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LB Advent Calendar 2017 - Forest Kingdom by AgentXP

alan 9 9 9 10
Be Nolee 8 8 10 10
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 9 10 10 10
Drakan 10 10 10 10
Dutchy 10 10 10 10
eRIC 10 10 10 10
Feder 10 10 10 10
Gorty 8 9 9 9
Jay 9 9 10 10
JesseG 9 10 9 10
John 9 10 9 10
Jorge22 9 9 9 10
Jose 9 9 10 10
LoreRaider 9 8 10 10
manarch2 8 8 10 9
Mman 9 9 10 10
Nomad 9 10 10 10
Phil 10 9 10 9
PhryneCroft 10 9 10 10
requiemsoul 8 8 9 9
Ryan 9 9 10 10
Samu 9 10 9 10
SeniorBlitz 9 10 10 10
TombExplorer 10 10 10 10
Torry 8 10 10 9
vandit 9 9 9 10
Zynkel 9 8 10 10
release date: 20-Dec-2017
# of downloads: 207

average rating: 9.48
review count: 28
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file size: 136.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Fantasy/Surreal

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Loved playing this level it really gave me TR2 gold kingdom vibes as I’m guessing it was supposed to. So many familiar looking areas and locations but with new aspects and new gameplay, I loved seeing all the gold lava and avoiding it all once again as well as we explore through forests and treetops, caves and underground areas but with such vibrant colours it really was a treat visually and some rooms and areas were just seriously stunning! Gameplay is just welcomingly full of variety including lots of exploration, platforming/Jumping tasks, pushable object puzzles, timed runs, torch tasks and the level has plenty of fun adrenaline fuelled traps as well enemies such as yetis and giant flys jumping out at you so beware lol so much fun though. Things can be pretty much worked out for yourself I feel mostly as I didn’t have to use a walkthrough a lot at all! so bonus points for that apart from not seeing and picking up a necessary bow needed for a shooting task but that’s probably my own fault lol. Overall a fantastic experience with so many enjoyable moments the only thing to make it top notch for me would a vehicle section and some fixed cameras maybe but yes near perfection here and not to be missed" - John (25-May-2023)
"The TR2 Gold atmosphere of this TRLE is fantastic, breathtaking, in short golden. The gameplay is fun and moderately difficult, the focus is clearly on exploring the ruins, forests and caves, sometimes you run a bit in circles especially until you have the 2 masks in your backpack. The enemies (yetis, wasps & the boss bird) are okay, a little more variation would have been welcome. Same goes for the music because the level is over 2 hours long, it is well chosen, but it repeats too often in my opinion. Very nice TRLE with high nostalgia factor, for fans of the TR2 Gold expansion a must play! Highly recommended." - vandit (17-Jul-2022)
"I have to be honest. When I heard about this custom level, I was very hyped up. As Tomb Raider 2 Gold is my favourite Tomb Raider game, I quickly downloaded it and started playing it. And it didn't disappoint me a single bit. I loved every single moment.
This level can be considered a complete reimagination of the fourth level of TR2G: Kingdom. Despite many new areas, a lot of them are clearly inspired by the original, and it was so nice to see those rooms in a "new light"(no pun intended).
In fact, the lighting in this game is so great! It feels cold, but at the same time it feels so cozy.
AgentXP really managed to achieve the best out of the edited Peru's BtB Pack: texture-wise, it is top-notch.
The gameplay is very simple, and it managed to keep me hooked till the end: it has plenty of traps, platforming, and a lot of exploring.

In short, I think it is impossible to go wrong with this level. Gameplay, atmosphere... everything really fits. It is a great raid and there is close to no flaws. Good job!

Recommended? Must-Play, especially if you are a fan of Tomb Raider 2 Gold, but not only!

Difficulty? Medium-Hard.

Duration? Approx. 1h20-2h" - TombExplorer (18-May-2021)
"This is one pretty level. Lighting is used quite effectively in the many temple and forest areas that Lara explores in this adventure. She will spend her time dodging plenty of spikes, spiked walls, boulders and flames, as well as gunning down many yetis, hornets and a giant bird monster. She will also solve some pushable block puzzles as she searches high and low for various keys and masks that lead to the golden one. I have two minor complaints, one being that the same audio track (the one in e-flat minor with a female vocalist) is used three times which is a bit excessive, and the other being that there is sometimes a bit too much backtracking, especially if you take a route to a keyhole that you cannot use yet. Either way this is very well done, so if you haven't played yet, pick one of your three outfit choices and jump on in. 1 hour 39 minutes." - JesseG (28-Dec-2020)
"Incredible level. There are lots of weapons and ammo to end with the many enemies you'll find on your way, which are more than enough. There are some fun and challenging traps and jump sequences to do. Some secrets were easy to find, while others not that much, but still I was able to find them all. Recommended!" - alan (04-Sep-2020)
"This is a great and very atmospheric level, which took me roughly 2 hours to complete. Gameplay is very nicely balanced with platforming, traps and some puzzles. Most of the time progression is quite linear, although, as far as I can recall, there is at least one non-linear part where you can do things in different order to proceed. I had to stop a couple of times to think what to do next, but majority of the tasks are not too complex, so this level should be a good choice for players of all skill levels. Besides the gameplay, what really makes this level stand out from the mass, is the masterfully crafted environment, which contains perfect texturing, atmospheric lighting and a great use of colors. Author has put a lot of attention to create details, such as leaves dropping from trees occasionally or birds flying on the sky. All these little details add to the gaming experience and make the environment more immersive and fun to explore. Moreover, the atmosphere is spiced up with many well-fitting audio tracks. Overall, I had lots of fun playing this level." - Samu (08-Jun-2020)
"Wonderfully executed level with gorgeous visuals would've really liked it if XP had made the furnace of the gods level along with this one as i really could not get enough! The only issue i had was that the first secret in the level was hidden by a solid wall you could just walk through unlike the plants she could go through for one of the later secrets this one just bugged me a bit but only for logic reasons. The areas are well made and are fun to explore and doesn't really feel like a custom level until the Glow Stone replaced the flares but i'm just OCD about classic TR so that's nothing really dramatic. I hear by declare this level as a Enchantingly Fabulous Raiding Experience!" - Be Nolee (16-Nov-2019)
"You know what , i almost felt in love with this level. By now i don't like to rush through a level and i took my time (more than 2 hours) even more with this one as i delight myself a lot admiring everything, appreciating all the details , vegetation , texturing , beautiful objects , it is so atmospheric with the musics and everything. The gameplay is to my liking too, sometimes you have to find your way in intricate areas , this was rather intuitive and never frustrating, you have alternances of forests and temples with some actions , puzzles , stunts, yetis which are the main enemies with also mosquitos in a place where they belong and a bigger enemy at the end ; this was continously a great enjoyment, and if you are a pickups finder there are plenty to get here including 8 secrets. Maybe the end was a bit of a non event as we can wonder why Lara was here for , but never mind this is definitively one to place at the top of the levels to replay." - eRIC (02-Oct-2019)
"A solid and classic level with a nice atmosphere. It is not very innovative and complex but the tasks are enjoyable. The enemies are not very varied. Recommended to everybody" - requiemsoul (19-Mar-2018)
"An Incredibly well crafted re-imagination of the "Kingdom" level from TRII: Gold (with some minor elements from Tinos), with gorgeous locations full of color and life, and some challenging (but not too difficult or unfair) gameplay. There's no reason to not play this level (specially if you're a fan of TR2:Gold), I strongly advise to do so." - SeniorBlitz (05-Mar-2018)
"This is a pseudo-remake of Kingdom from Golden Mask (the main areas are very similar, but everything in between is much different and expanded). Visually it's one of the best looking levels I've seen with details everywhere, while still keeping the essence of the original map (namely the very vibrant texture colours). These things shine even more as this map's theme is relatively underused in maps. The gameplay is relatively straightforward, but there's multiple splits in the path, and it stays engaging throughout with some nice extensions of original ideas and completely new ones; I especially like a pretty elaborate torch puzzle at one point. There's also some small tweaks to make certain elements more like Tomb Raider 2 as well; most notable being the Uzi's being much more useful. A great map and a must play, especially if you want more of the "Kingdom" theme." - Mman (28-Feb-2018)
"Having recently completed TR2 the Golden Mask it was a pleasure to play this updated remake with a modern twist. This kept me occupied for half a day and the execution of item retrieval was a constant head scratcher which is not necessarily a bad thing IMO. Secrets were few are far between for me as I was struggling to keep up with the basic items, let alone wandering about looking for secrets although I believe there were 8. You really had to keep your wits about you else you would be turned around and ended up wandering about aimlessly. Some of the tree top items were almost impossible to discern (shooting the wasp nests never even occurred to me) so download the walkthrough folks. Is this a difficult level? In some aspects, very but not enough to give up. Maybe I am just getting old." - Torry (24-Feb-2018)
"I always felt that Kingdom had so much to offer than the rather short and simple level of TR2 Gold, and now with this exceptional remake I could see it reaching its potential. Not only does this level respect the general progression of the original, but it adds a great amount of tasks and expands the gameplay beyond of what you already knew, leaving plenty of room for surprises. Plus, the remastered textures look excellent. I have to say it's one of the best remakes I've ever played. The level is overflooded with pickups, plus the secrets are very generous. Definitely recommended." - Feder (13-Feb-2018)
"Terrific stuff. It made me get into the Kingdom area of TR2 gold which I previously found boring and could not enjoy. Well done. The textures of golden, green and brown blend fantastically making the gameplay a mystic and strangely realistic experience. A bit confusing at parts due to the large, very detailed and rich environment but enough hints are given and you get an idea of what to look for and how to progress. Action is balanced well and ammo is given generously so I could wreak havoc with uzis and shotgun. The boss at the end was disappointing though since it just spinned around while I just shot from a safe distance. Overall, definitely recommended." - Nomad (25-Jan-2018)
"This has nothing to do with Christmas but that's alright. Halfway through the game I was maybe forcing myself to continue but after a while the whole thing gained momentum and I ended up actually enjoying the feel of it. The TR2 Gold textures and atmosphere aren't exactly my preferred but I'll admit it's all beautifully made although it isn't exactly stunning. I wish I could say the same thing about the gameplay - which is fine by any level editor standards, I must add - but I found myself once too often looking for tips on what exactly I should do next (of course, it's always hard to tell whether that was the builder's fault or mine, especially when I can tell the game doesn't suffer from any kind of logic). That's it then: I'm not giving it a perfect ten but I can't really downrate it either as I'm aware my ratings have more to do with my own personal taste and less with the game itself. Very much playable, of course." - Jorge22 (05-Jan-2018)
"The only connection between this level and Christmas is the fact that it was released in late December. No matter, as it's one of the most engaging offerings of the entire year, and it's intended more as a 20th anniversary tribute to TR2 than as an Advent level. Without Dutchy's thorough and reliable walkthrough I would have been hopelessly lost in no time, but with its help I was able to milk about two and a half hours out of this adventure in fantasy land. The builder is quite generous with flares, weapons and ammunition (particularly of the explosive variety), and I had ample quantities of everything in my inventory at the end. The game is a little darker on the whole than I like, but that's only a minor quibble. The predominant enemy is the yeti, and it's fun to watch them explode into little pieces when they die. This one is surely destined for an early spot in the Hall of Fame. High recommendations." - Phil (01-Jan-2018)
"Nice level based on TR2 Gold Kingdom level. The Puzzles are too fun and not extremtly difficult. Good combination of objects, enemies and secret but personatly in some situasions there are a lot of enemies, but nothing too difficult. The atmosphere is greatful with a fantastic combination of sounds and cameras. The same for lighting and textures. All of it create a perfect atmosphere for the level. The level made me to play the original level of TR2 Gold again like when I was a child! Extremtly recommended! :)" - Zynkel (31-Dec-2017)
"This is a very well executed level in the style of the original Golden Mask Kingdom level and managed to entertain me for nearly two hours. Although the gameplay contains no puzzles as such and some areas will be immediately familiar if you've played that game, the platforming nature of the gameplay and the occasional wonderful finishing touches (the golden lighting, the ice melting sequences and the torch puzzle) will ensure that this provides you with a brand new, not to be missed experience. The environments are lush and well crafted, and altogether this is highly recommended." - Ryan (29-Dec-2017)
"For a change, this is a full-fledged and professional level as offering in the calendar and also the best level of the builder so far. A fantastic atmosphere is created here, with a complex layout and also highly believable and beautiful setting that only reminds on the TR 2 Gold level so all is fine. The choice of musics and the construction of the flybys and fixed cameras is perfect, with one single exception I can forgive (the flyby showing the boulder crashing down some floors near the end goes through a solid floor). Everything is on a very high level and care for even smallest details is visible. The lighting is also very good too and the texturing is beautiful as well, yet it's not totally clean with a few minor mistakes - I'd still place it above 9 but more 9 than 10. Object design is very well done, and the only slightly negative thing about the enemies (the placement is quite effective) is that there's not a large variety, mostly yetis and in one area some wasps. The secrets are quite well hidden with one or two that are rather easy though, as you can see them clearly from the main path and the way to them is not so obscure. Gameplaywise, I also felt that it's most excellent stuff for about 2/3 of the whole game, with everything being really well tidied up and merged into a very nicely flowing, varied and highly entertaining raid, but I also think that the game was a little too long for its own good as the tasks got a little repetitive towards the end - one or two more puzzles instead of relatively ordinary platforming and exploration wouldn't have been a bad idea maybe. On the whole, excellent stuff and highly recommended (of course). 1:10 hours spent here." - manarch2 (24-Dec-2017)
"Even when I missed more flares and more variety of enemies, this is an excellent level, I think one of the best from this builder. Very long, I spent more than two hours to finish it. Sometimes you can get disoriented 'cause the hidden ledges, but you'll never find hard tasks or tricky situations here. The TR2 environments and ambience are well achieved, the lighting and texturization are very well worked, and the backtracking is inexistent or few significant. Thank you, AgentXP. Highly recommended." - Jose (24-Dec-2017)
"This is arguably the best looking jungle I've ever seen. As always with a jungle level, exploration takes some time due to the need to search every little bit of foliage, but with a setting this sumptuous somehow I really didn't mind. Enemies are mainly yetis (plus the occasional Tinnos wasp) and the Uzis come in very handy against them, although be sure to reserve a goodly amount for the boss ending with 'big bird'. The gameplay is excellent, with some lovely timed runs, traps and agility tests and, although I clocked well over two hours of net gaming time, I never felt as though it overstayed its welcome. Highly recommended." - Jay (24-Dec-2017)
"Another great adventure by Agent XP showing us that he has become a top level builder. Also, this is a good example how remakes should be done and not how most of builders do it with the old engine. There are few things I didn’t like that much. First of all, the often attack by 3 yetis, sometimes on small area, was something that annoyed me. Once I can bare, but more than that no. I was often thinking to myself: ˝not again˝. That’s one thing. Another thing I have to mention is the sometimes too sneaky hidden main path of the game progression that’s more suitable for a secret. Sometimes I discovered where to go on pure accident. The gameplay was also sometimes organized in a way that makes you do some jumping around to get to part of the area and only to discover a closed door, then I have to go back and later do it all over again. Some of those repeating tasks weren’t that easy. The texturing was great, but not perfect. Occasionally I found some obvious roughly placed textures that could be easily fixed. The light was just great with great transitions between the green emerald forest light and the golden glow. Object use was also masterful, but I did discovered some ˝flying objects˝, that are probably placed one click too high. The level was very atmospheres and really has some good vibes. The flyby sequenced did seem a little bit too fast giving them a rather ˝clumsy' element. Overall, a classic Agent XP level with everything you need for a great level. Highly recommended !" - Gorty (24-Dec-2017)
"This level is a very nice gift of the advent calendar. I absolutely loved it. Like the original Kingdom level of tr2 gold, Lara is prisonner in a kind of prison and the goal is to leave it and search around to find the famous Mask of Tornarsuk. For me the gameplay is not very hard but some switchs are very well hidden sometimes. Like tr2 Gold it's a classic gameplay but very fun to do with a mix of timeruns, fight, jump over the burning gold and more. The luxurious life in this hidden forest valley is absolutely incredible. It's like if Lara wasn't on Earth but on another planet with all this plants everywhere around these gold lakes. Simply magical. I liked searching the secrets and I found the 8 hidden (sometimes VERY VERY well). Like Pearl of Kojada it was impossible for me to finish it without alls secrets. The remake textures use are just extraordinary and I just can say THANK YOU to the author to release it with the level because it's a nice tool for a builder like me. The entire game is not to dark and very luminous. I liked how the author use the gold textures and the lighting to create some kind of mists effects above some lakes. To conclude an exellent game I will keep on my computer and certainly replay in a near future. Thanks a lot AgentXP for this nice adventure :-). Recommended for everyone." - Bigfoot (23-Dec-2017)
"By now you should know you can take anything by Agent and have fun. This is one of the best, most coherent and sense- making single-level games available this year, and standing pretty high among all of them in general. But this isn't the most important since it's also pretty unique. Of course people were making forests but none in this lushy-bushy style of TR2/TR4 blend which also includes several new objects made intentionally for it. I guess I don't even have to recommend this level because playing it is a matter of time, not a usual decision between yes or no. Brilliant job... BUT of course there is always that one secret Kappa Kappa Kappa OMEGALUL FisenNo Jebaited SwiftRage BabyRage DansGame" - DJ Full (22-Dec-2017)
"Your level was very beautiful, exciting and awesome, you did it very well from the Tomb Raider 2 Gold level, the atmosphere is just great and brings the nostalgia back from the earlier parts of Tomb Raider :) The traps and puzzels are very creative and doable, with a jump, I did something difficult but by tasting often I've made it .. Challenge must be :) The Flyby-Cameras are very well set, it has the space manageable scene also the music was fine, I'm looking forward to more beautiful level of you! Keep it up!" - PhryneCroft (22-Dec-2017)
"What a lovely level, those forest areas so realistic. Loved every moment of it and no further comments. Nice secret quest too. What else could you expect from a level by Agent XP. Wasn't really a christmas level, but gave me a warm feeling anyway." - Dutchy (22-Dec-2017)
"After his level btb, which I appreciated, the author out another very good level with an excellent gameplay. The whole is quite complex. The lighting was, to my taste, slightly too luminous and hurt my eyes when the yellow came out too much, especially in the room where it was necessary to place the 2 masks (sadly problems with the eyes and i does not like the too violent lights). There are many enemies but we can avoid them and kill them easily, especially when we recover the explosive arrows.Excellent" - Drakan (21-Dec-2017)
"I was following the project since the builder showed some screenshots on forums, and finally here it comes! I loved completely this level, gameplay and puzzles are really great, the builder captured completely the old- style gameplay from classic TR's. One thing I didn't like is that enemies were repetitive, they're just yetis or wasps, maybe something more wouldn't be bad, maybe builder for limits, since the map it's really huge, wasn't able to add them, but I think some space for them was free :) Secrets I've found are very well hidden and there are enough pickups for ammo's, meds, flares etc... Good use of cameras for give the player some hints and there aren't missing sound. Atmosphere was magical, every area was detailed, with lighing and textures that are simply stunning, no words for describing it. Can't wait to see more from this builder, she's doing amazing levels in my opinion! :D" - LoreRaider (21-Dec-2017)