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Aspidetr Easter Time 2017 - Runes of Dawn by Sponge

Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
billie2001 8 10 9 10
DJ Full 9 9 10 10
Gerty 9 9 9 9
Gorty 7 10 10 9
High Priestess 10 10 10 10
Jay 9 10 10 10
John 7 9 9 10
Jorge22 9 9 9 9
Jose 7 10 9 9
Kubsy 8 9 10 10
manarch2 6 10 9 9
mugs 10 10 10 10
Phil 10 9 9 10
Ryan 9 9 10 10
Saki Croft 10 10 10 10
sonnyd83 10 10 10 10
TombExplorer 9 10 10 10
Torry 5 9 10 10
tuxraider 7 7 8 8
release date: 14-Apr-2017
# of downloads: 206

average rating: 9.28
review count: 20
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file size: 45.40 MB
file type: TR4
class: Home

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"An interesting item hunt in and around some sort of vacation home, you should play it only if you like elaborate item hunts, but then I'd recommend it. Although this entry is classified as "Home" level, it's a completely different house and environment. The game play focuses on finding items and keys, supported by a story. It's sometimes really hard to find things. I found myself often running around aimlessly or checking the WT. Interacting with the custom objects sometimes isn't obvious or intuitive. But in general it's elaborate and well put together. There are some traps that kill you out of the nowhere, which is a mean thing to do in this type of level. Also the only custom move used in this level was hard to figure out and to use. Visually, there are some great parts, like the house and the coast line. Some other things look weird, like the pictures of real people used as textures (strange choice) on the other nearby houses, or the very square looking forest. In summary, I think,l this is a pretty good level worth looking at, but some people may find the item hunt frustrating." - tuxraider (24-Jun-2023)
"I've played this one for the second time on the second easter and I have to say that with the updated package and all it's still a beauty to play! I really love the ambient, Lara's house, the flower shop, the sea and the beach, it's all still amazing! I've played a lot of custom level but how the beach is builded in this custom is so beautiful and it is always a nice experience to be back in this custom level! So peaceful! It's a masterpiece! I'd like to play again a level like this in the future! Thanks to the builder for creating and updating the package with differences into the gameplay! I have even done the full video walkthrough on my YT channel with all secrets and pickups! 🙂" - Saki Croft (17-Apr-2022)
"This was my 2nd playthrough of this level. I could remember the areas but not the gameplay which may not be memorable but it is good and definitely deserves more than a 5 or 6 or even 7. There are many things to admire: The beautiful environment, the magnificent objects, the impeccable lighting and most of all the animations for object interaction. All in all, a very enjoyable and stress-free raiding. Recommended." - billie2001 (10-Apr-2022)
"One of my favourite levels from Sponge that will make me come back once a while as I found it fun, it definitely brings that Easter feeling. However, there were some issues in the gameplay which prevented me to give it a 10.

Gameplay & Puzzles: There are barely any puzzles that would be good to have but that's honestly ok. there are many locks and keys to pick up as well as pick up items like dog food, you can easily get confused about what you have picked up and where to use it. I think this should be toned down as I found it hard to keep track of where I should use the items and keys.

Enemies, Objects & Secrets: There were barely any enemies, which is completely understandable as it is an Easter level hence a peaceful level. Custom objects as decoration were used pretty well and secrets were quite easy for me to find. Though I wish that there were more interactable objects.

Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: I loved the atmosphere, it felt very natural and relaxing, although a maze-like garden and a town was quite unnecessary in my opinion. The background sound was really good again it felt relaxing and made you think you are beside a beach. Cameras were used nicely here. No complaints in this category.

Lighting & Textures: Lighting is very good and with nice varied textures across the area. No complaints in this category again.

Summary: It's a very good level by Sponge and I would recommend it to anyone to play it during Easter season. Everything else was really good apart from gameplay with too many things to pick up and hopefully when Sponge releases another Easter/Christmas level will tone down the number of pickups in the level." - Kubsy (10-Nov-2021)
"one of the most beautiful and interesting home levels ive played, i say home level but a lot of the gameplay is outside in the beach caves, forest and lighthouse. theres a good ghost story misson and there is lots to explore with lots of objects and keys to find which is to be expected but how you use some of them objects is original and very quirky, i mean the dog biscuits to entice the dog away from a key you need is just so clever and then there some silly ones which i dont think you'd ever know how or when to use without a walkthrough. theres some good puzzles and some traps here and there to keep things exciting but no enemies im afraid. the house itself is at the centre of the level and its an original build and a good size with lots of rooms to explore with beautiful textures and lighting, in fact the whole level is exceptional on that score, i loved looking out the huge windows as i ascended and descended the stairs, i missed a variety in music tracks and i was hoping to find a gym and swimming pool but no such luck, but hey i guess she doesn't need a pool with a stunning beach and ocean on her doorstep. this level was a lot of fun to play so give it a go especially if your looking for something long, relaxed and visibly exquisite to experience" - John (07-Jun-2021)
"Sponge's level holds a lot of surprises and is a little jewel. This level is set in Lara's vacation home during easter time(obviously). What makes this level shine are not only the custom animations and objects that are scattered around the level, but also the beauty of some areas. One main example is the sea or, even better, the water cave (with some pesky and cute spikes!) I swear that I really wished to live there, and I'm not joking! Sounds in the level are also awesome, and make everything much more alive! Probably the main problem of the level is that it is TOO dispersive. I swear I loved the idea of the level, and I like when it is dispersive, but not when it is too much like this At times it felt like you were looking for a needle in an haystack. But still I love this kind of gameplay when it is not too exaggerated. Overall, it is a very simple and relaxing level that keeps you stunned by how beautiful it looks. It is a bit too dispersive at times, but it is possible to get over that. Hats off to you, Sponge! Recommended? Must-Play. Difficulty? Medium. Duration? Approx. 50-70 minutes." - TombExplorer (07-Nov-2019)
"Oh my, what a complicated level to rate. Some aspects of this were brilliant whilst others made no sense whatsoever. Without the aid of a walk through you will be wandering about aimlessly for hours with nothing but built up frustration keeping you awake. The level has way too many keys and locks and some keys are hidden in places no normal human being would hide them so asking the raider to locate them in these godforsaken hidy holes is really insulting. You need to keep things realistic and albeit the level and TR as a whole is a fantasy, realism in the quest must abide. So in my opinion hiding keys in a toilet bowel (yes folks the bowel, not the tank)is unrealistic. Another thing that lost me was burning the plant to find a sword. What, did the plant turn into a a sword or was it hiding that HUGE sword under it's tiny foliage? Again, keep things realistic. Having said that the egg timer taking the place of the mechanical beetle was nice and then super gluing the pieces back together once it shattered on the third use was brilliant. So some very good points but more adverse issues with this level than good I am sorry." - Torry (26-Feb-2018)
"Nice little romp with quite some new objects that had me scratching my head at times to figure out where they had to go or/and what to do with them. That was entire my fault as afterwards it all made sense. Exploring is a must and in that way I mostly stumble upon secrets, as was the case here as well. I still hate those fixed cameras; they make me feel a bit sick, also not counting the many times I had to run up and down those nasty spiral staircases, getting stuck in the wall or jumping down at the end of them LOL. My poor old XP machine was lagging big time at certain points so I was glad there weren’t any timed runs to do. Nice little puzzles and good use of the Egg Timer though. But I found the treasure chest and so the adventure ends." - Gerty (20-Jan-2018)
"WHOUAAA!!! This level is I call a PERFECT treasure hunt. Lara start in a very beautiful house near the sea and the whole place is exactly the kind of aera I want spent my holidays. The house is very nice and very well built with bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms ... everything we want in a house. For me the level is not very hard even if some objects and switchs are sometimes very well hidden. The news objects are also very well builds and give an incredible real atmosphere to the game. I have also found alls secrets, not very hard to find. The textures are excellent and perfectly use. I have play the both version, with and without the news aeras added like the town and each version is nice even if I prefer the last added with the town with Sponge himself. So to conclude a very good adventure recommended for everyone." - Bigfoot (16-Dec-2017)
"Another level that drew me in straight away. I must point out that the constant oceanic sounds I found to be soothing and atmospheric. It had a fantastic therapeutic feel from the moment I found myself in the beach house. I would highly recommend this very well put-together level. The only glitch I encountered was using the engraved sword as a pull lever but this is another level I positively hated to see end. I'll definitely be keeping this on file to play another time. Full marks to Mario!" - High Priestess (02-Sep-2017)
"This is an utterly brilliant level with many custom objects and textures to use and admire. I particularly liked the sliding doors and the Egg Timer item. The beachfront is a wonderful location to explore and I had a great time exploring at my leisure, without being bothered by enemies. Recommended, much fun." - Ryan (17-Aug-2017)
"This is more than a level for me, it's a work of art. Everything about is totally perfect. Almost every single object, texture and animation is beautifully customised. The animations for sliding down slopes, shimmying, jumping etc are now much smoother. This level takes place in a very contemporary property but just beneath this lies the tomb of some long gone people. I loved the feel of it, I felt very relaxed passing the hours away by the sea. It took me 1 hour 40 to complete. Because everything is different to most levels, you have to think about things a bit more. I think the grave with the laser was brilliant but I found it difficult to spot the grave. There were no enemies really to speak of, but there were a few traps like the spikes coming out of the sand. The gameplay is all about getting your hands on an Ostoria egg, and they make you work hard to find it! You have to initially find some keys, then move on to a sword, and some gemstones, and so on. The dog was hungry so had to be fed, and the toilet was blocked so needed plunging...I fail to understand why Lara would resort to smashing an expensive to replace window in order to get into the kitchen, but who cares! It's best to have the walkthrough to hand because some things are sneakily hidden. This is a very special level (as are most Easter or Christmas levels to be fair), and it's nice to play them." - sonnyd83 (09-Aug-2017)
"Extraordinary design with a lot of new and fantastic objects! This forces the player to approach to every thing and press Ctrl often to know if an object can be picked up or if the player can use an object from the inventory. This also involves certain backtracking: I pressed the button to activate the lighthouse, but nothing happened. Even so the gameplay is not bad 'cause the whole level is not very huge and the areas can soon be explored and check things you left behind. The main house is very well builded, and also the beach area, but the forest area is a bit "flat". There were some cameras to help players, but I missed an important one to show the place to use the shovel, 'cause the provided map is not very useful. Even when there is no much action, I can recommend this amazing level; you'll not regret." - Jose (11-May-2017)
"This is indeed a fun and relaxing game, but I'm surprised that none of the previous reviewers have mentioned the annoying background noise that never goes away. I couldn't decide whether it was intended to represent the wind howling through the trees or the waves crashing on the shore, but I muted the music part of the sound very early on. With that distraction out of the way I could better enjoy the glorious outdoor tasks and exploring the well-lighted interior of the main house. As is true of most of these Easter levels, there are many quirky objects that need to be used in sometimes obscure ways, but it all flows along quite logically. Some of the fixed cameras were unnecessary, but they didn't pose any real problems for me. The one that warned of the spiked passages ahead was quite helpful. Without the posted video walk I would never have known where to place the shovel, but that was probably the only unfair moment in the entire level. There are no enemies (the wraith self-destructs during a cut scene, so it doesn't count) and few traps, and even with the help of the video walk I logged nearly two hours here. Highly recommended as a relatively stress-free raid." - Phil (01-May-2017)
"To me, Mario is the most underhalloffamed builder, 90% of his insane effort silently awarded in others' levels. As it finally changes, it happens both with simplicity done right and a reasonable dose of uniqueness - we can get amazed with static craft and flawless lighting, but also with some extraordinary puzzles and entirely animated interaction. Combat-skipping, we still feel the presence of Lara's friend and an evil spirit defeated with discreet aid of a hungry pug - and the mummies look like willing to rise any second, adding mystery to an otherwise peaceful level. A single overdeed is the door key amount, a single underdeed is the end - I never like when the prize is silent or unreadable. SUMMARY: I saw more ambitious levels but I don't need much more than given here, so it makes a perfect seasonal break for any time to play. That's it, now let's all pray silence and celebrate Mario's first Hall of Fame solo... about freaking time!" - DJ Full (25-Apr-2017)
"A very nice Easter-released level that revolves around a house, a lighthouse and a beach. I found it overall pretty inventive and had much fun while playing it." - Jorge22 (19-Apr-2017)
"This is exactly my sort of level - light, bright, beautiful, peaceful and full of fascinating custom objects and animations (opening doors - brilliant). Exploring the house, surrounding gardens, caves and shoreline is an absolutely pleasure, all to the soothing sound of the waves. Some of the textures really are fabulous - just check out that beach! It's mainly very logical gameplay that flows along very well indeed and the various tasks Lara has to achieve are well devised and clever, although my map reading skills turned out to be nearly as bad as I feared they were. It's an absolute must-play and I loved every minute of the hour and a half it took me." - Jay (17-Apr-2017)
"A very beautiful and calm level. The environment was really impressive. A level with its own style. I really liked the graphical achievement. When looking through that glass wall it really is worth playing just for the great view. The author provided a bunch of new and innovative objects and combined them really great. It’s always a fun thing to discover new objects in a level and always a big plus point. The gameplay was generally very good, but it had actually many problems. First of all, there are so many locked doors right at the beginning available to discovery. Also, the whole area is just enormously huge and the players has no directions where to go. I spent like 40 minutes just wandering around and discovering only a golden egg. I constantly landed in parts where I couldn’t do anything ( locked door in the tower, a plant in a cave, a place to use the shovel, a puzzle item hole, locked trapdoors and so on ) …. Really made me frustrated. Even after discovering one thing I easily got stuck again and wondering what next. But it’s, lets say, a ˝bad˝ gameplay placed in a beautiful environment which makes it less bad. The beach was another highlight that looked very beautiful, but it does reveal some buggy parts when looking further into it. The whole outside area was great, but a big laggy on my PC. There was some good use of fog bulbs. Another thing that annoyed a bit were the fixed cameras. Some of them were used well but some really prevented me in doing a simple jump. The texturing was generally good, but the outside parts had some easily spotable and fixable errors. I also encountered some invisible walls when trying to get on cliffs. As someone mentioned, the forest did look boxy, but I disagree that it didn’t fit it. It actually did and the boxy-nes didn’t bothered me. Overall a really beautiful game but with a bit odd gameplay. Recommended." - Gorty (17-Apr-2017)
"A great seasonal level with a lot of brilliant object design sticking out most, especially the lighthouse scene is very memorable. The location is beautiful as well, very natural caves and the shore is also very believable - only the forest part is definately too boxy and flat and doesn't quite fit to the rest of the game. The gameplay is decent as well with solid exploration in and around the house and some nice scenes but it's often too much about finding and using the (albeit wonderful) plethora of objects, and less about solving puzzles yourself or other tasks. Still, quite enjoyable and chilly and definately a worthy pick for the occasion. 35 minutes." - manarch2 (16-Apr-2017)
"The numbers give my thoughts away - I loved this game. Sponge has taken great care to create a beautiful venue - wait until you see the seascape and he has provided us with so many new objects and animations in this game - a real thrill for us builder-want-to-be's. His talent is really special. In this lovely Easter gift to us, our Lara is putting her holiday to good use exploring her lovely surroundings and the old runes she stumbles upon. What messages are hidden there? There are no enemies, except yourself - I was constantly tripping over my own feet and trying to "leap tall buildings in a single bound". Thank you, Sponge, for such a fun time - this one is truly a Treasure!" - mugs (15-Apr-2017)