charming musical tunes. Lara and Kurtis solving tasks together really enhanced the atmosphere, too, and I felt warm and fuzzy throughout the adventure. Flybys and static camera hints were flawless, and never did I feel lost regarding my objective. (10) Lighting & Textures: Both of these were of a very high-quality. There's not much lighting variation, and it would probably be more realistic to make cave/rock areas darker but I also understand the builder wanting to create an "uplifting" visual across the entire adventure. Overall, I highly recommend this lite adventure if you're in the mood for a short, relaxing, holiday-themed level. (Another example of a chill, lite adventure is The Mystery of Marsa Matruh, although it's not holiday-themed) 8/10/10/10." - nerdfury (23-Nov-2020)
"Since I loved Mr XY's 2014 Xmas level, 'Tibetan Winter Remake', I expected his Advent Calendar offering this year to be just as great. Unfortunately, 'Pegasus Fairytale' isn't quite in the same league - though not bad by any means, of course. The gameplay highlights are: a very nice pushable puzzle in which you have to arrange pushable pillars to make a path to a high ledge; a mildly challenging timed run over trapdoors; a sequence in which you have to jump onto pressure plates to keep a block raised; and some jumps to get and light a torch. Kurtis is well used as a guide. I got two of the three secrets, one of which involved a somewhat tricky jump. At the end, I expected to be able to ride Pegasus (as was possible in the BtB 2015 levels, for example), but the level ended just before Lara reached Pegasus.
The level is set in a castle, which is built using mainly the BtB 2013 package, with a few additional customized textures and objects. The pinkish lighting in the outdoor areas is nice in itself, but on the whole the lighting feels a little too bright and uniform - some shadows and contrast would have made the location seem more realistic. The underground areas look nice, though. Music is used well.
Overall: Short and sweet, and in a pretty setting. Recommended." - Mytly (26-Jan-2016)
"This one is smaller than Kevin got us used to, but still solid as always. I don't much like the lighting - it suffers from BtB disease, lacking contrast and looking way too grey, but at least it has pinkish overlay highlighted with horizon and outfit. Despite of these colors being my most disliked combination, the visuals are very smooth and consistent. The setting is subtly decorated with standard plants and arches but also some new vases and ornate paintings which fit the rest pretty nice, except that white Pegasus picture on the wall which is just wrong. As we accomodate ourselves among quite complex architecture, we can solve some undemanding puzzles but help given by Kurtis makes them more interesting than they would normally be. Secrets are way too easy, only one of them is harder than main gameplay, but the feathers are nice to find. The game ends with a torch puzzle and of course finding Pegasus, but it's rather disappointing we cannot conclude it with a ride towards the aurora. SUMMARY: The Ultimate Levelbuilding Machine strikes again in his newest Advent release, and rather a good one though nowhere close to his full capabilities. Is it a break before a major surprise?" - DJ Full (18-Jan-2016)
"This is a beautiful Christmas level. Nice gameplay without enemies but with simple puzzles. There are three secrets and only few objects to find. I've enjoyed a lot this level: not difficult, relaxing, and with lovely music." - Loupar (13-Jan-2016)
"In this new adventure by Kevin we discovered Lara and Kurtis in a ruins of an ancien castel who are supposed to be the lair of Pegasus. The level is not very hard and the secrets are easy to find and that is a good point because even if there are easy to find the way to obtain them need to be a bit logical. No enemies in this pacefull level is a good thing too. I like sometimes play level without someone to kill and I also love create level without enemies too. So it was a perfect level for me. We recognise some objects of btb2013 Northern legends and these ones are very appropriate for this kind of adventure. A perfect use of the textures and cameras and the game is also very clear with a perfect magical snowy Atmosphere. Maybe a bit short, I have finish this game in 45 min with all secrets. Recommended for every players even the begginners. Thanks Kevin for this magical snowy adventure." - Bigfoot (12-Jan-2016)
"A beautiful and charming Advent level from a dependable builder. Eye catching environments, spot-on gameplay and atmosphere. Textures were of a good standard. Enemies would have added a challenge, but it is an Advent level. Nice one!" - Ryan (10-Jan-2016)
"Mr XY can always be depended upon to provide a level with innovative features, eye-pleasing surroundings with ample lighting to enjoy them, and a sense of high satisfaction upon the player's reaching the finish line. Pegasus Fairytale is no exception, providing a fairly challenging but stress-free raid of a little less than an hour. The Christmas connection appears only at the very end, but I'm quite happy that we've had so many levels from so many competent builders to enjoy during Advent, whether or not the theme is overtly Christmas- based. There's a nice exercise here requiring use of the torch, where several tasks first have to be performed. Jose has given us his usual clear and concise walkthrough, documenting all three relatively easy secrets. Highly recommended." - Phil (02-Jan-2016)
"It's my favourite time of the year where we get to play these wonderful christmas levels, while this isn't really a christmas level more like a winter level with a cute little ending. Gameplay is pretty linear and obvious but it's great for those who like a peaceful raid. Lara does all the work as usual but this time she has to open doors for her sidekick Kurtis so ladies first haha. There is one easy timed run, some climbing sequences and a nice and simple puzzle to make your way to a lever. As usual the texturing is very well done and lighting as well while a bit uniform in a couple of areas. There are 3 secrets in this level and i found them all, they were not very hard to find but was still a nice addition to the raid. I do recommend you to give this one ago." - totizedger (02-Jan-2016)
"A really nice little fairytale level in which Lara and her sidekick Kurtis spend about 30 minutes finding their way through a castle of sorts towards Pegasus. Progression is very fluent and generally obvious and even the timed run has many seconds to spare, so this is a rather stress free little raid - just what is needed for the seasonal offering. Looks are great, as is to be expected from this prolific builder and the three secrets are a nice addition as well. Definitely worth a look!" - MichaelP (31-Dec-2015)
"Stunning environment and a interesting puzzle. A bit short, some bug and not as superb as other masterpiece levels of this author." - requiemsoul (30-Dec-2015)
"My first thought was that the setting was like stepping into an old Master's painting. The coloring, the hues were almost ethereal. Gameplay was interesting in that most moves had to be thought out and there were a few "red herrings". The Guide was a nice throwback and a necessary help at times. A jump near the end turned what looked easy into a "how to grab that?" puzzle. Christmas themed at the end when the Pegasus is found in a lovely little town that would have been fun to explore...perhaps another time. Thanks, Mr XY....a great addition to the Advent levels and very well done." - Bene (30-Dec-2015)
"Another lovely level from the Advent Calendar. Although not strictly Christmas themed, this has plenty of winter wonderland atmosphere and, hey, Pegasus, what more could anyone want? Lara is being accompanied by Kurtis and he actually does come in handy from time to time. There's plenty of route finding action (always a winner), puzzles and some torch work to accomplish and the beautiful scenery and great atmosphere round things off nicely." - Jay (28-Dec-2015)
"A very apt last level to the Advent calendars this year (though not my last) - as we came to expect from Mr XY this level is excellent in its design and the castle atmosphere is very nicely conveyed, texturing and lighting are almost faultless (found one misrotated texture ;) and perhaps the lighting is a tiny bit too uniform in all areas, but overall high quality stuff from start to finish). This game also contains a decent variety of tasks, like a few (mainly easy) climbing sequences, some puzzles with Kurtis (that sadly mainly contain an amount of levers to be used so that Kurtis can open a door for you) and one rather nice (but also potentially buggy!, so watch out here) puzzle with raising blocks and pushables that create a path. It's all very fast paced and very linear, so perhaps not quite the epic level like the builder's last ones, but for 20 enjoyable minutes in a highly atmospheric fairytale setting you really can't do wrong with this one. Found three not so hard secrets." - manarch2 (27-Dec-2015)
"This level plays out like a 'ladies first' invitation! Kurtis stands and awaits for Lara's first move on every corner or puzzle, not very gentleman-y but a good tactic because the player knows it's his/her turn. It's a relativelly short level but there's lots to do which brings out the fun part in this quest. The architecture beautiful and unique, the puzzles are fun and there's never a dull moment. Recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy settings!" - young Lara Croft (27-Dec-2015)
"Definitively I like the style from this builder. Good architecture and a good taste with the textures too, half lineal gameplay with no hard tasks and entertaining puzzles (perhaps the timed run was too easy), secrets not hard to find, nice musics and helping cameras... I only missed some enemies and traps, but it's a Christmas level, so it's logical. All in all, an entertaining option for this holidays. Highly recommended. Thanks!" - Jose (25-Dec-2015)