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Lara to the Rescue by Dondilinger

alan 5 4 5 5
CC 3 2 3 2
Ceamonks890 4 5 5 5
Dimpfelmoser 5 3 6 4
Gerty 6 5 7 6
Jay 5 5 6 5
Jose 2 3 5 3
Kristina 4 5 6 6
Mehrbod 3 3 3 3
MichaelP 6 6 7 4
Nomad 6 4 5 4
Orbit Dream 5 3 2 3
RaiderGirl 5 4 6 7
Ryan 4 5 4 4
Sash 6 3 6 7
Tombaholic 5 5 7 5
Torry 2 2 4 3
Treeble 5 4 5 5
Yoav 4 4 6 7
release date: 19-Jan-2001
# of downloads: 74

average rating: 4.55
review count: 19
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file size: 16.04 MB
file type: TR4
class: Young Lara

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"The game opens with a jump and unrealistic flyby camera with no purpose. For the first 30 minutes, I was running around in circles, without any hopes to find the path. Fortunately, I saw a somehow 'hanging' ceiling in the outside and it reminded me that there must be a ladder somewhere. Obviously, another patchwork level. I wish I could see more out of this. Thanks!" - Mehrbod (21-Jan-2019)
"And so Lara did manage to rescue Von Croy, at least until the next time. There's only so much you can do with Young Lara levels and I'm sorry to say this isn't one of the best. The gameplay isn't too bad within this restrictive format, but the construction is incredibly rugged and rough around the edges. Because of this, the flybys are badly executed, the texturing is bland and repetitive, and the the scenery is quite schizophrenic in the way it flashes annoyingly in and out of focus. It's acceptable enough while it lasts, but it could have been so much better." - Ryan (29-Mar-2018)
"Except the last rooms where Von Croy was, turning the screen black, I had no problems to complete this easy level. The tasks are very simple, pull switches, swims, climbings, monkeyswings, jumps... Nothing remarkable. There are some flybys but only to show the large areas, but I missed some camera shots when pulling the levers. Again, the rooms are too huge and empty of objects, and the texturization is flat and repetitive. Not very entertaining but playable anyway." - Jose (09-Nov-2017)
"Last level from this author. In this one young Lara has to release Von Croy from a cell and to do so she must pull some levers, make some rope swinging, swimming, jumps and avoiding enemies, as she doesn't have weapons. I liked the big area with the temple. The flybys aren't well applied. 26 minutes." - alan (30-Aug-2017)
"Here we have a level with creative plot and a generally good idea of level design not meeting up to its potential due to the end of the world and paper thin textures issues. In fact, the end of the world issues are so big it sometimes hurt my eyes and even made me not see where I am going. I could even see the rope at the beginning from the end of the level. The other big downside to the level is the empty environment. The sequence from the underwater cave to the lever that opens up the door in the big head was done good though. Could be a lot better." - Nomad (19-Apr-2016)
"Another Cambodia level, involving Young Lara trying to save Von Croy from the deadliest threat yet... a mummy *cue dun dun dun tune*. But in all seriousness though, this release is fairly run-of-the-mill, involving you tracking down and pulling some levers in order to progress anywhere as always, with monotonous texturing, lifeless boxy environments, flyby cameras that have the tendency to go through walls and limited utilization of enemies/objects, generally not leading to a good overall impression. So in conclusion, only really worth it for completionists or fans of Young Lara levels at the end of the day." - Ceamonks890 (27-Jun-2015)
"Young Lara takes thirty minutes running round Cambodia to rescue Von Croy. In a slightly rough and ready way, this is quite an appealing little level. It's straightforward and readily achievable, but there's just enough of a challenge to make this an ideal level for a new player. There are a few pigs and crocodiles about, but obviously there's nothing to kill them with so running away is the only option. For the same reason, pickups are at an absolute minimum, apart from a medipack or two that you don't need. Still, it always good to have something to store in the jolly old backpack, isn't it?" - Jay (11-Mar-2015)
"There's a rather good storyline in this 30 minute adventure,and gameplay progression is quite well thought-through and rather interesting.What lets this down completely is the lazy construction (as the Author cheerfully admits in his Read-Me) which needed far more patience and creativity in order to provide a convincing and coherant environment.As it is,you have wild fly-by's;end-of-the-world problems in just about every area;vanishing horizons;scrappy texturing and completely unconvincing outdoor locations.There is enough interest in the gameplay to keep undemanding players satisfied,though;but it could and should have been far better with more patience and time expended on the part of the builder." - Orbit Dream (28-Dec-2009)
"Not a bad little level even though there are some problems with textures. You need the Angkor wad to convert this one. Young Lara explores a huge outside grassy area and finds a way down a shaft into a temple which brings her outside again to a rather good looking temple complex with pools and bridges and the temple itself has what look like giant eyeholes and mouth. On the mac I had a couple of moving butts which judging by the sound were boulders so I guess that's all she has to deal with dangerwise except of course a single annoying bat while she's trying to shimmy along a wall. As the title says she's on a rescue mission. Yet again Voy Croy has got himself into a tricky situation and young Lara has to save him. Unfortunately all the areas in this level are so big everything disappears at a distance which kind of ruins the whole effect but a nice little quick level none the less." - CC (04-Oct-2004)
"It took me a while to load and play this old level. Well all I can says is it's looks nice not many puzzles to solve. Most to do is run swim pull levers and release Von Croy. Bravo young Lara." - Yoav (18-May-2004)
"One of the oldest levels to date and not a bad one. There are several flaws such as untextured surfaces and the water is still. Your mission - rescue Von Croy. I wonder what would have been of Von Croy without Lara at all. He's trapped inside this dungeon and only a mummy is watching for him. Funny thing is that when you open his gate not only he won't come out as the mummy won't step in either! Playing as young Lara you know what to expect in puzzles terms - levers and shimmying. 25 minutes." - Treeble (24-Jan-2004)
"The levels with young Lara as we all know have a serious problem with puzzles. You can't put many enemies because Lara can't have guns so except some levers to push this level doesn't have anything else. The effort is appreciated of course those waterfalls look nice so does he whole setting of Angkor Wat but I only saw one bat a mummy or two and a crocodile. After swimming under waterfalls climbing walls and avoid a room full of spikes she frees Von Croy and the level ends. It's nearly twenty five minutes and one door at the area with Von Croy opened at Lara's approach but she couldn't' enter the room due to an invisible block. Considering the limitations when you place young Lara in your game this was good enough for its kind." - Kristina (07-Aug-2003)
"Another one of those Levels that is too big for their own good. You have the issue of the disappearing horizon you see the End of the world most of the time and you can do things in the wrong order so you are left wondering where to go and what the levers did. There are also a few bugs like an invisible door block and a climb around structure that I couldn't climb around. In between you do an awful lot of running and climbing through the well-known Angkor Setting. Due to this being an adventure of young Lara there are neither many enemies nor pick ups to break the tedium. What I hated most was this crawlspace that led to deadly spikes via a pitch-black slope. I mean how on earth are you supposed to handle the situation without any flares?" - Dimpfelmoser (14-Oct-2002)
"This is another 30 minutes young Lara level that started out quite promising but ended up being full of bugs to be virtually unplayable. Young Lara levels MUST offer something special due to the built in absolescence of the character and her inability to do much 'in game'. Unfortunately this level failed to deliver and with the addition of some serious bugs that hindered the already weak gameplay all enjoyment was lost." - Torry (15-Aug-2002)
"There always feels like there's something missing when I play a level with the younger Lara maybe it's the lack of weapons which then means lack of threat from any real enemies and here it is no exception. This is a straightforward level where you need to locate and pull a couple of levers with maybe one puzzle that had me a bit perplexed until I found a walk through wall and visually there again was nothing much different than most younger Lara levels except maybe the initial outdoor setting. Ending after about 30 minutes when you meet Von Croy the final medium sized room had a bug that when you move the setting flickers in and out to black apart from the objects but as it is the ending it doesn't interfere with the gameplay." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"Well the author mentions a list of bugs in the readme and indeed they all occur and ruined the fun of the level a bit. This is a Young Lara level and on your way through you need to evade crocodiles mummies warthogs and bats as you do not have any weapons to fight them. Unfortunately you also do not have any flares and there are quite a few dark corners. The levels starts in a quite linear way and then branches off to the sides. I liked the good use of waterfalls but too often you can hit the 'end of the world'. Some textures are just too repetitive and some of the rooms just too empty to make it a fully enjoyable playing experience. Especially the fact that sometimes a certain wall texture is climbable and sometimes not is annoying. Other than that the gameplay is pretty much from one lever to the next with some good cameras (that could use a little fine tuning though). The end is quite suddenly and came for me after a little over 30 minutes." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"Amidst the Angkor-like environment young Lara must rescue Von Croy from the dungeon where he's held prisoner. This task is easily accomplished by finding a few levers and pushing them. Aside from a rope swing there are no particular skill sequences. And with the absence of enemies and weapons more devious traps are called for than we find here (OK I killed Lara once!). There are some parts where the atmosphere is quite nice and sound and cameras aren't bad either. Unfortunately there were just too many missing and disappearing textures to be ignored. But if you're a fan of young Lara or Angkor levels this one is still worth a look." - Tombaholic (21-Jun-2002)
"To be honest I don't usually like the young Lara levels so other people will probably like this a lot more than I did. I had problems from the beginning as the climbable surfaces didn't work for me so I had to use the fly cheat every time I was supposed to climb something. Not really a big deal but a little annoying. The first few rooms were a little bland but then it opened up into a beautiful outdoors area with a large pool and a temple like building. From there it branches out and gives you small puzzles to solve to get to switches. The slide/jump puzzle over flaming water was probably the best. The majority of the level is spent locating switches till you finally get to the one that opens Von Croy's cell and when you run into it the level is over after about 30 minutes. The two main reasons I don't like young Lara levels is that there are no weapons or flares and there were some warthogs and bats that were really pesky here as well as a lot of dark corners including one dark crawlspace that led to Lara's death but I couldn't really see what happened. Some of the outside areas are really worth looking at shown off by some flybys that needed a little work but that's really all I personally liked here." - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)
"As mentioned in the readme file there are some bugs in this level and you will encounter them. Special the one in what he calls a dungeon is ruining the fun of this level a bit. It took me longer to install this level than to play it. As young Lara you will know there are no weapons so hardly any enemies. I encountered some boars a mummy and 2 pesky bats. Main goal is to find the door to uncle Werner and you know where he is because you can see him in the dungeon the minute everything turns black. Pulling levers is the way to do it. The flybys are giving clues but are a bit jerky. All in all the environment looked real nice and everything was easy. 10-06-2002" - Gerty (21-Jun-2002)