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Create a Classic: 20 years of TR - Temple of Amen Ra by AgentXP

Adrian 10 10 10 10
alan 9 9 9 10
DJ Full 8 9 9 9
Drakan 9 9 9 9
eRIC 8 9 9 8
Gorty 8 10 10 10
izzynoodles 10 8 8 8
Jay 9 9 9 10
Jose 8 8 9 9
Lady_Wise 9 10 10 10
Lara_Shin 10 10 10 10
manarch2 8 8 8 9
MichaelP 8 9 10 10
Mman 9 10 10 10
Nina Croft 9 9 9 10
Phil 9 10 10 9
Raider99 8 8 8 10
Ryan 9 9 9 9
Samu 8 9 9 10
SeniorBlitz 9 9 10 10
smcandrew 9 9 9 10
SrDanielPonces 8 8 10 10
Thiago 8 9 9 10
Vittyrei 9 9 10 10
Xopax 6 8 10 10
release date: 02-Dec-2016
# of downloads: 274

average rating: 9.13
review count: 25
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file size: 231.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

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Reviewer's comments
"This level really amazed me. The choice of textures is perfect. When you play, you feel like you are really in Egypt. Excellent choice of music, perfect for this setting. Good job!" - Vittyrei (29-Aug-2022)
"This massive adventure starts out like a calm little Egypt romp, from stealing Indys shotgun at the very start and a small room with too many vases to shatter, but as soon as you enter the huge and beautifully moonlit outside area you begin to realize that this will not be a quick raid. You get many branches to explore to open the place up more and more and behind many doors yet another huge area to explore opens up. The gameplay highlights for me were the whole design about using the torch for quite a number of tasks and the many different angles on push block puzzles, which actually never turned out to be too dull, as you always had to give it a bit of thought. Enemies occur every now and then but are really not a major factor while you are trying to navigate the areas. I really liked the whole room with the spike trapped floor, but pushing that statue was a bit too lenghty to remain fun and then needing the torch again meant quite a loong backtrack and a good memory to recall where you left it. And then there is the room with the climbable pillars and the wooden ceiling monkey swing action that is the sole reason to not award a 9 for gameplay and puzzles. Just too much repetition here, especialy if you want the secret as well - that section was veeery tedious and really did not need to be. Secrets in general though are fun to get, not too obvious and not too hard and 8 of them was a good number to get as well. Strangely, when reaching the end and dropping into the area below the pyramid after 3 hours, it felt oddly as if the builder ran out of ideas here, as compared to the grand scale visuals before this seemed very basic and almost uninspired, but that did not take away from countless awe inspiring moments before. Fabulous raid - not to be missed!" - MichaelP (20-Jul-2021)
"This is definitely among the best levels with Egypt theme that I have played. The surrounding look beautiful including great use of textures and objects and colorful lighting. The level offers various kinds of tasks for the player, such as plenty of exploration, platforming and also couple of rather easy but nice puzzles. Certain platforming and climbing parts could have been shortened though, such as the part where you need to activate three jump switches by monkey swinging, which takes quite a lot of time. Overall, I enjoyed this level still a lot and I highly recommend it for everyone." - Samu (26-Sep-2020)
"As the title hints this is an Egypt-based level, and, while classic themed, it's a very ambitious take. There are several giant rooms and it's the kind of level where you can go through a large area and end up somewhere that feels even bigger. The design and architecture is interesting throughout, and each area has a distinct style while feeling like part of a whole, the enemies and objects are also well used. The night-time style of the outdoors also gives the theme a small twist (unfinished business did it, but custom Egypt levels rarely go in that direction).
The level is pretty huge, and the gameplay is also quite intricate and complex, so this isn't a single level to take lightly. There's a wide range of tasks to do and a good mix of combat, traps and puzzles. A couple of tasks don't work so well, like a room full of death tiles with little signal of where they are; there is somewhat of a clue to the safest routes, but it still kind of feels like trial and error in parts. An area with a bunch of ladders and monkey swings also felt like it had some needless backtracking when a shortcut or two would have improved it a lot. Outside of those issues the tasks are consistently fun though (as long as you're thorough in the initial outdoor part anyway, since a few things needed much later are there), and the level links together in some unexpected and complex ways. The ending is somewhat anti-climatic and somewhat of a sequel hook that doesn't seem to have come through, but I guess that can still change... Overall an great level." - Mman (30-Nov-2019)
"This is such a fantastic levelset, certainly one of my top favourites! It is visually stunning and has a great mix of music from various Tomb Raider releases; I especially love that music from Temple of Osiris has been included. There's plenty of ammo pick ups which allows you to have some fun with different weapons instead of being conscious of ammo and trying to conserve it. Agent's levels always look amazing so it's well worth checking them out just for the scenery. My only complaint is that the valley area is quite dark. Highly recommend to all. Took around 3 and a half hours to play." - izzynoodles (19-Nov-2019)
"Another Great level from one of my favourite builders. Fantastic Game play throughout. I only mark down game play for the spike traps that were not in any way obvious and you had to feel your way around it when you first play, trial and error. However plenty to do and nice big game, how i like it! That would be my only critic. Objects enemies and secrets - all very well placed and not to difficult. Atmosphere of the game was enjoyable a great level set indeed. Great geometry and beautiful surroundings. Plenty to explore. Textures and lighting - Dark in places but then again i think that adds to the atmosphere of the level. But as always textures are always well done and to an exceptionally high standard. Agent always makes sure things are well blended and Right and always puts alot of care into her building. thoroughly enjoyed this one." - Lady_Wise (26-Mar-2019)
"Long enough level, I loved some parts and hated some others (for example, far too many pushables for my taste) There are some jumps twisted but nothing very difficult. The texturing is good and the lighting, though may be a bit dark, is good too. Found the 8 secrets in 1h22." - Drakan (29-Nov-2018)
"This level was a really nice throwback to the Egyptian setting of the old Tomb Raider 1&4 games, this is a combination between the two mentioned titles with some original ideas involved, there are a lot of locations that seem familiar, that have their own unique twist to them to keep things fresh. The atmosphere is very authentic (specially if you play using the old Lara Croft model) and the puzzles are pretty nice. In conclusion this is a very enjoyable "mix" of the original Egyptian setting with a very nostalgic feel to it, recommended without a doubt." - SeniorBlitz (24-Jan-2018)
"I have to say this level has brought me so many good memories and I had a really nostalgic feeling about the classic TR back when they were released. The gameplay and puzzles are great as Agent kept the core of the TR game where puzzles are convenient and not too complicated to understand but rather make sense and user friendly. The game has a fair amount of the classic enemies and objects and this gave me the chance to enjoy the game which in my opinion the best approach as simplicity is beauty itself. I have to say the music and everything sound related blew me away, every background music complimented really well each area, the atmosphere definitely felt like playing a TR game and the camera wasn't overly used which is a plus for me. I loved the textures and the lighting, it wasn't too dark, the colours were well chosen and represented each area nicely. Thank you for this amazing job Agent and I can't wait to play more awesome levels like this :)." - Lara_Shin (15-Oct-2017)
"I must admit, I really enjoyed playing this level. Even when I wanted to give up (given its length and complexity), when long push sequences annoyed me or some hidden item or ingeniously hidden puzzles made me scream in despair, I still could not stop playing this level! What an adventure! This is a masterpiece when it comes to the vista and gameply, it will remind you of old, classic TR games at many places and moments. I myself struggled with the gameplay, as I am not a particular fan of challenging levels, I prefer it a bit less stressful, but it was nonetheless great. Enemies were placed cleverly, and I particularly liked the balance and generous ammo and weapons. Secrets are ingeniously hidden and make sure to find them, you won't regret. What I particularly liked was the overall atmosphere, that actually conveyed the "smell" of original classic adventures and clever use of cameras. Lighting was superb, an example of how it should be done. Really a great adventure. Don't miss it, you'll miss a lot of great moments. Be prepared for a tough and long adventure and don't expect to finish this quickly and without sweating. No, this one will take your time but also steal your heart. If you ask me, this level should be in the Hall of Fame." - Nina Croft (28-Apr-2017)
"Quite an adventure in a stand alone level ! 3h30 to reach the end , collecting many Puzzle_Items on the way, finding 6/8 secrets , and doing a lot of things, exploration traps ennemies and puzzles , everything is there , notably a great and extended use of the torch , all this in a non staightforward type of gameplay that needs perseverance if you miss an item somewhere ; even if nothing is missed, perseverance is needed as there is some redoings (shimmying or monkey-swinging) and perhaps too many pushable blocks in the last sections of the game, which made me want to reach the end sooner. Anyway this level is a worthy hommage to the 20th birthday of TR, with some references to TR1 and TR4. Enemies are placed well but the giant scorpions did not attack Lara so there was quite enough weapons and ammos for the rest. Some of the rooms look quite atmospheric even if the looks are not immaculate. All things considered. This level will be remembered for the amount of gameplay put in a single level and the good atmosphere." - eRIC (16-Apr-2017)
"Played this when released but never reviewed for some reason.. until now ahah... The level is beautiful: geometry is very well done and so is the lighting - very colorful. Also, no cracks or misplaced textures were noticed by myself (or maybe one or two, but I may not remember anymore - anyways it doesn't really matter, I'd remember if it was something more serious :p). The gameplay, generally, is wonderful. I loved how you had to bring the torch for every. single. location. Really liked the concept, well done! However what I didn't like much was the big, red room: The spikes were a bit unpredictable, and I took a while to figure out that I had to use the little beetle (even though there was a texture tile with it, stupid me). I thought the selection of various outfits was a bit stupid since the competition was about classic levels, and a "modern" or (slightly) high-poly Lara didn't stick with the concept of the competition, so I sticked with TR3 Lara. Found some issues regarding collision in objects (In the water part, that's actually on the screenshot, with those huge egyptian statues from TR1, there are some objects with no collision, for example). Overall, it was a nice level to be played and I fully recommend it. Well done AgentXP :)" - SrDanielPonces (22-Mar-2017)
"Another good level from this author. This one is very, very huge, with a lot of tasks to do and many kilometers to run. There were some areas not very interesting for me 'cause the tedious tasks or the repetitons: the big area with the unmarked spike traps and the movable statue, or the area with many tall pillars with climbable surfaces on top and the long monkeyswings. Sometimes I suffered some backtracking too. Anyway the game is entertaining, there are a lot of pickups (perhaps excessive), the atmosphere is well worked with a lot of musics, flybys and cameras in appropriate places, the enemies are well balanced, the architecture is fantastic and the texturization, even with the same old egyptian textures, is usually well applied, creating nice environments. Good work. Recommended." - Jose (07-Mar-2017)
"A quite heavy release this is and while sometimes I thought that less would be more here, on the whole everything works quite well together and the time. I spent here were quite fun. There's a rather strong progression through the areas here and some of the side quests are quite enjoyable, but perhaps a few a bit too lenghty (mostly the monkeyswing area and the not too inspired pushables towards the end) and instead a few more puzzles would be good. That said, it's gameplaywise the best offering of the builder and it's obvious he really put more effort than before into it. Enemies are varied and nicely placed, but given that much ammo provided here a few more of them wouldn't be unwelcome. The atmosphere is quite nice, especially with rather organic (even if built with basic tools) outside areas. The camera work is good too and some audios are suitably chosen too, yet sometimes the level is very silent... Texturing is not totally faultless, which is probably not really avoidable with the old set, but I found it to be quite effective and together with the lighting it provides a colour scheme that makes this game feel quite different to the standard Egypt raid. All in all a very commendable offering, even if at times too long-winded and less intense as it could've been. The level ended quite abruptly after 1:25 hours with all eight nice secrets found." - manarch2 (06-Feb-2017)
"Choosing a favorite in the Create a Classic competition is difficult for me. For sheer aesthetic enjoyment I have to go with The Temple of Isis, but for gameplay excellence I believe that Temple of Amen Ra deserves to get the nod. Even with the valuable assistance of a somewhat tedious online video walk, I spent well over three hours navigating my way through this vast map. The surroundings have been laid out with painstaking care, and even though the outdoor sequences take place at night there's always plenty of light for the player to see what's going on around him. Use of the torch is required past the point where you might feel it's safe to toss it away, and to the builder's credit he has provided more than one place to find one. Each new area unfolds with delightful logic, and at the very end you get to explore that pyramid you saw near the beginning. There's a little of everything here, and I enjoyed myself immensely. High recommendations." - Phil (04-Feb-2017)
"I'm not a fan of very long and complex levels, but I really enjoyed this one. The lighting is colorful and varied, and the textures look great! This level features 5 different outfits, which Lara will wear during all the adventure. There are a lot of huge rooms, each one with a different task. The puzzle items are very well hidden, even better than some secrets that were quite obvious. I found 6 of them. I had more difficulty in the reddish room with hidden spikes, I think that was the most confusing for me, but I managed to complete the tasks in this room after I knew what to do (thanks Ryan for his help). Also it was quite confusing the bluish room with climbable pillars, but better look carefully in this one! I didn't like that ending, though. It could have been a little more rewarding. But perhaps this is just starting because the author wrote that he'll continue this adventure! I wonder how much time took the author to build a 'monster' like this one, I'm sure it took weeks or even months? 3 hours, recommended!" - alan (31-Jan-2017)
"I really liked this level - the stand out for the Create a Classic series. The gameplay and atmosphere was excellent encouraging thorough exploration of some impressively large locations. Finding all the little important niches hidden away by clever angles and textures and finding routes to them including some not-so-obvious jumps was true tombraiding for me and led to a number of 'Aha!' moments. The sub-areas were all quite different which gave a nice variety to the level. Good use of objects - I always like the push-block stopping the water trick! It was quite a long level (which I liked) which meant lots of exploring the lush & colourful locales. Slightly odd ending, though that may have been explained in another reviewer's comments. Recommended." - Adrian (28-Jan-2017)
"The first level of the Create a Classic competition is an amazingly complex, sometimes confusing but enjoyable level. You have the opportunity to choose the outfit that you want Lara to wear, but the gameplay remains the same regardless. The surroundings are awe-inspiringly beautiful and, along with the choice of music from Tomb Raider 1, really succeeded in drawing me in to the atmosphere. The gameplay is varied and consists of a torch puzzle, exploration inside and outside, block puzzles, avoiding deviously placed traps and hunting down artefacts. This is how you do a classic level. Amazingly well done! Took me 3 hours and 36 minutes and I found 7 of 8 secrets. I look forward to trying out the rest of the CaC levels now." - Ryan (12-Jan-2017)
"The best entry for the Classic competition, for sure. Outstanding designed environment, looking epic on some parts. Very huge areas that looked stunning ! Many times I just looked around and admired how this was created and how much time was spent. Every room created with so much care. The best aspect was the lighting. So dynamic, beautiful, colorful and different from all other entries in CaC. I really can't say anything bad about the light and textures. Yes, there were some not matching applied textures on some parts, especially on the cliffs, but overall, it was close to flawless. A big ˝10˝ for the Lighting & Textures. Atmosphere was fantastic. From the first rooms till the end, I really enjoyed the atmosphere. Lara seemed to have wrong pitched sound. Some flybys had no audio or it started in half of the sequence. His should/could be fixed easily, but maybe it was the intention from the author to make it that way ... also, the flybys were a bit too fast and seemed weird. I've seen much better sequences introducing new areas. Some secrets were very easy, even easier than finding the main path. Enemies were placed nicely, not too much. There were enough weapons and ammunition to pick up, so it was not a problem to kill the enemies. There were no objects with wrong lighting, everything fits very well with the environment. No walkthrough ( no collision ) objects found. Even some rooms without objects in them looked amazing which is a proof on how well the author worked with the light, textures and design. Gameplay was overall very good, interesting and not boring. I didn't like the fact that I had to explore this huge area without having any clues. That was very confusing and hard to find the way I'm supposed to go. Some pickups were also very good hidden. Overall, an outstanding creation from AgentXp, above all other CaC levels I've played. Doesn't seem like something a beginner made like some other levels, instead, feels like a game from someone experienced who put really much effort into everything. Too bad only for some little flaws I encountered. Very recommended !" - Gorty (07-Jan-2017)
"This is a long, complex and often rather confusing level; it's also very good and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. There is a lot of exploration involved, but the gameplay is extremely well thought out with some good puzzles, enough enemy action to spice things up, agility tests and timed runs aimed at the middle range of player ability and some beautiful settings to admire. There are four 'hands' and four 'stones' to acquire along the way and I just found it most engaging and satisfying to play. The author has said this is to be continued and all I can say is - bring it on. Highly recommended." - Jay (20-Dec-2016)
"Considering my personal preference being that I'm not too keen on Egyptian themed levels, the builder of this level has done an amazing job convincing me otherwise that there are actually amazing Egyptian levels out there - and this is one of them. The gameplay took me well over 3 hours to complete! There is a diverse selection of puzzles to figure out and the level isn't completely linear, and I presume it can be completed in various order. With a combination of classic TR and TR4 elements, as well as unique moments itself help make up such a beautiful level. Enemies were well placed and varied in difficultly as the level progresses. One thing I didn't understand was the level end - I was presuming to find some sort of relic / artefact but that's no big deal as it didn't affect the gameplay. The atmosphere created was incredible, combining amazing lighting, textures and background audio to really add to what was already an amazing level. The mechanical scarab area was challenging as it took me a while to figure out what to do and where I could stand! The secrets (of which I actually found) were very well places. Overall, this was a fantastic level and in places I actually preferred playing this level than some of the levels in TR4!" - smcandrew (13-Dec-2016)
"If you love exploration this is for you. Unlike the most of competition entries which placed a bit of action per location to make you feel going forward, AgentXP requires you to take time to clear all the corners before you're allowed to progress, and even then you may face a receptacle for an item found in the previous location. I see why this may be hard, some elusive pickups would be better as optional, but I was careful so I didn't backtrack much, and even if I did, the lights indicated the key spots, shifting the balance of fairness in favor of the builder. Visually, the lighting is good however sometimes monotonous, and texturing is chosen accordingly however with lots of seams, weird knowing the author as one of the best texture set providers out there. But I guess this is to repicture the quite seamy style of TR1 Egypt, in this case it makes sense to put trust not so much in texturing but rather in geometry, which is, apart from a totally quad tower, very organic. From behind heaps and crevices, lot of enemies crawl or fly but don't worry, the pickups are enough and sometimes too many. The only things I didn't like was countless pushblocks, especially I don't get the direct copy of the Anniversary room with lots of moveable pillars - this made sense once and only with faster animations of Crystal Dynamics, here it doesn't have much point especially bordering with the slow shimmy room and two tower sections we need to climb. Same case like in Shakira's level, the closer to the finale we are, the faster the action should go, not the other way around. The ending... urrrgghh... this game had a final artifact and now it doesn't, apparently one of my betatesting tips misunderstood - holy crap, am I really that wrong at communication? But I already sent a PM and I won't downrate this game for my mistakes." - DJ Full (09-Dec-2016)
"This adventure set in Egypt was much longer than I expected it to be, and I enjoyed it quite a lot! But I think it lacked few hints in certain situations. It wasn't anything serious, I did roam around for quite some time but that didn't really affect my overall impression as other bits of the gameplay were quite fun to surpass that. I did encounter some strange bugs, like invisible enemies and shotgun that breaks action key and the ability to use any other weapon. Apparently it happened to me only, and if possible, would be nice if the builder can look into it for the next part of this journey! I also noticed some misplaced flames, static objects with no collision or missing some faces (originally they don't have them all, but it made no sense leaving it like that), invisible floor in 2 big statues room and missing bubbles object, it was quite amusing seeing Lara's thighs flying around! The one thing that bugged me quite a lot were sounds... Many of them had wrong pitch value and I'm not sure if I liked the mix of all TR1, TR2/3, TR4 and TR6 Lara sounds, could be that the builder overlooked it, so, be careful next time! The level felt quite mystic and calm due to night atmosphere, it was really well done together with texturing and lighting I have no complaints! I was in awe in many rooms as their lighting and design were amazing! As this game is supposed to have a continuation, please, do finish it, I'm really looking forward to it!" - Raider99 (09-Dec-2016)
"Overall I liked the level. The scenery (textures) is fully detailed and the lighting at night is pleasing. It's a bit difficult sometimes, like the fact that you have to search for the stars (keys) in a vast place where they can be anywhere, my search for them was so relentless that I found the 8 secrets easier than finding all the stars (I always reached the location of the secret thinking it was where the star would be). A level too hard can end up becoming annoying in certain places when you do not know where to go and what to do. But in the end, everything ended well. I Liked. Recommended and congratulations to the author." - Thiago (04-Dec-2016)
"The colorful atmosphere is very well made, there's little to no glitches, and the geometry and texture placement is amazing, my only complain is some of the puzzles being a bit too hidden and things like the spikes in the big red room being completely unpredicatable, that was a bit annoying." - Xopax (03-Dec-2016)