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The Untold Adventure by thewolf

Chel 7 9 8 7
DaroRaider 8 9 8 8
DJ Full 9 9 9 8
Gerty 8 8 8 8
JoeTheCrazyGamer 10 10 10 10
Jose 7 7 8 8
KingdomHearts 8 9 9 8
manarch2 6 7 7 7
Nuri 6 7 8 7
p1kaa 9 7 7 9
Phil 8 8 8 8
Raina Audron 9 8 8 7
Ryan 8 8 8 7
The Snarky Lesbian 7 9 10 8
Torry 10 10 10 6
Treeble 7 7 8 7
Wolf7 7 9 9 8
release date: 21-Jun-2018
# of downloads: 253

average rating: 8.07
review count: 17
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file size: 41.40 MB
file type: TR2
class: nc

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Reviewer's comments
"Reminds me so nuch of the OG tr2, I like it over all, I just hate the flames at the last level + too much flame guys it's so annoying. I give this level a 8/10, nothing too special but definitely enjoyable" - p1kaa (01-Jan-2021)
"Really cool remake of Tomb Raider 2, but different enough to make this game really enjoyable. Definitely recommended" - JoeTheCrazyGamer (01-Jan-2020)
"Having finished the author's Snowy Glacier just two days prior to beginning this set, I feel a bit underwhelmed with this release. It does feel a lot like an supersized version of the first six levels of Tomb Raider 2, but funnily enough, the levels seemed actually shorter. In addition to the rooms being mostly huge and very boxy-like, they often suffer with a remarkable emptiness (and ocasionally there is a noticeable wallpaper effect, mostly prominent on the first level). I did like some of the customizations, such as the capes and spiked clubs for the enemies, and the use of the Suite arrangements was also a nice nod to a new take on the old levels. As is always the case with TR2 games, when you reach level 5 your inventory is taken away from you. The levels do have a few nice moments (I personally enjoyed the grand finale), and fortunately they are pretty easy to follow so the only "stuck" situations I found myself in where quickly solved by a more careful exploration of the available areas, but otherwise it's a set of pretty standard levels. As the final level is called "The End of the Beginning", I hope the first level of the sequel (if there ever is one) is called "The Beginning of the End", because reasons. 3h20min, 7 secrets. 09/19" - Treeble (29-Sep-2019)
"A lot of this is copypasted and oversize amount and only several locations and setups are new or unique (if there were more of these I would even give a 10), but this tr2-styled level is so nicely and cleverly rearranged I had fun 80% of the time. I wish the offshore combat was fair because all other levels have it just wonderful - doable without medikits despite of serious challenge provided. Waiting for part 2, unless it's possible to also polish part 1 and release both together." - DJ Full (05-Jun-2019)
"I followed this level through its beta-test back in mid May or June 2018, it was a quite opaque diamond who needed some care to be polished to become great. It is quite misunderstood though, I've read Manarch2, if I'm not mistaking, saying this level as a 'rebuild' of Tr2 first 6 levels, and it is quite true as this was supposed to be a retold of the same level from a different side of view like CelticGuard's Behind Closed Doors did, in my opinion. However I have to agree the fact that the gameplay is very, very similar to the original sometimes, and some other times big rooms are unused for most of them or unneeded - fourth level's enemies 'homes'. Yet I can't blame this level as it brought some very nice and warm reminders of me playing Tr2 for the first time, back in 2008 when I was only 6 ... very recommendable to who is searching for a 'dated' Tr2 experience. Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (03-Mar-2019)
"**Castle Ruins** Just – Wow. This level is amazingly open. I love the visuals, I love the pacing. I love this level. Torch pickup next to boxes of supplies? Very cohesive. I noticed and I enjoyed. Very very good level. Did not find the golden dragon on my first playthrough. **San Marco** Another amazing level. Everything coherent, the pacing beautiful, the level and pickup placement seems fair. This level, like the last level excels at evoking a feeling of the vanilla game, while being slightly different. However the ramp at the end always seems to lead to me dying to the sea mines, even if I know it’s coming I have to step on the breaks and just swim through. And sadly I only found the stone dragon. **Fiamma Nera’s HQ** My god that ambush with the specific camera angle, sexy. Is this build around the original level’s grounds? Funnily enough the Uzi was where it would have been in Vanilla, just slightly different. I found all secrets in this level. Needs more water, always. **The Theater Bizarre** This level emboldened my feeling that you are taking the original maps and scrambling the objects inside them. Which really screws with my memories of these levels, and I appreciate that. While The Opera House is my favorite in the original, this one might have had a little too many dead ends and backtracking. That Boss-Guy at the end, was that two boss guys together or did he really have 4 Arms? **Prison Escape** Pretty good level, I’m always a lover of the Offshore Rig type levels in general, but this one again excelled at showing you places from Vanilla TR2 but twisting them around somehow. I actually managed to find two secrets this time, the Stone Dragon and the Gold Dragon. And I love how the Gold Dragon was hidden, although this whole area seemed obnoxiously big, getting to the higher levels was fairly difficult as the Platform-Jumping Puzzle had a very tight timer. **The End of the Beginning** This starts in the Flamethrower area from the Vanilla Diving Area. The 3 Arms moving into different areas could have been used more thoroughly, but considering the original architecture was used it makes sense. I don’t know what the Acid Room originally was (maybe the room with the slide after the big ladder?) but it looks visually stunning. This room also leads to the middle of the starting area, which contains a Flamethrower baddie who – very fittingly – is surrounded by flames, like he had an itchy triggerfinger. I like those little touches a lot. This level gives you a galactic ton of Arrows for the Harpoon. Yeah there are some divers at the end, but they are close to a shore you can kill them from, so the number of arrows can be reduced. I think I ended the level with like 72 Arrows. Overall this “hack” or custom mini-campaign was a load of fun. I found only six secrets in total (like a scrub) and I spent about 5 hours in pure playtime. And I was thoroughly entertained. Thanks a lot for this amazing game :)" - The Snarky Lesbian (16-Feb-2019)
"After playing this game for the fourth time (while testing and later for a review) I still like it a lot. I still love the old games and I also got surprised again to see how builders interpret the old stories into new ones. This is a bit of a “shoot them” kind, not may favourite but there is enough to be found to get you through. The hunt for secrets was fun and I have to admit that first time around I came up real short. I still hate those flamethrowers but I was glad I had the firepower to take them out real quick. Have a go at it, you won’t be disappointed, specially if you are a TR2 fan." - Gerty (21-Oct-2018)
"The "Untold Adventure" reminds me of my adolescent age when I played Tomb Raider II for the first time in my life. The nostalgia component becomes very present when recreating with certain similarity each one of the scenarios of the classic game. Something against, perhaps in some gigantic scenarios where you notice a little lack of resources, but in most of the six levels, there is much to appreciate. The game looks good, the gameplay is stable and continuous in the sense that there are no traffic jams that make you desist to continue. Much like TR2, the game works like the 'pill' to remember old times. My rank is according to the engine capacities. An old engine. No way to be compared with a remake made with a TR4 engine. No waste, recommended!" - DaroRaider (07-Oct-2018)
"The environments of TR2 levels tend to be quite primitive by today's standards, despite the inevitable nostalgia they stir up for me. These six levels bear some resemblance to the original game, but thankfully there's enough differences in the areas you explore to make it an enjoyable game in its own right. The texturing is repetitive in quite a few places and a few rooms are rather empty, but the spirit is captured quite nicely overall. Enemy attacks are fearsome and can be a drain on your health, but you should find enough supplies if you explore thoroughly (not to mention the added bonus items as a reward for finding all secrets in a level), while the gameplay also stays faithful to what the original game had. A worthy download." - Ryan (05-Oct-2018)
"A little bit of TR2 goes a long way with me, but I found this mini-game to be quite inventive and entertaining. Each of the six levels will take from 45 minutes to an hour to play, and if you wait for the end credits to roll a final stat screen appears. Mine showed total time spent of five hours. Gerty has apparently provided the walkthrough all on her own without Dutchy's participation, and she documents all pickups as well as the secrets (3 in each level). There are a few timed runs and other challenging sequences, but everything can be managed by players of all skill levels. The game is dedicated to TR2 lovers, and there are fewer and fewer of those as time goes on, but even if you don't fit into that category you can still have a good time here." - Phil (18-Sep-2018)
"I have played this after finishing the remake by TombRaider 95 so a direct comparison comes into min. This set of levels is a lot more traditional in the sense of the author using TR2 engine (so no crouching, monkey bars and sprinting), the same texture sets, sounds and music, but is not necessarily inferior. I've actually had a blast playing it and while the other game is more complex, this one is nice alternative. ------------------------------------------------------------ Gameplay&Puzzles: The game starts off in the castle ruins, very similar to the Chinese wall in the original game. The game design is in some ways actually more simplified but I did not find it bothersome. The gameplay flows well, it's not too difficult and I have enjoyed the new layouts (more symmetrical but also logical in some locations). Especially the opera house is very impressive and Oil Rig area was interesting as well (reminded me of Area 51 prison area at the start). Venice offered quite a pleasant stride and jumping up the chandeliers was fun again (that golden dragon in a big cage was hard to figure out, though). There was one bug which I have encountered – you can get into the plane without pressing the switch, causing Lara to be stuck and unable to jump back into the water. Other than the occasional trying to swim in a small corridor (tunnel with the large fan), the game is very solid.//////////////// ------------------------------------------------------------ Enemies, Objects & Secrets: All enemies are well placed and some gave me a good jump scares as I did not expect them. Inventory and all the items in are faithful to original TR2. Secrets are fun to hunt for as they are placed sometimes in places completely different than you'd expect. The only issue is that sometimes a door shuts behind you and you can't go back. I've found this unnecessary and it meant I've missed one of the secrets this way, while completing almost all of the level, so would have to redo all of it again. ------------------------------------------------------------ Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: It feels like a TR2 game and that's great. I have really enjoyed the spirit of TR2 present all throughout in sounds (all the old Lara's sounds are back) and even in small details like the hatch opening has all its sounds back. Music does not play underwater, unless you are already underwater when it triggers, but this is just slightly inconvenient. Back are the bird chirps so intertwined with Venice and the author even incorporates Vertigo from the TR Suite, which is about to release. I'd say I wouldn't mind perhaps even more incidental music, especially in long tunnels and such where it takes a while to swim/walk through. ------------------------------------------------------------ Lighting & Textures: I gave a bit lower mark as a lot of textures are heavily repeated which can look slightly off putting and the lighting is so bright even in places where it should be dark, so it takes away a bit from the atmosphere but it is not too disturbing overall. ------------------------------------------------------------ Rating: Great fun if you like TR2 style levels, hopefully there will be a sequel with the rest of the levels!" - Raina Audron (27-Aug-2018)
"The first levels from the TR2 game where you'll find some well-known areas, but most of the rooms are different and builded from scratch. Easy to play with no difficult tasks, perhaps some rooms are too huge and empty, so the texturization, even when it's well applied, looks monotonous. I missed some puzzles to solve, and more objects to ornate the rooms; perhaps there are excessive enemies but you'll find enough guns, ammo and medipacks; the secrets are not difficult to find and the old TR2 engine works good. Recommended for nostalgics, but also enjoyable for many players; for me worth to play. I hope the author continue building the remaining levels. Good work." - Jose (20-Aug-2018)
"I like this author for creating Tomb Raider 2-levels since Tomb Raider 2 is my favorite Tomb Raider. And I personally think it is a very nostalgic game and brings so many memories back. So does this release. What we experience here is a not really improved, maybe kind of, but rather redone version of the first 6 levels of Tomb raider 2. First level was impressive, the rest was like kind of the same as TR2 but with different level structure. The catchiest things, that I remember are self-made end-credits and some creative enemy design." - Nuri (15-Jul-2018)
"It is a pity that this level set was released just around the same time as "Tomb Raider II Revised - Part 1" by Tombraider95 as they both retell the first 6 levels of TR2. Whilst Tomb Raider II Revised uses the Level Editor and the TR4 engine this level is the genuine TR2 experience. Even though they are miles apart in graphics the actual game play of each is well done and for the TR2 purists this is better. The graphics in this is what you come to expect from the Unofficial Editor but amazingly there are no paper thin walls in evidence here but texture fade outs are common. This is prevalent in so many of these TR2 levels that I must surmise it is the limits of the editor itself. The levels themselves play out much differently to the original game so this keeps things fresh and new and the reward for effort is back in the secrets in that if you find all three per level you get a whole stack of goodies to go along with it (as it should be). The levels start out short and easy but both the level length and difficulty increases the further into the game you get. One minor annoyance. Near the end of level 4 when you locate the third secret and FINALLY get the Uzis I was most annoyed that a mere three minutes later ALL of Lara's weapons and pickups vanished as she entered the next level. I understand this is what occurs in the original but oh my, give me the Uzis earlier then. Still a fun romp and well worth the download folks." - Torry (10-Jul-2018)
"Not a very original level as this basically a rebuild of the first six TR 2 levels with the same puzzles and ideas being altered in this or that way, but thankfully not a remake either. The areas are mostly decently built, with a few streched textures here and there and some "savebook textures" in the last level. I must say I really liked the atmosphere of the first level, a larger version of the Great Wall level with more space to explore and get immersed in. The Venician levels are less inspired in terms of atmosphere though, the city felt rather bland and some areas are quite empty. It is noticable that a lot of architectural structures are directly taken from TR 2, especially in the later levels. The enemies are quite well placed, there's also quite enough ammo so that pistols are mostly not needed at all, perhaps even too much ammo. The secrets were quite easy to find for me with one or two exceptions. Overall it's a good raid that somewhat lacks something unique to make it stand out against TR 2 as by comparison it feels like a slightly reduced version. Anyway a good job the builder has done. Finished in 2:25 hours." - manarch2 (08-Jul-2018)
"This was fun! Tomb Raider II is my favorite entry in the series, so I always enjoy playing levels that use the engine, textures, and sounds. The gameplay is fluid and I never found myself really stuck at any point. This is classic raiding through and through; push puzzles, levers, switches, keys and items galore. The difficulty of combat and navigating terrain and traps gradually scales up from one level to the next. The first level does throw that 'baptism of fire' at the player in the form of numerous traps. The Venice and offshore rig levels, on the other hand are very combat heavy. Luckily there are plenty of pickups to be found along the way. I never felt particularly desperate for supplies, but neither did I ever feel like I had so much in my inventory that I could shoot rats with my uzis! There is a nice balance here between what you need and what you find lying around. I thought that the modifications to what the various goons used to swat at Lara were clever. Some of the weapons looked extremely painful. I'm still trying to figure out that four-armed, four magnum slinging thug. Not sure if that was intentional or just some odd glitch? Gave me a nasty surprise. I mean, I was kind of expecting him to pop out where and when he did, but those extra arms really threw me off for a moment. The atmosphere was good, with the exception of those few huge and empty rooms that just stand out. The hugeness of the theater was appropriate and that massive, looming sense was pitch perfect. I understand WHY some of those massive rooms were designed that way, especially the toxic pool room with the one square of safe space far below. I think that some more attention to lighting would have been very beneficial in the large areas. The large room in level five (with the four huge concrete pillars and the catwalks) is a good example of the kind of lighting that makes those rooms feel less empty. I don't want to sound overly critical, because there's a lot of goodness here and I really enjoyed playing through all of these levels. I'm really looking forward to what this builder does in the future. I have my fingers crossed in hopes of a sequel! Found 17 of 18 secrets! I'm pretty sure I know where that last silver dragon is. Hindsight is 20/20." - Chel (25-Jun-2018)
"A solid and neat TR2 Level Set which kept me entertained for about 3 hours. In fact, this is my very first TR2 custom level I've played! The adventure consists of a total of 6 levels which are allotted to 3 different areas. Gameplay-wise there is nothing too exciting going on here, one roams around killing various enemies (some of whom are custom made or enhanced and add a little touch to the overall game though I did find it to be rather awkward to fight a four-armed mafioso in the theatre level), finding keys/keycards and pulling levers/pressing switches. After all that's what you've mostly seen in the classical games anyway, though it could have been a tad more creative and unique. Throughout the whole game you'll find quite a few references in regards to the original TR2 (such as the architecture). Speaking of the level design I have to say that it's mostly done right and resembles the classical Tomb Raider experience though I did think that (especially in the first 2 leves) some rooms were way too large and dull. The same applies to the lightning and texturing. There were some spots in the game where a little bit more attention to detail would have helped to establish the atmosphere. Apart from the last bit in the final level and the T-Rex encounter you'll mostly be hearing music from the original TR2 game which was used in an appropiate manner to set the tone. Difficulty-wise this level set is not really hard and the difficulty does scale appropiately from the very beginning to the last level. You have plenty of pickups to help you getting through this adventure and the harder sections can be done easily with a little bit of practice. I'd assume that some players may find the diving area to be a bit challenging since you'll encounter quite a few enemies down there and the tunnels do all look the same more or less. I did find it a bit strange to not having acquired the actual artifact at any point in the whole game. You do come across it at the very end of level 4 but Lara never gets her actual hands on it although it's the main part of the story. Verdict: To be recommended, especially towards TR2 fans. I am looking forward to playing more levels of this author." - KingdomHearts (24-Jun-2018)