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Assuan by Miss Kroft

alan 7 8 8 9
Bigfoot 10 10 9 8
Boris 9 9 9 9
Chicken 9 8 10 10
Daffy 9 9 9 10
Dimpfelmoser 9 9 9 9
Engelchen Lara 8 8 9 8
Fairy Godfather 9 9 9 9
Freeman Porter 8 9 8 8
G.Croft 8 9 9 8
Gerty 8 7 8 9
Hendrik 8 9 10 10
Jay 9 9 10 9
Jose 9 9 9 10
Kitkat 9 9 9 9
Kristina 8 8 8 8
Lorena 9 8 9 8
Magnus 8 9 9 9
MichaelP 8 7 9 9
Momster 9 9 10 10
Mulf 5 5 5 5
Patson 9 9 10 10
Phil 9 9 9 9
QRS 9 8 10 10
Qwendo 9 9 10 9
RaiderGirl 9 9 10 10
Ryan 9 9 9 9
Sash 9 9 10 10
Sethian 5 5 5 5
Shandroid 9 9 10 10
Torry 9 8 9 9
Treeble 8 8 8 8
release date: 12-Sep-2001
# of downloads: 89

average rating: 8.65
review count: 32
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file size: 44.41 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A set of 3 levels that plays out quite nicely. It's entertaining and the visuals look good. I liked the various tasks to be done, but I feel like level 2 could've been better, as it's mostly about pulling levers in a base. But all in all it's a good levelset." - alan (17-Nov-2022)
"I enjoyed this four level classic raiding experience, which holds up astonishingly well even today. The surroundings are normal Karnak, but nicely constructed and aided by some brilliant music choices and cutscenes, particularly in the first level. As mentioned, plenty of levers and switches to use, and ninjas, dogs and scorpions to take down, but gameplay is generally entertaining." - Ryan (07-Sep-2017)
"Right from the word go, you get the feeling you're in competent hands here, with the custom opening credits and the splendid initial flyby. I played this level way back when and thoroughly enjoyed it and the second time around is just as good. The atmosphere is marvellous and everything is beautifully presented, especially the first section with its imposing architecture. Gameplay is nicely rounded, readily achievable, but never boring and the enemies are well used. Camera work is excellent, with plentiful hints to assist with exploration. For a level of this age it lasts a long time at well over two hours, but I don't think you'll mind as it's a quality product that has stood the test of time better than most." - Jay (26-Aug-2016)
"This second adventure of Miss Kroft is also exellent, specially the intro. Great idea. I really like the first level built with the title textures and the treasure room is very beautiful. For the second level I maybe not really like the textures(the dam). The gameplay is exellent, spacially the end when Lara jumps the dam to escape. The third level is my favorite of this adventure. I really like the city of Assuan, the many houses, the bike, the pools. I don't understand why the author has forgot the load camera, it's black when we load the game. To conclude, an exellent second adventure by a great author (I maybe prefer Alexander's Tomb)" - BigFoot (26-Nov-2011)
"Here's a very pleasant old-school raid of three parts that requires a bit more than two hours to complete. Everything here will be familiar to seasoned players, but it's well constructed and provides some nice challenges. For the most part gameplay is linear, and most of the milestones along the way are fairly obvious. There are a lot of floor levers and jumpswitches, and some of the latter are cleverly placed. The enemies are what you'd expect to see in an Egyptian adventure, lots of bats, dogs, SAS, not to mention a few crocs and ninjas. At the end you're treated to a brief ride on the motorbike where you have to use the nitrous oxide booster to clear a deep pit. Lots of fun, and recommended for that nice feeling of nostalgia." - Phil (11-Feb-2011)
"The author of this game gives us a very nice return in Egypt. Decoration is superb, every new room which Lara discovers is most unusual, textures are very well used to make vary the final return. The gameplay is (To my taste) perfect, with a very good compromise of difficulty, not so simple but not so hard either. Research is in the honour with some passages to be negotiated which gives a few pricking to game. It is really a very good level which it does not play in quickly go her, congratulations to this author." - Daffy (11-Aug-2009)
"This wonderful level by the equally wonderful Miss K is one of the very best Egypt levels I have ever played. The first part of the level was filled with room after room of beautifully textured rooms with great puzzles. There were just enough baddies to round out gameplay (I really don't like games with only puzzles and no baddies). I only got confused a couple times since the level is straightforward and so well put together. The temple is the best part of the level, however the The Dam and Assuan were very well done too, they just didn't have as much in the way of sprucing. That's ok, I am just so happy the level kept going after the temple. I really can't believe I missed this level when it first came out the first time. What a thrill it was for me to play it now as if it were brand new." - Shandroid (25-Aug-2008)
"Great set of three arabian levels from Monika. Half-lineal gameplay with some good details and no difficult tasks. Remember that you'll have to find one of the secrets (crossbow) to continue playing, but it's easy to find. Nice environment very well lightened and textured with no much but well placed enemies. I missed some flares in the first level. You'll got cameras when you need it and if it's not so, the triggered object is not far from you. There are a lot of jumpswitches to pull, but not much hidden so, explore a bit to find them and continue enjoying this interesting adventure." - Jose (30-May-2008)
"Philae and the Isis Temple (40 minutes, 3 secrets): this was a lovely Karnak-WAD level with plenty of areas to explore and a pretty linear gameplay flow. The environments are nicely crafted and it's really nice to run back and forth through them. There were a few unmarked climbable walls, but nothing you couldn't figure out. The Dam (25 minutes): a rather usual Tut1-WAD built level taking place in a base-like area. Gameplay for this one is far more simplistic and quite linear. Some of the areas are rather bland while others are nicely crafted. The rope swing bit takes a few tries but it really isn't impossible. There were some underwater caverns toward the end that you unfortunately couldn't explore. Assuan (30 minutes, 1 secret): a mixture of several different styles and textures from pretty much all of the games make this small city rather weird to traverse through. You're on a quest for the nitro and valve pipe to tune your bike and make the final jump, shooting a few dogs and sas soldiers along the way. After the bike jump, you get to a chopper and the end of the level. Bottomline, fun levels, but the first one is what makes the journey worth it. 95 minutes, 4 secrets. 09/07" - Treeble (12-Sep-2007)
"Lara is on the island of Phile looking for the amulet of Horus {again}, once she finds it she has to make her way past the Aswan dam through to the town itself and her way home. {I was interested in this level as I visited the temple of Isis on Phile Island, the town of Aswan and the High Dam when I was in Egypt and wondered what it would be like to visit them in a custom level.} These are three very different levels, and because the settings vary the gameplay and puzzles are quite diverse. The island of Phile is textured and lit very nicely in warm sandstone colours which really contrast with the drab grey of the buildings around the dam. {I enjoyed the dive off the dam into Lake Nasser.} The fire traps, crocodiles and scorpions of the first level give way to guards, dogs and sentry guns in the following levels, which are much more in keeping with the surroundings. I thought the secrets were nicely placed. The bike ride was really fun too. And the icing on the cake is the opening 'intro' which really gives the package a professional feel. Lara's trip to Aswan was definitely more hectic than mine!" - Kitkat (31-Jul-2007)
"The opening main titles for these levels were very beautifully crafted. Also, the first level was a quite good and classic Karnak-style tomb raider level. However, I honestly have no clue why the author decided to add the other two levels to this series, because they practically seem to destroy the entire thing as a whole. Lara finds the Amulet of Horus (for the 500th time) and then has to figure out how to "get out" of the temple, the dam, and the city of Assuan... If I was Lara I would pickup the Amulet, ring Winston on my cell, and have him send a helicopter straight to the island of Philae and have it pick me up. But of course, this is the level world, so we shall try to accept that fact that Lara appears to be trapped in Assuan... The game-play was quite alright, yet nothing special or new really. The firetrap room in the temple of Isis was quite an interesting setup I thought. However, I felt the game-play started to lack greatly, especially when we reached the second level - I honestly don't remember much game-play except for swimming around in two boxy shaped rooms, and using ancient hands of Orion and Sirius in modern day facilities. There also happen to be these blood coated, almost useless spikes that pop out form the ceiling just for fun... and all I could ask myself was why is the Egyptian government so hostile about guarding the Nile dam? Running through the streets of Assuan is also odd once again, because hostile military men seem to be very big on killing Lara and guarding a Nitrous Oxide canister and a valve pipe... Object wise we once again find the very nice idea of a shatterable object underwater that can only be shattered once we find the laser sight and crossbow (This seems to be a classic element Mss Kroft likes to use in her levels). However, after the nice first level, object placement seems very out of place, such as the lever switch at the bottom of a pool, and the valve pipe magically clamped to a wall with mosaic tile textures. The atmosphere and use of cameras and music is very good in the first level, yet the following two just seem to leech everything away again. The lighting seems to be almost nonexistent in the following levels, and so a lot of atmosphere is lost. The only atmosphere I really got was that I was wandering around cluelessly with the artifact I wanted that I already had, and not really knowing what on earth the storyline was. Fly-by cameras were once again overused to the excess I think, and they became incredibly frustrating at how long some of them took to just show a simple door opening close by. A normal camera would have done the job quite nicely. As I already said, the lighting was quite alright, yet nothing special or beautiful in the first level. The texturing was also okay in the first level, primarily consisting of Karnak textures, which fit the Egyptian temple theme. I did not like the multi-colored title-flyby textures though that were used. Also, the Assuan city level seemed to be a terrible unfitting mix of tr4 Cairo, tr2 Venice, and Lara's mansion, and sadly all of that looked incredibly out of place and made me loose the feeling of authenticity or reality anywhere in these levels. So, as I said, the first level is quite a nice achievement, yet it is the other two that bring everything down quite a bit, and therefore the somewhat lower points that I gave." - Sethian (21-Aug-2006)
"What a fine pack of 3 levels! Monica knows how to make the levels so beautiful! These levels were slightly harder then her previous ones but still you made progress all the time. The secrets were hard to find and some puzzles very tricky. Also, who can forget the amazing intro? Monica is on my top list of builders and this one is of her usual standard, which means superb! Don't miss it. 2005-04-29" - QRS (31-May-2005)
"I was rather impressed with this level from the very beginning. It has a most unusual movie-like introduction (great!) There are actually 3 levels in one. And the first level was fantastic! Very Egyptian temple like the atmosphere was great. Not a lot of baddies in any of the levels and they are not too difficult to dispose of. The puzzles make you think a little but can be solved easily enough. Since the first level involves a bit of vase shooting I was glad to find the crossbow since I didn't find the revolver. The second level had a bit of tricky jumps to switches and ropes but otherwise was pretty much straightforward. The 3rd level you finally get to the motorbike after a bit of play a machine gun to sneak past some orbs to shoot and a final jump before making it to the helicopter. Of course there are puzzles to solve and jumps to make. Of note there is a difficult jump/monkey swing past a burner. I liked this level very much. Thanks Monika for another fine level." - Patson (05-Aug-2003)
"A three parts level. It is a mixture of Egyptian with Roman textures in some parts and that wasn't good to look at. Lara starts in an outside area and has to find a guardian key a vraeus and two canopic jars to proceed to the second part. There are also quite a few buttons to push and baddies scorpions to shoot. The room with the fire tiles was nicely done clever. The second part has more traps and hands to find there is some rope swinging involved and levers to push. Coming to the last part and the shortest we have jump switches dogs guards and the motorcycle which you will need along with the nitrous oxide to finish the level by getting to the area with the helicopter. A pleasant level which I enjoyed a lot." - Kristina (13-Jan-2003)
"Lara begins in a beautiful environment honestly said the 1st Level of the 3 pleased me most. The atmosphere here was very good the riddles were variable but not too tricky you only had to think a little ;) A couple of good jumps were there as well. The opponents were predominantly well placed ninjas also some crocodiles. Found above all the texturing very good as well as the illumination. Lara finds here the amulet of the Horus and carries it to the end. We come to the 2nd Level: I really must say I did not like it that much. It was also shorter but above all the texturing was not so special and so many differences sometimes white sometimes dark with green. I also had the flare bug. Opponents this time were baddies but Lara was hanging at the rope and being shot at with no way of defending herself. Or the creeping through spikes which costs a lot of health - well yes that I did not find fair. The riddles not so impressive here like in the 1st level here it was predominantly levers to push. In the 3rd Level it is almost the same but the textures were here better as was the different illumination. The opponents this time were guards and bats. Riddle as said: predominantly lever pushing very much repetitive. I have found altogether 4 Secrets ... All in all I liked the first level best - a matter of taste of course - but would recommend it to everybody." - Engelchen Lara (09-Sep-2002)
"Starting with a wonderfully excitement-building movie-like credit introduction you get thrown into 3 fantastically diverse levels that were an absolute joy to play: Philae and the Isis Temple (50 minutes): With a not so obvious entry into the grand looking temple you must go in search of a couple of canopic jars that will lead you to an Amulet of Horus. This is my favourite of the 3 levels for a couple of reasons it is the most beautiful architecturally of them all there is a chance for a little side exploring and there are 3 secrets placed nicely throughout. There are a perfect amount of enemies placed throughout these levels that add to the adventures and not detract from them and the ones used in this were the red ninjas scorpions and crocodiles. The Dam (40 minutes): This is a quite grey looking level set in and around a dam so obviously there is a lot of water used but not much of the gameplay centers around it instead more time is spent working your way through a base like environment with a fair few white ninjas and the aim in this level seems to be just to advance through and to the last level. Assuan (40 minutes): From the greyness of 'The Dam' this level is a happy and colourful relief. With reminiscences of Venice because of the textures used you start this level inside a large house although you only work your way through a few rooms some strangely only accessed by crawlspaces such as the pool room and the small outside hedge maze...I'd have a word with that architect! Then it's out to the not so kind streets where you must fight some SAS men and dogs find one secret locate the bike nitro and feeder and make a quick get away jump over a large hole to an awaiting chopper. All of these levels are well paced and the difficulty factor is neither too easy nor too hard making them perfect for almost all players. I found myself stuck only once after playing just over 2 hours and having 5 minutes to go but it again like usual was an easy oversight and thanks very much to Monika the creator for pointing me in the right direction. So do yourself a favour and go check these really well produced and fun levels out!" - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"Again three levels in one from Monika and they will give you about two hours of excellent raiding. I liked level one a lot (see my individual ratings below) and the other two not quite as much but that may be different for you so go and play them all. Philae and the Isis Temple (0:50 hours 9/7/10/9): After a really cool intro you get started in an Egyptian setting with a very well designed central outside area around which you start exploring. Shooting vases is an important gameplay element here and I enjoyed how you always come back to then head off to your next quest. Climbing monkeyswinging slopes jumps with a twist steam darts crawlspaces - it's all there. You have to find a guardian key a vraeus two canopic jars and (useless as usual although the pick up triggers something) the Amulet of Horus. I found three secrets and was happy that the crossbow was one of them as I somehow missed the revolver. Enemies are crocodiles scorpions and a few ninjas and I thought they are more a nuisance than adding to the game. Also there is one little bug that you can reach an area early by pulling up through a wall but you still have to get there the right way again so it doesn't harm anything. The Dam (0:35 hours 7/6/8/8): After the great first level expecations were high now and I was therefore a little put off by the rather bland and linear gameplay and also the overall setting in level 2. It is really very simple from one area to the next finding three hands and a cartouche and battling a bunch of white ninjas. I hated the 'pick-one-of-four-levers' puzzle where three meant instant death and speaking of levers there are simply too many in this part of the adventure. The Jeep under water made me smile and the double rope swing was quite tricky and of course the dive from the top of the dam is fun but I was quite happy to move on to level 3. Assuan (0:35 hours 7/8/9/8): Truly a matter of taste this one and the City setting with a bit of a patchwork texturing and rather empty rooms to explore did not work so well with me. I did like some of the smaller touches such as the two rats I noticed crossing my way and the moment when you shout over to the guards before you shoot them but again progression is quite linear and not as inspiring as in level 1 and after a few doors opened with the crowbar maneuvering past a machine gun finding the nitro and the feeder and the bike for the final jump it is over rather quickly. The monkey above the fire trap was very tricky and the flyby that opened the door to the bike only worked for me when I went to the lever a second time. Only a few SAS dogs and bats as enemies here but they fit in well. I did like the useful camera work. All in all the first hour was really an excellent experience for me which got a little spoiled by the second but go see for yourself - definitely worth playing." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"This series of levels makes a nice 3 hours excursion into Lara's world. Gameplay was smooth and continuous with the puzzles being of just the right difficulty to keep you interested and not despondent. The only thing I hated was the overuse of the swinging rope whereby you had to get the jump EXACTLY right to negotiate that particular obstacle. I missed a few obvious switches and was running around heedlessly for a while but I put that down to the lateness of the hour and the redness of my eyes. All in all a very good set of levels. Hey Kumpel!!! A nice touch lol." - Torry (21-Jun-2002)
"It's a very good multiple level with a cinema style introduction. The game is divided into three levels. In the first Lara has to find the amulet of Horus in a temple with traps and many gates to open using various artifacts; in the second level Lara has to find a way to arrive to the third level (Assuan) among submerged rocks artifacts rooms with traps and laboratories. In the third and final level Lara has to find a motorcycle strengthen it jump over a difficult big hole and end then the game. The time to finish the level is about 2.5 to 3 hours with medium difficulty. I have found 4 secrets and no bug. It is recommended to download it." - Boris (21-Jun-2002)
"Bravo Missis! A great three-part adventure that has something for every custom level player. The levels are not too difficult and very well designed from an environment point of view (sometimes outside sometimes underground) and well thought through. There are a few fun jump sequences and several nicely placed firetraps. In part three you have to keep your eyes open to not miss small details (swinging blue balloons to shoot). Total net gaming time is about 2.5 hours. Pick-ups are placed with care and especially in part two you need a few medipacks to make it through. The end is also well done and you wonder when will we see Lara fly away in that helicopter into her next adventure. By the way the intro alone is worth the download: Welcome to the future of beginning a custom level!" - Qwendo (21-Jun-2002)
"This is a fun level lots of exploring and good looking rooms. Sometimes a little too much running around pulling switches and instead of (too many) flybys there could be just a glimpse of what happens. Lara starts off in a temple; finds a treasure and has to find the way out to a waiting helicopter. I like it when the levels are a bit longer like this one it becomes more like a mini adventure." - G.Croft (21-Jun-2002)
"Starting with a professional opening flyby and movie style introduction and ending with a fun jump on the motorcycle - Assuan is one of the best custom levels I have played in a while and definitely deserves its spot in the top 50. Each of the three levels is a game by itself with it's own look and objective. The puzzles are clever and though they may make you think for a minute they are never hard but ARE very entertaining and I enjoyed every minute of the 2-3 hours it takes to play (well maybe not the rope swings). Great care has been taken in the detail and use of textures the lighting camera work placement of objects and secrets puzzles traps and enemies - and it shows! I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone." - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)
"The intro had me fascinated even so that I had to see that a couple of times. Well done Monika. Don't get me wrong I had a great time with these 3 levels. As almost everything I would like to mention is already said I go for what I consider the minus points. First of all I could play them in broad daylight. As Monika provided also some flares I had no problem whatsoever. In the evening I even didn't needed the flares. That is not a minus but a huge plus in my book. I really liked the first level. Apart from jungle levels I'm also a sucker for villages I found out. Very entertaining. Key word for this level is: look. The second part didn't do much for me. The thing that annoyed me the most is the rope jumps. Normally I can do them but this one I had to align Lara in a what I call not straightway that was the only way she would grab the next one (the same happened in the third level with the jump to the lever). Still don't get that glass partition in the lake. The third level was a bit better loved the rats scurrying away and Lara shouting to the SAS men before shooting them. The sentry gun; well I almost could walk up to it and it didn't do a thing and while I was hiding behind a pillar it shot through the pillar at Lara very strange. That fire jump was a pain in the neck and finding that pipe took a long long while. Also still wonder where Lara looked at at a certain point in the third level. Couldn't find anything. As for the bike; don't like vehicles but that's me. Keep them coming Monika. 08-06-2002" - Gerty (21-Jun-2002)
"Assuan is typical Tomb Raider gameplay in 3 levels. There are 2 places where some players may get stuck one fire room where the flames change when you jump on fireless squares. The other thing is a good-hidden blue lamp which you have to shoot to open a door nearly at the end of this masterpiece. Also new is the intro; download and play this level." - Freeman Porter (21-Jun-2002)
"I loved the beginning! It made me feel like I was watching a movie! Oh that's right the levels I almost forgot them. All three of the levels were very good and fun to play although I didn't like the texturing everywhere. What I also didn't like was the VERY difficult 'rope-jumps' you had to do in some places it took me 30 minutes (!) just to grab a rope when I had to jump from another rope. But all in all three wonderful levels that will keep you occupied for a couple of hours." - Magnus (21-Jun-2002)
"This trio of levels from Monika had everything. Almost every jump Lara can do she had to do to get through. Excellent puzzles which made you ponder for awhile. The hot floor where the tiles changed their mode as you went from one to another then poised for a final jump to the goal you watched puffs of steam and tried to time a run past them. Thanks Sash for that solution. Many surprises and traps were spread throughout. You spend 30 minutes trying to perfect a double rope jump and when you finally catch the second rope someone tries to shoot you off it. The levels flowed very well from one area to the next and were a pleasure to play." - Fairy Godfather (21-Jun-2002)
"Miss Kroft's second 3-parted Level is again a very well done job. The lighting and textures are very professional and I'm still wondering how one can build such wonderful level without using external wads and items. The gameplay is very exciting and the story is logical and intelligible. Some of the quests are really tricky and not too easy to solve - but never unfair. What shall I say more - a level one must play!" - Chicken (21-Jun-2002)
"I'm tempted to say that it is a nasty act of the author to have players swallow two inferior levels with the first; it is reminiscent of the practice in TV business where you are forced to buy along with the hit you actually want a load of third-rate flicks that everybody has happily forgotten about. The difference between the first level and the rest cannot appropriately be described as a slow almost imperceptible decline on a scale ranging from 'mind-bogglingly beautiful and arresting' to 'not quite so good really'; it is rather a difference in category. Philae and the Isis Temple (8/7/9/8 incl. bonus for title sequence in category 3): In the first level after an original cinematographic title sequence you get to explore in turns the outside and inside of a temple; it is a decent 'Last Revelation' style adventure actually rather linear but not obtrusively so. Gameplay is fluent with a medium level of difficulty: nothing too tricky here a bit of jumping climbing monkey-swinging avoiding flame emitters pushing the odd button and battling scorpions crocodiles and a few ninjas all of which have been placed well (though I could have done with less scorpions). A fire trap you'll meet early on merits special mention; I suppose everybody at first suspects it to have merely a random trial-and-error solution while this isn't actually the case. The secrets are nice only the crossbow is too obvious (while I never found the apparently official revolver pickup and you'll need either that or the crossbow: a slight error perhaps?). On some pillars you can spot the missing object textures. A little more variation in lighting might serve the level well. There are a few minor texture errors but they don't infringe on the gameplay and will go unnoticed by the majority of players anyway. All in all this level can be said to match the standard set up by the official TRLR levels. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about the two levels that follow. I'd rather not have the ratings of these do damage to that of the first but was dissuaded from my plan of not taking them into account (a) because the author issued a trilogy rather than three stand-alone levels; and (b) by the fact that this would distort the rating. As intimated above there is a rift between the first level (hereafter referred to as 'host') and the two that follow (hereafter: 'parasites'). The Dam (4/5/4/5): Level 2 apparently takes you to the great dam of Assuan but if it weren't for the title I'd never have recognized the dam as such. The limitations of the Editor are well known and effects of sublimity be it the natural or the technological sublime are notoriously hard to achieve. What you get here is two rather big fairly well textured but rather squarish outside rooms with nothing much to explore. One of them is early on in the level the other with an invisible underwater wall (not an adverse current) to prevent your access to forbidden areas at the end. In between you get a little bit of find-switch-open-door action which takes place in rooms equally squarish but textured rather simplistically with the most memorable bit being your attempt to line up a two-rope jump while you're being shot at (not everybody's favourite situation I suspect). The technical environment never looks convincing--in one instance useless spikes improbably pop out of the ceiling-- and the textures (taken from TRLR city and KV5 TR3 Nevada) generally don't mesh too well with each other. A big minus is the room with four levers three of which trigger spikes on the same square: a 'puzzle' if the term is applicable here of the 'do-or-die-but-more-probably-you'll-die' sort which is not in my book. As the spikes are triggered without delay you can't even backflip so it's pull lever get spiked reload pull lever get spiked reload. Assuan (3/4/2/2): Level 3 set in the city of Assuan takes up all the flaws of Level 2 and adds more of its own. Unlikely architecture (a pool of water with a lever at the bottom in a bathroom that can be accessed only through a crawlspace from a library!) interior decoration which surely constitutes an infringement of the Genevan Convention rectangular shrubberies whose greenness is harmful to the mortal eye incompatible textures mixed up haphazardly sometimes stretched to a height of 10 clicks and therefore barely recognizable applied very much at random and with a stunning disregard to what is actually depicted on them (e. g. a barred window from TR2 Venice appears variously on walls ceilings and floors) all of this combines with tedious pull-next-switch gameplay on the negative side which reduces the few positive details (a really cleverly hidden shootable switch; a rat hopping across the street) to a negligible quantity. In short the parasites do a lot of damage to their host; you don't miss out on much if you exit the game on finishing level one. This set of three levels is not a fully fledged LP; it is rather what used to be called a 'Super Sound Single': a decent hit followed by two outtakes." - Mulf (21-Jun-2002)
"This is a game with a lot of work in rooms map very clean and laborious. In this way I could say excellent. Enemies objects and secrets are not too difficult but the game is always attractive so is funny to play it. The idea of the shatters in water was lovely. Textures in first part are very good in second part becomes not as good as first part. Great that a woman makes levels!" - Lorena (21-Jun-2002)
"Actually I did want to refrain from a review of levels by my dear Miss Kroft to avoid that people complain that I would be biased J But as this masterpiece has already had a fair share of good reviews I thought I would add mine in as well. This three-leveled game is for all designers the benchmark in terms of equipment texturing lighting and cameras. Despite the fact that the author has never been to Assuan (I know that for a fact!) the player can really dive into the Egyptian scenario of the city. Memories of Karl May who himself had never entered the places of his fantastic narrations. The designer is a master of equipment! The skillful selection of the scenery unites with the well thought out lighting of the spaces to atmospheric unity. The objects are beautifully assigned and contribute also to the fact that the player stands in awe room after room. Those few enemies were smartly placed making use of their AI settings. The puzzles are good and not too tricky which makes progression very fluid. Also the direction variations of the different ways are worth mentioning which makes the level nicely non-linear. All these points contribute to a dense atmosphere which makes this masterpiece to an absolute must for each TR played. Just my kind of Tomb Raiding! Ingenious!" - Hendrik (21-Jun-2002)
"Folks do you want to learn something about entertaining gameplay? Well this is how it is done. Here we have more than two hours of pure fun with nothing too cleverly hidden not too many deadly traps and no impossible jumps. There is such a variety of settings and tasks too numerous to mention here that keeps the whole adventure interesting from beginning to the end. Everything is done extremely professionally and finally someone has taken the trouble to provide us with flybys that are very useful. I could have done with fewer levers in the third level I'm not too keen on that much crawling and some places looked a bit eclectic but these are merely small details that never spoiled my enjoyment. Maybe it was a bit easy and there are probably not that many new ideas in here but it's always such a thin line between challenging puzzles and being back to Stuckdom. Give me a fast paced levels any time." - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)
"What can I say that hasn't already been said? There hasn't been a Monika Pawlus level I haven't liked yet. This was another one I went back to again and again each time getting a little farther. Gameplay and puzzles very enjoyable unbelievable what she does with a level! Great scenery and lighting. Put it on your play list." - Momster (21-Jun-2002)