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Ice Age 3 - 24 - Nothing left but Ashes by Clara masha Sponge

CalrOsario 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 10 10 10 10
Dutchy 10 10 10 10
Hedteur 10 10 10 10
Jay 10 10 10 10
JesseG 5 10 10 10
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 9 10 10 10
Kubsy 9 10 10 10
manarch2 8 10 10 10
McRaider 10 10 10 9
Mman 9 10 10 10
Mr XY 9 10 10 10
Nina Croft 9 9 10 10
Paulina Haminara 10 10 10 9
Phil 10 10 10 10
requiemsoul 10 10 10 10
Ryan 10 10 10 10
Torry 9 10 10 10
tuxraider 7 8 9 8
Zebra 10 9 10 10
release date: 21-May-2018
# of downloads: 302

average rating: 9.70
review count: 21
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file size: 678.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

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Reviewer's comments
"This adventure has a fantastic story and a very well done narrative. The game features with a lot of details and spectaculars objects. Everything seems to have been thought out in detail. The animations and graphics are spectacular. The level design and structure are the best imaginable for this story. I really enjoyed the atmosphere, lighting, music, and enemies. Very accessible in terms of gameplay. This group of creators (Clara/Masha/Spong) are incredible. They built a masterpiece. It's a privilege to play such a game!! I only found 28 secrets out of the 32 referred. I needed almost 8 hours to finish it. This game is not to be missed!! 10 in all categories!! Thanks CMS (Clara/Masha/Spong) for this amazing game!!" - CalrOsario (27-Dec-2022)
"Very nice and very long set of levels. Most levels look really good and are highly immersive. (Ironically the intro, which you don't get to play, is visually the worst out of all levels.) The gameplay stays roughly the same all the time, but was enjoyable. It's mostly about finding items and activating triggers. Other things like acrobatics or actual puzzles are rare, but happen, some are tough. Sometimes, the gameplay is a bit cryptic. In particular, some of the highly customized gameplay elements make it tricky to make progress. (Like one time, you can jump into a window to break it, but you can't shoot it to break it. How would anyone have known? And the damn crane in Highway Construction Site.) Sometimes it pretends to be non-linear, but then you can make progress only if you do things in order. Example: in Kassel, you find the access code for the lift, but the lift remains inaccessible until you play another part. I also don't understand how there were so many invisible obstacles: fences or edges where Lara should have been able to get over, or outright invisible walls (usually doesn't conflict with the game play, though). The levels are big and elaborate. Sometimes you get lost, but it's just that kind of game. I found Sanmonto UK frustrating, though. Visually the game is great. I really liked how Highway Construction Site uses height. Especially the Airport is very large and I almost felt like I was playing GTA. The game includes a good bit of story with lengthy cutscenes, if you're into that. Unfortunately, I encountered two game stopping bugs that were not documented in the PDF included in the download. The first bug is with the sentry guns in Jack is Back. The two guns look at the central courtyard. If you manage to destroy either of them, don't save, reload a state before it. If you continue with one of them destroyed, the game will crash during a later cutscene. Leave them as they are, and they will get destroyed automatically in the later cutscene. I almost didn't continue the game here, until I read the review by Zebra, who pointed out this problem. (Thanks!) The second bug is in Kassel Airport (tower part). There's a press and a movable block with a metal bar. You want the metal bar, and obviously you move the block into the press to crush it. Then you can retrieve the metal bar from the rubble. But there is a bug where the block is NOT getting destroyed, and the press just ignores it. You can't get out of the state (like moving the block out of it and then back in) and effectively can't continue the game. I found it tricky to do it correctly and not to trigger the bug. Save your game before you interact with the press and the block in any way, and don't overwrite the save slot. You're done and in safety when you got the metal bar." - tuxraider (24-Sep-2022)
"This took me *slightly* longer to finish than expected, almost exactly 4 years. Despite some issues being potential reasons for this, this set however does an incredibly fantastic job at telling a story introducing it into another TV universe, and I don't know how much to write about 'care for detail' is sufficient to describe the work put into it, from the wonderful object, texture and animation design, the realistic and highly atmospheric settings, the utterly perfect usage of sounds and cameras, as well as all the things that remain invisible to most players but are required in order to get things to work properly. All these things more than make up for the mentioned issues in the gameplay, which, this time, didn't feel that gripping and intense as CMS's previous masterpieces. It's fluent and often quirky, a lot of fine objects are used to enhance the experience, but it somewhat lacks in puzzles and platforming which felt rather secondary to me. Too much time is spent on quests for novel items that have to be found and used somewhere you'd not expect, which is not bad but somewhat repetitive and a bit less enjoyable than it could've been with more varied gameplay design. That's all I have to lament about and in all other aspects, not to forget the quest for the 32 secrets, this is among the very best out there and when the game ended after 4:50 hours I was more sad than happy about it. High recommendations." - manarch2 (22-May-2022)
"Wow, this one is another custom level that is of the highest quality. Every place looks legit real and with very careful detail for example the airport and the streets with Sanmoto headquarters. I had so much fun with this custom level with so many new items and puzzles to be done in this level set. Texturing and lighting were amazing and I have nothing to complain about. Overall I had a blast with this level set and I recommend to everyone to play this custom level." - Kubsy (07-Jun-2021)
"Because she improperly disposed of the DNA crystals in the previous levelset, Lara must now venture through a CSI office, high-tech laboratory, construction site, airport, london, norway, and other places I didn't get to visit, as I'll explain in a moment. There is also a desert base in which you play as a man named Jack. The environments are highly immersive, with excellent lighting and use of custom objects for the characters to interact with in several sprawling locations. From that angle the game is probably worth the download just for the chance of exploring these places. However I wouldn't necessarily recommend it for the gameplay. Most of the time spent in this game boils down to scavenger hunts; running to and fro collecting items and using them to manipulate the environment to your advantage. There are a few traps here and there, such as steam, fire, and pistons. There is also a good amount of combat against many kinds of guards, as well as some cyborgs and mutants as in the previous games, mostly toward the end of the game. One particular combat incident ended up being an obstacle I never got past. In Norway, Jack appears in a helicopter and you are supposed to protect him from several dozen enemies. I tried many times, but once this sequence started it was impossible for me to survive more than about 15 seconds before Lara died instantly, presumably because Jack sustained too much damage from the enemies. Maybe I just have bad luck, but even with the revolver equipped I could not gun down the enemies fast enough to prevent this, and sometimes the enemies turned on him immediately before I could even get out of the building Lara starts this sequence in. To pour salt in the wound, just before that sequence Lara is given a bazooka with no ammo in it, and for some reason she is also unable to use the snowmobile right next to her to mow them down. The saves in the walkthrough are missing and the level skip cheat is disabled, so I decided not to put in any more effort and dropped the adventure at this point. It's a shame because it is otherwise a well-polished and unique experience. I would still recommend it, as maybe there's a chance I am the only one with a game-stopping issue. Aborted at 6 hours 6 minutes." - JesseG (01-Feb-2021)
"Once again, the three level building musketeers have teamed up and created an adventure that is impossible to avoid.
I don't want to spoil any of the story, everyone should experience it for themselves. The story is told very well over the ten levels with FMVs, animated flybys and dialogues. Fans of the cult series "24" will particularly enjoy this here.
My rating says everything about the individual categories. Of course there are small points of criticism here and there, e.g. For example, textures were often mirrored to avoid edges, or Lara's animations just change at level transitions, but viewed from a distance and after 10+ hours it doesn't matter at all. The positives of this game make the little scratches just fade away. There is so much new to discover, clever puzzles, real environments, new moves, objects, textures and, and, and.
But then I had to deduct one point. Because a lot of new things here mean trying a lot, often wandering around and not knowing what to do next. There are hints from time to time, but just as often they were missing elsewhere. I.e. a lot of back and forth (the large, open areas are a curse and a blessing at the same time), often looking into the forum and then I only solved the last three levels with video walkthrough on YouTube.
A diary with hints would have been useful. Especially when you take a few days off it is not that easy to get back in.
And yet "Ice Age 3/24" is a unique experience that is convincing from start to finish. I can only recommend this game to everyone. And if you are just as impatient as I am, it is best to keep the walkthrough at hand.
Thanks to Clara, Masha and Sponge." - Mr XY (12-Oct-2020)
"After all this back and forth with the crystals which find it unnecessary this trle has many things to offer and the most important thing here is that u will not get BORED! For this next generation tr the puzzles were a pleasure without using hints only if u think logically.So i dont know why other players had a problem. Of course there were some frustrating moments especially in London cause u had to interact with unusual objects.For example in some slides instead of sliding down Lara was able jumping and jumping all the way up onto the (ambulance) slide, or some strange poles or doors or some objects-locks u have to keep firing and firing so u find the specific angle to brake them(not so good)! Everything else is a masterpiece, the story , the levels(airport, construction yard for sure) the music, the camera 'slideshows', the puzzles!petaludas MAJOR BUG: when u play as Jack (Jack is back)make sure u dont fire the 2 MACHINE GUNS cause in a following cutscene the game CRASHES. almost quit there, was very lucky thinking of it" - Zebra (08-Mar-2020)
"WOW, what an incredible level set. This is simply fantastic albeit at times it can become confusing and some of the tasks you are required to complete are so far out of the regular Tomb Raider cannon that the player simply does not think of them. For example, right in the very first level Lara picks up a coffee cup (what for?) and also a toilet roll. She is tasked to make a sleeping agent a cup of coffee to wake him up so that he will provide and exit pass code. Then there is that toilet roll. Upon entering the MALE toilet (hmmmmm) there is a hand protruding from under one of the stalls. Is Lara supposed to drop her daks and sit on the hand? What type of game is this? No, she needs to provide the hand with the toilet roll. Good grief. How on this earth is the player supposed to surmise that? Talking about toilet stalls, Lara does invade these on a regular basis and interrupts patrons mid ablution which is kinda funny. Now all this is the very first level and it goes on and on so ladies and gents, get out that walk through right at the start else you will be wandering about fruitlessly for hours on end. Discounting these very non raiding tasks the adventure itself is absolutely marvelous with a coherent story line tying the whole thing together and giving Lara (and the player) a purpose to the whole exercise. The ending sequence level ties the whole thing together and gives the player the satisfaction of a job well done and this is so often missing in these custom levels. Some of the levels were huge and necessitated quite a bit of back tracking which did become tiresome at times whilst others were pure genius in design and execution. My favorite of all was the Construction site. I would have given this the perfect score if it was not for some of these eclectic tasks that you are required to complete that simply do not need to be included in a traditional Tomb Raider game. So one point off for that. Secrets were tough to find and I only managed 25 of the supposed 32 but that's as it should be. Give this one a go if you have ten hours to spare, you won't be disappointed." - Torry (21-Nov-2019)
"Another unforgettable release of this famous "German- school" TRLE team. Definitely the game you don't want to miss. There are some flaws, though, which in my humble opinion, could and should have been avoided and prevented during the building and testing phases. But the overall impression is still WOW!!! And there are quite a few these WOW moments in this game. Category of Lighting & Textures: If I could give score 20 in this category, I would! Textures for these levels are absolutely and ultimately THE BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN! Stunning, amazing, jaw-dropping, eye-popping HD textures to fall in love with! Lighting is almost perfect, therefore, well- deserved score 10 in this category. Category of Atmosphere, Sound & Camera deserves the highest score 10, in all three areas. Sounds and audio tracks, even voices excellently chosen, marvelous camera works and flybys, atmosphere nicely and thoroughly created, and the player is fully immersed at every single location. There are maybe too many dialogues for my taste, but that's not something worthy of lowering the score. PERFECT in all three areas. Category of Enemies, Objects & Secrets also deserves a high score. The builders created fantastic and really impressive objects and animations, I will never forget the wind turbines or CTU headquarters or the motorway.... When it comes to enemies, nothing new or spectacular, also when it comes to secrets. I personally don't see a point in collecting useless secrets such as wads of cash or an iPhone, if we won't use them in the game for something. It would make more sense if the secrets were supplies (sometimes they are, but most of the time they are simply another addition to already long Inventory... Due to these two last areas, the entire category gets 9 from me. Category of Gameplay & Puzzles... This one is tricky to review... On one hand, we have brand new and excellent puzzles, and amazing moments in the gameplay itself, but on the other, we have some issues that make the gameplay tedious at times. For instance, take the Airport as an example. Visually, it is amazing. In terms of puzzles, textures, ligthing, this level is a masterpiece. But there's one thing... When the gameplay involves a lot of backtracing, like at the Airport, when we can easily forget to pick something up and must return, then please, for Christ's sake, don't make EXCESSIVELY HUGE MAPS! First of all, it is not necessary, by 30% or 40% smaller map at the Airport would still be visually stunning. Second, gameplay involves necessary and unnecessary backtracking. Finally, this necessary and unnecessary backtracking across two huge maps (two joined levels) kills the gameplay! I got tired many times of running and driving around like a crazy person. And that is boring, and this amazing and stunning level should have been anything but boring! The Construction Site is also huge in terms of the map and also double (two joined levels), but this is okay, because backtracking is minimized and running around does not slow down the game and is never boring. But Airport involves a lot of backtracking, and two huge joint maps are for backtracking and complex levels a huge No-No! At times, maps are only wide and long, but not deep or high, Airport being a typical example of this. Balance is the key, and sometimes, less is indeed more... Some minor failures with geometry are also taken into consideration within this last category. For instance, the level in the desert... The builder pays great attention to details, nails it with secrets and puzzles and story, but for some strange reason, it seems that geometry is not that important to the builder. We can climb onto the rocks at the edge of the map and see the end of the map from there, which is not beautiful at all. This was easy to avoid, by simply raising these last blocks by a few clicks or making them more steep. Why paying such great attention to the vista inside the facility, and not caring about the vista outside the facility? Also, there was a lot of space on this level to make the rocks a bit more "round"... Maybe I am ranting or splitting hairs, but this is something that annoys me: to see someone paid great attention to details and was so meticulous and creative here, and didn't care at all for the same there... Why? Was it a joke I failed to understand? So, due to the excessivelly and unnecessarily large maps with necessary backtracking and some "Oh, no" moments, the Gameplay score is 8. But combined with the maximum score earned for Puzzles, the overall score in this most important category is 9. OVERALL IMPRESSION: No, I will not finish this review with a rant. This is definitely an amazing and must-play game! I repeat: textures, objects, puzzles, sounds and camera works are STUNNINGLY beautiful, jaw-dropping to say the least! And there are many new and WOW moments to see, which make this game unforgettable. I will finish this review with a short list of some really impressive moments in the game, which make this game unforgettable: that precious moment when we get into the toilet of the CTU HQ, or when we kick open the door of already occupied toilet at the airport and Lara calmly explains that she's sorry... Or the moment when you steal a card from an employee at the bar, or when you must move the crane to reach the broken motorway, or when you must bring coffee to the dozing FBI agent to get the code... Or when Jack is infected and his appearance changes over time... The list goes on and on..." - Nina Croft (28-Mar-2019)
"Thrilling. Catching. Breath taking. Those are the few words that can describe how good this story was. I enjoyed everything about this story from start to end. This game is not for a rookie Tomb Raider player as it tests out your skills and patience in a really good way. What can I say? The level designing was excellent. The game's graphics were amazing. Puzzles were challenging. The atmosphere changes with each level; starting off in an office/headquarter setting, then a completely different one changing constantly (desert/sewer/urban/mordern/lab...) You'll for sure get what you like in a TRLE. Some new gameplay innovations aswell, which is honestly always a plus in my book. Overall, I spent a really nice amount of time to finish this masterpiece ; 8 hours, which of course doesn't include the multiple loads and back and forward moments. I'd recommand any TR fan to play this one, because it really was a great time." - Hedteur (04-Dec-2018)
"As the title suggests, this is Tomb Raider mixed with aspects from the show "24". I haven't seen it much so I don't know more specific homages, but from what I've seen/heard it does a good job matching the general aesthetic aspects of the series. This is a predominately modern/urban themed set, but the individual levels still have quite a bit of variety between them, and there's a near unmatched amount of custom objects and unique interactions. I did find it a little odd how Lara's animations changed between certain levels (not counting the level you play as another character obviously) rather than keeping consistent throughout, but it's not really a problem in terms of playing the game. Things like FMV's are used but they're relatively conservative and most story in conveyed in-game, which is probably for the best given how much they can bloat file size. After the wild experimental level themes of Ice Age 2 seeing that this had more consistency was disappointing in a sense, but it executes itself well enough and still has enough variety that it didn't matter much in practice.
The gameplay fully exploits newer features and all kinds of unique objects and interactions, there's so much new stuff that the hardest part tends to be working out what and how you can interact with things, but outside of a few things there's usually some train of logic to everything (and when I had to check the walkthrough I was usually on the right track, and it was something anal about the interaction needed that was the problem). I did encounter some bugs like randomly triggering events that killed me (which went away after loading), and a somewhat major bug of a switch not appearing in the first level until I replayed a section, but that is warned about in the Readme at least. There's quite a few vents, but the crawl-roll means they aren't that disruptive. I'm not sure what the intent of the lowered base health between levels is; presumably it's to make map-swapping less viable for healing and to make health totals more "realistic" to fit the pseudo-realism espionage theme, but then medikits still give you full health so it doesn't matter much. A top-level set that fixes the consistency issues of Ice Age 2 on top of doing a bunch of original things, making a must-play custom level set." - Mman (02-Dec-2018)
"When these three builders join forces, you are guaranteed to experience a very different raid and one that's of extremely high quality. This is no exception. The very slight (and they were very slight) annoyances I had with this game pale in comparison to the amount of love, time, effort and innovation that's been put in here. There were a few too many crawlspaces and a bit too much backtracking, but none of that tarnished my experience here. I'm glad I finally got around to it while working my way through the newer levels in the listing because it really is an unmissable experience. The textures and environments are supreme, the cutscenes and audio are very well used, secrets are very well hidden, custom objects are wonderful and occasionally hilarious and the gameplay, while a little obscure in places, is nonetheless unique, involving and challenging. I can do no other than offer my highest recommendations and my thousand thanks to Clara, Masha and Sponge. A must-play." - Ryan (25-Sep-2018)
"I can summarize my overall impression of this epic adventure quite succinctly: it's technically brilliant but not much fun to play. My game clock registered a bit over 10 hours at the end, but I was ready for it all to end long before then. I realize that many players like to feel their way along and try to work things out on their own, but I don't see how that could be possible with this game. Even with Dutchy's meticulously crafted walkthrough I found myself hopelessly confused on more than one occasion (although to his credit I did manage to grab all 32 secrets). Toward the end I found the fixed cameras and seemingly endless crawl spaces beyond annoying. Despite all that I couldn't help but be caught up in the sheer energy of the story as it unfolded. My criticisms notwithstanding, it would not seem fair for me to deduct points from any category on an objective basis, taking into consideration all the other custom levels out there, hence my perfect scores. Most of the tasks can be managed with a little persistence, but in Episode 8 I was unable to make the first timed run in the valve room, for even though I could get to the timed door before it closed, Lara would bump against the opening instead of going inside and would fall to her death into the deadly goo. To my surprise, I found that activating the flycheat didn't cause the game to crash, as is usually the case these days, so I used it to conquer this little problem child so I could move on. The only other time I needed it was at the end of Episode 9, where you drop down from monkey bars onto a cocoon, and the collision prevents you from making the safe jump described in the walkthrough. In summary, it's a great game, I'm glad I played it, but I won't be playing it again." - Phil (23-Aug-2018)
"Extraordinary adventure full of nice surprises and an excellent design. It's very easy to get stucked here, 'cause all is new: new objects, new animations, new textures, new... and sometimes it's difficult to figure out where to use the items, what objects you can shoot or you can move. However, there are a lot of cameras and flybys to help and many times if you use the logic you can solve the situations by yourself. I liked a lot the cool animations, the history, the environments and the amazing objects. Really a level to enjoy and play more than once. Highly recommended." - Jose (09-Aug-2018)
"Exciting, innovative, endlessly creative and beautifully made. This excellent team has done it again. I'd been dying to play this and, if it hadn't rather coincided with this year's Back to Basics competition, I would almost certainly have played it first. Perhaps it's lucky I had to wait as the walkthrough came out in the interim and I found myself having to refer to it on several occasions. There are some excellent puzzles, traps etc., and some cool animations too. The whole idea of a cross over with '24' is inspired and I must also praise the voiceover work. There's a wonderful variety of locations to relish and I particularly liked the airport section, with Lara driving around in a purloined police vehicle. Hugely entertaining." - Jay (11-Jul-2018)
"I really liked the whole series of this game I hope for the next part :) the game was well done although I prefer to play always with Lara and not a guy but it was nice anyway. The biggest problem I had with the airport because I should remember every keyhole and door that could be barbed with a crowbar. Moving around two very large locations was a bit problematic, although the climate of the airport was very good in the early morning. It reminded me of my travels. What frightened me the most was the moment of entering the room with the inscription "DANGER" in which as it turned out there were a lot of mutants and aliens ... I wanted to leave this game at that moment but I dealt with it and I'm proud of myself XD to sum up the game is really great It has really good atmosphere and I recommend to play ♥" - Paulina Haminara (26-Jun-2018)
"The kind of adventure we only get every four years if we get lucky! And the mutants have been destroyed... or have they? Of course nothing is absolutely flawless but it would be terrible of me to point out anything at all, namely how cryptic some solutions were on occasion, when the game (or set of levels if you really will) is so near-perfect. Varied in every sense (locations, atmosphere, sounds, action, exploration, puzzles, lighting, cut scenes and FMVs), clearly full of original ideas and furthermore somehow reminiscing of TR3, which I admit is something I truly appreciate. I'd like to say I preferred this or that level but, in fact, they're all really good in their own right. I did have a hard time opening the door when I was inside the sub underwater... The use of the bazooka was just great and something we actually don't see that often. I clearly enjoyed the raid against Monsanto, here renamed Sanmonto. This must be the best team ever in Tomb Raider history and I don't know what else I should add but a huge thank you together with my absolute recommendations for each and every raider." - Jorge22 (07-Jun-2018)
"What a great game these builders put together for us! Took them 5 years I heard, well we can se it was time well spent, every detail worked out with finesse, amazing new animations, puzzles, cutscenes... All great. Only thing I could not understand was the use of an oldfashioned push/pull animation where you have to push a key every time for Lara to keep pushing, but it must have been by choice? 15+ hours for me, enjoyed every bit of it." - Dutchy (03-Jun-2018)
"Good work done by this magnificent group of builders, as one progresses in the game begins to feel addicted to the level. Many tasks to realize that keeps the player entertained for hours ensuring good times. The animations were very well executed, the cameras and cutscenes were of great help in key moments. In my opinion an excellent game of a good team builders and thanks for the work performed.. Two thumbs up!" - McRaider (03-Jun-2018)
"This was already 4x10 when I first played it years ago, but the builders STILL took few more years to polish it. The effect is another adventure worth more than our rating system allows, and another one to prove scales and numbers are simply not enough. I presume The Jerusalem Project will remain the opus magnum as it's surely more "universal" (whatever the heck it even means and only in case if you believe it matters), but that one and this one are just different stories, both reaching top possible taletelling quality. CMS is just the best communicating, the most coherent building team we've ever had and it shows as they could run a professional game development studio both turning movies into games and having their games turned into movies. Of course I don't like some new animations, I think Mario goes a bit too far in his experiments regarding this matter - but many other animations are plainly amazing nd I'll rather remember those instead. Brilliant job, guys - this has been a long journey but now I can play it 24/7... I mean 24/3... DAMMIT!!!" - DJ Full (25-May-2018)
"A fantastic crossover between 24 and Tomb Raider with many and fun references and details. A long set of levels with a lot of creative, varied, challenging and very unique tasks. My favorite one are Highway Construction Site, Kassel Airport and Svalbard. The cutscenes and animations are amazing and impressive. There are some bug but fixed soon. Thanks a lot to CMS for one of the best projects of the latest years, a real masterpiece." - requiemsoul (24-May-2018)