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Rescue Hannah by Dreamfall

DJ Full 9 9 10 9
Gerty 7 7 8 7
Gorty 8 9 9 5
High Priestess 8 8 9 8
Jay 8 8 8 9
John 8 8 7 7
Jorge22 6 6 5 5
Jose 7 9 8 9
Kubsy 10 9 9 9
LOTRKingluis 7 8 9 8
manarch2 5 7 6 6
OblivionJaw 7 7 8 8
Orbit Dream 7 8 7 8
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 8 8 8 8
SeniorBlitz 8 8 8 8
Torry 6 6 9 9
release date: 16-Sep-2017
# of downloads: 128

average rating: 7.75
review count: 17
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file size: 263.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Joke

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I like this level because it feels like a silly effort with a lot of nice qualities, some good puzzles and even with the straightforward progression it's hard not to enjoy it, however the ending is for me not done well and feels tacky as well as not executed well. The voice actors did a nice job in fitting with the level as high-quality dialogue lines would stick out like a sore thumb in such a level. You should play this as it's worth the time it takes, the music is also quite enjoyable." - OblivionJaw (05-Dec-2023)
"Ok so It’s Cheesy, it’s cringy but once your past the first 10 mins of search and find item collecting then more solid good fun is to be found here due to the variety of areas to explore and then we finally get some variety in gameplay as well especially in the second level. The story is about making your way to a Hannah Montana concert leaving your home and city and visiting your aunt on the way. In the second level (which is a lot more interesting) your aim is about getting inside the concert itself and stopping a kidnapping plot against the star herself! you’ll find yourself making your way through streets and houses, hotels, garages, basements and the then the concert venue itself. With traps and timed runs, pushable and raised block puzzles, tricky jumps and enjoyable platforming and exploring before some enemies (one from a previous TR game) that you need to take down as well so there is much to do and see here! My only real annoyances were the constant repetitive music which got quite irritating at times and the heavy focus on search and find items right at the beginning of the first level but apart from that I had a lot of fun playing these levels it was definitely an original concept I have to say!" - John (24-Mar-2022)
"Quite a nice level which I might replay at some point. In this level, you play as Hannah Montana's fan who is late to the concert and in order to arrive, you have to do some tasks before reaching the concert. The gameplay overall is quite straightforward and quite fun actually, although without puzzles but that doesn't disappoint me whatsoever. the textures and object placement are really good as well although the lighting could've been better. Overall I would recommend playing this level to anyone." - Kubsy (15-May-2021)
"These niche levels tend to lose their impact on anyone who is not a fan of the subject matter and in my case all I knew of Hannah was that Miley Cyrus played her so I was waiting for the wrecking ball all level. So as disappointed as I was, I still completed the level (missing the final secret) and for what it was, it was an ok raid, got better once you had some firepower though. The first level I managed without the aid of the walk through but the second had some eclectic tasks that I (or most raiders) would not think of so the walk through was required on a few occasions. Lighting and textures were really good but the voiceovers were simply terrible." - Torry (13-Jan-2020)
"Inaccurately classified as a 'Joke',this two-level adventure tries very hard to present a witty storyline;and,for much of the way,succeeds in its ambition - but a combination of way too many corridors to run down;far too many toilets to enter;and a down-right obscure solution for disabling a guard,got in the way of complete enjoyment. It's clear that this was something of a labour of love for the builder,as there is much that endears (especially the strangely voiced dialogue,which caused Hannah to sound like a WW2 Japanese prison commander)and there was plenty of visual imagination on offer.The gameplay was varied;objects were quirkily incorporated;and sounds were used well. Fun,provided a walkthrough is close at hand." - Orbit Dream (10-Sep-2019)
"A delightful level that scales well in difficulty til the end of the level. Originality is a big word to be used regarding this trle, from the car, to the buildings, to the whole story arc, I loved it. I congratulate the builder on this one. However, some interactions with objects, collision, etc, were kinda buggy or incomodative." - LOTRKingluis (31-Aug-2019)
"Not at all bad for a joke level, and more solidly made than you'd expect from levels of this genre. The surroundings are quite garish and sport a bit of a cartoonish look, but you get used to it and it's actually quite attractive. Gameplay is generally simple, but there are a couple of timed runs of a medium difficulty and a neat touch performing a handstand to knock a guard unconscious and retrieve his pistols. The dialogue was also a nice idea but I found the voiceovers a bit annoying and quite strangely pitched. This probably isn't intended to be a masterpiece, but it's actually quite a charming and playable effort." - Ryan (05-Sep-2018)
"A pretty entertaining package. You traverse through an well built and attractive little town so you can reach Hannah's show. The overall atmosphere is really good, the scenery is very colorful and I only found few texturing mistake, though if I had to criticize something it would the lighting, since it is mostly flat. The level design was pretty linear for the most part, so don't expect to get lost or anything. My only hint is for you to be aware of certain disk why you'll need for secret 3 (it is miss-able and it is located in a certain balcony). The highlight of this level was how the author managed to carry out the story through the level, it felt really natural and there was even voiced lines! The soundtrack choice was also pretty good, all of them were fitting." - SeniorBlitz (03-Jun-2018)
"One of the best city levels I have played. I admired the voice acting and the flawless storyline progression with a serious objective pushing you forward, of course except from the pushables and the last secret - and I think the pistol moment should be fixed already... No matter of what it's a level like no other which should be tried by everyone, sooner or later. Bravo." - DJ Full (03-Jan-2018)
"Well I am glad that Hannah Montana can do more shows and it was quite an adventure to get that far. Good debut level but mind you there are beginner mistakes here. Invisible blocks in front of doors, just turn the doors around might be a good idea. Then there is nasty collision on objects, so work on that. Saw also a paper-thin wall somewhere, can’t even remember where exactly, sorry. Also how in hell should we know how to make that forward roll to kill the guy, specially as I did try it a couple of times to get out of a crawlspace and at my end that didn’t work. There are some nice traps but no real puzzles. So far I did had a good time, had to put on my thinking cap a few times (always a good sign though)." - Gerty (23-Nov-2017)
"I have to admit I enjoyed this level and came back to it in between sampling other downloads. Sophia appeared near the end which was slightly out of context but the look of the level was good. As mentioned by other reviewers, the dialogue was extremely poor and decidedly unnecessary. Basically, the character here has to save Hannah Montana from kidnappers. Alas, if you fail to land on one of the baddies in a certain way backstage you won't be able to continue the level because he dispenses pistols that will be required shortly afterwards. The concert theme was really innovative. There are some truly fun things to do here and the timed run over the burners was generous as was the secondary timed run so don't be put off as you should have plenty of time. This is a fun and vibrant level with a good use of objects and lighting." - High Priestess (12-Nov-2017)
"Despite the flaws in texturing, light and design this is actually a very well made adventure. Starts and continues very calm through the game. I think the author made exactly what he wanted, something like a teenage adventure inspired by a popular pop singer. The gameplay is often easy, at the beginning consists mostly of collecting keys and opening doors. Later it gets better. I liked the atmosphere a lot. The voice acting was recorded badly and spoken in a weird English accent, but it did the job. I have to praise some very nicely done cutscenes and triggered events. The part at which the game mostly fails is the texturing, simple design and very monotone light. I also have to say that the town is built very well. Overall, this is a unique creation, fun, enjoyable, but made by someone unexperienced in level building. Recommended!" - Gorty (07-Oct-2017)
"Quite a cute idea for a level and it certainly makes for a quirky raid. It's an attractive setting, if somewhat overly reliant on hotels with what felt like hundreds of loos, and I liked the contrast with the first, gentle section and the occasional mayhem that ensues when Lindsay (who is wearing a great outfit) finally gets some pistols - and what a novel way to acquire them. Joke levels are usually fairly terrible, but I really liked this one, although the voiceovers are just bizzare. OK, it's never going to appear in the Hall of Fame, but there's something rather endearing about it all the same." - Jay (25-Sep-2017)
"If there were ever a level that could justly be accused of download bloat, this one is it. For a download of 263MB I was expecting a mega-game of 10 hours or more. Instead, you get two fairly short levels of about 30 minutes each, which should justify a download of some 20% of what you actually get. The bloat lies in the sound files, which should have been trimmed drastically. The game itself presents a cartoonish look that's reminiscent of Mantua's Squares, but due to the generous lighting conditions I didn't find this to be at all distracting. I used the excellent posted video walk to prepare a written walkthrough, and I enjoyed playing this debut effort. There are a couple of timed runs that present a modest challenge, and that exercise of doing a hand stand to knock the wind out of an unsuspecting enemy below was a nice touch I've never before seen in a custom level. The sappy dialogue was unnecessary, especially as the text appeared on screen, but I didn't deduct points because of this. Too bad the wholesome Hannah Montana has turned out to be such a slut in real life, but that's another discussion for another day. A nice low-key, entertaining level. Recommended. " - Phil (25-Sep-2017)
"Not totally agree with Jorge's review, for me this levels were entertaining and nice to play, even with the defects I found, like the trapdoor without handle and no camera hint to know there was a trapdoor there, or the unusual way to get the pistols (thanks, vimmers) where you can get stucked forever if you don't do the author intended. There's a good architecture, nice texturization only with small defects, a lineal gameplay with no much backtracking and a good atmosphere. I hope this builder can continue building in the future, 'cause I saw a good potential in this fantastic debut. Good work!" - Jose (24-Sep-2017)
"The title already raised a question: Is it really necessary to rescue her? The music tracks at the end at least are a good argument to not doing so... ;) Anyway, this is a nice little level that does quite well in telling a story and carrying the plot to the finale. On the other hand, the gameplay leaves several things to be desired. While there are a few decent tasks like the garage or in the concert hall in general, there is much straightforward progression without the need to think much, there could be more puzzles or platforming parts IMO. Visually it's also not of a too high standard; there are a lot of misplaced textures, the lighting is quite flat and the architecture of the city mainly very basic. A few objects are nicely used here and the secrets are hidden well enough. Music, at least if I don't add my personal taste, is chosen aptly; the voiceovers are that amateurish though that I almost think they are intended this way, rather funny to listen to those almost always screaming characters. Overall an enjoyable raid but not a classic yet, for that the builder still has to learn a lot. 30 minutes." - manarch2 (24-Sep-2017)
"Well, I can't say I took no enjoyment from playing this level. Still, I don't think classing it as a "joke" level serves as an excuse for a certain lack of effort or a few tasteless features. In the first class, I'll include the jeep's D on the lower right side of the screen throughout most of the game, ladders that you're not supposed to climb (in the first electricity room, if I remember well), Venetian windows in Kansas City (not that I've ever been there but they don't seem to fit),a panel in French (unless I didn't really get the joke) and objects coming out of the walls. In the second, the looping music which is always a light-ish no-no, the excessive number of useless hotel and restroom doors, the annoying voices with vocabulary mistakes (the latter, as in "borrow" instead of "lend", go in the first group) and maybe the artificiality of making the jumps in the cinema harder by using a different view. Right, now that I got those off my chest I can certify playing Rescue Hanna isn't a total waste of time and all you need is to be in the right mood, maybe after a really tough custom. As for the builder, I think all it takes is to take the process just a little bit more seriously (as I think the expertise is probably there), even if it's a "joke" level." - Jorge22 (22-Sep-2017)