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Tomb of the Ancient Warriors by Feder

Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
BlackWolfTR 10 9 10 10
Danjo86 9 10 8 8
Dick 10 8 8 7
DJ Full 8 9 9 8
eRIC 8 9 9 8
Gerty 8 9 9 8
Gorty 8 9 8 6
Jay 9 9 9 8
JimmyBeon 9 10 9 10
Jorge22 9 8 9 10
Jose 9 9 9 9
KingdomHearts 10 10 10 10
LoreRaider 9 9 9 10
manarch2 8 8 8 8
misho98 9 9 9 8
Mman 9 9 10 10
Nuri 10 10 10 10
Passalaqua 9 9 9 9
Phil 9 8 8 9
Ryan 9 8 9 9
Sabbath 10 8 10 9
SeniorBlitz 10 10 10 10
TheStig 9 8 9 8
Torry 10 10 10 10
Treeble 9 9 9 9
TRTheoP 9 9 9 9
Wolf7 10 10 9 10
release date: 25-Jun-2017
# of downloads: 305

average rating: 9.05
review count: 28
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file size: 49.20 MB
file type: TR2
class: Cave/Cat

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Reviewer's comments
"I haven't played a lot of custom TRLE levels but this level has my favourite puzzles. The atmosphere is amazing and it is also very challenging aswell. Probably my favourite level by Feder so far (since i am going through all of his levels). I give it a 9.5/10." - Sabbath (09-Apr-2023)
"This was a challenging but very enjoyable custom level which felt as if it could have been included very seamlessly within the final China level-set from TR2. In terms of design and aesthetics, the overall level design here is a little boxy (i.e. large box-style rooms & spaces), and the colour palette is quite restricted, with grey tones undeniably dominating. However, the level design itself and especially the platforming sections and sequences are absolute genius. For me, one of the greatest experiences of Tomb Raider is challenging platforming which requires not only precision, but careful observation and thought - and Feder nails this as good if not better than anyone with this level. The combat was very well judged, and pick ups were sufficient but you had to work somewhat for many of them as well which I love. There´s some great puzzles thrown in as well - I must admit that the 4-switches puzzle was less enjoyable (and more trial and error), but the multiple switches and gates puzzle later in the level was superb. Secrets are very well hidden - I managed to find 2 of them. A brilliant level, and a very enjoyable hour and a half. Thank you Feder! :D" - Danjo86 (06-Feb-2023)
"Very high quality level by Feder. Gameplay is very enjoyable. This time we explore underground ruins and tombs. There is a lot of platforming, timed runs and traps to avoid. Some sequences were pretty difficult. I like the usage of springboards. There are few nice puzzles and ideas. Level looks very polished and I really like its aesthetics. Textures are interesting and placed in a good way. I only found very minor error related with them. I love the architecture of this level. Some areas look really impressive like the beginning area for example. I don't have any objections about the lighting. It was basically flawless. Some of the areas missed some statics though. For example the beginning area felt quite empty because it didn't really have any decorations. In overall it's a very good and enjoyable level with nice aesthetics. I can definitely recommend it :)" - BlackWolfTR (17-Sep-2022)
"This was a really fun TR2 Custom, not only was it fun to play, it felt like play a small expansion by Core. Gameplay and puzzles were quite challenging and clever, I especially liked the platform puzzle that was timed. Enemies suited the environment well, felt like an extra bit to TR2, like if there was an extra area in Xian, really cool. Secrets, I was able to get all secrets on first playthrough, but it took some thinking on how to get skull and the gold bar. Still, very in keeping to the challenge core design would set, was very satisfied with it. Atmosphere, perfect, felt like TR2, what more can I say, just brilliant. Lighting and textures, all felt seamless and suited the environment very well." - JimmyBeon (18-Sep-2021)
"Great level, Feder delivers once again. As usual, the texturing, architecture and design are exceedingly good and the atmosphere of this level is spot on - the place feels dangerous, which is always good. It isn't an extremely long level but it's a real challenge - there's a sequence of tight timed runs I enjoyed a lot, a lever puzzle, and a very tricky jump involving a launchpad that had me rattled (in a good way). Had a sense of accomplishment when I finally finished (took about 1hr45). Now for some very minor gripes as I don't like to be too gushing. The final fight with 3 warrior statues I found extremely difficult as I only had pistols, 1 small medkit, and 4 shotgun rounds, but this is partly my fault I guess for missing a lot of pickups. Also, and I'm being extremely picky here, but the design of the level seems to be a Chinese tomb, but a lot of the textures look like Christian medieval art, and I'm sure I spotted a Star of David somewhere, which feels a little out of place. Overall, this is another brilliant level from Feder." - Passalaqua (30-Jan-2021)
"Another great level by Feder with the tr2 engine. I loved how the author built his game like a giant cave with building inside. The goal is to find a treasure hidden somewhere this big cave and protected by ancient warriors. But there are not just warriors. We encounter also small and big spiders and the atmosphere of the level remember me the Temple ox Xian and Flaoting Islands of tr2. Even built with thr tr2 engine, the level have very good brain puzzles and 3 hidden secrets not really easy to find. Not to dark and not very hard, the game is playable by everyone and I can just recommended this game. Congratulations !!" - Bigfoot (06-May-2020)
"A level that will surely remain memorable, not only for the different texturing of a TR2 level or the good architecture. I quite enjoyed dealing with the Chinese warriors and especially the timed trapdoors, this was a lot of fun. There is a few puzzles also. I enjoyed less the bouncing pads : that was irritating to find the perfect move for some of them." - eRIC (01-Jul-2019)
"Ok, let us be honest here, I did not like this as much as I loved hidden dagger, but I can't say it is bad. The game provides some surprisingly good gameplay, and challenges are hard enough and secrets are rewarding, but I didn't find them all ... My complain? Perhaps the lighting? You know that greish palette of textures did not work pretty well with a tr2 styled lighting, and that's quite a shame considering how well placed were effectively textures. Above that, pretty good game. Recommend. Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (21-May-2019)
"The rating might seems like an exaggeration, but, I really liked this level! The atmosphere, texturing, lighting and overall presentation were top-notch and the gameplay wasn't that shabby either, with tricky (but far from impossible) timed runs, challenging enemy fights, well hidden secrets (with a nice bonus reward for getting them all), to be honest the only problem I have with this level is that it isn't longer. xo)" - SeniorBlitz (24-Oct-2018)
"A really nice TR2 level we've got here! Provides a decent challenge to say the least with all the timed runs, various puzzles and difficult jumps. The atmosphere was pretty stunning along with the architecture and so was the overall gameplay. Took me about 35 minutes to finish this level (didn't find any secrets though). Verdict: Highly recommended, especially towards TR2 lovers." - KingdomHearts (29-Jun-2018)
"Tomb of the Ancient Warriors by Feder succeeds in delivering a TR2 experience with a perfect combination of puzzles, enemies health packs and ammo. The level is well designed and it is very similar to the original TR2 game. From the architecture, atmosphere, textures, lightnings, the creator of the level captures the feeling of being in a tomb and searching for a treasure. I really liked the dark room with the small spiders appearing all way around and the room with the timed trapdoors is a highlight of the level. I found the jumper after the second ancient symbol quite tricky. It took me ages to land safely in the bridge. Conclusion: Highly recommended level for TR2 lovers. Every room has easy and clever puzzles that motivate the player to move forward. I am really glad that I had the chance of experiencing a level, which resembles the original TR2 game in almost every inch." - TRTheoP (27-Apr-2018)
"What a fantastic TR2 level. Takes you straight back to the glory days of raiding. This is a tough level. Lots of timed runs over falling trapdoors, tricky jumps over jump pads and huge spiders to battle. I missed the first secret at the very start of the level so hence did not qualify for the Secret Key and consequently did not get the grenade launcher which made the fight scenes all the more perilous. I completed the level with exactly ZERO health packs left in inventory. Atmosphere was fantastic, textures as good as the original and this is simply a must play folks. Well done Feder." - Torry (01-Apr-2018)
"This level is really superior, although it has the old TR2- engine. The environment in this is beautiful, especially the lava caves. All the puzzles and timed jumps/runs were very entertaining and the eerie atmosphere during the whole level was amazing. Regarding textures,lightning and so on... this level shows much more detail and that's why I think that this is a more advanced TR2-custom level compared to all previous posts. There are 3 secrets to find. I found all of them and noticed that you receive a key for a special door when you collect all 3 of them, nice feature! There's nothing negative about this level to tell, highly recommended!" - Nuri (12-Mar-2018)
"A solid and eye-pleasing TR2 level that should keep you sufficiently occupied for 45 minutes net gaming time. Unlike the builder's debut, this is just one single level that focuses primarily on one setting, with rich grey textures, brooding atmosphere and well chosen music. There are challenging sequences aplenty, with a few timed trapdoor runs, battles against Chinese warriors and giant spiders and tricky rolling blade traps, but all doable with some practice." - Ryan (14-Dec-2017)
"Very ejoyable level, definitely hard at some parts with a few difficult jump tasks but that makes it even more pleasurable after you finish it. I didnt find the secrets and maybe that is why I was a bit short on medipacks near the end but I was very happy to see the ending screen after I defeated the three warriors. The atmosphere is great, graphics are perfect for this older engine. Not too long of a level. Highly recommended if you are looking for a classic raid." - misho98 (16-Nov-2017)
"Funny enough I liked the previous level by this author much better. This one is much more challenging and I did need the help of my good friend Dutchy to get me through the timed run and another challenge. Don’t get me wrong you will have a good time; I am just lousy with some of the stuff I had to do in this one. I surprised myself with that trigger pad as I did it right the first time LOL." - Gerty (05-Nov-2017)
"An exceptionally solid level as for a single tr2 one, with moments of exploration, platforming, fighting and puzzles, however the switches had my brain minced. No-medikit run condisered, I would give more space or grenades for the final fight. I would also include the escape bit since it's yet another level where you enter the final room, quit to title and have no idea what the real ending was." - DJ Full (28-Oct-2017)
"The theme here is somewhat original, with TR2 rocks mixed with original textures to create an underground temple. It's a big improvement on Feder's last release visually with TR2's lighting used very well, and the textures have big colour contrasts while removing the clashing issues of the last set. The scale is also much more impressive and there are multiple large and interesting rooms. without big additions I think this takes TR2 about as far as it will go.
Compared to the bite-sized levels of the last release this is a giant single level, and the difficulty goes up a lot too; there are some tight timed runs and the spear statues are pretty tough with only just enough ammo to get by (and quite a few items require exploration). Enemies are also well-placed, especially the Spiders who keep the tension up. As before the TR2 secret system is used well (although it's Golden Mask based this time), and there's actually a reward for finding all three this time. This is an excellent level and a big improvement from the author's original release on almost every level, just going by TR2 engine levels this is one of the very best there is." - Mman (27-Aug-2017)
"To me this was a slight step back from The Hidden Dagger. I can't really complain regarding how well the level was crafted but it just wasn't as much fun to play. I got to the end with just a tiny slash of health after facing the really tough Chinese thugs as the grenade gun was a secret and I hadn't found it, plus although one can't complain about the lack of medipacks it also happens that there are multiple ways to lose one's health along the way. Other than that, the difficulty level is still medium, which is fine, and it's entertaining. Recommended." - Jorge22 (16-Aug-2017)
"There really is something refreshingly retro about playing a level based on the TR2 engine. Whilst some might bemoan it's limitations, I for one like the visual and architectural style that it lends itself to. That said what Feder stands up very well in terms of texturing and lighting too. Gameplay is definitely on the challenging side, and there were a few timed sectioned that had me gnawing at the edge of my keyboard in sheer frustration! The reward for persisting is a beautifully crafted series of chambers filled with a fair share of spike carrying Xian warriors. It's been a long time since I've had to play with the launch-pads too. The author thinks vertically in their level design which is a nice touch, so you'll find yourself scaling rooms rather than just pushing your way from door to door. All in all I netted just over an hour from Ancient Warriors. Recommended. Stiggy :)" - TheStig (09-Aug-2017)
"I didn't play very often Tomb Raider 2 levels, but this one, was perfect for me! The gameplay is varied with many tasks to do, some easy and some hard, you can't get bored on this! The secrets are very, very hidden, I had some difficulties on finding them, at least you get rewarded if you find all of them! The enemies are used in the correct places, maybe more variety on them would have been better, but I know that the unofficial engine it's quite hard to use, like also the official one. The atmosphere is incredible, you seems to be in a real tomb, covered by rocks, lava and more The lighting is used very well and the textures are applied almost perfectly, I've just seen some little errors, they look like in HD, but they're of the same size of Tomb Raider 2 one's. I hope the builder don't give up on making levels, because he's on the right way!" - LoreRaider (01-Aug-2017)
"You gain and lose a lot by choosing to use the TR2 engine to design your level. On the plus side: you get the distinctiveness of an alternative engine; on the negative: it will inevitably look dated, even compared to basic trle levels. Tomb of the Ancient Warriors actually has some excellent and rather challenging gameplay and the TR2 features made a pleasant change. Visually, whilst competently built throughout, it does look like it came from 1997." - Dick (31-Jul-2017)
"This stand-alone level has a much more pleasing appearance than most TR2 levels. In fact, for much of the time I spent here (a bit more than an hour) it seemed almost as if I were playing a TR4 level. Others have commented on the difficulty, but I found that while some of the tasks were indeed challenging, they could be managed with a little extra patience and effort. Those spring tiles gave me fits, especially the last one, and without the tip provided in the stuck thread I would never have been able to finish the level. There are three secrets, and you have to find all three of them in order to get the Secret Key that opens the way to the grenade gun near the end. This is a well-done raid, one that I think is even better than the builder's maiden effort. Recommended." - Phil (18-Jul-2017)
"And I finally wrap up my journey through all TR2 custom levels. In comparison to The Hidden Dagger, this level is a lot more objective, in the sense there's very little backtracking and is just a single level. The tasks at hand are also notably more difficult, with timed platforming sequences across timed trapdoors coupled, a handful of bouncing pads and at least two puzzles revolving around lever sequences. It's still rather manageable, however, and although frustrating at times, it's generally fun. I wasn't too keen on the overall aesthetic of the level (especially coming from the author's previous and colorful outing), but textures are neatly applied and lighted accordingly. I didn't find any of the secrets. 40 minutes. 07/17" - Treeble (16-Jul-2017)
"A surprise right at the beginning … the game is played through the original (?) TR2 exe, which adds immediately an atmosphere boost to the overall feeling. Really nice actually. It starts with some sliding action through some cave-like environment that has some very noticeable and rough texturing errors. The design of the first big room was very good. Some easy tasks needed to be done in order to open the first door. After that it took me some time figure out that I had to push a pillar piece to the other side of the room. Very fun 90 seconds of pushing. After killing the mutant I arrived again in a cave-like tall room. So far the atmosphere is very good ( reminds me of the recent Reqium game ). Jumping on that platform was very fun. Some objects in the later parts required more light adjustment as they seemed like glowing objects. The room with the swinging objects was also very nice in design, but flat in lighting, very flat. Getting through that room was quite hard. The spider falling form the ceiling was cool. After that I found myself in a nice designed lava room with some interesting jumping and trap avoiding. In the end Lara finds a pile of gold and can finally buy herself a Ferrari. Overall, a very good level. Based on the time interval between the authors last submission ( 20 days ) I thought that this one will be a simple designed level, but it’s not. I really can’t say that the room design is simple or basic. The gameplay was good, sometimes I did get annoyed by the too many pushables and maybe sometimes a bit too cryptic. The atmosphere was also very good. I did miss some flybys, cutscenes, cameras or triggered events that could boost up the atmosphere and overall feeling. I did found often texturing errors, some really rough ones. Lighting was average, a bit too flat with not much work done in that category of level design. Object use was also very good, maybe some rooms could use some more objects to make them look less empty and some objects more light adjustment. I would say that some polishing and with some more time spent in the level could make things look even better. Definitely recommended, especially for players nostalgic for some TR2 games." - Gorty (09-Jul-2017)
"Aaargh, bounce pads! I'd forgotten how tricky they can be. I'd also forgotten how tough those Chinese 'chopstick' warriors are. I mean, it's basically nostalgia versus protective amnesia. Anyway, this is quite the adventure, with plenty of challenging manoeuvres and puzzles to help while away a wet afternoon (or even several wet afternoons as my part of the UK has been experiencing this week). It's good fun, but certainly not for newbie players and the boss ending with four chopstick warriors was a bit of a nightmare. So, I can definitely recommend this if you're an experienced player, but otherwise I'd just hope that the eventual walkthrough contains a few saves, because it would be a shame to miss all the fun." - Jay (30-Jun-2017)
"After a promising debut the builder quickly provides a nice second release, which has about 30 minutes of entertaining gameplay. Good use of traps and especially springboards, there are also a few smaller puzzles which serve for more variety in an otherwise quite platforming based level. The timed runs along the platforms are quite challenging at times as well, quite fun to overcome them. Enemies are mainly the titular warriors which are not so hard to get rid of, especially if you find the three extremely nicely hidden secrets. The looks are quite different to the usual TR 2 stuff, with different textures and objects, actually this works quite well and the atmosphere is rather convincing, even with a few bland connection corridors and quite a dominance of greyish textures. Overall perhaps even better, as more to the point, as the builder's debut and I really hope to see more soon." - manarch2 (29-Jun-2017)
"After the good reception in the debut of this builder, I think he's dangerously approaching to the exclusive world of the expert players. I noticed the tasks are more challenging and hard, and if he continues so, soon only a reduced bunch of TR gurus will play his levels in the future. Well, perhaps it's what he wants, I don't know, but I know if players need to repeat the tasks too many times, soon they'll throw your levels directly to the recycle bin. It's your choice. I liked a lot the new and original puzzles like the four switches puzzle at the top of the tower or the multiple switches puzzle in the rooms with bars-walls, near the receptacles for the Symbols; but the timed runs with the bars-trapdoors were too tight, and in that room I had to die and reload many times. The secrets are nicely hidden, but I finished the game without medipacks in my inventory (even finding some more in the secret rooms) so I think many players can get problems in this sense. The remaining features are quite good, with an excellent architecture and texturization, a fair number of enemies (I think in the previous adventure were excessive) and a solid gameplay design without backtracking. I really like the style from this builder, but we'll see the evolution in future creations, if any." - Jose (27-Jun-2017)