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Netslider's Home Level by Netslider

alan 5 4 5 5
CC 6 4 6 6
Ceamonks890 4 7 7 7
Dimpfelmoser 2 5 5 6
eTux 2 8 2 6
Gerty 6 7 4 7
Jay 5 5 5 7
John 6 7 6 7
Jose 1 4 3 7
Kristina 4 6 6 7
Lady Lara 4 5 3 4
MichaelP 6 6 4 7
Miguel 6 8 7 8
Orbit Dream 2 3 5 8
RaiderGirl 6 7 7 8
Ryan 2 5 4 7
Sash 5 7 6 6
Tombaholic 6 7 8 6
Torry 7 8 7 7
Treeble 6 7 7 7
release date: 04-Oct-2001
# of downloads: 116

average rating: 5.64
review count: 20
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file size: 11.74 MB
file type: TR4
class: Home

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A house level with no ambience sound where you must look for some items before leaving in a helicopter. The triggers are delayed, meaning you have to stay on the square for a few seconds or else it won't activate. Also, there are no camera clues to show which of the many doors opened with every switch pulled. But I guess the ending was the only good thing about this level." - alan (09-Feb-2023)
"OK, it's a mansion level and thus fairly cringe worthy before you even start and yes, there's a lot of running around, backtracking, switch throwing etc. However, I have to say I really liked the way the builder combined the traditional mansion with a 'base' environment and incorporated key cards and discs before Lara accessed the rooftop helicopter, waiting to take her off on her adventures. Against all odds, I found myself thinking it was all rather sweet. Oh gods, I must be getting old." - Jay (04-Sep-2016)
"Hey-ho, another home level (and I bet there are many more), so put on your running shoes and cue the endless backtracking from one end to the other. The only minor differences are Lara's outfit, the main door is locked, a security room has been added, there is some secret laboratory hiding below the gym and the ending is slightly different. So if you aren't a fan of home levels (like me), then this is unlikely to change your mind." - Ryan (04-Sep-2016)
"Again the same mansion with few modifications, no outside areas and a few added rooms and some extra objects. The gameplay is quite bad, 'cause there are not puzzles and all is based about searching for keys and objects to use in distant locations; evenmore when you pull a switch or use an item, the triggered object is always in another room, far from the trigger and there is never a camera to help you so you must explore all the whole mansion many times. The best here is the texturization and the helicopter at the very end. Not recommended." - Jose (08-Feb-2016)
"Yet another Core Design-styled Croft Manor release, with the major differences being that you can't go outside whatsoever, there's a fancy new high tech security room, a different way to end the level involving you climbing up onto the roof to get on a helicopter bound for somewhere unknown and finally, Lara is wearing a different outfit than usual. So yeah, you all know how this works right?" - Ceamonks890 (28-Jun-2015)
"Well I love house levels but I found this game to be somewhat disappointing. Especially when its rating is considered! There were some very cool things in the house - the high tech equipment was very cool the SAS training thingamajig was very cool. (So I included these things in my objects rating even though they were not pick-ups.) Other than this a very frustrating and not too entertaining level. Netslider obviously has the creativity for something much better." - Lady Lara (27-Dec-2003)
"Top marks for creating a House Level which desperately tries to break the mould. Low marks for screwing it all up. I mean come on! You place a key in a room on the 1st floor and place a door (which the key opens) in an adjacent room; and yet that key is not supposed to be used on that door but on an identical door elsewhere. How is one supposed to know this? If the key is used here (and that's what I did) then the bloody level becomes impossible to finish. Why couldn't you (Mr Netslider) do away with the misleading door in question? After all it only contained an ammo and medi-pack Secret which you absolutely don't need in such an empty tranquil house. (A very efficiently constructed house it must be said). Other than that you need to do some pretty tedious running around in order to find what activated what (sometimes it was close at hand; other times a long way away); shoot a surprising and pointless soldier; and watch a helicopter fly off. What fun." - Orbit Dream (28-Aug-2003)
"As you can imagine this is a home level. It has less things to do than usual just two keys with once leading to a secret and a few discs. I liked the basement idea and the soldier somehow teleported in the house but other than that there isn't much to see. No timed runs no garden and it's well lit everywhere. Those of you that like house levels although this isn't the best of them play it." - Kristina (17-Aug-2003)
"This is a good version of Lara's Home and she wears one of my top favourite outfits the type of clothes I like myself. There is no outside all the action is inside the house. This time you get a guest bedroom a safe/office room and after opening a VERY well disguised trapdoor in the gym we find out what Lara has been hiding in the basement all these years - a high tech setup where we find a disc which opens another tech room in the hall and a cleverly made wire frame enemy - a guard I think. This disc opens the treasury room which opens that door that annoyed me for ages upstairs in the library. Now we have access to the roof and the helicopter and a nice final flyby of the helicopter flying away to the next adventure. Very interesting twist on the mansion theme and it was over too soon. This would have been an excellent start to a series of levels." - CC (06-Jun-2003)
"Maybe you will think: another Lara's-House-Level - but step by step it gets interesting. Even it's not a 'Level' - more an exploration - but you will see effort and work. Only 20 minutes to get the finish - for that the Builder gives you a nice Finish-Scene. Hope he will build a great Level because he has Ideas..." - Miguel (01-Mar-2003)
"This was an interesting home level - on one hand it has some great highlights like the training with the hologram-SAS the secret training place hidden in the real GYM and the escape with the helicopter but on the other hand the gameplay revolves around puling some levers books finding the required keys and puzzle items and then placing them and there is not even a single camera that would show you what have you done so it was quite confusing. The doors opened illogically and even if you remember where every single door was the search for the one which opened was never fun. The textures and Lara's outfit were nice but that was not enough to compensate the confusion in this 15 minute level." - eTux (21-Dec-2002)
"I dislike home level's from the heart and this isn't going to convince me otherwise. Gameplay consists solely of running to and from between rooms to find crucial keys and push levers so to open doors somewhere. There is no logic to what door opens nor do you get any cut scenes so you don't do anything here apart from running around looking for doors. Not what I call an entertaining gameplay. I was warned that you can get stuck if you use the first key on the second floor otherwise that would have send me straight to Stuckville and hadn't it been for the short but helpful thread I would most likely still be searching for the trapdoor. The retextured SAS guard is really cool but why oh why is there only one; otherwise the extremely dull search could have been spiced up a bit. The mansion is quite beautifully textured but the whole TR engine was never made to furnish rooms like this so it all looks a bit silly. The end is nice though." - Dimpfelmoser (17-Oct-2002)
"Lara's house has had a makeover with new rooms added and a bit of interior decorating now finally finished. To show off her revitalised living quarters you accompany her on a tour in search of two keys (that MUST be used in the right order) two discs and a pass card. In the interim you will discover her pool full of crocs her bad housekeeping habits with books not returned to their places properly the transporter device straight from the Star Trek 'The Latest Generation' set and finally her rooftop helicopter landing pad. This 30 minutes excursion will leave you tired because just like a woman nothing is in any order and you must to and fro all over the house dozens of times to finally get to the roof. Thank God the outside garden areas were off limits." - Torry (02-Sep-2002)
"Well this is a home level with a difference. Yes this level is very similar to the TR3 one but there are new and more rooms to discover and explore in the rooms are slightly different with structure and texturing then the TR3 one. The main aim of the game is to find keys disks cards etc to open more doors and find more levers to find more keys etc there are rooms in the house which have a VCI feel to them with the textures that has been used in them which was a nice change. The texturing and the lighting was very good! And perfectly applied but I thought the gameplay was a bit boring it needed puzzles and traps don't get me wrong it was fun exploring around the house and opening up new rooms but with a few puzzles and traps it would have been so much better. The whole level is set inside and you spend a lot of time wondering what doors you opened with what levers because there are no cameras but I suppose that adds more challenge to the level. I found one secret which you have to get early otherwise a raised block blocks your path. I liked playing this level and I think it is worth the download just too see what changes he has made to the mansion." - John (23-Aug-2002)
"Here's another mansion level but thankfully it has been given a little twist. Confined completely to the house Lara must find a few key pick ups 2 keys 2 discs and 1 card that will eventually allow her to reach the roof where a helipad has been erected and a chopper awaits to whisk her away. Even though the normal rooms are found plus a new area that is quite well hidden you can not just access them all from the start as there is an order for things to be gradually opened up also you must use the first key found in the right lock (each key can be used on both locks) otherwise you won't be able to progress and finally if you want the one secret I found then you must make 2 trips to the croc aquarium instead of just the one you should realise what I mean when you play it. Although this was a more interesting mansion level than the standard it still didn't hold a huge array of diverse things to do but if you want to see (or not see which might be more accurate) the first ever invisible SAS man then you should check this level out." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"Alright another one of those Home levels but admittedly this one has a few nice twists. Firstly there is Lara's nice outfit then the only enemy (a rather virtual fellow) and all the high-tech equipment you find and the well-concealed entry into the basement. Your task is to find 2 keys 2 discs and a card to finally get to the helipad where the cool ending awaits. There are no cameras so you could potentially run around for quite a while trying to find the doors that have opened and you can get stuck if you use a key in the wrong lock." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"Netslider's house level is one of the nicest that I've played and Lara is wearing a very nice outfit. The level is all set inside Lara's house except for the helipad room that is outside. I liked it because you will enter inside a virtual training room with a virtual SAS! She will have to find levers and keys to use and open the doors. I found one secret in this 15 minutes level and I have to say -- get it before pulling the book or you won't get it! As I always say about home levels worth download if you are a Lara's Mansion lover!" - Treeble (21-Jun-2002)
"We find ourselves once again in Lara's mansion but underneath the wood panels and oriental rugs lies a high tech world we haven't seen before. The level can be completed very quickly unless like I did you miss a very hard to see entrance to an underground lab (thanks to Lucas for bailing me out). Fun touches include Lara's outfit some pet crocodiles a 'virtual' SAS and the trophy room. But to me the neatest thing was the way the camera was used to give the illusion of the chopper taking off at the end so extra points in that category." - Tombaholic (21-Jun-2002)
"This is Lara's mansion like you've never seen it before! At first it looks just like the regular old mansion with very few differences. There is an extra room beside the bedroom the furnishings are different and the level is set at night but there appears to be no way to get outside. The objective is to open the many doors in the house and find the necessary keys to get the items you need. Behind each locked door is another surprise - these rooms are decorated completely different from the rest of the house. Most of these rooms look like they are straight out of Chronicles with a very hi-tech look that seems out of place with the rest of the house - but a very nice surprise. There are few enemies but interesting ones. One I don't remember ever seeing before and the others are a fun little surprise in a place you've already been. This is fun if you like the house levels and running from room to room wondering "What door did that open?" because there is no use of cameras here but then that would make it too easy wouldn't it?" - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)
"Another home level. Although I'm not a big fan I always check them out to see what the author can make of it. This one has some nice twist and turns. There are some rooms added to the house but if you're too quick you'll use the wrong key in the wrong keyhole so do think about that. There is a nice underwater tank that has two crocs swimming in them and yes Lara has to swim. The book Treeble mentioned can be pulled twice so you can get the secret. I had a really hard time finding the entrance to the underground lab use a flare and if in doubt there is a thread about it so go and search for it. You need to find 2 keys 2 disk pull some levers and find a card that will let you to the roof to the waiting helicopter. Best thing in this level is the virtual SAS man. Worse thing is that you will run around a lot as there is no indication what opened where. 29-06-2002" - Gerty (21-Jun-2002)