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Find the Dragons by alan

Ceamonks890 1 1 2 1
DJ Full 5 5 4 4
Gerty 2 3 5 2
Jay 3 4 5 5
Jorge22 1 1 2 1
Jose 2 3 4 4
manarch2 1 2 2 1
MichaelP 3 4 2 2
Mulf 2 3 2 0
Orbit Dream 3 3 3 3
Phil 4 5 6 6
Ryan 2 3 3 2
Tolle87 2 3 6 2
release date: 06-Oct-2016
# of downloads: 29

average rating: 2.88
review count: 13
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file size: 20.20 MB
file type: TR4
class: Coastal

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"OK, look. I understand that this individual is probably quite young. But if you're a first-time builder and perfectly aware of the issues that are present within your game beforehand, then don't release it to the public unless said errors are fixed! But as it is, this project ultimately offers very little reason for its existence. Level design lacks a strong cohesive feel(with rooms feeling empty amongst the painfully limited use of enemies & objects, texturing being repetitively stretched throughout and lighting considerably lacking, with themes from TR3 ultimately contributing very little, to whatever atmospheric presence is presented). That just leaves the 'secret' scavenging that comprises the vast majority of gameplay time you'll spend here. And what exactly do you receive for your troubles in the end? An inescapable death beneath a boulder while Lara's corpse is chargrilled in flames. That's what! So in conclusion, an extremely unfinished level that will serve as nothing more, than to waste any curious player's time. Not recommended." - Ceamonks890 (23-Sep-2017)
"“This is my first level”, says the author, “it’s not perfect, it is short, some textures are horrible, the lighting [is horrible too], etc.”, and one may add that the level’s sole element of gameplay properly speaking, the short trap gauntlet which you enter, oddly enough, by passing through an as-yet-inactive spikewall that has no collision, creates one hell of a racket if you re-enter the huge box of a room beneath it thereafter. Otherwise, the author himself has preemptively reviewed his own level quite succinctly, adding: “I don’t know how will the rating be hahahahahaahah”. Oh, but you know. Sure you do!" - Mulf (09-Apr-2017)
"It just sounded good after Dragon Statues so here I am. The readme tells me the author knows what he did right and, more vital, what he did wrong but I'll add something. The project caught the author in the middle of basic learning - how rarely we see the menu lines customized and empty slots more aestethic, but in the meantime we get misplaced pickup names. Then we jump into the game, instantly granted with flyby to fitting music, but also with missing sfx of attacking baddies. These battles provided some cover to avoid health loss, then I wasted half of the bar while getting away with the dragons. I could confirm the presence of ugly tiles but not complain about lighting and the fact the materials have a FUNCTION, a feature missing from some professional levels. I even managed to die a terrible death in the prefinal trap corridor, which combines a weird collision issue with a totally perfect way to pass with no scratch, what some veteran builders could learn from. Basic as it is, this game was still the most enjoyable after playing several "ambitious" levels packed with long tasking. In the end I was reminded of futility of this life again - I tried so hard and got so far, but in the end a boulder is what matters. But I flew through my demise to check if there's a finish, and apparently there's a wall too high to pass, followed with a no-escape corridor which held the flyby seconds earlier - so this all seems an intention rather than a work around the buggy finish. I like this sense of humor, is that a new Marksdad?" - DJ Full (17-Jan-2017)
"It's a pity that the amount of dragons you collect doesn't show up in your inventory,as I'm not absolutely sure that I managed to collect them all;but I'd be willing to take a punt on it.Aside from a couple of interesting fly-by's and a brisk but easy gauntlet,there's not an awful lot to do except wander around picking up the 'secrets' (several of which just happen to be sitting right in your path).The texturing is very much of a 'first try' standard,as is the lighting;but it's all brisk and quirky enough (particularly the gruesome ending) to while away 12 minutes of your time." - Orbit Dream (07-Nov-2016)
"This does give the impression of a basic debut level, to be fair. Stretched textures, rudimentary gameplay and a short duration. I did like the premise of hunting those dragons, although most of them are easily visible. I encourage the builder to improve." - Ryan (03-Nov-2016)
"I had not played a level in quite a while, so wanted to start again with something short and sweet and this one fit the bill. A beginners effort of course, experimenting with the most basic editor concepts only, but not without a certain charming notion, as you pick up those 12 dragon secrets along the way, shooting a bunch of soldiers and running a brief trap gauntlet. 10 minutes." - MichaelP (01-Nov-2016)
"Kabal gets two thumbs up for effort even if there are numerous beginner mistakes, I did like this little romp. The ending was a surprise as who would like to see our heroin being killed by flames and a boulder, not me that is for sure. Hunting little TR1 dragons was fun even when a few were out in the open. Nice trap almost at the end, that took some tries before I knew what to expect." - Gerty (26-Oct-2016)
"I can't understand the reason why the author says in the readme file that the textures are not good, and even so the level was released. I think the builder was in a hurry to know what the members of the Community said about the creation, and I encourage this author to get better skills, but I think builders must do all what they can before release a level. The gameplay is poor here, only explore a few rooms to eventually pick up objects; in this sense only the last run through the corridor with all that traps was funny. Also most players don't like Lara's dead to finish a level. Not a bad debut, but it could be much better with two or three weeks more developing the level, even when it's short." - Jose (18-Oct-2016)
"The premise for this short level is nice enough - finding 12 secret dragons and indeed that really is all you get to do, apart from shooting a few guards and finding a few pickups along the way. It's very much a debut level, being rather sketchily made, with stretched textures, incorrect animations etc., but there are one or two nice moments - a traps run being about the most exciting part, plus a couple of the secrets are hidden with a bit of imagination. The ending is somewhat bizarre, as poor Lara inevitably meets her end under a boulder, but it makes a change I suppose. The builder obviously has some way to go before producing a good level, but this does, I feel, show promise and he should certainly continue honing his skills with the level editor." - Jay (13-Oct-2016)
""Maybe I'll make another one like this with improved textures, dragons amount and this time better-hidden. I don't know how will the rating be hahahahahaahah" - this wasn't written by me, it's at the end of the readme file and means it all. So, it's a five-minute coastal level with repeated/stretched textures all over in which Lara's mission is to find several dragons, some named "load", others "broken beetle". They are indeed easy to find as they're scattered all over the place, so only a blind person would miss them. The only interesting part (although Lara crosses the spikes door like a ghost) is the small run across traps and I'm not even a huge traps fan. In the end, Lara gets smashed and burned while an earthquake takes place. Pretty bad even for a bad joke level and I don't think it's me who's lacking in sense of humour. It just isn't humourous. Well, at least it was playable. But it makes you wonder what drives a few people to release such niilist levels." - Jorge22 (12-Oct-2016)
"This is a debut level with obvious deficiencies. However, the builder has taken the time to map out his level, build it and release it for public consumption and evaluation, so he deserves to have it fairly reviewed. Unlike the previous level I played and reviewed (Night Castle), which has gorgeous surroundings and zero gameplay, this one has a clearly defined goal (find a dozen dragon pickups scattered here and there) that the player attempts to reach amidst surroundings that are less than visually appealing. Still, the 25-minute game has its moments. The opening flyby gives you a glimpse of the gold dragon that you don't get until the very end, and you have to be thinking about that when you reach the platform ahead of the spike wall near the end. Many of the dragons are ridiculously easy to find, but when I started writing a walkthrough (not realizing until I'd nearly finished that the builder had provided his own) I found that I'd missed a jade dragon along the way and had to go back and find it. The builder's suggestion for handling the ending sequence was lost on me, for even if you give yourself unlimited medipacks and weapons, there's little point in firing away while you're lying prone in flames with a boulder on your back. However, I'm grateful for having been informed that this is the intended end of the level, as otherwise I would have wasted an untold amount of time trying to get myself down while avoiding the flames and the boulder. Another positive note: I rarely had to use a flare here, which is always appreciated. Not the best debut level I've ever seen, not by a long shot, but definitely a playable one." - Phil (08-Oct-2016)
"Yes, the title says all there is to say about this level - you have to find the 12 dragons about which even the builder states they are too easy to find as they are just lying on your way mostly. It's not a good sign that even the builder calls the texturing horrible (which it is, as well as the flat lighting), why does he release such a level? It is a truly good thing to carefully build a level and release it without hurrying, there's simply no point to quickly show everyone how great (or not) one can build. Except of a decent trap passage there's also no gameplay at all, just running and finding dragons without any greater sense. The final scene shows a bit of creativity, yet it's also so poorly put in scene that it almost feels ridiculous. So all in all this provides little more than six pointless minutes you probably can spend better otherwise. Not recommended." - manarch2 (07-Oct-2016)
"This was a very strange experience.Have you ever met a person who speaks fluently foreign language but still doesn't know the alphabet?Well, that's the feeling I had during playing this level.This builder apparently doesn't know some basics like segmenting the walls.That means there are stretched textures all over the place.However, he knows how to do some script editing and even how to create water room in a way that water level goes above the floor of the upper room.Another inconsistency is that he apparently knows how to set ocb for items but not for triggers.I've never seen before that jump-switch has wrong animation and I wasn't even sure if that was possible.Overall, very strange learning order by Kabal and we will see the results in future levels.Now, about the level itself.Your goal is to get all the dragons/secrets.Don't worry, they are not hidden at all and will be just in your way.Rooms are mostly huge and consist of one texture which is overstretched on the walls like I already mentioned.There are few attempts to apply different lighting, but that just means complete darkening of certain corridors.There are few heavily armed enemies but you always have enough space to shoot them before they get to you.So, I was going through the level, doing some jumps and avoiding some traps, until reaching the place where I faced a very brutal death, followed by audio tune and a flyby.I spent like 10 minutes trying to pass it, until I gave up and looked at the walkthrough which states something like "You can't avoid death here, but you can use a cheat that makes it possible to shoot your guns after you die".Not a great comfort, my friend.Sorry, but this is just unacceptable and there are no excuses even for a debut level.I don't wanna play the level just to end up simultaneously falling from great height, getting burned by fire and crushed by a rock.Overall, the builder shouldn't skip learning steps.Sure, we all love flybys and appropriate audio tunes, but that should come later.He said in the readme that the nature of his future levels depends on a ratings for this one, so I have to do this because I really want him to realize the things he has to change in the future." - Tolle87 (06-Oct-2016)