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Tomb Raider Requiem by vinraider

AaronD 10 10 10 10
Adrian 10 10 10 9
Dick 9 10 10 9
DJ Full 10 10 10 9
Drakan 10 10 10 10
Feder 10 10 10 10
Gorty 10 10 10 10
Hedteur 10 10 10 10
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 7 10 10 10
Juan Carlos 10 10 10 10
Killer Gameplayz 10 10 10 10
lokky99101 10 10 10 10
manarch2 9 10 10 9
Manymee 9 10 10 10
McRaider 10 10 10 10
Mman 9 10 10 9
Moonpooka 10 10 10 10
MrJavi94 10 10 10 10
OverRaider 10 9 10 10
Petaludas 10 8 10 10
Phil 10 10 10 9
requiemsoul 9 9 10 10
Ryan 10 10 10 10
Samu 10 10 10 10
SeniorBlitz 10 9 10 10
Thiago 10 10 10 10
Torry 9 10 10 10
trplayer 8 9 10 10
Wolf7 10 10 10 10
xManuelCroft 9 9 10 9
release date: 22-Dec-2016
# of downloads: 442

average rating: 9.79
review count: 31
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file size: 311.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

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Reviewer's comments
"I played this level set long ago and I decided to play it again, since it is one of the greatest custom levels of all time in my opinion. It includes beautiful visuals and similar atmosphere to TR AOD, but most importantly, the gameplay is extremely entertaining and varied without a single dull moment. The game features numerous through-provoking puzzles involving new ideas that you won’t see in other custom levels. Platforming sections are also super fun offering a good amount of challenge and they keep getting even better when you progress towards the end. To put it short, this is a masterpiece. I don’t know if vinraider is still building levels, but it would be very interesting to see what he would come up with next." - Samu (27-Sep-2023)
"What a level, some lovely parts and some hatefull parts! A lot of work in the creation of this complete game. Many gorgeous rooms and very hard solutions, especially a lot of rude jumps, I must admit I hate this kind of jumps, too many tricky jumps in my point of view. Anyway this complete game deserves the highest qualification. I was all the time expecting for the new challenge. The final part, infernum, is very extreme. Very creative author. Thank you very much, but please, next time not too many tricky jumps." - Juan Carlos (24-Dec-2020)
"Great levels overall, I've put a "not as good" rating on gameplays because I got stuck trying the same thing over and over again until the game finaly decided i've touched the right pixel at the right angle to allow me to grab the thing I was trying to grab. If game had provided other directions to go, these "glitched" options would have been impossible for me to consider "doable" enough to try 50 times. Some jumps are challenging but totally doable for "not a noob" like me. Some puzzles are a bit clunky (the wind one...I've got it by sheer luck and try an error because even though i've managed to open a door , trying to reapply the logic to the others did'nt seem to work consistentlyn or I've probably missed something) or confusing af (the church one, getting confused by the symbols being letters...- trying to put them in order- and by the fact that the trap is triggering at random once you go over 4 "wrong bowls" ...6,7,8? would be clearer to trigger at the 5th to tell how many bowls is meaning "some bowls" but once you have the solution, seems ok enough, I guess it was too simple to be obvious to me ^^ ) To sum up Great Job VinRaider! Bit of work to do on collisions but I look forward to try some other of your levels." - trplayer (12-Nov-2020)
"This is inside TOP3 trle i have ever played! Did i get your attention now?Just download it and u will have something u remember for ages.Lets agree now that this is not for training or rookies.So i commenting for those that have an experience in raiding!If you read at the comments, some will say about difficulty and backtracking,some other for dark objects or spots or the diary but all these are minor details.In the end everyone is praising it.We all know that tomb raiding-puzzles has its limits,you either press 'action' or you shoot or you push but thats what we loved and still loving.What im trying to say is that u will find new creative puzzles that will explode your head, u will visit places that feel so true and remarkable and in all this you will have great music that it will keep adding in this experience.Let me be more specific now for some details i want to mention personally.1) Im a hater of aod and the jeans-lara outlook, but i cant ignore that it has great osts that made me love the Paris level. i also couldnt figure the climbable part into the sub alone,lame. 2)Templars library: very well constructed and intact level that everything fits PERFECTLY. tip: u dont even have to find shotgun or ammo,just gather all the skeletons in the one building and then close the gate,such a funny view.3)Har megido:casual level, the puzzle with the 4 levers,i figure it with luck,diary couldnt help or the compass.4)Vatican:ASTONISHING level u just stop in every corner and just admire,my favourite level with unique puzzle.5)inferno:the dragon area blew my mind and took me so long figuring the last portal that i used walk,lame.2nd most frustrating moment here was that i couldnt find where i could place the dynamite-detonator thing,i was so mad that time.6)Armageddon:Grand-Guignol ending,not so hard to find your way but the tension with the quake,enemies and falling ceiling is real.1st most frustrating moment is here cause i used all my save slots that i overwrite the beginning while the time is limited.the outcome for me is that as many times i tried after to complete, i was just in the edge of the time.Literally i managed it in the last millisecond,less than 1 second, i almost break my keyboard for this.secrets are mostly easy and not rewarding and the fact that u lose weapons and ammo level after level was not preferable.Ty Vinraider,take care!" - Petaludas (14-May-2020)
"Quite an amazing level set, with a variety of locations for you to explore, from urban settings to the literal underworld, with a lot of clever puzzles to boost too. Overall gameplay is quite good, with a nice difficulty curve that helps the game not get stagnant, I also have to praise the execution of the ending... I won't spoil it of course, well to state a few minor issues, I wish you could keep the Scorpion-X and the Uzis between levels (I don't know if it was intentional or if it has to do with the Engine's limitation) I had a lot of ammo accomulated and it all went to waste, also the overuse of invicible enemies such as skeletons and zombie templars in certain areas made things get really hectic, and most secrets are also very easy to find furthermore they don't reward the player with extra supplies most of the time, since they don't unlock anything, the incentive to search for them is diminished outside of completionism, however still a great ride that I thoroughly enjoyed." - SeniorBlitz (03-Feb-2020)
"Tomb Raider Requiem ... a game I hated for no reason and then I loved it for all the right reasons. A game that provides one of the most shocking plot twists of all time, so shocking that if WatchMojo would be watching this would probably stick it in a list of Top 10 best plot twist of all time. Starting the real review now, this six-levels game provides some incredibly gorgeous atmosphere in five different locations! And also feels very AoD-ish, but less confusing and less story driven, I frankly consider this game a true AoD inspired game and I state that I really like AoD despite the fact you may probably haven't guessed that. The gameplay the game provides is nice, quite exploring based but not too much. Challenges are various, sometimes easy and sometimes extremely difficult! Gosh, this game sometimes curves the difficulty to 100! But that doesn't stop me from giving it a 10, I surely wouldn't give a 7 because of that! Enemy-wise and Object-wise the game shows some good variety, with it's peak probably being the fourth and the fifth level. Sound and Camera is one of the strongest points of the game, ya' don't believe me? Play the game, reach the third level and you'll see one of the best cut-scene of TRLE of all time. Lighting and texturing, just as I said above, it's flawless. A truly masterpiece that I stupidly hated for no reason years ago and loved when it was 'too late'. Though it's a highly rated level I must say I rarely hear people talking about it, well with it's over three thousand levels published in the TRLE community it's obvious that some games become forgotten. I really recommend this, Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (01-Nov-2019)
"WOW what a level set. This is my second next gen level since returning to the fold and I must say this is spectacular. Not for the weekend raider though as some of the sequences of jumps are difficult but not impossible. You will find yourself doing a lot of jump, twist, grabs in this. My only real complaint on this one was shooting the murals in the chapel. Without the walk through there was no way of discerning WHICH murals to shoot and then you had to shoot the damn things in the right spot. This took me 7 hours to complete and it was one of those levels that I found myself anxious to get back to. Say, is Lara getting taller? Seems these next gen levels make her appear taller and more leggy. Maybe she needs that to complete some of the new moves she is now capable of, like jumping straight off a climb pole (had never seen that before)or rolling out of a crawl space and kicking the living crap out of a guard. NICE. The story moves along quite nicely and makes sense and the portals at the end taking you back to treasured places we all know was a nice touch. If it were not for one or two puzzles that made no sense and had insufficient clues provided for their completion I would have scored this a perfect 10." - Torry (06-Mar-2018)
"Tomb Raider Requiem is a rather awkward level to review, and, in particular - score. Some reviewers like to deduct a mark every time they encounter something that is not to their liking; others prefer to add a mark every time they find something that impresses them. A review score that strictly follows the first approach could end up giving this game a big zero for gameplay, as there are certainly more than a handful of player-unfriendly sequences/puzzles that could result in a dropped mark. But a review that strictly follows that latter approach would surely give this a clean TEN in all categories. I believe that both approaches are wrong and would result in a misleading score. But what is the “correct” score for a game that is, in almost equal measure: infuriating/brilliant/inept/inspired? Okay, let’s start with the gameplay, the most contentious category for Requiem. To sum up: it’s hard! Puzzles, exploration, jump sequences, you name it - this will test your skills to the limit if you are an experienced player, and it will kill your game if you are not. And yet, despite all the frustrations and the relentless trench warfare, I only had to resort to the walkthrough a handful of times throughout this terrific and very memorable game, and those interventions were usually made to ensure that I was simply on the right track. You see, this is a game that can lead you through some complex sequences only to drop you off at a dead-end. The Vatican Museum level is bad for that. This is poor game design: where is the shortcut if the player has the temerity to do something in the wrong order? Jump sequences were often very hard but doable, which is what most players seem to want, but it’s the cerebral puzzles that tended to trip me up: Again in the museum: why change the rules of the mural puzzle halfway through? it takes enough mental effort to decode this puzzle and start doing something about it, but if that’s the limit of your resources you’ll fail here and be forced to the walkthrough. There is no fun in solving 4/5ths of a puzzle only for the remaining 1/5th to hand you a fail. Does the builder [i]want[/i] the player to have a good time playing this? Or is he in competition with the player? It felt like the latter most of the time; there was certainly a very grudging approach to helpful cameras and textures. One felt, as a player, that you were the enemy, that you had to be outfoxed or outgunned. Anyway, despite the grievances, when Requiem gets it right, it really, really nails it! Leaving you awestruck, staggered by the invention, the skill and the know-how. Moving on to the other categories: The visuals in game are mostly flawless with fantastic environments and great texturing and lighting to be found in every level. The one exception here is the construction of added objects which are sometimes not integrated as well as they could be. The shallow staircase objects, for example, were often inadequately lit/textured. Overall: a brilliant but very demanding game." - Dick (24-Oct-2017)
"This is certainly one of the best adventures I've ever played, the story is so perfectly implemented into the game that it almost seems like it's an official package (like a TR6 gold). Each level developes in a different scenario, with a unique environment and tasks. There is very little to say that hasn't been said already, you just can't miss it. Highly recommended for experienced players mostly." - Feder (06-Oct-2017)
"I delayed playing this one for some reason, but finally I managed to play it and I must say that after a modest start, this game grew on me as it progressed and at the end I really think it's a masterpiece like very, very few levels lately. All the levels have a great atmosphere with reasonable care for detail, the various settings are very realistic (if one can call it like this at the last levels is a different thing ;) ...) as textures and objects are very aptly chosen and applied to give this a highly professional attitude. Visually it's also of a high standard, with very clean and almost faultless texturing, yet occasionally a bit flat lighting and also some objects whose lighting doesn't fit the surroundings perfectly but mostly it's really well done. Gameplaywise it begins a little bit slow with much exploration and running back and forth through Paris, but as an introductory level I think this is okay. I maybe didn't really like the background audio so much here which was too overwhealming after some time. The enjoyment picks up inside the second level, despite a rather unexciting start (in the four chambers' area there are not very creative tasks), with more platforming and puzzles, and gets even better in Har Megiddo with all elements, also exploration, being improved in a very fluent and interesting way. The core of the level, at least what I'd call it, are the fourth and fifth level, which are another notch above in the quality and all those stealth elements, lasers to avoid and clever puzzles add up to a very satisfying time. Perhaps there are a few shortcuts in the Inferno level to avoid some of the platforming parts in the dragon cave, but the reward for going through it is truly breathtaking. The timed run with the Lara statue, which is quite challenging actually (unlike most of the other timed runs, especially in the last level where I had 120 (!) seconds left - I think that was a bit too generous) can be completely skipped by simply dropping down into the pool from the top, that was not so nice. The overal difficulty is mostly medium to challenging, there are a few difficult parts but I really can't call this a very hard level. There are also a few quite easy parts where not much has to be done to find certain items, some sequences are almost a bit dull. But still there's so much good you experience here that it doesn't really matter, it's high class entertainment throughout. The 10 secrets are mostly very well hidden and this magnificent game took me 3 hours to finish. Pointless to say but it's of course highly recommended - if you didn't already download it now!" - manarch2 (27-Sep-2017)
"You go through a range of themes here, from Paris streets to Hell. Each one looks good and there's a lot of unique object uses and other details (like a Sistine Chapel recreation), on top of things like story implementation. Some areas are a little blander in lighting and design than the rest, but it mostly looks very good. The gameplay is on the difficult side with some pretty brutal sequences, it's quite varied though and there's mostly various puzzles and simpler moments between the hard stuff. There's also a lot of creative item usage and scripting to make new obstacles. The "modern" levels felt a bit more obscure than the rest and had obscure moments like spotting a very hidden switch on an object, which stuck out as the other levels are usually pretty clear about your overall goal. The story usage also sticks out as Lara's diary is used for story updates and clues throughout, and the overall plot comes together and wraps up in a non-standard way. The writing could really have used proof-reading though, as there are a lot of errors that suggest a non-native English designer. It sticks out more as there's actually some clever foreshadowing in the text even as it is, so fixing the text flaws could have really brought it all together. An excellent set, though lower-skill players might run into some issues." - Mman (06-Jul-2017)
"Excellent. Really an extraordinary adventure to enjoy. Fantastic atmosphere, great architecture and texturization and a lot of interesting puzzles to solve. I can't give a high rating in the gameplay section 'cause the nasty backtracking in certain levels and the very difficult tasks here and there, forcing the player to reload and reload dozens of times so; it's not a game suitable for everybody. Even so, if you're an expert player it's highly recommended for you." - Jose (03-May-2017)
"From the city to the underground subways and beyond in this futuristic tale in the quest for the Holy Grail and Divine Oil. Great puzzles intense game play that will challenge even the most experienced TR player. Travel through the outpost of hell, destroy the Dragon serpent and there's a surprise ending that will leave you baffled." - Killer Gameplayz (20-Mar-2017)
"This game is really fantastic with great music, sounds, textures and animals. The enemies and the excited story are very fun to play. On the other hand this game has crash errors and I would like to it be more scenes." - xManuelCroft (12-Mar-2017)
"I recently finished a walkthrough of this trle for my channel and it is one of the best I have ever seen or played . Firstly, I cannot believe all this work was done by one person , the levels are huge and very well detailed , the story is brilliant , it almost feels like a movie as you progress through the game . The game can be challenging at times and what you need to do isn't always clear but it's well worth pressing on. There are also a few nods to the classic games too which was great to see . What I really love about Requiem though , is the music , particularly in the final two level's , it really helps to build a great atmosphere for the finale . The final level is also one of the best I've ever seen in a game ,this is how you do a finale ! Whether we will see a sequel or not , who knows , but I would definitely love to see more from Vinraider in the future ! If you're looking for a challenging , story driven and very well made and atmospheric trle , play Requiem !" - AaronD (27-Feb-2017)
"What an amazing and breathtaking adventure this was. You can tell that the author has put shed loads of effort and devotion into this epic and it shows. The settings were masterfully done. Whether it be the beautifully authentic, moonlit streets of Paris, the lofty halls of the Templar's Library, the sunny alleyways and crumbling buildings of Har Meggido, the wonderful Venice- like atmosphere of the Vatican museum or the hellish atmosphere of Inferno and Armageddon, every bit oozes professionalism. The gameplay is brilliant too with creative puzzles, shooting exercises and challenging platforming sequences. High recommendations and a must-play in my opinion." - Ryan (23-Feb-2017)
"Adventure that I could not test but superb adventure. I know the author has spent an awful lot of time getting this exceptional result. I'm not a fan of city levels but this one happening in the streets of Paris and especially the metro that I know particularly well, I loved this first level. My favorite level being the last 'inferno', finally almost the last one. This adventure is not simple, I had a lot of trouble for the passage of the platforms where it was necessary to bounce in the best way possible to shoot the target. Unfortunately I play with the altGR key for the jump and this one also does action if kept, I had to modify my jump key to get there. This adventure is beautiful, congratulations to the author." - Drakan (08-Feb-2017)
"This is a truly amazing adventure, and one of the most difficult I've played in quite a while. I never cease to be amazed by Dutchy's ability to figure out how to progress, and then to write it all down so clearly and concisely. I wouldn't have gotten very far without the assistance of his walkthrough. Even so, it took me a little more than six and a half hours, stretched out over nearly a month while I was playing other levels, to get through, and I had this feeling of accomplishment when I finally reached the end. The most harrowing sequences for me were the platforming exercises in Har Meggido, the descending Lara/timed wall switch exercise and the sinking tile jump sequence in Inferno, and the exhilarating timed run that makes up all of Armageddon. I can only imagine the depth of thought and planning that went into this production, and the only negative for me was the consistently dark and somber surroundings with only occasional relief here and there. Otherwise, a near perfect raid." - Phil (28-Jan-2017)
"Great series of levels. Over 9 hours of fun for me and the adrenaline is still pumping from that final timed run. Great storyline & gameplay with wonderful detail to objects & atmospheres. Just a tad dark in places - had to tweak the monitor gamma. Very professional." - Adrian (23-Jan-2017)
"I write this review reluctantly, because I never finished the game myself. There was a certain point in the Inferno level when I just exited the game and didn't pick it up again. Instead I watched a playthrough on youtube which made me not regret my decision as I watched the player struggle through the last parts. However, I played a fair amount of the game and feel I can review what I played. 1. Level, Paris. This is what made me stick to playing in the first place. Amazing atmosphere, textures and rather laidback gameplay - I loved it! Needless to say, when the next level kicked in, I was hooked. 2. Level, Templar's Library: here's where I realised I had maybe bitten off a little more than I could chew, but with patience (not my strongest point) and some help from the forum I made it through. I did not enjoy the atmoshpere very much, but I had fun organizing a skeleton party in a pool. :D 3. Level, Har Meggido: Loved the atmosphere again. It is beautifully crafted and very well executed. 4. Level, Vatican: Tons of fun exploring the museum, but man did I not enjoy the dragon. It was great when I made it out of there, though. 5. Level, Inferno - I felt the story was getting darker and darker by the minute, and that, to be honest, made me lose my enthusiasm. As mentioned, I did not play any further. I have to give high notes throughout, but I am taking off 1 point in gameplay because I felt it was at times just too challenging to be enjoyable. Apart from that: Textures: masterful. Puzzles: infernal. Sound & music: masterful. Jumps: infernal. atmosphere: masterful. etc, etc, pp. Awesome game. Maybe one day I'll pick up the courage to finish it properly." - Manymee (16-Jan-2017)
"After "Another Business Day" I was afraid it's another builder who's technically flawless but quite boring in return, and I love to be wrong - this time, full care is taken about locations, on-spot storytelling and bits of pioneer gameplay mixed with reasonable amount of casualness, even a little 20th Anniversary tribute. Platforming progresses from easy to hard, but the tasks are entirely logical and solvable, so DON'T even think of the walkthru. Included double meaning is real spice, like the line "bad experience with my doubles", only fully understandable in the very end - I call it poetry. Secrets are my kind as well - I saw a place, I thought "it would be a nice secret" and it was - always prominent, challenging or rewarding. Here, we also learn how to mix different wads so nothing feels out of place. Save from flickering, deliberately far keyholes and shatter vs identical non-shatter in the city, few pesky beetles in the desert and uncannily distorted tiles of the Sistine Chapel, it's one of adventures insultable by calling a "levelset" - I took it in one go, it tastes like chicken only made of Atlantean meat, and you will like it... I think so." - DJ Full (14-Jan-2017)
"This is not gonna be a long review in itself but I just want to highlight the marvel Vincent has brought to us. This is an unique levelset containing six completely different levels each other where the author has paid a high level attention in each detail. It's been a really long time I didn't enjoy a custom game as I did with this one, so I can only suggest you to try this masterpiece as it should enter your "must-play" list. This is definitely the best level of the already past year and I'm sure it won't last too long to get a place in the deserved Hall of Fame. Highly recommended to everyone!" - MrJavi94 (14-Jan-2017)
"Brilliant game and i can only agree with what others have said. I had a great time playing these 6 levels.. even though some parts were tough for me but that's the challenge. Each level is unique, well decorated and with puzzles, traps and storylines.. one thing is for sure, you won't be bored. Highly recomended." - Moonpooka (12-Jan-2017)
"What an amazing creation from Vinraider, an author I haven't heard before. I'm definitely going to remember the author and wait for his next project to play. When the first reviews with high ratings came in I was a bit skeptical, as I'm always because many reviews these days are just without any criteria. A huge project like this requires a longer review. Let's start with the texturing and lighting. All levels were just flawless with beautifully dynamic light. Maybe few parts needed some little diversity, but overall, the light effects are one of the most beautiful ones I have seen in TRLE. I think I haven't found any texturing errors ( actually I remember, in the room where I picked up the divine oil was a wrong rotated texture on the floor edge ). Maybe some textures were not the same quality or resolution ( whatever we call it ), but it didn't bothered, just mentioning it. Atmosphere was also amazing and it got better with playing each level. Sound had no problems. Some flybys weren't that smooth how they should and looked a bit clumsy. Too fast at parts. Some objects in the first level were pitch black ( too dark light adjustment ) and some others ( also in the first level, like the street names ) needed more adjustment as they were clearly not fitting in their surrounding. Maybe some new objects or enemies would be really great as this is clearly a huge project or it could be just me not noticing that they are new ? Not a big deal. Now a few words about the gameplay, which was for me the worst part, but not bad. At times it was very hard to figure out where to go or what to exactly do. The forum threads were a life saver many times. Some gameplay elements were just unfair and not good. I'll mention a few. First, the climbable wall in the Paris subway. There is no way on earth I would ever figure it out that I'm supposed to climb over that wall to the other side, especially because the wall on the other side was NOT climbable, but they have the SAME texture. This is just something that need to be avoided in any tomb raider game. A texture needs to look like it's climbable and if it has this attribute on one side or part of the level, than it needs to have it everywhere. Even after reading it in the forums I was confused how to climb over to the other side. Without help, I would stop playing it. Making the pistols with limited ammo was an unnecessary move. At one part 4 enemies attacked Lara with only 40 bullets in the backpack. If I would shot before the encounter on something ( to see if it is shatterable ) or miss the enemy with the shot ... I would easily run out of ammo and fist fights are not an option. Many areas are just huge and easily to get lost. The dairy was many times not helpful and gives no directions where to go. The wall for the fuel was easily not to notice, maybe a hint of any kind would be nice. The first level was too long with repetitive actions ( puschblocks, puchblocks, pushblocks ... ). In the second levels some jumpswitches were ridiculously good hidden, again, without any hints. They are hidden in the last corners of the map under a slope facing the end of the world. The jumpswitch for the 4 th gem was also unfair hidden in a room for another gem. When entering the huge area too many skeletons attacked and I had no shotguns ... so it was very annoying getting rid of them. The absolute highlight of this game was the inferno level. That's the part what I will always remember about this level. Original, unique, atmospheric, brilliant, modern, interesting, inovative and so on ... pure perfection. It might seem that I'm just complaining about the gameplay, but I'm not. Just feel the need to say what I didn't like about it. Just have to mention that there was a bug with the detonator. After activating it if Lara would step again on the square it would get activated again. Also, I encountered a two faced Lara in the inferno level. This projects tries to be something big and epic, and it succeeds ! I can't remember that a TRLE game had so many epic moments, so many rooms I entered and just admired the creation. It must have taken months or even years to start and finish this project. Just a shame that there were not more new enemies, but the existing ones did fit in really well ( the hell dog in inferno, no doubt it belongs there ). It seems that the first level, Paris, was the worst one for me and every next level was getting better and better. Good that I didn't stopped playing on some early levels. This is going to be a hall of fame level, that's for sure even now. An author who spent so many hours of his life making so many amazing levels for the TRLE community needs to be rewarded with a ˝10˝review and I won't let some flaws in the gameplay make me give anything lower. The gameplay could be more easier, more fair in some parts or with some more hints, but maybe it's just me who had these problems. It represents mostly classic TR elements with a very good graphic environment. The gameplay feels like a modern, but classic TR game. A level set that needs to be played by every Tomb raider fan. Recommended !" - Gorty (12-Jan-2017)
"Do you know this feeling of playing a game so great you completely feel empty once you beat it ? That's happening to me right now, because Holy Grail (see what I did there ?) this map was incredible ! My review could spoil out things, so you shouldn't read it if you want to discover things by yourself. Anyways, everything in this journey was absolutely brilliant; the level designing is amazing, textures are magnificent, puzzles and general progression are challenging yet logical and the atmosphere is perfect depending on your current location (dark and mysterious in Paris, calm and windy in Africa..) mainly, every sounds/musics are from official Tomb Raider but they are used just right (especially for the Lara Croft GO soundtrack in "Inferno" that suited perfectly) Moreover, this custom map reunites a lot of things I love in a videogame; stealth based moments (the museum), references from previous games (alternative worlds) and a dark/apocalyptic/hell atmosphere. My favorite moment was when you have to protect Lara's clone from litteraly blowing up by acting quickly, Vinraider toke the idea out of Cleopatra's Palace and made his own thing ; I have never seen that before and that's a huge plus in my book. Finally, the storyline is worth an official Tomb Raider game, and that final level was pure epicness. Franckly, that was the greatest level from 2016 I have played, good job to you !" - Hedteur (10-Jan-2017)
"Well, this is one of those games that takes classic tomb raiding to new heights. Definitely. Undoubtedly. Imaginative, innovative, action, puzzle and exploration- filled, taking place in different locations (with small, nicely picked hommages - this must have been one the very, very few times when I felt someone had more or less grasped the Nevada look), eye candy even in its darkest hours. Have I encountered, gameplay wise, any detail that felt too hard? Yes, one certain timed run with lasers. Have I encountered any minor glitch? Yes, but I can't even recall it anymore. Still, the game is epic from the start to the end, as it evolves and gains momentum, and becomes quite something else after Lara gets the Graal until the unexpected ending when... sorry, I won't tell you. Just know that this, to me, despite its differences, is up to par with any of the classic *professional* games. Keep them coming, we certainly need more of this special breed." - Jorge22 (10-Jan-2017)
"Wow what an adventure and such a great game so far i think this has too be one of my favourite trle i love the AOD feeling i get from this and also the texturing is just brilliant in my opinion. this game does remind me quite alot of AOD and that is a very good feeling. Everyone should give this ago it has some classic elements and some newer elements too it." - lokky99101 (03-Jan-2017)
"I started this adventure in 2016 and complete this excellent level in 2017, nothing better than that... a level with multiple tasks and that makes it fun, map is really big with many exploration in different environments. Highly recommendable without a doubt, a great work of this author! double thumbs vinraider, congratulations..." - McRaider (02-Jan-2017)
"There are not that many levels released this year (even if I always say quality over quantity) but quite a bunch of them have been released in last month of the year and that is a nice closure, especially with this game! Vinraider has proved to us that new and creative ideas are still possible, which are masterfully implemented in every single level, which are varied by the way and that is also very important aspect in multilevel games. There is not a single boring moment, every task has sense and every puzzle has logic behind it, even if sometimes "out of the box" thinkings are required but those just make it even more varied and rewarding. I also expected some kind of bonus reward for finding all the secrets but uncovering all of them is a reward of satisfactory itself. There is so much exploration in this game, so much details to notice, so much beauty to admire and atmosphere which immerses you into it, even if I could imagine different background sound effects in this or that level, later as I progressed further into level I understood the "atmophere plot" and author captured that very well. Yes the story of this level is very strong and exciting with quite a few unexpected moments but then the ending...well, there is a choice between bad and good ending, but the good ending is for me rather "good" than good, but as long as our imagination works there is always a way because she is Lara Croft after all and a candle of hope eagerly waiting to be lighted somewhere sometime... Curious? Yes of course you are, go and let yourself immerse into this masterpiece and experience an unforgettable adventure. I have not played all games released this year but I do dare to say that Tomb Raider Requiem is the top game of the year 2016, and a truly deserved Hall of Fame entry, which I believe will not take too long to get there. My statistics: playtime 5:43, secrets 10/10, medipacks used 0. 10/9/10/10" - OverRaider (27-Dec-2016)
"The best level of this year?. Every task is challenging (some jumps are very precise) varied and creative ( I love Sistine chapel). Every map is unique with a different gameplay style and outstanding aesthetic. The ending is epic and unexpected :). Highly recommended!.Candidate for the Hall of Fame." - requiemsoul (25-Dec-2016)
"Wow... An awesome game with impressive indoor and outdoor surroundings, diversified interesting gameplay with quite a lot of varied tasks to perform. It's quite hard sometimes and obviously some players will get stuck easily. Atmosphere, lighting and textures are an amazing work. The rainy night in Paris, a buried library, hidden temples in Israel, a museum and even "not of this world" level make this project one of the best I have played. An infernal boss, and then in the end his greatest enemy will be time. And when it's over, you feel exhausted, as if you had experienced this adventure. Detail to end which is very beautiful (no spoilers). Totally recommended. Congratulations to author." - Thiago (24-Dec-2016)