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LB Advent Calendar 2016 - A Letter from Santa by mugs

alan 8 10 9 10
Bene 10 10 10 10
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 8 7 8 10
Gerty 8 9 9 8
Gorty 7 8 10 7
High Priestess 10 10 10 10
Jay 8 8 9 10
JesseG 7 9 9 9
John 6 7 7 7
Jorge22 8 8 8 9
Jose 8 8 8 8
Josey 9 10 9 9
LolauMylenium 9 9 9 9
Loupar 8 8 8 9
manarch2 5 7 7 7
MichaelP 6 9 10 8
misho98 7 8 8 8
MizzCroft 9 7 10 9
Phil 8 9 9 8
Ryan 8 8 9 9
sonnyd83 8 9 8 9
young Lara Croft 7 7 8 8
release date: 03-Dec-2016
# of downloads: 134

average rating: 8.48
review count: 23
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file size: 51.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Xmas

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Always a bit of a nostalgic moment to play a level by Pat who left us way too soon. This one features her rather unique style with often quite sneakily hidden items, ladders or openings that you have to spot in a smallish open world. The little village and the basement / factory area are very well set in scene and I thought the desolate atmosphere worked really well. Gameplay is not overly unique, but the conveyers were a nice and rarely used touch and the timed run took a few tries before getting it fully right for me. Played this off season, so to speak, but that did not reduce my fun at all. Recommended. 40 mins." - MichaelP (04-Mar-2024)
"Unfortunately this is mostly not my cup of tea this one. I found most of the gameplay quite dull and boring searching for switches, items and pushing around boxes not knowing what does what or where to go next gets really irritating and annoying and the setting in the warehouse and factory with all the dull textures and darkness really wasnt to my taste either. On the other hand ignoring the shortcomings there is some nice touches here and a bit of fun to be had here as well because the level started off in some nice snowy outside areas which were visibly pleasing to explore around until we got to the factory but then again the factory is where we find the task of riding on the conveyor belts with tricky jumps and flips which is so original and enjoyable plus the timed run later on with the platform was a task i enjoyed so its a shame the rest of the gameplay wasnt as interesting or enjoyable but id still say its worth checking out" - John (29-Dec-2021)
"Few authors can capture the atmospheric tone of time and place that is so prevalent throughout this darkly lit Christmas level. If done with brighter images, the feeling of a lost time and dreams would have itself been lost. An abandoned factory set in a snow-capped town has an opening mystery - how to get in to possibly find an old set of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls to please a young child for a Christmas present. While some may find the clever way in quickly, I didn't. And that was part of the fun. I started this level back when it first came out and got so stuck on the conveyor belt that I gave up to try later. Well, try later I did and went around and around once again to finally find the solution. If there were mistakes in textures I was too engrossed in gameplay to notice. This was Pat's last gift to us and it was as special as she was....RIP are remembered and always loved. Recommended for all." - Bene (12-Oct-2018)
"This was honestly an adorable Christmas level (of course I'm playing X-Mas levels in August, hey, I have to prepare myself :P) I enjoyed the little town, and I thought it was pretty cool to see an abandoned toy factory, as well as presents even on the conveyor belt. Also the moving conveyor belt (where Lara slides) reminded me of Alcatraz which I LOVED! All in all, this is a cute, quaint X-Mas level. I highly recommend giving it a go, and, also, the unfortunate fact that this is sadly Mugs last level because she passed away. Although she has passed, her levels will live on and I'll absolutely replay this level every Christmas with her in mind. Rest easy, Mugs. <3" - MizzCroft (22-Aug-2017)
"My annual countdown to Christmas will begin early next month, and what better level to get me there, than one with 'Santa' in the title! This one takes place in a snowy little town which to be honest has seen better days, quite a lot of buildings are in a poor state of repair. It actually consists of 2 levels and you travel from the first to the last then right back again. You need to find some wires to open a trapdoor, you have to make your way into a variety of different fenced off areas via crawlspaces, then go inside what looks like a factory where you need to activate certain things with a battery, and have great fun with the conveyer belt! You then go back to the first level and find and place Andy's hat on him. I love the choice of realistic looking objects used here, like the shop fronts which are 3D, the 2 dolls at the end, and the frosted windows, they all make it very pleasant to play. Lara does utter a few words near the end as well, but the soundtrack is fairly minimal to be honest. It took me about 1 hour 40 to complete this but I did go back inside the factory for a second look." - sonnyd83 (14-Aug-2017)
"Here we have another good Christmas level from a professional builder. There is certain backtracking, but never boring; the environments are nice to explore, the tasks are easy to accomplish, the secrets are not difficult to find, correct use of cameras and musics... Really a level to enjoy a peaceful time. Recommended." - Jose (25-Apr-2017)
"Trust Pat to come up with a great story. Don't get me wrong you have to work to get what you need to finish this level. Luckily not too hard and I loved the small details that went into it. We in Europe are not so familiar with these Raggedy Ann dolls but they do fit the story very well. I just loved these years Advent levels. Keep up the good work Pat." - Gerty (29-Jan-2017)
"Well top marks all around but what can I say? The author/creator is Mugs so naturally I knew I was in for an aesthetically stimulating raid. Great gentle score, a beautiful cover and some nicely placed objects. I didn't want it to end! Can't recall the time it took to complete but I ebbed it out over a few evening bursts to prolong my enjoyment. Highly recommended." - High Priestess (29-Dec-2016)
"A nice level with industrial settings. THe premise is very interesting Lara has to find a pair of toys in an abandoned factory that still had a working conveyor belt." - young Lara Croft (27-Dec-2016)
"What could be better to celebrate the Christmas season than a good old Advent level. And what an enjoyable one this was, with Lara exploring a snowcapped town in search of a toy cap to give to a doll. There's also a conveyor belt sequence and a miniature timed run to accomplish. Thanks, Pat. Much appreciated." - Ryan (25-Dec-2016)
"Before I got wrapped up from the holiday weekend I wanted to take the time to enjoy this Christmas level, and I'm glad I did. I'll start by saying the atmosphere is the strongest part of the level, it is well constructed and carries that quaint Christmas village vibe. The objects have clearly had much TLC put into them as well to help create the unique story. The textures + lighting were also great, although the important stuff obscured in darkness got to me one too many times. I just wished the gameplay lasted longer. Besides the fun conveyor belt romp, it consists mostly of running back and forth with a few items, pushing a few objects, and putting the finishing touch on this little girl's Christmas request. Overall this raid is a short and sweet contribution to the holiday mood. 27 minutes." - JesseG (23-Dec-2016)
"What an atmospheric level set this is ! Wonderfully created/designed and connected areas. Great Work ! For atmosphere a 10! Maybe a few background audios or flybys would be great, but it didn't bothered me much. Some gameplay parts were a little bit weird. I searched for a long time to get through the first wall ( monkeyswing ). Even after reading some hints in the forum ˝go over the garbage˝ I couldn't figure out what I'm supposed to do. I've been to that place many times and even saw that monkeyswing bar but it looked like something I'm not supposed to do. When I swinged through that garbage it looked very buggy with Lara going through it. I didn't like the backtracking after jumping down before the balancing pole. Something climbable would be great in that part. The second level was more ˝dark˝ and with a harder gameplay. I had some problems finding some puzzle items. Some object had no collision and there were some texture errors, but overall it was fine. Objects sometimes went through walls and didn't adhere good. The lighting was flat and needed some more work on it. Overall, I liked it very much ! The atmosphere pushed me to go to the end of the game." - Gorty (20-Dec-2016)
"Another pleasant, enemy-free level from one of our most reliable builders. It's always nice to play in settings that don't look like what you've seen in hundreds of other levels. This one takes place in an urban area, both indoors and outdoors, and Dutchy's walkthrough enabled me to get through in about 40 minutes. Without it I probably would never have figured out that monkey swing over a rubble-filled area. The timed run was challenging but fair. You need your pistols to shoot some windows, but otherwise this is a stress-free raid. Well done, and a worthy addition to our storehouse of Christmas levels." - Phil (19-Dec-2016)
"An xmas game mixed with a bit of mystery. It is short but I took an hour to complete it because I got stuck several times. Textures look good, and the atmosphere too. The town looks realistic with the snow-covered houses decorated with lights, the trees... Everything looks nice, here's the christmas environment. When entering the factory, we enter at the mystery too, exploring the abandoned and dark sites, with spiderwebs and boxes all over the place. I liked jumping over the walkways, it was a fun part. When exiting the factory, we're back at the town, we only have to look for the dolls, which look quite creepy, especially Ann who is like a clown... I liked how Lara wishes us a merry Christmas at the ending. Found 2 of the 3 well-hidden secret trees. Good job, I recommend it." - alan (15-Dec-2016)
"Beautiful game. Full of exploration and items to pick (including streetlamps). It took me just an hour to complete but I missed two of three secrets. I love Christmas levels and this is a great game to enjoy." - Loupar (12-Dec-2016)
"I'm glad mugs keeps releasing a Christmas level every year, sadly those levels aren't as common as they were before. Anyway, this one serves as a great opening for the holiday tomb raiding season. However, I find it quite short compared to mugs' previous releases. I'm not too keen on the basement level but the other parts were lovely. Some more camera hints and a little more holidayish musical background would've been great. Nevertheless, this is a solid Christmas level that I absolutely enjoyed and would recommend to anyone without a doubt!" - misho98 (07-Dec-2016)
"Once again, Pat saves Christmas. Seriously, it makes the festive season for me, having a lovely Advent level to play and Pat's levels are always something to be celebrated. This time, Lara is searching a beautiful snowy village, with warm lights glowing in the house windows and tempting Christmas displays in the shop windows. There's a nice mix of gameplay, tempered with Pat's usual sneakiness - I did in fact get 'out-sneaked' on a couple of occasions for some time, but stumbled on my way again eventually. I particularly enjoyed the moving walkways in the toy factory; they're always great fun. The secrets are little Christmas trees this year, which are rather charming and, of course, appropriate. The only disappointment? Lara didn't get to bring a teddy bear back with her from the toy factory." - Jay (05-Dec-2016)
""Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!". Thank you so much, Lara, and thank you so much, Mugs, for a wonderful Christmas gift. This one can be a bit confusing at times but, in the peaceful levels category, it's really nice and warms up the soul. Found one secret tree and had a lot of fun." - Jorge22 (05-Dec-2016)
"A good example that a good storyline and many cute additions (those dolls are very sweet) can cover even larger shortcomings. It's a level with a clear goal from the start on, and the atmosphere in and around the factory is very decent. Visuals are applied more coherently than in the last offerings of Mugs, although there are still texturing mistakes and textures with different pixel quality. The lighting is okay but still a bit flat overall. Cameras and sounds are used sparsely but effectively; I noticed a few missing sounds here and there. The objects are well used, yes, perhaps the switches could've had the correct animation but it's not that bad. So while storyline and progression through this level are nice, the gameplay is just too simplistic to give it higher marks, with almost no (or just very simple pushable) puzzles, many buttons to push and at least a small nice sequence with a conveyor belt. But the level is not so long that the rather simple gameplay is getting tedious in any way. The three secrets are well hidden and I finished this level after 15 minutes with an overall rather good feeling, although as so often I think that there could be more up with it." - manarch2 (05-Dec-2016)
"Sincerely, the Advent games brighten my Christmas, and I love them. If I make games in the future, the first will be a Christmas one. As to this game, well, it is Mugs', and that means it is smartly constructed, very realistic, and great fun. It demands, as always, a strong sense of observation and much disposition to explore all the hidden and dark corners. (In fact, the secrets were so well hidden that I didn't find them.) I admired very much the factory's derelict atmosphere, the beauty of the external environments, and the varied and interesting gameplay. I only would like to have seen more puzzles, more music (but not continuous, of course) and a little more lighting, but perhaps this last item would spoil the atmosphere..." - Josey (05-Dec-2016)
""Santa and his elves no longer have the machinery necessary"... wow compatibility issues in fiction? That's instant realism. Add to that a deserted city with derelict rooms, an abandoned factory with severed doll limbs scattered around, tons of carton crates dropped in the middle of the work, working conveyor belts despite ruins like this obviously not being supplied with power; later a totally unexpected falling ceiling jumpscare and a broken jeep we cannot use to escape. I'm really surprised these toy firetrucks didn't suddenly activate themselves. Xmas trees are decoy - it's obviously a horror level, and quite nice one. The entire scenery is textured as best as possible, the lighting could be better... or maybe it couldn't and I complain because of the habit. The only true inconveniences occasionally blowing the charm are buggy switches and flickering trapdoors - these things were investigated so many times they're not supposed to occur anymore. And of course I'd like to have a stronger conclusion, for instance Lara being able to drive that jeep away. Endings are just too important, don't leave the action in the middle. Of minor issues, I went past the third secret three times before I managed to spot it beneath my feet. It would make more sense to play the chime during the drop to the location, what would ring a bell something more is down there." - DJ Full (04-Dec-2016)
"J'ai adore joue à ce niveau, un petit bijou special noël que l'on peut faire avec plaisir, de la recherche, et l'usine etait pour moi un regal ! Pas d'ennemis, donc pas de difficultes, un joli decor, des details par-ci par-là, mis avec parcimonie... Je l'ai fait d'une traite sans voir le temps passer, qu'un mot à dire : Merci ! I adored played this level, a small special level Christmas which we can make with pleasure, the search, and the factory was for me a delight! No enemies, thus no difficulties, an attractive decoration, details here and there, put with sparingly... I made it without stopping, without seeing the time, that a word to say: thanks !" - LolauMylenium (04-Dec-2016)
"So, it's the new Mugs adventure and I have absolutely loved it. Lara start her search near a factory in Muskegon and the goal is to find a way to enter in and found a couple of dolls. The first level is not hard but you need to open yours eyes to found the various items hidden. I have enjoyed the textures choise. I have always loved how the author use textures and objects during Christmas period. It's like a real town you're exploring. And after this small stroll through Muskegon it's time to enter in the factory. The second level is more difficult than the first one but nothing impossible. The only hardest moment is during the sliding sequence but even a beginner can finish it without too many problems ... so perfect if children want play the game. After this sliding sequence it's time to came back in level 1 to found the famous Ann and Andy dolls. This new part is like the first one, not hard but open your eyes correctly can be a good idea. And so, after nearly 1 hour it's time to find the dolls and finish the adventure with the 3 secrets. I can just congratulate Mugs for this little game. It's always a pleasure to discovered a Mugs level in the calendar. Recommended for everyone." - Bigfoot (03-Dec-2016)