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Send Nero to Hell! by Marcos

dinne 9 7 5 8
DJ Full 10 10 10 8
Dreamfall 7 8 9 9
Gorty 7 7 8 5
Jay 10 9 10 9
Jorge22 8 10 10 9
Jose 6 8 9 9
Lara_Fox_Croft 6 5 10 7
Lilly Jericho 9 9 9 9
manarch2 7 10 8 8
Phil 10 9 10 9
requiemsoul 8 9 8 9
Ryan 9 10 10 9
release date: 06-Mar-2018
# of downloads: 145

average rating: 8.48
review count: 13
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file size: 149.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Mystery/Horror

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I really had a fun time with this level, and even if not everything is obvious in the first moment, i really enjoyed wandering around looking for this and that every once a while! The first Knight was a really fun way to kill and i honestly had to take a laugh break when i met the Magnet for the first time (you know what i mean :D )This is definitely nice and pretty inventive! Enemies and Objects were well placed and the Atmosphere was definitely fun! Just the last pit with all the Knights was a bit of a challenge! (But the Ducks were incredibly cute aaaawwwweeee)! From my side this is definitely a reccomendation for everyone who does not back down from playing as Kurtis (and if you do? Go play this here anyway!!!) You will definitely enjoy it!" - Lilly Jericho (08-Nov-2020)
"Astonishing. Brilliant. Marvellous. Visually too crude but puzzle-wise more innovative than 90% of things you'll find on this site. Includes several mechanics and object applications you won't find anywhere else. Marcos is an underrated genius and I wish more people could understand him because he lives in eternal shadow of widely praised builders, whose fame he should have joined a long time ago. Highest possible recommendations." - DJ Full (29-Jun-2019)
"Certainly a unique experience, and one that requires you to think outside the box a lot of the time. It's one of those levels that tends to divide the reviewing community, as it has done in this case. Personally, I liked the departure from the norm although others will feel differently. The humour is really well executed here through the various cutscenes and I thought that the ways of getting rid of the various enemies were very inspired, seeing as you are mostly weaponless, although the gladiators were a little too irritating. There's also some neat sequences involving a boulder squashing a snake and locking some lions out to explore a couple of areas more peacefully. These types of levels will not be for everyone, but I'm glad they exist. It's nice to experience them once in a while." - Ryan (12-Sep-2018)
"Another fine work from Marcos. Again a levels with the same style, not a great architecture but effective with a good texturization, good use of the musics, many cool animations and several nice surprises with hilarious situations sometimes. On the other hand is the continuous confusing gameplay with few hints and new objects you never know how or where to use (example: the wooden doors you can rise with Kurtis hands, the small stone...) and that gladiators always chasing you, disturbing and pushing Lara out of the ledges to her death. In this sense the last room with the crossbow was really nasty, evenmore if you don't pick up the appropriate ammo. Anyway the levels are very well made and with a lot of work behind from this professional builder. Take a try." - Jose (24-Jul-2018)
"This level gives some new events like that big magnet never seen something like that. The atmosphere is good, the part that i didn't enjoyed was that part where the guards pushes the player of the edge when you have to jump to that monkeyswing, but away from it the level is really good!" - Dreamfall (16-May-2018)
"With any Marcos level you really can't go wrong if you search for creative usage of objects, in which he really excels here. The plethora of enemies of which you can't kill any with weapons (except of those near the end) is great, and there's always a very special way to get rid of them; I especially liked the one with the first gladiator and the lions. The drone scene was also very memorable. On the other hand, despite having such scenes as highlight, the gameplay in between is a bit less inspired, often very simplistic and without many puzzles or other tasks. It's still quirky at times and never repetitive nor based on finding levers, but too often progression through one area is very straightforward and you don't need to think much about what you're doing. The looks are very solid, yet I do think that some areas are too squaric and bland with not enough care put into the room geometry. Still, those shortcomings are covered up by great use of flybies and audios, some nice atmospherical touches (as we got to expect from the builder) and nice foreshadowing views into later to-be-visited areas. The texturing was rather clean and the lighting solid, but all felt slightly repetitive and except of the lion arena the colour scheme is rather monotonous. Still, the 30 minutes I spent in those two levels were worthy to experience and as anything of Marcos it's recommended to play." - manarch2 (19-Apr-2018)
"A fair designed two level set game that fails to impress. The gameplay was quite mediocre with few highlights that lighten up the mood ( like the knight getting sucked up, some puzzles ). More or less, straightforward. I didn’t like how objects very often lying on the ground camouflaged into the floor texture or just randomly found in a corridor under a shadow bulb. Makes it very hard to notice. The best points of the level can be derived from the atmosphere and cutscenes that are made really good. The atmosphere is also something that I enjoyed. The definitely worst point about this game is the overall design, light and object use. The room design is ultra simple, always looking like a huge box without any additional details. Rooms are usually empty and close to never decorated with objects ( empty looking ). Some of the placed objects had wrong applied light. The light is mostly based around a sun in the room. Something more advanced or dynamic can’t be found in this game. Texturing was good, but there was not really a place where to do something rooms since it’s always boxy. Recommended for its atmosphere, cutscenes and somehow good combination of these." - Gorty (06-Apr-2018)
"Well for this level I won't use my "usual way" to review, because this level was way too "strange" to be reviewed this way. I also won't make an extended review, because I will be precise as I can: For the good: the scenery is great, compare to a lot of level this one gives us a story with a lot of small cutscenes and quite funny moments, with good use of custom anims, (even if these anims are not that polished and amazing, I won't downrate this category, because I see how much work went in this category). Puzzles are for some quite nice and the two diaries give us good clues about what to do, and what not to do. For the bad: The level is pretty unplayable in some parts, mainly because of the enemies, that you can't fight, except for the last "run", but you have to fight on small platforms, and enemies push you every seconds. So that was pretty tedious, and I think quite unfair. The most significant example of this is the "two gladiators and the monkey bar", when you have to jump "straight", and then push up arrow and action, but you don't have to do a straightward jump... And the two gladiators push you in the lava pool down the monkey bar...That was horrible to play. I read that the lighting was supposed to be realistic, but I saw nothing realistic, like I saw no real work in textures, almost the same textures everywhere...Whatever, the level was not really great for me, and was tedious. But it pleasant to have such a scenery. Objects were nice for some and some were ugly, the level was too contrastful for this reason. ps: you don't have the binoculars." - Lara_Fox_Croft (25-Mar-2018)
"Played it all with secrets. The game, featured fully by an almost-totally-weaponless Kurtis, has absolutely very creative dynamics, that often are hilarious and sometimes a bit out of place, but are never granted or expected. Most of the items/triggers are meant to be used in a different way than the expectations, so the player must be creative itself to proceed in the level. That is very pleasant for many gamers for sure. Also, secrets are pretty nasty and this adds some points. This game is a concentrated of news. I've given 9 to "Gameplay&Puzzles" and not 10 because even if they're very cool when taken one by one, they're not very well blended with the overall surrounding environment, sometimes resulting almost no-sense. Textures are cool too and well placed, especially the walls, but the atmosphere is often poor, due to some issues: 1) Areas and rooms are really too much big and boring, painted with the same kind of textures, not enough dense of interactive objects (nor statics) and often they result too "squared". This is the worst point that ruins the atmosphere. 2) There is too much darkness for so big areas, and the player has limited flares and no binoculars; this forces it to ignore the exploration of all the the dark areas most of the times, hoping that nothing is hiding there. 3) The fully red textures are out of place, they seem more like placeholders than an actual (wanted) materials, unfortunately. It's also very difficult to blend objects with this colour, in fact the static objects seem like "floating" with no shadows on the floor/wall. 4)Musics are cool if taken alone, but sometimes out of place in the level and sometimes silly. But, the lightning is overall really ok; you never have the sensation of a bad lightning. Just what a pity for the architecture... Enemies must be killed in creative and unexpected ways, since Kurtis is weaponless. This is cool. But there are too many gladiators and lions, while the gladiators should be meant as "special guests" and not like regular enemies like that (but this may be more subjective), so I've given 7. Resuming, this level is highly reccommended to players that want to see something new, fresh and unexpected, even if the surrounding environment is not optimal. *A bug is found when Kurtis is swinging on the ceilings: by pressing circle, he will perform an animation like putting an object into the wall, that was surely not wanted here." - dinne (17-Mar-2018)
"It is not my MarcosÂ's favorite level. Some creative section as usual but the gameplay is a bit easy, short and linear." - requiemsoul (17-Mar-2018)
"I feel quite spoilt at the moment. Having just finished The Black Diamond, here is another level that requires lateral thinking. You play as Kurtis and for the most part of the two levels there are no guns. Even in the opening stages where pistols are available, ammo is limited. This is quirky and inventive, with some laugh out loud moments in dealing with various enemies. There are gladiators and bats around and guns may not be available, but a fascinating selection of other means is presented - giant magnet, a hilarious bat killing machine, holy water - just one clever scenario after another. I found the end battle with multiple gladiators very challenging. Trying to run around a room on narrow walkways, picking up the crossbow and 'blessed arrows' in order to kill the gladiators, without being shoved into the abyss by them, proved pretty hard for me, but there was no way I could have achieved the necessary timed run with them in the way. Quite an adrenalin rush! Judging by the reaction to the aforementioned Black Diamond level, I realise that this may not please those players who like a very traditional raid, but (especially since there are plenty of people still bringing us traditional games) I personally love getting levels such as this and for some reason I'm less likely to get stuck. Is that a 'chicken and egg' thing? Do I like this type of level so much because I don't get stuck or do I not get stuck because I'm having such a good time? No idea - I only know I was really sorry when it ended." - Jay (12-Mar-2018)
"I had a good time playing this two-part adventure while writing a walkthrough for it. The two parts flow together quite seamlessly, although the first part takes about twice as long to play as the second. I was dismayed at first to discover that the few flare pickups were just that, one measly flare, especially since the surroundings at that point were rather dark. But I managed to play the entire game without having to use a single one, a testimony to a builder's ability to provide a dark and forbidding ambience without depriving the player of the ability to see what he's doing. There are some really nice touches here, especially the overhead magnet that first robs you of your pistols and then hoists a gladiator up by his petards. You deal with a number of enemies without traditional weapons to deal with them, but the nontraditional means work just as well. During that last battle in the gladiator room, it's definitely worth the time and effort to pick up the crossbow and the nearby quiver of so-called blessed arrows, as the latter can be used to dispose of the gladiators. Lots of fun, and completely different in appearance from most other custom levels out there." - Phil (11-Mar-2018)
"This is one of those levels that's so different from anything else you won't be able to go anywhere if you forget you must think pretty much out of the box. That's both a good and a bad thing. It's always a breath of fresh air when something is actually unique and the objects are new or new-ish or used in some new way. It's also frustrating when you have to keep asking everyone else what you're supposed to do in order to proceed. As so often happens in this kind of games with unexpected object interactions, sometimes they can be a bit fiddly, leading the player to believe there's nothing there when there actually is. On the other hand, atmosphere, story, sounds, all is nice. And I enjoyed killing all those gladiators in the next-to-final room by using blessed arrows (luckily, I'd read about them in the forums). Well, this is original indeed and hard to discredit, so I won't. I'm actually glad some builders choose this course of action." - Jorge22 (10-Mar-2018)