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The Moon Cathedral by NoAngel

alan 5 7 8 8
bERT 5 4 6 6
Boris 9 8 9 10
CC 8 7 10 10
Dimpfelmoser 8 8 10 9
eTux 6 7 8 8
G.Croft 8 8 10 9
Gerty 5 7 10 9
Jay 8 8 9 9
John 10 10 10 10
Jorge22 9 7 9 9
Jose 7 7 8 8
Kristina 8 8 8 8
Lorena 8 8 9 9
Loupar 9 9 9 8
MichaelP 7 8 9 9
Momster 9 8 9 7
Orbit Dream 7 7 10 10
Phil 9 9 9 8
Piega 8 9 8 8
RaiderGirl 8 8 9 9
Ryan 8 9 9 8
Sash 9 8 9 9
Scott 10 8 10 8
Sheevah 9 8 8 8
snork 7 8 9 8
Tombaholic 8 8 9 9
Torry 6 8 8 7
Treeble 8 9 9 8
release date: 22-Aug-2001
# of downloads: 99

average rating: 8.26
review count: 29
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file size: 23.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: Castle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Even though the place looks nice and immersive, I didn't like the extremely long monkeyswings, crawlspaces and the paddling through shallow waters. I think this level could've been a bit more enjoyable without those. There's also those maze-like places that got a little confusing. However, there are some good platforming sequences and some secrets were well hidden. So yeah, it's a good level but not one I'd like to replay." - alan (04-Oct-2022)
"This hour long level is quite enjoyable and has held up well for its time. Even the title screen has had a complete makeover, along with dramatic music. It is rather dark in places and there aren't a whole lot of flares around, so be careful with your provided surplus. I enjoyed the slope jumps across lava, as well as exploring the interiors of the cathedral itself, which is a sight for sore eyes. I wasn't keen on the wraith draining Lara's health as she negotiated a large monkeyswing to safety, though, nor the mazy corridors. If you can live with these downsides, you'll enjoy yourselves here." - Ryan (08-Jan-2017)
"What a splendid atmosphere this old level has with its brooding lighting and La Luna tarot card theme. In particular, the interior of the cathedral is beautiful and impresses even by today's standards. The gameplay is interesting with a good balance of enemies (guards), puzzles and agility tests, plus an underwater maze (not as bad as it first appears). One of the best bits for me was a nice lava filled slope room with some quality sliding about. My least favourite bit was undoubtedly the over long monkey swing whilst being attacked by a wraith. You certainly won't have an over abundance of medipacks by the time the level ends, but it's an entertaining way to spend well over an hour." - Jay (13-Aug-2016)
"This castle level is well builded, with some interesting areas and light effects, but there were some things I didn't like. Many times you trigger something and there's not a camera to show you where you have to go, and most of the times the trigger object is far from where you are; there are a lot of dark areas, but I only found a lonely pack of flares in all the level; there are some tedious tasks like the underwater labyrinth or the very long monkeyswing in the blue water room; what's the hint to cross the big room with shallow orange and deadly water? I liked musics and some cameras too, textures and flipped rooms, but it was not a level for my taste." - Jose (30-May-2008)
"raiding skills needed : low to medium; rather dark level; 1 tough mazy UW-maze; in the main puzzles and athmosphere. ------------------------------ This beautiful and with creativity, love and care for details built level shows that a good storyline, being well 'told', helps a lot in enjoying the game - which I did from reading the Readme on : A nice prologue with enjoyable dialogues that transits smoothly to the level's beginning. Coming from the sea, the game starts in the sewers, where Lara needs to puzzle her way to the churchyard/ graveyard, trying to find her way into the cathedral's nave to claim the moongodess' gloves. About the ending : No, the bike ride is neither too short nor a rushed job - It is a very good equivalent of a movie's closing scene : the items have been gathered, Lara is where she started (=the circle is closed) and our heroine sets off into the sunset :) - This is brilliant (!) and a good example that "story" is a strength of Nancy's. ------------------------------------ a side remark about the beginning : That the door does not open until Lara picks up the crowbar is good - what would the complaints have been when players only later in the level would discover that they missed the crowbar ? So why lamenting about 'logics' here? ----------- everything else is said in the other reviews, a nice surplus was the professional look diving-suit outfit bearing the builder's nickname." - snork (06-Aug-2006)
"I did enjoy this mini-game. It contains several areas of interest even if some others are rather common or even weird (but let us not forget this is a first). I liked the mystical ambiance of a great part of it as well as the way the author used the lighting and the colors. Some rooms are magnificent namely the room with lava where you have to jump several inclined blocks before getting to a lever. I found the ceiling in that room truly wonderful. The room with the gauntlets Lara's looking for is also interesting and so is the church at the end. All in all it isn't too complicated but I did have the hardest of times in the library before I finally understood what to do in order to enter the door with a lever inside which seemed like a timed run but obviously wasn't. Of course one could easily ask: what were the nitrous oxide feeder the carjack and the roofkey for? Or has something escaped me totally? And wasn't there a way to blow up some machine gun that started firing if you tried to pick up a certain medipack? And how come one could pull the SAS man's body at the end back in the sewers so that it would remain floating on air? One could ask quite a number of questions... So: a) Either a lot has somehow escaped me and I played the game by half; b)Or those questions certainly deserve to be asked. I don't know maybe the author could shed some light on the subject... Anyway I got a good impression of the game as a whole namely of the general ambiance as I already said and my advice is to play it and have fun. You certainly will. (May 30 2004)" - Jorge22 (01-Jun-2004)
"I'm playing some of these older highly rated levels that still aren't represented by walkthroughs and this is one of the levels I picked (4/04). Like the others I found this to be a very challenging but enjoyable gaming experience. You begin the level in immediate danger of drowning and you have to locate a crowbar quickly in order to open a trapdoor that leads you to safety. From there the action comes in rapid fire fashion. Some of the problem areas that created grumbles in the stuck thread turned out to be fairly routine when mapped out. The underwater maze was a breeze after you took the time to draw a picture. The toxic pool room was also fairly easy to figure out. Even the library room with the closing door could be navigated quite easily. The toughest part in my mind was the lava room with the sloped blocks but even here a shortcut to the final objective is available. All of the necessary moves are spelled out in the walkthrough. I enjoyed this level a great deal and would recommend it to everyone." - Phil (03-Apr-2004)
"*** review comments unfortunately lost***" - Kristina (03-Sep-2003)
"I can't say I'm overwhelmed by this level but it's a nice one in some aspects. The puzzles where you have to open the 4 doors (a puzzle for each door) are nice - especially liked the slopes above burning water. The library one was not so logical but I guess no one who has to build the library would make it obvious which steps close the door. The atmosphere here is great and I haven't seen some of the textures in here in other levels before - the cathedral and the crystal room with the gauntlets must be specially mentioned because they are very special rooms - only to see those it was worth to play the level. What would be my complaints here? Well firstly it's rather dark and you have to spare your flares till you find more. The gameplay sometimes feels a little dragged too - cause I could've done much better without that many crawlspaces and water wading - also the 3 crowbar doors in a row seemed as a way to stretch your play-time a bit more. Well it's a beautiful level worth a try - and since the writing on the wall suggests that Lara didn't get the real gauntlets I really hope there will be a sequel! (or at least another level from Nancy - it's been a while since this one was released you know)." - eTux (02-Sep-2003)
"I have to say a big thank you to Monika (and a .tr4 from Bex) for me to finally play this level. It was worth the wait. We start in a cathedral sewer/underground water system. A bit of tooing and froing to get out. Very convincing atmosphere and well chosen cathedral textures. But something odd was happening in my game. In a lot of areas where Lara was running around I had the bubbles like being underwater and some textures were shimmering like water. Although I'm sure this is not what the author intended it looked really interesting. There was a fair amount of underwater mazes but they were interesting rather than tedious (unless I was just lucky!). I was stuck in the library with what I thought was a timed run to the door that closed quickly. Got the hint from the forum that it wasn't a timed run at all that I had to get to the door by climbing the bookcases. Now that's something I haven't seen before. I loved the room with the 'astronomy' water floor and when the switch is pulled Lara can walk on the water excellent. The main cathedral itself is very impressive. The room with lava floor and the other one with water/lava and symbols were great. I have a question though - those 8 swinging balls - I shot all of them but I don't know if all of them caused the door to open or some of them did something else. After everything that went before the ending is a ho-hum short run with the bike. It wasn't even long enough to get the bike to its maximum speed. I was left with a key and two pickups that weren't needed so do we bring them with us to a follow-on level? I'd like to see that. Very well constructed level with excellent textures and things I haven't seen before. Well worth the download." - CC (10-May-2003)
"Starting in the sewers underneath the cathedral your mission is to sneak into the building steal the pieces of the armour and then get back down to the sewers where you can escape on your motorcycle. The city was fun to explore and the cathedral itself was very pretty there are some tricky spots though including the door in the library which had me confused for a while. I guess those bookshelves aren't climbable for nothing! There's also some machine guns armed guards jumps and monkey swings and lots of switches to find in order to pull this off. I found two secrets at least and just quit shooting vases after a while as they usually contained locusts. I was very impressed with the story behind the level that came with the download and had fun reading it." - RaiderGirl (30-Jan-2003)
"If this is a first effort it is not too shabby. From the start in the misty sewers to the cathedral you will have around 90 minutes of decent raiding. Getting out of the sewers was the most difficult finding the right sequence of events. From there it was pretty simple. You will do some ceiling swinging some rope jumping and there is a half decent sloping block course to negotiate. The fiery water puzzle was a bit of a joke. I stumbled on the right course almost immediately. The overall atmosphere was one of gloom and although this appears to be the intent it does make a level more difficult to negotiate and in some places it was simply too dark. Also as others have noted you ended up with items in inventory that you had no need for which simply does not make sense. The end does appear to be a rushed job with the short escapade on the motorcycle. What other than smashing through the wall was it doing in the sewer and how did it get there? Strange. No logic. Apart from that though not a bad level and one every raider can enjoy." - Torry (22-Jan-2003)
"It has taken me many tries and over a year to play this level no kidding. Finally I have persevered and almost 2 hours later I've completed it with 3 secrets found. I always got bogged down in the sewers and found them so depressing that when I couldn't advance I gave up rather easily. The last time I tried it a few months ago I actually got a little farther but still was not impressed. I am so very glad I kept at it as this was one of the better levels as far as gameplay and puzzles goes that I've played. There are not a lot of enemies which is good because there are many other ways for Lara to lose health here. A few bats and guards some wraiths if you do the wrong thing. Mainly there are 4 different areas you need to go to in order to advance your game. I especially enjoyed a very stressful jumping/sliding block puzzle. I did not appreciate the water maze and this is where I gave up last time but finally found what had to be done. The monkey swing while being chased by a wraith was a real health-buster and tedious. Atmosphere is superb but I did find a few thin walls and undulating floors. If you are ready for a thinking adventure play this one." - Momster (12-Oct-2002)
"I trust Gerty that the end was a rushed job as due to problems with a flip map I had to stay in the cathedral. Texture- and atmosphere wise I found this an awesome level. Especially the misty atmosphere in the sewer is damn convincing and I liked the psychedelic vibe in the rooms that you have to pass in order to gain access to the church. I also like the way Nancy mixes clerical and base elements to create something highly original. The puzzles were neat and for some reason I was always lucky with the trial and error bits so despite the many crawlspaces I made fast progress. Until I came to the cathedral. But let's not get into that. There are quite a few authors out there that have released only a single great level and you wonder why they stopped. I wished Nancy had carried on cause she has obviously great potential. Oh before I forget right at the start you have to pick up the crowbar in the water and due to the fixed camera angle the crowbar is hard to spot. But you can't leave without it cause picking it up opens a trapdoor above. Now where is the logic in that I ask you? Must be heavenly intervention." - Dimpfelmoser (08-Oct-2002)
"I suspect some authors of being masochistic... Indeed it's clear some of them spend hours days weeks even months in trying to give us - non-builders - some pleasure. Yet they seem to want us to quit playing. This is obviously another level where a lot of work was put in but again it's one with unnecessary dark places totally useless wading places totally useless consecutive doors to open with a crowbar (sometimes three in a row without any real purpose then to go on) unnecessary double use of a mediocre "idea" (secret path routes like here in the library and immediately hereafter in the red wading room) and so on and so fort. What a shame because the story behind this level had some potential." - bERT (08-Oct-2002)
"The 'La Lune' tarot card was for sure a high font of inspiration for this level as you walk through this cathedral and you see a lot of times the symbol of that card. As for puzzles well they were quite original I must say and I was stuck in most of them - specially the non-timed door puzzle in the library. In the cathedral itself in the very end of the level I spotted some texturing errors like the transparent textures that you can see through while you shouldn't be able to. But the best part of all still is the end where a dead guy is on the floor and there's a warning written with blood on the wall... - I wonder: who is 'MP'? 70 minutes 2 secrets and an awesome outfit!" - Treeble (22-Sep-2002)
"It's an original level with a lot of puzzles that in general are not easy. The beginning of the level is confusing because in spite of a camera aid the pickup necessary to open the first water door is invisible. I think there's too many mazes until we reach the Cathedral and its surroundings; and a too long monkey swing. The secrets are hidden in the best way it reminded me the original TR games. But the useless objects in the inventory are not good. They took me to the mistake of searching in vain things that they weren't in the game. I've enjoyed the beautiful atmosphere of the whole level but I've played without sound so I can't rate it. Lighting and textures (some from TR3) are appropriate. The strange signs and LA LUNE from the Tarot gives a special touch to the adventure. It's a good work. ENHORABUENA!" - Loupar (16-Sep-2002)
"This is such an impressive debut and what impresses me more is that the creator is female and unfortunately so far great levels from females here have been very rare. What really struck me about this level is the wonderful use of quite a few puzzles like the water maze a target shooting puzzle and a 4 part puzzle to open one door with one of the parts set in the library being absolutely ingenious. The environment was also nicely laid out with the progression taking you from the sewers below the cathedral to the cathedral and then ending back in the sewer to make your sadly too short getaway on the bike. I also found 4 secrets in this 80 minute level but I could have easily missed a couple as there seemed to be areas I never reached as I ended the level with a roof key and of all things a car jack!" - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"This was one of those levels that I finally got around to play and my expectations were set very high - by the other reviews and by the nice little story in the readme file. And the 90 minutes adventure starts out brilliantly setting a really fabulous atmosphere with excellent use of water mist and sinks appropriate texturing and lighting in the sewers and linear gameplay with a few sidetracks. Lara's custom outfit is also worth mentioning. Further into the game though it was spoilt a little for me by too many mazelike areas (especially the one under water) and simply too much forced reloading when I yet again died on a trial&error puzzle (unless I missed a very subtle clue as to what the right solution would be). Often throughout the level you have options as to what to shoot and one will allow you to progress while others present you with some locusts or a wraith. Because of that and because I did not bother about health too much I then ran out of medipacks and had to start the level over - so take care when you play. The 'La Lune' textures throughout are a nice theme and fit in well. Not sure why you would pick up and carry around the nitro feeder and the car jack but I guess the roof key was meant for a secret which I missed. I did find only three of them. Enemies are plenty of SAS and a few bats. I liked the puzzle area with the four branches to open the door to the cathedral (the library the rope swing the jump sequence which you can easily shortcut and the monkeyswing which maybe was a little too lengthy). The cathedral itself and especially the 'crystal room' where you pick up your reward - the Moon Goddess Gauntlets - are nice to look at but of course the very short bike ride at the end asks for so much more. Well the writing on the wall seems to indicate that Lara might have to come back anyway - so let's hope for the sequel." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"The level is really beautiful. It is divided into four parts at the beginning you are in the sewerages under the cathedral and you have to find the entry for the cathedral and you have to open the first gate of this. In the part second of the level you have to go into a lot of graphically fantastic rooms with new textures and you have to resolve launches enigmas to open three gates and you move a lever that opens the second gate and then you are able to go into the marvelous cathedral which is the third part of the level. In the cathedral you have to find a secret passage to take an artifact. The fourth and final part of the level is the escape of Lara with the strengthened motorcycle. I have found 2 secrets and no bugs. The necessary time to end the level is of about 2 hours with difficulty about medium. I think that this level is an among the better that I have played and recommend sincerely to you to download it." - Boris (21-Jun-2002)
"This is indeed a very enjoyable hour and a half of raiding and very impressive for a first level. The author makes fine use of the city WAD along with some original textures - I've never seen anything quite like that crystal room toward the end. I also liked the whole "moon cathedral" theme which ran throughout the level with the "la lune" signs. Gameplay is moderately difficult with the exception of the library puzzle which took a while to figure out. Some of the puzzles (especially the burning pool) seemed to require nothing more than trial and error to get through (maybe I missed some subtle clue). Like other reviewers I was a bit puzzled by the roof key auto jack and nitrous oxide (which was not needed) left in inventory at the end. Also the message scrawled in blood: "The ones you got are fake." Setting the stage for a sequel? I hope so!" - Tombaholic (21-Jun-2002)
"This is an extremely good looking level done with a lot of imagination and a sense for details for example: when you're approaching a dead body a couple of rats run away. The puzzles are good but not that hard (except for a timed run in the library that took me a while to figure out). A level well worth playing just fr the atmosphere." - G.Croft (21-Jun-2002)
"This is the best first attempt at level design I've ever seen released by someone. The puzzles are incredibly difficult the textures look well used. I have to say you will enjoy this level quite thoroughly. The author is very friendly and helpful. My few complaints are the lake of fire could be a little better marked I only got across it by luck. It could also use a few more camera shots. And last complaint there is an area you can get to before you are meant to." - Scott (21-Jun-2002)
"The start of this level did look promising. Starting in a sewer and finally getting into the cathedral is not straight forwards. Although the lighting in most places gave it a really gloomy atmosphere some places were too dark to get a good look at all. I always think that that is a shame. Puzzles well there are enough of them although some of them are illogical like the fiery water puzzle. There is no hint what so ever how to proceed (or I did miss an essential part). The jump puzzle was very hard luckily a friend of mine told me to save the game whilst still hanging and that did the trick. The cathedral was a very small church no WOW effect for me there. The end felt like a rushed job." - Gerty (21-Jun-2002)
"The problem with big levels is that they invite detailed inspection and criticism. This one looks very elegant on the whole and has had a lot of long hard work put into it. And yet! There are too many mazes. The title is a misnomer as the Cathedral in reality is the size of a pretty small Church. Some of the puzzles have completely illogical random solutions. There are undulating floors next to water (a simple error). The designer forgot to click the appropriate 'toggle off' after texturing the water). The final motorbike sequence is superfluous and anti-climactic. And the slide/jump room is infuriatingly and unfairly hard. However a lot of imagination and hard work has been applied here and it is pretty enjoyable." - Orbit Dream (21-Jun-2002)
"Fantastic level! I cannot fault it everything about it is great the gameplay the puzzles the textures and atmosphere is fab. You start off in the sewages and have to find a way into the cathedral. This level is packed with puzzles and is outstanding in terms of how it looks and feels. You have a few enemies including bats military men and ghosts. The puzzles and traps are really original and well thought out. This has to be one of the best levels I've played! The costume is great and you even get to ride the motorbike (not for very long though - lol) This a really fun level to play and it has been superbly made! DOWNLOAD NOW!" - John (21-Jun-2002)
"This was another level on my castle-and-cathedral-trip. Level design texturing and use of light were good (except those dark places every now and then). The gameplay too was nice I liked the mix of puzzles and enemies but the one monkey swinging was too long it took me about 4 minutes to reach the other side of the room could have been a bit shorter. Finding your way through the fire water room was a bit annoying as I couldn't see any clue for which way to choose so Lara burnt lots of times until I finally reached the other side just by chance. When I finally got to the bike and finished the level I still had some objects with me: 2 gauntlets a roof key a car-jack and the nitrous oxide feeder. What were they good for? Did I miss anything?" - Sheevah (21-Jun-2002)
"Textures and atmosphere seems wonderful to me but she didn't use enough lights. There are too many labyrinths and the way to solve some puzzles is reiterative sometimes you have to die each step until you find the tile where you don't die this is good first time but not good many times." - Lorena (21-Jun-2002)
"The title always took my attention to play this level. I like church environments but I did not expect what I was looking for. However I had a great time playing it and some puzzles where very good. The way you had to figure out how to open the door in the library for example. I would rather have seen some different floor textures for it to know when the door closes. Texturing was nice although I did not like them all but they are well chosen to create a moon-like atmosphere. The monkey swing was very long and some crawlspaces where too many. Some rooms where overlapped so that you could see burning torches in other rooms. What I really liked was the many corridors with single puzzles so that you don't run the entire level from one room to another and this makes it organized. I found 3 secrets which is always a sport to find them and the secrets where satisfying to see. Also very good is that it begins in the sewer and it ends in the sewer on the other side of the fence. This means that for a first attempt this huge level is built with care and joy of the author. There are not many medipacks to find but there are just enough to make it and that's always exciting to me." - Piega (21-Jun-2002)